Do Ya Think I’m Sexy – Part 3

Sunday was church. My family and my aunt and uncle all went to the same church, so I got to see my mom and brother and sister. We all went out to lunch afterward. It was nice to see them. On the drive back home my Uncle Larry told us that he had to go out of town. He’d pack up as soon as we got back home and be gone until Wednesday.

Jimmy and I spent most of Sunday afternoon playing army up on Beck’s Hill. Beck’s Hill was the large wooded hill behind our side of the apartment complex. It was named for Beck’s grocery store, which was on the other side of the hill. Jimmy assured me it was a great place to go sledding during the winter, and seeing the steep slope and the wide open spaces below I believed him.

Donna called us in for dinner at 6. As soon as dinner ended Jimmy ran off to play or something while I helped Donna with the dishes. She washed and I dried. As we were at our task Donna told me that she would have to leave for a couple of hours as soon as the dishes were done. She asked if I’d mind helping Jimmy with his bath again. I said I didn’t mind at all.

“I heard you two took a bath together,” she said casually.

I immediately reddened and then felt my stomach twist as I wondered what else Jimmy had said about last night. Donna turned to look at me with what seemed a knowing look in her eyes. I dreaded what she’d say next.

“That was really smart,” she said. I was speechless. It was, at the least, the very opposite of what I feared she might say to me. “I was worried that Jimmy wouldn’t behave himself if I wasn’t there to help with his bath. It was smart to take a bath with him. You made it into a game.”

“Uh… yeah. Well, it just seemed sorta natural,” I stammered.

“You’re a natural,” she smiled. “A natural babysitter. Go ahead and take another bath with him tonight, ok? I should be home before he has to go to bed, so I’ll take care of that.”

I agreed readily enough and we finished up the dishes. Donna grabbed her purse and then called up the stairs. “I’m going, Jimmy! Tommy will help you with your bath, ok?”

“Ok, Momma,” I heard him faintly reply.

“I’ll be back soon as I can,” she said, then with a quick peck on my cheek she was out the door.

I headed up the stairs, already thinking of our bath. I wondered if Jimmy would grab my dick again. Heck, I imagined that with very little coaxing I could get him to masturbate me. I’d say it was some kind of game. I was smiling when I reached the top of the stairs.

“Bathtime!” I announced.

Jimmy charged out of his bedroom, already naked, his pale little penis flopping. “Are we gonna take a bath together again?” he asked, excited.

“Yup,” I smiled.


I followed him into the bathroom and began stripping off my clothes as Jimmy adjusted the water. After a moment I realized what he was doing. That sneaky brat, I thought. He didn’t need any help with his bath. He knew exactly what to do. Oh, well, I could hardly fault him. If my mom looked like his mom and wanted to help give me a bath, I’d probably fake a bit of incompetence myself.

We had just settled into the tub when we heard the hallway door open and Donna’s voice called out, “Did I make it in time for bathtime?”

I froze, shocked. With a click glance down I assured myself that the bubbles were high and concealing, but still I placed my hands over my penis under the water.

“Mom’s here!” Jimmy exclaimed happily, standing up and sloshing water everywhere. I watched in alarm, afraid the bubbles would disperse.

Donna came around the corner smiling. “Turns out I didn’t have to go out after all,” she informed us. I got just down the street and remembered my meeting wasn’t until tomorrow.”

Her meeting wasn’t until tomorrow? Really? Was this really happening? Did she plan this? My poor little mind was spinning. Could a grown up woman, my own aunt, be planning all this to catch me naked? To tease me? Was she coming on to me? Was it a game or was my oversexed pubescent mind just reading into everything?

Donna stood over the tub and looked down at us, me sitting, Jimmy standing. “I’m sorry, Tommy, I can help Jimmy with his bath now if you want to have your shower after.”

What? I thought to myself, and just stand up naked and walk out of here? No way! “Uh, that’s ok,” I stammered. “I’m already here, right?”

“Right you are,” she said cheerily. Then she turned to Jimmy. “Is my little man ready for his bath?” she asked.

“Yeah!” Jimmy replied happily.

Donna reached in to grab the soap and a washcloth, but stopped when Jimmy said, “Mom, you forgot.”

“Hmm? Forgot what, Jimmy?”

“You know,” he explained, “your shirt. You’re supposed to take it off so it won’t get wet, remember?”

“Oh,” she said, as if surprised, but I had my doubts. “You’re right, honey. I don’t want to get my shirt wet, do I?”

Jimmy shook his head. “Nope.”

With that, Donna began to unbutton her blouse. I could feel my eyes widening, and I was unable to look away as her fingers worked downwards, slowly unbuttoning each button. I glanced up for a moment and found her eyes on mine, so I quickly averted them. I couldn’t look away for long though, and soon enough they were back to watching her work on her buttons. Eventually she reached the last visible button, and with a couple of quick tugs she pulled the hem of the shirt out of her skirt.

Two more buttons and she was sliding her blouse off her shoulders. She turned around to hang it on the door handle which lead to her bedroom. Then I watched as her arms came up behind her back and she unhooked her beige bra. I realized my cock was standing at attention and I grabbed it with both hands, as if it would somehow burst up out of the water and give me away.

I gave an involuntary gasp when Donna turned around to face us. I didn’t know what different bra sizes were, but I knew these were pretty big. They looked about the size of cantaloupes my mom would buy. Big and bouncy with brown pointy nipples. You could clearly see the area where her bikini covered her, cause the flesh there was much paler. It was my first pair of real boobs and I was awed.

Jimmy sat back down in the tub as Donna knelt down at the side. She took up the washcloth once again and grabbed Jimmy’s arm, starting to wash it up and down. I just sat there, like a lump. Afraid to move, my eyes locked on Donna’s naked tits.

“Tommy didn’t think you really took off your shirt for baths,” Jimmy said.

“Oh, he didn’t, hmm? So you talked about it?” I blushed and looked away hurriedly.

“Yeah, I told him you don’t like to get your shirt wet, and I was right, huh?” He gave his mom his other arm.

“You certainly were,” she said indulgently. As she finished his other arm Jimmy sat back against the wall of the tub and stuck his right leg up out of the water. I watched as she slowly washed his skinny leg, higher and higher until her hand and the washcloth disappeared under the bubbles. Then she did the same to his other leg.

Jimmy continued to yammer on, oblivious to my own inner turmoil. Donna answered all his questions patiently, indulgently, occasionally glancing over at me, as if we sharing a secret, and I guess we were. I think. I was so confused.

Finished with his other leg, Jimmy sat up and Donna began to soap his chest, and then his back. Jimmy seemed to know what was expected next and when she finished his back he asked, “Up?”

“Up!” Donna replied cheerily.

Jimmy stood as Donna rose to her knees. I was surprised to see that Jimmy had a little hardon poking out, inches from his mother’s face. “I got a boner,” he announced happily.

“You certainly do,” Donna replied with a smile. “Should we get it clean?”

“Yeah, but first my butt, remember?” Jimmy said, as if this didn’t apparently happen every day.

“Yes, sir!” she replied and Jimmy turned to the side, hardon now facing me, as Donna swiped the washcloth up and down inside her son’s ass-crack.

Jimmy giggled and faced front again. “Now my wiener,” he instructed.

Donna smiled and then laid the washcloth over the side of the tub. She picked up the soap and lathered up her right hand, and then she reached out and grabbed her son’s stiff little penis. She moved her hands all around, soaping up all three inches of mini boy meat, including his little balls, which she rolled around her soapy fingers.

“All clean?” she finally asked.

Jimmy didn’t answer right away. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted back a little. “A good clean this time,” he said in a tight voice.

“Oh a ‘good’ clean,” Donna said, flashing me a little grin.

“Uh-huh,” Jimmy replied.

Then Donna wrapped her fist around her son’s little cock and began an obvious jacking motion, one with witch I was intimately familiar. I could hear the squelching sound of soapy hand on cock as she maintained a quick and steady rhythm. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My aunt, my cousin’s own mother, was jacking his cock. And from the little grunts and tightly squeezed eyes, from the way his little hips were starting to jerk, I could tell he was loving it.

“I’m gonna get the feeling,” Jimmy finally gasped.

“Go ahead, honey,” Donna replied, glancing at me as her hand moved like a soapy blur on her son’s cock. “Let it come.”

Finally Jimmy grunted and his body shook. With a sigh, he plopped down in the tub, breathing hard. I was frozen in spot. After a few moments the boy opened his eyes and grinned. “I got the feeling again,” he informed us happily.

“I know you did, sweetie,” Donna replied.

“Now it’s your bathtime, Tommy,” Jimmy said.

“Oh,” I exclaimed, shocked. I guess I had assumed they would leave and I could somehow get out of this situation without my aunt seeing me naked. “Uh… th-that’s ok,” I stammered. “I can do it myself.” I saw Donna looking at me with a strange light in her eyes.

“No, you have to let Momma help,” Jimmy insisted. “It’s much better if she helps. It’s fun. Really. Right, Momma?”

“That’s right, Sunshine,” she said, looking over at me. “It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t wash Tommy too, would it?”

“Nope,” he said with a grin, as if this were all a game.

“Donna, I – ” I began, but she cut me off as she grabbed the washcloth again, and then my left arm.

“Wouldn’t be fair,” she repeated. She walked a bit closer on her knees until she was right in front of me. Until her big bare boobs were right in front of me.

I sat there like a stone, in more ways than one, as her cloth covered hand worked it’s way up my thin arm and into my hairless armpit. She lifted my arm then, and leaning closer she scrubbed that area, then dipped the cloth into the water to rinse away the soap. “No hair there, yet?” she inquired, making me blush.

“He has hair on his wiener,” Jimmy happily supplied.

“Oh, he does, does he?” she asked with a sly smile. I turned beet red. I could actually feel my face flaming.

Donna washed my other arm and then said, “Legs,” with a smile.

I hesitated, afraid to move. The bubbles had subsided quite a lot and if I moved around too much they might disappear altogether. Seeing my hesitation, Donna said, “You could always stand…” trailing off, leaving me to imagine what that might be like. I quickly scooted my back against the wall of the tub and lifted my left leg up out of the water, my hands covering my dick, which despite my nervousness and near terror was still throbbing along like nothing was the matter. The sight of Donna’s wet boobs, the nipples stiff and poking out at me surely not helping in the least.

I shivered as I felt Donna’s cloth-covered hand move its way up my leg. Up and up my outer thigh to my hip, then at a diagonal until she was caressing my inner thigh. Then back down to my ankle. Once she’d soaped up each of my toes, in a way I felt had to be designed to drive me crazy, she released my leg and motioned for the other. This time her right hand worked it’s way up my right inner thigh. Slowly, back and forth, and up and up, until I felt the washcloth brush against my balls. I gasped and jerked a little.

“Oops,” Donna said with a soft smile. “Did we touch something sensitive?”

“Did you touch his wiener?” Jimmy asked, all innocent excitement.

“Somewhere else I think,” she answered with a wink.

“I bet she touched your nuts,” Jimmy giggled.

I didn’t answer, afraid to say anything as Donna worked her way down my outer thigh to my right foot. Then she let it go and gave me a look, part playful, part teasing, and all sexy. “Ok, Tiger, kneel up.”

I found myself shaking my head, unable to speak. Jimmy jumped in. Of course he did. “You have to kneel up so she can finish your bath,” he said, like I was stupid. “Go on, it’s fun.”

“Yeah, it’s fun,” Donna grinned. “Come on, you’re a big boy, you’re not embarrassed, are you?”

I was stuck. I quickly ran a mental checklist of my available responses to this situation, and none of them were good. I couldn’t think of a single way I got out of Donna seeing my boner, and as I thought about, I wondered if maybe it wasn’t such a big deal after all. I mean, she’d probably already sorta seen it in my underwear the other night. And didn’t I wear those underwear just so it would show off my dick? Didn’t I really in fact want her to see my dick?

Screwing up my courage, much as I’d done for my first trip into the boy’s shower, I gathered my legs underneath me and rose up on my knees. I didn’t know where to look, so I just stared high on the wall opposite me.

“He’s got a boner,” Jimmy giggled. “It’s really big, huh, Momma?”

“It certainly is,” she said with something I couldn’t identify in her voice. Her voice sounded thicker somehow, huskier. I glanced down and saw that Donna was staring straight at my throbbing pubescent cock. “It’s very big, and very hard, isn’t it?” she said absently.

“You have to wash his butt first, remember?” Jimmy asked.

“Of course, honey,” she replied, then she reached out both her hands and grabbed me by the hips. She pushed on my right and pulled on my left, so I’d turn to face my ass at Jimmy. As I twisted, my sensitive cock slid along the inside of Donna’s left arm. I shivered. I shivered again as Donna pulled her left arm back, slowly, intentionally rubbing the inside of her arm against my wildly throbbing dick where Jimmy couldn’t see.

Then I felt the washcloth on my ass. First the cheeks, slowly, caressing. Then she moved into my crack, up and down. I gasped when I felt her cloth-covered fingers rub slow circles around the little pink rosebud of my anus.

“Are you gonna wash his wiener now, Momma,” Jimmy asked, watching all this with some sort of childish fascination.

“Do you think I should?” she asked playfully. “Do you think it’s dirty? Does Tommy have a dirty, dirty penis?”

“I bet it’s really dirty,” Jimmy said, seeing there was a joke there, even if he didn’t understand it.

“What do you think, Tommy?” she asked, staring me straight in the eye, her voice going all husky again. From my position kneeling in the tub, to hers kneeling outside it, my cock was about on a level with her chin. I watched her eyes drop, staring at my swollen little member and then she met my eyes again. “Do you think I should give that a good washing?”

“A ‘good’ washing,” Jimmy chimed in, the emphasis apparent.

“A ‘good’ washing,” she repeated, her eyes never leaving mine. All I could do was nod.

Staring at my young cock again, Donna carefully squeezed out the washcloth and laid it over the edge of the tub. Then she grabbed the bar of soap and began to soap up her hand.

I don’t know what got into me, what gave me the courage, or perhaps stupidity to open my mouth, but I had a quick mental image of my soapy penis and the stinging sensation that would surely follow, and I blurted out, “Conditioner.”

I quickly raised my hand to my mouth, as if I could somehow force that word back inside, mortified, but Donna just gave me a surprised grin, and biting her lower lip she said, “Conditioner it is.”

She quickly rinsed off her hand in the tub and, grabbing the bottle of hair conditioner, squeezed out a big dollop in her right hand. I watched as she rubbed her fingers around, getting them well covered, and then she reached for me.

First she took hold of my balls, making me gasp and causing my cock to lurch. Slowly, sensuously, she caressed my hairless sack, rolling my grape sized balls gently between her slick fingers. I shuddered when I felt the fingernail on her forefinger scratch a path from near my asshole to the back side of my balls.

“See, he has hair on his thing,” Jimmy interjected, leaning close, watching as his mother caressed my balls.

“He does, doesn’t he, sweetie?” she purred, releasing my balls to rub a finger thru my sparse blonde pubes. She grabbed a few silky strands between her fingers and gently pulled on them, stretching them out to their full length of about three quarters of an inch. Then, gently, lovingly it almost seemed to me, she wrapped her hand around my shaft.

I let out a shuddering breath, my whole body trembling. Wrapped up in her silky, liquid fist I thought my cock had never been anywhere better. I couldn’t imagine a better feeling than this. Jimmy had touched me, and that had been exciting, but Donna touched me in a way that made me feel weak and powerful all at the same time.

Giving me a soft squeeze, Donna lifted her thumb up and ran it over my sensitive pink cockhead. I gave a helpless little whine of pleasure. She did again, then again, finally coming to circle it slowly, each circuit ending in a gentle squeeze of her fist. I’d never felt anything like it. I felt like I could just melt.

Then her other hand was reaching forward, once against cradling and caressing my small balls. Her right hand began an agonizingly slow up and down motion. I found myself unable to hold still. I started to thrust my skinny hips, pushing my cock against her hand, slowly at first, trying to restrain myself, but then unable to stop, thrusting harder and harder.

“Is he getting the feeling, Momma?” Jimmy asked, his face now close to my cock, his own little dick grasped in his squeezing fist.

Donna didn’t answer. Releasing my balls with her left hand she reached behind me to take a firm grip on my ass. Her other hand was still maintaining its slow, steady pace, fighting against my urgent thrusts. Then she was leaning forward. I felt her forehead against my stomach, her hot breath against my throbbing cock. Her hand left my ass, and I looked down to see her take her left breast in her hand, squeezing, pulling, twisting her big, pointy nipple.

It was that image that sent me over the edge. Whining like a puppy I felt my dick spasm and then I was coming, coming harder than I ever had, my whole body suffused with pleasure. My vision went white and I just stood there and shook.

I’m not sure how much time passed. I became aware that I was sitting in the tub, with no memory of how I’d gotten there. My cock was still hard as a rock, plainly visible as Donna had apparently started the tub draining while I was away. There was only a couple of inches of water left in the tub. I looked up to see Donna drying off her son. She seemed to be breathing as heavily as I was. She looked frazzled.

Jimmy’s voice seemed to come from a long way away, and I just caught the tail end of what he was saying. “…the feeling, huh, Momma?”

“Yes, he did, baby,” Donna replied softly.

“He looks sleepy.”

“I think we all are, Jimmy,” she said. Then she gave him a light slap on his bare ass and said, “Off to bed with you, sunshine. I’ll be in in a minute to tuck you in.”

“Ok, Momma,” he said, and then he was gone.

Then it was just the two of us. Donna caught my eye. I didn’t have a clue what she was thinking. Heck, I wasn’t even sure what I was thinking. I saw her look down at my cock, and a look I couldn’t decipher passed over her face.

“Can you dry yourself off, Tommy?” she asked.

I managed a nod.

“Ok, then,” she said. “Sleep tight.”

The next morning was weird. After I’d dried myself off and gone to my room I’d fallen asleep almost instantly. In the morning I was awoken by Donna, but instead of her normal means of waking me, with a soft voice and a hand on my shoulder, she just called my name from the doorway and then closed the door again once she saw that I was awake.

Donna wasn’t at the breakfast table when I went downstairs. There was a plate of food for me, and Jimmy was happy to talk about… something. I don’t even remember. When asked, he said his mom had told him she was going to the bathroom. She still hadn’t shown up when I finally had to leave for school.

I was distracted all morning, which my teachers all sensed. I was told more than once to get my head out of the clouds, or some version of that. I just couldn’t get last night out of my head. I mean, on one hand it was pretty amazing. Donna had jerked me off. Really and truly jerked me off. Ok, it was sorta disguised as cleaning me, but I knew what had really happened and so did she. Hell, so did Jimmy, to whom she’d done the same thing and had apparently been doing for awhile.

On the other hand, Donna was my aunt. A relative. My mom’s brother’s wife. And a grownup. And a mother. She was hot, but she was also old. Like… 30. That was kinda weird. I didn’t even see why she would want to do it. To a little kid. Did I make her horny? Was that even possible? But what other explanation was there?

“Earth to Tommy,” I heard. I started, realizing it wasn’t the first time I’d heard that and turned to my left to see Billy walking beside me, a shy grin on his face. I felt myself smiling in return.

“Hey, Billy.”

“You were like a million miles away. You ok?” he asked.

I shrugged off my confusion and doubts and grinned, happy to see my friend. “I’m ok. What’s up?”

“Well, gym class I guess,” he said, arching his eyebrows and indicating the locker-room which was just ahead of us. Seemed I’d been on auto-pilot.

“Oh, uh, right.”

Billy’s face turned a bit more serious, and a bit hesitant. “So… you think maybe after school…?”

Billy had been trying to get together after school since like the third day after we met. At first he’d invited me to his house, but I explained that I had to watch my cousin. Then he’d wanted to come over there. With all the weird stuff happening I hadn’t wanted him over, and things had just gotten weirder! However, I thought Billy would be a great distraction.

“Sure!” I said, clearly surprising the other boy. “Meet me after seventh period, ok? Do you need to call your mom or anything?” I wasn’t even sure where Billy lived, but I knew he took a bus home.

“She doesn’t even get home till 6,” he informed me. “I’ll be at your locker after last class.” Billy was smiling, which made me smile. Maybe this would be fun.

Billy and I stood on top of Beck’s hill, staring at the apartment complex laid out before us, discussing how cool it would be come winter to go sledding here. He looked really cute standing there, the wind lightly ruffling his feathered blonde hair, his shining eyes wide with the possibilities. I found myself looking at his lips, so full and pink and felt that now familiar stirring. How screwed up was I, I thought, that not only am I going through all this stuff with my aunt, but now I’m getting turned on by boys too?

We headed down the hill and were shortly at our front door. I unlocked it and we stepped inside. “You just wanna go to my room?” I asked hesitantly. I was sort of embarrassed by what he would see, considering all the Disney stuff all over the walls. “You remember it’s not really my room, right?”

“I don’t care what it looks like,” he said.

So we headed up the stairs. As we walked into the room I got my first shock. Laid out on the bed was more underwear. Seems Donna had wanted to give me a new surprise. There were 9 new pairs laid out. I turned to explain to Billy, but was surprised when I did at how close he was standing to me. Before I could even react he grabbed me and then his mouth was on mine.

I was so surprised I didn’t know what to do, but apparently my dick did. It stiffened immediately. Billy’s lips were so soft and warm on mine. I felt myself melting, my body pressing against his, fusing. His hands were on my back, caressing, the fevered breath from his nostrils against my cheek, and then I felt the tip of his tongue inside my mouth, the faint taste of peanut butter from his lunch.

I’d never been kissed before. I’d imagined it, but none of my fantasies lived up to the reality. This was magical. I found my own arms wrapping around Billy, pulling that slim body against mine. My own tongue began it’s own hesitant exploration, a fantastically warm and squishy and very, very intimate dance. My cock was pressing insistently against the front of my jeans, warmed by the heat of Billy’s crotch, and I could feel his own stiff member rubbing to the side of mine as our skinny hips writhed against each other.

Finally the kiss broke. It took me a moment to realize it. I found my eyes were closed and slowly opened them to find Billy staring at me from only inches away, his features showing excitement in equal measures with worry.

“I’ve wanted to do that for forever,” he grinned shyly.

“I never kissed anybody before,” I blurted, no idea why I was confessing and feeling foolish for it.

“You’re a great kisser,” he assured me, a little thrust of his hips reminding me that out throbbing dicks were still pressed tightly together. I looked down at where our stomachs pressed together and felt myself reddening. Billy leaned close then, and I got a repeat of that time in the shower as I felt his hot breath in my ear. “You’re so hard.”

It was a totally embarrassing thing to say, and yet it was incredibly sexy at the same time. I just stood there, smelling Billy’s hair against my face. I wasn’t sure how to answer, so I just squeezed him tighter. “Lock the door,” he whispered.

Lock the door. I knew what that meant. Or, at least I sort of knew what that meant. It meant something was going to happen. Something naughty. Something sexual. I wasn’t sure what, but I was pretty sure I wanted to find out. Billy released me and stepped aside. I couldn’t help but glancing down, excited to see the bulging tube of Billy’s cock pressing against the front of his jeans.

I reached out to lock the door, then remembered that Jimmy would be home pretty soon. Inspired, I told Billy to wait a sec and then I raced into Jimmy’s room. It only took a moment to grab the record player. I didn’t even glance at the bear.

I hurried back to my room to see Billy standing there, a pair of new underwear in each hand. They were the bikini briefs. The ones that showed off my dick so well. In fact, I was wearing my favorite baby blue pair.

Billy looked up, seeing me with the record player. He held up his hands and said, “New undies?”

I shrugged, hurrying over to my nightstand to place the record player and plug it in. “My aunt bought em for me.”

“I like em,” he said. “They look really sexy on you.” He grinned. I grinned back and turned on the record.

Sugar… Sugar… Oooo. The familiar strains of Rod’s big hit spilled into the room. If I hadn’t already been hard as a rock I would have been at that point. The song always made me go hard now, just thinking about what I was most often doing when I heard it.

Turning back to Billy, I stood there, hesitating for a moment, unsure of how to proceed. Billy grinned, seeing my hesitation and sexily drawing me closer with a beckoning finger. I stepped closer and Billy reached out to grab my hand. He pulled me closer and pulled my hand to his face. “You’re really beautiful, you know?” he asked, planting a little kiss on the back of my hand.

It felt a bit odd being called beautiful instead of handsome. I felt myself blushing. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot,” Billy continued, kissing my fingers now. “Thinking about what we could do.” Billy’s voice was going low and husky, sort of like Donna’s. “Thinking about what I would do,” he said softly, and then my forefinger was in his mouth. I gasped as I felt his soft lips wrap themselves around my finger, and then he began to slowly move his mouth back and forth on it. I’d never felt anything like it and I felt my legs going weak.

Billy saved me from falling by turning us and the next thing I knew I was on my back on the bed and Billy was lying half over me, his lips once again pressed against mine, his warm little tongue swirling inside my mouth. I kissed him back, hungrily this time, little mewling sounds of pleasure escaping me. Billy pulled back a moment, making me lift my head, eager to continue kissing, but then he grabbed the sides of my white polo shirt and pulled them out of my jeans. He began to push it up around my chest and I sat up quickly and grabbed it myself.

“You, too,” I insisted, and then I pulled my shirt up and off. I watched Billy do the same, exposing his smooth chest. I’d never really noticed till now how big his nipples were. I mean, I suppose I’d noticed, but hadn’t paid any real attention. Who looks at boy nipples after all? While my nipples were about as big around as a dime, Billy’s were the size of nickles, maybe even bigger, and they seemed a bit puffy.

I didn’t get a chance to ponder this difference very long, as Billy was quickly back beside me, lying on his side and half leaning over me. His lips were back on mine, and as I fell into that magical kiss once again I felt his right hand stroking my bare chest.

The kiss went on and on. I never wanted it to end. I could feel Billy’s hand slowly working it’s way lower and lower, and I wanted to shout, ‘Just touch it already!’ cause I was sure that’s where he was headed. The anticipation was thrumming through my body. Finally, after what seemed a lifetime, I felt his hand slide over the waistband of my jeans and then he was softly rubbing my cock through the denim. I moaned into Billy’s mouth, wanting him to know I approved, while at the same time thrusting my hips, pushing my throbbing dick into his hand, to leave no doubt.

Billy tried to grip me tighter, but the tightness of my jeans made that impossible. With a little growl of frustration I felt him give up and then he was working at my waistband, first unsnapping and then unzipping my jeans. I moaned louder as my zipper was lowered as far as it would go and then then Billy’s hand was back on my dick, only the thin material of my briefs between us.

My tongue swirled frantically in Billy’s mouth, my left hand on the back of his head, pulling him tighter against me. Billy’s hand squeezed me tightly for a moment, but apparently not satisfied, it was gone a moment later. I almost cried out in disappointment, but before I got a chance his hand was back, this time sliding inside my briefs to wrap itself around my bare cock. I shuddered and almost came right then. I thrust into his sweaty little fist, gasping into his mouth.

Billy pulled his mouth away from mine then, leaving me once more lifting my head, wanting that contact to return. I opened my eyes once again to see that Billy was staring down at my cock, which was being slowly jacked by his warm hand. Without a word, never releasing his grip on my dick, Billy slid off the side of my bed to kneel on the floor at my feet. Finally releasing me, he grabbed two handfuls of jeans and briefs and started to tug. Immediately seeing his goal, I lifted my hips and my jeans and underwear were instantly around my ankles. A moment later I was completely naked except for my socks. I was lying back on the bed, propped up on my elbows with my legs hanging over the side. My cock, pale and thin, bobbed gently, not quite touching my stomach. Billy put his hands on my thighs. Pushing them apart just a little he knelt between them, and then I watched in astonishment as he took my dick in his right hand and then leaned down and took it right into his mouth.

My elbows shot out to the sides, leaving me flat on my back. I felt Billy do a slight adjustment to make up for the new angle, but my attention was mostly focused on the amazing sensations coming to me through my dick. I’d never even imagined such a thing. Who ever heard of putting someone’s dick in your mouth?

It was like my cock was stuck in some wet, sucking furnace. Or maybe a blender or… something. I couldn’t think straight. The heat of Billy’s mouth was intoxicating. I could feel the swirling of his tongue, the hot pressure of his lips rising and falling, the sweet suction he would apply.

Gathering my strength from somewhere, I rose again to my elbows, my desire to watch this overwhelming me. Billy sensed my attention and looked up to meet my eyes, his own blue eyes sparkling. The sight of my dick disappearing between his soft, pink lips made me shudder.

Seeing he had my full attention, Billy pulled back a bit, releasing my cock from his mouth, where it stood, pink and throbbing, glistening with wetness. Grinning, Billy’s tongue snaked out and licked the full length of my dick, from base to head. Pulling it towards him, he teasingly swirled his tongue around the sensitive head.

“Do you like that?” he teased. All I could was nod rapidly, making him grin even wider. “I’ve wanted to suck your cock since that first time in the shower,” he told me. “I almost dropped to my knees and sucked it right there, right in front of everyone.”

I had no idea how to respond to that. This was a different Billy. This Billy was wild and sexual and mysterious. My silence seemed to amuse him. “Rendered him speechless,” he said wickedly. Then he made me groan by lowering his head and licking at my small, hairless balls. I groaned louder a few moments later when I felt him suck the left one into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it while he slowly jacked my wet cock with his fist. With a grin he released my balls and then worked his tongue to the base of my cock, toying with the spit-slick hairs there.

Billy had just teased his way back to the head of my cock, swallowing it once again when I heard the doorknob twist. I looked up in alarm, realizing the music had long stopped. “Tommy, I’m home,” Jimmy called. “What are you doin? Can I come in?”

“Uh..” I called out in a strangled voice, looking frantically at Billy, who just grinned around my cock and started to bob his head up and down. “Uh… I’m not feeling good,” I called out weakly. “I’ll be down in a little while, ok?”

“Ok,” Jimmy called back and then he was gone.

I flopped back on the bed once again. Billy took that as a cue to speed his movements. His hands roamed all over, my thighs, my stomach, my chest, my sides. Soon I could feel my orgasm approaching and I began to give little, involuntary thrusts of my hips. The suction from Billy’s mouth grew, as if he was trying to suck my balls up through my cock.

Then it stopped. I looked down in amazement. Where had all the wonderful feelings gone? Billy was grinning at me. “Not too fast,” he said Then he was unsnapping his jeans. I watched with excitement as his zipper was lowered, and then he was wriggling out of his skin-tight jeans. I stared eagerly at the bulging lump in his underwear, then Billy hooked a thumb in either side and they joined his jeans on the floor.

Billy’s cock looked long and lean. It somehow seemed even bigger than it had before. I found his complete lack of hair oddly sexy. Turning, Billy lifted the needle of the record player and put it back to the beginning, leaving me staring at his firm little ass.

Then he was back in front of me. My eyes were locked on his swaying cock. “Sit up,” he instructed, his voice barely heard over the sound of Rod Stewart. I didn’t hesitate. Sitting up put my face right in front of his groin. I’d never seen a boy’s dick from this close. Not even my own. Looking up, seeking permission, Billy gave me a smile and a nod.

Reaching out, I took hold of Billy’s dick. As soon as I wrapped my hand around it I realized two things. First, that Billy’s cock was actually bigger than mine. I knew how much dick stuck out of the top of my fist when I held my own. That made Billy’s dick longer by nearly an inch. The second thing I realized was that whatever confusion I’d been feeling about my sexuality and sex in general, this just felt right. Billy’s slim cock was so perfect in my hand. Silky smooth, warm, throbbing.

Billy’s dick pulsed in my hands as I studied it. Where the head of my cock was flared, like a mushroom or a helmet, Billy’s was more streamlined. Like a missile. The head extended from his shaft and then quickly rounded, like a cone. As I watched a little bubble of liquid formed at the tip, from the peehole, and then dripped over the side. It was hot against my fingers and I realized that Billy’s dick was actually slick with this liquid, quickly dispelling my first thought that it must be pee.

I released Billy’s stiff penis and looked at my wet palm. “I leak a lot,” Billy said, apology in his voice.

“What is it?” I asked.

Billy’s eyebrows rose, showing his surprise. “It’s cum,” he explained. “Well, really pre-cum.” Seeing my blank look, he said, “Don’t you… you know… squirt?”

“Squirt?” I asked, completely confused.

“Sperm,” he explained.

I looked back at my hand. “That’s sperm?”

“Well, not really. Not yet I don’t think,” he said, confusing me even more. “I just started squirting a couple months ago. I don’t think it turns into real sperm until later. That’s just the stuff sperm swims in, or something. I figured you’d squirt. You know… since you have hair.”

I looked down at the sparse hairs around the base of rigid dick and then back up at Billy. I reached out and grabbed his dick, looking suspiciously at the little slit in the tip, as if it would suddenly squirt me in the eye. “What’s it like?”

Billy grinned and said, “Keep jacking me and you’ll find out.”

That sounded like a good plan, but I thought I had a better one. I wanted Billy to experience the pleasure he’d given me, but the idea of putting a boy’s penis in my mouth seemed really dirty. And not dirty like naughty, although that was true as well, but dirty as in dirty. Still, the idea, so alien to me a few minutes ago, was quickly gaining a certain allure.

So, gathering my courage, I leaned forward, stuck out my tongue, and before I could change my mind, licked the shaft of my friend’s penis. I could taste the stuff he called pre-cum right away. It had a strange, bittersweet taste to it. I took a moment to savor it on my tongue, and then I licked again, trying to remember what Billy had done, going from the base, all the way up to his small cockhead.

“Suck my cock, Tommy,” Billy said softly. “Suck it.”

Deciding I wasn’t about to drop dead from some disease, I pulled Billy’s cock down so it was more in line with my mouth, then I carefully fit the tip into my mouth. With only an inch or so of it in my mouth, I closed my lips around it, getting used to the sensation. If Billy’s mouth had been warm and wet around my own cock, then his cock in my mouth was hot and firm. I could feel his pulse against my lips and I let my tongue play over the tip of him while he hissed his appreciation.

Instinctively keeping my teeth out of the way, I slid forward, accepting more and more of Billy’s teen cock into my mouth. Finally, with only a slight gag reflex which was more to having it in my mouth than the thought of it in my mouth, I felt my lips press against his hairless groin. Fully engaged now, I reached forward and let my hands run up the back of Billy’s thighs until I was holding two handfuls of firm ass. Holding him then, I pulled back until only the tip of him remained in my mouth, then, using a light suction as he had, I slowly moved back forward, swallowing him again.

Billy groaned. His hands went to my head, playing with my long blonde hair. As I slowly got into a rhythm, Billy began to match it, gently thrusting his slim hips. “God, Tommy, that’s so good. I knew you’d be good.”

Happy with his praise I continued to suck while my hands kneaded and caressed his ass. Suddenly I stopped and pulled off his cock. He looked down at me to see what was wrong and I said, “Tell me when you’re gonna squirt, ok?”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I was gonna warn you first. I don’t have to cum in your mouth if you don’t want.”

“I mean, I just wanted to see it squirt. To see what it looks like,” I explained.

“Ohhh,” he smiled. “Ok, I’ll tell you.”

Then he was back in my mouth, where everything fit perfectly. I loved the heat of him, the taste of him, the throbbing of his cock, the flexing of his ass, the little gasps and moans of pleasure that let me know I was pleasing him. And I wanted to please him. I wanted to make him have an orgasm, to see his dick squirt his sperm, or cum, or whatever it was. This seemed like the most important thing in the world suddenly.

I must have lost myself in the wonder of what was happening. I suddenly became aware of Billy’s voice, sounding very strained saying, “Billy, seriously, I’m gonna cum any sec. Stop if you wanna see it!”

I realized I’d lost myself again and I quickly stopped what I was doing and pulled back. Billy immediately grabbed hold of his glistening cock and began to jack off furiously. It was so odd seeing another boy doing that to himself, so intimate and thrilling. I felt my hand go to my own rigid dick as I watched.

“Almost there,” Billy gasped. “It’s coming…”

Then with a grunt Billy thrust his hips forward and a thin stream of liquid shot at high speed out of the tip of his dick. It actually hit me right across my cheek and lips. Billy saw that and gasped even louder as a second and then a third stream of liquid spit out, hitting me in the shoulder and then my chest, where it began to drip down my belly.

I couldn’t help it. My tongue snaked out and licked up the liquid there. It was much like I’d tasted before, only stronger somehow. I lifted a hand to my belly and swiped up the stream of clear liquid running down there. I rubbed it between my fingers, finding it slippery. While I was thus engaged, Billy flopped down on the bed next to me, his hands over his head, breathing heavily.

I scooted back on the bed, lying down on my left side and looking at him, feeling proud of my accomplishment. Billy’s cock was still hard, a few last drops dribbling out of the end. I watched his chest rise and fall. I’d caused that, and the thought made me feel really good.

After a minute I felt eyes on me and I looked to see Billy staring at me, a smile on his face. “You’re so beautiful, Tommy.”

I blushed a bit. “You said that before,” I reminded him.

“I’ll say it again. You are so beautiful. I’ve never seen a boy as beautiful as you.”

I felt I needed to return the compliment, so I awkwardly said, “You’re beautiful, too.”

Billy grinned. “I’m good looking, I know, but not like you,” he said. “God, just look at you.” He rolled on to his right side and stared into my eyes. His hand reached out and traced the features of my face. He brushed my hair back behind my ear, caressed my cheek, run his thumb tenderly over my lips. Then he glanced down between us, where my dick was still stiff and pointing up at our faces.

He reached down and took hold of my cock. “You still haven’t cum,” he said.

“Are you gonna suck me again?” I asked, praying he’d say yes.

Billy grinned. “Something better.”

“Better?” I asked, wondering what could possibly be better than that.

Billy nodded and turned around on the bed until his face was over my crotch. I rolled on to my back and he once again took me into his hot mouth. I was just closing my eyes, beginning to really get into it, forgetting all about ‘better’ and happy with being sucked again by my little blonde friend when he stopped.

I opened my eyes to find Billy rising. He quickly straddled my body, his cock right above mine. Was he going to rub them together or something, I wondered. As I watched, Billy suddenly spit into his right hand and then that hand disappeared behind and beneath him. I was trying to figure out what in the heck he was doing when he gripped my dick. Then, with a bit of subtle maneuvering, I felt something hot pressing against the head of my cock.

“Are you ready?” Billy asked.

“For what?” I asked, still confused.

Billy grinned that grinned I was coming to love and… pressed. I could feel pressure against the head of my dick, and then… Oh, God! At first I couldn’t figure it out. Something… something magical wrapped itself around my cock. Heat and wetness and tightness like something I’d never imagined. It slowly engulfed more and more of me, inch after inch of my cock being swallowed and then I realized that I was inside of him. Somehow I was inside of Billy and it was amazing.

I felt a shudder go through Billy and he rested. I was fully inside him now, the tight ring of flesh gripping the base of my cock. My eyes shot to his and found them closed and I knew he was savoring feelings of his own. Then they fluttered open, finding mine.

“You feel so good in me,” he said. “Do you like it? Does your cock feel good in my ass?”

His ass. Of course, his ass. Where else could it be, I reasoned. I was in Billy’s ass. At the thought, my cock lurched. Billy shuddered and gasped, “Ohhh, do that again!”

I flexed deep inside and my cock lurched again. I was inside Billy. In his ass. Somehow the thought didn’t bring with it any sense of shame or dirtiness. Not like I’d have expected. If he had told me he was going to do it I’d have probably balked, but now, inside him, all I could think was how right it felt, as if my cock had finally found it’s home.

After another intentional lurch of my cock, Billy fell forward, his chest on mine, his arms wrapping around me. He kissed me hard on the lips and then breathlessly whispered. “Fuck me, Tommy. Fuck me now!”

Fuck? Oh my God! Is that what I was doing? I was fucking! I was fucking a boy!

I reached around and grabbed Billy’s ass. Then, shifting my legs a bit, I began to carefully thrust my hips, driving my cock upward, spearing Billy’s ass.

“Yesss!” Billy hissed. “That’s it! Fuck my ass!”

Then he was kissing me again, hard, his tongue in my mouth, grunting with each thrust of my cock into the tight, hot reaches of his rectum. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. Billy had been right. It was better. Different from being sucked, but definitely better. I began to get into a rhythm then, luxuriating in the tight grip of Billy’s ass around my cock. As our lovemaking went on we began to sweat, the sweat somehow making it all better. I could hear the squelching sound of my cock working in Billy’s ass, the burp of displaced air as our tummies writhed against each other.

“Who’s in there?!” I heard suddenly as a knock came at the door. I froze, and Billy froze above me. “I know someone is in there,” Jimmy called again. I realized that the music had stopped long ago. “Are you playing the Rapist game in there, Tommy? It’s supposed to be my turn!”

Billy’s eyebrows arched and he said softly, but with a wicked grin, “The Rapist game?”

I blushed furiously, but a clenching of Billy’s ass around my deeply buried cock caused me to gasp. “Jimmy,” I called weakly, “I’m busy, ok?”

“You said you were sick,” Jimmy called, and I could tell from the sound of his voice his ear was pressed up against the door. “Who’s in there? Can I play? Please?”

Then that oh so familiar sensation of Billy’s breath in my ear, so much more intimate with me buried in his ass, as he whispered, “So, can he play?”

I pushed his shoulders so I could see his face and he was looking at me with a wicked grin. “You want to let him in?” I asked, incredulous.

Billy gave an eloquent shrug. “He can join us if you want. Could be fun. Is he cute? What’s the Rapist game?”

I blushed again. “It just happened one night,” I tried to explain. “He caught me… you know… doin it to myself and it just sorta happened.”

“Tommy?” Jimmy called again. “I can hear you whispering!”

“Hold on!” I called loudly. Back to Billy I said, “He’s just a little kid.”

“Big enough to play the Rapist game with,” Billy reasoned with a smile.

I thought about that for a second. I remembered the way my cock had felt snuggled between those tiny asscheeks. The feel of his little dick in my hand. The look on his face as he came in his mother’s hand. My cock lurched again. Billy gasped and growled half in frustration as I worked my way out from beneath him and got to my feet. Billy moved around till he was lying with his back on the pillows, head against the headboard, one hand idly toying with his rigid teen cock. The sight made my knees weak.

I stepped up to the door and laid my hand on the knob. I heard a scrambling on the other side as Jimmy pulled back. “If I let you in,” I said, “you have to promise not to say anything to anybody, ok?”

“I swear!” Jimmy hurriedly replied.

With another glance at Billy, and getting another wicked grin in return, I unlocked and slowly opened the door. I held myself so that I was mostly hidden behind the door, covering my nakedness. Jimmy eagerly poked his head around the door and his eyes widened on seeing Billy.

“You are playing the Rapist game!” he exclaimed. “Can I play with you guys?”

“How do you play the Rapist game?” Billy asked.

Jimmy came fully into the room, his eyes taking in our naked bodies eagerly. I saw his hand go to his crotch as he explained. “Well, one guy is the rapist. He breaks into your house and finds a boy. Then he takes both your clothes off and lays on top of you and rubs until he gets the feeling.”

“Oh,” said Billy with a smile. “The feeling. And you played that game with Tommy?”

Jimmy nodded, hand still working at his crotch, eyes locked on Billy’s long slender cock. “Tommy said I could be the rapist next time.”

“Well, you can rape me if you like,” Billy smirked. “I’m Billy.”

“Ok, Billy!” Jimmy said eagerly, then he began to quickly strip. I saw Billy’s eyes eagerly watching as Jimmy’s little cock was exposed. It was of course already stiff as a nail.

Jimmy ran forward and jumped on the bed. He landed right beside Billy and immediately reached out but stopped just shy of grabbing the older boy’s cock. “Can I?” he asked, and at Billy’s nod he wrapped his little hand around the blonde’s dick. “Yours is even bigger than Tommy’s,” he said happily. Then, “Should I rape you now?”

“Hmm,” Billy said, “first let me see what you’re going to rape me with.”

Jimmy grinned and quickly rose to his knees, thrusting his skinny hips forward, presenting his prepubescent cock for inspection. Billy reached out and took it gently between his fingers. As he slowly stroked the little rod he glanced at me, still standing by the door, and said, “Your cousin’s got a nice little cock on him.”

Jimmy turned to me and grinned, obviously happy with the compliment, and then gasped. I watched his head swivel back and down to find that Billy had taken the little treat fully into his mouth. Jimmy’s eyes quickly came back to me and he loudly whispered, “My thingy is in his mouth!”

I knew what had happened, but I wanted to see it myself. I quickly joined them on the bed, kneeling down next to my cousin, watching as Billy worked his mouth on Jimmy’s skinny little dick. Seeing me there he then moved back and over and swallowed my cock.

“Wow,” Jimmy said, awed. “Does it feel good?” he asked me.

“He just did it to you, too,” I pointed out. “Did it feel good to you?” Jimmy nodded. He shivered when Billy once again switched in order to suck his dick.

Then Billy was leaning back. “All nice and wet,” he said. “Time to rape.” Then he grinned and shifted so that he was lying on his stomach.

“Ok!” Jimmy said happily. Then he climbed on to Billy’s back and slid his cock between the older boy’s asscheeks. He immediately began to rub himself in that sweet cleft until Billy reached back and took hold of his little dick.

“I’ll show you how to really rape someone,” Billy said, and then began to maneuver around. He obviously wasn’t satisfied, and I realized that Jimmy’s dick was probably too little. Then Billy got his knees under him and thrust his ass into the air. Taking hold of Jimmy’s cock again, he pulled the young boy forward until he had the proper position. I felt my own cock give a lurch as I watched my nine year old cousin’s stiff little prick disappear into my friend’s asshole.

“Gross!” Jimmy said, as soon as he realized what was happening. He started to pull out but I was there immediately. This was much too exciting to watch to let it end now.

“This is how you really rape someone,” I told him gently. “It feels really good. Just move back and forth.”

“But it’s in his butthole,” Jimmy complained.

“Ok,” I said with a casual shrug. “If you don’t wanna play with us…”

That did the trick. After a moment Jimmy began to slowly move back and forth. After maybe 5 or 6 thrusts he brought his hands to Billy’s hips and began to thrust with more confidence.

“That’s it,” Billy said softly. “Mmmm, fuck me with that little cock.”

I was watching, mesmerized. Then Billy reached out and grabbed my leg and my attention. “Lay down in front of me,” he instructed. I did as he asked and he immediately began sucking my cock.

“Feels really good,” Jimmy said, his tiny hips working.

“Mmmmm,” Billy hummed his agreement, his mouth full of my cock. Then he backed off with a gasp and said, “Shit, little kid knows how to work it!” Then he was back on my dick.

After a couple of minutes Jimmy called out, “I’m getting the feeling!”

I looked up and then watched as Jimmy’s eyes squeezed shut and he stopped his thrusting, his skinny frame trembling. “Ohhh, I can feel it!” Billy groaned after once again releasing my cock.

With a gasp, Jimmy sat back on his haunches. Billy immediately turned over and lay on his back and then said to me, “Now you, Tommy! Fuck me!”

I hesitated only a moment after kneeling between Jimmy’s widespread legs, unfamiliar with the position, then Billy’s hand was on my cock, pulling me down, then in again. I sighed as my cock was once again buried in his ass and Billy gasped. “Oh! So big! Do it, Tommy! Fuck me!”

I didn’t need any further urging. I buried my head into the pillow beside Billy’s and began to thrust. After so long without cumming, after all I’d seen and done in the last hour, I was desperate to feel that rush of orgasm.

It didn’t take long. I was thrusting madly into Billy, his legs wrapped behind my ass, urging me on breathlessly. “Cumming!” Billy suddenly cried. “Now, Tommy! Do it now!”

I felt Billy’s cock lurch between us, and the hot spray of his boycum on my stomach as his ass gripped my cock like a vice, spasming around me. My balls clenched as that familiar ache grew to an explosion of pleasure that suffused my whole body.

I was spent, lying heavily on top of my little blonde lover, sweat cooling on my back when I felt him brush my damp hair away from my face and tenderly kiss me on the lips. My eyes fluttered and I found him staring at me, a soft smile on his face.

“You were wonderful,” he told me. “But you’re heavy.”

“Oh!” I said, guiltily and slid off to the side.

Billy laughed. “It’s ok.” Then he leaned forward and kissed me again.

“You guys are so weird,” Jimmy said. “Boys don’t kiss other boys.”

Billy and I looked at one another and we started to laugh.

End of part three

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