The Treehouse – Chapter 4

Even though Erin said it was too dark to see, I still felt her eyes on me as climbed into her spare sleeping bag. It felt weird knowing she could see me naked, even if she said she couldn’t see me. A part of me thought I wasn’t being fair, though. After all, already I had seen her boobs several times. Granted, they were barely there, even so, I’d seen them.

Once I slid into the bag, she said, “Come here. We’ll warm up faster if we cuddle together.”

There it was again. She could have said, “Come on Bryan, we’re going to jump off this bridge,” and I probably would have followed her. Erin just had this way of about her that made me want to do whatever she asked and I scooted around in the sleeping bag until we pushed both bags together. I could feel her shoulder beside mine through the padded material.

Even though I had dried off and was in the sleeping bag, my teeth refused to stop clattering in my head. Erin rolled onto her side, facing me, “Damn, Bry. We gotta get you warm.”

She caught me by surprise when she pulled her arms out of her bag and wrapped them around my neck and hugged me. The tops of our chests touched and warmth radiated out from there. Despite the roiling in my stomach at her touch, almost of their own volition, my arms went around her neck and I returned the hug.

Even though the rain thundered on the linoleum covered two-by-fours overhead, Erin’s treehouse didn’t leak. Of course, it helped that her windows were shuttered, blocking both wind and rain. Even if it was at the expense of light. While the storm raged outside, we warmed up in each other’s arms.

We hadn’t talked since she put her arms around me. My eyes had finally adjusted to the dark and I could see her face, her shoulders and when I looked down, her chest pressed against mine. My mind turned to gibberish as it dawned on me, her boobs and my chest were touching. How she couldn’t hear or feel the rapid thunder of my heart in my ribcage was a mystery. Worse yet, part of me stirred to life, and I got a stiffy. I inched my butt back; I think I would have died of mortification right then if Erin realized I had popped a stiffy.

My mind grappled with something, anything to say to change the focus. “Um, this mattress is sweet. It’s more comfortable than mine.”

Erin’s face was only a few inches from mine, and I could see all of her features. Her square jaw, dry lips, and green eyes. She said, “Yeah. Dad got this for me right after we finished building the treehouse. I can sleep here just as well as I can in my own bed. I like how it’s big enough for both of us to spread out our sleeping bags.”

She looked down and giggled, “Well, if we weren’t snuggled up trying to keep warm.”

Even though I hated how one part of my body was betraying me, I couldn’t deny I enjoyed hugging her. The notion of spending the night on the mattress with her did nothing to solve the problem between my legs, because it sounded so much better than staying at home in the little ratty trailer. Since arriving in Zavalla, I had gotten an erection once in the shower with Danny and the other boys. That had been humiliating. And now, snuggled against Erin. Somehow, my instincts knew, even though I had no plans to let her see my stiffy, she wouldn’t tease me. All these new thoughts floated through my head. I don’t know if it was the thoughts or being so close to Erin, but I felt a lot warmer in the sleeping bag.

Erin still held me in the embrace when she said, “You know, Bry, you should spend the night. We can play Candy Land or Go Fish or maybe tell each other scary ghost stories.”
I had only had one real friend before moving to Zavalla. Most of the kids in school hadn’t even been “here’s an invitation to my birthday party, please bring a gift when you come,” friend. Davy was the exception. And toward the end, he had been obsessed with showing me he could shoot a few drops of watery semen. Erin wasn’t like the other kids. She really wanted to hang out with me.

But I wasn’t sure about spending the night. Oh, I wanted to. A lot. But I wasn’t sure Granny would go for a sleepover at a girl’s house. Still, I already knew I would ask. After all, it was for Erin. “That’d be cool. I can call and ask when the storm clears.”

Erin’s eyes sparkled, “Awesome.” She hugged me ever tighter, our faces were cheek to cheek. Then she surprised me. She turned her head and kissed my cheek. It was only a peck, but it sent a thrill through my body.

Most summer storms blow themselves out almost as quick as they form over East Texas. But after a couple of hours, the rain was unrelenting as it pounded on the roof. We eventually stopped hugging because we were both warm in our bags. We had exhausted the topic of the sleepover and even shared a ghost story. But by then, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich from lunch was only a hungry memory. My stomach growled loud enough for Erin to hear and I said, “Is there anything to eat out here? I could eat a horse.”

Erin propped herself on an elbow, the sleeping bag coming up to above her stomach, “Only a can of Spam. It’s,” she held her watch close to her face, “after seven. Mom’s bound to be passed out on the couch or in her bed. We can raid the fridge, find something to eat. Do you still want to ask your granny if you can stay over?”

I felt something stir between my legs at Erin’s words, but I ignored it, hoping I’d not pop another stiffy. “Yeah. I can call her, if that’s cool.” But how were we going to get over there? Everything we had was at the foot of the tree, just as soaked as when we stripped naked.

My penis stirred again, threatening me with another stiffy, “Um, Erin, what about our clothes? They’re soaked.”

It wasn’t so dark as I couldn’t see the flush on her cheeks. She chewed on her lower lip before saying, “Well, we can run over to the house naked.”

Damn! My stiffy pushed against the fabric of the sleeping bag, “What? We’d see each others, um, you know, our stuff. And what about your mom? What if she’s not passed out drunk? She’d be pissed as hell.”

From leaning on her elbow, Erin sat up on the mattress, her sleeping bag bunched up around her waist. “You’ve seen me without my shirt already. That doesn’t bother me. We’re friends now, so what’s the big deal if we see the rest of each other?”

My penis twitched. I could think of one big deal. Still, it was a revelation that Erin thought we were close enough now as friends to see each other’s bodies. But what did that mean? When she said we were friends, was that some kind of secret girl code for being more than that? Was that why she wanted us to see each other naked? Or was it just the garden-variety friends that boys and girls sometimes made with each other?

If it was the first, the kind that implied kissing and touching, what would she think of me? I was only eleven to her thirteen. Compared to Davy or even the boys in the shower-room, I wasn’t much to look at. The last time I had measured myself, my stiffy wasn’t quite three inches. Compared to boys Erin’ age, there was no way I would measure up. Filled with uncertainty, but not wanting to disappoint her, I mumbled, “I dunno, Erin. I guess not. It’s just I’m not…”

Words failed me. As much as I was drawn to her, telling her how small I was, or worse, letting her see, embarrassed the hell out of me.

Erin leaned over toward me. I glanced down at her chest. Her nascent buds were only inches from my chest again. A thrill, like an electrical current ran through me when she rested a hand on my leg, “It’s just you and me, Bry. Nobody else will see us.”

I felt myself twitch under cover of the sleeping bag. I wanted her to understand my fear, but just telling her was more difficult than I imagined. I bit my lower lip almost hard enough to draw blood before I finally managed, “It’s just, well, promise not to laugh at me when you see it.”

Erin’s eyes drifted to my covered crotch before she looked me in the eyes, “I’d never do that, Bry. I like you way too much to laugh at your, um…”

Her words faded even as her eyes remained on what was hidden below the sleeping bag. Finally, she shifted and sat up and slid out of her bag. Sure, it was dark because of the storm outside. But our eyes were adjusted. And mine traveled from her tiny buds down her torso to her innie belly button. From there, six inches lower, was the edge of her puffy slit. Just like me, there wasn’t a hint of hair to be seen. I guess I had assumed because she was older than me, that she would be further along into puberty.

Blushing furiously, Erin continued, “See, Bry. We’re probably closer alike than you realized. I promise I won’t laugh.”

Her magnetism drew me in and even though I was still terrified of her seeing my little stiffy, for Erin, I was willing to face my fears. I sat up and then stood, leaving the sleeping bag on the mattress. All nearly three inches of my stiffy pointed to the roof and reflexively, my hands covered it.

Erin tore her eyes away from my crotch, “Cool. You ready to make a run for it?”

I did my best to ignore the fluttering in my stomach. Bryan covered his little boner almost as soon as it popped into view. He was the first boy I’d ever seen naked, and he was gorgeous. When he nodded, he was ready, I went to the door and opened it. A blast of spray hit me, sending a chill through my body. I hurried to the ladder and went down. The wooden rungs were slick, so I had no choice but to take my time. The last thing I wanted was to slip.

On the ground, I looked up. Bryan started down the ladder. I could see his butt, his little ball-sack and even his penis. He was still hard, and it bounced with each rung of the ladder as he lowered himself. I had felt this tingling in my stomach before. The handful of times Wendy and I fooled around, I’d felt this way. The heat was strongest below my stomach, just inside the puffy lips of my pussy. It was because of Wendy that I didn’t mind letting Bryan see me. Those times she and I spent the night at her house, we had showered together, played games in her room together and slept together in the nude. The things we had done to each other in her bed were how I knew my body’s signs; knew I was being drawn to this beautiful young boy.

Once Bryan reached the ground, I grabbed his hand and ran toward the darkened house. I had run the distance hundreds of times and knew every step of the way; I could have run it blindfolded. When we reached the back of the house, I felt a sense of relief and respite once we stood under the patio cover. I held up a finger, “I’m going to check and see if my mom is out yet.”

I opened the door and gave Bryan a smile before stepping into the house. Before turning away from him, I noticed his boner had gone away while we ran. Even though it was dark, it wasn’t so dark that I couldn’t see the delightful little noodle hanging down in front of his small ball-sack. I had to turn away. If I hadn’t been wet from the rain, I’m sure I would have been wet from the emotions wracking me right then. I pushed those thoughts aside as I made my way from the dining area into the living room.

The TV was playing The Love Boat, and Mom was exactly where I expected her to be. She was passed out. A bottle of Jack Daniels stood half-empty on the coffee table. Part of me wanted to be angry at her, to yell, scream and cuss at her for retreating into a shell after my dad’s death. There had been a time when I had needed her, and she wasn’t there.

But now, with Bryan waiting outside, there was only relief. I returned to the back door and waved him in. When I flipped on the light to the kitchen, the shadows fled and both of our bodies were exposed to each other. I grinned when the boy’s hands shot back to cover his charms. I tried not to blush, “I told you. Mom’s shit-faced drunk in the living room. We could have an orgy on the coffee table and she’d be fucking clueless.”

The look of confusion on Bryan’s face was a reminder that he was younger than me and didn’t know everything I had already discovered. He didn’t ask any questions, and I thought it better to focus on what brought us to the house. I opened the fridge and smiled, “Jackpot, Bry. There’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes.”

I retrieved them from the fridge and put the meatloaf into the microwave. The look of wonder on Bryan’s face surprised me, “What?”

He forgot his nakedness for a moment and pointed at the microwave. “Is that a microwave?”

They were still new in 1980. Dad had bought it for Mom a couple of years before. It had been hideously expensive, more than a thousand dollars. If Bryan was living with his mom and Granny in a trailer, no wonder he hadn’t seen one.

“Yeah. Comes in handy warming up leftovers.”

When the microwave dinged, I swapped the mashed potatoes for the meatloaf and set the timer again. While the potatoes cooked, I pointed to the phone on the wall between the kitchen and dining room, “You still want to do the sleepover, there’s a phone to call your granny.”

Bryan was trying to look everywhere else but at me. But he failed badly, and I liked it. Even though he held a cupped hand over his penis, I could tell he was halfway between soft and hard. “Y-, yeah. Let me call her.”

The boy grabbed the phone off the hook and dialed a number. A moment later, he said, “Hi, Granny.”

After a moment of silence, he replied, “I’m good. Y-, yeah, stayed out of the storm. I’m over at my friends, Eri-, um, Eric’s. Is it okay if I spend the night?”

Bryan’s cheeks were crimson, he had turned his body so that his penis was hidden from me, after a moment he said, “Cool. Good night. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

There was no doubt in my mind, I really liked Bryan. An awful lot. But listening to that phone call, my estimation of the boy shot up. “Oh, shit, Bry. That was fucking awesome. Eric? That shit’s great.”

How it was possible for him to grow even redder was beyond me. I felt heat growing within me as his eyes returned to my body. He stammered, “W-, well, she said yes.”

I grabbed my backpack and put the bowls of leftovers in it, as well as a couple of Coke bottles, and turned out the lights, throwing the kitchen back into darkness. Bryan was still standing by the phone, leaving a narrow space between him and the bar. I should have let him move or turned and faced away as I moved past him. Instead, my chest bumped against his and I felt something hit my thigh. He gasped and pulled back against the wall as I muttered, “Shit, Bry. I’m sorry.”

A long moment passed before he responded, “It’s okay. I should have moved.”

The door was closed, and we were under the patio when I realized I was glad he hadn’t moved. The touch of our bodies had sent a tingle through my body the likes of which Wendy had never given me. There would be time enough to explore what those feeling meant later. For now, we needed to get back to the treehouse and eat. “Come on, Bry. Let’s go!”

Laden down with dinner, I wasn’t able to run back. The storm had slacked off a bit, but the water remained cold and by the time we reached the ladder, we were both ready to get back under the covers of the sleeping bags. As I climbed up first, a quick glance below showed Bryan looking up at me. Even though I was wet and cold, that heat between my legs returned. It wasn’t so dark that he couldn’t see between my legs. Could he see the plump smoothness of my pussy squeezed between my legs? I wondered what he thought of me. Was he developing similar feelings for me as I felt for him?

I waited until he was most of the way up the ladder before turning and going into the treehouse. I used the damp towel to dry off as best as I could. I was still cold, and I wanted to climb into one of the sleeping bags, but first, I found the Coleman lantern. There were matches with it, and within a few moments, I had it lit and spreading a cheery light throughout the room.
When I turned around, Bryan was toweling himself dry. He was soft again, just a little noodle. His penis endlessly fascinated me. How it went from soft to hard and back to soft so often. I doubted I’d ever tire of seeing it.

He glanced up at me and the flush in his cheeks returned as he took in my body. He dropped the towel and climbed onto the bed, where he shimmied into one of the sleeping bags. I placed my backpack on the mattress and climbed inside my bag, enjoying the warmth that enveloped my covered parts. Still, we were going to eat, so it was easier to sit in the sleeping bag than to lie down.

I unzipped the backpack and fished out the bowls and forks. I hadn’t thought to bring plates, so I pulled the lids off and handed him a fork, “We’ll eat family-style, from the bowls.”

Eating family style with Erin wasn’t that different from sharing a bucket of fried chicken. Well, except the leftovers were tasty and Erin and I were naked, even though we were both sitting inside the sleeping bags. So, maybe not that much like sharing a bucket of fried chicken after all.

As I ate meatloaf from the same bowl as Erin, my eyes kept traveling to the bunched up sleeping bag. Seeing her earlier had been a revelation; She was the only girl I saw naked. Her smooth pubic area and hairless slit surprised me. She was already thirteen, and there were boys in my class that had hair. Didn’t girls mature faster than us?

“Hey, whatcha thinking about, Bry?”

My eyes flew from her crotch back to Erin’s face. I hoped my face hadn’t given my thoughts away as I floundered, “The meatloaf is great. Did you fix it by yourself?”

A smile played on her lips. The heat on my cheeks must have given me away. “I helped, but when Mom’s not shit-faced, she’s actually a great cook. I put the butter in the mashed potatoes and mixed them up in the mixing bowl.”

I spooned some potatoes and shoved them in my mouth as my eyes went back to the mystery hidden by the sleeping bag. She took a couple of bites before leaving her fork in the meatloaf bowl, “Hey, Bry?”


Erin grabbed the bunched-up part of her sleeping bag, “Do you want to see me again?”

My eyes grew round. Was she saying what I thought she was? “What?”

“You’ve been staring at me throughout dinner. You saw me naked earlier, but if you want a closer look, you can have it. I don’t mind.”

I probably looked like I had been struck by a poleax. My mouth opened and closed, but nothing came out. Erin took me completely by surprise. Finally, she added, “Well, do you? I don’t mind you seeing my pussy.”

My voice was still MIA, but I managed to nod, and was rewarded by Erin sliding out of her sleeping bag. The wind had stopped rattling the shutters, and the temperature was at least ten degrees warmer than when we first came in from the rain.

Erin stretched her legs out on both sides of the bowls of leftovers, giving me an unobstructed view of her parts. Earlier, when she stood, all I could see was the top of her slit, but sitting with her legs open wide, I could see a small bit of skin just inside the top of what looked like puffy lips. Inside the lips, her skin glistened pink. Toward the end of the slit was an indention leading inside her body. And like me, she didn’t have any hair at all down there. I was mesmerized.

If I hadn’t already been erect, the view she gave me would have made me pop a stiffy. Instinctively, I knew I needed to say something. But seeing what Erin had turned an already mushy brain to goo, I managed a feeble, “Shit. Wow!”

Erin leaned forward, making the lips spread apart a bit more, and the indention opened and I could actually see her tiny vagina. She said, “You couldn’t stop staring. It only seemed fair. You know what else seems fair?”

I shook my head, “Wha-?”
Her fingers snaked out and gripped my sleeping bag, “For you to climb out of the sleeping bag and let me see you.”

“B-, but you’ve already seen me. I’m not–”

Erin cut me off, “It’s just the two of us, dude. I don’t care if you think you’re small. What I saw earlier was really cute and, well, I want to see it again.”

I was gob smacked by Erin’s words. A few heartbeats passed before she added, “Please, Bry. I won’t tell a soul.”

When she tugged on the sleeping bag, I let her as I shifted my butt until I was out of the sleeping bag. I wanted to pull my knees up and cover myself. But Erin sat, exposed in all her radiant glory. I stretched my legs and spread them, giving her the same look she had given me.

Erin smiled, “I think your, um, thing, is cute.”

I looked down at my groin. My modest not-quite-three inches pointed toward the ceiling, giving Erin a perfect view. My face was hot to the touch, even as I thought about her comment. She hadn’t laughed or said I was small. Wait? She liked it? No way!

I stammered, “Y-, you d- don’t think it’s too small?”

Erin shook her head as she leaned even closer, “Well, to be fair, I’ve never seen another boy’s stuff. But you look really nice.”

Now that I found my voice, maybe it was time to do better than shit and wow, “So do you. Really nice.

Erin’s features relaxed, “Cool. Most of the other girls in my class call me lezbo behind my back. Shit, some girls don’t wait to do it behind me. A lot of it is because I dress like a tomboy and wear boys’ clothes. But at least boys’ clothes let me hide just how small my boobs are.”

I felt like she was opening her heart to me, “That’s stupid to call you names like that just because you wear boys’ clothes.”

She blushed, “Well, I got caught kissing another girl earlier this spring. Adding that on top of the boys’ clothes may have been part of the reason.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, “You kissed a girl?”

I’m sure my mom probably gave me kisses when I was a baby. But I didn’t remember that far back. Nobody had ever kissed me since then. The admission was a reminder Erin was older and more experienced than me.

She nodded, “Yeah, and we saw each other a few times, just like you and me. But you and Wendy are the only people I’ve ever seen naked this close.”

I didn’t know Wendy, but I felt jealous at the news. It was an irrational emotion. Me and Davy had probably done the same things together that Erin had done with Wendy. I resolved to not think of Davy or Wendy.

Now that dinner was over, and the coke bottle set empty beside the mattress, my bladder reminded me of its presence. “Where can I go to the bathroom?”

Erin asked, “Piss or poop?”


She grinned, “Good thing. When I have’ta shit, I usually go into the house. Maybe we can make an outhouse for the treehouse. For now, when I gotta piss, I go down and find a bush or something.”

I sighed unhappily. Even though I was naked and the room had eventually become warm and cheery, I didn’t relish the idea of going back into the rain, even though it sounded as though the worst of the storm was over. Erin reached over and took me by the hand and pulled me to my feet, “Come on, we’ll go together. I gotta pee too.”

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