Beach Bums
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After turning over the counter to Dani and his dad and eating his burrito, Zach changed into some Speedos. He kept extra stuff at his dad’s shop, like Speedos and jammers and wetsuits and a couple of boards. He even kept some changes of clothes, just in case. He liked walking the beach in a Speedo. Made people stare. He also preferred surfing in one, although the roughness of the board chafed enough that he didn’t do it too often.

Zach had seen enough dicks to know that some guys were growers and some guys were showers. He figured he was sort of a hybrid. When soft, he wasn’t as small as some of the wrinkled dinks he’d seen could get, but neither was he close to the full five inches he sported when erect. On average, he hung about three and a half inches, on the thin side, but still a fairly impressive little tube of flesh inside his Speedo, he thought.

That tube of flesh was sitting tantalizingly upward and to the left at the moment. He was wearing light blue Speedo type trunks, which he knew would compliment his eyes, which themselves tended to shade subtly to what he was wearing, or so it seemed. The briefs had twin swoops of yellow which came up on either side of his balls, drawing attention to them in a way that had to be intentional to his mind, and then swooping to either side along the front, which had the added bonus of also drawing attention to his softly curving dick.

There were people everywhere, sitting, surfing, tanning, playing. Kids rode boogie boards in the surf. Young adults played volleyball and drank. Old people worried whether their grand-kids had on enough sunscreen. Guys checked out girls, and girls checked out guys, along with pretty much every other combination you could imagine.

Zach waved to people he knew, and some came up to say hi, most checking him out, boys and girls. Some he’d screwed around with before, others he’d probably mess around with in the future. Zach took his partners as they came, in no particular need to pursue anyone.

The sand was hot on his feet, so from time to time he’d walk in the surf to cool down a bit. He could have worn flip flops, but those threw sand everywhere, and water shoes didn’t allow the sun to get to his feet, giving him weird tan lines.

Although the food and the passing of time had helped, Zach was still feeling the lingering effects of the smoke from earlier. It gave everything a nice fuzzy edge. He smiled at the people who stared at him as he walked along, staring back at the ones who had something worth staring at. Zach appreciated a large cross-section of people. Boys as young as eight or nine he found cute and a bit desirable if they were particularly attractive, although he doubted he’d ever do anything with a kid that young. Girls were fine, too, from about the age of eleven or so. They had to have at least some boobs to get his attention. In fact, there was something about perky, just sprouting boobs that were particularly exciting.

Zach felt the same way about boys. Boys, pretty much like himself, who were just starting puberty, they were like kindred spirits. They were going through this whole magical thing, their bodies changing, the way they thought changing, it was really exciting. Of course, older boys could be hot. They’d gotten through the gangling, awkward phase and were almost adults, with more mature bodies that looked almost like adults.

Adults… well, adults were sort of an enigma to Zach. Oh, he understood them well enough, he supposed. Zach had a sort of instinctive sexual intelligence. He could spot desire and motivation from a mile away. It was why he found it so funny when he’d get a boner and an adult saw it. Some of them just stared, some were bolder. Some kept glancing away, hungry but embarrassed, like Rachael earlier. Of course, some were genuinely uncomfortable, having had all the ‘children are innocents who are being sexualized by evil adults’ propaganda pounded into their brains until the believed it.

The saddest, Zach supposed, were the ones who went so far as to yell at him about it, telling him to cover himself, that he should be ashamed, and on and on, when in fact they were incredibly turned on by what they were seeing. They hated themselves for their attraction so much that they lashed out. It was sad. Zach didn’t know why people couldn’t just be who they were.

Oh, he got why some people hid parts of themselves from other. It still wasn’t cool to be gay in some places or professions, and it was dangerous as hell to be someone attracted to a kid like him, which was practically everybody anyway, he felt, so that was silly. But what he didn’t get were the people who lied about who they were to themselves. Like the ‘you should be ashamed’ people, or the closet gays who tried to convince themselves they were straight, while hating themselves for the lie. Again, it just made him sad.

Eventually, as inevitably happened when he walked around on the beach in a Speedo, the whole experience started seeming more and more sexual to him. He knew he was showing off his body, and he knew when others were appreciating the view. Feeling eyes slide over him eventually made his dick hard. He wasn’t hard yet, but he knew it was coming. While his Speedo was pretty tight, it wouldn’t be able to contain what he had stuffed in there without being really obvious.

He wasn’t nervous about this development. He could always get in the water until things died down, as it were. Hell, on more than one occasion he’d just lowered his briefs and taken matters in hand until it was safe. He looked behind him, but the Shack was too far behind, and he didn’t feel like going into the water. What he felt like…

Zach stopped in front of a couple of girls in their late teens or early twenties. They were lying under a large umbrella, apparently taking a break from the sun. They were pretending to look at their phones while checking him out. They weren’t exactly giggling as they probably would be with older guys, but there was definitely intrigue on their faces and they were whispering to each other.

Pushing down the front of his Speedo far further than was necessary, in fact almost down to the root of his cock, Zach reached inside and retrieved the credit card sized piece of plastic which was plastered with sweat to his groin. It was the room key to the hotel the boy had slipped him. The hotel in question was just behind the girls, and the thought of going in there completed the process that had begun just a bit ago, so that by the time he allowed the material to snap back into place, his cock was throbbing stiffly and pushing out against the material.

Now the girl’s were giggling. Zach smiled and reached into his Speedo again, this time wrestling it back to the side, so it was pointing to his left hip again instead of trying to escape up the middle. Zach pitched his voice loud enough for the girls to hear and said, “Damned thing never listens to me.”

The girls laughed and now they stared openly, one exhibiting hunger, the other amused and a tiny bit titillated. She could probably be brought around by her friend, Zach knew, if her friend really wanted it. “You need some help with that?” the hungry one asked. Her friend gasped in surprise and amusement, playfully shoving the bolder girl.

“Already have a date, ladies, but maybe later,” Zach said cheekily, twirling the key card between his fingers.

“Lucky girl,” hungry girl said.

“Girl… boy… hoping for one or the other,” Zach said with a mysterious smile. Always create a little intrigue, he thought.

Hungry girl looked even hungrier, her eyes sparkling as they locked on his straining erection, while the other girl was slowly becoming aware that her friend was much more serious about this than she’d first suspected.

Zach didn’t stick around for the conversation he was sure was coming, walking right on by to the hotel, but making sure to pass close enough to give them a really good look at his bulging trunks.

The long trek across the sand gave him time to get a bit nervous about what he was about to do. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d met a stranger in a hotel room, but it always struck him a bit risky and probably really stupid. Of course, that was part of it. The fear and excitement of the unknown. Zach figured he was safe enough this time. The guy had a kid after all. A cute kid.

His boner, which started to shrink with nervousness, began to rise again with thoughts of the boy. Zach thought with an internal chuckle that he had a very confused boner. So he was still mostly hard, but not obscenely so when he made his way through the large beach entrance at the back of the hotel. Still, his mode of dress drew looks, and not all of them friendly.

This particular hotel was pretty unfriendly to locals, and the staff especially was trained to chase off little groms like himself. Luckily, he had a keycard, and they had no way of knowing if it was his or not without asking his name, which none of them seemed willing to do. So he was careful as he went to the house phones, slipping into the little alcove when nobody was looking.

Room three fifteen answered after only two rings. “Hello?” It was the boy.

“Hey,” Zach said. “This is Zach. From the surf shop?”

Zach heard the receiver immediately covered and muffled voices. After a few seconds was the noise of whatever was covering it being removed and then the voice of the dad. “Hey, sport,” he said. “You accepting our invitation?”

“I’m downstairs,” Zach answered.

“Great!” the man said, with a bit too much excitement. “Come on up. We’ll be waiting.”

Heart beating a bit faster in his chest, and boner still confused, Zach hung up the phone and made his way to the elevator. He was joined by a blonde lady and her equally blonde daughter, who was about ten or eleven. Zach gave them a friendly nod and posed himself on the opposite side of the car after hitting the button for three. The girl stared at his crotch the whole time. Mom reserved her looks to surreptitious glances. The knowing smile Zach gave them both as he exited at three seemed to fluster them both.

The nervousness returned as the elevator doors closed behind him so that when he followed the signs to three fifteen along the nicely carpeted corridor, he was pretty much soft again. Then he found himself in front of the door, not sure if he should knock or use the card. He elected to knock.

Dad opened the door, and his eyes widened appreciatively. “Wow,” he said, a bit breathlessly. “You look great.”

The man was dressed in jogging shorts and a tank top. He had strong shoulders and his hair was black, making Zach think once again that the kid must take strongly after his mother. Just past the man were large windows. The blinds were drawn back and the view of the ocean was spectacular. As the man ushered him into the room, taking a nervous glance up and down the hall, Zach found the son sitting at a small table wearing a bathrobe, like they give you in nice hotels. He gave Zach a small smile.

“We weren’t sure you would come,” the man said, placing a tentative hand on his shoulder as they walked into the room. “Well, actually I was sure. Kevin didn’t think you would come.” Then he seemed to remember himself. “Oh! This is my son Kevin,” he said, indicating the boy. “I’m Roger.”

“I’m Zach,” he said, though he’d introduced himself at the shop and again downstairs.

The man went to stand by the boy, his hand caressing the back of his neck. His attention was all for Zach however, his eyes roaming hungrily over his body. “We usually play with men,” he said. “Only once before with a boy, but I saw you and I just knew you’d want to play with us. Didn’t I say that, Kevin? That Zach here would want to play?”

Kevin nodded shyly.

“Do you just play with other boys?” Roger asked. “Do you play with men as well?”

Zach shrugged, indicating that he was just as happy with either.

“Didn’t I tell you, Kevin?” the man said, eyes wide with excitement. “That boy likes to play, I told him.”

Now that he was here, Zach wished the guy would just shut up. Or at the very least just strip so they could get to it. Maybe he’d shut up with his dick in the guy’s mouth. Zach hooked his thumbs into his trunks and skinned them down over his hips and then stepped out of them. “Are we doing this?” he asked a bit shortly.

The man gasped a bit and his widened. “Gorgeous,” he breathed.

Kevin seemed interested as well. Zach crooked a beckoning finger at him and the kid rose from his chair. As he stepped forward, Zach stepped forward to meet him. Zach was taller than the other boy by maybe five or six inches. They stood in front of each other for a moment, and then Zach reached forward and untied the terrycloth belt around his waist. Then he spread the robe apart.

Kevin’s young penis was soft and poking out about an inch. He was circumcised and his little head was purplish while the surrounding skin was of course very pale. Zach always preferred cut dicks, although a bit of foreskin to play with could be fun if the guy was clean.

Zach reached down and cupped the boy’s genitals, balls and all, and caressed him lightly. He was completely bald down there, but his dick was cute, and that’s all Zach cared about. He helped Kevin shrug out of the robe. Kevin had a nice little body, still prepubescent except for the darkening of his scrotum and probably a bit of growth in his balls. He was a slender kid with tiny nipples and a softly protruding belly that was all stance rather than softness. The boy’s penis began to lengthen as Zach gently tugged at it.

“That’s it, boys,” Roger said softly, and Zach heard the man’s clothes being shed.

He leaned down to kiss Kevin, who seemed a bit surprised, but accepted his tongue and returned it willingly. Zach got the feeling that Kevin didn’t get kissed all that often. As he got onto the bed with the boy he glanced over at the man. Roger was naked now, with a thin six inch erection and a hairy chest and belly. He was rummaging in a case and came up with a digital camera.

“No cameras,” Zach said, and the man paused.

“Just a few,” the man said. “Just for me and Kevin to remember you by.”

“Not a chance,” Zach said. He smiled as Kevin reached out to caress his prick, which immediately began to respond to the younger boy’s touch.

“I could pay you,” the man wheedled. Zach was really beginning to dislike the guy.

“You take a picture and I’m outta here.”

“Okay, okay,” the man said, placating. “Maybe later,” he said. “After you get to know us better.”

Then the guy came over to stand over the bed, watching them. “You’ve got such a nice cock,” he said, fingering his own. “Isn’t it nice, Kevin?”

The brown-haired boy nodded and continued to play with Zach’s erect dick.

“Why don’t you show him how good you can suck that nice cock of his,” the man suggested in a tone that wasn’t quite a suggestion. Zach got the idea that the guy was used to giving the boy orders, and that the boy was used to following them.

Kevin didn’t hesitate. He simply slid down until he could take Zach’s cock into his mouth. Zach lay back, watching the man idly stroke his own dick while the boy began to skillfully suck him.

“Kid sucks great, doesn’t he?” Roger asked.

Zach agreed that Kevin did, indeed, suck really well. Already he had Zach feeling like he could come with just a bit more work. He was enjoying it though, and was in no rush. He was more interested in watching the dad, who circled the bed with his dick in his hand, eyes everywhere, as if he were recording a movie, and Zach had a feeling that’s exactly what the guy had in mind. He began to wonder if Kevin was really his son or if there was something else going on here. That made him wonder just how good an idea it had been to come up here.

Roger sat on the side of the bed then, and reached out to run his hand over Zach’s chest. Zach almost said something and actually had to force himself not to flinch away.

“You want to suck me while Kevin takes care of you?” Roger asked, sliding forward and presenting his cock.

“Not really,” Zach said laconically, glancing away, but not without noticing the flash of annoyance in the man’s eyes.

That look was instantly replaced with a fake smile and Roger said, “Well, that’s okay. Nobody has to do anything they don’t want, right, Kevin?”

Kevin glanced up, Zach’s cock still half stuffed in his mouth. It was apparent the boy hadn’t really heard what the man had said, but he nodded anyway, then went back to sucking.

Zach was starting to think he should just get off in the kid’s mouth and then get the hell out of there. Something felt off and he was starting to get nervous, which wasn’t making it any easier to come. Kevin was really skilled though. Skilled enough to be able to open his throat and take Zach’s full five inches. He could feel the muscles in there rippling around him, making him shiver. Maybe he could stay long enough to screw the kid.

The kid was moaning around Zach’s dick. That always drove him a bit crazy. Damn the kid could suck dick. His head was bobbing, applying the right amount of suction, occasionally releasing him from his mouth and playing his full lips against the underside of his shaft, especially the bit near the top. The sounds were wet and erotic and Zach felt himself beginning to tense, knowing he wouldn’t be much longer.

Then Kevin was cupping his balls, squeezing and scratching at the delicate skin and Zach felt himself tensing. He gave out a moaning grunt of warning and felt his hips lifting. Kevin only sucked harder and Zach took that as an invitation and let himself go, shuddering as his cock began to blast his hot cream into the preteen’s hungry mouth.

Zach’s head fell back as his body arched. He felt himself continuing to spurt, but then Kevin’s mouth was gone. Zach jerked his head up to look and saw Kevin on the floor where he’d been pushed and then Roger was swallowing his cock. He’d have objected but he was still coming and he delivered a last couple of bursts of cum into the man’s mouth.

The man continued to suck at Zach’s cock until it became uncomfortable and the boy tried to squirm away. Roger looked up with his eyes burning. He licked his lips and said, “Fucking delicious. Now to taste that boy pussy.”

So saying, he flipped Zach onto his belly and dove his face into his ass. Zach felt the man’s tongue rasp against his pucker.

“Hey!” Zach objected, and tried to squirm out from under the man. He didn’t mind getting rimmed, but the guy was treating him like a sex toy or something.

“Too good for me?” the man asked, and the anger in his voice was easy to hear.

Zach’s breath was suddenly pushed out of him as the man scrambled forward and crushed the boy beneath his weight. “Fucking cocktease,” the man growled above Zach’s head.

The man began to squirm over him, using his knees to wedge Zach’s legs apart. Zach could feel the man’s cock throbbing between his asscheeks and he began to struggle. He took in a breath to scream, but the man’s hand was suddenly over his mouth, not only making it impossible to cry out, but very difficult to breath as he was half covering his nostrils as well.

Zach began to panic, his slender body bucking as the man continued to push his legs apart with his knees. Eyes wide with fear, Zach found Kevin standing beside the bed, no longer erect and eyes filled with sympathy. Zach begged with his eyes.

“Steve, don’t,” Kevin said in a small voice.

“No real names you stupid cunt!” the man Zach had known as Roger growled.

Then Zach’s eyes bugged as he felt the head of the man’s cock violate his asshole. While Zach had been fucked before, and by cocks even bigger than Roger/Steve’s, the man had used no lubrication, and that first thrust hurt!

Then suddenly the weight pinning him was gone and the man was off the bed. It took only a split second to realize what happened. Kevin had grabbed up a pail half full of melted ice and water and thrown it on the man’s back.

Zach didn’t hesitate. He was up off the bed like a shot and racing for the door of the room. He nearly cried in panic when it resisted and then he realized the lock was flipped and he quickly fumbled it open and then he was out in the hallway, buck naked, throwing Kevin a last, grateful look before speeding down the hall.

Zach was too scared to try waiting for an elevator. He noted the sign for the stairs and barely slowed as he hit the door. A quick glance showed that he wasn’t being followed, but that didn’t cause him to slow, and his bare feet slapped against the concrete stairs as he practically flew down the three flights.

A gasp went up from the five or six people present in lobby as he burst through the door and raced for the front desk. He tried to speak, but between the exertion of the run and the fear and adrenaline still hammering at his heart, he could barely breath. He found himself bent over with his hands on his knees, trying to gulp air.

A lady in her thirties with a young kid, a boy about four or five, came up to him and rubbed his back soothingly, her eyes alert for danger while asking him what was wrong. Meanwhile, the eighteen-year-old female desk attendant was coming out from behind the counter, obviously unsure whether to be more upset about some unknown situation or having a naked thirteen-year-old boy in her lobby.

Zach, after the initial scare, was hesitant to share what had happened, but he realized that he had to say something to explain his behavior, and he was also really worried about Kevin. He wasn’t sure if Roger/Steve was his real father or not, but the boy wasn’t safe with him in any case. So after a few moments he swallowed his shame and embarrassment and explained that a man had just tried to rape him.

There was only one man in the lobby, and he wanted to run up to the room and confront the man, but his girlfriend talked him into waiting for the police, who were called immediately. Zach desperately wanted to leave. He had no desire at all to be questioned by the cops or to confess that he’d gone up to that room willingly and why. The only thing that kept him waiting was his fear for Kevin.

In the meantime, the desk girl, who’s name was Lindsey, got him an extra large hotel t-shirt from the gift shop, which came down practically to his knees. The mother with her son had left after a last, worried glance and some words of comfort, and the girl managed to drag off her boyfriend. Lindsey took Zach to an office behind the front desk to wait for the cops.

The police showed up about five minutes after the call was placed. The city took tourism very seriously, so calls from the nicer hotels were a top priority. Zach knew the older of the two cops when he got a glimpse of them from inside the office. He’d caught Zach smoking a joint one night on the beach and he’d made the boy put it out. He surfed a bit, so he was fairly cool in Zach’s eyes.

The cops immediately took the elevator up to three fifteen. People had been keeping an eye on the door to the stairs and nobody had come down since Zach had burst through them. They came back down a couple of minutes later with the news that the room had been cleaned out except for some discarded clothing. The cop Zach knew, Officer Zimmerman, handed Zach his Speedo, and the two cops and Lindsey all looked uncomfortable as Zach stripped off the t-shirt and pulled on his tiny swimsuit. Lindsey said he could keep the shirt, but he didn’t put it back on.

After getting a quick description of the man, the boy, and their car, Officer Zimmerman insisted they call Zach’s parents. “You’re Brad Jacobs’ kid, right?” the burly cop in his forties asked.

Although Zach’s dad was right up the beach and could be there quickly, Zach didn’t want him called. He wasn’t embarrassed exactly. If his dad had asked him if he screwed around with guys, he’d have been honest about it, but their relationship worked as well as it did because those kinds of questions didn’t get asked. So while Zach acknowledged that Brad was his dad, he asked them to call his mother, who of course freaked out over the phone, sure that Zach had burned the hotel down or something. He probably should have called his dad.

While they waited for his mom to show, the cops, Zimmerman and his partner, a younger nerdy blond guy by the name of Jenkins who looked more like an IT guy than a cop, ran him through what had happened in the room.

Zach lied and told them that he’d met the boy he knew as Kevin on the beach and that the kid had invited him up to his room for some free room service and pay per view tv. He’d then explained that the kid’s ‘dad’ had started by wanting to take pictures of him, which he’d refused, and then attacked him. He explained how Kevin had called the man Steve even though the man had introduced himself as Roger, and everything else he could think about. He tried to be as honest as possible, but he didn’t tell them that the guy had actually managed to penetrate him, worried about rape kits and hospital visits and all that shit he saw on tv. For some reason he couldn’t explain, he was ashamed of what had happened and didn’t want anyone to know about it.

“Well, they left some clothes behind which seem to have been worn, so there’s a good chance we’ll get some DNA from them,” Officer Zimmerman assured him. He also told Zach there was already an APB out on their car and an Amber Alert for Kevin. Apparently there were back stairs and the pair had escaped down those and out the back of the hotel. The registry was checked and the man had signed in using a credit card and ID with the name Mark Jacobson. The cops said it was probably fake.

After a few minutes, another cop showed up, this one a detective. He talked to the two officers first, but then he wanted Zach to go over all the details again. While he was doing that, his mom finally showed up, scared and pissed and ready for a fight.

“Where is my boy?!?” Zach heard her cry when she arrived. “Zachy!?!”

Someone must have pointed out the office, because a second later Crystal Jacobs burst into the room throwing angry looks at everyone, even Zach. “What’s going on here?” she demanded. “What are you doing to my son? You’re not allowed to question a minor without his parents. I know my damned rights!”

“Ma’am,” the detective, Owens, said soothingly, holding up placating hands, “Zachary isn’t in any trouble. He’s assisting us with a matter.”

“What matter?” she asked suspiciously. For the first time she really looked at her son. She rushed to him and knelt in front of him, looking him in the eye. “Zachy? Are you okay? What happened?”

“Ma’am,” Detective Owens began, then cleared his throat nervously. “Your son has been the victim of an assault.”

“An assault!” Crystal cried, as if all her worst nightmares had suddenly come true. She began to desperately search Zach’s body for some sign of injury. “Are you hurt, baby? Where are you hurt?” Then she turned an accusing eye toward the detective and said, “He should be in the hospital!”

“Ma’am,” the man said, trying for calm. “He’s fine. At least physically.”

“Physically? What the fuck are you talking about? Did someone call him names? Zachy, what happened?”

Zach blushed deeply, wishing this was all over. He so didn’t want to have to discuss this with his crazy mother. She was going to rush him home and glue crystals all over his body and put him in a sweat lodge or something, he just knew it.

Trying for delicacy, the detective said, “Ms. Jacobs, the assault was of a… sexual nature.” Crystal’s eyes grew wide and he rushed on to say, “It was unsuccessful,” at the same time Zach said, “Nothing happened, mom.”

“Nothing? What do you mean? Who did this? Was it a man? I’ll string him up by his fucking balls!”

Zach sighed inwardly. He was sure that in part of his mom’s mind she was full of all sorts of righteous indignation, but he also knew that at least part of this was all an act. Even if she wasn’t willing to admit it to herself. This is how she thought a mother was supposed to react. After all, Zach was sure she’d known about Anton. He even suspected she knew about him and his Uncle Billy. Billy didn’t visit all that often, but when he did, he always shared a bed with Zach and the pair had been caught naked in the morning by her at least twice.

So Zach waited patiently while his mother railed and wailed until the cops finally told them it was okay to go home. Zach wanted to head back to his father’s shop, but Crystal was having none of it, playing the concerned mother all the way home. Zach figured it somehow made her feel good about herself, so he just let it flow around him.

Once they were home, Crystal insisted he take a shower, as if he were somehow dirty. Zach protested, but she was deep into mothering mode and wouldn’t be swayed. To his annoyance, the shower actually made him feel a bit better. For a minute. Then he found himself remembering what had happened in the room and he shivered. He reached back and rubbed a finger over his pucker, expecting to feel some pain, or at least discomfort, but there was nothing, just the usual rubbery tightness.

He couldn’t believe that asshole had tried to fuck him. He remembered the feeling of helplessness when he’d realized that the guy was too big to shake off him, the sick feeling of fear in his gut when he felt his legs being forced apart.

Before he knew it, Zach found himself sitting in the tub, the water cascading over his head and back, his arms wrapped around his legs, rocking. He was amazed to realize that tears were leaking down his face, hidden by the water. Fucking jerk. And what about Kevin? That poor kid, stuck with that raping asshole. He should have done something to help him, instead of running like a pussy.

Zach didn’t realize his mom was with him until the water shut off. Then he realized that she’d been softly whispering to him. Kneeling beside the tub, she pulled his head against her chest, stroking his wet hair. He felt stupid and weak and wanted to push her away, but he didn’t.

Eventually, she stood him up and helped him out of the tub, where he stood dripping on the fuzzy blue bathmat. She took a fluffy velvet colored towel and began to dry him, starting with his head. Once his hair was mostly dry, she began to work on his shoulders, then down over his chest and back. He felt her hand on his ass, then in between, swiping at his hole. Then she was in the front, gently drying his dick and hanging balls.

He thought that it should feel weird for his mom to be doing this, but it just felt nice. He didn’t even chub up until she got down on her knees in front of him and began to dry his feet and legs. He saw the way she kept looking at his dick, and even though it wasn’t a hungry look, but more one of curiosity, having someone that close to his cock, and on her knees, was too much and he felt himself starting to get hard.

“C’mon,” his mom said, quickly standing and moving behind him. Her hands on his shoulders moved him out of the bathroom as his cock continued to grow between his legs. She maneuvered him towards his bedroom, then to the side of his bed. “Lay down. You could use a rest.”

“Mom,” he complained, sure that he wouldn’t be able to sleep.

“Now,” she insisted.

So Zach sighed and crawled naked into his bed. Ignoring his erection, his mom sat at his side and pulled his sheet up until he was covered from the waist down. Her left hand lingered on the sheet, rubbing, and he realized she was using her fingernail to scratch at Benji’s cum stain. She had a slight grimace on her face.

“Mom, I don’t need a nap,” Zach said, trying again.

With a sigh, Crystal dropped the sheet and smoothed it with her hand. She leaned over Zach and tucked it against his left hip, her forearm brushing over his hard dick. It jerked against her and she snatched her arm back. “You’ve had a traumatic experience,” she said. “You need to rest. I’ll make tacos later.”

Zach loved his mom’s tacos. Resigned to the inevitable, he sighed and let his body relax. “Fine,” he agreed.

Nodding as if she’d expected no other answer, his mom leaned over and kissed his forehead, brushing his hair out of his eyes. Then she stood and carefully shut the door. Zach immediately kicked off the sheet and looked along the line of his body to the wall opposite, where there was a mirror mounted. He saw his balls and his arching hard-on. He pushed his thumb against the base of his cock, watching it rise above him like a mast.

He stroked his dick a few times, feeling himself shudder deliciously. Suddenly he was so horny he could hardly stand it. He thought about calling Benji, as he was sure the older boy would rush right over, but he decided he’d maybe had enough cock for one day.

So as he idly played with his cock he thought about the different people he could call. There were a few different boys and girls within a few blocks who he’d fooled around with in the past. He was pretty sure that any of them would be happy to come over if he called. What if his mom came in though? She was in her weird mothering mode. Like in the bathroom when she’d dried him off. She hadn’t done that since he was about ten. She’d seen him naked plenty of times, as he wasn’t shy and she never tried to instill any sense of body shame in him, but it wasn’t like she’d touched him there in years, even if it was through a towel.

Was it weird to have sex with your mom? His mom was still a beautiful woman, even though she was old. She had big tits, which he found interesting. Still, it would be pretty fucked up to have sex with your own mom, right? He wondered what she looked like naked. While he walked around in the buff, he hadn’t seen her in less than a bra and panties since he was a really little kid. He was still thinking about it when he fell asleep.

The end.

Yes, really! This is it. The End. No more chapters will follow. Not written by me, nor by Rwxxx13. Sadly, he passed away and will never write another story or chapter. Even though I think it deserves a decent ending, I’ll never write and end to it. I don’t want to touch this genius writer’s work, because I know I’ll never do it justice. But please! Feel free to do so yourself, and send it to me and I might end up posting it here!

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