Forbidden Fruit – Epilogue

Adam felt a warmth in his ear that pulled him from his sleep. Still, he felt comfortably warm in the bed with a smaller body cuddled against his back. Again, the warm air flowed over his ear, and his hand swatted at the air.

A treble giggle sounded just inches from the same ear, followed by a familiar voice, “Come on, It’s a Saturday, you can’t sleep all day when there’s stuff to do.”

Adam cracked open an eye and glanced at the nightstand next to the head of the bed. It was barely past eight in the morning. “Jeeze, Isaiah. Do you know what time it is?”

The boy went from cuddling against his back to spooning him. The familiar heat against his ass was accompanied by, “Yeah, time to make love to you.”

A twitch below reminded the young man, his younger lover wasn’t the only one with needs. Adam flipped the covers back on the queen size bed and flipped over and faced Isaiah. The boy’s face lacked the rounded shape he’d first come to love. But the angular adolescent visage gazing back at him held the same warm, brown eyes he’d fallen in love with two years before.

Adam slid an arm around the boy and pulled him close. Their kiss lingered, a combination of good morning and let’s make love, driving them together. Isaiah’s penis pressed against his own, leaving Adam no doubt precisely what the boy wanted.

When Isaiah climbed on top of him, Adam couldn’t help but smile. He’d heard most gay relationships have a dominant and submissive partner. He chuckled at the idea. The previous night, he’d been the one taking what the boy happily offered. Despite the years between them, Adam felt a communion with Isaiah almost of equality. The boy led out exploring what he wanted perhaps more often than he took control, although it was close.

The boy reached between their bodies, and Adam nearly gasped when Isaiah accidentally touched him with the cold lubricant on his fingers. A moment later, he felt Isaiah pushing against his butt. Adam had lost count of the times he and Isaiah had made love. The young teen was soon impaled, his nearly five inches buried inside Adam’s ass.

Watching the boy grow over the past couple of years had been a time of delight. They’d celebrated the boy’s first pubic hair, as well as the first shaving of said pubic hair a few weeks later. Adam had been there the first time Isaiah’s high pitch had warbled and cracked. He’d even sat in the school’s large gym a few days before and watched the boy walk across the stage, officially graduating from the eighth grade.

“Hey, old man, where were you?” Isaiah said as he rested his hips against Adam’s.

Adam smiled and leaned forward for another kiss. “Just thinking about us. About how lucky I am.”

Isaiah pushed forward, bottoming out. “Admit it, you just like me for my sexy body.”

Adam bit back a moan as his body tingled. Isaiah was good at finding his prostate. Although the boy had always done well pleasuring his ass, as he’d gotten bigger, he’d also gotten better. “Yup. Shut up and make love to me.”

Isaiah slid in and out, “You’re getting senile, old man. You’re the one doing most of the talking.”

He fell silent as he sped up. Isaiah, already lying flat on the bed, closed his eyes and felt his swollen prostate getting close. Then, he felt a familiar explosion inside him, and his penis erupted, splattering his semen over his stomach. Isaiah didn’t stop. With lust in his eyes, he moved even faster. Then, he shoved himself in as a shudder thundered through his body. Adam felt something even hotter than his ass fill it.

Breathing heavily, Isaiah fell against his chest. After a long moment, he groaned, “Gross, your cum is all over my belly now.”

Adam wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist. “That’s nothing. Give me a few, and my cum will be up in your ass, too.”

Grinning, Isaiah slid off and said, “Go for it.”

Adam did.

Later, he drove over to the university with Amanda in the passenger seat and Isaiah in the back. Like his young boyfriend a few days earlier, today was Adam’s day to walk across the stage and receive his diploma.

He gave Amanda and Isaiah hugs and watched them head toward the arena’s general seating, where several thousand people were already waiting to watch their loved ones graduate. Adam made his way to the assembly area, where ushers handed out a single sheet with instructions. Once he found his spot toward the back of the assembly area, there was nothing to do but don the black graduation gown and wait.

Graduation was about transitions. Leaving something behind and pursuing something new. Most of the people who he knew well from his classes were heading home after graduation. A few were probably destined to live in their parents’ basement. But most were excited for the next step in their journey, whether it included a new job or marriage, or sometimes even both.

Someone made an announcement. Commencement music played over the area’s sound system as the graduates filed into the seats where the college’s basketball games were usually held. The problem with the last name Weston was it was pretty far back in the alphabet. So, when he finally got to his spot in the arena, he was on one of the last rows. With hundreds of names to go before W, he knew it would be a while before his name was called.

Adam wasn’t going back home. His mom had moved on with her life and remarried. He barely knew his stepfather. There was nothing back there for him. His future, at least for a bit longer, was here. Sure, he was taking the summer off, but he had already been accepted into the graduate program for clinical psychology.

The graduation ceremony was moving along. The graduates a few rows ahead of Adam were rising to their feet, filing down toward the stage.

Of course, Isaiah was ecstatic Adam was staying. They had already made plans to return to Schlitterbahn in a few weeks. In fact, he was pretty sure this summer would be the best yet for him and his young boyfriend.

Before he realized how much time had passed, Adam rose, along with the other graduates on the next to last row. He filed down the long aisle, as slowly, one by one, each graduate hurried across the stage, shook the hand of the university president and received their diploma, and paused for a split second for a photographer to capture the event on celluloid.

When it was finally his turn, Adam’s feet hurried him across the stage. The handshake and the diploma happened faster than he’d imagined. But when he paused for the photograph, he saw standing in the general seating a large, white sign. Isaiah and Amanda held it. It read, “We Love You, Adam!”

As he rushed toward the stairs, Adam’s eyes stayed glued, not to the sign, but to the young teenager holding it. Sure, he knew he wanted to go into counseling, help kids like him to find their place in the world, but Isaiah was the reason he was staying.

When the last student, by the name Zimmerman, left the stage, the graduation ceremony came to a close. Adam, holding the diploma tube, raced out of the arena floor. The concourse around the arena was flooded with families. Flashes of photography lit up the already lighted area as the young man scanned the crowd.


He turned at the sound of a familiar voice. Isaiah waved as he raced toward him. “Adam!” he cried again. This time his voice breaking with an adolescent tremor.

Adam dodged and weaved through the crowd until the boy, now a few inches over five feet, plowed into him and threw his arms around him. Raising his voice to be heard over the milieu around them, Isaiah said, “Congratulations. Mom just told me the good news! You’re really going to stay here?”

Adam squeezed the boy in a bear hug, “Yeah. Come on. Let’s go home.”

The End.

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