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Caliboy1991 has his own place

Pretty much since I started writing, Caliboy1991 has been around to help me out with proofreading and giving me some tips and pointers. Lately he’s been busy with a lot of other stuff and that was why E-o-F helped me out with Smoky Mountains. I wanted to return a favor, and that’s why there’s a Caliboy menu item added, with only Cali’s stories in there. Other stories will be added, but we agreed not everything he writes is suitable for jasoncrow.eu. Why not do the same for E-o-F you ask? Well… I asked him and he declined politely, figuring his current stories are fine where they are (Archive of our own). He is working on a big story and asked to publish it here when it’s done. I’m given the privilege of seeing the progress and giving pointers. But damn! That’ll make Smoky Mountains look like a comic book.

But this is about Cali now 😀 He’s an amazing writer and his style and type of story fit perfectly on jasoncrow.eu. So… Click here for his story page, or check out the menu. More of him will be added in the (near) future. Drop him an email with comments / suggestions. I’m quite sure he’ll enjoy it!

Update: I just added Empress of the World. Check it out here


  1. Avatar for Jay R.
    Jay R.

    Do you have links to where E-o-F and caliboy’s other works are? I love all of your writings, and trying to search for them didn’t yield any results. I am glad to see that your site is growing too.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Hi Jay,
      E-o-F’s works can be found here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Edward_or_Ford. I asked him about it, and he doesn’t find his stories suitable to publish on jasoncrow.eu. The stories he published up until now is Fanfiction about Dipper and Mabel (Gravity Falls). Don’t mix it up with parody like I did at first!! It’s nowhere near a parody! There are several AU’s (alternative Universes) with different stories. I honestly had to get over the idea of reading about them, but after I did and read the quality of E-o-F’s work, I liked it a lot. So check it out!!
      Cali’s work is different. There’s some dark stuff he wrote, but also a lot of really nice and heartwarming stuff. I’m not a fan of the darker stuff. I read bits of it on some darker places on the web and not all of it is finished (yet). So we decided to post the ‘nicer’ stories up here. He writes mostly b/W or b/G stories, which isn’t exactly my style. So I think it’s a nice addition to the stories already out here. Cali also posted some stuff on Nifty, so you can check that out too.

      A bit of a long reply. But hey! You asked for it 🙂

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