Do Ya Think I’m Sexy – Part 4

Billy and I cuddled for a bit and just talked, which quickly bored Jimmy, who left to watch cartoons downstairs. I found out that Billy had learned all about sex from his own cousin, a boy named Dylan who was now sixteen. They’d been fooling around for about three years now. Billy also hinted that maybe Dylan had learned about sex from his own father.

After a bit, all the sex talk got both of us horny again, but I realized that it was nearly time for Donna to get home from work, so we reluctantly got up and got dressed. It was a good thing too. I had just kissed Billy goodbye, and opened the door to see him off when Donna’s car pulled up out front. I watched her get out of the car, then follow Billy with her eyes as he walked out of sight around the corner of the building on his way home.

“Who was that?” she asked, coming up to the door. She grabbed me for a hug and a quick peck on the lips.

“He’s a friend from school,” I told her, jumping a bit when her hand reached down and lightly squeezed my ass.

“He’s cute. Do you like him?”

There was something in her tone that made me wonder if she was asking if I like liked him. I answered, “What do you mean?”

She grinned and shrugged. “Nothing, Tiger.” The she was past me and Jimmy was up off the couch for his own hug. I noticed he didn’t get his ass squeezed.

After dinner I hurried upstairs. I wanted to get into the shower before there was even a question of whether I’d be taking a bath with Jimmy. As I was undressing it struck me how stupid that sounded. I mean, I had a sexy woman who would probably jack me off again if I wanted, and I was fighting against it. Well, after the way she’d acted afterward I was still confused about just what the heck was going on, to be honest.

The doorknob twisted as I was just about to step into the shower. I was thankful I’d locked the door, but knowing the other didn’t lock I hurriedly stepped inside, even though the water hadn’t fully warmed.

“Aren’t you gonna take a bath with me again?” Jimmy called out.

“Uh… I’m just gonna grab a quick shower,” I shouted back. “I’ll be right out!”

And I was. I hurried through my shower, finishing in maybe 3 minutes, which I felt was probably a personal record. After quickly drying off I wrapped the towel around my waist and opened the door.

Jimmy walked in and immediately started undressing. “Mom!” he called. “Tommy’s done!”

By the time Jimmy was stepping out of his underwear his mom had joined us. I tried to ignore them, concentrating on combing my damp hair.

As Donna walked behind me I saw her looking at me in the mirror. She stopped and ran a finger down my spine, making me shiver. “Better hope that towel doesn’t drop,” she said teasingly, then slipped a finger underneath and gave a playful tug. I grabbed it, though it was in no danger of falling. With a grin she gave me a light smack on the ass and went to help Jimmy.

I hurried out of the bathroom, worried she’d see the way I was beginning to tent the towel. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I was still so shy about that sort of thing. She’d not only seen it before, she’d touched and even jacked it off. It still seemed weird to let someone see me naked though, especially with a boner.

I was sitting on the couch with my legs crossed, Indian style, when Jimmy and Donna finally joined me. I was wearing a pair of light blue briefs. Just the regular Y-front type. I figured those were the least sexy and I was still confused about if I was supposed to be trying to look sexy or not. I’d thought about wearing pajama bottoms, but that seemed too much like retreating. Jimmy was dressed in yet another pair of Underoos, while Donna was wearing her usual nightgown.

Donna sat next to me and before Jimmy could sit said, “Honey, grab the blanket for me, will you? Mommy’s cold tonight.”

“Ok, Momma,” Jimmy replied and grabbed a thin blanket that usually sat draped over the back of my uncle’s recliner.

“You look cold, too, Tommy,” she said, shaking out the blanket and covering us both to our waists. “You can share with me.” I was about to protest that I didn’t need a blanket, as it was plenty warm enough in the room, as evidenced by the fact that we boys were sitting around in nothing but our undies, but before I could say anything I felt her hand slide over my leg to the inside of my thigh and my teeth clicked shut.

It was impossible to concentrate on the television. Donna’s hand teased and caressed my leg, from my knee to my groin, her hand just barely brushing against my cloth-covered balls. Sometimes she rubbed, sometimes she’d tease me with her nails. I was instantly hard of course, and was practically screaming in my mind, ‘TOUCH ME!’. This torture went on for what seemed forever, but in actuality was probably about 15 minutes, as the television show hadn’t even gone to commercial yet.

That was when she finally touched me. Touched it anyway, which was really all that I cared about. The position must have been awkward for her, which is probably why she started with just rubbing the back of her hand against my crotch. With agonizing slowness she rubbed her hand up over my balls, then up along my shaft, her knuckles hard against the unyielding flesh of my dick. Up and down, up and down, leaving me a quivering mess.

Then the hand was gone. I was confused a moment. Where had the wonderful hand gone? Then it was back, sliding down my wrist to my right hand, which was then pulled towards her. I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on, and then I felt my hand being pulled into her lap. I stiffened for a moment in surprise, but with a little tug she got me moving again, and then my hand was between my aunt’s legs.

She switched hands, so that her right was now on the back of my right, molding her fingers to mine. Then we were moving. I realized that her robe must be open. From the heat of her thigh we reached over and down, until I felt her pubic hair tickling against my fingers. It was a bit wiry, which surprised me, as I had expected it to be soft and silky like mine. My fingers moved down through that thicket of hair, guided by her hand, until it reached something hot and damp. Donna gasped.

She began squeezing my hand, causing me to squeeze mine. Against my fingers, wet heat, slippery skin, coarse hair. I couldn’t make sense of any of it. I mean, I’d seen a few dirty magazines. I knew there was a slit there, and some fleshy bits, and presumably a hole, but seeing it and feeling it were completely different experiences.

After a minute of rubbing and squeezing I felt Donna take hold of my index and middle fingers and adjust them just so. Then they were suddenly surrounded by velvet wetness. I knew then that I was inside her pussy. Donna gasped again, and her breathing quickened. She began to work my fingers in and out of her. I could feel the way her pussy sucked at my fingers, grasping. I quickly learned the rhythm and began to move my fingers in and out on my own.

Then Donna’s left hand was back, this time sliding quickly across my stomach and diving straight into my underwear. It was my turn to gasp as she wrapped her fist around my cock. If it was possible, Donna’s pussy seemed to grow even wetter around my fingers. I continued to work them in and out of her hot pussy as she steadily jacked my throbbing dick, her thumb making quick little circles over that sensitive spot just below my little helmet.

Then Donna pulled a play from Billy’s book and she was leaning into me, her lips against my ear. “Do you like my pussy, Tommy?” she asked in a whisper. “Do you like fingering my wet pussy?”

Her words made me shudder. Who knew talking could be so hot? It made what we were doing seem so much more intense. So much more dirty.

“Your little cock is so hard, baby,” she continued. The heat of her breath against my ear nearly an equal to the heat around my fingers. “So hot and hard. I can feel it throbbing in my fist, Tommy. Are you gonna come for me, Tommy? Is your hard cock gonna come while you finger my pussy?”

I felt myself nodding, then looking over desperately at Jimmy, who was oblivious, absorbed in the tv. Then, without warning, Donna’s right hand was in my lap, grabbing hold of the concealing blanket. Alarmed, I watched as she slowly pulled it away, revealing her left fist tight around my cock, the throbbing red cockhead poking out above. I glanced back towards Jimmy, knowing all he’d have to do is lean forward and a bit and look to his left, but he seemed content to watch tv.

“Look at how hard your cock is, baby,” Donna whispered. She stopped jacking me for a moment, her thumb and forefinger holding my rigid dick in place. I looked down to see it all throbbing and red. “I bet you want to put this stiff, young thing in my pussy, don’t you?” She started jacking me again, tight and controlled, her thumb working, keeping her movements from alerting Jimmy to what we were doing only 2 feet away from the little boy. “Do you? Do you want to fuck my pussy with your hot little cock?”

I started to come right then, shocked by how nasty she was being. Her fist slid tightly up and down my thin shaft while it bucked wildly. I was looking down at her jacking fist when I exploded, and I was amazed to see little bubbles of liquid, like spit bubbles, burble out of my small pee slit. I was squirting! Well, sorta.

Donna’s right hand released the blanket and swiped over the head of my dick, collecting that small amount of liquid. Then she brought her hand to her mouth and I watched her pink tongue snake out to lap up my first cum. I watched her eyes squeeze shut while she gave a quiet gasp and then began to shake. Her pussy spasmed around my fingers, gripping them tightly. I realized how tightly she must be reigning herself in so that Jimmy didn’t notice.

Donna’s pussy finally relaxed it’s grip on my fingers, but I didn’t move my hand. She didn’t move hers either, continuing to squeeze and lightly stroke my cock, which softened for a few moments before stiffening right back up again. I finally remembered to pull the blanket back up, covering myself.

After a bit a commercial came on and Donna retrieved her hand while moving mine back to my lap. She fiddled under the blanket, obviously tying her robe shut again, and then announced she had to go to the bathroom. I made sure my underwear was again covering my stiff dick when she stood up and the blanket slid down, but it didn’t hide the obvious bulge there. I quickly covered it again before Jimmy could see.

While Donna was in the bathroom I lifted my right hand up to my nose and inhaled. My fingers were dry by then, but I could strongly smell Donna’s pussy there. It was a really odd odor, somehow familiar, but alien at the same time.

Donna was gone for awhile. When she came back, the tv show that mostly only Jimmy had been watching was just ending. “Come on, Jimmy. Time for bed, honey,” she called.

“Night, Tommy,” Jimmy said, and then he was off and up the stairs.

I sat on the couch, wondering what would happen next. I was trying not to imagine anything, because of course I was so confused that I didn’t have a clue what it could be, but my imagination was getting the best of me anyway, and my dick was still like a stick of wood in my briefs by the time I heard Donna softly call my name about 10 minutes later.

I turned to see her on the stairway, mostly in shadow. She was still wearing her nightgown, but it was gaping open, framing her large naked breasts and the dark triangle of hair between her legs. She motioned for me to follow and then disappeared into the darkness at the top of the stairs.

I sat frozen for a second, both because I wasn’t sure what to do, and I was a bit scared of any decision I’d make. Finally I felt myself rise from the couch. My legs felt like rubber as I staggered woodenly to the tv to shut it off and then turned to the stairs. At the bottom I looked up. Donna was gone, and that stairway seemed three or four times longer than it normally did. Switching off the lights, I hurried upward, trying to be quiet so Jimmy didn’t hear me.

As I neared the top I had a vision of my little cousin dashing out of his bedroom, angrily confronting me for soiling his mother. I worked that little vision so thoroughly that I actually flinched when I reached the top of the stairs. Then, uncertain where I was supposed to go, I glanced into my room, but it was dark and empty. I turned left to face the door to my aunt’s bedroom.

The door was closed. As I stepped up to it, knowing in my mind that she was waiting, expecting me to open it, I hesitated, feeling as if it were a violation of some sort. My hand settled on the knob. I looked down and although it was too dark to see it, I could feel the way my cock was straining inside my briefs, urging me forward, through that threshold.

I finally turned the knob and let the door swing open. The darkness of the hallway gave way to the soft, diffuse light of several candles. There was a scent in the air of my aunt’s perfume, the scented candles, and underneath that the subtle smell of her sex.

“Close the door,” Donna called softly. I turned right to see her lying on her king-sized bed. She was propped up on pillows and her long black hair covered her breasts and also fanned out to the sides, a sharp contrast against the whiteness of the sheets. Her left leg was straight out, but her right was cocked. Between her legs, her hand moved in small circles, the tan skin nearly as dark as the black curls that peeked out around it. I stepped lightly forward and then back, allowing my butt and back to slowly push the door closed. Without turning, I reached down to the lock and twisted it. I was breathless.

Donna moved then, sliding over to the side of the bed. She lowered her legs to the floor and faced me. I caught flashes of her nipples between strands of her long hair. “Come here, baby,” she called, and held out her hand to me. I stepped forward and she spread her legs so that my knees pressed against the side of the mattress. In the dark shadows between her legs I thought I glimpsed something wet.

Donna put her hands on my hips and pulled me close, her mouth against my stomach, her legs pressing against mine. “You smell so good,” she said, placing a kiss on my stomach. Then she licked me there. Her hands slid around to my ass and squeezed, making my dick lurch in my underwear.

Donna grinned, and slipped her fingers into the sides of my briefs. “Let me see you,” she said, and then she was sliding them down. The waistband hung up on my stiffness, but with a little yank my cock jumped free, smacking against my nearly hairless groin. I felt my underwear settle against my feet, and I stepped out of them.

From only inches away, Donna stared at my pubescent cock. “So beautiful,” she murmured. Then she leaned forward and I felt her nose pressing against the base of my dick. She inhaled. Her cheek was warm against my swollen length. “You smell delicious.”

Donna leaned back a bit then and looked up at me. She smiled, and then slowly, her eyes never leaving mine, she lowered her mouth until it engulfed the small head of my penis. I sucked in a breath as her tongue flicked teasingly against the same spot her thumb had been rubbing me downstairs, just below the head, in that little bundle of nerves. Then she moved down, taking inch after inch inside her mouth until her red lips were snug against the lightly haired base of my twelve-year-old cock.

Billy, in my albeit limited experience, had been a terrific cocksucker, but he had nothing on my Aunt Donna. It wasn’t just the technique, her lips and tongue and mouth, the way she would suck and nip and lick. It was the sounds she made, the slurping, the sucking, the hungry moans, as if she were tasting the most delicious thing in the world and desperately wanted more. Sometimes she would bob her head up and down my short length, sometimes she would remove it from her mouth and just use her lips and tongue on the head, or the shaft, or even my hairless balls. Meanwhile, her hands were always busy, stroking my legs, squeezing my ass, caressing my nuts, or circling the little, pink rosebud between my legs.

In one of those moments when her mouth wasn’t filled with my cock, Donna looked up and said, “Are you going to come for me again, Tommy? Are you going to let me taste your little boy cum again?”

“I… I don’t know,” I said in a fit of honesty. “I think that was the first time I did that.”

Her eyes brightened and she smiled hugely. “That was your first cum? I got to taste your very first load out of these adorable little balls?” she said, caressing my nuts in her palm. “God, that’s so hot! Come for me again, Tommy. Mmmmm, let me taste your sweet boycum!”

Then she swallowed me again, but this time with a purpose. Her mouth was like a vacuum, sucking at my very being. Her right hand gently massaged my balls, which seemed so heavy. Sliding her left index finger into her mouth briefly, she quickly searched for my asshole, and in and instant slid it in to the second knuckle. I gasped at the sensation and began to move my hips, unable to help myself, fucking my aunt’s mouth.

Donna moaned louder, insistently around my cock. Her finger darted in and out of my tight asshole while her mouth suctioned on my thrusting cock. And then for the third time that day I was coming. I found my hands on my aunt’s head, gripping either side while I pumped my hips erratically. My balls felt like they were exploding and that wonderful feeling that seemed to start in my ass somewhere ripped up through my balls, through the short length of my cock, and out.

I just shook while my orgasm rolled over me, my cock jerking spasmodically in Donna’s hungry mouth. I had no idea if I was coming dry again or filling her mouth with my virgin seed, but she didn’t seem to care either way.

My knees suddenly went rubbery on me, and with a pop my glistening wet boner slid from her mouth and she helped me to sit and then lie back on the bed. My chest rose and fell, heaving. Donna curled up beside me, her hand stroking my naked chest, fingers playing with my tiny stiff nipples, my soft belly, my groin. She ran her fingers idly through my sparse pubic hairs, tugging on them playfully.

“I’ve wanted to do that since you first showed up at our door,” she confessed softly, fingers nudging against my softening penis. She picked it up between finger and thumb and wiggled it back and forth. “You have the cutest little dick,” she murmured, leaning forward to kiss my neck. “Thank God you have a little bit of fuzz down here,” she said, again playing with my silken pubes. “I feel perverted enough as it is.”

After a minute she leaned up on an elbow and looked down at me, a bemused expression on her face. “My poor little Tiger,” she said. “I guess you don’t know what to think anymore, do you?”

I couldn’t answer, so I just shook my head. She smiled gently. “Well, you shouldn’t get the idea I do this sort of thing all the time,” she said. “Seducing little boys, that is.” Her fingers danced over my face. “You’re just so beautiful.”

There was that word again. Not handsome, not cute… beautiful.

I saw her eyes drift down across my body and stop where my dick was lying limply between my legs. She smiled. “Do you know how big your Uncle Larry’s cock is?” she asked.

“N-no,” I stuttered in a whisper.

“Nine inches,” she said. “More than double what you’ve got down here,” she said, reaching out and tracing a finger lightly over my soft dick, causing it to twitch. “And it’s thick too. Big and thick and hairy, and when he puts it in me it fills me up and stretches me and makes me so hot I want to scream. And sometimes I do scream,” she continued with a grin.

“So you’re probably asking yourself, if I’ve got that in my bed, why am I all over your little twelve year old sausage, hmm?”

I was back to being unable to answer, feeling a bit ashamed along with my confusion. Then Donna sat up and straddled my legs, the darkness between her thighs just inches away from my cock, which quickly filled with blood and lifted up off my smooth groin. She just sat there for a minute, staring down at my cock. Then she met my eyes.

“Do you know what Larry isn’t?” she asked softly and I shook my head. “Beautiful,” she whispered. “He’s big and hairy and manly and he’s got a beer belly and a cock to make a girl scream, but for some reason that just hasn’t been enough.” Donna leaned forward then, hands on either side of my shoulders, all that dark hair cascading around us, forming a protective circle around us which tickled against my naked skin. “It happened this summer,” she said, eyes staring off into space.

“I was at the pool, of course,” she continued. “I was lying there, soaking up the sun, when I noticed all the boys at the pool. I found myself watching them, their smooth, perfect skin, their silky hair, their bright eyes. So young and beautiful.” She sighed wistfully. “There was one boy, I’ve seem him around the complex. He’s about your age, blonde like you. He was wearing a tight little bathing suit and I could see his dick so clearly. I found myself wondering what it would look like. What it would feel like.”

Donna began to sway back and forth, making her hair slide across my chest and stomach. I shuddered. “I thought about that boy a lot,” she confessed. “Him, and others I’d see. And then you came to stay with us. You’ve always been a beautiful little boy, Tommy, but you’ve grown so much since we last saw you. The day you arrived I knew I had to have you. Here, in my bed. And now here you are.”

Donna leaned over me, her face inches from mine. “And you’re all mine,” she said. Then she kissed me. This was no chaste kiss, but of course I hadn’t expected one. It was wet and heated and it went on for a long time. Finally she pulled back and looked into my eyes, her own eyes bright. “You’ve done that before,” she grinned.

I smiled back shyly, and then she leaned in for another kiss. This time she settled her lower body against me, and I gasped into her mouth as I felt the wet heat of her pussy press against my cock. She began to move back and forth, sliding her sopping sex against my stiff penis. I couldn’t believe the velvety heat of it, the sweet liquid burn. Her wiry bush scratched against my hairless groin, adding flavor to the sensations.

Then she sat up, pressing herself downwards against my short throbbing length. She shuddered atop me, eyes closed. Then with both arms she swept all that dark hair up and flipped it behind her so it cascaded down her back. My eyes locked on her heaving chest while my cock lurched against her grinding pussy. She reached down and grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands to her tits. I eagerly took two handfuls.

“You like my tits, Tommy?” she teased, twisting her hips, grinding herself against me wetly. “I’ve seen you staring at them. Mmmm, yes, baby, touch me there. Pinch my nipples, Tommy. See how hard they are? Ooooo, that’s right. Like that. Do you want to suck them? Does baby wanna suck Momma’s titties?”

I found myself nodding and then she was hovering over me, her large breasts right in my face. I took hold of the right one in both hands and eagerly closed my lips around the large brown nipple. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, so I treated it like I had Billy’s cock, sucking lightly, teasing it with my tongue, nibbling with my teeth.

“Oh, God, Tommy!” Donna gasped. “Just like that, baby! Oh, God that feels so good!”

I gasped as she reached behind her and grabbed my cock in her left hand. It was still so wet with her juices that it slid like quicksilver through her fist. She jacked me roughly, putting her whole arm into it, gripping me much too tightly if I hadn’t been so wet and my attention so involved in suckling her breasts.

“Tommy!” she suddenly gasped, her grip on my cock tightening even further. “Oh! Oh yes! Oh God!” Then she was shuddering atop me, gasping and moaning.

After a moment her eyes opened and she looked down at me, her eyes filled with intent. “Are you ready?” she asked, wiggling around on top of me. I realized she was trying to position herself. Then I realized why she was positioning herself and my eyes widened. I knew it was going to happen, but now, at the moment, I found myself unable to believe it.

Donna’s hand left my cock, but then she reached down and grabbed it again, this time from the front, her hand between her legs. She lifted a bit and then the tip of my cock was sliding against molten flesh. She slid it around for a moment until she was satisfied, and then she lowered herself, just a bit. Just enough for my cockhead to be swallowed by the silky wetness of her gripping pussy. With a sigh, she lowered herself completely.

I groaned, feeling my cock completely engulfed in the hot, liquid grip of my aunt’s vagina. She just sat atop me for a few moments, her sex gripping me tightly, sucking at my short length without even moving. My brain was on fire. I wasn’t a virgin anymore! My cock was inside a woman’s pussy! I was fucking!

“You feel so good inside me, Tommy. I didn’t think… I mean… Ohhhh, God it feels so good! After Larry’s cock I wasn’t sure, but, oh baby, do you feel so good! I can’t believe how hard you are, Tommy. So very hard inside me. I can feel your little cock throbbing in my pussy.”

Then she leaned forward and whispered hotly in my ear. “And now I’m gonna fuck you, Tommy. I’m going to fuck your little boy cock so hard! I’m going to make you come inside me so hard you scream!”

And then she was fucking me. Hard. She began to pump herself up and down on top of me, grunting so loudly I was sure Jimmy would hear us and come investigate. The wet smack of her pussy against my groin was so loud to my ears, like someone punching a side of beef.

I’m pretty sure Donna came at least twice while she rode my cock. At least her rhythm broke and she shuddered atop me two times before starting over again. After her second orgasm she rolled off me and then urged me to lie between her legs. Once again she reached between us and, grasping my slippery wet cock, pulled it back inside her. Then she wrapped her legs around me, grabbed my ass in both hands and urged me to fuck her.

“That’s it, baby!” she gasped. “Ohhh, fuck me! Fuck me with that sweet little cock!”

I sorta wished she would stop calling my dick little. I mean, I knew it wasn’t that big, but it made me feel, well… small. Childish, and inadequate, when I wanted to feel big and manly. I mean, I was fucking her wasn’t I? I was making her come. Wasn’t that manly? Still, she kept whispering and groaning and urging me to fuck her with my little boy dick. I figured it was sort of a thing for her. I think the idea that I was a boy was more important to her than the size of my dick, and for some reason it was making her really horny. Having gained a heck of a lot of confidence over the last couple of hours, I decided to experiment.

Screwing up my courage, afraid of sounding stupid, I whispered to her, “Does that feel good, Donna?”

“Ohhhh, so good, baby,” she panted.

“You like my hard little cock inside you?” I said, going for broke.

Donna gasped, and pulled back enough to look me in the eyes. Her face was intense. “YES!” she hissed. “It’s so good inside me! So hard!”

“What is?” I asked, teasing, my hips rising and falling, driving my cock inside her, our skin smacking loudly, my balls loose and slapping against her ass with each thrust.

“Oh, God, Tommy! Your cock! Your cock is so hard inside me!”

“My boycock?” I asked.

Donna groaned and shuddered underneath me. Her legs tightened around me and her fingers clawed at my back, her long nails leaving painful gouges. “Yes!” she gasped. “Yes! Your sweet, hard, beautiful, little boycock!”

“Uhhhngg!” I gasped then, caught up in the moment myself. “I’m gonna come!”

“Ohh, come in me, Tommy! Squirt your boycum into me! Fill my pussy with your sweet cum!”

I pounded into her faster and faster, my face buried against her neck which muffled my strangled grunts. Nothing could muffle the slap of flesh on flesh though. Closer and closer, harder and harder. Finally I gave one last, straining thrust, as if I could push my entire body into her pussy. My feet strained against the mattress, my whole body stiff and quaking as my balls exploded again and Donna’s pussy sucked hungrily at my jerking cock. All the while she gasped, “Come! Come! Oh, baby, come!”

After some time I rolled off her, spent, my soft cock slithering out of her pussy with a slurping sound. I collapsed on my back, breathless, feeling the sweat on my belly and thighs cooling, along with my pussy-soaked crotch. Donna’s breathing was just as loud as my own.

Eventually we calmed. I felt Donna get out of bed a few minutes later and then the faint sound of running water from the bathroom. A couple of minutes later she returned with a warm, damp cloth and she gently washed the evidence of our illicit lovemaking from my crotch and from between my legs. Some time after that I slept.

Donna woke me some later in the night. It was still dark and a glance at the alarm clock on her bedside table read 4:27. She softly urged me to return to my own room, so that Jimmy wouldn’t suspect anything. I made my unsteady way through the dark hall to my own bed and fell immediately into a dreamless sleep.

End of part four

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