Minding the Children – Chapter 4
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Dave took a little nap. He’d really needed to recharge his batteries. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d cum so many times in a single day. Since his teens probably. He attributed it to the magic of Cody, his dream boy.

Getting up around 9pm, he chugged some orange juice and looked into his fridge for something to eat. Nothing looked good. He thought briefly about going to Lynn and Cody’s apartment. He could get Lynn to make him something to eat easily enough. Of course, that would lead to more, and Dave frankly wasn’t sure he could take another orgasm. He felt drained.

Instead he decided to go out and treat himself. He wondered briefly if it was a treat if he could basically have anything he wanted. He marveled at how much his life had changed and how quickly it had happened. He clutched the necklace around his neck and thanked whatever power had brought it into his possession.

Dave took a quick shower, getting rid of the sweat and spit and the remnants of Cody’s tight little boy ass and his mother’s wet pussy. He was hard again by the time he was through, and it made him chuckle. After his shower he dressed nicely and went out to his car. Unlocking the Celica, he thought about getting a new car. He wasn’t sure how he’d do that. Sure, he could just tell someone to give him a car, but he didn’t want to hurt anyone, and he wasn’t sure how having a car missing from an inventory would affect a salesman or a dealership owner. Those folks had to make a living after all.

Dave drove to a nearby steakhouse. He’d only been there once, but he’d thought it was very nice; just a bit too expensive for his budget. Once he was seated, he ordered a steak and a glass of wine and sat back to look around. That was when he spotted him.

The boy looked to be about thirteen, possibly even a young fifteen. Of course, at that age it was impossible to say and he could have been a mature eleven-year-old or a late blooming seventeen. Okay, probably not the latter; he still had a babyish face. He was a gorgeous kid no matter his age. He had that classic skaterboy look, with longish blond hair. Unlike Cody’s shaggy golden hair, this boy was more of a dirty blond, and his hair was straight and swept up over a clear brow.

The boy was talking animatedly, which made him more attractive to Dave. Sometimes boys that age got sullen and quiet, and that was a turn-off to him. The boy was sitting with a man and woman who Dave imagined had to be his parents. They all shared a similar look. They were dressed nicely. A lovely little family, Dave felt.

Heart beating with fear and excitement, Dave stood. He’d had plenty of evidence that the necklace worked, but each new person upon whom he tested its powers made him nervous. He gave it a squeeze through his shirt, and then walked across the room.

Stopping at the table where the family was sitting, Dave gave them a disarming smile. The man looked pretty intimidating this close, but the boy was even more beautiful. That made up his mind. “Hey folks,” he began in a low voice. “My name is Dave. We’re all old friends and you guys really like me and trust me. Is it okay if I sit?”

Once again, there was the briefest flash or flicker in three sets of eyes, and then the cautious frowns that had begun to form when he’d walked up suddenly turned to warm and welcoming smiles. “Dave!” the man said. “Sure! Have a seat. How have you been?”

“I’ve been great,” Dave said, sliding into the booth next to the boy. This close, he could smell him. Probably Axe, Dave figured. “I forget your son’s name,” Dave said apologetically.

“It’s Jason,” the woman said helpfully. “Say hi to Dave, Jason.”

“Hey, Dave,” Jason smiled.

“Hey, Jason and I are going to go to the bathroom. You guys are perfectly okay with that. It doesn’t seem at all out of the ordinary and you aren’t going to worry about him while he’s gone.”

“Sure,” said mom.

“You bet,” dad agreed happily.

Dave turned to the boy and said, “Jason, you’d like to go to the bathroom with me, okay?”

“Okay,” Jason said, rising when Dave stood and gave him room.

As they marched toward the bathroom Dave leaned down to speak quietly to the boy. “You completely trust me, Jason. You always tell me the truth and you are never embarrassed to tell me anything or do anything I ask. You’re also happy with anything I do to you, okay?”

“Okay, Dave,” Jason said. Dave thought he had a great voice, husky with puberty but still without the deepness that adolescence would bring.

Dave entered the men’s room first and took a quick look around. It smelled good at least. It was done in dark tile and soft music played from speakers. There were three sinks, two urinals and two stalls. Once Jason entered behind him, Dave looked for a lock. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one. There was a free standing trash can though, and he moved that a bit, so that an opening door would hit it, giving him a bit of warning if they were disturbed.

Then Dave went to the far stall, which was for handicapped. The extra room was nice and Dave was happy to see it was clean. “You can come in with me, Jason,” Dave said.

“Into the stall?” Jason asked.

“It’s okay,” Dave assured him. The boy shrugged and entered. “You can go ahead and lock it,” Dave suggested.

Once he’d done so, Dave just stared at him for a few moments. The boy was an inch or two over five feet, with what seemed to be a nicely athletic little body on him. He was wearing a red Polo shirt over denim skinny jeans. The pants were very tight, and Dave felt his eyes drawn to the small lump in front.

“How old are you, Jason?” Dave asked.

“Fourteen,” the boy answered. “Today is my birthday.”

“Have you got any hair down here yet?” he asked, placing his hand over that slight rise in the fabric.

“Some,” Jason allowed, as if he’d been asked what he’d had for lunch.

Dave decided he wanted to see the boy soft before seeing him hard, so he moved his hand away. He pulled out his phone and began recording. “Jason, would you please take off your shirt and hang it from the hook on the door there?”

The boy did so, revealing a lightly muscled chest and flat stomach. He had lovely brown nipples and the V of muscle leading down into the tight jeans made Dave’s own pants grow tight, at least in the crotch. “Can you lift your arms for me?” Dave asked, heart beating wildly now.

Jason lifted his arms, revealing completely hairless armpits. Dave longed to shove his face in there, but he knew he couldn’t keep the boy indefinitely and his food would be coming soon. He wanted that hot food nearly as much as he wanted this.

“Please push your pants down around your knees, Jason,” Dave asked in a shaky voice.

Without any hesitation, the boy unzipped and unbuttoned himself then skinned his jeans downward. He was wearing briefs with horizontal orange and navy stripes and a wide white waistband which read Gap all around. They got caught up in his jeans and were pulled partially down, revealing a large swath of smooth, pale groin. Dave swallowed his excitement. He hoped his hand holding his camera wasn’t shaking too badly.

Dave played the camera up and down, hoping to catch all of the boy’s beauty. Then, “Jason, please push your underwear down now.”

Dave took in a shaky breath when the boy was revealed to him. Years and years of deprivation and now he’d seen two gorgeous young cocks in the same day. Jason was bigger than Cody. In fact, Jason looked like he might be as big as, or even bigger, than Dave himself. The boy seemed to be somewhere between a grower and a shower, his young cock wrinkled and dangling about three inches over a nice set of balls sprinkled with some silky hairs. At the base of his cock was a neat little bush of light brown pubes, less than an inch high and maybe two inches across. Surprisingly, at least to Dave, the boy was uncircumcised.

Dave had never touched an uncut dick before. Making sure the phone was capturing the action, he reached forward and took the boy’s cock between his fingers. Then he gently skinned back the funnel-shaped foreskin. It peeled back easily, revealing a thin, purplish head. The boy’s cockhead wasn’t much wider than his shaft.

“Has anyone touched you like this, Jason?” Dave asked.

“Some people,” Jason said.

“More than one, huh?” Dave asked, excited. “Can you tell me about them?”

“All of them?” Jason asked.

“Well, how far back are we talking?”

Jason’s face scrunched up a bit as he thought. “I don’t know. Since I was a little kid.”

“Ah, like playing doctor?”

Jason nodded.

“Well-” Dave began, but just then the door hit the trash can, which scraped a bit. Dave held his finger to his lips and Jason nodded. Dave listened intently as someone came in and used the urinal. He continued to move the boy’s foreskin back and forth, fascinated by that bit of skin. Jason’s cock began to grow as he gently masturbated him.

Eventually the urinal was flushed and the sink came to life as hands were washed. An electric paper towel dispenser whirred and paper was used and crumpled. Then the door opened and closed again. Filling Dave’s hand by then was a fully erect teenage cock. It was impressive for a young boy, close to six inches and maybe an inch-and-a-quarter thick. The boy’s foreskin stayed back on its own now and the whole thing throbbed in Dave’s fist. It was a bit weird for him, holding a cock larger than his own.

Dave continued their interrupted conversation. “How about you just tell me who’s touched you here since you started puberty,” he suggested.

Jason squinted an eye in thought, then said, “My best friend Ryan touches it a lot. We even suck each other. His isn’t as big, but he’s starting to get hair. Also my cousin Amy touched it last summer. She jacked me off three times, but she would only let me stick my finger in her pussy one time. My doctor touched me, but not like you are. I got hard anyway, but he said that’s normal.”

“If you hold the camera for me, I’ll suck you. Would you like that?” Dave asked.

“Okay,” Jason said, a bit eagerly Dave thought. Or hoped.

He handed off the camera, making sure that the boy was indeed filming the action. He grinned brazenly, not caring that a recording of this highly illegal deed would exist in the world. Then he lowered his face to the boy’s big cock and took it into his mouth.

Dave had often wondered how he would feel, presented with a cock larger than his own. He’d never been with a man, and had given up thought of being with another boy, but he’d still explored the possibility in his head. Would he be turned off? The biggest cock he’d ever had in his mouth before that moment was Luke’s at four-and-a-half inches. Jason’s seemed significantly larger, adult sized certainly, but being attached to such a beautiful kid Dave felt no hesitation in taking it as deep into his mouth as he could and eagerly bobbing his head up and down on the big tool. He reached around and clutched muscular ass cheeks.

Dave felt a hand on his head and looked up to see Jason looking down at him intently, still filming with the phone. He released the big cock, which bounced. “Is that good, Jason?” he asked.

“You do it really good,” the boy allowed.

“How big is Ryan’s dick?” he asked, sliding his hand up and down on the boy’s spit-soaked shaft, rubbing his thumb over the sensitive glans.

“He’s about four inches,” Jason said, breathing heavier now.

“Can he squirt?” Dave asked. “Does he squirt his hot little boy cum in your mouth?”

Jason nodded. “Just a little bit, and his is still thin and clear. I like it though.”

“Have you ever fucked him?” Dave asked.

Jason shook his head. “I’ve thought about it, but I’m scared to say anything.”

“I bet you’d love to get this big boy dick of yours inside his tight little ass, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah,” Jason said, voice whisper soft.

“Does he spend the night with you?”


“And that’s when you play around?”

“Then and after school sometimes,” Jason said.

Dave leaned in and swirled his tongue around the boy’s glans. “Soon we’re going to finish in here, Jason,” Dave said, “and when we do I’ll ask you to forget this ever happened, but I’ll want you to remember one thing, okay?”

“What?” Jason asked.

“The next time you and Ryan get together, when you know he’s clean… he takes showers at your house when he stays over?”

“Yeah, usually.”

“Okay, the next time you’re sure he’s clean, when you guys are fooling around, you should give him a rimjob. Do you know what that is?”


“It’s when you lick someone’s asshole. You swirl your tongue all around and even stick your tongue and your finger inside them.”

“Gross,” Jason said.

“Nope,” Dave said with a grin. “In fact, you won’t think it’s gross at all. You’ll love doing it. You’ll think Ryan’s asshole tastes delicious and you’ll love seeing how much pleasure you can bring him that way. And do you know the best part?”


“After you do that a few times, and get him used to a finger, and then two fingers, well, pretty soon I bet you he’ll be begging for your cock. Would you like that?”

“Yeah, I want to fuck him so bad.”

“Well, that’s all you have to do,” Dave said. “If he doesn’t ask for it after awhile, just suggest it. Now I’m going to suck you some more and I want you to cum for me, okay?”

“Yeah,” Jason nodded eagerly.

Dave took the boy’s big cock back into his mouth, and true to his word, Jason was shaking within about thirty seconds and filling his mouth with his hot jizz. Dave was unprepared for the amount and force of the boy’s ejaculation, but did his best to swallow it all, only losing a small amount as it escaped the corner of his mouth and dripped down his chin.

“That was really good,” Jason said, panting a bit as Dave released his still-hard young cock. He wiped off his chin, looking at the thick white jizz. He wiped his hand on the boy’s jeans.

“Let me stand, please,” Dave said, and Jason made room for him. He reached down and helped the boy pull up his pants, loving the sight of that big teen cock pressing against the front of his tight jeans. He wondered what the boy’s mother would think when she saw that tube of boy meat.

“Have a seat please,” Dave said, indicating the toilet. Once the boy was seated he undid his own pants and let them drop. His briefs followed, releasing his desperately throbbing cock, already wet with precum.

“Do you want to suck me?” Dave asked.

“Yeah,” the boy answered, staring.

The answer surprised Dave, as he knew the boy was answering truthfully and he hadn’t compelled that answer from the fourteen-year-old. “Let me film it and you can,” Dave said. Then he raised the phone.

Jason reached forward and took Dave’s cock in his hand. He jacked it experimentally a few times, familiarizing himself with it. “Yours is really hairy,” he said, cupping Dave’s balls and then sliding a finger through his thick pubic bush.

“You can’t wait to drink my cum,” Dave breathed.

Without wasting another moment, the young boy swallowed Dave’s cock. The kid obviously had some experience. There were no teeth, and the boy quickly found a nice, suctioning rhythm. Before Dave was really even ready for it he felt himself tensing. The zoomed in phone showed Dave that the boy was truly enjoying sucking his cock.

“Cumming,” he growled, thrusting forward, blasting the boy’s mouth with what was no doubt a small amount of cum. Dave felt an odd emptiness in his balls. He vowed to get a second steak. He had to replace some protein. Still, Jason drank it eagerly enough. Then, holding his own cock, wet with the boy’s saliva, Dave rubbed the head back and forth across the boy’s lips, making sure the camera caught it all. The look on the boy’s face as Dave’s cock slid across his cum-soaked lips was erotic as hell.

“You are one terrific little cocksucker, Jason,” Dave said approvingly.

“Thanks, Dave,” Jason said. He licked his lips, taking up any stray bits of jism.

“Okay,” Dave said as he pulled up his pants. “Remember what I said. After I leave the bathroom, I want you to count to one hundred and then go back to your table like nothing happened. All you’ll remember is coming in and thinking you had to poop, but you never did. You just gave up and went back to your table. You won’t remember me at all. You will want to give Ryan a rimjob the next time you’re fooling around though, although you’ll think it’s your own idea. Got all that?”

“Yeah, Dave,” Jason smiled. Dave grinned and kissed the boy on his forehead. “Oh, and one last thing; when you go back to the table, make sure that big cock of yours is hard as a rock and parked a bit to the side so that it’s really obvious in your pants, okay?”

Getting a nod, Dave exited the men’s room, stuffing his phone into his pocket. He went back to the table where Jason’s parents met him with smiles. He sat, and in a low voice said, “Guys, you won’t be shocked or upset by anything I say, okay? And you’ll want to answer all my questions honestly.”

“Sure, Dave,” they answered.

Dave turned to the mom, realizing he didn’t know her name. He asked her, “Do you have any idea how big your son’s cock is?”

She leaned in conspiratorially and said softly, “I haven’t seen it in awhile honestly, and Jason is so shy lately, but I saw him in his underwear a month or so ago. It was just for a moment, because he covered up, but I thought then that his bulge seemed big for such a young kid.”

“How big is yours?” I asked dad, curious despite myself.

“About six inches,” dad admitted. Dave suspected Jason’s would end up being quite a bit bigger than dad’s.

“Jason is coming out in a minute and you won’t notice a thing about his crotch,” Dave told the father, then he turned to the mother and said, “but you’ll notice it right away and be incredibly turned on by the sight, thinking about it often over the next few months. Now, I’m going back to my table, and neither of you will remember ever meeting me, okay?”

The parents nodded, Dave rose and saw Jason exiting the bathroom just as sat at his own table. His food had already arrived. He watched Jason approaching, the boy’s big erection apparent even from twenty feet away. A glance to the other table showed him that the mother’s eyes were locked on the front of her son’s pants, staring.

Dave dug into his meal, grinning in spite of himself each time he saw Jason’s mother let her eyes slip to her son’s crotch. He wondered if the boy was still hard, and what he might have just set into motion. He didn’t know anything about the woman, but it wasn’t like he’d told her to cross any lines with her son. Maybe it would just be a dark fantasy for her for a few months. The uncertainty held a bit of fascination for Dave.

End of chapter 4

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