You and I Both

You and I Both – Part two

Okay, guess it’s time we had the sex talk. Not that one, stop looking so nervous. I mean my sex talk. Let’s call it The Brad Canyon History of Sex – A Retrospective. Uh… Part 2. Electric Boogaloo. Sorry, don’t know what came over me. Before we get started, if you have to go to the bathroom or something, now would be a good time. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

All set? Okay, me and sex. We have to go back pretty far for this one. Really far. Like, back to when I was five or six years old. Now, don’t get all freaked out, I’m not going to relate some tale of weird pre-school orgies, or reveal that I was raped by truckers or something. It’s just that I was always really interested in sex. Probably a lot more than my peers. I can remember playing doctor and all that sort of stuff with the neighbor kids. There were also sleepovers with two sisters next door, and all the giggles under the covers as we explored. This went on for years. I thought at the time it was pretty normal, but I’ve heard from some folks over the years that I was, ‘highly sexualized’. Whatever the heck that means.

When I was twelve and not even into puberty I had a boyfriend named Billy Flowers. No, I’m not making up that name. Well, we never called each other boyfriends, but that’s how I secretly thought of him. He was the boy with whom I discovered oral sex. We got the idea from some old Penthouse magazines we found while dumpster diving. We had a fort in the woods, some old abandoned shack, and we’d spend hours out there having sex.

There were other kids. Lots of others, mostly faceless to me today as I attempt to recall them. And not just boys, but many girls as well. I remember having a few girlfriends during my middle school years, and with them enjoyed any number of sweaty handjobs and the occasional blowjob, but I never lost my virginity to any of them. In fact, I didn’t lose my virginity to a female until I was twenty. Weird, huh?

I had another boyfriend, although again, in my mind only, when I was fifteen. We spilled a lot of cum together, jacking and sucking each other, but he was uncomfortable with anything ‘romantic’, so I had to repress a lot of what I was feeling. Even at that age I wasn’t thinking of myself as gay. Of course, I never really thought of myself as straight either. Mostly I didn’t think about that at all. If we count people that made me orgasm, male and female, during my childhood, I have to think the number of partners was around forty.

When I was seventeen I joined the Air Force. That was a bit of a rough time on me. At seventeen, I wasn’t very mature, either emotionally or physically. I didn’t get any pubic hair until I was fourteen, and as a newly turned seventeen-year-old, I looked more like most fourteen-year-olds. This got me teased quite a lot.

It was during this time that two important things happened. I was overseas at this time, stationed in Germany. The first thing that happened was that one of my Air Force roommates took me out for a night on the town soon after I’d arrived in country. I should have been suspicious that he rented us a hotel room, but he explained that if we got lucky we’d need somewhere to bring the girls, and if we didn’t, we could stay there instead of going all the way back to the base. You can imagine what his plan was all along.

I’m not going to call it rape, because there was no anal penetration, and it certainly wasn’t the first cock I’d sucked, but it was my first adult cock, and I wasn’t exactly what you’d call a willing participant. With a mix of force and coercion he managed to get what he wanted from me. I was left a nervous wreck and with no lingering doubts about whether or not I was gay. If that was sex with a man, I wanted no part of it.

The other thing that happened to me, a couple of months later, was that I met a beautiful twelve-year-old German boy named Lukas. Lukas loved everything America, and especially everything Air Force. While I thought of him as a friend, a peer, I’m sure he looked up to me as an adult. I say that because I recognize now, even if I didn’t then, the subtle balance of power that’s involved in those types of relationships. However, being a shy kid, even at seventeen, I would have argued against having had any sort of power in that relationship.

Lukas and I grew close quickly. I was introduced to his family, who loved me. I was invited for dinner, and within just a few weeks Lukas was begging his parents to let me spend weekends with them. They were more than happy to agree and didn’t seem to have any problem letting a seventeen-year-old American serviceman share a bed with their twelve-year-old son. Our relationship was far from innocent, but Lukas was definitely the aggressor. The kid knew what he wanted, and I was only too happy to give it.

So, at this point you’re probably saying, ‘hey, tell us all about that story’, and I could, and it would be very sexy, but I’m not here to tell that story. Perhaps another time. This is the story of me and Adam. Anyway, the point of telling you about Lukas is to explain that at seventeen I knew, even though it wasn’t a thought I acknowledged or even recognized, that I had no interest in adult men, and had a decided interest in young boys.

I left the Air Force at twenty. At that time I went back home to live with my parents. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life at that point. While I was just wasting time, doing not much of anything, I was hooking up with old friends. Those who remained anyway; by that time most of my friends had graduated high school and moved on to college.

One of my old friends was a guy named Rick Jenkins. We started hanging out a bit. He was still living with his folks, getting high in his mom’s basement and playing lots of video games. Typical loser, and I was quickly becoming just like him. During my time smoking pot and playing video games in his basement I got to know his little sister. Tanya was fifteen, and small for her age. Very small tits, very boyish body, short hair. I think you can probably see where this is going. So at twenty I finally lost my virginity to a boyish fifteen-year-old girl. In case you’re somehow worried about her, I can assure you I wasn’t anywhere near being her first.

So there begins a four year period where I floated from one crappy little job to the next, doing nothing significant with my life. I did spend a bit of time in college, just enough to keep my parents off my back and still supplying me room and board. During that time I dated several women. It was never really difficult getting dates. Like I said, I’m a good looking guy, but at the same time I never really went out of my way to meet anyone. I dated women that basically fell into my lap, and never had a real interest in any of them. For instance, the thought of a long term relationship isn’t something I wanted or didn’t want, it was something that just honestly never even crossed my mind.

I even met and briefly dated a couple of guys during that time. I had several gay friends and enjoyed spending time in gay clubs. Different vibe, and I didn’t have the pressure from friends feeling that I had to be hitting on women. On both occasions the guys I went out with were very young looking. One of the guys, at nineteen, didn’t look a day over thirteen. Nice small cock, too. I really fell hard for him, but he was a vain little thing and couldn’t think of anyone but himself.

As I drew close to my twenty-fourth birthday I finally woke up to the fact that my life was going nowhere. I went back to college. This time I did it in earnest. Less than two years later I graduated with a bachelors in fine arts. Two years later, with the help of my parents, I used what I’d learned in school along with my lifelong love and interest in computers and illustration to start my own company. Within five years I owned one of the top rated computer graphics firms in the world.

So, my life became one of money, and parties, and lots of eager men and women who wanted to share it with me. There were also meetings, and deadlines and pressures and obligations. None of it was thrilling me to be honest. The more women I slept with, the less I wanted to sleep with women. I didn’t see any men young enough looking to spark my interest during this time, but I saw boys everywhere and I finally acknowledged to myself one day that this is where my real sexual interest lay. Of course, if you’re reading this story, you’re all too familiar with the dilemma that presents. So I fantasized a lot, and I became friends with lots of neighbor kids and the kids of employees and friends, but I never touched any of them. Honestly, despite my fantasies, the thought never even occurred to me.

That’s until I met Jimmy. Jimmy was fourteen. However, much like me at that age, he didn’t look a day over twelve. However, again much like me at that age, being more mature in a less mature looking body seemed to make him even hornier than your average fourteen-year-old. If you can imagine such a thing. Jimmy was a kid in my building, the son of a single mother I knew well enough to say hi to in the elevator. I’m not even sure how we met, but within a relatively short time afterward he was practically living in my place.

I knew right away, I mean, literally, within like five minutes, that I could have Jimmy in my bed with the simple crook of a finger. The problem was not seducing the kid, but keeping myself from being seduced. He worked at it, too. I don’t know how the kid knew I wanted him. Maybe some kids just have a sixth sense about such things, but he knew I was hot for him and he was bound and determined to get with me.

His seduction was awkward, but effective. He talked about sex incessantly, always asking questions, posing scenarios, etc. He was always touching me, and for my part, I did my share of touching. It was very hard not to, if I’m being honest. He was delicious; a sensual little bundle of sexual energy. His clothes grew skimpier and skimpier the longer I knew him, until finally he was coming over to my place and stripping off most everything he had, claiming to be hot, often leaving him in the sexiest little briefs I’d ever seen on a boy, even what I’m positive were girl’s panties on a couple of occasions. Once he even traipsed around my apartment in a jock strap, claiming he had to wear it for soccer and wanting to make sure it fit right.

So, with all this, you’re probably asking why in the hell I didn’t just throw him down and fuck him silly, which is what he so obviously wanted? You remember how I said I knew I could have him within five minutes of meeting him? Well, within about an hour of knowing him, I also knew that he wouldn’t hesitate even a moment to tell anyone who cared to hear about it just what we’d done together if he thought it could do anything at all to benefit him. He was a manipulative, selfish little weasel.

So, on the day he finally grew frustrated enough to threaten to tell everyone I’d raped him if I didn’t go ahead and pretty much do just that, I decided I’d had enough of Jimmy. It didn’t hurt that I was already growing more and more disillusioned with the headaches of running my company. I’d already been talking to my lawyers about the possibility of selling off the company. So, I strung Jimmy along, telling him I had a business trip and would love him up upon my return. I never saw him again, returning to my apartment only once, late in the night, to grab a few personal things and leave instructions for the moving company I’d hired to clear the place.

Okay, so I’m a coward, sue me. Anyway, that’s the story of Jimmy, my retreat from New York, and the history of my sex life. I suppose I could have just said, ‘I’m a boylover’ and left it at that, but I wanted you to understand just who was telling you this little tale.

I didn’t see Adam the next day. I was surprised, as I was sure we’d hit it off, and he’d seemed pretty serious about looking for his bird. Not to mention what I’m sure was a real desire to use the pool. When Thursday came with no sign of him, I began to worry. I thought about jumping in my truck and just riding around town, seeing if I could spot him, but I knew I was being ridiculous. I did walk around the forest in the direction I thought he’d come from the other day, but I didn’t see him or any sign of him or where he might have come from.

On Friday afternoon I was working in the studio I’d set up off the kitchen. It got great light during the afternoon. I was playing around with watercolors. Not my preferred medium, but I was enjoying the experimentation. My mind full of thoughts of Adam, I found myself painting him as I’d first seen him in the woods, his oversized clothes, his cloud of auburn hair, his ridiculous little Fisher Price binoculars. He was staring into the trees above, bathed in a beam of sunlight, a small figure in the midst of all those trees. The thing had a very Autumnal feel, rather than the spring forest in which I’d found him. Maybe that was due to his hair. It seemed to affect the surroundings.

That was when the doorbell rang. It surprised the hell out of me, as I’d never heard it when I wasn’t expecting it, like with the occasional pizza. I got up and went to the door to find Adam standing shyly on my doorstep.

“Hey!” I said, incredibly happy and relieved to see him. “I was worried about you, buddy. How are you?”

“I’m okay,” he said. Why did he seem so shy? Where was the gregarious little boy I’d met the other day?

“Do you want to come in?” I asked, remembering my manners. Minding my Ps and Qs.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” he asked. What was going on? I wondered. Also, was it my imagination, or was he hiding the left side of his face? He was sort of standing so that his right side was presented to me.

“Mind? I told you, you’re always welcome here, Adam. I meant it. Can I get you a soda?”

That got me the first hint of the funny boy I’d met on Tuesday, as he gave me an amused look. “You mean pop?”

Pop. Growing up in Ohio I was used to hearing it described as pop. Another subtle influence of my time in New York I guess. “Yes, a pop,” I smiled.

“Do you have Mountain Dew?” he asked, finally showing some interest.

“Hmmm, Mountain Dew, huh? You’re mighty particular,” I said with a smile.

He must have taken me much more seriously than I’d intended, because he blushed and said, “I’m sorry, anything is fine.”

I looked at him quizzically as we reached the kitchen and I opened the fridge. “Okay, what is going on with you?” I asked, reaching in and then handing him a can of Mountain Dew. I’d picked some up just in case. Mountain Dew has always struck me as a boy’s drink. “Are you okay, Adam? Why did you wait till now to come see me? Did I do something?”

His eyes widened. “It’s not you!” he assured me. And that’s when I saw his face.

I couldn’t help myself. I reached forward and brushed his fine coppery hair away from the left side of his face. There was an ugly purple bruise around his left eye. Adam cringed but he didn’t shrink away from me. I lightly touched his face, my finger brushing his bruised flesh, making him wince.

“What happened, Adam?” I insisted softly. “Who did this to you?”

“I… I just ran into a door. I’m really clumsy,” he said softly.

Oh my God. He clumsily ran into a door? I mean, how cliché could you get? Still, was it my place to confront him about his abuser? More than likely one of his parents. I found myself caressing Adam’s smooth cheek as I contemplated all this quickly.

“Adam,” I said, putting enough pressure against his cheek to make him tilt his head up and look at me. “Understand me, okay?” He nodded hesitantly. “That ‘door’ had no right to do this. Do you understand me?” Again, a hesitant nod. “Nobody should have to…” I hesitated myself, unsure how to proceed, “… live with an abusive… door.” He winced again, and I’m sure it wasn’t from pain, but shame. Or perhaps my ridiculous wordplay. “If your… door, ever looks like it’s going to hurt you again, you come to me. Okay?”

Adams eyes searched mine for a moment. I’m not sure what he was looking for, but he seemed at least marginally satisfied. He gave me a small nod. Realizing my hand had been against the softness of his smooth cheek for far too long, I reached up and tousled his hair then gave his thin shoulder a squeeze.

“So, did you want to look for your yellow-bellied sapsucker?” I asked.

He gave me a little smile, which brightened my heart. “It’s a ruby-throated hummingbird,” he said. “Yellow-bellied sapsuckers are woodpeckers.”

“They have wooden peckers?! Ouch.”

Adam giggled and lightly punched me in the arm. “You’re naughty.”

“I am,” I assured him. “I really am.”

Adam and I spent the next half hour walking around the house. The landscapers had put in a lot of flowering plants. Adam seemed to know the names of most of them, and he educated me as we toured around. I found it hard to retain my lessons, as most of my attention was on Adam himself.

Today he was dressed in another oversized shirt, this time just a regular t-shirt with two inch thick horizontal pink and orange stripes. He’d knotted the shirt on his right hip, to keep it from draping too low apparently. The neck was badly stretched out, again leaving his left shoulder bare. It was an adorable look on him. At least his shorts seemed to fit decently. They were cut-off jeans shorts, actually cut pretty high on his smooth, hairless thighs, little white strings dangling down all around, distracting me. The legs were cut off not quite evenly, giving him a slightly lopsided appearance. I could see the waistband of white briefs poking out of the top of his shorts where the knotted shirt allowed flashes of his hip.

We were standing at the end of my little dock, staring out over the lake. “You should get a boat,” he said.

“Hmm, maybe I should,” I allowed. “A yacht?”

Adam giggled. He’d been doing that a lot more over the last thirty minutes. I was glad to see he was getting over the dark cloud that had hung over him when he’d arrived. “I think a yacht might be too big.”

“Make up your mind,” I told him.

“Huh? he said, clearly confused.

“You’re the one who was saying the size of the boat didn’t matter,” I reminded him.

Adam was struck with a giggle fit. The boy had an infectious laugh. How could anyone bring themselves to hit such a beautiful child? I felt myself tensing with anger and intentionally calmed myself.

“Okay, so no yacht,” I allowed. “Maybe a dinghy?”

“Yeah, a dinghy,” he grinned.

“I’ll put it on the list,” I promised. “Now, how about a snack? You hungry?”

“If you don’t mind,” he said carefully.

I sighed. “Adam, I wouldn’t offer if I minded. I like having you here. I like sharing, especially with you. In fact, if there’s something in that house you want, take it. It’s yours. I don’t care about things. I care about people, and you’re my favorite person I’ve met here.”

“I am?” he asked.

“Absolutely,” I said, placing hand high on his back and guiding him back along the dock to the house. “Of course,” I said after a bit of pause, “you’re also the only person I’ve met, so…”

Adam snorted a laugh and punched me again in the arm. “I’ll race you!” he said and then he was off like a shot. He beat me pretty handily. Of course, I may have let him, considering the view from behind.

I was at the counter, putting together a couple of ham sandwiches when I heard Adam say, “Hey, that’s me!”

I turned and saw him standing in front of the easel in my little studio. I’d forgotten all about the watercolor I’d been working on when he’d arrived. I realized his feelings about his being a subject for my art could range from pleased to creeped out, so with feigned casualness I said, “What do you think?”

“It’s really good!” he exclaimed. “You can really tell it’s me. You just did it from memory?”

“Nope. Had another boy steal your clothes and pose for me,” I told him.

He laughed. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off the painting. I went back to finish the sandwiches. I carried them over to the dining room table. He finally noticed and came over to join me. “Why did you paint me?” he asked, sitting and grabbing his sandwich.

I shrugged, still feigning a casualness I wasn’t feeling. “You just got stuck in my head,” I said honestly. “Had to get you out, so there you are.”

“So now I’m not in your head anymore?”

“Okay,” I allowed. “So maybe it didn’t work.”

He grinned.

I even liked watching Adam eat. He took tiny little bites, very neat and precise. He dabbed often at his full, pink lips with the napkin I’d provided. He started by clearing each side of the crust, neat little rows of bites along each edge until they were all gone. It was adorable.

“So, school must be ending pretty soon, hmm?” I said by way of conversation.

“Almost,” he said with a bit of excitement. “May twenty-fourth is our last day.”

“Lots more time for birding,” I said.

“Yeah, I can’t wait,” he exclaimed eagerly.

“So what grade are you in?” I asked. I was guessing fourth.

“I’m in fifth right now,” he said, surprising me. “Next year I go to the middle school.”

“Wow, middle school, huh? So, you’re… twelve?”

“I’ll be twelve in November,” he said.

“Cool,” I said. “So, are you looking forward to middle school?”

“I guess,” he said. Then, lowering his voice a little, as if were sharing a secret, he said, “I heard you have to take showers with all the other boys in middle school.”

“Well, I did when I went to middle school. It’s not that bad,” I assured him. “You just have to use the old public speaking trick.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, you just imagine everyone is naked.”

Adam laughed. “You’re crazy.”

After we’d finished lunch, Adam volunteered to help me clean the dishes. I washed and he dried. I could have just shoved them in the dishwasher, which is what I normally did, but his offer to help was so cute and polite that I couldn’t take it away from him. After the dishes, Adam shyly asked if we could go swimming.

“Sure we can,” I said happily. “Did you bring your trunks?”

“I thought I could swim in my cutoffs?” he asked, making it a question.

Well, I knew from my own childhood that you weren’t supposed to swim in a pool in cutoffs. Something about the threads getting stuck in the pool filter. I’m not honestly sure if that’s a real thing, but I know those were the rules. The thing is, did I say screw it and let him swim in his cutoffs, or did I use the authority of that questionable swimming law to see if I could get him to swim in his underwear? Wanna take bets?

I gave him a regretful sorta cringe. “Yeah… cutoffs,” I said, infusing my voice with what I hoped was an appropriate mix of regret and embarrassment. “The thing is, they told me when they put in the pool that I should never swim in cutoffs,” I told him. “Something about the threads coming loose and clogging up the filter and making the pump explode or something.”

“Oh,” he said, clearly disappointed.

“Hey, it doesn’t mean you can’t go swimming,” I said. I shrugged, as if it didn’t matter at all to me and said, “You could just go swimming in your underwear. Just us guys here.”

From the blush that spread over his cheeks I realized I’d probably overplayed my hand. Adam was obviously more shy than I’d thought. I hurried to repair the damage. “Orrrr,” I said quickly, “we could use the hot tub instead. They didn’t say anything about cutoffs in the hot tub.”

Adam instantly brightened. “I’ve never been in a hot tub before,” he said.

“Well, here’s your chance!” I said happily.

Adam followed me up the stairs. I opened the door out to the veranda. “Help me get this off,” I said, pointing him to the far side of the hot tub. When he was situated, we lifted up the cover. Steamy vapor rose up into the air.

“It’s really hot!” Adam said with excitement, helping lift the cover up and off.

“Well, it’s not a cold tub,” I teased. Adam grinned. I put the cover up against the wall of the house while Adam ran his hand through the warm water. “I’ll grab some things if you wanna go ahead and jump in,” I told him.

“Grab what things?” he asked.

“Well, I need to grab us towels,” I said. “Let’s see, I need to change into my trunks.” I pretended to think. “I’ll have to get out the scuba gear.”

“You’re teasing me again,” he said, eyes sparkling.

“Caught me,” I said with a grin. “Go ahead and get in, I’ll be right back. Try not to drown. It would probably raise my insurance.”

“I’ll try,” he giggled.

I left him then and went back into the house. I quickly grabbed a couple of towels from the small linen closet off the bathroom, then I went hunting for my swim trunks. I realized I’d left them out in the pool. The last time I’d gone swimming I’d just left them there and returned to the house naked. Grabbing the towels I headed back to the veranda.

Adam had his shirt off already, and I found myself stopping to admire his upper body. His shoulders were thin, but straight. He had enough definition in his chest to have small, but definite pectorals. He was sitting removing his socks, but I could see that his stomach was flat. Again, just enough definition to be marked. Not a six pack by any means, but I could see the muscles bunching under his smooth skin. His navel wasn’t an innie or an outtie, but just a shallow indentation and a little swirl of flesh that quite honestly looked like a tiny puckered anus.

“Here’s the towels,” I said, tearing my eyes away. “Will you be okay for a minute? I left my trunks in the pool.”

“I’ll be okay,” he assured me.

I made it down to the pool in record time. As I headed back through the kitchen I grabbed a Mountain Dew for Adam and a Dos Equis Dark for myself. In my bathroom, I quickly stripped and pulled on my trunks which were slightly stiff from air drying. While I wasn’t in any way ashamed of the size of my cock, I didn’t feel the need to advertise it either, so no Speedos for me. However, I hated long swim trunks. So I had a pair of short trunks. Think Daniel Craig as 007 in Casino Royale. Grabbing the bottle and can, I headed outside.

I found Adam already in the hot tub, water lapping just below his shoulders. He grinned as I came out and shut the door behind me. I saw his eyes on my middle, checking me out. I handed him his Mountain Dew. “How’s the water?” I asked.

“It’s great!” He was very happy, literally bouncing with excitement.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” I said, carefully climbing into the tub. “You should sit over there,” I said, indicating the spot across from me as I sat down on his left. “You’ll have a better view of the lake,” I explained. His back had been to the lake.

He quickly shuffled/swam over to the spot opposite me as I settled. “Ready?” I asked.

“For what?” he asked, excited.

“This,” I said with a grin, then I reached out and turned on the jets. The hot tub began to rumble, causing Adam to look around in consternation, and then the jets kicked in and the water started to roil.

“Wow!” Adam said, looking all around in excitement. He experimentally moved his arms around and grinned at me. “It’s like we’re in a blender!”

“Just like,” I agreed. Then, pushing off my seat I swung out into the middle of the tub and managed an awkward, free floating three-sixty by pulling my legs up and crossing them.

Adam laughed with delight. “Let me try!”

I resumed my seat and Adam took my spot in the middle. His little aquatic pirouette was much more agile than mine, but to be fair he had a lot more room to work with given his small stature. I watched him spin in place five or six times. By this time the bubbling water and his own antics had soaked his hair, which was much darker when wet. As he returned to his seat, he shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. The darkly clumped strands fell back into his eyes, looking as artfully arranged as if a stylist were preparing him for a photo shoot.

I concentrated on opening my beer, to keep myself from staring. “To your first hot tub,” I said, holding out my beer for a toast.

“Wait!” Adam cried, then slid is upper body up out of the tub to grab his can from the ledge he’d placed it on earlier. His back was slender and beautifully curved. And bruised. I felt my stomach clench. There was a yellowing bruise on his lower back, looking older than the black eye. There were also four darker bruises on the back of his thin arm, obviously the remains of bruising fingers. I just couldn’t imagine someone doing something like that.

Cracking the tab, Adam happily tapped his can against my bottle and then drank deeply. I followed suit. With a grin, he then let out a tremendous belch. At the sight of me and my wide eyed surprise he was overcome with a fit of giggles.

“You are a disgusting little boy,” I said, wrinkling my nose. “You know what I do to disgusting little boys?”

“What?” he asked with an anticipatory grin.

I carefully slid forward a couple feet through the water, then I struck fast and grabbed his right leg. “I tickle them!” Then I unmercifully attacked the bottom of his perfect little foot.

Adam screamed with laughter and almost immediately slipped under the water as he tried to squirm away. He surfaced quickly, sputtering and laughing. Seeing he couldn’t pull away, he tried another tact and went right at me, on the attack. I had no choice but to release him as he launched himself at me, if for no other reason than to keep his knee from crushing my balls. He tried tickling my sides, but unfortunately for him, I’m not very ticklish. Instead I caught him up in my arms. He twisted in my grip, so his back was pressed against my chest, but I held him firmly with my left arm while I tickled his belly. He squealed with laughter and tried to squirm out of my grip. He only managed in rubbing his firm little ass across areas he probably shouldn’t have, and which I certainly shouldn’t have been enjoying nearly as much as I was doing.

“I give!” he finally cried.

I held him tightly with both arms for a moment, not tickling, just enjoying the feel of his little body against me. “Say uncle,” I prompted.

“Uncle,” he laughed.

“Say, ‘Brad is the coolest guy in the world’.”

“No way!” he giggled.

I tickled his belly again and he squealed and cried, “Okay, okay! Brad is the coolest guy in the world!”

I released him. He immediately zipped to the other side and said, “I had my fingers crossed!”

I roared and made as if to attack him again, but he quickly stood up and said, “I give! I give!”

I relented, sitting back. I could have stared all day at the way the sunlight glistened on his wet skin. Not to mention the way his wet cutoffs hugged his skinny form. I can’t even talk about his ass in those wet little shorts. How do you describe unworldly perfection? He stood there for a minute, as if aware I was admiring him. I made a study of my beer bottle.

“Is it too late to go swimming?” he asked suddenly, voice unsure.

“Of course not,” I assured him. “But…”

He shrugged. “I could swim in my underwear I guess. If it’s okay.”

“Super okay,” I grinned. I rose up out of the hot tub to dry off. I noticed his eyes once again checking me out, especially down below, and I was glad that Mr. Happy had gotten over his little thrill-ride with Adam’s tiny ass and was mostly back to sleep. I held open a towel. “Come dry off a little so you don’t track water through the house,” I said.

Adam jumped out of the hot tub and allowed himself to be swallowed up in the large, fluffy towel. I gave him a rather vigorous toweling off, which made him giggle. After a quick dry of my own, I shut off the jets and had Adam help me with the cover. Then we headed down the stairs, towels around our necks.

Out the side door and down a few steps and then it was a short path to the door of the pool house. As I opened the door, the smell of chlorine washed over us.

“Can I just get in?” he asked, obviously excited.

“All yours,” I said, invitingly.

Adam hurried to the edge of the pool. With a quick glance back at me, he quickly unzipped his cutoffs and pushed them down damp thighs. His white briefs started to go down with them, giving me a nice glance at half a pale, firm ass cheek before he caught them and dragged them back up. Then he quickly shimmied out of his shorts, and with a yell, jumped into the pool.

Adam came up spluttering. “It’s deep!” he said happily. It was about five feet deep where he’d jumped in, which was a bit too deep for his four-foot-six. He was a strong swimmer though, and he quickly made it to more shallow water.

“It’s eight feet on the deep end, so watch yourself,” I said. I laid out our towels to dry. I turned around to find Adam giving me a quizzical look.

“If your swim trunks were here,” he said, “what did you wear back to your house?”

“Nothin’,” I said.

Adam’s eyes widened a bit. “You walked outside naked?”

“Heck, most of the times I swim naked,” I told him.

Adam’s eyes sparkled. “You skinnydip!?”

“Sure do,” I said with a smile.

He looked around outside the pool house. You could see the lake, and then there was forest on every other side. “What if someone saw you?” he asked.

“Ah!” I exclaimed, eager to show off a bit. I walked over to the controls set next to the door. “Watch,” I said, pointing towards the forest. The windows had three settings. Well, four, if you counted normal clear glass as a setting. The first setting tinted the windows just a bit.

“Cool!” Adam said, on seeing this.

“Keep watching,” I said, then clicked again. “You can’t tell from in here, but now it’s not shaded on the outside, it’s mirrored so nobody can see in. Keep watching though.”

This time the windows all went an opaque white, completely shutting out our view of the outside, and their view of us. Only the windows in the walls were affected. I hadn’t bothered with the windows that formed the ceiling, first because there was no one to see anyway, and second because those windows were already embedded with tiny heating coils, to ensure no snow buildup in the winter.

“Wow!” Adam exclaimed. “You can’t see anything!” He was looking all around in awe.

“Pretty cool, huh?” I said, switching back to clear glass.

“It’s like magic!” He laughed. “You could totally skinnydip and nobody would see you!”

“Yup,” I grinned. “So go ahead and strip.”

“What?” he asked, looking at me in alarm.

I held up my hands in mock surrender. “Kidding! I kid. I’m a kidder.”

He laughed. “Are you getting in?”

“Try and stop me,” I said, then with a brief run I dove into the deep end of the pool. I kicked to the bottom, then crouched and kicked off, breaching the surface explosively.

I turned around to find Adam swimming strongly towards me. I grabbed the side of the pool and waited. In moments he reached me, grabbing on the ledge himself and holding himself there. I had to fight hard not to look down and try to get a glimpse of his lower body.

“So what do you think?” I asked.

“It’s great, Brad. You’re so lucky.”

“I am lucky,” I said. “I’m blessed really. I have a beautiful house, a lake, a hot tub, and a big pool. And now I have someone to share it all with.”

Adam grinned. “I’ll race you to the other side,” he said eagerly.

“You’re on,” I smiled.

“On five, okay?” he said. I nodded. “Okay, one… two…” and then he was off like a shot.

I let him get about fifteen feet and shouted, “Hey! You cheated!” He didn’t even pause, so I kicked off strongly and raced after him.

I almost caught him, too. I slapped the far side about two seconds after he did. “I win!” he cheered.

“You’re a big cheater,” I said with a laugh, wiping the water from my eyes and breathing hard.

“I said five, you just didn’t hear me,” he said.

“Yeah, maybe cause you were halfway across the pool when you said it? And underwater?”

He grinned. “Maybe.”

I shook my head sadly. “I think someone has earned a tickling.”

His eyes grew wide with excitement and he shrieked and raced away. He was racing hard for the other side, but I jumped out of the pool and tracked him along the side. After a few seconds he stopped and looked behind him. When he didn’t see me he spun to his right, but that put me behind him. I waited for him to spin and look behind and when he spotted me I roared and jumped toward him. He shrieked again and tried to swim away, but I grabbed him by the ankle.

We were in about five feet of water then, so I was fine, but Adam couldn’t get any traction and he just spun helplessly in my grip as I slowly pulled him towards me. When he was close enough I reached out and started tickling his side. He shrieked again and tried to twist out of my grip. I had to dodge a couple of knees to protect myself, but I didn’t relent, fingers digging into his ribs. He bucked wildly, still laughing, and finally managed to break my grip. I reached after him, getting a hand on his hip. Instinctively I grabbed onto his briefs and as he spun away they slipped down around his knees.

I immediately let him go. “Sorry!” I said, hands in the air. “Totally an accident!”

He tread water, still laughing and struggling to pull his briefs back into place. “Help!” he cried with a laugh. “Rape!”

I gave him an ominous look, and then pitching my voice deep and menacing I said, “In space, no one can hear you scream.”

Either he was unaware of the pop culture reference, or he just didn’t care. “We’re in a pool,” he pointed out with a smile.

In the same tone I said, “In the pool, no one can hear you scream.”

He laughed and swam backwards a bit. “You’re just a pervert,” he said with a laugh. “You’re trying to get me naked.”

“It really was an accident,” I said, worried he might be serious, despite his smile.

He was at the opposite side of the pool by then. He grabbed the ledge and wiggled around a bit. “Help,” he cried again. “A strange man stole my underwear!”

“I’m not strange,” I protested. “I’m rich, so that makes me eccentric. Plus, you still have your underwear last I checked.”

“You mean these?” he said, holding up his sodden briefs with a grin.

It was my turn for eyes to widen with excitement, although I’m sure my excitement was of a different variety than Adam’s. “You cheeky little monkey,” I exclaimed, infinitely pleased with this naughty side of his I hadn’t seen before. I took a step towards him.

Adam held out a hand. “Stop!” he ordered. “You have to stay there!” he grinned.

“Who made those rules?” I asked.

“I don’t want you to see me,” he said shyly.

I held up my hands and backed up to the wall. “I was just playing,” I assured him.

Adam was eying me from under his dripping bangs. He bit his lower lip in a way I found completely sexy. Even from twenty feet away I could see the way his eyes were dancing. I was desperate to duck under the water and gaze across that distance. I was completely hard in my trunks. Adam slowly stretched out so that both his arms were spread wide, his elbows supporting his slight weight in the water. That left his upper chest clear of the water. I noticed his right hand was still tightly gripping his briefs.

“What would you do if I started swimming your way?” I asked suddenly.

“Scream,” he grinned.

I stepped forward one pace and I saw him drawing breath to do just that. I stopped. He slowly let out his breath and grinned. It was a knowing, sexy little grin. Where had this boy come from all of a sudden? I wondered.

“Hmm,” I said, looking at him. Then I grinned wide. I stepped back and put my back against the wall again. With a quick motion underwater I came up holding my own trunks in my hand. I mimicked his casual pose against the wall.

Adam’s eyes widened and his body straightened a bit, as if he were trying to force his vision through the water. He bit his lip again and smiled, knowing I’d trumped him, or at least matched his ante. I smiled slowly, and whistled casually.

“Are you really naked?” he asked finally.

“Nope,” I said. “I was wearing two pairs of trunks.”

He grinned. “No, you weren’t. You’re naked.”

“Well, you were naked first,” I accused, as if it somehow mattered.

“What if somebody sees?” he asked.

“Easy,” I said. “I’ll just change the glass.”

“You’re gonna get outta the pool?” he asked, equal parts disbelief and excitement.

“I bet you’d like that,” I said, squinting suspiciously, as if seeing through his master plan.

Adam gave an elaborately casual shrug and, voice oozing indifference, said, “I don’t care what you do.”

“You mean you don’t care if I come over there?” I asked, taking a step forward.

Adam once again sucked in a breath to scream and I stopped. “You’re gonna scream, huh?” I asked playfully.

He nodded, grinning eagerly.

“Well, wouldn’t want you screaming,” I said. I turned my back to him and pretended to look into the woods. I pointed to nothing and said, “Is that your hummingbird flying by?” Then I took a big step backwards.

Adam gave a short scream and I turned to see him grinning like a madman. “What?” I asked, mock surprise written on my face.

“You came closer,” he accused with a smile.

“I did not,” I protested. “I was just looking at a bird. Hey, there it is again,” I said, again pointing at nothing. My finger followed the imaginary bird until my back was to him again, and then I took another giant step backwards.

Adam shrieked, louder and longer this time. I spun around. “What?!?”

“You did it again!” he said with a laugh. He bit his lip again. So sexy.

I was only about a dozen feet away from him now. There was too much movement and reflected sunlight on the water to see anything. I sank to my neck in the water, wading. Adam quickly dropped a hand to cover himself, apparently thinking I was going to go under the water to peek at him.

I stood up again and shrugged. “Don’t know why you think I want to see you naked anyway,” I said, moving parallel to him, towards deeper water.

“Cuz I’m sexy and I know it,” he said.

I laughed and broke into a swim. I reached the wall and turned to look back at him. “I saw your butt,” he said, grinning.

“I’m looking at yours right now, buttface,” I teased.

“You’re the buttface,” he said.

“Nu-uh,” I said snarkily. “You are.”

“Nu-uh,” he said, matching my tone. “You are.”

“Okay,” I said finally. “Well, I’d better put these back on, I think,” I said, holding up my trunks.

I reached under the water to do so but Adam suddenly shouted, “Wait!” I paused. Adam had apparently surprised himself. He obviously didn’t want our naughty little game to end. “Let’s race!”

I gave him a calculating look. “You want me to come over there so we can start?”

That was a bit too much for him apparently. “No,” he said, thinking furiously. “You swim that way,” he said pointing to the shallow end, “and I’ll swim that way,” indicating the side opposite him where I’d been.

“Well, that’s not very fair,” I pointed out reasonably. “You only have to go half the distance I do.”

“But you’re faster,” he reasoned.

“You beat me before.”

“Yeah, but only cuz I cheated,” he said.

I pointed at him and crowed, “Ha! Told you you cheated!”

Adam grinned. “So are we gonna race?”

“Okay,” I said. “We leave em on the side, right?” I asked, indicating my trunks.

“Right,” he said, depositing his briefs on the side of the pool and bracing himself.

“On three?” I asked. He nodded, tensing with preparation. “Really on three this time,” I said. He nodded eagerly. “One… two… three!”

I was off like a shot and swimming hard for the far end. I’m not sure if Adam thought I wouldn’t be looking or not, but I saw instantly that he’d only gone halfway out, just short of where I’d cross, and he was face down in the water, one hand over his crotch, watching me pass. I didn’t give any indication I’d noticed, and I kept swimming.

When I reached the shallow end of the pool I rose up and again put my back to the wall. The shallow end was only three and a half feet deep, so the water was lapping a couple of inches bellow my navel. This reminded me a lot of some of the teasing games I would play with Jimmy, but without that electric sense of danger. I admit I was sexually excited by Adam. I’d only been about half hard when I’d passed him during the race, but now, with half my body exposed I could feel my cock reach it’s full length. A quick glance and I sank another inch lower, just to be safe.

By this time Adam was back to his side of the pool. I’d no idea if he’d even completed his lap or if he’d just swam back after seeing what he’d wanted to see. For that matter, I don’t know if he even saw what he wanted to see. He’d been floating on the surface, so my dick would have been pretty hard to see.

“Did I win?” I asked.

“I did,” he grinned. “You were supposed to go back.”

“Of course, silly of me,” I said.

Adam giggled. It was a suspicious giggle. “What so funny?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing,” he said with elaborate casualness. He giggled again.

“Well, something is funny,” I insisted.

“Just this,” he said, and then he held up his right hand. He had my trunks.

“You little weasel!” I exclaimed with admiration. Adam laughed.

“And I suppose you put yours back on,” I said, following this scenario to its logical conclusion.

Adam just shrugged with elaborate calm and mimed polishing his fingernails on his sleeve.

Displaying calm of my own, I said, “You realize of course that I’m going to attack you now, right?”

Adam shrieked with laughter, and with my trunks in hand began stroking for the deep end. I dropped and kicked strongly off the wall, swimming with all the speed I could manage. My eyes were slitted against the speed of the water against my open eyes, but I saw Adam reach the far end and then he was disappearing from view up out of the pool.

I surfaced about five feet from the edge to find him standing poolside, holding out my trunks, taunting me. “Come and get em!” he teased. I was much more interested in checking him out. He was indeed dressed again in his briefs. They clung to his body like a second skin, transparent with wetness, his pale penis a fleshy little lump plastered against his groin. I could see the darker pink color of his little helmet and knew he was circumcised.

I must have looked too long, because Adam suddenly glanced down, and with a blush he used his free hand to cover his groin. “I got your trunks! I got your trunks,” he teased again in a sweet singsong voice.

I slowly swam a bit closer, until I could grab the side of the pool. Adam danced backwards, still holding out my trunks. “See, Adam,” I began to explain, “the mistake you made is that you think I won’t get out of this pool and chase you down.”

Adams eyes widened with excitement, or possibly anticipation. With a roar, I launched myself out of the pool. Adam shrieked and ran, holding my trunks against his stomach and laughing. He hadn’t quite made it to mid-pool before I caught up to him. I scooped him up into my arms.

“Got you, trunk thief!” I cried. Adam screamed with excitement. “Now I tickle!”

“No!” Adam laughed, but then I was attacking his stomach. He writhed in my arms, his small body squirming while he hiccuped laughter.

While I tickled with my right hand, my left was supporting Adam in my arms by his firm little ass. I could feel it tensing as I tickled him. Looking down at Adam, I’m almost positive I saw a growing protuberance inside his wet briefs. My own cock, below half mast when I jumped out of the pool was suddenly on the rise again. I realized I’d have to do something about that quickly.

Grabbing my trunks from the giggling boy, I stepped to the side of the pool and unceremoniously dumped him into the water. Hands free, I quickly stepped into my trunks. I was still pulling them up when he sputtered to the surface, so not only did he get an eyeful, but I was almost fully erect by the time I managed to pull them into place.

Adams eyes were glowing, still locked on the bulge obscenely tenting the front of my trunks. I nervously shifted it into a less prominent position, but there was no way I could pretend I was doing anything else. I tried covering it with my hands in a way that didn’t shout, ‘I’m covering my boner with my hands’. Not sure I pulled that off with any success.

“You got a boner,” Adam smirked. See?

“Oh, what makes you the big expert?” I asked.

Adam grinned. “I know what a boner is,” he said. “I’m not a little kid.”

“Well,” I began, not sure how I was supposed to respond to that, “it happens to everyone, ya know.”

“I know,” he said. “I get ’em all the time.”

I felt my eyebrows quirking. “You do, huh?”

He blushed prettily. “Sometimes,” he allowed.

“Well, is it all the time or sometimes?” I teased. He stuck out his tongue at me. I laughed. “Well, I’m gonna go ahead and get into the water and cover up so we can both pretend this didn’t happen,” I said and jumped back into the water.

I joined Adam against the wall. “It’s okay it happened,” he told me. “I don’t mind.”

I smiled. “Well, thanks for being so understanding,” I said.

He nodded and smiled at me. He looked me in the eyes and softly said, “Perv.” Then he splashed me and was gone.

I caught him quickly and meted out the requisite punishment.

End of part two

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