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An Analytical Approach

October 13, 2008

An Analytical Approach
Alex Hawk

My brother and I were both very bookish. We played games like chess, spoke six languages between us and were both members in good standing of Mensa. Not bad achievements for a fourteen-year-old girl and a fifteen-year-old boy.

We both were very logical and analytical. We looked at everything from multiple angles and were obsessed with getting everything right, every time. I blamed our parents for this. They were both college professors and encouraged us to use our brains constantly.

We were seventeen days into summer vacation. Julius and I had spent most of our time studying, reading and working on a couple projects our parents wanted us to do (currently the project was translating popular songs into Latin, which lead to such songs as Linkin Park’s “In Terminus”, “Torpeo” and “Cuspis Auctorita”). Believe it or not, we actually enjoyed these things.

The two of us did get somewhat lonely at times, though. We lived about twenty miles outside of town on a small hobby farm. Our parents liked the rural lifestyle, which I was suppose was ok, except that our nearest friends were a good five miles from us.

Like any girl of fourteen, I was starting to develop. My breasts had grown out decently, and I had a small amount of hair around my vagina. I’d also discovered masturbation, and I really enjoyed that!

However, like any girl who was in touch with her sexuality, I wanted more. I wanted to try doing some stuff with another person. I’d played around with another girl at one point a few months ago while staying at her house, and that had been fine, but not what I’d really wanted. No, I wanted to try experimenting sexually with a boy.

Of course the only boy I ever saw on a regular basis was Julius, and any sort of sexual activity with him would be incest. I wasn’t entirely opposed to the notion, though. I did want to explore sexually with a boy, and Julius certainly was a boy.

I’d heard, of course, all the tales of how horrible incest was, and despite my interest in playing around with a boy, there was a limit to the consequences I was willing to accept. I figured I could experiment with my brother provided there weren’t too many cons to the idea, so I did some research on the Internet, explored case histories and looked into all the facts.

The research project took about five days, during which time I took copious notes, bookmarked several sites, read a couple books and generally treated it like I would any other biological sciences project. Eventually I arrived at one conclusion.

It would be safe and acceptable to experiment sexually with my brother provided a: no one else was told, b: condoms were used to prevent impregnation and c: we were both very honest with each other about our experiences. With those things in mind, I thought I could indeed explore my body with Julius and suffer limited, or possibly no, side-effects.

I picked a Monday morning in July to begin my efforts. Both our parents were going to be gone to a conference for a few days, so we’d have the place to ourselves, which was good. If the experiment was successful, I knew I’d want plenty of time without parental supervision.

Early that morning, I went upstairs (my bedroom and my brother’s were both in the basement), and sought out Julius. He was currently watching “Das Untergang” with the subtitles turned off. I felt vaguely jealous. Unlike him I’d never learned German, though as a plus, he had trouble with Japanese and I was fluent in it.

“Good morning,” I said to him.

“Good morning.”

“Have you had breakfast yet?”


“Excellent. I’m going to eat, and then I have a notion for a scientific experiment.”

He perked up. “Oh? What sort?”

“Both biological and psychological. It should be quite interesting.”

“Alright. The movie is almost over, anyhow.”

I had a quick breakfast of granola, orange juice and wheat toast. Then I walked back into the living room where my brother was just finishing up the movie.

“So what kind of experiment did you have in mind, Livia?” he asked. Yes, his name was Julius and I was Livia. Well, Olivia, to be exact.

“Turn off the TV.”


I sat down on the couch, getting a fluttery feeling in my stomach as I looked at my brother. He was fairly attractive, though not perfect. Either way, he’d certainly do for what I had in mind. Well, as long as he had a penis, anyhow, and I hadn’t heard anything saying he didn’t.

“Well,” I began. “My experiment is this: I have limited sexual experience, and I’m assuming you’re in the same situation. I’d like to have more experience and, again, I’m assuming you would, too. As there are no other people in our peer group nearby, I believe we should try exploring our sexuality together, beginning initially with some minor foreplay. If that proves successful we would, perhaps, work our way up to full intercourse.”

Julius’ face was blank. “I see. You’re proposing we engage in sexual activity with one another.”

“Yes. Safely, of course,” I added.

“Hmmm…” Julius looked thoughtful, which is how I knew he was different from most boys who, I figured, would simply look horny and jump at the chance.

“Have you looked into the pros and cons of this idea?”

“I have. There are several sources I have consulted, and while there are some definite theoretical problems, I believe we can overcome them with a combination of discretion, honesty and, of course, condom use.”

“Hmmm…” he said again. Then after a moment, “Well, we can try, I suppose. But I strongly suggest we take it very slowly.”

“I concur. This is why I’ve waited until a week when our parents would be out of town. Understanding though they are, I doubt they’d sanction any sexual activity between their children.”

“That may be an understatement,” Julius said, drily. “Very well. When did you propose to commence?”

“Now?” I suggested.

He thought quietly for a moment. “No, not yet. I think I should probably review your research before we begin.”

“That seems reasonable. I’ll email it to you.”

“Alright. I’ll go wait for it.”

The two of us retired to our rooms. I assembled my research materials and results and packaged them up. Then I emailed them to my brother and walked to his bedroom where I knocked on the door.

“Come in,” he said.

I entered. Julius was already skimming through some of the papers.

“You appear to have been quite exhaustive in this,” he said. “I’m pleased.”

“Well, you know I wouldn’t embark on a potentially hazardous activity like incest without studying it first.”

“True,” he conceded. He read through a bit and then said, “Right. Give me about two hours to read through this, ok?”

“Sure.” I walked out of his room and up to the TV, where I put a copy of “Akira” into the DVD player and watched it with the subtitles off.

After about two hours, Julius walked upstairs and said, “Well, I’ve finished reading your research.”

“Oh?” I asked, as I paused the movie mid “Tetsuo!” shout.

“Yes. I’m willing to agree in principle to the experiment,” he began. “However I have a few questions first.”


Sitting down, Julius said, “According to the literature there seems to be a somewhat greater than average chance of birth defects and deformities resulting from children born through sibling incest.”

“True, however you’d be wearing a condom.”

“Condoms can break,” he pointed out.

“They can, but the statistics show a less than two percent failure rate.”

“Assuming proper use,” Julius pointed out.

I gave him a look. “Do you really think you’d not be able to use it properly?”

“Well, no,” he conceded.

“Very well. Next point?”

“The psychological aspects are hard to ignore. It seems like sibling incest, especially intercourse, transforms the relationship far beyond what it had been before, and perhaps beyond the point of recovery.”

“True, but, in fairness, most of them were probably either forced or unplanned. We’d be going into this eyes wide open. That should certainly reduce the changes to our relationship, but you are right in that it would change nevertheless.”

“The question then is if it would be a good change or a bad change.”

“Perhaps just change,” I countered. “Neither good nor bad, but simply different.”

“Perhaps. Alright, then. My next issue is this: assuming success, how long do you wish to carry on the experiment? What’s the eventual goal, and what are the best-case and worst-case scenarios you can realistically envision?”

“I honestly don’t know,” I said. “We’d have to see how it goes. Realistic worst-case is that we try it, we don’t look like it, we become entirely uncomfortable around each other and our relationship is irrevocably damaged. I think this outcome unlikely.


I shrugged. “Best-case involves us having sex with each other fairly often until we get tired of it.”

Julius laughed. “Yes, I can see that being a very nice outcome.”

“Next question?”

“Length of the experiment? What sort of time-frame do you see?”

“At least two days worth of foreplay and experimentation before we move into intercourse,” I said. “We’d spend today learning our way around one another’s bodies and masturbating each other to orgasm. Tomorrow we could move onto oral sex and perhaps some attempts at low-level penetration of your penis into my vagina. Just the tip, perhaps. Certainly rubbing it against my labia to get my body used to having it down there.”

“Seems logical,” my brother said with a nod.

I continued, “The third day we’d move onto full intercourse. After that, assuming the intercourse is satisfactory, we’d likely continue doing that until either a: we get tired of it, as I mentioned before, or b: we find someone else to be sexual with.”

Nodding again, Julius said, “Fair enough. One last question, then.”


Grinning a little, he said, “Your place or mine?”

Giggling, I said, “Well, how about a neutral place? Right here in the living room?”

“That seems acceptable. Eventually we’ll want to move it downstairs, though.”

“Of course.”

“Well,” Julius said into the silence that followed. “How shall we begin?”

“Probably we should get naked first.”


The two of us stood and began undressing. Once we were nude, we let our eyes travel across each other’s bodies. I mostly focused on my brother’s hard penis, which looked entirely too big to fit inside my vagina. Still, given how much it would have to stretch to allow for a baby to be born, I was pretty certain he’d be able to fit it inside me without any trouble. He did at least look cute wearing nothing but glasses and an uncertain look.

“Well, what next?” Julius asked.

“As I said, we can try masturbating each other to orgasm.”

“Alright. Do you want to go first or shall I?”

“I’ll go first,” I said, “since this was my idea.”

“Very well.” Julius sat down on the couch. “It would work best if you were sitting next to me and doing it that way.”

“Alright.” I sat down next to my brother and, without any hesitation, took his penis in my hand. It was warm and hard, but with an odd smooth softness to it. I began stroking it slowly. “Like this, right?”

“Yes, like that,” he said softly and closed his eyes.

I settled into a smooth, steady stroking pattern. I’d read about how boys masturbate on a website, and had a couple techniques I wanted to try later. For now, though, I just wanted to give my brother an orgasm, just to see if I could.

“Is there anything I could be doing better?” I asked my brother after about five minutes of masturbating him.

“No… no, please don’t stop…”

“Ok.” I kept up my steady pace.

“Go a little… faster…” Julius whispered, his face flushed.

“Alright.” I began stroking my brother’s penis faster.

“Oh… oh, yeah… oh… oh… oh, here I go… I’m cumming… uh!” Julius suddenly sat up a little and his penis began pulsing in my hand, his sperm shooting out all over his body. The look of bliss on his face was something to remember!

Naturally some of my brother’s sperm got onto my hand. I let go of his penis and examined its issue carefully. It was warm, which made sense. It also had a vaguely salty smell and, I found out after taking a lick, a salty taste go with it.

“How was that?” I asked, wiping off my hand on my shirt.

Julius gave me a lazy grin. “That was… really nice. Much better than when I do it to myself.”

“Good. Are you ready to do it to me, now?”

“Oh, yes! Of course.”

I sat back on the couch and spread my legs a little. To my brother, I said, “Alright. Place your hand between my legs, right on my vagina.”

“Like this?” he asked, doing so.

“Yes,” I said with a little gasp as for the first time someone other than me touched myself down bellow. “Now just rub all over, very gently, and when you find the entrance try to work a finger up inside.”

“Alright.” My brother began moving his hand around, rubbing along my clitoris and labia. It certainly felt wonderful! Far better than when I’d touched myself. When his gentle, probing fingers found the entrance to my vagina, he slowly worked a finger up inside me. I thought I’d nearly faint with bliss!

“Am I doing it right?” Julius asked after a few moments.

“Yes! Oh, yes… please don’t stop,” I whispered as his fingers worked their magic on my vagina.


My brother slowly worked a second finger into my vagina and then began moving them both back and forth in a slow, steady motion as he used the fingers on his other hand to stimulate my clitoris, pushing me closer and closer to my first ever orgasm from another person. God, it felt wonderful!

When my orgasm finally hit, it was with a suddenness that shocked and surprised me. I completely lost myself to pleasure as my vagina contracted around my brother’s thrusting fingers. It was, hands down, the best orgasm I’d ever had.

Once I was done cumming, my brother withdrew his fingers from inside me and smiled. “Did I do ok?” he asked.

I sat up and hugged him tight, feeling his naked body against mine. “You did wonderful! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” he said, hugging me back. He held me tight, and I could see his erect penis twitching. I wasn’t surprised when he then cupped one of my breasts. “These are nice.”

I laughed. “Yeah, I thought you’d think that.”

Julius leaned his face down and started licking and sucking on one of my nipples. After a bit, he raised his head back up. “You wanna keep playing for a bit?”



As he sucked on my breast, my brother moved his hand down between my legs, rubbing at my vagina. I moaned a little and placed my own hand around his penis, stroking him slowly, enjoying the pleasure we were both experiencing.

“Wow, this feels good,” Julius whispered. “You having fun, too, Livia?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Cool.” We kept rubbing each other for a bit, and then Julius said, “Let’s lay down next to each other.”


We laid down on our sides together and kept rubbing at each other’s genitals. It was more comfortable this way and certainly easier to masturbate each other, plus I could watch my brother’s face as I tried to get him off.

At one point as I was getting pretty close to cumming, I said, “You know… we could try it with me laying on my back… and you rubbing your penis on my vagina…”

Julius looked very tempted, and his penis gave a sudden jerk in my hand, but then shook his head. “No… I might accidentally penetrate, and we don’t have any condoms.”

“Oh… ok.” I was disappointed, but knew my brother was right.

The two of us kept masturbating each other for a few more moments until, only seconds apart, we both climaxed. If anything my orgasm that time was even better than the first time, though quite a bit of my brother’s sperm landed on my body. Still, that just ended up being an excuse for the two of us to hop into the shower together, where, once again, we got each other off.

We spent most of the rest of the day naked and playing with each other. We each wound up cumming about eight times during that time. I also developed a much great aesthetic appreciating for my brother’s naked body. He really did look quite nice when nude.

As our first day in our incestual experiment wound to a close, I took some time before bed to update the journal I was keeping about this. Any good scientist kept track of her results, after all, and I was no exception.

When I finally got naked and dropped into bed, it was with a great feeling of anticipation. I couldn’t want to see what tomorrow would be like, when we’d start doing oral with each other!

* * *

I woke up early and horny the next day, awakening only a few minutes after our parents had left for work. A quick check out the window of my bedroom confirmed both cars were gone, which was good. The last thing I wanted was for them to find out what Julius and I were up to. I somehow thought their approach to the whole thing might be a little different from ours.

Still nude, I walked down the hall to the bathroom where I took a quick shower and then made my way to Julius’ bedroom, where from the faint sounds of snoring, it sounded like he was still asleep.

Quietly, I opened his bedroom door and peered inside. Yes, there was my brother, laying naked on top of his bed. Face-up, which helped. I could see his soft penis hanging between his smooth legs and felt my vagina moisten. Time for some fun!

I moved into my brother’s bedroom and stood next to his bed. Reaching down, I took his penis in my hand and began to play with it, feeling it harden up very quickly. Once it was fully erect I began stroking him slowly.

“Muh?” my brother said, blinking and then looking up at me. He grinned. “Well. This is probably the best way I’ve ever woken up.”

“Glad you like it,” I said with a smile. “Today is the day we move onto the oral sex.”

“Yeah,” he said, smiling again. “Then tomorrow we have intercourse.”

“Well, assuming the experiment continues to go as well as it has, yes.”

“I don’t think we need to worry there,” he said, moving his hand between my legs. “Come get onto the bed with me.”

“Ok.” My brother moved over and I laid down next to him, our hands moving on each other’s bodies. “Are you ready for me to give you fellatio?”

Julius laughed a little. “Just call it a blowjob. Fellatio sounds really awkward.”

I laughed myself. “Alright. Either way, are you ready?”

“Oh, yes.”


I moved my face down towards my brother’s penis and stared at it for a moment. Intellectually I was ready for this, but I found myself being a little nervous. I buried those feelings and took a deep breath. Then I opened my mouth wide and lowered it slowly down around Julius’ erection, sealing my lips around the shaft. I was officially giving my first blowjob.

It felt very interesting. I found myself analyzing the sensations my brother’s penis was giving my mouth as I moved up and down on it. It filled my mouth completely, and felt like it actually belonged there. I’d expected it to be very unpleasant, but it wasn’t unpleasant at all! I was actually enjoying it.

“Oh… wow, that feels good,” Julius gasped out.

I ran my tongue around the shaft of my brother’s penis as I kept sucking him off. Actually, I thought to myself, I wasn’t in fact sucking him. I began to apply a mild suction as I kept moving my mouth, feeling him squirm in pleasure as I did so.

Just as I was really starting to get into it, Julius began to moan and called out, “Oh… oh, god… oh, Livia, I’m cumming…”

I pulled my mouth away just as my brother’s penis began to spurt, splashing his sperm out over his body. Part of me had wanted to let him cum in my mouth, but I really didn’t feel up to that yet. Next time, maybe.

Once my brother was done cumming, I moved up his body and laid on top of him, hugging him tight and feeling his sperm between us.

“Did you like that?” I asked.

Still breathing hard, he nodded, and then managed to gasp, “Yeah! Wow, that was… awesome…”

“Good.” I hugged him again, and suddenly became aware that in this position, with my legs spread out over my brother’s waist, his still slightly stiff penis was rubbing against my vagina. All I have to do is move back a little, I thought to myself, and I wouldn’t be a virgin anymore.

I had to remind myself pregnancy was bad, so I shook my head a little and got off Julius. Laying next to him, I moved my hand down and began playing with his penis again and said, “So. Are you ready to try doing it to me, now?”

“Oh! Sure, yes. Lay on your back.”

I did so, and spread my legs as Julius got between them. I closed my eyes and got ready to receive the pleasure my brother was about to give me.

The moment his tongue hit my clitoris, my eyes slammed open and a low moan escaped my lips. As he began to work his tongue over my labia and then flicked it into my vagina, the moaning increased, and I started twitching on his bed. God, it was better than I’d ever expected it to be!

“You like that, huh?” Julius asked, lifting his face.

“Yes!” I hissed, putting my hands on the back of his head and urging him back down.

Chuckling a little, my brother lowered his face back down and continued to oralize me. It was so overwhelmingly wonderful, I almost thought I’d pass out. Not surprisingly when my orgasm hit, it was even better than those I’d had all day yesterday!

By the time I managed to come back to myself, my brother’s nude body was laying on top of mine, his stiff penis resting against my vagina. The mouth that had just given me the best orgasm of my life curled into a smile.

“So I take it I did that right?”

“Oh, yes,” I said, hugging him tight.

“Good.” Then, sounding a little nervous, “So… tomorrow we’re going to go all the way, right?”


“You kind of nervous?”

“Yeah, you?”


“I’m looking forward to it, though.”

“Me, too,” my brother said, as he got off and laid down next to me. “I just never thought I’d wind up losing my virginity to my sister.”

“Well, yes,” I conceded. “I’d never thought I’d end up losing mine to you. But things are going well so far, so I’m into it if you are.”

Julius laughed. “Yeah, you don’t need to ask. Believe me, I’m into it.”

“Oh, good.”

He worked a finger into my vagina as I took hold of his penis and moments later the two of us were at it again, bringing each other to great mutual orgasms! By the end of the day, I’d lost track of how many times we each came, which was a little annoying when I was trying to write up my log.

Still, at least I had something interesting to look forward to tomorrow!

* * *

“So what kind do we need?” Julius asked.

“I’m not sure. I didn’t know there was going to be so many different kinds,” I admitted.

We were standing in a drug store, looking at the condoms. I’d woken up an hour or so ago, ready and raring to go, but knew that we needed condoms, since I didn’t want to get pregnant, especially not by my brother.

“’Ribbed for her pleasure’,” Julius read from a box. “These ones say, ‘Warming Sensation’.”

“Trojan, Ramses, Magnum, Sheik, Lifestyles…” I looked at the various boxes. Finally I said, “I think we just need standard, normal ones.”

“Ok.” My brother grabbed a box of Lifestyles. “How many do we need?”

“How much money do we have?”

We counted out our cash, pooled it together and walked out of there with a box of twenty condoms. The cashier gave us a little look when we came up to pay, but didn’t say anything. Given how nervous I felt, that was probably for the best.

During the bike ride back to our house, neither Julius nor I said anything. He had the bag with the condoms dandling off his handlebars and I kept looking at them, thinking to myself how strange it was that I was going to have those inside me.

Like I said, I was nervous and I was tense, but not in a bad way. I knew I was close to having my experiment end in success, and I was looking forward to that. I was a little uncertain about the sex itself, being that it was going to be about the most extreme form of incest there was, but I was determined. Besides, if it felt as good as everything else had so far, I had nothing to worry about.

We got to the house and put away our bikes, then went into the living room where we stood for a moment, my brother holding the bag of condoms.

“So,” he said after a bit.


“Is there anywhere in particular you want to do this?” Julius asked after a bit.

“Like your bed or my bed?”


Julius thought and then said, “Let’s do it in your bed. It was all your idea, after all.”


We walked in silence up to my bedroom, my mind running neutral as I thought about what my brother and I were about to do with each other. I left the door open so we’d hear in case someone came home early. Then the two of us undressed and lay down side-by-side on my bed.

“Well…” I said into the silence. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah, are you?”

I nodded. My vagina was already nice and wet with anticipation. “Put on one of the condoms,” I said, wanting to get started before I got any more nervous and chickened out.

Julius opened the box and took out one of the little foil squares. He unwrapped it and put it over his penis, sliding the light-blue latex sleeve down around the shaft until his erection was completely covered.

Wordlessly, I got on top of my brother, straddling his waist. I’d read in a few different places that it was easier for a girl if she was on top her first time, so she could control the penetration. I took his condom-covered penis in my hand and lined it up with my vagina.

“Ok,” I said, taking a deep breath. “Are you ready?”



Taking another deep breath, I closed my eyes and began to lower my fourteen-year-old virgin vagina down around my brother’s fifteen-year-old virgin penis. Much more quickly than I’d expected, I found myself hitting his pubic hair. I looked down, and saw that he was all the way inside me. My brother and I had just lost our virginities to each other.

“Wow,” I whispered after a bit.

“Feels good?” Julius asked.

“Oh, yeah…. For you?”


Using my hands to steady myself a little, I began moving up and down, slowly riding my brother’s penis as we fucked for the first time. Oh, it was incredible! I’d never felt anything like it! Sure, having my brother use his fingers and tongue on me was nice and all, but I knew that from this point on, I’d be intercourse for me!

“Oh, god, Livia, that feels good…” Julius whispered. “I don’t think… I’ll be able to hold back… very long…”

“Just cum when you need to,” I whispered back. I knew from my reading that most boys didn’t last very long, so it was ok.

“Ok… I… I… oh, here I go…” Julius trailed off into vague whimpering and I felt his penis starting to spasm and kick inside my vagina as he filled the condom with his sperm.

I rode my brother through his first orgasm inside me, slightly annoyed that I wasn’t anywhere near climaxing myself, but I figured I’d do that the next time we had sex with each other.

Once Julius was done cumming, I got off him, feeling his penis slide out from inside my vagina. I laid down next to him on the bed and held him tight.

“Experiment a success!” he pronounced as he unrolled the condom from his penis.

“Yeah! I’m glad it turned out so well.”

He hugged me tight, pressing his nude body against mine. “So now we know what incest is like.”

“It rocks,” I supplied.

“Yeah,” he said with a laugh.

I moved my hand down my brother’s body. Once I reached his still hard penis I began stroking it slowly and said, “Hey, Julius.”


Licking my lips, I said, “If I let you put it in me bare for a few seconds, can you stop before you cum?”

“Uh. Yeah? Why?”

“Cause I wanna see what it’s like with you inside me, not some bit of latex.”

“Oh. Well, I can pull out before I cum, sure.”

“Ok.” I laid on my back and spread my legs. “I want you on top, too.”


Julius moved around so he was on top of me and between my legs. He took his penis in his hand, lined it up. I kept my eyes fixed on our genitals as he eased down inside me, stopping only once he was all the way inside my vagina for a second time.

“Ooooh… oh, wow,” he breathed. “Oh, this feels much better.”

“Oh, yeah,” I whispered back, feeling my vagina ripple around my brother’s penis.

My brother started to fuck me slowly, and I felt more and more pleasure as he did so. Finally, my brain overwhelmed by bliss, I said, “Julius…?”


“This one time…” I swallowed and licked my lips. “Cum in me, ok?”

“Are you sure?” he asked, looking down in my eyes as he kept moving on top of me.



My brother started fucking me faster, and began breathing harder. I could tell he was getting close to cumming, and he wasn’t the only one. The sensation of his penis moving inside me, the sight of his gorgeous body on top of mine, and the overall sexuality and beauty of the scene was enough to push me into my first-ever orgasm through intercourse, as my vagina contracted sharply around my brother’s thrusting erection and wave after wave of pure joy swept through my young body.

Moments later, Julius began grunting. He pushed himself deep into me and held himself there as his penis began twitching inside my vagina, firing his sperm into my body. I thought I could feel it splashing into me, but I wasn’t sure. Even if I couldn’t, though, it was still one of the most glorious feelings of my life.

Once he was done cumming, my brother simply held himself over me, his penis still buried inside my vagina. He licked his lips and moved his face down and, for the first time, we kissed. Our experiment with incest was a complete success!


Copyright 2008 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.

So not much of a story, at least not as far as length goes. Fun to write, though. I hope you all enjoyed it!

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    A delightful story of hormone-driven teen love with a good outcome

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