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The Vlog – Part 2

Dinner was hamburgers and tater tots. Natalie cooked of course. They ate in the living room, watching tv. The boys were shirtless, which, while not exactly unheard of, was at least a bit rare. They were each wearing long, silky gym shorts, Luke in blue, Jacob in red. Natalie found her eyes constantly drifting to the boys, and she tried to ignore them and watch the tv, but then she’d forget and find herself looking at their chests, or stomachs, or the tiny hairs on their calves, or even on the mostly hidden lumps between their legs.

At one point, Jacob got up to go to the bathroom. When he came back she saw that his shorts had slipped down, riding low enough on his slim hips to make her wonder if he was even wearing underwear beneath them. As he walked she could see where the tip of his dick was pressing against the fabric, so she figured he was going commando. She could see the V cut of his lower stomach muscles disappearing into his shorts, and she suddenly wondered when her baby brother had gotten so hot. Had he changed? Or had she?

Luke and Jacob had spent time editing the video on Jacob’s laptop before dinner. After their tv show ended, they got back to it. They were sitting at the kitchen table and as she cleaned up she heard Jacob say something about Luke having a boner and laughing.

Luke said something in a harsh whisper and then Jacob overrode him, saying, “Then rewind it. You can see it easy.”

“Shut up, ass,” Luke said. Then quieter, “Anyway, I can just edit it out.”

Her back to them, Natalie said, “Keep it in.” Silence. She turned to face the boys, finding them staring at her.

Luke blushed and said, “Huh?”

“I said, keep it in,” Natalie repeated. “I know the part you mean. Keep it in. That’s what’s gonna sell your video.”

“But everyone can see… everything,” Luke protested.

Jacob snorted laughter. “That’s the whole point, numbnuts.”

Jacob got a halfhearted punch in the arm for his comment.

“He’s right, though,” Natalie said. “I told you from the start, the more skin, the more sex you give them, the more they are gonna eat you guys up.”

“Yeah, but I’m like,” Luke blushed furiously, “you know… almost completely boned up. I don’t want people seein’ that.”

Natalie shrugged. “You got thirty-eight k from them seeing your balls in your underwear. How much do you think you’re gonna get if they see your hard-on?” To Natalie’s surprise, she felt her own cheeks growing warm as she said this. She rushed on to cover her embarrassment. “Anyway, it’s just for a few seconds. Nobody is really going to notice other than the serious pervs, the ones who will be downloading you and watching you in slow motion.” She blushed again, remembering that she’d done just that earlier. “You can only see it good for a few seconds without pausing it, so a lot of people probably won’t even notice.”

“Gee, thanks,” Luke said, scowling.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Natalie said.

“Right, she just means you have a tiny penis,” Jacob chimed in happily.

Natalie waited for the inevitable ‘bigger than yours’ which she was sure was about to follow, but strangely it didn’t come. Instead, Luke glared at her brother and said, “I will kill you.”

“You guys can fight about who’s got the bigger dick later,” she said, and saw a twinkle in her brother’s eyes. “You have to leave the shot in the video though. Anyway, I already looked through it and it’s fine the way it is. Just throw in your graphics and the sound effects stuff you do and leave it at that. Trust me. Leave it in.”

Later that night, as Natalie lay in bed, she could have sworn she heard a muffled moan come from her brother’s room. She lay awake for awhile, wondering if she’d imagined it, and if not, what it might mean.


When Natalie woke the next morning, she hurried past her brother’s bedroom on her way to the bathroom, pausing just long enough to hear silence behind the door. As she sat on the toilet peeing, she wondered what would happen if she were to quietly open their door. Would she see anything? What if she went in and sneakily pulled down their covers? Would they be naked underneath? Would they be hard? She’d heard all about boys and their morning erections.

Wiping and flushing, she quickly washed her hands. In order to get the thought out of her head, she decided to just jump straight into the shower. She once again pushed down her panties and then peeled off the large t-shirt she liked to sleep in and dropped both in the hamper. Then she took a moment to look at herself in the mirror. Natalie was 5’6”, a bit taller than other girls her age. Her build was slim and athletic, due to her participation in soccer and the swim team, like her brother, although she swam and he dove. She was only an A cup, but she really liked her boobs, and thought they fit her perfectly. Between her legs was a small, black triangle of hair. Turning, she saw her long black hair flowing down to the middle of her back and below that a firm, athletic ass.

Before hopping in the shower, she had to move the two pairs of boxer-briefs the boys had left to hang dry. She grabbed them and tossed them into the hamper after her own clothes. Getting into the shower after the water was warm, she began to soak and then shampoo her hair. The shower was enclosed in glass and she glanced at the door, realizing she’d forgotten to lock it. What would happen, she wondered, if one of the boys chose that moment to come in and pee? Maybe with a pee hard-on? She felt her nipples stiffening at the thought, and tried to concentrate on something else, feeling ashamed of her thoughts. Still, her eyes kept drifting to the door.

Eventually, she finished her shower, and then she lingered over drying herself, dragging the fluffy towel over her body in such a way that some part of her body was always exposed to the door. When she realized what she was doing, she once again berated herself and, wrapping the towel around her body, she headed to her bedroom. There was still silence behind Jacob’s door.

When the boys finally stumbled down the stairs about an hour later, it was to find Natalie cooking eggs and bacon in a small red bikini. Both boys stopped dead, staring. Natalie knew they were there; had heard them coming. Her back was to them and she’d carefully arranged the back of her bottoms so that her left asscheeks was mostly exposed. Enough to show a tan line anyway.

It was Jacob that broke the silence. “You goin’ swimming, Nat?”

“Nope, thought I’d go down and volunteer at the soup kitchen. Of course I’m going swimming, dork. If you guys want toast, you have to make it yourself.”

That got them moving. The boys shuffled into the kitchen, each shirtless, smelling of something Natalie didn’t know how to describe other than to say ‘boy’. It was an odor she used to think of as funky, but she now somehow found strangely alluring. She again found herself questioning, was it something about the boys that had changed, or something about herself?

Luke grabbed the loaf of bread. She glanced over at him, saw he was wearing the red shorts from last night and that he had quickly averted his eyes from her when she looked at him. Jacob joined him at the counter and they talked toast and the buttering thereof while she finished up the scrambled eggs.

Jacob was in blue shorts. That’s when it hit her. She flashed back to the night before, when she’d been so captivated by the look of her little brother walking back toward the sofa, his dick pressing against the front of his red shorts. So the boys were wearing each other’s shorts. She guessed that wasn’t so unusual. However…

Natalie had been pretty sure last night that Jacob wasn’t wearing underwear underneath his shorts. After all, he’d gotten the one’s he’d been wearing wet, and the way his dick had been dangling in his shorts last night, and the way his shorts had slipped down on his skinny hips without displaying a waistband from anything underneath had all lead her to believe he’d been going commando. So, if he’d been going commando, it sorta followed that Luke was doing the same. If you followed that logic, then the fact that they were each wearing different shorts this morning meant they hadn’t slept in their shorts, which meant they hadn’t slept in anything.

Natalie fought off that image, and also fought to keep from scowling at the boys, as if her strange thoughts were somehow their fault. The person who she should be blaming was Noah Baker, the jerk who had screwed her and then dumped her. Admittedly, their first time together hadn’t been all that great. Well, it had been great up until the part where he fucked her, which had kinda sucked honestly, but the second and third time, over the next couple of days before summer break, well, those had awakened something in her, and now that something was becoming more and more of a distraction, as evidenced by the fact that she was sitting at the table, a piece of bacon halfway to her mouth while she stared at the smoothness of twelve-year-old Luke’s chest. She didn’t even realize it until the boy looked down at himself, brushing away imaginary crumbs.

Natalie quickly looked away, and then spent the rest of the meal only occasionally adding a minor comment to the conversation between the boys. When she finished, she announced, “I’m getting in the pool. You guys can clean up since I cooked.”

There was a bit of grumbling, but that was a pretty accepted rule around the house, so it wasn’t too bad. Then Natalie headed out back to the pool and dove into the warm water. She swam some lazy laps for about ten minutes, always with a sly eye out for the boys, expecting them to join her. To her disappointment, they didn’t.

Natalie couldn’t figure it. She knew she looked hot, and hot and wet should have been a real draw for the two preteens. She wondered for a moment if they were gay. That would certainly explain a lot, she felt. Then she did a mental head shake. There was no way. She’d seen the way Jacob, and even Luke, had looked at her in the past. Which wasn’t to say they weren’t a bit bi. She was fairly sure there was something going on between those two. Or perhaps that was just her horny imagination.

Finally, after waiting about thirty minutes, the girl got out of the pool and patted herself dry. She went up the stairs in her wet suit, stopping in the doorway of Jacob’s bedroom when she heard them talking and found the door open. They informed her they were checking views and reading comments on their videos. They knew enough not to give out any personal info to any of the creeps trolling their channel, and they were happy to answer all ‘safe’ questions. They asked if they should remove the extremely creepy comments, and Natalie said to keep them. She felt it gave the vids an especially sexy vibe. Let the creeps creep and the anti-creeps (who were likely creeps in disguise) yell at the creeps about being creepy.

As for sexy, she could tell that the boys were checking her out as she stood there, but they were being careful not to be obvious about it. The way they were sprawled out on Jacob’s bed didn’t allow her to see if she was having any sort of a physical effect on them, but she found herself imagining that she was until she realized that her nipples had stiffened and were drawing their attention. Then she felt silly because that’s the sort of attention she’d been trying to get, and now it was making her a bit uncomfortable. So she told them to be careful and headed to the bathroom.

After a quick pee, she took an equally quick shower, just to get off the chlorine. Drying off in front of the mirror, she realized that she’d once again forgotten to lock the door, which she’d always been so careful about in the past, what with a curious baby brother around.

Feeling suddenly brazen, Natalie opened the door a crack. She listened, hearing Jacob and Luke still talking and laughing in Jacob’s room. Heart beating a tattoo in her chest, she pulled the door open all the way. Forcing a nonchalance she certainly didn’t feel, she continued to dry herself, watching her image in the mirror as she caressed her pert young breasts, as she slid the towel sexily between her athletic thighs, shivering as the material rubbed against her swelling pussy. Breath growing faster she imagined either of the boys walking the ten feet down the hallway and finding her there like that.

However, they never came. She could plainly hear them talking, laughing over the comments, making sounds of amused disgust over the creepier ones. Heart now in her throat, she stepped into the hallway, towel dragging the floor in her right hand, and fully exposed. She took one step, two, three, four, until she was just outside her brother’s door. She stood there, naked, excited, wondering what would happen if she took one more step. If she just framed herself in Jacob’s doorway, her nipples stiff, her pussy dripping.

Then she heard Luke say something which didn’t even register and the sound of the mattress squeaking. She hurriedly wrapped the towel around herself and took a step back, then another just as quickly forward, just in time to run into the blond boy as he exited the room.

“Sorry!” Luke said, as he put steadying hands against her hip and shoulder. “I didn’t-”

“It’s okay,” Natalie interrupted awkwardly, and then she hurried past him into her room.

Leaning backward to close the door behind her, she felt her heart pounding. With a sigh, she let the towel drop. Then she fell with a frustrated sigh face down on her bed. Why hadn’t she dropped her towel then, she wondered. That would have been the perfect opportunity, she knew. It would have seemed perfectly reasonable and she could have exposed herself to the boy with far less embarrassment than a brazen flash. Then she wondered why in the hell she would want to do that in the first place because he was only twelve fucking years old. What was happening to her?

Angry and confused, she stood, still breathing heavily and determined to do something, even if it was something stupid. Still naked, she pulled her door open and stepped boldly out into the hall. Then she was confronted with Jacob’s closed door and she was brought up short. She leaned close to listen and heard muffled voices, practically whispers. With a sigh, she leaned against the one foot of wall space separating their two doors and burned with frustration.


Back in her room, sitting on her bed still naked, Natalie spent the next thirty or forty minutes putting together a compilation of all the most revealing moments from the raw footage of the two challenges she’d filmed. She felt weird and dirty looking for revealing shots of her baby brother and his little friend, but she was also incredibly aroused. When she was finished, she had about three minutes of highlights, which she then put on a loop with the sound down while she brought herself to a shaking orgasm.

Afterward, she guiltily closed her laptop and hid it between her mattress and box spring. Cleaning her hands and between her legs with the towel she had from earlier, she carefully dressed. She’d heard the boys exit Jacob’s room a bit ago. She wasn’t sure where they’d gone, but doubted they’d left the house. She felt she was thinking a bit more clearly after coming, but she still thought carefully about what she wanted to wear.

Eventually she settled for a pair of tight yellow athletic shorts and a slightly too large spaghetti strap shirt in pink. With no panties, the outline of her young pussy was plainly visible. She also knew that bending over too far would give the boys a look down the front, and even the side, of her shirt at her braless tits. Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she set out.

She found Jacob and Luke bouncing around inside the trampoline in the backyard. It was a big one, and surrounded by a ring of netting. Their father had mostly bought it for Jacob, so that he could practice flipping and such for his diving training. Now the boys were entertaining themselves just bouncing around doing simple flips. They were dressed still in the gym shorts from earlier and still shirtless. As she approached she noticed that each flip was followed by a careful adjustment of their shorts, because they would dip dangerously low, threatening to slip down off their skinny hips, exposing that deep expanse of groin each boy sported between their muscled V cuts.

Jacob saw her first and called out, “Nat! Hey, we were thinking maybe we could do some kind of tramp challenge. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

“How do you turn bouncing into something pervs are gonna want to see?” she asked as she approached.

The boys bounced a bit, thinking. “We could do strip flipping,” Luke suggested with a grin. Seeing he had their attention, he continued. “Like, we have to keep bouncing, okay? And then on each flip, you have to take off a piece of clothes. Like, flip, take off a sock, flip, take off a shirt. Like that.”

“Okay,” Natalie said, “but then how is it a challenge?”

“Uh…” he bounced lightly as he thought.

Then Jacob said, “How about we time it? So, like…” he paused, thinking, then, “…okay, so you start off with the same number of clothes. Like shoes, socks, shorts, shirt and maybe a hat. And then you start the clock. So you have to keep flipping, and every flip, you have to take something off. BUT, if you screw up, and don’t get it off, then you have to stop and put that piece back on. That way you lose time. So the person who takes it all off first in the fastest time wins!”

“Not fair,” Luke said. “You flip better.”

“Well, but maybe not flip and strip better. We should try it,” Jacob suggested.

“Well not now,” Luke said pointedly.

Jacob giggled. “Scaredy-cat.”

“Then you do it,” Luke dared.

Natalie felt her heart skip a beat.

Jacob giggled, and with an evil grin, began to push his shorts down with thumbs hooked on either side. Lower and lower they slid, while Jacob’s eyes slid between Luke’s and his sister’s. More and more smooth groin was uncovered, until there was no doubt he wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and then he suddenly turned and mooned her with a laugh before tugging them back up into place.

“You’re crazy,” Luke announced.

Jacob just grinned, eyes glinting with mischief. He met his sister’s eyes and Natalie tried for casual as she said, “Freeballin’ it, huh, bro? Bold choice.”

“If you got it, flaunt it. That’s what mom says,” he said with a hand on his cocked hip and a sassy snapping of his fingers.

Natalie just laughed it off, but in her mind was the sight of her brother’s muscular little ass and that muscled V leading down into the pale expanse of groin. They talked about the challenge for a bit, and Natalie admitted it was a possibility, but the entire time she was aware of how stiff her nipples were and how visible they were through the thin material of her shirt; a fact she knew wasn’t lost on the boys, as were the fairly obvious lumps the boys eventually developed before quickly sitting to hide them beneath carefully folded hands.

When she left them a bit later, she felt she’d somehow won back some margin of control.

End of part 2

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