The Snow Cabin
Levi Holland

Chapter 3

The ski lifts were visible well before we pulled into the crowded parking lot. It was impressive how high the cable lines climbed up the mountain, disappearing into the thin veil of early morning clouds covering the peak. The people on the lifts near the very top were no more than tiny black specks from our car.

“I can’t wait to get up there,” Luke said, smushing his face against the car window to see better.

“You can change your mind still,” Dad said to Mom. She was nose-deep in her spy-romance novel, turning the page before looking up.

“Absolutely not,” she said. “The sooner I’m in the spa, the better. Clearly I’m not built for the cold.”

“Dad, can I try snowboarding?” Luke asked.

“Really?” I asked. “You’re going to snowboard?”

“It can’t be that hard.”

“Why not just ski like always?”

“Duh? Because we always do?”

“Guys, not now, please,” Dad said.

Despite our bonding over the past two days, Luke and I were still typical siblings, and arguing over nothing was part of the deal. But whatever. If Luke wanted to waste his whole day struggling to snowboard, then so be it. I planned on enjoying my time skiing.

We got out of the car, and I pulled my scarf tighter to fight against the chill. The extra layers of clothes I had on made me look like a puffy marshmallow. Luke adjusted the ski goggles propped on his head before fidgeting with that dumb wooden necklace he bought from the craft shop yesterday. I told him he should have left it behind, but he insisted otherwise. It was just a matter of time before he accidentally snapped the cord and lost it somewhere in the snow.

“Let’s get checked in,” Dad said, “then we’ll hit the slopes.”

Thirty minutes later, after double checking our registration and getting fitted for our gear, we headed upstairs. The main level of the resort featured a large lounge space where families could relax at different tables. The smell of baking cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate filled the air, and even though we just came from breakfast, my stomach grumbled. Soft music played through the overhead speakers as a group of smaller kids rushed past us and out the main doors.

We followed them outside, shielding our eyes against the early morning sunlight bouncing off the snow. Luke set his board down and clamped one of his snow boots in its slots. When he tried to shimmy forward, he lost his balance and toppled over into the snow. Dad and I both laughed.

“See? Not as easy as it looks, huh.”

“Just give me a minute,” he said. “I’ll get it.”

He did not. Luke kept falling, and eventually I told Dad to start without us. I would hang with Luke on the bunny slopes until he learned his way around the snowboard. Being a comfortable skiier meant there was no challenge for me on the bunny slopes, but I still had to dodge all the newbies who lost control and crashed every few seconds. Even though Luke’s entire backside was covered in snow powder, he did improve throughout the morning, which was good, because I was getting bored babysitting him. After a little bit of convincing, we decided to press our luck on the next slope up.

We waited about ten minutes until it was our turn to take the lift. After we lowered the bar to secure ourselves in, the cable wire groaned above us as we began our slow climb up the mountain as the snow fell softly around us. There were a few moments of awkward silence between us until Luke suddenly turned to face me.

“Hannah, can we talk about last night?”

I cut my eyes over to his furrowed brow, like he was wrestling with a thought in his head.

“Why did you kiss me?”

My heart started beating faster. Luke and I never had the chance to talk this morning since Dad woke us early for breakfast and our ski trip. Now we were alone again, at least relatively, and of course he would want to talk about the kiss. So did I.

“I wanted you to know what it was like,” I said. After a little pause, I added, “And I guess I wanted to know what it was like, too.”

“What did you think?” he asked.

What did I think? I thought Luke’s lips had an impossible texture to them, somehow both soft and firm as I pressed against them. Every nerve ending in my lips was electrified as we shared a level of intimacy I had never experienced before. That one touch had forced goosebumps across my whole body. Maybe part of why it felt so special was because it was Luke. He was my brother, someone I cared deeply for. And maybe that love had more depth to it than I first realized.

All that seemed like a bit much to lay on him right then, so instead I said, “It was nice…I liked it.”

He blushed. “I did too,” he said. “I thought maybe, if you wanted, we could—”

“Kids! Luke, Hannah!”

My brother and I looked down to the slopes below where Dad had paused to flag us down with a wave. His phone was in his free hand as he snapped a picture of us and the surrounding landscape. God he was embarrassing sometimes. Other people skiing past paused to look at us, and I waved back at him so he would shut up. Luke and I giggled together as we rode past him and over a small grove of evergreen trees. I was about to ask Luke what he was going to say when I noticed something strange happening with his necklace.

“Luke, your necklace. Look!”

He tucked his chin down and lifted the thin piece of carved wood in his hands.

“Oh, awesome! I didn’t know it could do this.”

The wooden totem was covered with small etches that might have been symbols from another language. In its center was a larger sign I didn’t recognize surrounded by inward facing arrows. All that I had seen before. What caught our eye was the cerulean glow coming from somewhere within those symbols.

“Why is it doing that?”

I had never seen something like this before. Leaning forward to get a closer look, I held my ski poles together in one hand and grabbed the totem with the other. This close to Luke, I was reminded of when I kissed him, but I shoved that thought back and ran my thumb across the etches. They didn’t feel any different than I imagined they would. There was no discomfort, no burn or tingling or anything else dangerous that came to mind. All at once the glow began to fade until there was none at all.

“It’s gone…”

“Uh, Hannah, our stop’s coming up.”

I dropped the necklace and raised the bar protecting us over our heads until it was time to dismount on the snow. The totem was still on my mind as we glided over to the slope’s edge. What would have made it react like that? As Luke craned his head to plan his route down the slope, I found myself alternating between his cute face and the necklace he wore.

“Well, here goes nothing,” he said.

Luke shuffled over to the edge and angled his snowboard forward. Almost immediately he wobbled and lost his balance again before sliding down to a stop. Oh, brother. I was gonna have to ditch him if I wanted some practice on the tougher slopes. “Later,” I told him and slalomed through the snow and ice on my way down the mountain where I found Dad waiting for us at its base. It was a while before Luke tumbled his way down, his clothing and hair smothered in powdery snow. He shot Dad and I a toothy grin and gave a thumbs up from the ground.

“I think it’s time to eat,” Dad said.

Once inside the resort, the three of us scarfed down some cheeseburgers for lunch, but by the time we made it back out, a thick blanket of clouds had rolled in. No more clear skies or sun shining down on us. The clouds brought a chill with them, and after a couple more times down the slopes, we packed it up for the day. Mom was inside reading her novel. Her feet were propped on a chair as she drank from her cup of hot chocolate. There was a glow about her face, so I’m guessing she got all the pampering she was after. By the time we finished returning our rentals with Dad, she had finished her drink and was ready to go.

“Did you all have fun?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, but I suck at snowboarding,” Luke said. “And my butt is so sore.”

Luke reached back to grab his cheeks, and I briefly pictured him doing the same in just his briefs or less.

“Well, I had the perfect day,” Mom said with a smile before looking at Dad. “I should be very relaxed tonight.”

Luke didn’t seem to catch the hint, but Dad and I sure did. He stammered the whole way back to our car. We loaded our bags and strapped in before making the hour drive back to our cabins. With the soft rumbling of the car and the heat coming through the vents, I was nodding in and out of sleep. One of the times my head jerked awake, I noticed Luke inspecting his necklace. Stifling a yawn, I leaned over to him.

“Is it doing it again?” I whispered.

He angled the totem of wood in my direction. No glow.

“What do you think it was?” I asked.

A few sirens wailed behind us as Luke shrugged, and Dad pulled over to the side of the road to let an ambulance race ahead of us followed closely behind by a firetruck and two squad cars. They seemed in a hurry to get to their destination, despite the rough weather making the roads treacherous.

The snow was getting much worse, collecting on our windshield in thick clumps before being wiped away. The weather forced us to drive slower, and Dad kept a white-knuckle grip on the wheel the rest of the way back. When we finally reached the thin gravel street that led to the cabins, our car tires slipped along several patches of ice. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when Dad safely parked the car.

The first thing I had to do after getting out was stretch. After a jam-packed day of skiing and being cramped in the car, my body was stiff. A hot shower would be just what I needed. Leaning forward to touch my toes, my muscles began to relax all through my legs, my glutes, and lower back. I held the deep stretch for about half a minute, and when I stood back up, Luke quickly shifted his gaze in the opposite direction. His cheeks looked a little rosy too.

“I’m getting in the shower first!” he shouted and dashed into the cabin.

Brothers are so weird sometimes.

“Huh, that’s strange,” Dad said.

I was about to agree with Dad that yes, Luke was very strange, but he was distracted by the scene across the valley. Now that the sun had dropped below the nearby peaks, the mountain side facing us across the valley was covered with enough shade to make out a bunch of siren lights reflecting off the trees. We couldn’t see anything specific this far out, but it seemed like it had something to do with the vehicles we passed on our way back. A thick plume of black smoke drifted from the cabin in front of the emergency vehicles.

“Hope everyone is okay,” Mom said. She slipped in beside Dad and wrapped an arm around his waist.

He kissed the top of her head. “I’m sure everyone’s fine.”

I don’t know how I felt about that. Things weren’t fine if a bunch of ambulances and police cars showed up at your place. Something was seriously wrong.

“Hey, Hannah,” Dad said after I turned to go inside our cabin. “Make sure you wash up quick. Probably want to get an early dinner tonight if the snow continues to pick up.”

I nodded and went inside, waiting for Luke to finish his shower. After a day of skiing, my body was ready to collapse. Hopefully between the warmth of a shower and a bite to eat I’d be more refreshed. About ten minutes later, the shower squeaked to a stop, and Luke came out wearing nothing but the towel wrapped around his torso. His hair was still damp, and a few stray droplets clung to his body as they ran down his chest and stomach.

“Just grabbing my stuff,” he said, his bare feet padding across the floor. “I’m almost done.”

“No worries,” I said. When he leaned over to grab his clothes, there was the barest hint of his crack showing as he rummaged through his duffel bag. My groin tightened a bit as I perved on him. After Luke left to go change and returned fully dressed, it was my turn to grab a much-needed shower.

“I’m hungry again,” he said. “Any idea what’s for dinner?”

“Dad said we’re going out after I’m done.”

“I hope we go to that diner again. They had good food.”

I laughed as I grabbed my clothes and towel. “You think all food is good food.”

He stuck his tongue out at me. “Well duh, that’s because it is.”

After my shower, we left the cabin and began the short drive into the valley. I pulled out my phone, having wrestled with the idea of mentioning anything about what happened between Luke and I to my best friend, but finally I decided to ease into the conversation to see how Sarah responded first. Besides, I also wanted details about the latest between her and Jeremy. I flipped to her name under the besties section and opened up our chat. After a little bit of bullshit between us, I took the plunge.

Hey, so guess who got their first kiss?

When Sarah saw the message, her response was immediate. !!! Whaaaat? Tell me everything!

Relax, horndog. It was just a small kiss on the lips. But it was pretty sweet.

No way! What’s his name? Is he a hottie?

Luke was playing a game on his phone, his face fixed in concentration as he tapped away at the screen. The backlight let me admire his short, brown hair and freckled nose. I couldn’t explain why he was having such a strong effect on me. I would have never thought about Luke this way before the skiing trip. I mean, yeah we were always close, but this was on another level. Was it my fault because of the kiss I gave him the night before? I had a feeling I had awakened something between us, and I wasn’t sure I could put that something back in the box. I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

But I also wasn’t ready to share those feelings with everyone just yet.

Couldn’t grab a pic, but you’d like him. Freckles to die for.

Oh my god. If U get the chance to see him again, u gotta slip away and make out. Or see his dick.

Haha, whatever, slut. How about you and Jeremy? Any updates?

She told me they were gonna hook up sometime in the next couple days. It seemed crazy to me since they barely knew each other, but I was also the one fantasizing about my brother, so who was I to say what was crazy and what wasn’t? Still, it sounded like my best friend was about to lose her virginity if everything went right. That was pretty exciting!

Before I knew it, we were there, bumping over the curb of the diner parking lot. Snow swirled every which way, and Dad dropped us off at the front of the diner while he parked the car. The moment I stepped out, the bitter air stung my face and whipped my hair around. The sooner we were indoors, the better.

The diner bell chimed overhead as Luke and I followed Mom inside. After the menus were brought to the table, Mom excused herself to the bathroom while we waited for Dad. Outside, the snow had piled up several inches since this morning, and I worried how much it might build in the coming hours or days. I didn’t love the idea of being holed up in the cabin for the rest of our trip.

“Hannah,” Luke whispered beside me. “This old lady keeps staring at me.”

Across the diner was an elderly Native American woman with gray hair and small, squinted beady eyes. Her face was smushed with wrinkles, but she didn’t seem too unkind or even ugly. I knew she was a totally different race, but she kind of reminded me of the grandma from that movie Coco. She wore multiple layers of colorful clothing to keep her warm, and I almost missed the familiar wooden necklace wrapped around her neck.

“Come with me,” I told him.

“What? Hannah, wait! I don’t want to go over there.”

I ignored Luke and walked over to the woman’s table. Mom was still in the bathroom, and Dad hadn’t come inside the diner yet, so this might have been my only chance.

The woman regarded me with those same beady eyes but said nothing.

“Sorry for interrupting,” I said, trying to be polite, “but your necklace. Why do you have one that looks just like my brother’s?”

Luke had shuffled hesitantly to my side, lifting his necklace as if to help the lady see it better.

She regarded it a moment before nodding. When she spoke, her voice was like feathers and dust. “All my people carry one like it.”

“Why was it…” Luke started to ask, and then gained his confidence. “Why was it glowing earlier? Does yours do that? What does it mean?”

Her eyes widened, and in automatic response, her hand embraced her own totem. “It is a warning.”

“A warning from what?”

The bell above the diner door rang out the same moment her lips formed around the word: Wendigo.

I wasn’t even sure I heard it right. What in the world was that even supposed to mean?

“Where’s your mother?” Dad asked as he walked up beside us. “Oh, hello. I hope my kids aren’t bothering you.”

The woman only regarded Luke and I with the same chilling stare as she clutched her necklace. She said nothing more, but there was no mistaking the tremble of her hand as it gripped the totem. Dad led us away to our table and asked what the woman was talking to us about, but I could only shake my head. I probably had more questions than he did. Luke gave me the classic crazy sign with a twirling finger beside his head, but after seeing the way his necklace glowed earlier today, I wasn’t so sure the old lady was crazy.

When Mom came back, her hands smelled strongly of hand soap. All of us were silent, lost in our own thoughts. “Did I miss something?”

A couple times on our way back from dinner our car slipped on patches of ice, worse than when we returned from the ski trip. Dad thought it best to stay indoors tomorrow since our weather app said the snow was expected to intensify throughout the night. Luke was worried about being snowed in, but Dad said the odds of that were pretty slim.

“Yeah, but what happens if we are snowed in?” I asked. “Does Hank have some kind of snowplow machine or something?”

“Uhh…I’ll ask,” was all Dad could say, but there was no point pushing the issue. We had to spend the night in the cabins since all our stuff was there, and no way were we trying to drive down the mountain to somewhere safer in this weather. As it was, we were lucky to make it back in one piece. Our car was clearly not equipped for the snow. After arriving at the cabins, we said our goodnights to Mom and Dad before running inside to get warm. It was good we had left the heater on. The warm air wrapped us like a blanket as we shook off the snow from our coats and shoes.

Luke set his necklace and the rest of his things near the nightstand before plopping on the bed. We laid together and watched a few dumb cartoons that didn’t really interest me. They cracked Luke up, though, which was always nice to hear. Some of the scenes even got a laugh out of me. After an hour though, Luke started getting restless and wandered around the cabin.

“It’s fun when we’re out doing stuff, but this part of the trip is so boring,” he said. “We should play a game.”

“Like what?”

He was opening up some of the drawers and pulled out a crusty cardboard box from the stone age. “I don’t know… what is this? Backgammon?”

“Never heard of it,” I said.

“We could play cards,” he said. “Dad bought us a pack from the store yesterday. I have some candy we can use, too. You know, for prizes or whatever.”

“Sure, that sounds…different, at least.”

Luke went to our bags and pulled out a fresh deck of cards. I turned off the TV and sat cross-legged on the cabin floor while he fiddled with the cellophane wrapped around the box. Once he had it undone, he sat down with a bag of half-eaten M&Ms, which he shook out and split between us.

“You’re not planning on eating these later, right?” I asked.

He shrugged and shuffled through the cards in his hands. “Maybe. Nothing wrong with them.”

“Eww…that is…so gross.”

“Doesn’t bother me,” he said cheerfully as he dealt two cards for each of us. “We’ll play Texas Hold’em for now.”

“Sure.” I took a look at the cards in my hand. Nothing but a 3 and an Ace, but Dad had taught us how anything was possible this early in the round.

“One M&M,” Luke said, tossing his in, and I matched him. When he flipped the first three cards over, the flop showed an Ace, King, and a 7. That was nice for my Ace, but something there was making Luke grin. He had a pretty terrible poker face. I threw in another M&M just to show I wasn’t backing down yet, but he was quick to match mine.

The fourth card revealed a 3 of diamonds, which was great for me but didn’t seem to interest Luke. We each chucked in another M&M anyway, because why not? We weren’t really doing any high stakes betting. After a 10 dropped, it was time for our final bid. Luke tossed in an extra piece of candy, but I figured I might make it interesting for him, maybe bluff him out of the growing pile of candy between us. I had two pair, which admittedly wasn’t great, but since I already had one of the Aces, the odds were pretty low for him to have anything better.

He chewed his lip as he worked out the numbers in his head. Come on, Luke, take the bait. I watched as Luke went to reach for his cards, and I thought he might fold, but he grabbed a few pieces of candy and instead raised me two more M&Ms.

“You’re bluffing,” I said.

“I don’t know, Hannah, am I?” He wiggled his eyebrows and held back a giggle.

“You’re on,” I said, tossing the matching M&Ms into the pile. I flipped my two pair and tried to read his expression.

“Dang, I didn’t think you had anything.” He flipped over his two cards, a Queen and a Jack. “Too bad it can’t beat a straight!”


Luke laughed as he scraped the pile of M&Ms over to his side. He played me! From the beginning. And he only got lucky on the last card. How was that fair at all!?

The two of us went back and forth, trading hands here and there, but honestly, Luke had the better luck between us. It turns out he actually had a decent poker face after all. Sometimes he got carried away and overbid, but most times he was so unpredictable that it was tough to tell when he was bullshitting or not. We were down to the final M&Ms on my side. I was all in at this point. I had no other options. Luke knew it too and took my bid without any hesitation. He was out for blood, and he intended to rob me of every piece of candy he could.

“Full house,” he said with an angelic smile, laying down an impossibly strong hand on the ground.

“Are you kidding me!? Whatever, fine. You’re the better player. Hand me some more M&Ms.”

Luke shook his head. “No, that wouldn’t be fair. It would make winning pointless. We could play for something else, though.”

“Like what, gummy worms?”

Luke was silent for a few moments. He had this same look of concentration during our poker hands, like he was working out whether it was worth it to play the hand or not.

“Is this still our safe space?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah, of course it is,” I said. What was he up to?

“Well, what if we made this next round a little different. Instead of candy, maybe we can play with…clothes.”

A little gasp escaped me. “Wait, like strip poker?”

“Maybe, I mean—” He was starting to backpedal from the idea. “Actually, forget about it. It was a dumb idea. Let’s just—”



“Okay,” I said, sensing a thickness in the air between us. “Let’s play.”

“Really?” He stuttered like he couldn’t believe his ears. “I mean, are you sure?”

“Just deal the cards out,” I told him.

I got up from the floor and made sure the curtains were pulled tight over the windows. Not like I really expected anyone to be peeking their head through our window in the middle of a night during a mini blizzard, but still.

Luke dropped part of the deck as he reshuffled the cards but eventually got a new hand passed out to each of us. Same rules as before, only this time the consequences were a lot more exciting. I might really get to see Luke naked. I couldn’t believe what I was thinking, but the thought made my heart race, my hands clammy, and my vulva wet. I squirmed on the floor as I picked up my hand.

“So, uhh, how do we bet?” Luke asked.

“Let’s just play each hand out,” I suggested. “No betting, no folding, but the loser chooses which piece of clothing goes.”

“I’m fine with that,” he said and flipped over the first three cards of the flop.

Not bad, I thought, checking out a matching pair of Kings. We played on, but by the final card, my pair of Kings hadn’t improved.

“Well, I don’t have much at all,” I said, showing my hand to him.

“Beats me,” Luke said, revealing an Ace high. “I was hoping for anything better.”

I shuffled the cards for Luke while he pulled off one of his socks, wriggling his toes near my face.

“Gross!” I smacked his foot away. I couldn’t tell him how I really felt seeing his bare foot and knowing what it could lead to. Each hand closer to bare skin was only exciting me more.

I managed to win the next hand, too, which only awarded me Luke’s other sock. The time after that, though, he got the first of my clothes, and I quickly peeled off a sock. I tried to do some quick math on the amount of clothes left between us. Luke still had his t-shirt, track pants, and presumably his briefs, while I had one sock left, my top, bra, shorts, and panties. I liked those odds, especially since luck had not been on my side the entire first game.

The next hand, I absolutely crushed Luke with a straight, while he had a measly two pair. When his shirt came off, I roamed my eyes over his torso, because why not? Clearly we knew where things were headed, so the least I could do was take my time and enjoy what I saw before it was over. His pale chest and stomach were stretched tight, without any blemishes, and I wondered what it might feel like to rest my hand against his skin. He gave a little shiver and rubbed the goosebumps along his arms. I wondered if he was more nervous or anxious.

“Next hand,” he said impatiently as he loosely shuffled the cards.

Turns out my luck was, in fact, out. I hit a losing streak and quickly lost the next two hands, much to Luke’s satisfaction. Partly because he’d always been a little competitive, but also because I was now losing enough clothes for him to ogle at me instead. He said nothing when the last of my socks came loose, but when I decided to pull my shirt off, revealing my bare stomach and bra, he found it difficult to look away. My tits, though not the biggest in the world, pushed out against my bra because of their conical shape. I’d worn this same purple bra enough times before to know that anyone could still see the top of my breasts without any trouble, which probably explained why Luke had shut up all of a sudden.

“Try not to have a stroke,” I said. “Besides, they’re still covered so it’s not really that big of a deal.”

“Erm, yeah—” he said, a furious blush spreading over his freckled face. “Sorry. It’s just—I’ve never seen any. Real ones, I mean.”

“Do you want to stop?” I asked him. I hoped he had every intention of continuing, but I also wasn’t interested in forcing myself on my brother. If he wasn’t into this, then I didn’t want to continue either.

“No, it’s fine,” he said. “I’m fine. You’re really fit.”

“You’re not too bad yourself,” I said.

Luke was down to just his pants and underwear, and I wasn’t too far behind him. I wasn’t sure which I would lose yet between my bra or my shorts, but I guess time would tell. The next hand we played was tense, without a word between us, and by the end of things, I won the hand with two pair. Luke leaned back and shimmied his pants down his legs, kicking them off and leaving him in just a pair of neon orange briefs. He kept his knees raised as he sat back up, I guess to try and shield himself a bit, but I could still his hard penis poking up in his briefs. If everything went in my favor, those briefs would be next to go.

“Guess I should have worn more clothes,” he laughed nervously.

Luke won the hand after that, and now I was just left in my matching purple bra and panties. His eyes were once again glued to my body, only this time between my legs. I knew our game of strip poker was turning me on, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see a little patch of wetness around my crotch. Apparently I was horny enough to start soaking my panties.

“Is that…” Luke started to ask, but he couldn’t bring himself to finish.

It was my turn to blush. “Like I told you yesterday, boys aren’t the only ones who get horny.”

“Wow…” was all he could say as one of his hands drifted between his legs. He gave himself a small squeeze and groaned softly. Seeing him touch himself did nothing to stop my juices from flowing. I doubted I could last too much longer without having to pleasure myself one way or another.

My heart was pounding as Luke dealt out the next hand. It would either be his last or my second to last. We hadn’t really talked about what would happen when one of us ended up naked, only that we knew the game would probably end. I’m not sure I wanted it to.

There wasn’t a damn thing good about the cards I had, but when the flop came, I thought there might have been hope for me since I now had a pair of Jacks and nothing else seemed likely. When I showed Luke, he sat there with a stunned look on his face, still holding his cards in his hand. I figured that meant he had lost for sure. When he showed me his cards, he was holding a pair of Aces.

“You lose,” he said breathlessly.

Well, this was it. Luke was about to see a very intimate part of me no matter what I chose to reveal. Either he’d see my breasts, or he’d see my pussy, and I figured since I was still in the game, it was best to hold back on giving him the top prize. Instead, I reached a hand behind my back and pinched the clasp of my bra together. The back separated, and I loosened the straps from around my shoulders, peeling away my bra and exposing my breasts.

“Wow, Hannah,” he whispered. He leaned over his hunched knees to get a better look, staring at my breasts. “They look…you look…beautiful.”

“Thanks,” I said, fighting the urge to cover myself. No one had ever seen me like this before—the closest I’d ever come was gym class, but even then we were all covered up in bras. The air in the cabin was by no means chilly, but the newness of the situation along with my nerves was making my nipples stiff. “So, uhh, last hand, right?”

Luke gulped, his eyes once again darting to my crotch, no doubt the same thought going through his mind. In this next hand, either I’d see his penis, or he’d see my vagina. No way around it.

He struggled to shuffle the cards, so I offered to do it for him and instead Luke kept staring at me. I set the deck down and picked up my cards. In my hand was a Jack and a 9 of clubs, and when the flop came, two more clubs hit the board. I was one card away from a flush, one of the better hands in poker. The problem was if a club didn’t drop, then my hand was pretty much useless.

The next card was a 9 of hearts. It was nice to have a pair, but that didn’t do much for me.

“Ready?” I asked, my hand on the last card in play. Luke nodded, and when I flipped it over, my heart soared at seeing a Queen of clubs. I got the flush!

Apparently Luke had something strong, too, because his face lit up. I wracked my brain over what he might have. Maybe two pair, maybe three of a kind somehow, but neither of those beat my hand.

Luke practically slapped down his cards on the floor. Looking at his hand, a 10 and J, he had a straight along with the other cards on the board. The smirk on his face told me everything I needed to know. He thought he had this in the bag.

“Sorry, dork,” I said, giving the same smug-ass smirk he gave me when he crushed me earlier as I laid down the flush. His jaw dropped open.

“No, but I—how? No!”

“Guess I win,” I said, returning the most innocent smile I could manage.

He was silent for a moment as he regarded me. “You promise not to make fun of me?”

Luke still had his legs drawn to his chest, so I leaned forward and placed my hand on top of his knee. “I meant what I said about this being our safe place. I don’t want to push you into doing anything you don’t want. And I would never make fun of you.”

After a few moments of consideration, he nodded. “Okay, I’ll do it. Fair’s fair.”

I held my breath as Luke leaned on his back again, giving me a quick view of his clothed butt. He grabbed the waistband of his briefs and tugged them down to his ankles in one smooth motion. I gasped as his ass came into full view, crack and all, and I caught a glimpse of his sack.

He rocked back and removed his underwear from his feet, but I couldn’t care less about that anymore. Pointing straight up in the air was my brother’s twelve-year-old penis, the first I had ever seen in real life. It was thicker than I imagined, bobbing as it strained in the air with the beat of his heart. His knees were still up, but I could just make out the mushroom-shaped tip angled towards his stomach.

“That’s really cool,” I told him truthfully. “I’ve never seen one before.”

“Same,” he said, “you know. With you.”

The cards from our last hand lay in front of us, and I briefly toyed with the idea of suggesting a few more hands, but honestly, the game seemed irrelevant now. That last hand could have shook out either way, and I took a deep breath before I could change my mind about what I was going to do.

Standing to my feet, Luke gave me a strange look, but his eyes widened as I grabbed the edge of my panties and stepped out of them. Now we were both on full display, but rather than block Luke’s view with my knees, I decided to sit with the soles of my feet together so he could have a better view of my exposed pussy.

“But why?” he asked. “I was the one who lost.”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe the same as last night. Neither of us have seen another person naked like this, so I figured it was only fair you got to see me too.”

“Can I…can I get a closer look?”

“Sure, if I can see you, too.”

Luke glanced down between his legs and with a blush about as strong as mine felt, he finally relaxed his knees. In doing so, I could finally see his penis in the full light. It stuck straight up towards his chest nearly four inches I’d guess, and I spotted a few curly hairs coming from his groin. His balls had dropped some in his sack, stretching down beneath his twitching dick. Seeing something like that compared to Luke’s cute, innocent face seemed almost contradictory.

“Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that,” he said breathlessly. “You have a lot more hair than me, too.” With my legs spread out, my vaginal lips were parted, and my opening glistened with wetness from our game of strip poker. “Do you pee from the same hole?”

“What?” I asked. “That’s ridiculous. Didn’t they teach you anything in health class?”

“Well, we do! Besides, it was kinda hard to pay attention,” he argued. “They should have taught us like this instead.”

I reached a few fingers down along my lips and spread them out. I thought Luke might faint.

“This is where we pee from,” I said and pointed a finger to my urethra. “And then below that is the vagina.”

“So what’s that bumpy thing on top?”

I explained to him about my clit, how sensitive it could get, and how I played with it when I wanted to feel good.

“What do your boobs feel like?”

I took a hand and gently squeezed my tit. “Soft, I guess, but tougher the more you squeeze.” Luke’s eyes were locked in on whatever my hand was doing. I imagine this was all a little much for him. It was for me, too, but since I had a couple years on my twelve-year-old brother, it was me guiding him through all this. Still, as much as I enjoyed making my brother happy, there was something I wanted from this as well.

“Here, give me your hand,” I said.

He looked at me like I’d just given him a million dollars. “What, seriously?”

“Just do it.”

Luke got up on his knees and came closer, his stiff penis leading the way. I noticed a little bead of moisture at the tip, but he wasn’t nearly as wet as me. I took Luke’s palm and could feel it trembling as I placed it around my breast. The feeling was immediately electric as he squeezed, a little too roughly, but after some guidance, he eased up, occasionally running his thumb over my nipple.

“Wow, this is…so cool,” he said.

“Could I touch you, too?” I asked, looking down at his straining penis.

He flushed a bit. “Sure, I guess that’s okay.”

As Luke continued to knead my breasts, I slowly wrapped my hand around his penis, startled at how hot it was to the touch. Beneath the skin, there was an expected firmness to the muscle that had a little give when I squeezed it. In doing so, Luke groaned loudly.

“Sorry,” I said, releasing my grip, “Did I hurt you?”

Luke shuddered and shook his head as he dropped his hand away from my breast. “No, feels good. No one’s ever touched me there before. But me, I mean.”

I sat back down on my knees and laughed, trying to break the tension between us. “I get it. This all feels a little weird, huh?”

“Maybe a little,” he said, “but I like it. I’m glad we decided to play.”

He surprised me then by leaning forward and giving me a quick kiss on the lips. It was a little bit longer than our kiss from last night. When Luke pulled away, his blue eyes were dancing back and forth between mine, and in that moment I felt an aching desire for him, to drink him in, to let him know he was mine.

We kissed again, only this time, our lips steadily moved against each other’s, much more relaxed than our first two times. I held the back of his head and lightly stroked my fingers through his short brown hair as we made out. It was Luke who gave in first, gasping for air. His cheeks were flushed like he might pass out.

“You’re supposed to breathe through your nose,” I said with a smile.

“Wow,” was all he could say as he leaned back on his hands and closed his eyes. There was an indescribable sexiness to how he was posed, one leg folded under himself, the other stretched out, and his steely erection never wilting for a second. The bead of moisture from before had trickled down the length of his penis, resting just above his sack.

“That thing stays pretty hard, doesn’t it?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, opening his eyes and grimacing. “It happens all the time now. Sucks when I’m at school.”

My heart was beating a little faster. “What do you do about it?”

“Usually, I just go to the bathroom, and…you know…”

“At school?” I laughed. “Aren’t you worried about someone walking in on you?”

“I’m pretty careful,” he said, “but earlier this year I definitely overheard someone doing it. He was making a lot of noise.”

I smirked and wondered how Luke would feel if he knew I’d caught him touching himself the night before. To his credit, if I wasn’t already awake, I probably would have never noticed, so maybe he was pretty careful about doing it.

“Do you need to do it now?” I asked as his penis kept twitching and bobbing. Another tiny bubble of moisture appeared at the tip.

“I mean, I definitely could, but I’ll probably just go to the bathroom first.”

“What, um…what is it like? To do it with a penis, I mean.”

His penis lurched a bit as his blush spread down his neck. “Feels…really good. Like being tickled from inside. What about you?”

“I usually rub around my clit and put a finger or two inside. I know it’s not exactly like sex is supposed to be, but it still feels good.”

“Wow, that’s cool,” Luke said. “Sometimes I wish I knew what that felt like. I mean, it’s not like I want to be a girl or anything, but—”

“No, I understand. It’s hard to imagine a penis sticking out of me.”

“Hey, Hannah? Can I ask you another question and you not think it’s weird?”

I giggled. “I think you and I are well past that point.”

“Well, earlier you got to feel me. Down there, I mean, but I didn’t get the chance to feel you. You could touch me again if you wanted, and then you and I would kind of know what it’s like to be the other.”

I weighed the pros and cons of that. Actually it sounded pretty cool, and based on Luke’s reaction earlier when I grabbed his penis, being touched by someone else must have felt pretty amazing. If I was being honest, though, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could possibly last without bringing myself to orgasm. If I had been alone, I would have cum two or three times already.

Finally I nodded. “Let’s lean against the bed, though. Might be more comfortable.”

With that, Luke and I scrunched together, our bare shoulders touching. I still had about half a foot on my brother, my legs stretching further than his, but it was neat to see us side by side like this. When his hand hesitantly reached between my legs, I spread them out to give him better access. He gently rested his palm against my pubic mound, my hair bristling against his skin.

“It’s really warm,” he said with a mix of curiosity and wonder.

When he kept moving downward, his thumb grazed against my clit, and I moaned.

“You’re good,” I told him. “It’s just really sensitive there.”

He continued exploring, tracing his middle finger along my slit, past my urethra, and to my vagina.

“Is this the place?” he asked. I nodded. “Can I try putting my finger in?”

Nodding again, I reached out and ran my fingers along the sparse pubes he had growing above his penis before finally taking his four-inch length in my hand, this time prepared for its texture and warmth and the groan Luke released when I wrapped my fingers around his dick. I gave it a few soft strokes up and down.

“Feels so good, Hannah,” he whispered, his hand pausing momentarily. I held off on stroking him until he was ready to continue. Thanks to the moistness around my pussy, he found my opening with little trouble before slipping a finger partially inside. “This is crazy, it’s almost sucking me in…”

“Yeah…” I said, leaning my head back against the mattress as he tunneled his finger in and out.

I continued stroking Luke, watching as a fresh bead of moisture appeared at his purplish-red tip. His abs flexed every so often, like the pleasure was punching him in the gut. I understood that feeling well.

“Hannah, I’m really close,” Luke said, but instead of pausing what he was doing, he pressed his hand against my mound harder, smushing my clit and driving his finger deeper inside. The pleasure and the squelching sounds of his finger as he pushed in and out was enough to nearly send me over the edge.

“Me too,” I panted. My brow and neck were damp with sweat, and I tried to hold off on cumming as long as possible, but I wasn’t the one in control. It was Luke who was incessantly driving his finger into my pussy as his palm dug against my clit.

Luke had been panting beside me, but suddenly his breath caught in his throat, and he gave a little whine as his head rolled to the side and his penis started to kick in my hand. From its tip a sprinkle of watery droplets flew into the air, dotting both his stomach and my hand. I was in sensory overload, and between his finger inside me and the fact that I’d just brought my brother to orgasm with his cum on my hand, I shuddered and moaned as I came, my pussy clenching deliciously against my brother’s moving finger. With my free hand I rubbed furiously along my sensitive clit, adding to the stimulation.

It was a good minute before my pussy finally relaxed and I could open my eyes. I was still holding Luke’s penis, which had softened only slightly. He was inspecting the fingers that were in my pussy, rubbing them together before smelling the juices on them.

“I think that was the best orgasm of my life,” I finally managed to say.

“No kidding. I thought just regular cumming felt good. It’s way better with someone else!”

I smeared my brother’s tiny bit of semen between my fingers and gave a smile. “I guess I was right about you making cum.”

“What does that mean?” he asked.

“Well…I might have overheard you last night. Doing it under the covers.”

Despite all we had just experienced, Luke was still beside himself in embarrassment. “You were awake!?”

“Oh, relax. We just came in front of each other. So what if I was awake last night?”

He seemed to consider that as he gave his penis a few absent tugs. “I only started making it a few months ago. It’s not even the real white stuff yet.”

I went to roll over from the mattress, and in doing so, a huge yawn escaped me. Having an orgasm always tired me out, and this one had been a doozy.

We went to the bathroom to wash our hands and wipe ourselves down, although Luke started giggling as he counted the number of stray cum droplets on his stomach. He told me he’d never shot like that before, only dribbled some out before. When we brushed our teeth and returned to the bedroom, we started to grab our clothes but paused with our underwear in hand. It seemed foolish to be bothered with clothes now. We could always put them back on in the morning. Instead, we set them in a pile near our bags and crawled under the covers together.

I turned off my lamp, and Luke turned off his, and for a moment we lay there together in the dark and silence. Luke reached across the bed and took my hand in his, interlocking our fingers before giving me a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, Hannah. I’m glad we did that. It was really fun.”

“Me, too. Goodnight, dork,” I told him, and we went to sleep.

End of Part 3

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