Kyle’s Little Discovery – Part 4

I thought I was waking up from a dream when my eyes opened. For a long time, I thought I had dreamed that me and Mom had rubbed our bodies together. Then as I looked around, I was lying in her bed, snuggled up tight next to her body. She didn’t have anything on. And neither did I.

Then I realized it wasn’t a dream. We had really been doing stuff together. I wanted to hug my mom right then. Somehow or another, she knew what I had been hoping for since she’d given me my bath last night. Oh, man. She’d given me the best birthday present I could have wanted.

As I lay there beside Mom, she looked so peaceful and beautiful. I didn’t know exactly how to kiss, but I sure wanted her to teach me so that I could kiss her back and show her how much I love her. She shifted in bed, and her arm stretched out, and that let me inch in closer, and that’s when I leaned forward and put my lips on my mom’s.

Her eyes fluttered open, and I pulled my face back, uncertain that was really how she wanted to be awakened.

Mom blinked a few times before she said, “Mmm, good morning, my love. That’s a nice way to wake a girl up.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I thought about what me and her had done last night. “Well, I’m not very good at kissing, but I really wanted to wake you up with a kiss.”

She rolled onto her side, and I felt her boobs against my chest as she said, “I think that’s easily fixable.

Then she said, “Do what you just did, and we’ll go from there.”

Eager to make Mom happy, I leaned forward and put my lips against hers. Then she did something with her lips that made mine feel good. It was like she puckered up when I kissed her. I could tell she wanted me to do the same. And when I did, I realized we were actually kissing. Me pressing my lips and Mom pressing her lips.

When it ended, she said, “What’d you think of that?”

I nodded, “That was nice.”

She grinned and said, “Show me it wasn’t a fluke.”

By the time she put her tongue into my mouth, my lips were a bit chapped, but…oh, my God! My mouth felt like it was on fire in a good way when her tongue pushed into mine. I’ve heard other kids talk about French kissing, but didn’t understand it until then.

When Mom pulled her tongue back, I could feel a connection between us and just knew she wanted me to put my tongue into her mouth. The feeling of touching her tongue and her cheeks and her teeth, it was really nice.

My tummy rumbled a couple of times, and then I felt Mom’s also rumble. That’s when she said, “That’s a pretty good lesson for now. We’ll do some more practicing later.”

I was tired when we got home. In-service days before school won’t wear you out like a full day with a classroom full of sixth-graders, but by the time the day was over, I was ‘stick a fork in me and call me done’ done.

Kyle was a big help throughout the day. The middle school took a fairly relaxed attitude to the in-service days, and I wasn’t the only teacher who brought my kid with me to help me get my classroom set up. Of course, the real reason is that most of us couldn’t find daycare for just two weeks before the start of school, and our principal was nothing if not understanding.

One the way home, we swung by Dairy Queen and picked up some hamburgers and onion rings. With the last Friday before school starts by back up nearly over, the last thing I wanted to do was stand in the kitchen and cook dinner.

By the time we’d finished eating, I was ready to relax in front of the TV with Kyle. I think we were both dreading the end of summer a bit, and the thought of cuddling up next to him and watching something on TV put a smile on my tired face.

We had just finished watching the Wheel of Fortune when he looked up at me and said, “Bath time tonight?”

My arm wrapping around his narrow shoulders and I leaned against him and sniffed. He smelled delightfully of boyish sweat. But I didn’t want to mess with a bath tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

“I think we can skip the bath tonight, Kyle. We’ll get one tomorrow, okay?”

I could hear a note of disappointment, “Oh. Okay.”

I hate to hear Kyle sad or disappointed. But right then, I actually felt happy. Because I knew it was because he wanted me to touch his body. And he also knew the odds of me letting him sleep in my bed were higher after a bath.

This was the last weekend before he started the fifth grade, and I wasn’t going to miss out on a chance to make both of us feel special. Not this weekend.

I gave him a little half hug and said, “What did you have in mind?”

The disappointment vanished in his voice, “I was hoping you’d let me sleep in your bed tonight. I really like it when I get to.”

I tousled his hair, “Me, too.” Then I said, “You know what one of the things I like about giving you a bath is?”

Kyle shrugged, “What?”

I dug my fingers into his ribs, eliciting a giggling fit, “Seeing you naked and making you feel good.”

When he stopped laughing, he said, “Me, too. Why can’t I have a bath tonight.”

Instead of answering him, I tugged at his T-shirt until I pulled it over his head, and then I unfastened his shorts. That’s when I said, “How about we just skip the bath and go straight for a beautiful naked boy?”

Kyle giggled as he stood up and let me slip his shorts down. His superman underwear was starting to get a bit tight on him, and I liked the way his penis normally framed the front of his briefs. Now, though, his erection was pushing out the material. I pulled his underwear down until he was completely naked.

He’d grown a little bit more over the past few weeks, and I swear he was three inches. A gorgeous three inches. I closed my legs and had him straddle my lap as I wrapped my arms around Kyle’s waist. Then I pulled him forward until our lips met.

Kyle had really improved since learning to kiss a couple of weeks ago. His kiss, which tasted of hamburger and pickles, was soft and sensual. He didn’t rush it, just letting the passion slowly build. Finally, when the kiss ended, he said, “That was nice. You know what?”

I shook my head, “No. What?”

He giggled, “You’re wearing too much.”

Of course, he was sitting in my lap, naked as the day he was born. And he was looking wonderful. It’s utterly strange. Knowing that Kyle returned my feelings and that he would never betray that trust, I am happier now than ever before.

I grabbed his hands and put them on my shirt, “You’re right. Do you want to help?”

Kyle nodded and started unbuttoning my blouse. Then he pushed the blouse off my shoulders, and I shrugged it off, letting it fall behind me.

My son hasn’t quite got the bra figured out, so I unfastened the hooks, and he pulled the straps off, taking my bra off. He dropped it on the floor and said, “Wow. they look nice.”

That was becoming his thing. Over the past few weeks, he’s seen them a few times. I’m looking forward to him seeing them lots more.

I was still wearing the skirt I’d worn to work. I had him slide off my lap. I stood up and turned around so that he could see the zipper. Kyle tugged the zipper down and then pulled my skirt down.

I looked at the couch and thought about my comfortable bed, and while I knew Kyle and I could enjoy our time on the sofa, the truth was I knew we’d be more comfortable on my bed. In my panties, I said, “Follow me back to my bedroom, and I’ll let you take them off.”

I didn’t need to look behind me to hear Kyle’s soft footfalls. When I got to my bed and turned around, he was only a step behind me. As soon as I stopped, he put his hands on the lacy hem of my panties and pulled them down. God, the boy had to be as horny as me. I climbed onto the bed and rested my head on the pillows leaning against the headboard. My legs were splayed wide, giving him a clear shot between my legs.

“You got me undressed, now what?” I asked with my best ‘come hither’ smile.

Kyle came around to what I have started to think of as his side of the bed. And he climbed up beside me and smiled, “You’re really pretty dressed like that, Mom.”

I chucked as I reached out and rubbed his belly. “I could get used to you just like this, Kyle.”

His little voice tugged at my heart, “You mean sleeping in here with you, naked like this?”

My hand drifted down until my fingers wrapped around his little erection, “We’ll see, sweetie. I enjoy falling asleep next to my little angel.”

He leaned his head back as I stroked his three inches. After a few seconds, I thought of a better way for him to enjoy this, and I slid down and rolled over until my face was just inches above his beautiful erection and the rest of me stretched out below.

Kyle had a surprised look as I lowered my mouth and touched his glans with my tongue. I’d stopped asking if things bothered him because he got upset and told me that the only thing bothering him was me asking if I was bothering him. So, now, I just slid his erection into my mouth. When my libs pushed against his pubic bone, it brought back the first time I gave Simon a blowjob. It had been toward the end of our freshman year. He had just turned fifteen, and it was right after he’d shaved his pubes for the first time. He was about five and a half inches long, and when I took him in my mouth the first time, the only other boy I’d given a blow job to the past year or so had been Stevie. And I’d taken all of my brother’s four and a half inches into my mouth without a problem. But that extra inch Simon sported made my gag reflex kick in the first time I tried to take him all in.

That wasn’t a problem with Kyle. The nice thing about being able to take a boy all the way inside your mouth is that you can apply suction and your tongue alone to make him cum. And that’s exactly what I was going to do to Kyle.

My tongue swirled around in my mouth, sliding up one side of his penis and down the other. Even when I used my mouth as a suction, my tongue still stimulated his cute little mushroom of a head, and soon the tip o my tongue slid along his urethra hole, followed by Kyle letting out a loud, wordless moan. His penis jumped and spasmed in my mouth as his hips writhed beneath my face. After about a half dozen spasms or kicks, Kyle’s penis seemed done for now.

But as I pulled off of him he stayed erect. All he needed was a chance to catch his breath, and he would be back in action. His dad was like that when we were both fourteen. But by the time he was sixteen, Simon needed thirty minutes or more for his little troopers to recharge.

I moved myself up Kyles body and kissed him before saying, “How was that?”

He was still breathing heavily as he said, “Holy crap, that was awesome. I didn’t think anything could possibly be better than when you make my orgasm with your hand, but I was wrong.”

Listening to Kyle talk about sex is so cute. The boys his age don’t have a clue about any of that, so when I explain things to him, that is his only point of reference.

I reached behind him and pulled his mouth back to mine. I loved the taste of Kyle’s mouth and almost moaned in pleasure when he slipped his tongue into mine.

As we kissed, I moved to sit in his lap. I loved the feel of his lips against my lips and his erection against my pubic mound. As I rested against him, he kissed me back and used his fingers to tweak my nipples. Finally, The pressure that had been building inside me all summer long couldn’t be contained any longer. I rose up on my knees and took a moment to line up Kyle’s tool. But I felt Kyle’s erection bump against my pussy’s opening, I sunk down on him.

When it‘s been ten years, even an inexperienced boy’s three inches feel good. Especially as his silky smooth pubic bone rubbed against the top of my slit, stimulating my clit each time I moved up and down. I couldn’t believe it. Without asking permission or telling him what I was going to do, I was making love to Kyle, taking his virginity.

I found a rhythm, moving up and down, up and down. Kyle had climaxed just a few moments before. I knew there was no hurry to rush to my own orgasm. Every few moments, I looked at Kyle’s face. His eyes almost looked like they had crossed. He had a spacy look on his face like he couldn’t believe his luck. I imagine I wore the same expression, too.

After a few minutes, my knees were telling me they were getting tired, but just about the same time, the pressure intensified, and I forgot about my aching in my legs and sped up. Up and down, even faster. Kyle’s eyes were glazed, and he had a loopy smile.

I groaned as I felt a wave crash over me as I came, “Ohhh.”

I slowed my speed only to have Kyle finally say something, “Ah, wow… I think I’m…”

He didn’t finish his sentence before I felt his penis spasming in my pussy. My orgasm had nearly subsided, but the feel of Kyle’s three inches jerking and spasming brought me right over the edge again. But, when he stopped shaking and twitching, I slipped off him and lay on my side facing him.

His eyes didn’t look cross-eyed or glazed. They sparkled. He gushed, “Oh, my God. That’s what IT feels like. Wow… Can we do it again?

His penis was still flying at full mast. I envied his stamina, but I couldn’t match it yet.

“We’ll do it plenty, Kyle. I just need a few minutes to catch my breath. I guess I don’t need to ask you what you think of sex. Do I?”

He shook his head, still smiling. “It was really cool.”

The experience had outstripped his vocabulary. Hell, I teach English, and I knew sex with Kyle would leave me speechless.

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