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The Jason Crow FAQ

The Ultimate Jason Crow FAQ

Jason Crow! You can read it anywhere on this site…
Of course not!! I’m pretty fond of my privacy, so my real name is none of your business.
No. I’m from Europe and I live in a non-English speaking country. And that’s about all I’ll give away about that!
I don’t think I can fill Alex’s shoes. And I don’t want to. I write my own stories. Admittedly, I like his style a lot and hope I can stand in his shadow with my stories some day.
In the story “Fact Versus Fiction” Alex writes about a writer. His name is Jason Crow (hmm… Is there a link with Alex Hawk? Both a bird as the last name… I don’t know.) I figured I could use that name as a tribute to Alex. And the initials are a nice reference to a historic biblical figure too 🙂
NO!!! Absolutely not! I don’t have ANY link with him. And I guess he doesn’t want to be linked with me either... And, oh... Just to be clear, there’s also no link with that biblical figure…
Absolutely! And as long I can pay for it, it’ll remain free of banners and other commercial stuff. I don’t like their trackers and want my readers to be as safe as I can get them. I’m not doing anything illegal here, that’s for sure. But the general consensus around the world is that there’s still a big taboo regarding the subjects I write about. So that’s why I think it is important to keep the trackers and cookies to an absolute minimum. That’s the main reason why there are no banners and stuff. There is a Google Analytics tracker, but I only use that one to see what the hit and bounce rate is.
Yep! For YOUR convenience. But if you like it and want to tribute to it, feel free to donate! That’s why there’s a crypto donation box on the site. And, regarding the previous question, that’s why it’s crypto and not Paypal for example.
Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m a bit undefined. Currently, I’m in a monogamous heterosexual relationship, but I’ve experimented with boys a lot when I was younger. But girls were in the picture back then too. In my adult life, I’ve had sex with a couple of guys too which I enjoyed a lot. So…. I guess I’m bisexual.
I’ve had a lot of sex when I was 12 – 15 with two of my male friends and both of their sisters. Never together unfortunately, but I guess fantasizing and thinking a lot about that, sparked something in me. One of the friends I've had sex with is Pete. My story 'Indian Summer' is based on these events.
Well… I was… And I find the bodies of both boys and girls at that age extremely interesting. The innocence at that age is something I sometimes wish I still had. Oh! And don’t worry! I’ve never acted on it (after I grew out that age of course) nor have any intentions that way, and I absolutely despise kiddie-porn!!
I’m an inexperienced writer. I’ve never had any courses or something, so I’m learning as I go. Besides that, I have a full-time job as an IT professional and a wife that needs some attention. So in the little free time I have, I need to do the writing. And then I need to be inspired too… That’s not a good combination. Besides all this, I'm also a writer that finds it difficult to write stories without a decent backstory, which is pretty time-consuming too.
Inspiration comes at moments when you least expect it. The other day a colleague was telling about her thirteen-year-old daughter having a male friend about all her life. "They’re more like brother and sister," she said. They still sleep in one bed together (he just turned fourteen). And they change clothes and stuff right in front of each other. THAT sparked something in my brain, so probably one of my stories will be about them. But also some articles I read online or watch on the news will inspire me.
Tell me all about it! If it inspires me, I’ll probably write about it.
Personally. I don’t think so. Admittedly, I have a dirty mind. But can separate it perfectly from reality. I have really fond memories of my sexual discovery during my own puberty, so I guess that’s why I’d like to read and write about it. But I'm not a shrink, so I'm just assuming here...
First of all, that’s not a question, and second: if you don’t buy it, I don’t care.
I guess because that’s how I experienced my own development. Sweet and full of mutual respect. But again... Not a shrink.
Absolutely not! Won’t happen. Ever. Never ever. These kinds of stories are such a turn-off for me, I can’t even read it. Let alone write about it.
Again: not a question, but if you say so…..
I know. But I started shaving my own pubes at 14. I didn’t like the bush I was growing. I never stopped shaving them. And I totally dig the way it looks and feels. So why not have my characters shave them?!? I’m the boss over them you know. Oh! One more advantage: It’ll make your junk look bigger 😀
That’s most definitely a tribute to Alex. He wrote it in almost all his stories and I find it a nice reference to Alex to do this too. Although, admittedly, most of the time I put in there when proof-reading my stories because I forget about it during the writing.
That’s a really difficult one! In its essence, I’m not against it. But almost every time there is a power element in play; the adult has power over the child. And I DON’T condone that!! No way! But if there’s real mutual approval, why not have fun?? But I know… In almost all cases this is not how it goes, so yeah… It’s difficult. Stop making my brain hurt!! And one other thing about this subject: I totally disapprove of parent/child sex! The power element is always there! I must admit that sometimes , on my darker days, I dig these stories. But not in real life! No way!!
True. But always with keeping the above rules in mind.
I have an older (three years) brother. And yes, when I was about thirteen / fourteen we did have sex a few times.
I don’t think so. One thing though… If you have any interesting pictures for me, send them to jasoncrowwriter@hotmail.com. Remember! No kiddy porn!! 3D / CGI pics are okay, I guess. But absolutely no real kids! I will delete them immediately and ban you! And maybe if I meet you in real life, I’ll stomp on your toes! Really… I mean it. No real nude kids!


  1. Avatar for Jon

    Did you ask yourself these questions, or were you influenced by someone else to ask and answer them…? ?

    I’ve only read “The Treehouse” so far, so I don’t know how big the age range is in the stories here, how big it is between children and teenagers (from what age is the speech….)? Children are supposedly not “that” sexually active? I definitely can’t agree with that. Children become very active from the age of 9 and try out all sorts of things, often with their own siblings or best friend because they are within reach. And “real” love between children and teenagers, children and adults or teenagers and adults happens very often. Don’t shave, teenagers fluctuate constantly, sometimes they remove their pubic hair, sometimes they leave it on …

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Thanks for asking the difficult questions! To be clear: I asked myself these questions and these are my personal opinions Everyone is entitled to have his/hers own, of course! But I don’t mind answering them for you, and (of course) I don’t mind to disagree with each other 🙂
      When I look back at my younger years, the ‘real’ interest started during puberty. Everything before that, was just innocently discovering things. Back then, my penis was there for peeing only. Yes, sometimes it got hard, but I hardly connected it with anything sexual.
      Love between adults and children CAN happen, I agree. But I have difficulties with the balance of power in such relationships. That’s my main concern, and that’s why I don’t think it’s a healthy relationship.
      And about shaving pubes… Again, when I look back at my younger years, I was too proud of the new hairs in my underwear to shave them off. I don’t know how it is today, but that’s my reference point on this. Maybe you’re right, I honestly don’t know
      Thanks for pointing this out and questioning my words! I appreciate it.

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