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Underwear challenge

A dedicated Jason Crow blog reader pointed me to this guy named Hugo. I’m told he’s Dutch, and his video’s are in that language and not subbed, but he is really cute and like to do challenges in his underwear with his friends.

Especially these video’s got my attention


I especially like the reactions from the people watching them run around in their underwear. My guess is that in the US you’ll get arrested doing this, but in Europe (and obviously The Netherlands) people are not that uptight. Hugo isn’t shy at all about his body because his channel is filled with him and his friends doing stuff like this. So check them out if you like. The link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Z-48-mX68hOTYNYP06SFg

BTW: I’m about halfway with the second part of “The Magnificent Zafar”. Right now I’m considering to maybe make it a three part story, so you guys don’t have to wait too long. As you can guess I’m kind of struggling with the story, but I’m determined to finish it. So stay tuned!!

BTW2: I’ve changed the comment option on the site. I was wondering why I was receiving such a tiny amount of comments. When I checked things out, I could see an e-mail address was required. Even though anything on this site is 100% legal, I get that you don’t want your e-mail address registered anywhere here. The content isn’t that socially accepted…


  1. Avatar for polarbears

    yes he is dutch… and no most videos are offline

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Ah… Hugo!? I almost forgot about him. Almost 🙂 Too bad his channel is offline. But he looks all grown-up now. Good for him!
      Now I wish I’ve downloaded his wonderful videos. Ah well… It was fun while it lasted.
      Thanks for pointing it out and remembering me.

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