Well… I couldn’t get the comment section to work the way I wanted. I found it way to hard for you guys to post a comment on the posts I place on the WordPress blog. The only way I could make it work, was by using a new template. Just click on the comment text above each post. In the process I also brought back the background pic that Alex used on his site, but not too sure yet if it works the way I want.

If you find it annoying or don’t like it at all, let me know in the comments 😀 An e-mail will do too. Don’t worry!

BTW: The previous post was about underwear challenges. If I google the word ‘onderbroek’ I get a lot more Youtube hits of boys doing all kind of challenges in their underwear. These guys in The Netherlands sure like showing off in their underpants! Not that I mind 🙂 Here’s another example (unfortunately these guys don’t know how to keep a camera steady, so don’t throw up watching this):