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The Magnificent Zafar – Part two

The Magnificent Zafar – Part Two
Jason Crow

“I could stay awake just to hear you breathing,” I thought.

I had woke up in the middle of the night and now was listening to Kevin sleep. I didn’t know what woke me, but I was still laying cuddled up against him as the thoughts of the wonderful evening entered my mind again. Also, I was feeling a little bit of guilt about hypnotizing him and making him do things he wouldn’t normally do.

I didn’t feel any guilt about the sex though. So yeah… I was torn between my thoughts. I figured that since we were now having great sex and were both enjoying it I should tell Kevin about the hypnotism. If he got mad at me, so be it, but I figured the chance of that happening wasn’t that big.

After I took this decision in my mind,  I tried to sleep again. Feeling Kevin’s heartbeat made me feel really comfortable and protected so I figured sleep would come again soon. My mind however had something else in store for me. It kept wondering about what Kevin had said about him and Brian getting it on. I couldn’t get the picture out of my mind of scrawny Brian lying naked on top of Kevin, both with each other’s dicks in their mouths. Although Brian was scrawny and not 100% my type, the thought did something for me. The idea of boys sucking off each other was quite of a turn-on for me I noticed, and with Kevin in that picture, it added a whole extra level to my arousal.

Damn! My pussy was wet again and I absentmindedly started rubbing it against Kevin’s leg. He stirred a bit but was still sound asleep. I was horny enough to go at it again and figured Kevin wouldn’t mind it one bit either.

My hand went looking for his dick and soon had found Kevin’s flaccid member. I realized this was the first time I had touched his dick while it wasn’t hard and I liked that too. I was getting a real cock addiction, I thought and giggled at that. I started toying a bit with his dick, feeling every inch of it. Pretty soon it started getting hard again and Kevin stirred.

“Mrgplf..” He said slowly opening his eyes, looking a bit disoriented.

I didn’t want him to think too much so I immediately crawled down under the blanket and took his amazing dick in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around its head, savoring the taste of our sex from the evening. I was getting hornier by the minute and feeling his dick hardening in my mouth added greatly to that feeling.

“Ohhhh… Laura….” I heard Kevin moan.

I kicked the blankets away so I could breathe and get more space to move around. The thought of Brian and Kevin shot through my head again, making me turn my body around, putting my pussy near his face. Kevin quickly caught on and started eating me out. We simultaneously turned on our sides to be more comfortable.

As I was slurping on Kevin’s dick with my lips moving up and down on his shaft and my tongue working the underside of his glans, I felt my pussy explode under Kevin’s magnificent tongue. I wasn’t going for a quick orgasm with Kevin. I loved his dick in my mouth and wanted this feeling to last long and as good as possible. The way Kevin was eating me out I figured he had pretty much the same idea as me, his tongue lapping slowly over my entire pussy and not just focusing on my clit. From time to time, though, he sucked my clit in his mouth and flicked his tongue over it. This felt absolutely amazing, but the next moment he was working his tongue slowly inside my pussy. All the time he moved in a slow but steady motion, with his hand also massaging my butt and his fingers near my pussy, but never touching it. Just the thought of his fingers so near my pussy was adding to the whole ‘let’s go slow’ experience. We hadn’t discussed this, it just happened.

As I was moving my mouth up and down his hard shaft I gently scraped my teeth over his shaft, careful to not touch his glans as I did that. I figured he liked this because when I did this he moaned hungrily in my pussy. By now I was so horny I would put my hand in a meat grinder if it got me off and the way Kevin was squirming made me think he was feeling pretty much the same, but we both still didn’t increase the pace. I guessed we had been oralizing each other for twenty minutes now and I had been on the verge of cumming for some ten minutes. It was fabulous!

Kevin’s escapades with another boy entered my mind again and I decided to test him. I was now moving up and down in a steady rhythm and moved my hand from his balls to his butt. My index finger slowly moved between his butt cheeks, seeking his anus. I felt Kevin’s body tense below me and his moaning in my pussy increased. My finger found its goal and I pushed my first knuckle in his anus.

I felt Kevin’s body freeze and then his dick got even bigger in my mouth. Moments later blast after blast filled my mouth!

I almost choked on his cum but swallowed everything he was feeding me. His moaning had almost become screams on my pussy which, combined with his semen in my mouth, pushed me over the edge. My legs clamped tight around his head so his mouth couldn’t move away. As my juices started flowing, Kevin’s tongue was lapping its way around my sensitive lips, licking my pussy clean.

I relaxed my legs a little and let Kevin’s now softening dick slip from my mouth. My left hand was holding on to it, not wanting to let go. Kevin was panting heavily and so was I. This was another great cum and we were pretty good at timing it so now we came together. I pulled my finger out of his ass and turned around. I kissed him hard on his mouth and as my tongue entered his mouth I could taste a pleasant mix of my juices and Kevin’s sperm.

“That’s a nice way to wake up,” Kevin giggled, still panting.

“I’m sorry,” I said in mock apology.

“Don’t be!”

We both lay on our backs, my head on Kevin’s shoulder. He draped his arm over me and was toying with my breast and still stiff nipple. I liked it but started feeling tired again.

“It’s almost four ‘o clock,” I said. “We need to sleep some more, don’t you think?”

“I was sleeping until you woke me,” Kevin laughed. “But yeah, you’re right. I’m still tired and your actions sure wear me out!”

“If it’s such an effort I won’t bother you again,” I sternly said.

“Oh no!! It isn’t an effort. I’m just not used to it,” Kevin quickly replied.

“I know, Silly! I’m just teasing. I’m tired too. Let’s sleep some more,” I yawned and closed my eyes.

Kevin let his hand lay on my tit but stopped moving it. He kissed me on my head and wished me goodnight. I slowly felt myself drift off again, feeling safe in my brother’s arms.


Even though my eyes were still closed, the light was making me disorientated. For a moment I had no clue where I was and what was happening; I was lying on my back, naked, but felt a nice warm glow over me. I opened my eyes and blinked and it soon came back to me that I was in my parent’s bedroom. When we went to bed we didn’t close the curtains so now the sun was streaming into the room. I looked to my left and saw Kevin lying on his belly, facing me, with a big smile on his face.

“Good morning sis,” he whispered.

“Morning,” I grumbled, obviously not completely awake yet.

As my eyes got used to the light I could see Kevin’s naked backside. If I didn’t know any better it was his butt that was glowing and illuminating the room. It had such a nice glow over it. I needed to tear my eyes away from his behind.

The temperature in the room was pleasant because of the sun and the house’s heating, so a blanket wasn’t necessary. Apparently, I had already noticed this while sleeping because right now the blanket was only draped half-ish across my legs, like one of those old oil paintings where the church had ordered painters to display the men and women in more decent poses by painting a white cloth over their crotches. This, of course, meant that I was nearly completely exposed. I stretched and looked at Kevin who was looking at my boobs with a huge grin on his face.

“I can get used to this,” he said.

“To what?”

“Watching you wake up like this. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful!”

“You’re being silly.”

“No! I mean it! You look so amazing in this light, naked and sleeping… and slowly waking up of course”

He crawled over to me and hugged me so, of course, I hugged him back. His dick was hard for a change and I felt him pressing it against my thigh. He turned on his side, moving in close beside me, and his hand started playing with my left nipple. I liked it a lot but also felt guilty about how it all came to this.

“I need to tell you something, Kevin,” I said seriously.

“What is it?” He looked concerned.

“You remember the itchy clothes from last night?”

“Of course. It was freaking annoying!”

“I know. Do you also remember me hypnotizing you?”

“Ehhh… Yes… But that didn’t work remember? Why do you ask?”

“Well…. I must tell you the truth, Kevin. The hypnotism DID work. I implanted the itchy clothes in your head so I could see you naked. I really wanted to see you naked. But now I’m really sorry, you know? I shouldn’t have tricked you to do this.”

I felt tears welling up in my eyes but managed to keep myself from crying. Kevin was quiet and looked at me with a bit of a puzzled look on his face.

“Really!?!? I can see you’re serious, so I believe you. But I remember absolutely nothing. Not one thing,” he said.

“It’s true. And I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be!” he quickly said, “I’m really glad you did it. I wanted to see you naked too and didn’t have a clue on how to make that work.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

“No! Of course not, dummy. You let me see you naked and had sex with me! What do you think!?” he giggled.

“But I tricked you!”

“So what? You didn’t hurt me,” and added with a laugh “You didn’t, right?”

“Of course not,” and I laughed too.

“But I still doubt it though. Can you prove it?”

I thought for a minute. How could I prove something he didn’t remember? At that moment my phone beeped, indicating a new app came in.

“How about this: I’ll make you do something and I’ll film it with my phone so you can see it.”

“Good idea!”

“I’ll make you do…”

“Don’t tell me!” he interrupted me, “Just do what you want to do. I don’t want to know it yet.”

“Okay, Kevin. Eat my shorts” No response, of course. “And sleep!”

He went limp on the bed, still lying half on top of me. I felt his now soft dick lying on my leg and was tempted to do something with that but I had already something else in mind.

“When I say you can wake up you’ll start to walk around like a zombie, not knowing where to go or what to do. You will just walk around.”

I wiggled myself out from under his body, took my phone, and opened the camera app. I pressed record and aimed it at my little brother.

“Okay, Kevin. Wake up.”

He blinked and his body twitched. He slowly looked around and clumsily got on his feet. He stretched his arms out in front of him and started walking around like a zombie. It was more of a penguin wiggle than a walk which caused his dick to sway from left to right. I was almost getting hypnotized myself while I was looking at his swinging dick, Kevin had reached the wall and looked like he didn’t know what to do. He hesitated a moment and then turned around. I focused my phone on his butt as he walked toward the other wall. When he reached that wall he turned around again, which caused me to film his swaying dick up close. All I could see in my display now was his swaying dick. As Kevin reached the wall again and turned around once more, I decided it was enough.

“Okay, Kevin. Stop!” I ordered, and he stopped immediately.

I made sure I had his whole body in my display and said, “Now Kevin. You’re no longer a zombie. Make your dick hard for me.”

He immediately took his dick in his hand and started to stroke it. Watching it slowly get hard as he was beginning to stroke it was extremely erotic and I had it all on camera. If for some weird reason this whole thing stopped I still had this to get off on. I was so focused on that thought that I hadn’t noticed his breathing started to get heavy. He was now jacking himself off in earnest. I was tempted to let him go on but figured that wasn’t fair.

“Okay, Kevin. Stop and lie down on the bed.”

He stopped jerking but was obviously still aroused. I stopped filming as he walked over to the bed and lay down on his belly. I got on the bed beside him.

“Okay, Kevin. Wake up” I ordered.

“I told you, it didn’t work,” he said, again.

“Yeah right…” I said and I opened up my video.

I laid my phone between us, so we could both watch it.

“Look,” I said.

The clip started playing and Kevin watched in silence.

“I honestly don’t remember one thing about that,” he said, as the clip came to an end. “But you’re right, though.”

“About what?”

“I DO have a nice butt,” starting to giggle, “and… Euh… Is it weird to get turned on by watching yourself beat off?” he added.

“I don’t know. But I do know that I get turned on about it,” I laughed.

“Do you mind if I finish?” he quietly asked and turned on his back. I could see he was still as hard as a board.

“If you don’t mind me doing the same…”

We were now lying in a sort of 69 position, with our heads close to each other’s genitals, which gave me a nice close-up of his dick. I spread my legs and slipped a finger in my pussy. Kevin looked at that and started jerking again. We were now both looking at the other masturbating. Even though we did a lot more last night, I was really turned on by our actions. We were both doing something extremely private, right in front of each other. My thumb was rubbing over my clit and my fingers were probing my insides as I watched Kevin’s fist move faster and faster up and down on his dick. We weren’t even trying to postpone our orgasms, just trying to get off as fast as possible. By now both our breathing had increased severely and I was getting real close to cumming.

“Ahhhhh… Here I go,” I heard Kevin moan and a few moments later his sperm flew out of his dick.

The first spurt landed on his chest but the second one splashed on his face. I didn’t know he could shoot this far and it triggered my own orgasm. Its intensity wasn’t anywhere close to my orgasm from last night, but it was still pretty decent. I heard myself moan as it washed over me.

“Ohh… I really needed that,” Kevin said, still breathing hard.

“I didn’t” I laughed. “But I liked it a lot. You look SO hot when you come!”

“I didn’t think I ever came this often in such a short amount of time. My dick is even a bit sore now”

“Well, then we’ll have to take it easy now, okay?” I said, as I turned around and licked a bit of his cum from his cheek.

“That tickles!” he said and wiped the rest of his face.

“I still need to un-hypnotize you, Kevin,” I said, a bit more serious.

“Well….” Kevin hesitated.


“What if you don’t do that just yet? I kind of dig the idea that you can control me completely, and I totally trust you to not take advantage of that, like making me do your chores and stuff”

“Really??” I was surprised by this.

“Yeah. really. Until now this whole hypnosis thing only did amazing things for me. And, as I said… I trust you.”

“Well… yeah. Of course, you can trust me! So we leave it like this then?”

“For now we do” and he gave me the cutest smile. “Maybe you’ll think of other great things we can do together”

Wow. I was totally blown away by this. This was the last thing I expected but he was right, he could trust me and I could think of a lot of other great things to do together. On a whim, I gave Kevin a big hug and was immediately covered in his sperm too.

“Let’s take a shower, shall we?”

“Good idea, sis!”

We got up and quickly went to the bathroom, so Kevin’s sperm wouldn’t be dripping on the floor. Kevin got in the shower first and I followed quickly. I watched as his sperm washed off our bodies and looked at Kevin while he was soaping up. The soap and water were running from his body which was looking like a stream of piss coming from his dick. I was feeling so in love with him and his body right now. I took the sponge and started washing him and paid special attention to his abs and patch where his pubes should be. When I was done he turned around and took my time and did his back, paying special attention to his butt. After this was all done, he washed me too and took special care of my boobs, which was nice. When we were done washing each other Kevin took his razor and wanted to start shaving his pubes.

“Mind if I do it?” I asked.

“No… not at all. But please be careful. I don’t want you to cut off my dick,” he laughed.

“Don’t worry. I shave myself too, you know, and I don’t want to lose your dick either!”

I got in real close and carefully shaved above his dick. As I was being so close to his dick and touching him there, he got hard again and I could see he was indeed a bit sore. The underside of his dick was all red. Since all the hair he had down there was above his dick I finished the shave pretty quick and got up again. I pressed my body against him and gave him an intense kiss while pressing myself even harder against him.

“Why do you shave down there?” Kevin asked. “I know I don’t want people seeing my pubes when I’m swimming, but why do you it?”

“I’ve had a few hairs growing in which gave me some nasty inflammations down there. I asked mom and she said she had that a lot too. She started shaving her pubes and her problem was gone. She advised me to do the same, so I started shaving and she was right.”

“Okay. That makes sense too. Let’s get dry, shall we?”

We got out and dried ourselves. I was the first one out, so also the first one dry. I took some body lotion from the cabinet and put some on my hand. I walked over to Kevin, took his now semi-hard dick in my hand, and started to apply the body lotion.

“Ohhhh… That’s nice” he moaned and his dick was fully erect in a millisecond.

I stroked him a little more and then wiped my hand on the towel.

“There. This way you won’t be sore anymore when it’s absorbed and we can fuck again”

He laughed and squeezed my butt as we walked out of the shower to go and eat some breakfast.


We were both in the kitchen doing what we’d normally do when we ate breakfast, the only major difference was that we were both stark naked. We didn’t talk about it or anything, we just both walked downstairs chatting and not bothering with clothes. We sat opposite to each other at the breakfast table. Kevin had made himself a PB and jelly sandwich and I had made myself some yogurt with muesli and honey. As we sat there, Kevin couldn’t take his eyes off my breasts. I decided to tease him a bit and purposely let a drop of yogurt fall on my left boob. Kevin snapped out of it and looked me in the eye.

“Oops…” I said.

Kevin lent forward over the table and licked the yogurt from my breast. He made sure it was all clean and I felt sparks shooting through my pussy as he paid special attention to my nipple. After everything was clean he sat back with a sly grin on his face.

“Thank you,” I smiled, looked him straight in the eyes, and let another drop of yogurt fall on my other breast.

“Oh no… I’m soooo clumsy.”

Kevin wasted no time and started licking my other breast clean. I couldn’t hold back a moan as he nibbled a bit on my nipple.

“There… All clean again” he said as he sat back in his seat again.

“Thanks,” I said, feeling my face glow.

“Woops…” Kevin said. “Now I’m being clumsy” and he stood up.

I could see that a large drop of jelly had dropped on his belly and had slid down to the base of his half-hard dick. I crawled over the table, lay down on my belly, and started licking up the jelly from his belly, going down to his dick. I made sure his dick was clean by giving him a short blowjob. I slipped my tongue under his glans which caused Kevin to moan. I decided that this was enough and turned on to my back. I took my spoon from the bowl and smeared more yogurt on my tits and made a trace toward my pussy. Kevin smiled and walked over to the other side of the table, moved the seat out of the way, and surprised me by slipping his dick inside me in one smooth motion.

“Ohhhh..” I involuntarily moaned.

“There!” he proudly said. “This way the yogurt can’t get inside of you.”

I didn’t expect this, but I was getting pretty turned on by this sexy use of food. And having my little brother inside me once more helped a lot too. Kevin bent down and started to lick my tits clean. As he did this, his dick moved slowly inside me, sending sparks to my brain again. His action with his mouth on my tits and nipples added a lot to the experience too. As he started to move his tongue down my body to clean my belly too, I felt his dick slowly but steadily starting to leave my body. I was pretty turned on by now and didn’t want all this to stop, so I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him back in. Kevin smiled at me and apparently got the idea. He stood up straight and started moving in and out of me. The height of his crotch was aligned perfectly with our kitchen table, so he could move in and out of me perfectly and do so with real strength. He started getting into a rhythm and I could hear our kitchen table squeaking. Each time he moved, the base of his dick rubbed against my clit. I was getting into a nice rhythm myself too.  Then, all of a sudden, Kevin stopped moving.

“Turn over” he hoarsely commanded and he pulled out.

Without any hesitation, I got off the table and turned around, laying my upper body on the table. I spread my legs and lifted my ass a little. This way I was presenting myself to my brother. He stepped in closer and slipped back in without problems. Both his hands cupped my breasts as he went back at it again. We were fucking for some time now and I loved every minute of it. Kevin was fucking me quite hard now and the slapping of our bodies and our mutual moans were getting louder and louder.

“Ohhhh… I’m getting close Laura!” he practically shouted.

“Do it!! Shoot!” I panted.


I felt his dick twitching and once again filling me up with his cum. This time I didn’t cum, but everything still felt awesome. Kevin laid across my back, his hands still on my tits and panting hard.

“Wow,” he simply said. “I think I can get used to this”

“Me too” I giggled, feeling his dick softening and slowly slipping out.

Kevin stood up and took a kitchen towel. I turned around, lying on my back again, watching him, and getting my breath back. He wiped his dick clean with the towel. After that he poured some water on a bit of the towel and cleaned my belly, wiping the last bit of yogurt from it. He started wiping the cum leaking from my pussy, and I took over. I wiped myself clean and threw the towel in a corner. When I looked at Kevin, I could see a bit of worry on his face. I hugged him and he hugged me back.

“What’s wrong, Kevin?”

“I really, really, really like what we’re doing…”

“But…” I added in the silence that followed.

“I don’t want to get you pregnant. That would most definitely mean the end of all of this”

I felt a bit relieved. I was a little worried there was some serious problem he needed to talk about.

“Don’t worry about that!” I comforted him. “I’ve been on the pill for about two years now”

“Oh?! Really?” he perked up.

“Yeah. I’ve had really bad cramps during my period. My mom went to the doctor with me, and he prescribed the pill. Now I hardly have my period and no bad cramps anymore. If I want to have a baby, I’ll have to plan it now”

“Oh… I didn’t know that. It’s a relief though. I thought about this last night but didn’t know how to talk about this. I didn’t want to spoil the great sex we have, you know?”

“I know. But you’ll have to do something awful to spoil the great sex we have” I laughed.

Kevin gave me a nice kiss and we broke the hug.

“How much time do we have left before mom and dad come home?” Kevin asked.

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was still early, almost eleven ‘o clock.

“Mom said they’d be home at around six. So we have a few hours left, but not too long. I’m guessing they wouldn’t  like seeing us like this too much”

“No! I guess not” Kevin laughed.

“Want to chill in the hot tub with me?”


One of the great advantages of this new house was all the luxury we now had. We had an outside hot tub, a swimming pool, all enclosed by a big fence, so we had our privacy. In the basement, we had a large sauna with showers, a relaxation room, and some other great stuff. Kevin opened the door, walked outside and I walked behind him. I took two big towels from the towel rack by the door and walked to the tub. I still couldn’t take my eyes of Kevin’s ass as it moved before me.

“I’m sure he can make good money with it,” I thought and pictured some of these jobs in my head.

Kevin pulled the cover from the tub and got in. As he settled in, I got in, giving him a good frontal view of my nude body. I was still a bit aroused by our actions on the kitchen table but was ready to chill in the tub.

We chilled for about half an hour making small talk and just enjoying each other’s company when Kevin asked

“How does the hypnosis trick you do work exactly?”

I explained to him about the pendant and the corresponding spell and how I was skeptical at first. I also explained the things I read online and that this pendant must have some sort of magic in it because normally hypnotism doesn’t work this way. I also told him about the trigger phrase and how that works. All the time he was listening closely and nodding now and then.

“What is my trigger phrase?”

“I can’t tell, you dummy,” I laughed, “Then you’ll be under again.”

“oh… Yeah… right. Are there any rules about it?”

“No, No rules. Just don’t make it something you say very often”

“How did you come up with mine?”

“Well, the phrase is something that I saw on the Simpsons”

“The cartoon?”

“Yeah. And I figured it was as good as any”

“Ay caramba!” he laughed.

“No. That’s not it” I smiled.

“I want to see you do it sometime. Do you think that’s a possibility?”

“I guess… But I don’t want to do mom or dad or something”

“No. That would come in handy though… But no, I don’t think that’s a good idea…”

As I was figuring out for myself how to bring to the table that I would like to do this to Logan, I noticed in the water that Kevin was getting hard again. He saw me looking and smiled. Since I was still feeling horny, I wasted no time and straddled his waist. I looked him in the eyes, took his dick in my hand to line him up, and impaled myself on him once more. I just sat there with his dick inside me and smiled at him.

“Now… Tell me… What were you thinking about?” and I started massaging his dick with my cunt muscles.

“Ohhh….” He moaned. Well…. I was thinking about all the opportunities you have when you have someone under you ahhh…. control”

I started moving my pelvis real slow. We weren’t fucking, but just having a real good time.

“Do you have anyone special in mind?”

“oooohhhh… No..” he lied.

I squeezed my muscles as hard as I could now and another moan came from his mouth.

“Are you sure?” I teased.

“Well… There’s only one person I can think of right now, as I don’t know a lot of people here yet.”

“You mean Logan, right?” and he looked at me with a surprised look on his face.

“Euhh… Yeah. Is it weird to do this with a guy?”

“No. At least I don’t think it is. And besides, I would like to do that with Logan too. He’s really cute!”

I said that last thing a little bit too enthusiastic because Kevin looked a tiny bit disappointed.

“Not as cute as my baby brother, of course,” I teased him and moved a bit more up and down on his dick.

“Well… I think he’s cute too,” he timidly said.

This took me a bit off guard. My little brother, who currently had his dick inside me and fucked my brains out quite well, was admitting he liked boys. Well, at least one boy. Of course, he sucked and was sucked by Brian, but I figured that that was just boys being curious.

“Then our victim is determined,” I said.

I kept moving slowly but firmly, rubbing my clit against him. As we talked about our options and forged our plan we kept going. At one point I came and I came hard, but Kevin wasn’t near an orgasm and we were still planning, so we kept going at it slowly. Almost the same thing as last night happened to me. I kept hanging on the brink of an orgasm. Sometimes I was really close to cumming, sometimes I felt tingles throughout my body, but all the time my cunt was spasming around Kevin’s dick. After a while of this, we had our plan in our heads and Kevin started to fuck me real good now. He was licking and nibbling on my nipples and fucking me with long, slow strokes. His dick went almost entirely out of me and then back in one smooth motion. This was much different from the previous times, where it was more short and fast moves.

“Ohh… Keep doing that!!” I moaned as I came for the third or fourth time.

“Grmphhh…” Kevin said and I could see the focus in his eyes. He was trying to hold back as long as possible.

I was almost losing my mind by now. I was feeling soooo good as another orgasm washed over me.

“Fuck me, Kevin! Ohhh… Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” and I clamped my nails in his back.

“AAHHHHHH!!” Kevin moaned and I felt his dick growing and starting to twitch inside me. A moment later I felt his sperm shooting in me, which pushed me to another orgasm. I hadn’t kept track, but I guess I came about six times in the hot tub during our slow fucking session. And now we were totally spent. I was lying on top of Kevin, panting hard and so was he. His dick softened and slipped out, along with some of his sperm.

“We’re getting good at this, aren’t we?” Kevin panted.

“Yeah, we are. I wish we found out about this a few years earlier.” I said and got off his lap to sit beside him.

I saw some of his sperm floating in the water which looked kind of funny.

“We need to get dressed, don’t we?” Kevin asked after a while.

“Yeah, we do. And we need to clean up after ourselves. I can see your sperm floating in the tub and I guess mom and dad would ask a lot of questions if they find their bed and the kitchen messed up the way they are.”

Kevin gave me a big kiss on my cheek and we hugged some more. Then he got up from the tub, which put me at eye level with his dick. God! I loved his dick! He turned around to get out, which of course put me at eye level with his butt. God! I loved his butt!! I giggled after thinking those thoughts and Kevin asked me what was wrong.

“Nothing! I just thought to myself how much I like your body”

“Oh… Well… I like your body a lot too” he said and looked at my boobs again.

“Let’s get dressed and clean the stuff before we get distracted again!”

We both got out, dressed, and spent about an hour or so

to clean up all the evidence of our sex-filled weekend. We were about halfway into a movie when our parents came home. They didn’t suspect a thing. But now I couldn’t wait to start our plans with Logan…

END Part Two

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Well…. This is a struggle! I’ve lost everything after their nightly session, so everything after the wake up needed to be rewritten. As I said earlier this being a two piece story… Well… I want to get this part out in the open, so I can start with the Logan part of the story. As someone commented: “You’ve climbed on a big horse!” He was right. I need to keep my stories in line. This way they are becoming way too big. After the loss of my work, I couldn’t bring myself to write again, but I’m getting back in the saddle and want to finish it now. So I’m hoping the last part will be finished soon. In the meantime… Have fun with this one!

factum est proelium


  1. Avatar for Minisino

    Recently came across this story and really enjoy it. Do you know roughly when part 3 will be released?

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Hi Minisino,
      Good to read you’re enjoying the story. That really means something to me! This makes me realize what I’m doing it for. The story is coming along way too slow if you’re asking me. But me being in a pretty f*cked up accident didn’t help things. But hey, I’m back in the saddle and spend a few hours a week writing, so I’m hoping this month. But I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you 🙂
      Thanks for the encouragement though! Keep an eye on the website, because I’ll post it here first of course…


  2. Avatar for Anonymous

    It was a decent follow-up. I like the fact that Laura was feeling guilty about what she did to her brother and decided to confess and even though I find it a little bit too convenient that Kevin is okay with it, at the very least you came up with a good solution.
    Another thing I liked was the fact that you were addressed the possibility of Laura getting pregnant. The reason why she’s on the pill makes sense and I also like the additional information you gave us to why she shaves her pubes. However one thing that really stood out to me was Kevin’s little lie in the hot tub, I think he really shouldn’t be able to lie still.

    That being said though, you did a good job.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Thanks for these detailed comments!! I really appreciate this, because I think it makes me a better writer and storyteller. I never thought about that little lie in the hot tub, but now that you mention it… I missed that one, and I think you’re right. Keven shouldn’t be able to lie. I’m not changing the story though. I like it just the way it is, with all the flaws it has. When I look back at my earlier work, it makes me embarrassed at some points. But it also makes me realize the growth I’ve been through. So that’s why I rather not change my old stories.
      Glad you liked it! This was, in fact, the first story I wrote completely on my own. Guess I did something right back then 🙂

  3. Avatar for Anonymous

    That was nice to know! Glad you liked this.

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