Part two is finally released! It took a lot longer than I wanted to, but me losing almost the entire story didn’t help. Also a dedicated Jason Blog reader offered his help a long time ago to proof read for me. He gave me a LOT of good pointers, corrected some typo’s and gave some advice. This also took a bit of time. And then I needed to edit the corrected version and re-read it again… And voila! Almost four months between stories.

I’m real sorry guys, but this is a hobby for me and I wish I could spend more time on this, but my work and family currently need more time. I’m trying to make more time for this, but no promises.

Oh and Rob: Thanks a lot for your help! You make me a better writer!

P.S. The image above this post is the kind of C.G. pics I’m looking for. I found this one an extremely nice picture of the adolescent boy body.