A man who likes boys has a daughter who likes boys, and they both like filming her getting fucked by pretty young things!

Deflowering Haley and Terry
The first story in the infamous Deflowering series! Watch young Haley get fucked for the first time!

Deflowering Nick
Haley does her first real deflowering!

Deflowering Arthur

Deflowering James – Part one
Deflowering James – Part two
The only two-parter in the series, with lots of gay action!

Deflowering Aspen
When Haley invites young Arthur over to have some pictures taken, you just know trouble’s on the horizon.

Deflowering Mephis and Wade
The first Deflowering story in years also features Haley’s first threesome!

Deflowering Zeke
Unfortynatly Alex never finnished the serie. At least I cannot find this episode. If you have it, than pleas send me a message and I’ll post it here.