October 26, 2008

Deflowering Memphis and Wade
Alex Hawk

“I know who I want next, Daddy,” Haley said, trouncing naked into my bedroom one morning.

“Who?” I asked, a little groggy. I was still in the process of waking up.

“Memphis and Wade.”

“At the same time?” I asked my thirteen-year-old daughter, raising an eyebrow.


“My little girl is eager,” I said with a grin, reaching out to stroke one of her small breasts.

She giggled and squirmed under my touch. As she did I thought to myself about how long it had been since she’d last deflowered a boy. It had only been about three months, but it felt more like three years. During that time we’d moved to a new home, and I’d completely rewired it, adding hidden cameras in every room, which I could control from my computer in my bedroom.

We’d moved from our old house just about two weeks ago. Why? Well, for starters my daughter had had sex with literally every single boy on the block aged eleven and up. Almost all of them had been virgins before she got to them. I’d filmed the sex she’d had with them, and even now it was something I enjoyed watching. Many of the boys I’d even given blowjobs to before they fucked her.

But the very fact that she’d done so many boys in our neighborhood was becoming a problem. I figured it was only a matter of time before one of the boys said the wrong thing to the wrong person and I ended up with the feds knocking on my door. So I’d packed up everything and the two of us had moved cross country, from California to Ohio. The weather wasn’t what I really liked, but on the other hand, there were at least many pretty boys around for Halley to fuck. She hadn’t done any yet, but apparently she’d finally found not one, but two, she wanted to do.

I ran a hand down my daughter’s smooth body down to her vagina where I slid a finger gently inside. Even after having been fucked by a thirty-nine boys, all virgins and all caught on video, she was still nice and tight. I hadn’t fucked her yet, but now she was thirteen, I figured I’d probably do it soon. Certainly before her next birthday.

As I fingered my daughter, I said, “So what plan did you have to get Memphis and Wade?”

Haley spoke for a little bit, in great detail, about her plan. She was distracted for most of it cause I’d stopped fingering her and had started licking her vagina instead. I managed to make her cum just after she finished describing her plans to get fucked by the boys.

“So what do you think, Daddy?” Haley asked after she came down from her post-orgasmic high.

“I think it’s a great idea,” I said giving one of her breasts a tender squeeze and kissing her on the lips. “You want to do this tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, if you think that’s ok.”

“I do. Let’s make it happen.”

Haley grinned broadly and we began to put the plan into motion.

* * *

Memphis and Wade both lived in our neighborhood. Memphis was black, and thirteen. He was pretty cute for a black boy (I normally don’t find blacks attractive, and he’d be the only one Haley fucked). He was very friendly and very smart, and I’d seen him shirtless enough times to know that watching him fuck my daughter was going to be very fun!

Wade was twelve. He was white and had brown hair. He was one of those boys who was very active; always riding his bike somewhere or swimming. He had this adorable little face and, again, I’d see him shirtless enough to know that I REALLY wanted to see him fuck Haley.

Haley had been friends with both boys since we’d moved in and I’d figured it was just a matter of time before she had them come fuck her. I hadn’t expected her to want both boys at once, and it did present a bit of a challenge, but I figured with her plan, and my adjustments to it, we could pull it off.

The plan began with Haley and I both going to each boy’s house and talking with their parents. We told them Haley wanted to invite the boys over for a sleepover since they were all good friends. Nothing big, we said. Movies, video games, things like that. We left out the hardcore intercourse and child pornography.

The parents were understandably concerned, especially Wade’s. I made it clear to them that a: the boys would be sleeping in the living room at one end of the house, b: Haley would be sleeping in her bedroom at the other end of the house, and c: I would be sleeping in my bedroom between the two with my door wide open. This mollified the parents somewhat, and frankly I think they all kind of looked forward to the chance to have an evening away from their kids.

Of course with luck one of those kids would be making a kid with Haley. I was still hoping she’d get pregnant from one of the boys.

After the parents gave their approvals, Memphis, Wade and Haley all ran off to play together. They came back to my place just as it was getting dark, and I was pleased to notice that the houses belonging to their parents were dark.

The boys both greeted me as they walked in. They were both wearing wet t-shirts, as was Haley.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said, walking in. “We kind of went playing in some sprinklers.”

“So I see,” I said, rolling my eyes and pretending to be mad. I noticed she’d managed to get only the boy’s shirts wet. “Ok, boys, shirts off before you sit down. I’ll toss them into the dryer.”

Both boys peeled off their damp shirts and handed them to me. Then, to their surprise but not mine, Haley took off her shirt and handed it to me, too. Of course she wasn’t wearing a bra, which meant her small, but developing, breasts were on display for the boys.

“Put mine in too, Daddy.”

I took it from her as both boys ogled her chest. Haley flounced off to the living room saying, “Come on, guys, let’s play some video games,” without even remotely paying attention to their reactions.

“Uhm… she has her shirt off?” Memphis said.

“Yes, so?” I asked. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Well, I guess not, but aren’t girls not supposed to have their shirts off when boys are around?”

I shrugged. “Haley doesn’t like wearing clothes. You’re just lucky you aren’t here on a day when she feels like walking around naked.”

From the looks on both their faces they didn’t consider themselves lucky.

“Come on,” I said, putting a hand on each boy’s shoulders and escorting them into the living room.

They each sat down on the couch, one on each side of Haley, and started playing “Call of Duty Four”. For some reason, entirely unclear to me, Haley kept beating both of them soundly. Might’ve had something to do with the fact that they both kept staring at her bare breasts.

The three kids sat around playing video games as I went into the kitchen and puttered around, making up some dinner. I was going to serve them a delicious spaghetti and meatball dinner. I’d made the sauce and the meatballs the night before and they would be very tasty tonight. I’d been reheating the sauce for the last three hours. It was going to be very good.

“Dinner’s ready,” I called to the kids once it was time to eat.

All three tromped into the dining room. I said to them, “Your shirts aren’t dry yet. I kind of forgot to turn on the dryer.” I rolled my eyes. “So eat careful.”
The boys and Haley all sat down. I put a small glass of wine in front of each one. “It’s low-alcohol,” I lied. “But don’t tell your parents, ok?”

“We won’t,” both boys said and then giggled.

The four of us started to eat. I noticed both boys were still checking out Haley’s bare breasts as much as possible. When they’d sat down, I was pretty sure both were hard, which was certainly a good sign.

I only allowed the kids each two glasses of wine. I wanted them relaxed but not drunk, after all. It seemed to have helped because both boys were openly staring at Haley’s breasts more often than not by the time dinner was done.

Once dinner was done, we all got up. Haley said, “Daddy, can I talk with you for a second?”

“Sure. Boys, go ahead and go into the living room, ok?”

“Ok,” they chorused and walked off.

“This is going good, huh, Daddy?” Haley asked, hugging me.

“Yes, it is. You ready for phase two?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Alright, guys,” I announced to the boys as Haley and I walked into the living room. “I’m heading off to my bedroom. If there’s anything you need, just ask Haley or knock on my door.”

“Yes, sir,” said Memphis as Wade nodded.

“You kids have fun, now,” I said with a knowing smile and walked to my bedroom.

My bedroom was, basically, master control. I had, hidden in a large, walk-in closet, a state-of-the-art computer system. It included three high-def monitors, video editing equipment, and a very secure communications system. With it, I was able to monitor goings-on anywhere in my house. I had audio and video equipment in every room except my own. This included Haley’s bedroom, the living room, the dining room, the swimming pool, both bathrooms and anywhere else I thought it was likely my daughter would be screwing young boys.

I turned everything on and tuned in the living room. I had one camera pointed at each child, and brought up their faces on each separate monitor. I zoomed in a little on their bare chests, enjoying the show.

After about fifteen minutes of video games, Haley excused herself and went to her bedroom. I followed her on one monitor and paid attention to Memphis and Wade on the other two.

“Dude,” Wade said softly. “We can totally see her tits!”

“Oh, you’d noticed that, huh?” Memphis said, rolling his eyes.

“Come on, they’re cool.”

“Yeah, they are,” admitted Memphis with a little smile.

In her bedroom, Haley was removing what few clothes she had on. I grinned to myself. If the boys liked seeing her breasts, just wait until they saw the rest.
Now fully nude Haley walked out of the bedroom and down the hall, into the living room. As the boys stared at her slack-jawed, she sat back down between them on the couch, ignoring their stunned faces.

After a few seconds, she looked back and forth between them saying, “What?”

“Uh… you’re naked,” Memphis said.

“Yeah, I know. So? We’re friends, right? So it’s not a big deal. Besides, it’s more comfortable for me this way.” She looked at the two of them. “It doesn’t bug you guys, does it?”

“Not me!” Wade piped up.

Memphis seemed less enthused. He shrugged and said, “Well, it’s your house, so if you want to be naked, I guess it’s no big deal.”

“Thanks!” Haley said, and turned towards the boy, hugging him tight, pressing her bare breasts against his bare chest. Wade looked like he was about to pass out with jealousy while Memphis just looked mildly scandalized.

“So is it really more comfortable?” asked Wade as Haley separated from Memphis.

“Yeah! What, haven’t you just hung out naked before?” she asked in tones of mild disbelief.

Shaking his head, Wade said, “No. Well, I mean, I’m like naked and stuff when I get out of the shower, but that’s about it.”

“Oh, you should totally try it sometime! What about you?” she asked Memphis. When he shook his head, she said, “Oh, come on. You both should try it. It’s really fun!”

“Maybe I will sometime,” Memphis said.

“I know I will,” Wade responded. “It does look like it’s kind of fun.”

Haley turned towards him. “Really? Cool, Wade!” She gave him the kind of hug she’d just given to Memphis. I thought young Wade would melt. “You gonna do it right now?”

“Now?” he echoed. He looked at Memphis who had a mild smirk on his face. “Uh… well, I probably shouldn’t, since it’s not my house.”

“Pft,” Haley said. “You’re already just in shorts. It’s not a big deal to just take those off.”

“Uh…” Wade said, looking for a way out.

“Yeah, Wade,” Memphis replied with a snotty look on his face. “You said you’d do it at some point, and that it looked like fun, so why not do it now?”

Wade looked death at his friend. “I wouldn’t want to annoy Haley’s dad by being naked here,” he came up with.

“Oh, Daddy won’t care,” Haley said. “Besides, he’s in his bedroom sleeping. It’s not going to be a big deal for you to be naked. We’re all friends here, right? So go ahead and get naked.”

Wade opened his mouth like he was going to protest, but then closed it. With a slightly annoyed look on his face he stood up and said, “Ok, I will.” With that he dropped the shorts and boxers he was wearing and stepped out of them, leaving him gloriously naked and every bit as beautiful as I thought he’d be.

“There, happy?” he said.

Haley stood up and gave him a hard, full-body hug, pressing his stiff, nearly hairless penis against her vagina as she said, “Yes! It’s much more fun naked, isn’t it?”

“Uh… yeah…” Wade said. I zoomed the camera in to look at his surprised but happy young face.

Stepping back a little, Haley giggled and to my total agreement said to Wade, “You look real cute naked.”

“Thanks,” he said, blushing.

Haley stepped forward and hugged him tight against her again. “I like hugging you naked! Feels good, huh?”

“Yeah,” Wade mumbled, looking totally blown away.

Haley giggled again. “I can feel your penis poking me.”

“Oh! Uh…” Wade tried to pull away.

Haley wasn’t having any of that. She put her hands onto his firm, round butt and said, “No, don’t worry. I like it. It feels nice.”

“Oh. Ok.”

Haley then pulled away and turned towards Memphis. “So come on! You should be naked, too! It’s fun, right, Wade?”

“Yeah, fun…” he said, looking vaguely dizzy.

“I don’t think I should,” Memphis said.

Haley knew not to push. “Well, at least get down to your boxers. Please?” She made doe-eyes at him.

“Well…” Memphis thought for a moment and shrugged. “Ok.” He stood up and pulled down his pants. Kicking them aside he was now wearing only boxers that did almost nothing to hide his stiff young penis.

“Yay! Thanks, Memphis!” Haley said, and then gave him a hug almost as good as she’d given Wade.

“No problem,” he mumbled, obviously at least somewhat pleased to have Haley’s breasts pressing against his bare chest.

After holding him for a couple moments, Haley released him and sat back down on the couch. “So let’s get back to the games!” she said, picking up her controller.

Both boys looked somewhat reluctant to go back to the video games, but they did, though neither was playing well and both of them were spending most of their time checking out Haley’s naked body. Not that I blamed them, mind you. She was pretty cute naked.

After a bit, Haley said, “You guys are really doing bad right now!”

“Sorry,” Memphis said.

“Yeah,” said Wade. “It’s just hard to concentrate.”

“Oh, well, I bet I know something that could help change that.”

“Wh… what?” Wade asked. I could picture what he was thinking.

“This!” Haley said and started tickling him.

“Ack! Hey, no, stop!” Wade said and then dissolved into laughter as Haley kept tickling him. Eventually he squirmed and fell off the couch. Haley jumped on top of him, straddling his waist and continuing to tickle him as Memphis watched with a vaguely stunned look on his face.

“Surrender!” Haley said. “Say ‘Haley rocks!’ and I’ll stop!”

“Haley… Haley rocks!” he managed to say.

“Ok, then,” she said, and then sat down on him, making sure her vagina was directly rubbing against his penis. “There! I win!”

“Yeah,” Wade said, breathing hard.

“Ok, then.” She smiled at him. “Now you get a reward.”

“What reward?”

Haley lifted herself up a bit. She reached down and took Wade’s hairless erection in her hand. With practiced ease, she got him positioned and lowered her thirteen-year-old vagina down around his twelve-year-old virgin penis.

“You get to fuck me,” she whispered as she leaned down and kissed him on his nose.

I zoomed the cameras in, pointing one at the spot where their genitals merged and another focusing on the stunned look on Wade’s face as he lost his virginity to my daughter.

“I… what? Oh… oh, god, we’re doing it…?” he gasped.

“Yeah.” She lifted her body up so that he could see where his young penis entered her body. “See?”

Memphis sat up and stared. “You guys are really doing it?!” he squeaked.

“Yeah,” Haley said as she slowly rode young Wade. “Come down here and take a look.”

Memphis hesitated for a moment, but then got down onto the floor. Looking between Haley’s legs he saw where Wade’s penis disappeared into her vagina.

“Oh, my god,” he mumbled.

“You like it?” my daughter asked Wade as she rode his penis.

“Yeah…” he gasped. “It’s… it’s… oh, god…” From the way his face screwed up and the way he pushed hard into Haley, it was quite clear he was cumming. I wondered if he was making sperm yet.

Once Wade was done cumming, Haley lifted up off him, his penis withdrawing from her body and slapping against his stomach. She looked at Memphis.

“You want a turn?”

“Uh…” Memphis’ eyes darted around. “I don’t think I should…”

“Come on, you’ll like it! You liked it, right, Wade?”

“Yeah,” he said, nodding and still laying on his back. “It was… wow…”

“Come on,” Haley repeated. “You don’t even have to take off your boxers.” She reached over and expertly extracted his stiff penis from inside his underwear and began stroking it slowly. “See?”


“So let’s do it,” Haley said as she began to straddle his waist. “The only thing you got to lose is your virginity.”

“Come on, dude,” Wade said. “You gotta try it. It’s way better than just jerking off.”

“Well… ok.”

With that ringing endorsement Haley took his thirteen-year-old virgin penis in her hand, lined him up and slowly lowered her thirteen-year-old vagina down around it, getting him all the way inside in one smooth, easy motion.

“Oh… oh, shit…” Memphis said as he was deflowered.

“Nice, huh?” Wade asked as Haley started moving up and down on Memphis’ penis.

“Oh, yeah… oh, god, yeah…”

“Glad to hear it,” Haley said, kissing him on the nose like she’d done with Wade.

Memphis looked up at her. “When I cum… should I pull out? I don’t want to… get you pregnant…”

“Oh… good… cause I’m gonna cum… right now… ah!” He pushed up hard into Haley’s vagina and with a groan of pure delight started firing his sperm into her young vagina. She rode him expertly until he was done climaxing and then slowly lifted herself off him.

“Well, that was fun,” she said, laying down on the carpet between Memphis and Wade. She eyed Wade’s hard penis. “Want another turn?”

“Hell, yeah!” Wade said.

Haley spread her legs as the boy got on top of her. She lined him up and then moaned with happiness as the preteen boy’s penis slid all the way into her once more.

Haley and the kids fucked themselves silly for a couple hours after that, the boys taking turns with her. I managed to film it all from several good angles. One of the coolest things I got on video was a wonderful series of shots of Memphis on top and fucking her. It was really sweet to see the contrast as his dark penis slid in and out of her pale vagina.

Eventually they all retired to Haley’s bedroom, where more sex ensued. By the time Memphis and Wade went home the next morning, huge grins plastered to their faces, they’d spent several hours screwing their brains out, and I had several hours of video to edit. Haley had done her job and done it well.

I wondered who the next lucky boy would be?


Copyright 2008 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved. So it’s been three years, but I’m finally tying up this series! The next one should be out soon… of course, the last time I said that it was 2005… *shrug* Anyhow, I hope you liked it!