Sibling Rivalry
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Chapter 6

If Megan had thought she was done with Jack, she was sorely mistaken. Literally sore, because it turned out that the eleven-year-old was a lot like that Energizer Bunny. Once he got started, he kept going… and going… and going…

Megan was pretty exhausted by the time Jacky fucked her on the ottoman after Richie had left. She needed some food in her, so she went into the kitchen to whip up something for lunch. However, despite her complaints, Jack kept rubbing up against her, or sucking at her tits, or sliding his talented little fingers up between her legs. Of course, her complaints were halfhearted at best.

She was bent over looking at something in the fridge when Jack stepped up behind her, grabbed her hips and just slid his little cock into her from behind. She had to stand there, bracing herself against the bottom shelf while the preteen wonder fucked her to another explosive orgasm while she stared at a container of strawberry yogurt. At least she could be thankful for the cool air on her face.

It took Megan forty minutes to prepare some canned soup and make grilled cheese sandwiches, because she had to keep stopping while Jack fucked her. He fucked her once at the fridge, once with her sitting on the counter while Jack stood on one of the chairs, and then once again with her standing at the dining room table, her upper body laid flat while Jack used a chair again, kneeling on it so he could fuck her in the ass. She wasn’t quite ready to admit just how much she loved his little cock in her ass.

It was almost scary, the kid’s stamina. He wasn’t just bringing her either. Each time he fucked her, he’d cum as well. She’d heard of course of the recovery power of young guys, but she didn’t see Jack’s little dick go soft once. She couldn’t help but think of those Viagra commercials and wonder if she should call a doctor after four hours to complain that no matter how many times her eleven-year-old nephew fucked her, his erection wouldn’t go away.

Sated in more ways than one after lunch, Megan went into the living room and flopped down on the sofa, leaning back and shutting her eyes. What a morning. She’d have never imagined it in a million years, that she’d spend a day getting fucked silly by a little boy. Jack was cute and sexy and funny and wicked. Everything she could have dreamed of in a boy lover. He was attentive and cared about her pleasure, and was advanced well beyond his years in making that happen.

Megan felt uneasy though. Things were going better than she’d ever dared hope, or even dream. Her nephews were beautiful and perfect, their bodies, their cocks, everything she’d ever wanted. She was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and she knew in her heart that shoe was going to be Nicole finding out about her, about what she’d been doing with her sons. She dreaded the confrontation, and it saddened her, because she knew it would wreck their relationship. Even if she managed to keep herself out of prison, there was no way Nicole would ever let her back into her life.

What could she do though? Leave? It was a bit too late for that, but she couldn’t imagine being able to get through the rest of her vacation without Nicole catching on to her depravity. She also couldn’t imagine just stopping. The boys were gorgeous. Gloriously sexy and eager for her. Eager to give her those lovely cocks and make her dreams come true.

Megan sensed him before she felt him. She was lying there when she felt the lightest of touches on her thighs, and then she gasped as Jack pushed his face between her legs and began to lap at her overworked pussy.

“Jacky, how can you want more?” she moaned, running her fingers through his short blond hair and writhing already as the boy worked his tongue up inside her.

Then the boy leaned back enough to say, “I like the taste.” Then, as if he felt the need to clarify, “Of your pussy.”

“Of my pussy,” she agreed. “Mmmm, eat that pussy.” Had she really just said that?

Jack backed his tongue out and rasped it over her inner lips, over and over again, the top of each upward trip sliding firmly over her clit and making her shudder. She gasped when he reached up between her legs and shoved two… no, three fingers up inside her. Then she gasped again as he pressed his lips around her clitoral hood and began to suck while flicking it rapidly with his tongue.

“Jacky… Jacky…” she moaned. “Oh, fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!”

Then the eleven-year-old straightened and grabbed her hips, surprising her with his wiry strength as he pulled her ass to the edge of the couch. “Gonna fuck you and make you cum,” he growled in his little boy voice.

“Yeah, Jacky,” she moaned eagerly, biting her bottom lip. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me with that hot little cock!”

He sank it into her, all the way to the hilt in one stroke and she nearly choked on the pleasure. There were no preliminaries this time. The preteen just began to hammer her, hard and fast, rocking her body with his thrusts, his bony hips jamming into her almost painfully. Megan was amazed at how full four inches of boycock could make her feel. It felt like Jack’s cock was riding into her stomach and she felt split apart. It didn’t make any sense, and she didn’t care.

“Fuckin’ your pussy so hard,” Jack gasped.

The dirty talk ratcheted up Megan’s pleasure in a way she didn’t understand. “Slam that sweet cock into me, baby,” she growled, gripping his muscular little ass. “Fuck me… fuck me… fuck your aunt’s pussy!”

“Fuckin’ you with my jailbait dick!” he grinned. “Little boy dick fucking your dirty pervert pussy.”

“Fuck!” she cried, her head slamming back against the cushions, feeling herself starting to cum around her nephew’s driving little cock. “Do it, Jacky! Shoot your little boy cum into my dirty pussy!”

“Gonna do it!” he gasped. “Gonna shoot my boy jizz right into your cunt!”

“Do it, Jacky!” she whined, shaking now as her orgasm crested, feeling the boy continue to slam himself into her. “Fill my pussy with your hot, sweet cum!”

Woman and boy shook as Jack’s cock jerked out his dry cum and Megan’s hungry pussy sucked madly at the little organ. Jack collapsed on top of her, breathing loudly, still inside her. Megan hugged his sweaty little body to her, also breathing hard, feeling the warmth of her orgasm melting through her body.

Finally, Megan felt Jack’s face lift up off her chest and she opened her eyes to see him grinning at her. “You’re weird,” he said. “That was fun.”

“Mmm…” she mewled, pulling his tight little ass against her, feeling his still-hard cock jerk inside her. “You bring out the weird in me, Jacky.”

“You wanna fuck again?” he asked, giving her a couple of gentle strokes of his buried cock, which made shivers race up and down Megan’s body.

“No, you little monster!” she laughed, pushing him away. “You’re going to kill me.”

Jack knelt there in front of her, his little erection throbbing and wet. “Suck it then, okay?”

“How can you want to cum again?” she asked, honestly amazed.

“Please?” he wheedled, climbing up on the sofa and straddling her legs.

“You are such a brat,” she grinned, and she leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on his little pink crown. She could taste herself on him and she rasped a tongue up along his thin shaft.

“You like my cock,” Jack said.

“I love your cock,” she grinned, then she licked him again.

The doorbell rang.

Megan panicked, sitting bolt upright and spilling Jack to the floor. “Sorry,” she said, wide-eyed. “What do we do?” She crossed her legs nervously. Her pussy was still wet and Jack’s little cock was still shining with a combination of her pussy juice and her tongue.

“Uh, usually answer the door,” Jack said with way too much sarcasm for an eleven-year-old.

“But, Jacky, we were…” Megan began, and all of a sudden felt shy saying they were fucking.

“Well, we’re not right this second, so nobody’ll know,” Jack said, walking to the door.

Megan straightened her back, put one arm over the back of the sofa and then nervously tried it on the arm, struggling for nonchalance. She watched Jack’s tanned, muscled little butt as he walked to the door. He opened it, but she wasn’t at an angle to see out.

“Hey,” she heard a voice say. A boy’s voice.

“Hi, Jack.” That was a girl, and she was obviously being very flirty, if her drawn out and playful ‘hi’ was any indication.

“Hey, April,” Jack said. “Shane’s not home.” Megan saw him hook a thumb over his shoulder. “I’m just hangin’ with my aunt.”

“She must be pretty to get you that hard,” Megan heard the girl say.

Then the first voice, the boy, said, “Geez, April, don’t just grab it. We’re outside.”

“Then let’s go inside,” the girl, April said. Then once more in her flirty voice, “You wanna play, Jack?”

Jack turned to look at Megan, giving her raised eyebrows. Megan shook her head in a firm no, but it didn’t do any good, as she saw someone brushing past Jack through the door.

It was the girl. She was a cute little thing, about Jack’s height and probably his age, although it was always hard to tell at that age. She was naked of course, with perky little budding breasts, really no more than swollen, conical nipples thrusting maybe two inches out on her chest. They were topped by little brown nipples, obviously stiff and about the size of pencil erasers. She had the tiniest bit of brown hair between her legs, straight and silky strands just at the top of her puffy labia. Like a little brown Hitler mustache on its side. Megan wasn’t sure why Hitler came to mind, except that maybe she felt a little bit like Poland in 1939.

“Hi,” the girl said perkily. Megan had perky on the brain. “I’m April,” the girl said, coming into the room and walking toward Megan. She had pigtails sticking up out of her head like radar towers. Even her hair was perky, Megan thought.

“Hi,” Megan said nervously. Could the girl smell it? The smell of sex? Pussy and sweat and illicit animal heat?

Megan heard Jack say, “I guess you might as well come in.”

“You’re Jack’s aunt?” April asked, coming to a stop in front of Megan. She could see her nephew opening the door to admit the boy.

If Megan had to guess, she’d assume the boy was the girl’s sister. He was older, and taller, maybe five-foot-five to the girl’s not quite five feet. He was an attractive boy, with the same brown hair as his sister, but short and parted on the side, creating a swoop. He was tanned all over of course, and had a small, but full little bush of brown curls over a fat little nub of a penis. Megan wondered if it was the same as Shane’s magical growing dick. Megan figured he was maybe a tall thirteen or maybe fourteen. She tore her eyes away from the kid’s dick, realizing the girl was waiting for an answer.

Megan forced a smile. “Hi, yeah. I’m visiting for a couple of weeks. You’re friends of Jack and Shane?”

Good friends,” the girl grinned, putting an emphasis on ‘good’ and cocking her slender little hips. Backlit by the panes of glass on either side of the door, Megan could see the distinctive little swells of the girl’s inner lips. Megan hadn’t seen a girl naked since she was one herself.

“This is Rain,” Jack said, accompanying the boy, his little erection swaying side to side.

“April Rain?” Megan asked. “Has someone shot your parents yet?”

The kids both laughed. “Mom thinks she’s a hippy,” the boy said in his scratchy adolescent voice.

April smiled, and then stepped over to Jack. She leaned close, putting her arm around the boy’s waist and whispered in his ear, grinning. Megan felt an unreasoning surge of jealousy. Then she felt a bit of alarm as Jack turned to her with a look. She wasn’t sure exactly what that look meant, but she was pretty sure it wasn’t good. The girl continued to whisper in Jack’s ear. Her nephew turned to whisper something to her, and then the girl boldly reached down and wrapped her hand around Jack’s boner.

Megan felt her eyebrows go up in surprise at the girl’s… well… balls. Like the little balls she was now brazenly caressing. Jack turned to Megan with a blush, and said, “She knows.”

Megan felt her heart jump into her throat while a ball of ice coalesced in her chest. She opened her mouth to speak, but April beat her to it, saying, “His dick was still wet when he answered the door.” Then she smiled seductively and said, “I could smell you on my fingers.”

“Well, fuck,” Megan said, just about summing up everything.

“Okay,” the girl grinned and plopped down on the couch next to Megan. She turned to her with a sunny smile and asked, “Do you wanna do Jack again, or Rain?”

Megan was stunned, to say the least. She looked over at Rain to see the older boy gently squeezing his penis, which she thought was starting to respond.

“Don’t worry, Aunt Megan,” Jack said. “They won’t tell. I promise.”

“Jack…” Megan said in a low, warning voice.

“We really won’t,” April said, leaning close. “We’ve done stuff with grown-ups before.”

“You have?” Megan asked, somehow no longer surprised.

The girl nodded and gave her a sly smile. “Do you like girls?” she asked as she placed a hand on Megan’s thigh. “You’re really pretty.”

“Uh… you’re very pretty, too,” Megan allowed, “but-” Megan got no further as the little girl slid her hand upward and her fingers lightly petted Megan’s swollen lips.

“You’re so wet already,” April said in a low voice. Then Megan gave a little gasp as she felt delicate fingers gently spread her open and slide into her.

In all the time Megan was dating boyish looking women, she had never once thought about being with a girl, but here was this adorable little preteen thing gently fingering her and she found herself looking at April in a new light.

“Boys are great for fucking,” April said, “but they aren’t nearly as good at eating pussy as a girl.”

“I am,” Jack protested.

April turned to the boy with a considering look and then grinned and said, “Okay, most boys.” Jack grinned proudly.

With that, April slid off the couch and crouched neatly between Megan’s legs. Her hands stroked Megan’s thighs while looking up at her for permission it seemed.

Megan sighed. “In for a penny.”

April’s face screwed up in confusion. “Huh?”

Megan explained, “I mean that I’ve already fucked my eleven-year-old nephew, and some random, giant-dicked kid, so I guess adding a brother and sister to my list of charges isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference.”

“Does that mean I can eat your pussy?” the girl asked.

Megan chuckled. “Sweetie, be my guest.” Then she leaned back and spread her legs wider, so overwhelmed by what was happening that her only option was to just ride the wave.

April wasted no time at all. She went right for Megan’s clit, and already turned on with her time with Jack, Megan went from zero to sixty in about three point two seconds.

“Fuck,” Megan said with a shuddering sigh, her hands reaching down to lightly play with the girl’s pigtails. Pigtails. Megan couldn’t believe she was getting her pussy eaten by someone with pigtails.

Megan looked up to find the two boys just standing there looking at them. The boy, Rain, apparently did not have Shane’s penis magic. He was standing up stiffly. It was thick. Thicker than Shane’s even, but probably no more than three inches long. It looked sort of like a fireplug, almost as thick as it was long.

April had apparently sensed her inattention to her eager pussy licking, and she looked up and then back. “Jack, put it in me, okay?”

The boy wonder didn’t require convincing. He hurried over and then lifted the end of the coffee table and moved it aside so he could kneel down behind April, who went to her knees in anticipation. Megan watched as Jack pushed his dick down with his thumb, then leaned a bit to the left, lining up his target. April meanwhile went back to licking and sucking at Megan’s pussy.

Megan knew the exact moment Jack’s cock slid into the little girl’s pussy, because April lifted her head with a moan and an almost pained look in her face. Her eyes were squeezed shut. She sighed and opened her eyes with a smile. Over her shoulder she said, “That’s really nice.” Then the girl turned her gaze up to Megan and asked, “Isn’t Jack’s dick great?”

“Yes, it is,” Megan had to say.

April grinned. “I bet he made you cum like crazy. Jack loves to fuck.”

Megan couldn’t help but laugh. “I think you saved me from him. He was trying to fuck me to death.”

April laughed. “You’re funny,” she said, and then her mouth was back on Megan’s pussy.

Megan looked over and saw Rain standing there all alone with his fat erection. She caught his eye and crooked her finger at him. “You look so lonely over there,” she said.

Rain grinned and came over and sat where his sister had sat before. Megan twisted a bit so she could see the boy better. He was just a tiny bit shorter than she was, but his body was still a slim boy’s body. “Hi,” she said with a smile.

Rain gave her a shy smile in return. “Hey.”

“Heck of a way to meet,” Megan joked.

Rain grinned appreciatively. “You’re really pretty.”

“Thank you,” she said. “You’re rather cute yourself. Maybe you could kneel up so I can get a closer look at you. If you don’t mind, that is.”

“I don’t mind,” Rain said a bit eagerly, quickly going to his knees.

This close, Megan could see the red highlights in the boy’s little pubic bush. It rose no more than an inch from the base of his thick little cock and stretched about two inches across, curving with the curve of the root of his dick. The boy’s cock really was surprisingly thick. Perhaps nearly as thick as Richie’s had been, but she thought that it was likely a smidge on the wrong side of three inches. He was cut, and the pink glans was oddly small in relation to the thick shaft, not flaring out at all and instead rounding off quickly.

Rain was looking down at her as she examined his erection. “It’s not very big,” he said almost apologetically.

“Looks pretty big to me,” she said, looking up at him with a grin, then shuddering from what the girl was doing between her legs.

“Yeah, but not long,” he said.

“I doubt anyone cares,” Megan said. Then, “How old are you, Rain?”

“Fourteen,” he said. “April’s eleven.”

“And a half!” April said, taking a break from the wonderful things she was doing between Megan’s legs. The girl had been right. Females just knew how to take care of a pussy.

Megan shuddered and opened her eyes to find Rain smiling at her. “April loves eating girls out,”

he informed her.

“And fucking,” Jack said enthusiastically, and Megan turned to see the boy slowly sliding himself in and out of the girl’s no doubt tiny pussy.

“Yeah, she loves to fuck, too. She makes me do it like five times a day.”

“Yeah, I make you,” the girl said sardonically. “I wasn’t even awake this morning and you were sticking it in me.”

“That was yesterday,” Rain said. “This morning you were fucking Brady.”

The girl looked up from Megan’s pussy, her face wet and said, “Oh yeah. You’re right.” Then she went right back to work between Megan’s legs.

“And who’s Brady?” Megan asked curiously.

“Our little brother,” Rain said. “He’s even hornier than April.”

“He’s got a big dick for a nine-year-old,” Jack said.

Megan just let all this wash over her. Brothers and sisters fucking. Nine-year-old boys apparently fucking. For a moment, Megan imagined Jack with a nine-year-old boy and she felt herself going. Her head went back into the cushions while she whined and shook.

Megan finally opened her eyes when she felt April pushing herself up with her hands on Megan’s thighs. Jack was kneeling there with a wet and throbbing dick. April said, “I made her cum. Your turn.”

She was apparently talking to her brother, because Rain eagerly slid off the couch and moved to his knees between Megan’s legs. Apparently she was going to fuck Rain now. Megan shrugged at the absurdity of it all.

“You’ll like Rain’s dick,” April promised, reaching out to gently squeeze Megan’s nipple.

Rain didn’t bother asking Megan if he could fuck her, and Megan didn’t bother stopping him. She just gasped as she felt that fat little cock spread her open and a moment later he was all the way inside her. He began to fuck her with short, powerful thrusts. Of course, short thrusts was all he was going to manage, but Megan didn’t care; there was another young boy fucking her.

“That…” Megan gasped, then bit her lip and wrapped her legs around Rain’s slim hips. “Fuck. That is one fat little cock.”

“Told you,” April said. Then she moved her ass to the edge of the sofa like Megan’s was and dipped a hand down between her own legs. Megan watched her spread those tiny pink petals, which were glistening with wetness. “Fuck me again, Jack.”

Then Megan got to watch while her eleven-year-old nephew slid his gorgeous four-inch cock into the tight little hole between the girl’s legs. Megan wasn’t sure what it was about the sight, but it sent her off again and she gasped and tightened her legs around Rain, who took that as a cue to fuck her faster and harder.

“I’m gonna…!” the boy gasped, and then Rain jammed himself forward once more and Megan felt him coating the walls of her pussy with his hot teen juice.

“Uhhh, squirt it, baby!” she moaned, cumming again. “Fill my pussy up!”

Seconds later, Rain leaned back, breathing hard, his fat little cock shining and dripping with oozing cum. Then April cheerily cried, “Switch!”

Rain grinned and Jack said, “Yeah!”

The boys quickly changed places and once again, Megan’s pussy was invaded by her nephew’s cock. Jack began to fuck her quickly, those fast little rabbit thrusts that drove her crazy. As her body rocked from the preteen’s assault, Megan watched as Rain slid that stubby cock of his into his sister’s pussy, watched as the girl’s swollen outer lips were pushed out to make room for it. As if he hadn’t just cum less than a minute before, Rain began to fuck his little sister with the same speed and force that Jack was giving to Megan.

Megan was biting her lip, her face tight with pleasure. Her eyes were going back and forth between Jack’s pistoning little dick and Rain’s pounding, stubby cock. She noticed April looking up at her, and when the girl saw her attention, she grinned and said, “Aren’t dicks great?”

Megan laughed, a laugh that turned into a moan as Jack bent down and took one of her nipples into his mouth. “So great,” she gasped.

April gave the woman a speculative look, her own face wincing with pleasure as her big brother continued to pound her tiny pussy with his fat cock. “Did you ever fuck other boys?”

“Not before yesterday,” Megan admitted.

“She’s a teacher,” Jack said helpfully, releasing her wet, swollen nipple for a moment, then giving it a quick flick of his tongue afterwards.

“What grade?” April asked, interested.

“Sixth,” Megan said. “I teach sixth-grade English.”

“I like English,” April said as she wrapped her legs around her brother’s waist. “There must be some cute boys in your classes.”

“She thinks about fucking and sucking them all day,” Jack said with a laugh.

“You should do it,” April said. “You’re really pretty. I bet they’d love to fuck you.”

Which of course got Megan thinking once again of being fucked by some of the cute boys she’d taught, the fantasy so much more intense given the hot little four-inch cock currently invading her throbbing pussy.

“You’re giving away all my secrets, Jacky,” Megan said in a strained voice.

“She gives really good blowjobs, too,” Jack grinned.

Megan laughed, delighted with the insanity of it all. Getting fucked by her eleven-year-old nephew who was telling an eleven-year-old girl and the fourteen-year-old brother who was fucking her beside them about her skill in sucking a little boy’s dick. Part of her knew that this was all going to end in disaster, which made her want to enjoy it while she could and also lent all her thoughts and actions a slightly manic air.

“April!” Rain gasped. “Gonna… ungh!”

Megan watched as the young teen pulled backward, causing that little fireplug of a cock to spring upward, where it bucked and sprayed three quick streamers of slightly cloudy jizz which coated his sister’s belly. Apparently that set Jack off, and the boy pressed into her hard and desperate, shaking and grunting while Megan felt his slender little cock jerking inside her.

Megan held Jack against her tightly, her pussy convulsing as his sweaty little body shook. She slicked her hands down over his athletic ass, pulling him against her, feeling him shift inside. Even after everything, the eleven-year-old’s cock showed no signs of wilting.

“Well, we better go,” April said. Megan watched as Rain stood, a thin droplet of cum sliding down his short, fat shaft, which continued to strain upward. The fact that the boy was about to leave, to walk around the complex with his thick little cock standing up for all to see shot another shiver through Megan.

Jack pulled away from Megan and stood, his own little erection glistening in the sunlight streaming through the windows. “Bye, you guys,” Jack said.

April walked up and kissed Jack soundly, reaching down to squeeze his cock, and Megan felt a surge of possessiveness. “It was nice meeting you, Megan,” April said.

Meeting, Megan thought with amusement. “You too,” she smiled. She didn’t feel the need to warn them about keeping her secret. She felt sure the siblings wouldn’t talk, although she had no reason to think that.

Jack saw the boy and girl out and then came back to her smiling, his dick still standing up. “Wanna do it again?” the boy asked hopefully.

Megan laughed tiredly. “No!” she smiled. “It’s almost two and you’ve about fucked me raw. Your mom and Shane are going to be home soon and we should wash off the smell of all this sex.”

“Your pussy, you mean,” Jack said with a grin.

“Yes, Jack, the smell of my pussy off your cute little cock,” she said, reaching out to gently tweak the boy’s erection.

Jack agreed to the shower, but of course insisted on taking his with her, which of course turned into her sitting on the bench in a cloud of steam while Jack worked himself into another grunting little cum between her legs.

Megan was firm afterwards about avoiding any sex play, much to Jack’s temporary disappointment, which was quickly alleviated by pulling up a Marvel movie on the Disney channel. Megan was amazed to see that the boy’s indefatigable penis remained erect, even as the Avengers were saving the world. She began to worry what her sister might think if she came home and saw it, and realized ruefully that Nicole would likely be more suspicious if the boy’s dick wasn’t hard.

The fate of the Earth remained up in the air, as the movie was interrupted when Shane and his mother arrived home laden with shopping bags. Megan was amused to see that Shane’s shirt was already off, the boy was so eager to get out of his clothes. Jack gave her a secretive grin as he followed his brother up the stairs.

“Was he a complete monster?” Nicole asked as she came into the living room where Megan was sitting on the sofa.

“He was an angel,” Megan said.

Nicole laughed. “He obviously has you fooled,” her sister joked. “All part of his evil plan to conquer the world.”

Megan was left alone after that, as her sister went up to change. Or rather to get undressed. She was back in a couple of minutes, gloriously nude of course, and Megan felt that old flash of jealousy in viewing her sister’s perfect body.

“Oh my lord,” Nicole said as she joined Megan on the couch. “He’s had you watching superheroes? I’ll bet he’s seen that movie thirty times, no exaggeration.” She turned the channel, putting on The Great British Baking Show. Then, without looking at her, Nicole asked, “So, is that all you guys did all day? Watch superheroes?”

Megan felt herself freeze. Was there an undercurrent in her sister’s tone? “Oh, we had lunch and talked,” Megan said with as much casualness as she could force into her voice. “He had a couple of friends come over and they played together for awhile.”

“Oh? What friends?” Nicole asked, turning to her.

“April and Rain,” Megan said.

Nicole laughed. “Those names,” she shook her head. “They’re nice kids. So… they played upstairs?”

“Some,” Megan lied, wondering what she should say. Wondering what Nicole would want to hear. Eager to change the subject, she said, “That boy brought you a dish, too. Richie.”

“Richie? The winner of the Kentucky Derby, Richie?” Nicole asked.

Megan couldn’t help a laugh, which petered out a bit at the end as she remembered the thirteen-year-old’s massive cock inside her. “That’s the one,” she said.

“And did they play up in Jacky’s room?” Nicole asked slyly, turning and placing a friendly hand on Megan’s knee. Megan couldn’t help a blush, which caused her sister to grin. “Did they have satisfied looks on their faces when they came down? Was Jacky walking funny?”

“Nic!” Megan asked, blushing harder but unable to stop a grin.

“Going to have to have that boy sleep over some night. Maybe I can catch them at it.”

“You’re awful,” Megan said, but the thought sent a twinge through her pussy.

Megan’s pussy got another twinge a few minutes later when the boys came downstairs. Megan knew instantly that Jack had told his older brother what the two of them had done that afternoon. She could see the knowledge in the thirteen-year-old’s eyes. Megan was sitting in the corner of the sofa, her left leg folded under her and her right bent with her foot up on the cushion. She wasn’t even sure why she did it, but she moved her leg to the right, spreading herself open to Shane’s gaze, only belatedly looking over at her sister to see if she’d noticed. She didn’t seem to have seen that, but she certainly noticed when Shane’s cock instantly stiffened to steely hardness.

“Boys,” Nicole said sardonically after a glance over at her son’s throbbing erection. “Only a thirteen-year-old boy could get a hard-on watching British people making pies.”

End of chapter six.

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