The Treehouse – Chapter 8


The wall beside my bed shook. I grabbed my pillow and pulled it over my head. But it wasn’t enough to block out the noise.

Mom’s voice was loud, “Harder, Jimmy Todd. Fuck me harder!”

Her bed slammed against the shared wall. A man’s voice growled, “Goddamn, you’re horny tonight, Diane.”

Mom’s voice fell and I couldn’t make out her words, not that I wanted to. She and her current fuck-buddy had only been in her room for a bit. I couldn’t shake the feeling they’d be at it for a while. I rolled onto my side. The clock read one-thirty in the morning. I swore silently. There was no way I was going to get any sleep with what was going on in the room next to mine.

I hadn’t wanted to be there. Since taking a shower together a few days before, I had spent the night over at Erin’s place the past couple of nights. I would still be there, sleeping in the treehouse, next to her, except her mom showed up outside the treehouse around dinner time, cussing up a storm, “Get your ass down here, Erin! The kitchen’s a mess and by God, we’re going to spend some time together this evening. You’re not going to hide out here while I’m sitting at home all alone. Come on, get your ass down from there.”

We both peered down at her mom, who was holding a bottle of beer in one hand and swaying from side to side.

Erin pulled back, “Oh, shit. I’ve gotta go deal with this, Bry. Maybe tomorrow, okay?”

She was gone in a flash, yelling, “Coming, Mom. I cleaned the kitchen this morning.”

I waited until the voices receded before climbing down and hurrying home. And now, I wished more than anything I had just stayed.

Bam! The wall shuddered as Mom moaned, “God, make me cum, Jimmy Todd.”

I was done. I couldn’t take any more. I rolled out of bed and found my cut-offs on the floor where I left them and slipped them on. I pulled on my Keds and grabbed a t-shirt and slipped from my room. Mom and Jimmy Todd were going at it as I slinked past her door. Granny could have slept through an F-5 tornado, so she was nowhere to be seen when I slipped through the living room and out the front door.

The worst of the summer heat was gone this late at night. I slung the t-shirt over my shoulder and started walking. Barely two weeks into the summer, but I had every step to Erin’s treehouse stored in my memory and I made good time, even under the cloud-covered sky.

The treehouse was dark when I arrived. Climbing the ladder was the work of a few seconds and I knocked on the door, softly calling, “Erin, you there?”

Silence filled the night. A glance toward her house revealed nothing but shadows. I knocked a second time, “Erin?”

I pushed at the door and it swung open. It was nearly pitch black. I took a step into the room and the boards creaked beneath my feet.

“Bry?” came a tired voice, “You okay?”

A moment later, I heard her moving around. A lit match pierced the gloom. A moment later, the lantern came to life, chasing shadows away. Erin held the lantern and faced me. Her face was etched with concern as her eyes seemed to take all of me in. I was in nothing but my Keds and cut-offs. The t-shirt was still cast over one shoulder. She wore a pair of white cotton panties.

“Yeah. I, um, I couldn’t stay at the trailer. Mom brought a guest and they, um…”

My words failed. Erin was the brash one, I the more reserved. She set the lantern on the Formica-topped table, “They were fucking? Keeping you awake?”

I nodded as she crossed the room and took my hand, “Sorry about earlier. Mom had an episode. She thought Dad had just died, and was worried about me.”

I let her lead me to the mattress, “She okay?”

Erin unzipped her sleeping bag, “Okay? Fuck, I don’t know what that looks like anymore, Bry. But she started drinking after dinner. She’s shit-faced drunk on the couch. Okay, no. But back to normal… shit, whatever that even means anymore. I could hardly wait to get out of the house. I was afraid you wouldn’t come back until sometime tomorrow. Even if it was because your mom and her boyfriend were fucking next door, I’m glad you slipped away.”

She spread the open sleeping bag, covering the entire mattress. I felt a flutter in my stomach; the times we slept in the treehouse, we’d only done so each in our own sleeping bag. She unzipped the second sleeping bag and spread it across the lower one, making a bed for us. When she saw my slack jaw, she flashed me a grin, “After all the shit with Mom, I need to be closer, Bry. Tonight, I want you to hold me and I’ll hold you.”

She grabbed the t-shirt from my shoulder and tossed it to the floor, “Come on, let’s get you ready for bed.”

Next, her fingers grabbed my zipper and, with a degree of skill I hadn’t expected, had my shorts around my ankles, leaving me in just my white briefs. Despite the fluttering, Erin’s speed at stripping me meant my body had yet to respond. I wasn’t yet stiff. If she had stopped there, we might have crawled into bed, cuddled a little and fallen asleep.

She grabbed the elastic band of my briefs and pulled them down. She pushed me onto the mattress, and removed my shoes and the clothes from my ankles and then stripped her panties off before pulling back part of the top sleeping bag, “Come on, Bry, let’s go to bed.”

The way she said the word ‘bed’ finished what her pulling on my underwear started. My stiffy poked toward the ceiling as I followed her lead and climbed between the bedspread made by the two sleeping bags. No sooner had I laid my head on the mattress than Erin snuggled against me. She purred, “You’re nice and warm, Bry. Hold me, please.”

I was putty in her hands, and I wrapped my arms around her back. Her chest rested again against mine, and my stiffy lay flat and hard between our pubic bones. I was getting used to her body against mine. Even so, I was tongue tied, and didn’t know what to say. At eleven, I liked how Erin dominated our relationship. It was something simple I could understand.

Erin’s hand brushed my hair away, her fingers playing with the back of my neck, “If I told you you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?”

We were cuddled together. At first, I was confused. Then I recalled a song I’d heard on the radio recently, similarly named, and I realized Erin’s double meaning. “Yeah. I’d do it like this.”
I squeezed my arms, giving her enough of a bear hug to make her squeal. When she caught her breath, she continued quoting the song to me, “If I said you were an angel, would you treat me like the devil tonight?”

I was eleven, and had only heard the song a few times on the radio. Moreover, I didn’t really understand the power dynamic between me and Erin. But I was eleven and old enough to catch the sexual energy in the words.

I couldn’t get any stiffer. My mouth felt dry, “What would I need to do to treat you like a devil?”

Erin leaned in, brushed her lips on mine before whispering, “Let’s make love right now, Bry.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, even though our bodies were melded together. “N-now?”

Her lips pressed against mine. “Yes. Can you think of another way for us to be closer?”

My stiffy twinged between our bodies. The idea of putting it inside Erin electrified at least one part of me, and I wanted what she wanted. “O-, okay.”

She rolled onto her back. I knew enough to know I needed to get between her legs and put my stiffy inside her slit. I rolled onto my knees and moved over her until I felt my stiffy poke against her puffy lips. I moved my hips, pushing. My stiffy slid along her lips, which were slick with wetness. But no matter how I moved my butt around, I couldn’t get it in.

“Here, Bry. Let me help.”

Erin reached between us, sending an electric thrill through me when her fingers wrapped around my stiff. The tingling intensified when my glans slid through her slick lips. A moment later, she guided me into her vagina. My tip slid between her tight walls, which seemed to suck at me, pulling me deeper as my pubic bone meshed against hers.

I gasped at the intensity. No stranger to stimulating myself, or even being stimulated by another person, this was an intensity of another level. I lay atop her, buried to the hilt of my stiffy, and I had never felt more alive.

Erin grabbed my hips, “Move up and down. That’s how we fuck.”

I rocked my hips back, but I moved too far and my stiffy popped out. I growled with frustration as pushed my hips forward, but my stiffy slid through Erin’s inner folds.
Erin’s tone held a note of exasperation, “Let’s try it a different way.”

She pushed me until I had to move off her. “Lay down, Bry. I’m going to be on top.”

Girls could get on top? That was news to me. I traded places with Erin and she straddled me, her knees on either side of my hips, laying with my stiffy pinned against my abs. Flexing her knees, she rose and grabbed me. She pushed my stiffy between her legs until I felt the slickness of her lips. A moment later, she had me trapped within the confines of her pussy walls, sinking against me, taking all of me within her. She sighed, “Fuck, yeah. This feels really nice, Bry.”

Her knees moved, making her body rise a few inches. The walls of her vagina slid upward, dragging against my stiffy, sending tendrils of pleasure radiating from my tip, down through my shaft, through every inch of my body. I bit my lower lip as the tingling rose within me.

Erin pulled herself almost all the way off of me, leaving just my tip trapped within the confines of her walls. Then she fell against me, driving my stiffy as deep inside her as possible, again and again. Each time, my tingling grew until I squeezed my eyes shut as my stiffy spasmed within her. I wordlessly moaned, letting go of my lip as I tasted a hint of blood. That bit of pain was nothing compared to the fierce tingles shooting like electrical shocks of the most pleasurable kind through my body.

Erin collapsed against me while my stiffy kicked and shuddered against her insides. But once my empty eruption subsided, her knees flexed again. My penis was already sensitive and my eyes rolled back in my head as she kept sending me into sensory overload. My stiffy never flagged as Erin rose and fell. My needs were sated, but hers bubbled to the surface.

“Gotta…cum!” Erin moaned as our bodies squished together, wet with her juices.

Slap! Slap! She landed on me, sending muted tingles creeping out of my still hard penis. That my body was still responding to Erin as her pussy undulated, slickly gripping my shaft with her every motion, was a revelation. Those times with Davy, and then recently with Erin, I had gotten my cum and that had been it. I knew if the girl didn’t cum soon, she would eventually take me back to that point again. God, how I hoped she wasn’t close, no matter how loud she grew with each downward thrust.

Another minute passed, and the tingles coursing through me were no longer muted. My brain was nearly mush as Erin groaned, “Ah, fuck! Fuck! I’m c-, cumming!”
I couldn’t imagine the sopping wetness could get more wet, but we did. Erin slammed down on me, wordlessly moaning. It wasn’t as intense, but my second orgasm still sent my stiffy kicking and spasming inside her. Erin shuddered, her knees shook, barely rising and falling. But it was enough for her tight, soaking tunnel to undulate around my spastic stiffy.

Like a wet doll, she collapsed on top of me, her face nuzzled between my neck and shoulder. I could feel her heart racing against my chest as her lips sought mine out. She pressed them against mine, kissing me again and again until our lips were chapped.

The warmth of the night felt almost cool when she finally slid off, snuggling against me. Her arm lay across my bare chest and she whispered, “Fuck, I needed that. I need you, Bry. Will you be my boyfriend?”

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