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Dull Summer

October 19, 2008

Dull Summer
Alex Hawk

The late-June sun bore its weight down onto the parched Arizona landscape. I let out a quiet sigh as I looked around. Everything was hot and dry and boring and dull, dull, dull. God, I hated this place. If it was under 90 degrees right now I’d be shocked. Hell, by the time noon rolled around it would probably be over 115. We’d top out at about 120, I figured, then maybe back down to 100 by midnight.

I sighed again as I walked back inside the air-conditioned trailer my family lived in. We’d moved out here from New York a few months ago because my Dad got a job offer as a county sheriff. He figured it was better to be a sheriff in a small part of Nowhere, Arizona, than it was to be a beat cop in NYC. I disagreed.
My dad and mom were already at work. My little brother was still sleeping, which left me with the place to myself for a while. Oh, joy. For lack of anything better to do, I booted up the computer and surfed over to a couple of my favorite websites. Places I knew I could find pretty boys to look at.

Soon teenage boys in various states of nakedness and arousal were on the screen. I reached down into my shorts and began rubbing at my vagina, fantasizing about the pretty young things on display. I hadn’t had real sex yet, but I’d come close a couple times. Hell, just before I’d left NYC, I’d nearly lost my virginity to my boyfriend, but we didn’t have any condoms, so we didn’t go all the way. He did eat me out, though, which had been quite delightful!

I managed to give myself an orgasm while thinking about that night and looking at a pic of a boy who was about thirteen, very naked, very erect and very cute. I pictured him fucking me as my orgasm washed over me. Oh, he was really nice!

When I finished cumming, I cleaned everything up, turned off the computer and wandered back to my room, looking for the next thing that might provide me with some distraction from the boredom that gripped every facet of my life.

* * *

My life had developed a routine since school had let out two weeks ago. I’d wake up shortly after my parents left for the day. I’d make up some coffee and drink it while watching the sunrise. Then I’d go into the living room where I’d usually download some porn and masturbate. Then I’d retire to my room for a while where I’d just hang out for a bit until my twelve-year-old brother, Kris, woke up. Once he was awake we’d play video games and watch TV and stuff. It was still pretty dull, but at least it was boredom with someone else.

Then there’d be lunch, which we’d take turns making. After that, more games, more TV, plenty of conversation and lots more boredom until our parents got home. It was not a fun way to live. The worst part of it was that it meant my little brother was my best friend by default as he was the only person other than my parents that I ever saw.

Our parents kept reassuring me that when I turned sixteen next year, they’d get me a car, which would be nice, cause it would mean that I’d be able to drive out to the small, two-thousand person town we lived a half-hour away from. That would be nice, but that wouldn’t be until early next year, and I didn’t really want to have to wait.

In short, life was sucky and not likely to get better anytime soon.

* * *

Now Kris and I were sitting side-by-side on the couch, taking turns playing “Katamari Damacy” and trying to roll the biggest katamari. Currently I was in the lead with a 741m katamari, but Kris was doing a decent job of challenging me. He likely wouldn’t win, though. I played the game obsessively. It was almost like it was a form of rebellion against the way I was having to live my life.

But today my mind wasn’t on the game. I’d had an email a couple days ago from a friend who’d told me that my old boyfriend had gotten his current girlfriend pregnant. It was apparently quite the scandal and I was missing it. What annoyed me the most was that there was a huge part of me that didn’t care, and that worried me. I’d cared a lot when he’d emailed me to say he had a girlfriend, and cared when I heard they were having sex. Now this, along with most of the events going on with my friends in NYC, just didn’t really matter to me anymore.

“Huh?” I said, aware that Kris had said something.

“I said I almost did it. 738 meters.”

“Hey, cool,” I said, pulling myself to reality. “You’re getting better.”


I looked at the clock. “I’m gonna make some lunch,” I said, sighing a little as I stood up.

“Oh, ok.”

Kris followed me into the kitchen to talk with me while I made up some mac and cheese for us to eat. He nattered on about all sorts of things, which I largely tuned out. Normally I’d participate more, but I really wasn’t up for it right now.

“Megan?” he finally said. “Is something wrong?”

I sighed again and looked up from the pasta. “Do you know what the word ennui means?”


“It’s what I’m having right now. It’s just an accumulation of boredom and… boredom. Frustration. Loneliness. Stuff like that.”



“Why are you lonely? You have me!”

I smiled a little. “Yeah, but you’re my brother. It’s not the same as having a friend.”

“Why not? I think of you as a friend more than as my sister these days.”

“Yeah. But there’s things you can’t do that at least a couple of the boys back home were able to do.”

“Like what?”

I was about to tell him when I realized exactly who I was talking to. I shook my head. “Nothing important.”

“Well, if it’s not important, why does it matter?” Kris asked.

I smiled wanly again. “It just does.”

Kris looked puzzled, then looked a little grossed-out. “You’re talking about sex, aren’t you?”

I laughed as I drained the pasta. “Sort of. Well, mostly, yes.”


Kris and I had talked about a lot of things over the last two weeks of being stuck alone together, but we’d never discussed sex. I had limited experience with it, only up to oral with my most recent boyfriend, as I mentioned before, and I presumed that Kris had no experience at all.

“So… you’ve had sex, then?” he asked as I began stirring the cheese powder into the pasta.

“Well… sort of. Not all the way. Just some stuff.”


“Yep.” I put a plate of food in front of my brother and sat down with him to eat.



“Do you mind… I mean… what stuff did you do?” he asked, blushing a little.

I shrugged and, seeing no reason to lie, said, “I’ve made out with a couple boys. With my last boyfriend I gave him blowjobs a few times and he went down on me. We almost had sex, but didn’t cause we didn’t have condoms.” I rolled my eyes. “That apparently didn’t stop him with his current girlfriend, cause he got her pregnant.”


“Yeah. He’s kind of a dumbass.”

Kris asked, “So why did you go out with him and do… what you did?”

I shrugged again. “Cause he was kind of cute and he was interested in me and willing to try some stuff without a major romantic thing. We were basically just using each other to fool around and learn about sex first hand.” And mouth, I added silently.

“Oh, wow. Ok, that makes sense, I guess.” Kris took a bite of his food and then into the quiet of the dining room said, “I had sex once.”

I froze, my food halfway to my mouth. “No, you didn’t,” I finally managed to say.

“Yeah, I did,” my brother replied with a nod.

“Fuck you, you did not.”

“Yes, I did.”

“You mean like all the way?”


“Like you had your penis inside some girl’s vagina?”



Kris held up his right hand. “I swear to god!”

“Who with?” I asked, picking at my food, feeling a little annoyed that my brother apparently wasn’t a virgin but I still was.

“Darla Addams.”

I raised an eyebrow. She was a girl Kris had been friends with for most of his life. If he was likely to have fucked a girl it would’ve been her.

“How did that happen?” I asked.

Kris shrugged. “Like the day before we left she asked me to come over to her place and took me to her room. She said she wanted to try it with me ever since she’d known about it and since we were moving, it was then or never.”

Now it was my turn to say, “Oh.”

“We took off our clothes and got on her bed. We made out and stuff and I fingered her and we did like oral together. Then I got on top of her and it took me like a few minutes to figure out how to get it in, but I did. I got it all the way inside her and we fucked for like three minutes before I came.”

“Oh… I hope you used a condom,” I said, my brain catching up to events.

Kris shrugged. “I eleven then, and I wasn’t making any sperm yet. I am now, though,” he added.


“We wanted to do it again a few minutes later, but her mom came home and so we had to stop. It was cool to do it that once, though.”

“Wow.” I sat back, trying to absorb everything. My twelve-year-old brother wasn’t a virgin and I still was at fifteen.

“She said it felt really good and she had a lot of fun, especially when I used my tongue on her.”

“Yeah, I bet,” I muttered, taking a bite of my food.

“I was pretty happy we did it,” Kris said with a giggle. “I just wish we’d gotten to do it more. It was really sweet.”

“Hmph,” I grunted.

“Something wrong?” he asked.

I shook my head. “No, just the fact that you’re not a virgin and I am.”

Kris shrugged. “Not much I can do about that. I mean, if it’s really that big of a deal, just remember that I only did it once.”

“That’s still one more than me,” I groused, annoyed that I was jealous about this. I mean, it was my little brother! Who cared what he did?

“You wanna go play some more games?” Kris asked as he finished up his food.

“Maybe later. I think I’m going to go take a nap.”

“Oh, ok. I’ll practice some and maybe win next time,” he said with an impish grin as he ran off to the living room.

I cleaned up my dishes and went to my bedroom where I stripped naked and laid down on my bed. Kris wasn’t a virgin. My brother had fucked a girl when he was eleven. He wasn’t a virgin and I was. Life wasn’t fair.

I began to picture the image in my mind. Darla naked and laying on her bed, much like I was, only she wouldn’t have had much in the way of breasts and no pubic hair. I pictured Kris eating her out and then getting on top of her and slipping his penis, which I visualized as also being hairless, into her vagina. I could see his little butt rising and falling as they fucked for the first time and the expression of pleasure on both their faces. I remembered a video I’d once downloaded of two kids about twelve or thirteen who were fucking, so I had a fair idea of what was going on in Darla’s bedroom.

Almost of itself, my right hand moved between my legs, massaging my clitoris and then working a finger into my vagina as I pictured my brother fucking for the first time. I kept wondering what it had felt like for Darla to have his penis inside her and began moving my finger back and forth in time to the image of Kris thrusting.

I moved faster and faster as I pictured Kris fucking Darla. My mind began to spin as the pleasure built within my vagina and flushed out through my body as my orgasm took hold of me. It was one of the best I’d ever had.

When I was done cumming, I cleaned up, feeling slightly guilty about having an orgasm while thinking about my brother fucking. But what the hell. It had lead to one of the best orgasms of my life and that was a distinct plus! Content with that thought, I settled down and eventually drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Over the next week or so I kept up my routine, but with some significant disruptions. Mostly this was due to the fact that every time I masturbated, I was picturing Kris fucking Darla. It was leading to some great orgasms, but it was making me feel a little weird.

Then it got weirder when I started seeing him wandering around without a shirt. He’d began doing it the day after our conversation, and since it was really hot, I didn’t blame him. It was just that every time I saw him, I pictured him fucking lucky little Darla.

I knew most of this was simply caused by boredom. During the weekend we’d driven out to town and gone swimming at the community pool. I’d seen Kris in a speedo then and hadn’t been distracted by that. I was having too much fun with other things, including flirting with some of the other boys there. When I got home, however, and was in my bed, I had more details of my brother’s body to add to the image I used when I masturbated.

Then came the day it got really weird. Yesterday, to be exact. Last night, when I was masturbating before bed. I constructed my mental image of Kris naked, but when I sent him off to get laid, I found myself picturing him going down not on Darla but on me. Then fucking me. It was an INCREDIBLY hot image and made me cum better than I’d ever had in my life period. Even when my ex had gone down on me, the orgasm hadn’t been as good.

It did leave me feeling REALLY mixed up, though. I mean, it was bad enough that I was picturing my little twelve-year-old brother fucking Darla, but now I was getting off on the idea of him fucking me, and there was no way I could ignore that.

So now I was sitting there with him, after lunch, watching a movie on DVD and wanting to ask him a whole slew of questions, but not knowing where to start. Finally as I sat there, checking out his shirtless body, I figured I’d just start asking.

“So, Kris?”


“Can I ask you a few things?”


“About Darla and you?”

Kris paused. “Uh… sure, if you want.”

“Ok. Well… when you went down on her, did you get her off?”

“You mean like make her cum?”


He shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

“Did she cum when you fucked her?”

Kris nodded. “Yeah, she told me she did anyhow.”

“Not bad,” I said, somewhat impressed. “Most girls don’t cum their first time. At least that’s what I hear.”

“Really? Cool that she did, then,” he said with a smile.

“What did it… what did it feel like when you were inside her?”

Kris smiled again and looked a little shy. “Oh, it was better than anything. I hadn’t even… well, you know… by myself… before I did it with her, so it was really incredible. I had no idea it was going to be that good.”

“Wow,” I said, shifting a little, acutely aware of how wet my vagina was getting. “I assume she liked it?”

“Oh, yeah. She really wanted to do it again, but like I said, her mom came home early.”

“How close were you guys to doing it again?”

“Uh… well, I was on top and about to stick it in, that’s how close,” he said with a smile.

“Oh, ok.” I licked my lips. “Uh… can I ask a kind of strange question?”


“Uhm… how big… is… your penis?” I managed to say.

Kris blinked and blushed. “Oh. I don’t know. Why?”

“Is it bigger than my finger?” I asked, holding up an index finger.

He looked at it. “Uh… maybe. Probably not quite as long, but a little thicker.”

“Do you have hair yet?”

“Yeah, some. Only a few strands, though.”


“Why did you wanna know?”

How could I tell him? I couldn’t say, “Because I wanted to have a more accurate version of you to masturbate to.”

“Oh, I’m just curious,” I said dismissively. Looking down a little I saw a bulge in my brother’s shorts. “Is that… it?” I asked.

He looked down and blushed again. “Yeah.”

“Are you… hard right now?”

“Yeah, from all the talking.”

Feeling my heart pounding in my chest, I said, “Can I see it?”

Kris blinked and looked taken aback. “See it?”

“Yeah.” Before he could ask I said, “I mean… I know what my boyfriend’s was like, but he was still a virgin. I wanna see what one looks like when it’s on a boy that’s not a virgin.”

“Oh. Well… I guess you can see it if you really want to.”


Looking a little nervous, Kris sat up and unzipped his shorts. He pulled them and his underwear down and up popped his penis. It was beautiful! About four inches long, a little thicker than my finger, as he’d said, and just a few strands of hair. Lovely! So much nicer than my boyfriend’s had been, I thought.

“It looks nice,” I said around the wall of arousal.

“Thanks,” Kris mumbled. “Can you see any difference?”

I shook my head. “Not really. I think yours is nicer than my ex’s, though.”

Kris grinned. “Thanks.”

Taken by a whim, I said, “Well, since I saw you… do you wanna see me?”

“Uhm… sure, if you want to show me.”

“Sure.” I stood up and dropped my shorts and panties, kicking them aside. Then I laid back on the couch and spread my legs to give my brother a good view of my vagina.

His eyebrows raised and his penis twitched. “Wow. That’s a lot different from Darla.”

“How so?” I asked.

“Well… she didn’t have any hair for one thing.”

“Uh-huh… what else?”

Kris shrugged, his eyes still locked between my legs. “Well, with her it looked like just a slit with a wet spot where the hole was. With you it looks like a more… like stuff. I can see the wet place, though,” he added, pointing.

I laughed. “Yeah, it’s there alright. Do you see my clitoris and everything?”

Kris nodded. “Yeah, and it’s bigger than Darla’s was.”

“You said you fingered her, right?”


“Was she really tight?”

Kris nodded again. “Yeah, I could barely get my finger in her at first.”

Taking a breath and knowing I might scare him away, I said, “Can you do me a favor?”


“Would you mind… well… putting your finger into me? I wanna know if I’m any tighter or anything than she was.”

My brother looked shocked. “You want me to finger you?”

“Well, just to see if there’s any difference, that’s all. I’m a virgin just like she was, but I’m curious to see if there’s any difference.”

“Uhm,” he said, his penis twitching. “Well, I guess if you really want me to, I can. Just to see.”

“Ok, cool.” I spread my legs wide. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Kris shrugged and moved closer to me. He held out a hand and slowly began slipping his middle finger into my vagina. It was all I could do to keep from crying out in bliss as it sank down into me.

Once he had it all the way inside, he worked it around a little and in a slightly tense voice said, “Well… yeah, there’s a difference. She was a little tighter but I don’t think she’d ever done anything with anyone else ever at all, and you said you’d done some things, so maybe even though you haven’t been… well, fucked… maybe that makes a difference.”

“Yeah, ok.”

“It’s nice, though,” he said with a grin.

I smiled back. “I think it’s pretty nice, too… you got a good finger, Kris.”


“Just out of curiosity,” I said, as casual as I could, “when you had your finger inside Darla, how did you move it around?”

“Just back and forth mostly,” he said, moving his finger within me to illustrate.

“Mmmm… that does feel pretty nice… but if you move it in circles and around and stuff it feels even better.”

“This way?” my brother asked, moving his finger some more.

“Oh, yes…”

Kris grinned. “Cool. This is a lot better than video games.”

“Yeah,” I said with a laugh. Then I sat up a little and pulled my shirt off. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so now I was nude in front of my brother. “How do these compare?”

He stared at my breasts. “Uh… well, since she was still flat, they’re much nicer.”

“You can touch ‘em if you want.”

“Ok.” Keeping his finger inside my vagina, my brother reached out with his other hand and rested it on my right breast. “Wow… that feels cool.”

“Yeah, I like it,” I said with a smile. Looking down I could see that my brother had scooted close enough that I could reach out and take hold of his penis. I did so, stroking it slowly.

“You don’t mind, do you?” I asked.

“N… no…”

“Good,” I whispered, happy to be touching the penis I’d been dreaming about. It wasn’t nearly the same as my ex’s, but it was everything I’d hoped for. What I really wanted, deep down, was to have it inside me, but I knew that couldn’t happen. At least not yet. It would, though, as soon as I could pull it off. I’d lose my virginity to my brother. What an erotic thought!

Meantime, as I was fondling him, Kris kept up the movements within my vagina. “You’re getting good at that…”


“Do you wanna try doing something else…?”


I took a breath. “Well… you said you went down on Darla… if you wanna try that on me, I can give you some lessons…”

“Oh… ok.”

“First move your face down there, but keep your finger inside me!” I added hastily as he was about to pull it out.

“Ok, now what?” he asked once he was down there.

“First lick the area around my clitoris.”

“Like this?” he asked, doing so.

My eyes crossed and little fireworks went off in my mind as my brother’s tongue scrapped across my clitoris. Oh, dear god it was heavenly! Whatever Kris had learned from Darla he’d learned it quite, quite well! He was already much better at it then my ex had been back in NYC.

“Am I doing ok?” Kris asked.

“Ah… you were until you stopped…”

“Oh, sorry… you weren’t saying anything, so I didn’t know. I’ll go back to it.”

“No, wait,” I whispered.


“Move up here.”

My brother wiggled his way up until his chest was rubbing against my breasts. “Ok, like this?”

“Yeah.” Swallowing a little I reached down and took his penis in my hand, lining it up with the entrance to my vagina. “Push it in,” I whispered.

Kris blinked. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah… fuck me, little brother… take my virginity…”

“Ok, if you want me to.” Kris shifted his weight around and I felt the tip of his penis nudge into me a little. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah…” I whispered, closing my eyes, part of me unable to believe this was really happening.

Nodding, Kris said, “Ok,” and then pushed forward with his hips. At first nothing happened. I started, for a moment, to wonder if I’d put him in the right place, but then, slowly, wonderfully, incredibly, I felt my younger brother’s twelve-year-old penis begin to sink down into my fifteen-year-old virgin vagina. He pulled back and pushed forward once, twice and then was entirely inside of me.

“Oh, god,” I moaned as my brother took my virginity. It felt soooo wonderful! So much better than just masturbating or even having a boy go down on me. I was actually being fucked! So what if it was with my little brother? It felt incredible and that was all that mattered!

“Does it feel ok? Do you want me to pull out?” Kris asked, looking a little concerned.

“Oh, god, no… keep it in…” I put my hands on my brother’s butt and pulled him closer to me, just to make the point.

“Ok… do you want me to start fucking…?”


“Ok…” Kris began moving slowly, sliding his penis back and forth inside my vagina. He grinned a little. “You feel much better than Darla…”


Kris closed his eyes at this point and started fucking me a little harder. He slipped out a couple times but guided himself back into me pretty easily. I was mute with pleasure the whole time! I just couldn’t believe how wonderful this all felt! Sure it was incest, but I REALLY didn’t care right now.

“Oh… oh… Megan…? I’m gonna cum soon…” Kris moaned.

I hadn’t thought about what to do when Kris had his orgasm. There was a lot about this I hadn’t really thought through, but who cared?

When I hadn’t said anything in reply, Kris moaned, “Oh… can I cum in you…?”

“Yeah…” I whispered.

“Oh… ok… oh… oh… OH! Oh, god!” Kris pushed deep inside me and started shaking as his sperm began firing off, filling my vagina. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I could feel his penis twitching as he orgasmed inside me. It was soooo cool!

And just as my brother finished cumming, I started to, my vagina contracting hard around his penis as I began moaning and groaning, lost in a world of pleasure I’d never before experienced as fully as I was now.

As we both came down from our orgasms I looked up at my brother. He grinned down at me. Then we both began to giggle.

“Wow,” Kris said. “I can’t believe we fucked… that was so cool…”

“Yeah.” I squeezed his butt.

“Did I do ok?”

“Best fuck I ever had,” I said with a smile.

Kris laughed. “Yeah, but it was the only fuck you’ve ever had!”


“Ok, good point.” Kris backed up, his penis slipping out of my vagina.

I sat up and stretched. “THAT was fun. We gotta do that a lot more.”

“Really?” Kris grinned. “Cool!”

I placed a hand on my brother’s still hard penis and kissed him. “Yeah… summer just got a lot less dull for us.”

“Cool.” He kissed me back. “Can we fuck again?”


Soon I had laid my brother on his back and was straddling his waist, riding his penis to another wonderful orgasm for us both. Then we went to him doing me doggie-style. Then we fucked in his bed. Then in mine. Then in the shower. Then in the kitchen. Then in our parents bed. Then we stopped and got cleaned up.

Then the next day we fucked some more.

After that we fucked.

Then we fucked again.

You get the idea.

Summer was indeed a lot less dull.


Copyright 2006 by Alex Hawk.

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