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Date Night Discovery

Date Night Discovery
Jason Crow

Date Night Discovery

“What are you looking at?” I asked, a bit snarky, as I noticed a guy staring at me from the bar. The man seemed like a typical hillbilly, so full of himself that he resembled a cartoon version of him. Despite his attempt to undress me with his eyes, I was here just to get hammered with my roommate and best friend, Gemma, and had no interest in him. However, when I checked on Gemma, I found her in a corner, kissing a guy whose hands roamed over her body. Great!

Gemma and I often went out together, and it wasn’t unusual for us to end the night separately, each going home with someone. Since I was twenty-five and she was a year older, we felt free to do as we pleased and had no problems doing so. We even ended up in bed together after a wild night, but we both agreed that we enjoyed the company of hot guys a lot more.

Finding attractive guys on a Saturday night like this wasn’t a challenge for us. We basically looked the same. Firm C-cup boobs that we loved to accentuate with loads of cleavage, smooth muscular bellies, and tight asses showcased in either tight jeans or short skirts. The only difference was Gemma’s blonde hair compared to my dark-brown locks. Currently, my hair cascaded in loose curls around my shoulders, though during the day, I usually wore it in a ponytail.

The hillbilly, who had been eyeing me, walked over. I sighed deeply, not in the mood to reject another guy, when I noticed someone else checking me out. He appeared a bit younger, and I even doubted if he was allowed to drink yet.

However, he looked amazing standing there. He was tall, blonde, had piercing blue eyes, and a tight white T-shirt showcasing his muscular chest and bronzed skin. I winked at him and put my hair behind my ear, signaling my interest. He responded with a warm smile, and I knew I had him hooked.

“Hi. I have to ask you… Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got FINE written all over you,” the guy who was eyeing me earlier said as he got close to me.

I looked at him as he checked me out from top to bottom. He looked at me as if I was a piece of meat, his face smug about his opening line. I opened my mouth to tell him to go fuck himself when the guy in the white T-shirt appeared.

“Really, dude? You think that kind of cheesy line will work on such a beautiful lady?”

“I… uhm…” the hillbilly stammered.

“Wanna dance?” the guy in the white T-shirt asked, extending his hand.

“Love to!”

We hit the dance floor, dancing for a few minutes before finding ourselves talking at one end of the room.

“I’m Steve,” he said, smiling broadly, and asked, “You want some pickup lines?”

I shook my head, but he didn’t wait for an answer. With a massive grin on his face, he began. “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.”

“Oh boy…” I said, laughing loudly.

“Don’t worry. There’s more where that came from,” he chuckled, “Like… Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?”


“Are you a magician? Because when I’m looking at you, you make everyone else disappear!”

“Stop it!” I laughed.

“I think your father is a thief! He stole two stars from heaven and put them in your beautiful eyes.”

He continued with pickup lines as if I wasn’t even there, a straight face intact. By now, I was laughing loudly and playfully slapped his chest.

“I’m not usually religious, but when I saw you, I knew you were the answer to my prayers.”

“I mean it! Stop it!” I said and kept my hand on his chest, enjoying the feeling of his muscular pecs under my fingers.

“I didn’t think anyone would actually use these lines anymore. That guy apparently didn’t get the memo.”

I wiped a tear from my eye and said, “Guess not. Thanks for saving me. I’m Carol.”

This was the start of a fantastic evening. We drank some drinks. Well… we drank a lot, actually. I learned that, according to his fake ID, Steve was twenty-one. But he actually was only nineteen. This put me off at first because I never went to bed with a guy this young.

But the more we talked and drank, the more attractive he became. He was sophisticated, funny, well-dressed, and simply looked like a young Adonis. I lay my hand on his jeans as we started kissing and slowly moved it toward his crotch. He didn’t object, and when I cupped the bulge in his pants, I was surprised by how well-endowed he felt.

“Wanna go to my place?” I asked, feeling the urge to get him inside me and ride his cock like a cowgirl.

“Sorry! I can’t,” he said, noticing my disappointment. “But we can go to my place if you want.”

“You’ve got your own place?”

“Well… not exactly. I still live with my parents. And my little brother is home alone now. I promised my dad that I’d watch him.”

“Oh…” I said, looking disappointed again.

“Don’t worry. He’s twelve and won’t bother us. I promise! And I think we can have a lot of fun together.”

He leaned in, nibbling on the sensitive spot under my ear, his hand moving up over my leg and under my skirt. The moment his fingers brushed over the laced front of my tiny string and his teeth gently scraped my neck, I was a goner.

“Let’s go,” I hoarsely said.

Steve ordered an Uber, and we headed out. As we stood outside waiting, I checked my phone and saw Gemma had sent me a text saying she was at our apartment with the guy she had met earlier. During the ride, Steve couldn’t keep his hands off me. I wasn’t a prude, but seeing the driver’s eyes constantly checking us out in the rear-view mirror was a bit of a turn-off. Despite that, I didn’t mind him squeezing my boobs every now and then.

We stopped at a huge mansion in a part of town I rarely visited since it was reserved for the wealthy. After my recent unemployment, I had even fewer reasons to be there.

As we walked toward the front door, I was amazed by the fantastic house Steve lived in. Okay, it was his father’s house, but still. It was modern, white with black accents, and the way the lights made it stand out in the night gave it a ‘fuck you, we’re loaded!’ vibe.

In the living room, the table in front of the TV was littered with a half-full pizza box, empty soda bottles, ice cream packages, and other stuff I couldn’t make out. But before I could take a good look at it, Steve was all over me.

As we went up to his room, I was stunned by how big this place was. But Steve was very good at keeping me occupied, so before I knew it, we were inside his room. I didn’t waste any time and dropped to my knees. After I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, I sucked in a breath.

Inside his white Calvin Klein boxers, a monster tented out the fabric. I couldn’t wait to see it, so I pulled the black waistband forward and freed his hard cock. It stood at a forty-five-degree angle from his hairless groin, and the seven, probably eight inches of throbbing meat was something I’d only seen in porn so far.

It was the first time I had sex with a guy who’d shaved himself. Somehow, this turned me on even more. I’d always thought it would feel like having sex with a little boy, but now that I looked at this massive cock on a hairless groin, I felt a tremble inside my cunt. I didn’t waste any more time, licked my lips, and eagerly went down on his massive pole.

It turned out that he knew how to use his tool! After I sucked him off for a while, cramping my jaws in the process, he entered me. Thankfully, he did it with care because I haven’t felt this stretched before. But once he started going, he was like the energizer rabbit. He came quickly, which he later blamed on my more than excellent blowjob. But after he came, he stayed hard and just kept on going.

We fucked for almost an hour, but after he came for the third time, it was over. I only managed one orgasm during this fucking frenzy, and that was when he went down on me. He was just too big for me to really push me over the edge. But maybe the alcohol had something to do with that, too.

“You’re staying the night?” Steve asked as he lay down next to me.

“If you don’t mind…”

“Of course not.”

We pulled up the thin bedsheets, each on our own side of the bed. Steve yawned loudly, and before I knew it, I was out like a light.

* * *


I opened my eyes, and it took me a moment to realize where I was. Steve was lying to my right with his back toward me and didn’t move.


I lifted my head and looked at the door. There, in the dim hallway light, was a smaller copy of the guy who was lying next to me. He was standing there in just his bright-green boxer briefs, looking helplessly into the room.

“Get lost, Bri,” Steve grumbled next to me.


The boy sniffed and looked so vulnerable as he stood there. But at the same time, I couldn’t help myself and let my eyes roam over his boyish body. I liked how his hairless body almost radiated in the hallway lights. This only lasted for the lesser half of a second, but I couldn’t deny it happened.

“I had a bad dream, and… my tummy hurts,” he softly said and sniffed again, “can I sleep with you?”

Steve didn’t respond, and I heard his breathing deepen, and he was asleep again.

“Well, that’s a dick move,” I thought to myself.

The boy shifted his weight from one foot to the other and was about to turn around. I was completely naked under the sheets, so I hesitated for a moment. But looking at his smooth, tight body and the thought of feeling it next to me triggered something inside. I didn’t want to admit it, but I found this young boy extremely interesting. And I blamed my motherly instincts for wanting to comfort him.

So, right before he turned around, I whispered, “Hey, kid! You can come over here if you want.”

His face lit up, and he strained his neck to see who I was. After a couple of seconds, he stepped into the room, tiptoed around the bed, and stood next to me. My eyes landed briefly on his crotch, and I was impressed by the bulge in his underwear. What was wrong with me? This was a freaking kid!

“Who are you?” he asked softly.

“I’m Carol. A friend of your brother. Who are you?”

“I’m Brian,” he said, and a sly smile spread across his face, which was an odd contrast with his puffy eyes.

“Lemme scoot over so you can get in.”

I turned to my left side so my back was toward Steve’s. I moved back a little and lifted the sheet a bit as an invitation for Brian to get in. I was careful to not lift it too high. He caught on and crawled into the bed with his back toward me. I draped my arm over his midsection and kissed his hair. He smelled like a mix of popcorn and axe body spray, which brought a smile to my face.

He scooted backward so his back was pressed against my front and chuckled. I felt my hard nipples press against his shoulder blades, but surprisingly, it didn’t bother me one bit.

“You’re naked,” he whispered secretively as if he told me something he wasn’t allowed to know.

“Yeah… didn’t bring my PJ’s with me.”

“Did you do… sexy stuff together?”

“That’s kind of a personal question,” I said and stroked the soft skin on his chest, “but, yeah. We did.”

“I thought so. I heard you guys earlier. Wha- OW!”

He cramped up and pushed his body firmer against mine. I felt sorry for the kid and tried soothing him by kissing him on his cheek.

“It’s my tummy…” he whined.

My hand moved down from his chest to rub him over his belly. Feeling his soft, velvety skin under my fingertips was something I’ve never felt before. Usually, there’d be hairs down there one way or the other, but this boy’s skin was as smooth as a baby’s ass. Feeling his developing muscles was a weird contrast, but I absolutely loved how it felt.

“Better?” I asked as I gently rubbed over his belly.

“I guess…”

“What’s wrong with your tummy?” I asked after gently rubbing it for a while.


“Did you eat too much ice cream, maybe?”


“Probably…” I chuckled.

“Steve lets me eat what I want as long as I don’t tell Mom or Dad.”

“I see. And where are your parents?”

“Mom is at a tennis tournament somewhere in Florida with her teacher. And Dad is on another business trip with his secretary.”

Oh wow! It can’t be more cliché than this. Filthy-rich parents pretending to be married but screwing around as much as they want. And their kids need to figure it out on their own. I felt sorry for the boy lying in front of me.

“Steve was supposed to watch me, but I don’t need a babysitter anymore. Had my birthday last month, and now I’m already twelve, you know?”

“I see. You’re a big boy”. I can tell.”

“Yeah… He does this all the time. Every Saturday evening, he buys me pizza and stuff so he can go out and find a girlfriend. He usually does…” Brian said and giggled as I put a finger in his belly button, ”Usually not as nice as you, by the way.”

It didn’t bother me one bit that Steve slept around like this. I did precisely the same, and we both knew what was happening here.

We were quiet for a few moments. As I rubbed his soft belly, an evil little voice whispered inside my head. It was wondering if this sweet boy was this soft and smooth everywhere… I dismissed this thought at first, but it just kept coming back, no matter how hard I pushed it away.

As if my hand had a mind of its own, it moved down and brushed the skin right along the elastic waistband of his boxers. I didn’t know what it was, but I just had to know. My fingers moved to the side of his little body, and right below his hipbone, his boxers had a tiny bit of space between his skin.

“How’s your tummy?” I whispered.

“A little better.”

I slid my fingers under the elastic waistband and moved them toward his front. They were still just under the waistband, but I wanted to see how he reacted to this.

I loved how his silky-smooth skin felt under my fingertips, and I whispered a soft “Good” into his ears.

“Yeah. Your fingers feel really good.”

As he said this, I slowly moved them down and rubbed my fingers in the same circular motion over his skin, just as I did on his tummy. I hoped this would keep up the pretense of helping him as I was aiming for my goal.

Further and further down I went. By now, I must be low enough to feel something, but he was still completely bare. The circles I was making with my fingers were smaller now, and a tingle shot through my pussy as I realized I was rubbing the pubic area of a twelve-year-old boy. I never knew I wanted this, but as I went down this path, I was amazed at how excited I was.

My heart was beating in my throat, and my pussy was slippery as hell by now. I was still a bit sore from being pounded by Steve’s big cock, but this quickly got to the background as my excitement grew.

When I accidentally brushed against the base of his boydick, he softly sucked in a breath. I didn’t want to overstay my welcome here or scare him off, so I moved a bit upwards again and whispered a soft, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. This feels nice.”

I needed to divert the attention away, so I asked, “What was your dream about? I heard it helps to talk about your dreams.”

“Two big spiders were chasing me down an old house. Then I ran outside, and the garden was one big graveyard,” he whispered and took a deep breath.

“Sounds scary,” I said and kept making small circles with my fingers over his bare pubes.

“As I was running towards the gate, zombies came crawling out of the graves. I kept on running, but I tripped. And that’s when the zombies got to me. One of them bit me in my neck, and that’s when I woke up.”

“Poor boy… Think you can sleep now?” I asked and kept on moving my fingers around.

“I guess so…”

“Let’s try and get some sleep then, okay?” I said, kissing him on his ear and keeping my fingers inside his underwear.

“I was afraid you’d send me away…”

“Of course not. You can stay with me for the rest of the night.”

“You’re cool…”

“You too,” I chuckled.

I got comfortable, but I kept my hand where it was. I could relax my arm since my fingers were held in place by the elastic waistband. I felt the warmth of his young body against me, his soft, hairless skin under my fingers, and I knew, deep down, that I had tapped into some deep, hidden desires I never consciously realized I had.

His body relaxed in my arms, and his breathing deepened. I squeezed my legs together to release some of the building pressure and felt the long night and alcohol pushing me down to the land of the sleeping.

“Maybe it’s just the alcohol,” was the final, comforting thought thatshot through me right before I drifted off.

* * *

I felt a hand on my shoulder and movement behind me. I was still lying there with the twelve-year-old boy pressed against my naked body with my hand inside his underwear. But when a muscular chest pressed against my back, I felt a bit of panic.

“Hey,” Steve whispered, “I see you met Brian. Would you mind looking after him for a couple of hours?”

I turned my head to look at him and must’ve looked confused.

“He’s a good kid, but I’ve… I’ve got somewhere I need to be,” he said and showed his phone to somehow make his point.

“Uhm…” I mumbled, still half-sleeping but already excited to be alone with him.

“I’ll pay you!” he blurted, pressing his lower body against mine, “One way or the other…”

His seductive smile did nothing to me now. Last night, it had gotten me instantly wet, but seeing it now and feeling his soft, massive dick against my back, did absolutely nothing. I was feeling tired and wanted him to leave as quickly as possible, so I whispered, “Sure. No problem.”

“Thanks! You’re a lifesaver, uhm…”

“It’s Carol.”

“Thanks, Carol! Later.”

He gave me a kiss on my cheek and got out of bed. He was moving fast, and I figured it must be something important. In my arms, Brian slept like a baby and didn’t even flinch as the bed shook.

But I was instantly awake when I felt something brush against my fingers. It was a very brief contact, but a touch that made my pussy quiver. This was his little stiffie! And it was incredibly close to my fingers!

Now, I was fighting a mental battle about what to do. The sensible part of me told me I should pull my hand out of his undies. But the naughty part of me had to know what he felt like in the dick department. And that’s when I felt it touch my finger again.

I didn’t know what it was that pushed me over the edge. I was well aware that it was a million kinds of wrong to touch the dickie of a barely twelve-year-old boy. But somehow, it was different with this boy. At least, that’s what I told myself.

Ever so carefully, I moved my fingers upward. Almost immediately, I touched the skin of his shaft. The radiant heat coming from it wasn’t at all different from a grown man’s dick. I softly traced my fingers around the shaft so I could touch the underside and size him up properly. As I did this, I had goosebumps all over my body, and my pussy was instantly sopping wet again. But I didn’t care. I had a goal.

Once I had my fingers on the underside of his stiffie, I moved them down towards his balls. When I felt his dick move inside his body and his sack started, I stopped moving down. It was difficult to move further down without moving my body and wake him. And I wasn’t here for his little balls. I wanted to feel what he was packing.

I took a breath to steady my nerves and moved my fingers. My thumb and index finger were at each side of his shaft, and my middle finger was in the middle. I didn’t know what to expect when I started sliding upward. Two, maybe three inches of throbbing boy meat?

I slowly moved my fingers, savoring every piece of him and careful not to wake him. My pussy contracted sharply when it really dawned on me what I was doing. The moment I reached his cut glans, I realized he was big. It was probably four, four-and-a-half inches without his cock head. He was made from the same gene pool as his massively hung brother, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. But this only added to the youthful sexiness this boy oozed. 

I was careful around his glans because this was his most sensitive spot, and I definitely didn’t want to wake him and explain what I was doing. But there was just one more thing I had to know. So, I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and gripped it. I was only touching it and careful not to squeeze or stimulate it in any way. I was surprised by its slenderness. Because of his brother’s monster between his legs, I had expected the same here. But he clearly had some growing to do in the girth department. I didn’t care. I fucking loved his long, slender cock in my fist. And at that moment, I didn’t care that it belonged to a young boy.

This soft, sexy body in my arms had unlocked a part of me that I knew had always been there but hidden deeply away in the crypts of my core. I had just pushed it away every time it roared its ugly head. But the smooth, shaven body of his brother and this young adolescent sexiness in my arms were just too much. It had blown off the lid from this part of my soul, and it would never get back on. There was no more denying. I loved boys!

This epiphany didn’t upset me as much as I expected. I had always known. I was just too chicken to accept this fact. But now that I did, I didn’t know what to do with it. Should I jack him? Should I wake him and let him fuck my brain out? Should I do nothing and hope my feelings will go down eventually?

After giving it some thought, I figured it was probably best to do nothing. My female body was a weapon here. This boy was probably curious about girls and women, and I would use that to my advantage. It was best to let him set the pace here. But this didn’t mean I had to let go of his hard boydick! If he’d wake up and have a problem with it, I could always say it happened in my sleep and get away with it.

I figured I might try and get some sleep. Not that I’d be able to sleep like this, but there was no harm in trying. I gave it a gentle squeeze, and it tried twitching in my fist. He didn’t move a muscle, and I smiled broadly. I couldn’t control myself and did it again with the same result.

I resisted the temptation to do more and settled in again despite knowing it was probably useless.

* * *

I was startled by the movement next to me. My arm was still draped over Brian’s body, and my hand was on his hip now. My underarm was on his pubic bone, but I couldn’t feel his dick. I panicked for a moment. Did he wake up with my fist around his stiffie? But since he was still living here and not squirming away from me, I was probably okay.

He softly chuckled. I could hardly hear it, but I felt his body shake a little as he did. I fluttered my eyes and opened them. Seeing his angelic, Adonis-like face in the golden morning light made my heart melt instantly. His eyes were locked on my chest, and he didn’t even realize I was awake.

Inside his underwear, there was movement. As he was checking out my boobs, he grew hard. Before long, I felt him press against my underarm. I didn’t move and made sure to feel as much of his boner as possible.

When he chuckled again, I asked, “What’s up?”

“Your boobs are showing.”

“So?” I asked and moved my body a bit so my arms weren’t in the way anymore, and he could see them better. As I did this, my hand rested right on his boner. But he was so focused on my tits that he didn’t even notice.

“I’ve never seen boobs before.”

“You can look. I don’t mind.”

“They’re cool.”

“Thanks!” I said, hesitated for a moment, and said, “You can touch them if you want.”

“Really?” he asked, and his face lit up.

His boner twitched violently under my fingers, but he didn’t seem to notice. Because my hand was touching him in its entirety, I could size him up even more accurately. One thing was clear. He was big for his tiny frame!

Reluctantly, I lifted my hand from his underwear-clad boner and turned to my back to give him all the access he needed. I smiled warmly at him as he looked nervously at me. He extended his hand, and I saw it was shaking a bit, which was adorably cute. But the moment his hand touched my right boob and he squeezed it softly, all the cuteness was gone. The electricity that shot through me went from the back of my spine straight into my sopping wet cunt.

This pubescent boy feeling me up was incredibly sexy, naughty, and forbidden at the same time. I absolutely loved it and wanted nothing more than to keep this up.

But Brian didn’t need encouragement. He was bold enough to fondle my boob and switch to the other one without me urging him on. He started toying with my rock-hard nipple, squeezing it gently. I let out a soft moan as he did this, and he looked worriedly at me.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No. Not at all!” I said, smiling warmly at him, “This feels really good.”

“You’re so soft…” he whispered to no one in particular and continued feeling me up.

I loved what he was doing to me. But I was so horned up by now that I wanted to take this a step further. So, with my foot, I started sliding down the bedsheet. Brian didn’t notice and just kept squeezing my boobs. I glanced down, seeing I was lying there completely naked now without the sheet covering me. He was lying there in his bright green boxers, with an unmistakable tent inside.

As if he snapped out of a trance, he looked down at my body and whispered, “WOW!”

“If you want to, you can also touch me there. I don’t mind,” I said as casually as possible.

He swallowed audibly, nodded, and moved his hands over my belly toward my pussy. He didn’t take it slowly. He had a goal, and he wanted it now. But his fingers felt electric on my skin, nevertheless.

“You’ve got hairs down there,” he said as he brushed his fingers over the top of my neatly trimmed Brazilian.

“Yeah,” my trembling voice managed to croak.

I was having a hard time keeping it together as this small Adonis explored my most intimate parts.

“Steve doesn’t have hairs,” he said, his hands going lower and lower, exploring every inch between my legs, “he shaves it.”

“I grpg-“ I groaned as he brushed over my lips. I cleared my throat and calmed my nerves. “I know. I noticed last night.”


After a couple of moments, he perked up, lifted his head to look at me, and excitedly asked, “Hey! I’ve got a couple of hairs now. Wanna see?”

Did I want to see? Really?! This adorable innocence was new to me, but it reminded me he was still just a boy.

“I’d love to!” I answered, equally excited, without sounding creepy.

A strange emptiness washed over me when he let go of my body and turned to his back. But I knew I was in for a treat, so the emptiness quickly made way for excitement. He pulled down the front of his boxers and exposed his bare pubes. I felt my mouth water as I looked at his groin.

“See?” he said proudly.

Beside his sexy, slightly muscular belly with bare pubes and the hint of his dick’s base, I didn’t see anything. Not a single hair was there. He must’ve seen me looking because he softly said, “You’ll have to look closer…”

He didn’t have to tell me twice! I moved in closer, and as my face was inches away from his groin, I smelled a sweet, musky scent I came to love so much after I smelled it for the first time on this young stud.

“Here!” he said and pointed at a barely noticeable blonde hair right above the base of his dick.

I had to stifle a giggle but nodded enthusiastically to put him at ease. I started feeling bold, extended my fingers, and touched it. I noticed a tiny other one and rubbed it, too.

“Here’s another one.”


An idea popped up as I felt myself grow slipperier by the minute. So, I looked him in the eye and asked, “Want me to check your balls?”

This made him visibly uncomfortable, and I knew I had to act quickly. I smiled my warmest smile and said, “You’re getting bigger now, so there might be some hairs down there now.”

“But… I…”

“Don’t worry,” I said soothingly.

I didn’t give him time to think and started pulling at the legs of his boxers. He didn’t protest or stop me, but he wasn’t actively helping me either. But I didn’t care. I had to see him. All of him. I made up my mind then and there that I’d do everything I could to teach him how to have sex with a woman. And I was going to be that woman!

The moment his boxers got caught under his ass, he lifted his hips, and they slid down halfway past his upper legs. My eyes immediately went to his hard boy cock between his legs. And I was genuinely impressed. I’ve been fucked by grown guys smaller than this barely twelve-year-old boy. Up until now, I only had a mental picture of it by using my fingers. But now I saw him in all his glory, and I could see he was five inches from his cut tip to his base. His shaft was as thick as my thumb, which only accentuated his length. The small, marble-sized balls inside his hairless sack completed this sexy stud next to me.

I pulled his boxers off completely before he could stop me and drank in the sight. He looked insecure and vulnerable but also sexy as fuck lying there for me to play with. I kept up the pretense of checking his sac and let my fingers roam all over it and the base of his dick.

“You’re really a big boy!” I said hoarsely and wrapped my hand around his shaft.

“Aaahh!” he grunted.

I smiled at his reaction. I was probably the first person besides himself ever who ever touched his boner. I moved my hand upward, and he whimpered softly as I did this.

“You like this, huh?”

He nodded vigorously as I slowly moved my fist up and down over his slender erection. He fitted perfectly in my fist, and I was amazed at how sensitive he was, especially around his blunt dickhead. He was rock-hard, and as it slid through my fist, I knew then and there that I needed him to fuck me. But if I’d let him enter me now, he’d probably last only a few seconds. I needed him to cum first, so we could both enjoy his devirgination to the max.

All my inhibitions were gone by now. I was going to fuck this boy’s virginity away, and I’d make it count! Before I knew it, my lips wrapped around his dickhead, and I tasted his sweet but still boyish musky taste of his dick. There was a hint of saltiness mixed with the sweet bitterness of a day without a shower. I abso-fucking-lutely loved it!

“Wha- what are you… ooohhh…” Brian moaned as he realized what was happening.

His long, slender cock fitted perfectly in my mouth. It was long enough to hit the back of my throat and thin enough so I could work my tongue the way I wanted. Every time I lapped over the underside of his cock head, he squirmed and moaned louder. This kid was experiencing all sorts of new feelings he couldn’t place, but he clearly loved every second of it.

I moved my hand from the base of his young cock and started toying with his lovely little balls. The squirming and moaning got even more intense as I did this, and I heard his breathing getting shallower. Good!

His balls pulled up in his sack, a clear indication he was about to cum. In the corner of my eye, I saw his hands gripping the sheet and his knuckles white from clenching his fists.

His ass lifted off the bed, and he started fucking my mouth. He was rapidly approaching the point of no return, and I wondered if this was his first-ever orgasm or not. And was he able to shoot cum or not? If he could, what would it taste like?

All these thoughts shot through my head as I gave this cute little blonde his first-ever blowjob. And when he whimpered, “Stop! I’m… gonna… pee…” I knew it was his first. And I was the one to give it to him! He’d remember me forever, and an incredible sense of pride and power washed over me.

He tried squirming away from under me, but I didn’t let him. I doubled my efforts, and a moment later, his thin boy cock thickened in my mouth. A high-pitched groan filled the room, and when his dick started kicking in my mouth, my pussy contracted sharply, and I almost came without touching myself.

His dick kicked violently at least seven or eight times as it tried shooting his non-existent sperm into my mouth. He was firing blanks, and I was ever so slightly disappointed by that because I was extremely curious about its taste. But at the same time, it was exciting as fuck to get a boy this young off.

After the twitching of his cock died down, he collapsed on the bed and was completely limp. With an obscene pop, I let his dick get out of my mouth and looked at him to see if he was alright. He was looking wide-eyed at me, and his face was a mix of excitement and wonder. Now that I could look at him properly in all his naked glory, I let my eyes roam over his young, sexy body and made as many mental pictures as possible. I knew I’d get off on this for months!

“What was…” he panted.

“That was a blowjob,” I smiled and laid down next to him and draped my arm over his chest to caress his chest and belly.

“And when I… I thought I needed to pee, but…”

“That was an orgasm. Or cum, which is a word I like better. You’re really a big boy now!”

“Wow!” he exclaimed. Next, he propped himself up on his elbows and excitedly asked, “That was… can we do that again?”

I chuckled at the expression on his face and his shameless eagerness. I let my hand wander down, and as I wrapped my fingers around his boner, I wasn’t surprised he hadn’t lost any of his stiffness.

“Sure! What do you wanna do?”

“Dunno…” but as a wicked grin spread across his face, I knew what he wanted.

“What?” I asked innocently, feeling my dripping cunt contract again.

“Can we do, you know… real sex stuff?”

A tremble shot through me, and I asked, “Real sex stuff?” as if I didn’t know what he meant.

“Yeah… when I stick my, you know… in your…” his boner twitched in my fist as he said this, and his face and upper chest turned crimson red.

“I think we can do that,” I said, smiling wickedly myself. His blush faded away, and his face lit up, “But only if you use the grown-up words for it…”

“Wh- what… oh!” he whispered, but as my words landed, his blush was back with a vengeance.

 I squeezed his dick but didn’t make any move. I wanted this sexy young stud to say it himself. I didn’t know why I wanted it, but the idea alone was an immense turn-on.

“I… I wanna… fuck… you!”

“Hmmmm…” I purred, “I want you to fuck me too!”

He quickly got up from the mattress and sat on his knees between my spread legs. I looked down, and between my tits was this bronzed young, slightly muscular blonde boy with his hard cock sticking up from his groin. If this was the last thing I ever saw, I’d die a happy woman.

“Where… where do I put my thingy?”

“Grown-up words, remember?”

“Where does my… dick… go?”

Good enough.

I spread my lips and pointed at my opening. I couldn’t resist the urge and slid my index finger inside. A shiver shot through me, and I almost came as I looked at his amazed face. As I pulled my finger out, he nodded ever so slightly and scooted forward.

He grabbed the base of his cock, moved his body, and aimed at my opening. The moment his blunt dickhead touched the entrance of my pussy, I had to resist the urge to push him inside with my legs. But I had to keep my cool and not scare the little kid away. So, I steadied my nerves, took a deep breath, and hoarsely whispered, “Good! Now push it in…”

He swallowed audibly, and the tip of his tongue peeked out of the corner of his mouth as he concentrated on his task. It was incredibly adorable and blazing hot at the same time.

But as he entered me, I started to lose my cool. My dripping cunt was on fire, and the preteen cock that was entering me only added to the fire. He was about halfway inside when I couldn’t take it any longer. He was moving so slowly that it almost hurt. It was cute he was being careful, but I needed him to fuck my brains out!

So, I grabbed him by his arms and pulled him on top of me. It was a little rougher than I intended, but he didn’t seem to mind too much. Once his whole body lay on top of me, I placed my hands on his cute little butt and whispered, “Fuck me, big boy… fuck me!!”

With one final push of his hips, he was completely inside. His hairless groin pressed firmly against my clit, and his eyes locked onto mine. His mouth was open, and the look of amazement on his face matched my feeling of victory for having this boy inside and on top of me.

“Ohh… you…” he groaned and held himself perfectly still.

I was so close to cumming at that moment that even the slightest movement would set me off. But he kept lying still on top of me, and his slender cock didn’t move an inch. The combination of his small body and thin cock was unbelievably hot. I had expected to be a little disappointed by it, especially after being fucked by the thick monster his brother was packing. But the opposite was true! Because he was thinner than anyone I had ever fucked before, my pussy had more room to move but was still stimulated over its entire length.

And because of his small frame, his head was on my tits and not breathing down my face, which wasn’t that pleasant most of the time either. These two things combined were my definitive confirmation that I only wanted to fuck young boys from that moment on. But my young lover still hadn’t moved an inch, so I squeezed one of his ass cheeks and said, “Start moving. It’s even better.”

“I just move my thi-… dick in and out now?”

Another tremble shot through me as he said this, and I could only nod. Under my fingers, I felt the skin of his ass move. It was delicate and firm at the same time, and I could feel every muscle move under his soft, hairless skin. The moment his cock started sliding back, I let out a groan. I couldn’t help myself anymore. But my inexperienced lover stopped moving immediately and looked worriedly at me.

“Did I hurt you?”

“Oh no! You’re doing great! It feels so good. I can’t hold back my moans!”

A light clicked on inside his head, and he asked, “Are you gonna make a cum too?”

Hearing him talk with this enthusiasm and naivety was so amazing that I just had to talk dirty to him. So, I looked him deep into his eyes and said, “Your stiff cock is so perfect! If you start fucking me good and strong, I’ll cum so hard, you’re never gonna believe it. My hot cunt will suck your cock dry, I promise!”

His insecure look made way for a shit-eating grin. And he started pulling back again. But way too soon, he pushed back in. It was frustrating knowing his five-incher had more room to move and more chances to please me. But he needed to figure this out for himself.

When his bald pubes smashed against my clit again, I felt I was already at the peak of my arousal, and another moan escaped my lips. But this time, he didn’t stop. He pulled back, and as the rim of his dickhead slowly slid out, I felt my insides ripple over his shaft. I’ve never felt this before. But then again, I was usually fucked by thicker cocks.

He pulled back further than last time, and I wondered when he’d stop. It was obvious he was completely inexperienced because last time, he had pulled back less than halfway, and now he kept on going. I tried pushing on his ass to warn him, but a heartbeat later, he slipped out, and his wet dickhead rubbed over that sensitive spot between my asshole and pussy.

“I’m… I’m sorry,” he stammered but didn’t make a move.

My right hand sneaked between our bodies, and I quickly lined him up again. I smiled at his worried face, but when his dickhead slid in, he grinned and pushed inside. He didn’t go slow this time, though. He pushed in hard, and his groin slapped against mine.

All this clumsiness, combined with another push of his soft, bald pubes against my clit, pushed me over the edge unexpectedly. Usually, my build-up was way longer and almost agonizingly slow. But this time, this smooth little boy with his long, slender, but rock-hard cock pushed me over instantly. The combination of being fucked by a cuter-than-cute boy this young, the dirty talk, the clumsy inexperience, and the look of wonder on his face was just too much.

I firmly grabbed his ass as the waves of pleasure rolled over me. My pussy had enough room to contract but was filled up enough to still be stimulated by this thin, throbbing piece of flesh. I had to shut my eyes, arced my back, and grunted deeply. But this green-as-grass young lover between my thighs didn’t give a shit about it. He just kept sliding in and out of me. And I didn’t care one bit.

With the thicker cocks, I needed time and space to let my orgasm hit me. But with this young lad pounding away, it didn’t matter. Heck, it was way better than I’d ever had in my whole life! I couldn’t stop moaning as my orgasm kept rumbling, and this boy kept stimulating me. It was like a perfect storm. My cum urged him on, and his prepubescent cock kept enhancing my orgasm.

Our bodies merged into one as I lost my connection with reality. I squeezed his ass, moaned incoherent sentences, and only saw his blonde little concentrated face in front of mine. Everything else was gone. It was just this fantastic fuck, and the one long orgasm that came with it.

But this couldn’t last forever. In front of me, his concentrated face morphed into one of pure lust and excitement. He was slamming his groin against mine with such force now that a grown man would hurt me. But his tiny frame and small hips weren’t capable of this yet.

When his eyes crossed and he slammed into me even firmer and stayed there, I knew it was happening. The mere thought of his young cock trying to shoot his jizz into me was enough to push me even harder down the rabbit hole my current orgasm had become.

I felt him thicken, and his eyes crossed. My pussy was gripping him firmly, and as he let out a loud, “Aaaahhh!!!” his five inches of boy meat started kicking inside me furiously. This caused all the muscles in my lower abdomen to spasm, and I was sure I’d have a muscle ache for days because of its strength. Even though nothing came out, his cock tried all it could to shoot deep inside of me. With grown men, their dicks would kick four or five, maybe six times. But this young stud’s cock just kept on kicking, sending me off again!

I lost count by then, but looking back, it was like one big organic orgasm, and the separate ones had morphed into one. After he came, he dropped down and lay his body on top of mine. I kissed him on his neck and rubbed him gently over his back, letting him enjoy his devirginizing first fuck. Damn! I took this boy’s virginity! He’d remember me for the rest of his life. And if he even knew how good it was for me!

This was the moment it really dawned on me that I only wanted to fuck young, virgin boys from that moment on. I knew it was a gazillion kinds of wrong, but I didn’t care! I never had the urge to be married with children, and I was perfectly fine on my own. I just wanted to get fucked regularly, and I knew I could pull this off. I just had to work for it, but the reward was well worth it!

Brian was regaining his breath, but his little cock was still rock-hard. “Another perk of fucking young boys!” I thought to myself. I squeezed my pussy, causing his dick to twitch, and the cutest giggle came from his mouth. He lifted his head and smiled wickedly at me, a smile that melted my insides.

“Now you’ve made your cum, didn’t you?”

I’d have to explain to him how to talk about sex, but now I opted for a simple reply. “Oh yeah! You did great!”

“Did I give you your cum?”

“You sure did! More than once, actually!”

“Oh wow… cool!”

Seeing his proud face was just too cute. I leaned in and kissed him on his girlish lips. My little loverboy immediately caught on and kissed me back hungrily. I squeezed my pussy again and was pleased he responded with another twitch of his boner. Good! He hadn’t lost any of his stiffness.

He broke the kiss, slid his hips back and forth, and eagerly asked, “Can we do it again?”

“Sure! But… when will your brother be back?”

“Dunno. He’s usually back at two. He’s at Aunt Julie’s. He always goes there on a Sunday when Mom and Dad are gone. I think they do sexy stuff because he always smells… different when he gets home.”

I couldn’t blame his aunt. Steve was a good fuck. A very good fuck, actually. But as I checked the alarm clock on the nightstand, I was thrilled to see we still had over four hours of fun ahead of us.

We fucked three more times that morning. This stud just kept on going! We headed over to the bathroom, and he finally went limp as we walked. But I would have none of that. So, during the shower we took together, I sucked him off the best I could, and we had our final fuck in there.

After Steve got home, he thanked me extensively and offered to give me my payment upstairs. Brian was right, and he did smell like sex. Good for them! But I smiled warmly at Steve, politely turned down his offer, and winked at Brian, who chuckled softly.  

We said our goodbyes, and when my Uber arrived, Brian and Steve waved goodbye. As I walked up to the door of my apartment, Gemma just waved a good-looking jock goodbye, and as we passed each other in the hallway, we nodded politely to each other, the grin on the guy’s face saying it all.

“And?” Gemma asked, “Was your fuck as good as mine?”

“Better!” I smiled.

I thought about little Brian all week. I just couldn’t get him out of my head. Every night, I fingered myself silly with images of his magnificent body filling my head. When Gemma asked me to go dancing with her next Saturday, I came up with a lame excuse. The moment she was gone, I stepped into my car and drove over to Brian. I parked a little out of sight, but I could still see the front door of the mansion. Sure enough, only ten minutes after I arrived, Steve came out of the front door, all dressed up, and I heard him say, “Don’t wait up, Bri! I’ll probably be back tomorrow at two!”

He shut the front door and stepped into a car that pulled up. I couldn’t see her properly, but I guessed her to be in her mid-forties and, judging by her Mercedes, a wealthy woman. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was his aunt making a booty call.

I waited another five minutes, slipped off my underwear, straightened my skirt, and walked over to the front door. When Brian opened the door, he excitedly slammed his body into mine in a firm hug and said, “You’re back!”

I sure was, and I was in for another night of countless sex with a hot, preteen boy.

The end

Copyright 2024 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

Hoc videre posset altera pars


Aetheria – Chapter 13

Jason Crow

Chapter 13 – Us

Walking through the halls somehow felt different now. They seemed brighter, and the mess inside was less depressing. The cleaning bots were finished in certain parts of the building, and it showed. Those bots didn’t care about their imminent death. They didn’t know and just did what they were designed to do. Because of this, some parts of the base looked just as if the quake never happened.

But the clean halls weren’t the only reason it felt different, of course. The fact that we were leaving was probably the most critical factor. I felt cleaned up inside my head and cheerful about the future, which had been a while. It was a bummer that we had to go back to Earth, but at least we’d live.

Nadia walked next to me, and as we walked, she wrapped her arm around my waist and laid her head on my shoulder. We didn’t talk, but we both knew how the other felt. She did surprise me when her hand moved over and squeezed one of my ass cheeks.

I looked at her as she did this, and her smile was a mix of apologies and cheekiness. I smiled back and shook my head. She always did dumb stuff like this, and thankfully, today wasn’t an exception. In fact, her whole body language showed signs of mischief, and she acted skittishly.

We were now at the door of our room. I swiped my wrist in front of the keypad on the wall, and the door opened with the familiar whooshing sound. Inside, the cleaning bots were obviously done. It was as clean as when we left it the day we went outside with Ethan.

Ethan… it seemed like an eternity ago! I knew I shouldn’t be thinking about him now. I’d have plenty of time for that after we get off this planet. But still… I tried pushing these thoughts away, but it wasn’t easy.

But Nadia came to the rescue. She must have noticed something because she stepped in close and wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt her boobs pressed against my chest as she leaned in and kissed me hungrily.

“Cheer up! We’ll grab our stuff, and we’re out of here before you know it,” she said softly after we broke the kiss.

“I know… thanks!” I said, “I need to take a piss.”

I went into the bathroom, and as I did my business, I tried to focus my thoughts on getting out of here instead of my dead brother. I stuffed my dick back inside my boxers, zipped up, and sighed deeply. I washed my hands, splashed some water on my face, and was ready to move on. I unlocked the door and expected Nadia to stand there to go in after me, but no one was there.

In the corner of my eye, I saw movement on the bed. I turned my head to look at her and almost choked. Nadia was as naked as the day she was born and smiled seductively at me. She had positioned herself in such a way that she didn’t look cheap or thrashy but simply irresistible.

She leaned against the pillows with her upper body, showing off her magnificent breasts perfectly. Her legs were slightly parted, showing a hint of her slit, but the few hairs above it obscured the view just enough to make me want more.

“Wh- what’s this?” I asked, feeling my now stiff dick twitch hard in my boxers.

“We’ve got time to spare. So… get over here,” she hoarsely whispered.

I still don’t know why, but seeing her like this, the way she talked, and how she was taking the lead triggered something inside. I felt the almost unstoppable urge to fuck her. Making love was terrific, but now I wanted to FUCK her. I was both shocked and amazed by this realization. I didn’t know where I had heard that word before, but it was exactly what I wanted. There was no better word to describe my urges.

I looked at my sister as I kicked off my shoes and lifted my shirt. The moment it was off, I focused on her eyes again and started working on my button and zipper. Nadia’s eyes roamed over my chest, and when I opened my pants, her eyes locked onto that.

I shed my pants quickly, and as they crumpled at my feet, I stood there in just my tented boxers, my dick pointing straight forward. Nadia’s eyes were locked on that tent, and a wicked smile was all over her face. I hooked my fingers inside the waistband of my boxers and slowly started sliding them down. I knew I shouldn’t try a striptease because I’d look ridiculous if I did. But I could take it slow and expose myself in a more or less sexy way like this.

My boxers slid down slowly, and the tip of my dick got caught behind the elastic band, moving it down with my boxers. As I went lower, my pubes and the base of my dick were now exposed, causing Nadia to lick her lips seductively. With an obscene slapping sound, my dick sprang free and slapped against my belly.  Nadia didn’t flinch and kept staring at it.

I quickly ditched my boxers and crawled toward my twin sister on the bed. My hard dick bobbed as I did this. Nadia slid down the pillows and lay flat on the bed, spreading her legs widely. If I still had any doubts about what she wanted, they were now out of the window.

I lay my body down on top of hers and pressed as much of it as possible against her. As my dick rubbed over her slit, she purred coyly and wrapped her arms around me. One of her hands squeezed my ass, and the other pulled my face toward hers.

We kissed each other hungrily, and our bodies rubbed against each other. Her warm pussy felt terrific on my dick, but I wanted… no! I needed more. I didn’t hesitate and sneaked my hand between our bodies. I grabbed my dick and lined it up. I had rubbed it down there enough to know where I could enter her. And without any effort, my dickhead popped inside my twin sister’s pussy.

Nadia looked determined and extremely horny at me, and I felt an almost animalistic urge to make her mine. I didn’t want to hurt her. I’d never hurt her! But it just felt right to penetrate her a lot rougher than last time. So I pushed forward with more force, and the look of surprise on her face when I entered her changed into one of pure lust and submission. I never saw her like this, but there wasn’t a fiber in my body doubting that she liked what I did.

I entered her quickly and with such force that our pubes smashed together.

“Aaahh!! Yesss! Take me…” Nadia grunted.

This wasn’t lovemaking. This was raw sex, and I loved it! And I loved that our twin telepathy even extended to this and that we both enjoyed what we were doing tremendously. I pulled back and slammed back in. The pace was slow, and I was constantly checking out my sister. I wanted her to cum without hurting her, and my own pleasure came in second place.

My dick and my actions had the power to make her feel the most amazing feelings. And I wanted to use that power the best I could. So I kept slamming into her and made sure each trust counted.

She already had an unfocused look on her face, and her head was tilted back. Every time my pubes slammed against her clit, her moans got louder and the tone of her moans higher.

My right hand was still between our bodies, and I managed to rub my thumb over her clit each time I pulled back. It was a bit awkward, but with my left hand, I grabbed her tit and gently squeezed her nipple. Nadia was too unfocused to keep on kissing, so I started nibbling at her neck, a very sensitive spot that I recently discovered.

“Oh! Oh! Ah! Ah! Ah! AY!!! AAIII!! AAAIII!!”

I increased the speed by which I was slamming into my sister slightly, but the thumb on her clit and hand on her boob was enough. When she breathed this shallowly and started screaming my name, I knew she was coming. This was the perfect moment to let go. I stopped my focus on her and just went for it. Since this was only my second fuck, I was way closer than I wanted to be, and there was no way I was holding back anymore.

“AAAIIII!” Nadia screamed and dug her fingers into my ass and my back.

Her whole body tensed up, and her pussy gripped my dick so firmly I could hardly move.  But I HAD to move! The snowball was already rolling down the hill, and I had to stay ahead of it. So, I kept on pistoning in and out, pushing through the clenching pussy of my sister.

After I pulled out the third time, the grip around my dick loosened a little, which was enough to push me over the edge. I slammed in two more times, and when I felt the cum shooting up my shaft, Nadia’s pussy gripped me again, and maybe even firmer than before.

As my incestuous cum coated my sister’s insides, my brain went offline. I only saw her wrinkled-up face as she was still orgasming pretty heavily. Everything around us was gone. My dick throbbed, and Nadia’s pussy was milking me, claiming everything I had to offer.

I couldn’t hold my body up anymore and dropped down on top of her. She’d told me that she liked to feel my weight on her, and that’s exactly what I was doing now, although for a different reason. I felt utterly spent! We both lay there panting. Nadia started caressing the back of my head and whispered, “You are amazing!”

I couldn’t say anything and nodded once to show I heard her. Occasionally, her pussy gripped my dick, which caused it to twitch. The last time this happened, we started giggling, but now, Nadia said, “I’m still sorta… cumming. I’m still really close.”

And after my dick twitched again, she said with a bit of amazement in her voice, “And you’re still hard!”

I lifted my head to look at her and wasn’t sure what to do next. I figured it was over and started pulling out of her so she could cuddle. But the moment she felt me move, she wrapped her legs around my ass. Her pussy twitched quite firmly as she did this, and it felt terrific around my sensitive dick as I slid back inside.

A wicked grin spread across her face, but I didn’t have a clue what she was thinking. Before I could say or do anything, she moved her body, pressed against my shoulder, and turned her lower body with her legs still wrapped around me. I fell to my left, and before I realized what happened, Nadia also turned. It all happened really quickly, and before I knew it, I was lying on my back, and Nadia sat on top of me. My dick somehow managed to stay inside of her, and as she pushed her body down on it, her face looked amazed.

“It’s in even deeper like this!” she said as she sat up straight and ground her pussy against my pubic bone.

The way she was sitting gave me the best view of my sister and the most fantastic feeling around my dick at the same time. I looked at her incredible body rising up from my groin. Her boobs looked terrific, and as my eyes traveled down her tight belly and ended on her pussy where our genitals merged, I knew I was the luckiest boy in the universe.

I instinctively placed my hands on her hips and looked her in the eyes. Nadia placed her hands on my chest and gyrated her hips, which did amazing things on and around my dick. This was a whole new stimulation I never felt before.

“You’re the… and I… Bisque, so…” Nadia whispered incomprehensibly as she moved herself on my dick more deliberately now.

I moved my left hand from her hip to her tit to play with her nipple. They looked so incredibly inviting as they hovered above me that I just had to touch them. The moment I gently squeezed it, Nadia stiffened, and her pussy gripped my dick firmly again. The deep groan coming from her throat, combined with her convulsing pussy, didn’t take a genius to add two and two together.

This time, her orgasm didn’t take over completely. Yes, she was cumming, but she kept grinding against me. After the clenching around my dick ebbed away a little, she started lifting herself. My dick traveled down her love canal, and it was both weird and exciting to not be in control of that.

After I almost slipped out, Nadia moved her body down again. Her face had an odd look that I hadn’t seen before. It was as if she was hypnotized and completely in her own bubble, oblivious to the world around her.

My right hand sneaked over her hip and firmly gripped her ass cheek. Feeling the muscles move under her soft skin as she rose again was tantalizing. And after she moved back down and pressed her clit against me, she grunted deeply again, and her pussy gripped me once more. It was about the same as before. She obviously came, but she didn’t cum hard enough. Every half a minute or so, she did this. Sweat was forming on her forehead and upper lip, but she kept on going.

She didn’t pick up the pace, nor did she slow down. Now I was the one being fucked, and I didn’t mind one bit. I did find it hard to keep my focus, though. So I placed both my hands on my sister’s hips as she kept impaling herself on my throbbing dick. The speed didn’t change, but her moves were more deliberate now.

Just as I was starting to get used to the frequency of her orgasms, she didn’t cum. She dug her fingers into the flesh of my chest and slammed down hard against me with her pussy. It didn’t hurt, far from it, but something had definitely changed.

I didn’t know how long we were fucking like this, but I was glad I already came before. Otherwise, there was no way I would’ve lasted this long. But with the change of force of her actions and the way her pussy kept on gripping my dick, I was a lost cause. The buildup inside my balls had reached a boiling point, something I pushed away to the background. But now, my balls almost screamed that they needed relief.

I couldn’t help myself anymore and slammed hard against my sister’s pelvis as she moved down. But after just two of these, I froze. My ass was still off the bed, and I felt my dick fatten. This orgasm happened so suddenly and was so intense that I practically screamed.

As the first powerful spurt left my dick, Nadia’s weight forced my ass back down. And despite my extremely powerful climax, I felt Nadia’s orgasm hit her. The grip around my dick was almost painful but added such an extra dimension to it all, that I thought I had left my body.

Nadia dropped down on me, and as her pussy kept trying to squeeze my dick off, her body was limp and shook uncontrollably. Her “ooohhh… ooohhh… yesss… aaahhh…” in my ear pushed me through another wave. And although I had no more sperm left to give, I felt like I came again.

Nadia breathed raggedly, and as I felt her weight on top of me, I knew what she meant. We were so connected at that moment! Her contracting pussy and my twitching dick, combined with all the skin contact and sweat, made me feel like we were one.

I was still panting heavily, and so was Nadia. But it concerned me a little that she didn’t move at all.  Besides the movement of her pussy, of course. So I stroked her hair and softly whispered her name. This seemed to break the spell, and she started moving. She lifted her head and looked at me as if she was amazed to see me there.

“I was… holy moly!” she whispered and kissed me passionately on my mouth, grabbing my face with both hands.

I felt my dick deflate and slowly slide out of my sister’s slippery love tunnel. It flopped out unceremoniously, and some of my cum dripped out of her and onto my limp dick and pubes. Nadia kept kissing me, and I cupped her firm ass with both hands. This wasn’t a loving kiss but one that expressed our physical attraction to each other. After we broke the kiss, Nadia rolled off me and onto the mattress.

“We are really good at this sex thing, aren’t we?” I asked in the silence that followed.

“Oh boy! You can say that again! I could do this all day!”

“Uhm… what was that thing you did with your, uhm…”

“What do you mean?” she asked as she turned on her side to face me.

“You kept squeezing my… dick when you sat on top of me.”

“Oh that… I think I… I was almost constantly cumming. I didn’t know I could do that!”

“I’m jealous! You seemed to really be enjoying yourself,” I chuckled.

“Your, uhm, cock is amazing! It triggers something inside I can’t explain. Every time you move it in or out, it’s like a short circuit in my brain. Does that sound weird?” she asked as she lay her head on my chest and cupped my balls again.

“Nah… I think I get it.”

Nadia toyed gently with my balls as we were lost in our thoughts. I knew we had to get up sometime, but lying like this was just too lovely.

Nadia cleared her throat and softly said, “I liked this time better than our first…”

“Yeah. Me too. Way less depressing.”

“Guess you’re right. It’s too bad this will also be our last time for a while. I don’t think Mom and Dad will understand if we share a suspension pod on the way back.”

I laughed at that. I knew she was right. Our love for each other had to remain a secret between us. Maybe back on Earth, we could find some way to be together as much as possible, but we’d still have to be careful.

“I don’t think they’ll understand, no,” I smiled.

“But… I want to be with you, Ay! Why’s that so strange?”

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you and with no one else! We’ll have to find a way to make this work! And I know we will. But first, we need to get off this planet,” I said, feeling tears of frustration well up in my eyes.

Nadia moved over and kissed me tenderly on my lips. We shared a loving kiss for a couple of moments, savoring each other’s love.

“I need to pee,” Nadia giggled after we broke the kiss, “your stuff keeps leaking out.”

“Let’s get dressed and prepare to go outside, okay?”

She gave my balls a gentle squeeze, kissed me on my cheeks, and treated me with a fantastic view of her fine ass as she headed to the bathroom.

“See you on the other side,” I said as I entered the small change room.

The automatic system didn’t allow us to change together, so we each went into separate booths. We had cleaned and closed the room in the basement, and our bedroom was already being swept by the bots as we left it. We shut down all unneeded equipment, grabbed our bags, and headed out.

Our personal bags were in the garage’s airlock, so we could grab them later. After going through the decontamination and airlock cycle, I was outside first. My eyes immediately went to the sky, and there, right between the two moons, it was…

“That’s… that’s a big one,” Nadia said as she walked up next to me.

“It is! We’d never survive the impact. Not even if the shelter was fifty stories deep.”

“Let’s grab our bags,” Nadia said, and we headed over to the garage.

After we grabbed our bags, we walked over to the landing zone. We were about forty minutes early instead of the sixty we had planned for because Nadia had an issue with her HB-ICS undersuit. It didn’t recognize her at first, so we had to give it a hard reset. But we still had plenty of time to spare as we sat down on some rocks.

After a couple of minutes, Nadia said, “Well… this is boring as hell…”

“Too bad we can’t have sex out here,” I giggled, “That would definitely kill some time.”

A heartbeat later, I felt buzzing near my dick, and I boned up instantly. I glanced over at Nadia, who looked smug at me with her finger still on her wrist pad.

“It’s not the same,” I said and enabled the same thing on Nadia’s suit to get back at her.

“Ohh… No, not at all! Does feel good, though!” she smiled.

The stimulation around my dick was great, but I didn’t want to cum in my pants. So I looked at my sister and said, “Turn it off, please. I don’t want a mess inside my pants.”

The look on her face betrayed she hadn’t realized this. And as she switched it off, I opened the app on my wrist pad.

“Leave it on! I’m… ahhh… not the one making a mess.”

I shrugged and looked at her. That horny look I loved so much was back. The monitor app on my wrist showed she had an elevated heart rate, and her breathing was shallower than it should be. There was nothing to worry about yet, and if there was, this function would automatically disable itself.

“I love how your cock makes me feel filled up,” she said out of the blue.

“I… uhm…”

“It’s so thick! And so hard, it doesn’t… oohhh… bend at all. So when it rubs over that one… hmmm… special place inside, it’s…”

She looked deep into my eyes as she said this. I didn’t know what to say to this, so I smiled weakly at her and said, “Sorry??”

“Uh uh,” she said and shook her head, “Don’t be. It’s like a perfect… ahhh… fit!”

I watched in silence as my sister approached her orgasm. It was hot to watch her squirm and hear her pant over the radio. After a couple of moments, it was clear she was getting close. I’ve seen her cum enough by now to know this for sure. But when her eyes flew open, and the look on her face morphed into one of anger and frustration, I immediately knew what was going on.

“What the hell, Ay! Why did you turn it off?”

“I didn’t! I swear! I was just thinking how hot it is to watch you like this.”

She pressed some buttons on her wrist pad, but all she got was an annoying beep. She pressed the buttons more urgently, but her pad kept on beeping. I couldn’t suppress a giggle as she was fiddling and got more and more frustrated.

“Stop laughing, Doofus! I was almost there! And now it just stopped… Again!” she said with a hint of amusement in her voice.

“I think it’s a function they built in to get the colonists, you know… going… to populate the planet. It doesn’t help to push them over the edge.”

Nadia looked at me, and as the wheels turned inside her head, I could see the realization in her eyes.

“You think so?”

I shrugged and said, “Makes sense…”

“I guess you’re right! Didn’t think of it like that. I thought it was a useless feature, but now that you put it like this, it makes perfect sense.”

“Although I have to admit it’s a bit cruel.”

“Tell me about it! I was so close, and now I can’t do anything about it.”

“We can go back inside…” I chuckled.

“Yeah, right. And miss out on that one opportunity we’ve got to get out of here! No way.”

Even if she wanted to go back inside, I wouldn’t let her. It was a joke, but considering the situation, probably not my best one, so I decided to drop it. We waited in silence for a couple of minutes, with both of us looking at the approaching rock in the sky.

“It’s a pity, you know?” Nadia said after a while.

“What is?”

“That this beautiful place will be evaporated…”

“I thought you didn’t like it here?”

“I didn’t wanna leave Earth. That’s something different.”

“True. But what if-“

We both looked up at the approaching humming sound. There, still a tiny spot in the sky, a transport ship grew bigger with each passing second.

“They’re here!” Nadia exclaimed as she jumped up.

I got to my feet and had to swallow down a lump in my throat. They really came back for us. My head knew they would, but in my heart, I still had doubts. Nadia slammed her body into mine, and we hugged each other tightly. We made sure to step out of the way so the transport would have an unobstructed path to the landing spot. I almost bounced with joy as the ship landed. Behind the windows, Mom and Dad’s excited faces showed, and we waved excitedly at each other.

The moment the door opened and Mom and Dad came running out, Nadia and I sprinted toward them.

“Aidan! Nadia!” Mom shouted as we hugged in one big, family hug.

“We’re so sorry!” Dad started but was cut off immediately by Nadia.

“You’re here! We’re here! That’s what’s important,” she said.

I wouldn’t have any of that either, so I said, “The base is a mess. You did the right thing!”

“But Ethan…” Mom stammered.

“I know,” I said softly, “but there’s nothing any of us could do about it. It was a stupid accident.”

Mom smiled through her tears and gave me another firm hug. Dad was hugging Nadia, and I heard him sniff over the radio.

“Sir?” the pilot said nervously over the radio.

“Right! We need to go, guys. We’ll talk on the Zephyr.”

Nadia and I grabbed our bags and sat down in the transporter. About an hour later, we were greeted enthusiastically by the people aboard the Zephyr.

We were in the big garage that was now almost empty. There wasn’t a room big enough in the simulated gravity portion of the ship, so everyone had gathered in here. The downside of being weightless didn’t measure up to the chance of being together. It did strike me that the group was a lot smaller than back down on Aetheria. As some people came to talk to us and shake our hands, it turned out that everyone was worried sick about us. Since we lost a lot of people during the quake, people looked at our survival as a beacon of hope.

Dad took the microphone and thanked everyone for their help in our rescue. He specifically thanked the guy who came up with the idea of relaying the radio signal through the Terra site. After Dad was done talking, Jovii floated to the central spot and took the mic from him.

“Because of the effort Major Thom had to put in the rescue of his son and daughter, I was given the task of monitoring the asteroid. We decided to call it Moros, and we were able to track its course in more detail. And we’ve got news for you,” he said with a serious look on his face.

A lot of mumbling and excited whispers went through the crowd. I looked at Dad, who simply shrugged.

“Moros will enter Aetheria’s atmosphere, that we know for sure. But it won’t crash on the planet!”

“What!?” I heard myself ask as the crowd erupted with excited chatter.

Nadia looked wide-eyed at me and appeared just as confused as I was. Jovii lifted his hand for us to be quiet.

“Moros will probably ricochet off the atmosphere like a pebble on the water, and its course will change forever. But the fact that it’ll hit the atmosphere isn’t a bad thing. During this time, it’ll add significant heat to the planet, and judging by the composition of Moros, it’ll add a significant portion of oxygen and hydrogen to the planet’s atmosphere. You just don’t want to be down there when it hits.”

“What does that mean?” someone in the back shouted.

“We think it’ll save us at least two years of terraforming, probably three.”

“Oh wow!” Dad said excitedly.

“After our evasive maneuver is done, we’ll show the impact on the large screen here in the central hall.”

Turned out the calculations were correct. The external cameras managed to capture the impact beautifully. Everyone was holding their breath as Moros approached. When Moros entered the atmosphere, the whole planet got an eerie red glow. Nadia was standing next to me and squeezed my hand tightly as this happened. When Moros sort of bounced off the invisible band of air surrounding the planet, and it was clear it wouldn’t crash, the whole crowd cheered in excitement. The color of the atmosphere went back to normal quickly as the rock shot off into deep space.

People were celebrating, and I could see Mom and Dad were happy. They were constantly smiling and very affectionate toward each other. After a couple of moments of watching the celebrations, Nadia pulled me close, hugged me tightly, and gave me a quick peck on my lips.

After the excitement died down and the celebrations were done, we went to our cabin. We sat at the table and talked about the things that had happened. It turned out that Nadia and I had a walk in the park compared to what had happened at the main base.

Lots of injuries and missing people. Dad had to manage all that while worrying about his missing kids on a foreign planet in the meantime. We cried a lot about Ethan. This was actually the first time both Nadia and I allowed the thoughts about what had happened and of losing him to come to the forefront. And it hit us hard. But after Mom and Dad assured us we’d give him a proper funeral, we were able to give it a place. We agreed that we’d never forget him.

Dad told us that about half the people wanted to return to Earth. We also talked about this extensively, and despite everything that had happened, Nadia and I wanted to stay. Mom wasn’t convinced but said she couldn’t leave us on this planet, so they would also remain here.

It was getting late, and I had to suppress a yawn, but Nadia saw me. She winked at me and surprised me when she asked, “Mom? Can Aidan and I sleep in one of the unoccupied cabins?”

“Uhm… I guess…” Mom said questioningly as she looked at Dad.

“We’ve been alone for so long now, and I think it’ll help me sleep when it’s just the two of us…” she said sweetly.

Dad shrugged and said, “I don’t see why not. The one next door where Seymour and Patty used to live is available.”

“You sure you don’t mind?” Nadia asked.

“Of course not, hon,” Mom said warmly.

“Come on, Dufus. Time to hit the sack.”

I followed my sister out of the room and into the next. I was at a loss for words and dumbfounded at how she had managed to do this. She knew how to play Mom and Dad like a fiddle and did it with excellence.

After the door closed behind us, Nadia lifted her shirt and unclasped her bra. She turned around and seductively said, “It’s time for you to fuck me, big brother.”

I wasn’t one to argue with that, and after another fantastic love-making session, we fell asleep in each other’s arms, Nadia’s hand firmly cupping my balls.

We were still alive and were going to make it count. Together.

The end

Copyright 2024 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

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Aetheria – Chapter 12

Jason Crow

Chapter 12 – Shelter

We were quiet as we walked down the stairs. Basement eight was the deepest one the base had, and it doubled as a bomb shelter slash panic room. Since no one knew what could happen, a shelter was mandatory when colonizing another planet. I didn’t think it would help us one bit when a colossal meteor would hit us, but it was the smartest thing to do other than get off the planet.

Nadia opened the door, and we went inside. I closed the door and pressed the button marked ‘seal,’ and lots of loud clicks and clunky sounds filled the room as a big wheel on the door turned. The wheel looked like one you’d find on an airlock in an old spaceship, and it was evident we were locked inside.

I looked around and was pleasantly surprised by how the room looked. It was big and had several separate rooms around it. We were standing in the main living area, but there were doors all around it. As we checked them out, we learned that most of them were bedrooms, but there was also a big kitchen and a control room.

“Maybe this room is still operational,” I pointed as Nadia walked up next to me.

“Let’s see.”

Nadia fiddled a bit with the computers, and after about a minute, she pulled up a screen with a countdown timer and looked worriedly at me. It didn’t take a genius to know what I was looking at.

The clock was currently at twenty-five hours, eight minutes, and thirty-two seconds. A little over a day…

“Well… shit!” I mumbled.

“You can say that again… And it has a possible impact percentage of seventy-nine percent.”

“That’s relatively low, isn’t it?”

“Still freaking high if you ask me.”

I sat down and felt utterly defeated. Nadia looked at me, and she looked even worse. We started talking about everything that had happened. Like, why did we even go to this remote planet in the first place? About how it threw everything it had at us in an attempt to kill us. What the odds of an earthquake followed by a destructive meteor were. We figured that the chances of winning the lottery twice in a row were probably higher.

The more we talked about it, the better I felt. I was with the person I loved most, and the fact that we were about to die didn’t even bother me that much anymore. I was with Nadia, and we were together. That was all that mattered.

“We need to find a way to use that antenna to contact the Zephyr. But I just don’t see a way to do it. We can’t possibly point it towards that ship, and It’s way too underpowered,” Nadia said after we were quiet for a couple of minutes.

“Then we need to think outside the box.”

“I’ve tried to do that ever since we got here, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t find a solution!”

She sounded very frustrated, and I couldn’t blame her. I felt exactly the same, although I realized I had started to give up. But I didn’t want the love of my life to die! And then and there, right at that moment, I found new energy to try and fix the problem. Nadia just couldn’t die! I simply wouldn’t allow that. I wrecked my brain for a couple of moments, and suddenly, an idea popped up. Two actually.

“We’ve still got plenty of time to go out, right?”

Nadia looked puzzled at me, pointed at the screen, and nodded.

“Look. We can’t write a message in the sand outside, right?”

“Yes. We talked about this. The rain will wash it away before we can finish it.”

“So… Morse code!” I said excitedly.

Nadia didn’t catch on, so I continued, “We place rocks outside. It’s not too much work, and we only need twelve rocks. Three short, which are three rocks. Then, three long, which are two rocks each. And then three rocks for the last three shorts. S.O.S.”

Nadia looked expressionless at me for a couple of moments and then mumbled, “That might work, you know? It’s a bit of a long shot, but why not? Are you okay with wearing an exo suit again?”

“I don’t see why not. The last time was an accident, but this is exactly what the suits are made for. So… no. Not a problem!”


“And there’s another option,” I said and paused dramatically, but when Nadia rolled her eyes, I said triumphantly,  “The water collection drones!”

Nadia shook her head, “I checked them. They can’t carry people, and there’s no life support on board. Not an option.”

“I know! But… hear me out. I saw buckets of paint in the hallway on the way up. We can paint text on one of them and then hope someone will read that when they board the ship to dump the water.”

“Another long shot because it’s a fully automated system, and people hardly ever come back there,” she said, and after a short pause, she continued, “But it’s better than nothing…”

“Let’s go! There’s still some daylight left, so we need to get going.”

I got into the exo suit, and I had to admit that it did feel a bit odd. But as I got to work, this feeling quickly disappeared.

As I was putting the rocks together, Nadia managed to redirect three of the water transport drones to shore. Telling them that they needed repairs was enough. After she had painted the text, ‘Aidan and Nadia still alive – send help!’ On each of them, they went back to their original task of gathering water and flying to the Zephyr.

“Now what?” Nadia asked after we were done.

“Dunno. I guess it’s best to go to the shelter and just wait.”

“Wait for what?”

“Don’t,” I said softly, feeling her fears, “we tried everything. They’ll come for us. And if not, that shelter might save our lives.”

“Tomorrow morning, we can actually see the meteor from here…” Nadia said, looking up.

“I hope to be off this planet by then.”

We headed back to the base and went into the shelter. After I sealed the door, Nadia grabbed a big toothpaste-like tube for each of us that contained our dinner. We didn’t need to heat it because when you unscrewed the cap, it warmed itself. We flopped down on the couch, where we squirted the gooey substance in our mouths.

“It tastes great!” Nadia said, surprised. I could see her actually lighten up a little.

“It does!”

After we finished our ‘dinner’, we sat on the couch opposite to each other. I was toying with my coms, and Nadia had picked up a magazine from the coffee table. I was so engrossed in my coms that I didn’t notice Nadia scooting over. She laid herself against me and sighed deeply.

“We are going to die, aren’t we?” she whispered.

“What!?” I replied loudly, “No! Of course not! We are goi-“

“Stop it, Ay! Don’t. Just… don’t. We are not going to make it, and you know it.”

“But…” I half-heartedly tried.

But I knew she was right. Deep down, I knew this for a while but was too afraid to admit it to myself. Nadia just had the guts to say it out loud. I saw a tear roll down her cheek, and I felt my eyes water. The inconvenient truth was that we weren’t going to survive this.

“I… I don’t wanna die, but now that it’s, you know…, I’m glad I’m with you,” Nadia said between soft sniffs.

I wiped a tear from the corner of my eye, swallowed a lump in my throat away, and nodded.

“I love you…” I whispered as it felt like the only thing to say at that moment.

Nadia moved up and kissed me tenderly on my cheek. After that, she whispered a soft but heartfelt “I love you so much!” in my ear.

I sat there thinking about all the things I still wanted to do but were never going to happen. I would miss out on so many things! I’d never fly my own spaceship, never be a systems engineer, never have children, and I’d die without having… Oh wow! We’d both die as virgins.

Nadia shifted next to me, and I hesitated. Was this the right moment to bring this up? Why was this on top of my mind at this moment? Shouldn’t we only be concerned about saving our lives? I was SO confused.

“Ay?” Nadia asked softly.

“Sup?” I asked and kissed her on her head.

“I… will you, I mean…” she cleared her throat, “will you please have sex with me?”

I was stunned by her question. How did she know I wanted this, too? Why did she have the courage to ask where I didn’t?

“I… I was…” I stammered, “Nevermind! Yes! I would absolutely love to!”

“Really?” Nadia asked excitedly.

“Of course! I love you, and everything we have done so far is amazing! So why die as virgins?”

“You’re so romantic,” she chuckled.

Neither of us moved for a few moments. I felt my dick throb in my pants from anticipation and decided we needed to do this. So, I got to my feet, and as Nadia eyed the tent in my pants, I offered her my hand. She grabbed it, and I pulled her to her feet.

I didn’t know why, but it felt right to lift her from her feet and carry her in my arms. As I did this, she immediately wrapped her arms around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder.

She was heavier than I anticipated, so I was glad it was just a short walk to the bedroom. I lay her gently on the bed and looked at her. The look on her face was a mix of sadness, eagerness, anticipation, and excitement.

Before I could do anything, she sat up and started working on the button and zipper of my pants. It wasn’t rushed or extreme lust that drove her. She was just getting me ready by undressing me. As my pants slid down my hips, I pulled up my shirt.

I was now standing in front of my sister in just my tented black boxers. Nadia didn’t know what to do next, so I reached down and pulled at her shirt. She caught on and lifted her arms to help me. By now, she knew I was terrible at bras, so as I dropped her shirt, she quickly unclasped her bra and dropped it on the floor.

I moved myself down, kissed her tenderly on her lips, and pressed softly against her upper body. Nadia knew what I meant. She lay back down on the bed and looked at me. Her whole body language oozed trust, and she looked magnificent, lying there topless with her nipples hard as erasers.

I kneeled on the bed with one knee and opened her pants. As I pulled at the legs, she shimmied her hips sexily, and her pants came off quickly enough. She smiled coyly at me as I hooked my trembling fingers in the waistband of her white cotton panties.

I stood back up and looked down at my now-naked sister. I was freaking out about what we were going to do, but seeing how she looked at me with a warm but nervous smile, calmed me down considerably.  

I unceremoniously dropped my boxers, and my boner wiggled in front of me as I got back on the bed between my sister’s spread legs. I lay my body down on top of hers but made sure my dick was nowhere near her pussy. It was a bit awkward like this, but because this was our first time, I didn’t want to rush things.

My face was inches from hers, and we looked deep into each other’s eyes. Nadia wrapped her arms around my body and pulled me closer. This meant my dick now lay on top of her pussy, but she didn’t seem to mind one bit and even moaned softly when we touched.

I moved my face down and kissed her deeply. Nadia’s hands roamed all over my back, and her soft touch sent shivers down my spine. After kissing like this for a while, we broke it and opened our eyes. This was it! We didn’t need words or anything. We simply knew what to do and what the other one wanted.

I pulled my ass back a bit, and my dick dropped between her legs. I reached between our bodies, grabbed my dick by its base, and pressed my dickhead against my sister’s opening. The tip slid in a tiny bit, and her pussy lips wrapped around it and kept my throbbing member in place.

“I love you, Ay!” Nadia whispered.

I pushed my hips forward and felt myself slide slowly into the most wonderful place ever. The slick, velvety sleeve surrounding my dick was like nothing I could ever imagine.

We kept looking at each other as I entered my sister. Slowly but steadily, more and more of my dick was surrounded by her warm, soft skin. Nadia’s look lost her focus a few times, and her soft, almost whimpering moans urged me on. I had expected some resistance, But after what seemed like forever, I had penetrated my sister completely.

My balls rested against her underside, and my pubes pressed against hers. I even felt them tickle a bit. I lay completely still, unsure what to do next.

“Oh… wow!!” Nadia whispered, “This is…”

A tear formed in the corner of her eye. I was afraid I was hurting her, but a barely noticeable smile on her lips told me this was something different.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, still a bit worried.

“It’s… we are going to die. And here we are, doing something we should’ve done a long time ago! I… I love you so much, Ay!”

“I… I love you too! I wish we had more time together.”

“Me too. Let’s just enjoy the time we have left, okay?” Nadia said and moved her hands on top of my ass to urge me on.

I didn’t need any more encouragement. I knew what I had to do, and my instinct took over. I started pulling back, and a tingle shot through me as I did. Nadia hissed loudly and arched her back.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked and stopped moving altogether.

“No, no! It’s bisque… keep going, please!”

So, I pulled back further. I didn’t want to pull out too far and leave my sister’s pussy, so after a few moments of pulling out, I pushed back in. I heard myself moan as the feeling in and around my dick intensified. Nadia also groaned as I pressed my pubic bone against hers.

I pulled out again, but this time, I pulled out too far. My dick slipped out, and Nadia looked almost pleadingly at me. I managed to get back in with just a slight movement of my hips and pushed in swiftly.

Nadia and I moaned simultaneously as I pressed hard against her again. I pulled out again and pushed back in without issues. Out and in again. And again.

“Ohhh… yesss…” Nadia hissed.

I was so focused on making my sister feel good that I almost didn’t notice the tear rolling down my cheek. It was weird feeling sad, excited, and horny at the same time. I didn’t want to lose my sister. I wanted us to have a life together. But here we were, expressing our love and devotion to each other for the first and last time in our young lives. It was a tear of sadness and happiness at the same time.

My hands were beside her head as my body lay entirely on top of hers. This way, I could feel all of my twin sister’s body as we lost our virginities to each other. Nadia’s hands left the top of my ass, and each of them snuggled into mine. Our fingers interlocked, and as I looked into her eyes, I realized I had never felt closer to another person in my life.

But it didn’t take long to just focus on the fantastic feelings on my dick. Nadia already had the telltale signs of her approaching orgasm, and I felt the pressure build between my balls and butthole. I was thrusting in and out of my sister at a steady pace. I had only slipped out once and knew now exactly how far I could pull back. I liked long and steady in and out thrusts, as opposed to the short and rapid ones I tried briefly.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Nadia panted.

I knew she was in the endzone now. Our hands left each other, and she wrapped her arms around my upper body. They squeezed me tight, and she wrapped her legs around my lower body, pushing me in even deeper that way.

But I was quickly approaching the point of no return myself. I wanted my sister to have the best first time I could possibly give her, but I started losing control myself. I slammed harder into her with every thrust. And even though my ass didn’t have much room to move anymore, I managed to make them count.

My entire groin tingled intensely, and just when I thought I was going to cum, Nadia groaned, and her body started convulsing. She slammed her eyes shut, and her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’.

Despite my internal promise to give her the best orgasm she ever had, my own urges took over. I kept pistoning in and out at the same pace and tried to stay ahead of the approaching tidal wave my orgasm was going to be.

As Nadia came, the feeling around my dick became almost unbearably amazing. Her moist, soft, and squishy pussy was squeezing and massaging my dick in such a way that I just couldn’t control myself anymore. With one last powerful thrust, I slammed deep into my sister.

My balls pulled up, and every part between my ass and the tip of my dick felt like it was on fire and frozen solid at the same time.

“Aaanngghh!!” I grunted as the first spurt of cum left my dick.

Nadia hugged me even tighter as the cum left my body and coated my sister’s insides. Her mouth was close to my ear this way, and her soft, “ohh yeah… I feel your…aaahh” gave me goosebumps all over.

My dick was still twitching, but no more cum came out. Every time it twitched, Nadia’s pussy gripped it firmly, which caused my dick to twitch again. After this happened a few times, we giggled. As I regained my breath, I moved my dick in and out one last time. I lifted my head as I did this, and we looked intensely at each other. I leaned in, and we kissed tenderly before I reluctantly pulled out and lay down next to my sister.

Immediately, she cuddled up and lay her head on my chest. I was so overwhelmed by my first time that I didn’t know what to say or do. I wasn’t a virgin anymore, but I wasn’t proud or excited about it.

“Thank you,” Nadia said softly.

“No! Thank you!” I replied, feeling weird about being thanked for having sex.

“Can we do this when… you know… ‘IT’ hits us?”

“Good plan! We’ll go out with a bang,” I said seriously.

“Do you think it’ll hurt much? Dying, I mean…”

“Dunno. If you look clinically at it, I don’t think so. When the meteor hits, the air will become so hot it’ll actually turn into a fireball. That’ll vaporize us instantly. And if, by some miracle, we’re out of the fireball zone, the debris flying around will be enough to crush us within a millisecond.”

“You thought it through, didn’t you?”

“Yeah. I did. I don’t want you to suffer. I even considered suicide by swallowing pills or something. But the meteor will kill us way faster, I reckon.”

Nadia sniffed, pressed herself tighter against me, and said in a heartbreaking tone, “I don’t wanna die, Ay!”

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I tried comforting her. But the whole concept of our upcoming death was also too much for me. We both lay there crying our eyes out and trying to find some comfort in each other. 

“We’ve still got a little over fourteen hours left to live. I don’t wanna sleep the rest of my life away, but I’m tired. Can we nap for a while?” Nadia asked after the tears dried out.

“Sure thing. Computer! Please wake us in four hours,” I said.

Nadia got comfy beside me, moved her hand down to cup my balls, and whispered, “I love you, Ay.”

After a couple of minutes, her breathing deepened. A few minutes after that, I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

‘Beep! Beep! Beep!’

The sound of annoying beeps pulled me back to the land of the living. I blinked a few times, and it took me a couple of seconds to realize where I was. Nadia was lying against me, and her hand was still cupping my balls.

I wasn’t woken by the alarm I set. These were different beeps, and I hadn’t heard those before. As I was waking up, Nadia stirred next to me.

“Wh… whsdr!?” she grumbled.

“I think there’s something wrong,” I said after clearing my throat.

Nadia has always been quicker at waking up than I was. She let go of my balls, rubbed her eyes, and got to her feet. She gave me just enough time to scan her ass and boobs before she headed over to the control panel in the other room.

I quickly got up and followed her. On the monitoring screen, it was clear that something was wrong with the Terra site. The site itself didn’t seem offline, but all the telemetry readouts were gone.

“Nadia pressed some buttons, opened up a couple of other windows on the computer, and mumbled a soft, “What the..”

“What’s wrong?”

“Dunno. I can’t explain it. Everything is up and running. There’s just no more telemetric data coming our way.”

“Is it broken?”

“That’s what’s so weird. There’s still a constant data stream, but the computer can’t make any sense of that data.”

Nadia fiddled some more on the computer. I tried to figure out what she was doing, but this was what she was trained for back on Earth. Just like I was prepared for all sorts of outdoor activities. Nadia obviously knew what she was doing, and I pulled up a chair for her to sit on.

“Thanks,” she said as she sat down, never taking her eyes off the screen.

I got us a drink, sat down next to her, and watched her do her magic. I was glad the beeps had stopped, but other than that, I thought it was a waste of time. Why try to save the Terra site when it would be destroyed anyway in a couple of hours? But Nadia was busy, and it took her mind off the big rock that would kill us, so I figured it was good. And I liked watching my naked sister, and I had plenty of opportunities now.

About half an hour later, I figured it was enough. But right when I wanted to open my mouth, Nadia whispered, “That’s it!”

I perked up, sat up straight, and asked, “What?”

“One sec.”

I was annoyed about being kept in the dark, but I knew her too well to say something. She wanted to double-check this.

She turned her chair to look at me, and with a smile on her face, she said, “I think we’ve got a way to communicate with the Zephyr!”

“No way! How?”

“I’ve analyzed the data stream coming in, and it’s the source code for an application. I’m compiling it now to see what it does.”

“But… how?” I asked again, missing the big picture here.

“Okay. I think it’s like this. Bear with me. The Zephyr receives information from the terra site, so they know how the planet is doing before landing or sending specific equipment from Earth.”


“This is a very, very narrow band and only suitable for sending text in small pieces. But that’s enough since we only need that telemetry data, and not even in real-time. I think someone at the Zephyr reversed the flow and reprogrammed the telemetry system so it can relay its communications to us.”

“Oh wow!” I said, realizing my mouth was open.

“Pretty clever, yeah,” Nadia said and turned to face her monitor as the progress bar on her screen was approaching 100%.

“Now what?” I asked anxiously.

“I’ll see if I can run the program. I don’t have a clue what it is. It might also just be a simple document wishing us good luck.”


“I’m kidding,” she chuckled. And after a short pause, she continued, “But it can be. Although I find it hard to believe that they would put this much effort into it.”

“Let’s see,” I said as I toyed nervously with a couple of my pubes.

Nadia’s eyes briefly went to my fiddling fingers, and the corners of her mouth moved slightly upward. It was barely there, but I noticed. I didn’t care at that moment because I just had to know what the application was all about.

“It’s done!” Nadia said and started clicking and typing away.

I saw her moving some files around, edit a couple of text files, and finally, she opened the freshly compiled application.

“It’s a chat app!” she said excitedly.

I looked at the screen where a clunky and rudimentary chat app was showing. The top half of the screen was for the other side, and in the bottom half, we could type our text.

“Type something!” I exclaimed, “Let them know we’re here.”

“What should I type?” Nadia asked and looked very indecisive.

“Anything,” I answered, trying to keep calm.

“You do it,” Nadia said as she moved the keyboard my way.

I immediately started typing. If this was what we thought it was, this was our only and final option.


I expected I had to wait a while for a response, but less than two seconds later, a response showed up.

Hello! Aidan and Nadia?

Yes! We’re still on Aetheria.

We know! We saw your Morse code. Your parents are very worried about you. How are you?

We’re okay. We survived the quake and lived inside the remote site for a while, expecting the main base to come and rescue us.

I see. We couldn’t do that. We thought you were dead. We simply didn’t have the time, people, or equipment to go and check.

I know. We saw how the main base is doing.

It took a while for another response. Nadia and I looked at each other, and I shrugged.

“Ask if they know more about the meteor,” she said.

I thought for a moment, nodded, and held my fingers above the keyboard. But before I could type anything, the Zephyr started typing again.

Your father and mother are here and want to say hello.

Hi mom and dad! Surprise!

Nadia giggled next to me and said, “You can’t say that! They were worried sick!”

The undertone in her voice was one of amusement, so I said, “Of course I can! What are they gonna do? Ground me?”

I turned my attention back to the monitor. Two lines were there that almost made me tear up.

They say they love you. And they’re sorry.

Sorry for what?

Sorry for leaving you behind.

Don’t be sorry! You did the only logical thing!! Really! It’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

Nadia placed a hand on my shoulder and gently squeezed it. I knew she felt the same about this. They thought we were dead, had one option to leave the planet, and gave it their all to find us from up there. But most of all, they never gave up.

They thank you for saying that.

And we mean it. How about that meteor? What’s the status? We kind of don’t wanna die, you know?

The meteor is still coming our way. In approximately 10 hours, it’s here.


Yes. But there’s been a development. Due to the gravitational pull of one of the other planets, its path had a tiny correction. It’s still going to be too close to call, but it might miss us.

And now what?

Now that we’ve established contact with you guys, we’re going to make some necessary course corrections to get back into low orbit. Then we can send down a transport to pick you up.


Yes, really. But during this time, we’ll have to go offline again, unfortunately. This radio won’t work in low orbit.

How much time?

It’ll take us roughly four hours to complete the maneuver. Then another thirty minutes for the transport.

We’ll make sure we’re outside near the landing zone.

That would be great because the inside dock is broken. And we don’t have very much time to spare because we need to get out of the way so the meteor or the impact on the planet won’t hit us.

Don’t worry. We’ll be ready.

Perfect! We’re starting the maneuver in five minutes. Anything else?

No! Glad you’re coming for us!

See you in a couple of hours then. Be ready! Zephyr out.

“OH MY GOD!!!” Nadia shouted and slammed her body into mine to give me the tightest hug known to men.

Tears were flowing down my cheeks from excitement and joy. When Nadia looked at me, she was also crying. But these were good tears! Without saying anything, we moved in close, and kissed each other firmly, our wet faces pressed together.

“We’re going to live, Ay!”

“Yeah… we’re being rescued thanks to you!”

“Don’t be silly!” Nadia said sternly, “If you didn’t put those rocks out there-“

“If you weren’t this smart to decipher that data stream, we’d be hopelessly lost,” I interrupted.

“Stop saying that!! WE did it. You and me! We! Together.”

I didn’t want to hear it, but when she said it, I knew she was right. We had both played our parts in this. I decided to drop it and to change the subject.

“So… Do we need to prepare anything? Should we go outside already, just to be sure?”

“Nah. We’ll only need our suits. Maybe grab some clothes and other personal stuff from our room?”

“Good idea,” I said, “I’d say we’ve got about three and a half hours to kill before we head out, right? I reckon we better be outside too early rather than too late, right?”

“Yeah. It is better to wait outside for an hour than miss the ride because of a stupid error like a leaking suit or something. With an hour to spare, we’ve got time to fix it.”


Nadia started putting on her clothes. This reversed striptease in front of me never got old, and I stalled with putting on my own clothes just so I could watch this.

As she pulled down her shirt, hiding her little black bra from view, I started putting on my clothes. I made a little show of adjusting my chubbed-up dick inside my boxers as Nadia watched intensely what I was doing. I wasn’t an expert at this. Far from it, actually! But I felt a tension in the air I couldn’t quite place.

“Ready?” I asked as I held my finger above the button that opened the door.

End of chapter 12

Copyright 2024 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

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Cliché Cousins

Cliché Cousins
rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

I hated Florida. Of course I’d only been here three days, but I knew I hated it. Or at least I knew I missed Wisconsin. My mom had moved us down here because she missed her sister, who had moved down here like ten years ago. But all my friends were in Wisconsin, and I was miserable. Of course, I was almost always miserable. Being sixteen and gay in a small town didn’t seem to leave much room for any other emotions.

I suppose I should have been happy. After all, a new place meant new chances right? At least that’s what my mom was trying to tell me. I wasn’t sure I was buying it. I was too busy sulking. In fact, I’d barely left my room since we’d arrived, ignoring my mom’s requests to visit with my aunt and her son.

See, I had just met somebody right before we left. Sixteen years in that town, at least five years knowing I was gay and desperately afraid someone would find out. Desperately afraid, also, that nobody would find out and I’d spend my life alone. And then I’d met Brett. He had moved into town a few months earlier, but except for noting he was kinda cute, I hadn’t really noticed him at all. Too caught up in my own private hell.

Then one day I was running down the hall at school, late for class, when I whipped around a corner and slammed right into him. Books everywhere. We laughed and helped each other pick up our things. After that I seemed to notice him a lot. At lunch, between classes, even the History class we shared. Finally, he asked me to come over to his house after school for some Xbox. To make a long story short, we ended up kissing. Just once, but man it was enough to make my heart soar. Finally! I’d thought. That night I still felt like I was walking on air when my mom told me we were moving. Talk about crash and burn. A week later we were here. I’d barely even had a chance to say goodbye. So if I wanted to lie in my bed and cry a bit and hate my life, well my mom was just going to have to live with it.

I think she was very confused by why I was so upset. I’d often talked about how much I hated our town. I’d never told her I was gay. I mean, I’m sure she probably would have been ok with it. I think. Anyway, I could hardly tell her the reason I was so upset was that I’d finally met a boy and now I was being ripped away from him before we’d even had a chance to fool around.

Sigh. Of course, things never work out the way you expect them to. I was lying there feeling wonderfully miserable when my mom pokes her head in the door, without knocking(!), and says, “Toby, you can’t stay in here forever. I’ve got your swim things. We’re going over to my sister’s. You can be miserable over there if you want.” Don’t you hate it when moms are right? Twenty minutes later I’d forgotten all about Brett.

My cousin Josh was eleven. Or eleven-and-three-quarters according to him. Of course, I’d met Josh before. He usually came to Wisconsin with his mom once a year for Thanksgiving. They hadn’t actually made it last year, ‘cause Josh was sick and they didn’t want to travel, so I hadn’t seen him since he was nine. Man, what a difference two years had made. I mean, well he wasn’t like One Direction hot, but he was cute as hell. He was probably four foot ten, making him a full foot shorter than me. He had short but wavy brown hair, and green eyes. Killer green eyes. A short, sharp little nose and full, pouty sorta lips. He was slender, but ripped for a little kid. Lean little muscles on a swimmer’s frame. He had a great tan, and I kept finding myself watching the way his skin glistened with the water. And did I notice some appreciative glances at my own body, or was that my imagination?

I had been sorta pissed about being dragged over there, but when Josh saw me he was just so happy about the fact that I’d moved down there and couldn’t wait to show me his room and then the pool. We’d quickly changed into board shorts and headed out to their nice sized pool. Just a couple minutes with Josh and I was smiling for the first time in weeks.

Like I said I’m about five ten and I’ve got about the same build as Josh, lean and muscled. So I had no problem picking him up and throwing him around the pool. He thought it was great and was laughing like crazy. I gotta admit I was enjoying the feel of his skin on mine. Which really got me thinking. I mean… I was basically perving on a little kid, and my cousin at that. Ok, I liked looking at younger guys, but never really thought about doing anything with one, you know? But Josh was so cute and funny and nice and warm and… there. I was having a great time.

After a couple hours we were both pretty pruney. Josh said he was gonna get out. He wanted to show me his Xbox. I was sitting on the stairs in the shallow end as he walked up past me and out of the pool. I turned to watch. So I’m sitting there talking to him and he strips right out of his board shorts and starts drying off right in front of me. My eyes must have bugged out or something cause he gave me this weird little smile and looked down at his dick. Of course that’s where my eyes went, too. Even after a couple hours in the pool it looked nice. About three inches long, slim, hairless, with small, loose hanging balls. I swallowed hard.

“Not allowed to drip across the living room,” he explained. “Gotta dry off out here.”

“Uh… ok,” I croaked.

He stood there with his hands on his slim hips, grinning at me, daring me. “Are you comin’?”

About to, I thought. To him I said, “I’ll be right behind ya.”

He smiled at me a moment longer and then shrugged. “Ok, but hurry! I wanna show you this new game I got!” And then he ran into the house, with my eyes glued to his pert little ass, so much paler than the rest of his tanned body.

I got out of the pool and peeked into the house, seeing that my mom and aunt were in the family room and wouldn’t see me if I ducked into the bathroom. I quickly stripped out of my shorts. My six inch dick was about half hard, pointing straight out. Drying it off only made it harder. I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist and dashed into the house.

The house was shaped a bit like an L. The pool sat between the two wings of the house with large sliding doors open to both wings. Luckily the wing to the left had the door and blinds shut, probably so my mom and aunt could talk without having to listen to us screw around in the pool. The right wing opened into the living room, with the kitchen to the left of that. Across the living room from the pool was a short hallway with Josh’s bedroom on the left, an office to the right, and a bathroom in between.

I just got my hand on the doorknob of the bathroom when Josh’s bedroom door opened and he popped out dressed in just a pair of tightie whities. He glanced down to where my hard cock was tenting the towel and giggled.

“Toby’s got a boner!” he teased in a singsong voice. He shook his hips and did a little dance, singing it again.

“Hush, brat!” I snapped with a smile and ducked into the bathroom, followed by his giggles.

My boner thankfully was not a topic of conversation by the time I’d dried off and changed. I found Josh dressed in shorts and eager to show me his room. While we played video games I couldn’t help glancing over at him. His tan skin seemed so smooth and touchable. I eventually managed to scoot over a bit so that our thighs pressed warmly together.

The truth is, I’d never really gotten this close to another boy before. Brett was the first boy I’d ever kissed, and that came and went so fast I barely had time to register it. I’d somehow missed out on all the sorta personal contact Josh and I had had today, casually touching one another. From time to time when we’d been out in the pool together he’d wrapped his arms around my neck, and his legs around my waist, just holding me like that. I think that, more than anything, is what was exciting me now. That closeness.

Before I knew it, we were called to dinner. Josh insisted I sit by him, and I noticed the amused smiles from both our mothers as they saw we were getting along so well. All too soon dinner was over, and after saying our goodbyes and promising to return tomorrow, we left for home.

That night, as I lay in bed, thinking about the day, I figured I’d end up jacking off. I mean, I almost always jack off at night anyway, and I certainly had tons of fuel from today. The image of Josh’s naked body kept flashing behind my eyes. But instead of getting all worked up, I just felt that same sense of warmth and closeness I’d had sitting with him in his room. I drifted off to sleep without a tear spilled for the first time in weeks.

*             *             *             *             *

The next day I was up early and with a decided bounce in my step. My mom was quick to notice. “Going to see Josh?”

“Yeah, figured I’d go swimming some more.”

“I’m glad to see you hit it off with him. He’s really been looking forward to you coming to live here. He looks up to you, you know.”

“How could he? He barely knows me.”

Mom shook her head and smiled. “Men!” she said with a long-suffering sigh filled with humor. “Honey, you’re a bit of a hero to Josh. You know he lost his dad very young, just like you did.”

“His dad died,” I pointed out. “Mine was just a jerk who walked out on us.”

“In any case, Josh has always seen you as a bit of an older brother. Your Aunt Kathy has told me he comes home after each Thanksgiving and can’t talk about anyone else for weeks. He thinks you’re really cool, dude.” I cringed a bit whenever my mom tried to talk ‘cool’.

“Well, he’s pretty cool. You know, for a kid. So anyway, I’m gonna go over there, ok?”

“Do you need a ride?” she asked.

They actually only lived about three miles away, but I had my motorcycle. It was just an old 250cc Honda my dad had left behind. I learned to ride it when I was twelve, but had just recently gotten licensed for it. “I’m gonna ride,” I informed her.

“Ok, honey, but be careful out there. There’s a lot more traffic than you’re used to.”

The bike wasn’t anything special, but it was mine. I’d learned all about bikes starting when I was about nine, when I realized that the bike would one day be mine. I maintained it for years before I was ever allowed to ride it. I learned to ride practicing on a friend’s dirt bike. By the time I was 13 I was sneaking the bike out on occasion, when I knew my mom wouldn’t be around to catch me. The day I got my license was one of the happiest I’d ever had, and I’d been riding every chance I got since then. I loved the feeling of riding it. It was so freeing.

I pulled up to my aunt’s house to find her outside in the front yard, doing something in a flower bed. She was dressed in shorts and a bikini top with gardener’s gloves. She was really attractive, but it was lost on me of course.

She turned and stood when I pulled into the drive and wiped her brow on her forearm. “Hi, Toby!” she smiled. “So that’s the infamous motorcycle, huh?”

“Yeah,” I said proudly, switching off the engine and lowering the kickstand. “Mom told you, huh?”

Kathy chuckled. “It terrifies your mom, you know. She’s sure you’re going to die on the thing.”

“She worries too much. I’m really careful,” I assured her.

“I’m sure you are. I see you’re dressed for swimming.” I was wearing my board shorts from yesterday and shoes and nothing else. “Josh is still in bed. Too early for that sleepyhead.”

“Oh,” I said, trying to keep the disappointment from my voice. “Should I come back later?”

“Don’t be silly,” she replied. “It’ll do him good to get up early for once. I swear, all that boy does is eat and sleep. Besides, he couldn’t stop talking about how much he enjoyed spending time with you yesterday.”

I actually felt myself blushing. “Uh, well, yeah. We had fun. So should I go in?”

“You go ahead,” she said. “I think I’m going to go to Home Depot here soon anyway. You won’t mind watching him for a bit while I go?”

“It’ll be my pleasure!” I grinned.

“Thanks, Toby. Oh, there’s pop in the fridge. If you want anything else just ask Josh.”

“I will,” I informed her, and then I went into the house.

As I walked through the quiet house I thought about Josh sleeping in his room. Did he wear pajamas, I wondered? Did he jack off? I wondered if he was too young yet or not. Maybe he jacked off last night, thinking about me. I shook my head to rid it of silly fantasies. Josh was just a normal kid with maybe a bit of hero worship. He certainly wasn’t a burgeoning fag, perving on his older cousin.

I had to get a grip.

Still, as I came to his bedroom door, I found myself twisting the knob as quietly as I could. I carefully eased open the door and slipped inside the dimly lit room. I could hear Josh’s soft breathing and see him clearly enough though the only light was that which leaked around the closed blinds. I just stood there for a minute, listening, watching, breathing. The room smelled so much more… Joshy, than it had yesterday. Warm and close and slightly musky. Sorta caused a bit of stir down below, to be honest. I moved a bit closer.

Josh was lying on his back, left hand on his stomach, right one underneath his pillow. His right side faced me, his feet towards the window. Without even realizing what I was doing, I found myself kneeling down beside the bed. His light brown hair was mussed from sleep. His eyes were shut and I could detect the slight movement under his eyelids which told me he was dreaming. His mouth was open slightly. I found myself looking at his hairless armpit, and bent over to take a quick sniff, feeling a bit pervy. I had an urge to lick that smooth skin but managed to control it. His smallish, dime-sized nipples were brownish and mostly smooth, showing just a slight bump in the center. I knew from watching yesterday that they would shrink even smaller when they got stiff.

The sheet was pulled to about halfway up his stomach. Glancing down, I felt myself suck in a quiet breath. Did he have a hard-on? It was sorta hard to tell in the gloom, and with the way the sheet was bunched around his waist, but I could swear I saw a dick-shaped lump down there between his legs. Not very big, but about the size I would have guesstimated given my free show yesterday. I briefly played with the idea of pulling his sheet down, and then his underwear and then… but better not to go there. My cock was already beginning to grow in my shorts and the last thing I needed was to be outted by my aunt while perving on her innocent young son.

Still, I couldn’t help reaching forward and placing my hand on his smooth, warm chest. Just for a moment I ran my thumb across the hairless skin of his armpit. He squirmed in his sleep. Back to his chest and I shook him a little.

“Josh,” I called softly. “Yo, Josh, wake up, lil dude.”

The boy grumbled in his sleep, so I shook him a bit harder. His legs moved, causing the sheet to shift and making me almost 100% certain that was a hard dick under there. I was staring intently between his legs when he said, “Hey, Toby!”

I guiltily snapped my gaze back to his face and caught his sleepy smile. He stretched, slow and languid, putting his whole body into it, like a cat. A quick glance downward. Oh man, that was definitely his dick. My own cock felt like a steel rod in my shorts. I used the cover of my position to quickly straighten it out and sighed with relief.

“Hey, kiddo,” I smiled. “Your mom told me to come in and wake you up. Hope you don’t mind.”

“It’s cool,” he smiled. He sat up on his elbows. “Did you wanna go swimming again?”

“Sure,” I smiled. I stood up as Josh whipped back his sheet and hopped out of bed. My eyes instantly locked onto his white briefs, so bright against his tan skin. His stiff little cock was clearly visible, poking insistently against the thin cloth. I felt my own cock lurch at the sight.

Josh caught my gaze and glanced down. “I got a boner,” he grinned, reaching down to clutch himself through his underwear. “Wanna see?” he teased. Then he glanced back at me. “Just kiddin’,” he said, as if he was sure I wouldn’t actually want to see it. “Let me pee and change and I’ll meet you in the pool!” Then he skipped out of the room.

For a minute I just stood there, feeling my dick throbbing in my shorts. I heard the bathroom door shut in the hall. Trying to get a grip on myself, I hurried out to the kitchen and grabbed a Mountain Dew out of the fridge. Keeping an eye on the hallway where Josh was, I stuck the can down my shorts. I gasped at the shock of it, and tried to will my cock back to limpness. It wasn’t working. So when Josh came out of the bathroom I pressed myself up against the kitchen counter to hide my condition. It really wasn’t that visible in the loose shorts, but I didn’t feel like taking any chances. I popped open the soda. “Want one?” I asked, having a brief fantasy of his lips and tongue against the can I had just had against my dick.

“Sure, grab me one, ok?” and he raced out the door and jumped into the pool.

I grabbed him a can from the fridge and went to join him. But before I made it out to the pool I found myself drawn to the bathroom. Shutting the door behind me, I quickly spotted Josh’s briefs on the floor. Feeling like a total pervert, I picked them up and looked at them. Hanes, size 10-12. No skidmarks, which was good. Unable to help myself, I lifted the crotch up to my nose, and I swear I swooned a little, inhaling his musky boyish scent. Reluctantly, I put them back on the ground where I found them, flushed the toilet just in case, and went out to join my cousin.

So we swam and we played and I think maybe I started to fall in love just a little. Josh was such a great kid. Funny, smart, affectionate. He was always hugging me or hanging on me, and I didn’t mind a bit. Around noon Kathy called us out for lunch. We sat by the pool and ate McDonald’s. Josh was nibbling fries like he was a squirrel, as he caught me smiling. I was leaning back in my chair, my feet up on the table.

“Your legs are sure hairy,” he said, staring.

They weren’t really, unless you compared them to his, which we both did. “Not that hairy,” I said. “There was this one kid in school named Matt Corelli who was so hairy we used to call him Wookie.”

Josh laughed. He had the cutest laugh. In fact, his voice was great. Sorta raspy and sexy. “You’ve got hair in your armpits, too,” he pointed out.

My hands were behind my head and I glanced to each of my pits in turn. Again, they weren’t really hairy compared to most guys I’d seen, but they probably seemed so to an eleven year old. Josh was looking at his own smooth armpits.

“You’ll get some soon enough,” I assured him.

Josh grinned and gave up his hopeless search for pit hairs. “And then I’ll get some down there, huh?”

“Down where?” I teased.

Josh stuck his tongue out at me. Man, I even liked his tongue. “Down in your pants. I bet you got tons.”

“Not much,” I told him.

“Like a jungle,” he teased. I laughed. “Like Bigfoot down there,” he laughed.

I grinned. “It’s not that big,” I told him. Josh thought that was hilarious.

After he stopped laughing he looked me over and said, “You should really get some sun. You’re like an albino or something.”

I really wasn’t that pale, but I wasn’t nearly as dark as Josh. “Do you lay out or something?” I asked.

“Nah, just swimming like normal and runnin’ around. Can’t wear board shorts all the time though or you get pale legs.”

I’d noticed he was wearing different shorts than yesterday. They were black and green and a bit shorter than the ones I’d seen him in before. The green really brought out his eyes. Remembering my view of his naked bod yesterday, I realized that he was only pale about where underwear would cover.

“So what else do you wear?” I asked, having visions of him running around the pool in wet tightie whities.

“I usually wear Speedos at home and board shorts only when I’m at the beach. We should go to the beach!”

I ignored that last, stuck on the mental vision of Josh in a Speedo. “So why aren’t you wearing a Speedo now?” I asked.

He shrugged. “I saw you had boards, so I wore mine. You have Speedos? You could work on your tan. You know… before somebody gets blinded from your albino legs.”

“I’ll show you albino when I spank your albino ass!” I yelled and jumped from my chair. Josh squealed and jumped up. We started chasing each other around the pool, laughing.

Before I knew it, Kathy was asking me if I wanted to stay for dinner. I said I would and then watched once again as Josh climbed out of the pool and stripped, trying not to stare as he dried himself. I once again waited for him to disappear into his room before getting out. Then I realized I didn’t have anything to change into. Embarrassed, I explained to my aunt. She had me strip and wrap a towel around my waist while she threw my wet shorts into the dryer.

I spent the whole meal feeling pretty exposed, praying I didn’t get a hard-on or lose my towel. I didn’t, but had a couple of close calls when Josh made a grab for it. The towel that is. On my way out of the house, once again in dry shorts, Josh saw my bike and begged for a ride, but his mom said it was too late and I promised him a ride on the following day.

*             *             *             *             *

The next morning I got stuck running errands with my mom and it was nearly noon by the time I was able to get over to Josh’s house. I was dressed once again in my board shorts, but this time I’d brought along an extra pair of regular shorts for later. Parking my bike I walked into the house and immediately heard high pitched voices and splashing coming from the pool. Passing through the living room I saw Josh and another boy at the same time my cousin spotted me.

“Toby!” Josh cried. Then he swam to the edge and climbed swiftly out of the pool. He was wearing a pair of Speedos, blue with green stripes on either side. I tried not to stare at the delicious little lump his cock made in the tight fabric. Dripping wet, he grabbed my arm and pulled me out to the pool.

“That’s Michael,” he said, pointing to the other boy, who was just climbing out of the pool. Michael, I was to confirm later, was ten. He was smaller and skinnier than Josh, with dark blond hair and a cute elfin face. He was also dressed in a Speedo, solid red. Michael waved and smiled.

“Come in and throw us!” Josh begged, pulling me towards the pool. “He can throw me really far!” he bragged to his friend.

So I threw ’em. Man, talk about a workout. I felt like a catapult. Michael weighed a lot less than Josh and I could really get some distance with him. The boys each had their own favorite throws. We named them. Josh liked the shot put. He would curl up in a ball, hugging his legs to his chest. I’d grab two handfuls of ass while his back rested against my chest, then launch him up and over my head backwards. Michael preferred what we called the slam dunk. He made a much smaller ball of himself, and I’d grab his tiny ass in one hand, back of the neck in the other, lift him up out of the water and then slam him back down head first. My personal favorite was what I called the stiffy, which always brought a case of boyish giggles. I would have the boys lie flat on their back, hands at their sides, making their bodies as stiff as possible, hence the name, then I’d lift them, flipping their legs back up and over their heads. The stiffy had a duel meaning for me, because while they were flat on their backs, I was staring straight down at their barely covered crotches. And though Michael was only ten, I enjoyed the sight of him almost as much as Josh. I was turning into a full-fledged pervert.

After awhile I had to call a break, and I headed to the shallow end to sit and relax a bit. Josh and Michael continued to entertain themselves, laughing and splashing and occasionally looking over at me and giggling. While I was relaxing, Josh got out of the pool and ran out the screen door into the yard. There was a small shower set up there. It quickly became apparent that he was taking a piss. He finished up and ran the water a bit before coming back and jumping into the pool.

“Did you just pee out there?” I asked him.

“We always do,” he informed me. “Mom knows. Easier than drying off to run into the house and do it.”

Thinking about that, I decided I could use a piss myself. Climbing out of the pool, I made my way over to the screen door.

“Are you gonna pee?” Josh asked.

“You said it was ok,” I said.

“It is,” he replied, and then I heard some giggles from him and Michael.

I quickly saw that the ground was just a couple paving stones set over gravel which was set over sand. The water, and piss, would just drain into the ground. I untied the drawstring around my shorts and was just starting to push them down enough to fish my dick out when I heard whispers and the screen door opening behind me. To my right I caught a hint of motion, and there was Michael, eyes eagerly searching the front of my pants.

He saw my glance. “I need to pee too,” he informed me. Then he quickly came over, pressing his left side to my right, and pushed down his Speedos and fished out his little cock. There wasn’t much there, but it was cute enough. While he watched, I pushed my shorts down further and grabbed my dick. We both started to pee. I kept expecting him to say something. His eyes were locked on my cock. It was all I could do to keep from getting hard in fact.

Have you ever seen a little boy pee? They go like gangbusters, and then, bam! Done. Just like that. From a stream to empty. I was still shaking myself off when Michael pulled up his Speedo and headed back to the pool. By the time I got my drawstring retied and rejoined them their heads were together, whispering and giggling.

I stopped at the side of the pool and looked down at them. Michael whispered something to Josh, whose back was to me. The older boy turned and looked up at me, grinned, and said, “Hi, Bigfoot!”

I roared and attacked them both amidst screams of laughter.

About an hour later Michael was called home by his parents and Josh begged me for a ride on my bike. I quickly checked with his mom, and she gave us the ok, making me swear I’d be careful. With a whoop of glee Josh ran to my bike.

“Should I get changed?” he asked, looking down at his Speedo.

“Hell, no,” I grinned. “Give the old folks something to talk about.” I started the bike and helped Josh get situated in back of me. “Ok, two rules,” I told him. “One, hold on tight to me, ok?” Josh nodded. “Number two, don’t lean into turns. You’re gonna want to. Just hold on and let your body move with mine.”

With that I put the bike in gear and took off, while Josh cried, “Woo woo!”

I took it easy through the neighborhoods, loving the feel of his arms around me. My short blond hair didn’t exactly fly in the breeze, but it felt great just the same. “Where to?”

“The beach!”

“The beach it is. Hang on!”

We had reached a major thoroughfare and I put on the throttle. Josh yipped and yelled with delight, while he molded his body against mine. The nearest beach was about fifteen minutes away with traffic. Residential neighborhoods gave way to strip malls, which finally opened up to water on each side of us. At one point we zipped up over a long drawbridge, the metal grating beneath us causing the whole bike to vibrate. Josh clutched me tightly and I could swear I felt his hard dick pressing into me.

“Having fun?” I asked over the sound of the bike and the wind.

“It’s great!” he laughed.

A minute later we had reached the main beach drag. “Go right,” Josh instructed. About a half mile later he pointed up ahead to our left. “Over there!”

Over there was a public beach access set between a Holiday Inn and a place called the Castaway Motel. I parked the bike and started to climb off, but Josh gripped me tightly by the shoulders and pulled me back down. “Wait!” he squeaked.

“What’s wrong?”

“Uh… nothing,” he stammered. “Let’s just look for a minute first.” He pulled back a bit so that he wasn’t pressed against my back.

“Ok,” I said amiably. “Let me know when your boner goes away and we’ll go to the beach.”

“Toby!” he cried, shocked and I think pleased. I turned around a bit and glanced down at his crotch. His hands were buried there, as if he would push his hard on down by force.

“Don’t worry about it, little dude,” I said, turning around with a happy grin. “I always get a hard-on when I ride.”

“Is that so you can use it as a kickstand?” he asked. He was a silly boy.

“It’s not that big,” I told him again.

“Bigfoot!” he cried, then jumped off the back of the bike and went running for the water. I chased after him.

*             *             *             *             *

We didn’t end up staying at the beach for long. It had been great watching him run through the surf though. He got quite a few looks from folks at the beach, running around in that skimpy Speedo. I thought maybe I got a few myself from folks wondering maybe what an older boy was doing with one so young, playing and hugging each other. Let em look, I was in love.

When we got back to Josh’s house I found my mom there as well. Seems they had decided to have a dinner party the next night to sort of introduce my mom to some of Kathy’s friends. As there was gonna be drinking involved, they had apparently decided that rather than having one of them driving home afterward, they would have the party at our house, and Kathy would spend the night over there while I stayed here and watched Josh. They wanted to know if I was ok with that. Easy enough to guess my answer to that one, huh?

*             *             *             *             *

The next day I was able to go over and spend some time in the pool with Josh and Michael earlier in the day. I also gave Michael a quick bike ride around the neighborhood, ‘cuz it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t’. That afternoon, though, I was busy helping my mom. She had me helping to square the house away, unpacking the last few boxes, and basically getting the house presentable. I even helped her do some cooking.

I actually tried to avoid any activities that would be considered ‘gay’. I didn’t dance, or sing. Not that those things are ‘gay’, but you know what I mean. I didn’t sew, or worry about whether my clothes were fashionable. I kept my hair cut short so as not to be seen brushing it. Silly, I know, but I was paranoid. I purposefully avoided anything that could be remotely construed as stereotypically gay so as to avoid suspicion. Everything but cooking. I really loved to cook. So sue me.

Late that afternoon I packed a bag with my toothbrush and some extra clothes and I rode over to Josh’s house. Kathy met me at the door. “I appreciate you doing this, Toby. It’s nice to give your mother a chance to have a little fun.”

“My pleasure,” I assured her.

“Ok, now I know it’s summer, but please don’t let Josh stay up past midnight. And no scary movies. He’ll have nightmares. I know he’ll swear he won’t, but he will. I’m sure you’ll both be swimming, so don’t let him go to bed without a shower, it’s not good to sleep with chlorine still in your hair and skin. Let’s see… I left money for a pizza. Josh knows the place to call. You can sleep in my bed. I changed the sheets for you. Hmm, I think that’s it. Any questions?”

“Shower, pizza, no scary movies, midnight.” I grinned. “Got it.”

“Ok, honey. You boys be good now.”

And then she was off. Josh was really excited to have me over. We ended up playing Xbox until about seven o’clock and then I ordered the pizza. When the pizza arrived we popped in Spiderman 2 and watched that while we curled up together on the couch. The movie ended around ten. It was dark out. I was putting away our dishes and looking out at the pool. I hadn’t been over here at night before, and the pool looked cool and dark and mysterious.

“Wanna go swimming?” I asked. “Do you go swimming at night?”

“Sure, all the time. There’s a light in the pool so you can see fine.”

“Do you ever swim without the light?” I asked.

“We can,” Josh grinned, like this was some great adventure. “You wanna?”

“Sure,” I said, stripping off my shirt and draping it over one of the barstools on the other side of the kitchen counter.

“Do you wanna go skinnydipping?” Josh asked, whispering the last word.

I was immediately alert. Trying to act casual I said, “Sure we could. If you want. Do you do that a lot?”

Josh giggled. “Only once when it was dark like this and mom was asleep. Oh and once me and Michael did it, but only for a couple minutes cuz he got scared.”

“Well, I’m game,” I said, stepping out through the doorway to the pool area. It was really pretty dark out there. To make it even darker I reached back into the house and shut off the living room lights. We were plunged into darkness. Josh giggled and I could hear his zipper. Mine quickly followed. Naked, I carefully inched my way towards the pool, willing my eyes to adjust faster to the darkness. I caught the hint of moonlight on the railing leading down the pool steps, and assured of my position, dove into the water.

I came up in the deep end and could hear Josh swimming towards me. I could just barely make out his dark form as he neared, and then he was next to me, a warm presence in the dark, pizza breath blowing near my ear.

“Are you really naked?” he asked softly, as if the whole neighborhood was listening in on our conversation. “I am,” he assured me.

“Yeah, I am, too.” Reaching out in the dark, I found his shoulder. Trailing my hand down to his, I pulled it under the water and slid it over my bare hip. “See?”

Josh giggled. “This is neat. Let’s go under water.”

Letting out my breath, I slowly sank to the bottom of the pool. I sat there, half sitting, half floating, silence all around me. Slowly my eyes began to adjust to the gloom. As my air ran low I pushed myself to the surface.

“You were under there forever,” Josh said, breathlessly. Apparently he’d tried to stay under as long as I and hadn’t met with as much success. Details of his face were beginning to become visible in the wan moonlight. “Let’s race to the other side.”

“How about we just go slow,” I suggested, enamored of the dark and quiet. “Like stealth submarines.”

“Yeah, or like sharks,” Josh suggested, his voice low to match mine. “Looking for prey.”

His sleek young body occasionally bumping mine, we made our way slowly to the shallow end of the pool, heads underwater, enjoying the silence. Reaching the other end, we sat with our backs to the wall, staring up at a quarter moon.

“Submarines back,” I suggested, and once again we floated across the length of the pool. And once again we fell into silence, each thinking our own thoughts.

“I’m glad you came to Florida,” Josh said softly, a couple of minutes later. I turned and studied his still face. He was staring up at the moon. “You’re my best friend.”

“I thought Michael was your best friend,” I said.

Josh shook his head. “Michael is just a kid,” he said. “You’re my real best friend.” A pause and then in a quieter voice, “Am I yours?”

“My very best friend in the world,” I assured him.

Soft sound of displaced water, and then Josh was next to me, his arms searching and then wrapping around my neck. A hug and then a quick, shy kiss on my cheek. My heart began to thud loudly in my chest. I couldn’t move. Or at least most of me couldn’t.

Josh giggled. He leaned in close, put his lips right against my ear and whispered, in a sing-song voice, “Toby’s got a boner, Toby’s got a boner.” And then I felt small fingers wrap around my dick. My breath caught in my throat. “Geez, Toby,” Josh breathed, “it’s ginormous!”

I forced air back into my lungs and managed to croak, “Josh, you shouldn’t be touching me there.”

“It’s ok,” he said, small hand beginning to explore up and down my shaft. “Mom says it’s normal to ‘speriment with dicks and stuff.”

“She… she did?” I could feel his head nod against mine.

His fingers slid into my small pubic mound. “Wow, you got lots of hair.” Then, “You can touch mine if you want.”

Stunned I might have been, but I wasn’t letting that suggestion go unanswered. Reaching down, my hand found his thigh. I slid inward, and then up, marveling again at how smooth and silky his skin felt. Josh gave a little gasp as my fingers found his small balls. I rolled them between my fingers, loving the feel of his hairless sac. Then I moved upward and my fingers found the focus of my desires. He wasn’t big, but he was desperately hard. I wrapped my fingers around the slim tube of flesh, feeling his pulse beating like a small bird’s. I gently explored his short length with my fingers, and then slowly began to jack him up and down.

“That feels good,” Josh breathed.

Turning my head, I sought out Josh’s mouth with mine. My lips grazed his cheek, and then I placed a gentle kiss on his mouth. Josh’s hand stilled, while he apparently considered what had happened. Then I felt him squeeze my cock as he tenderly returned the kiss. I moaned just a little as my mouth moved against his, and hesitantly I slid my tongue between his lips. He seemed startled for a moment, and then slowly eased his mouth open, accepting my invading tongue. I pushed my tongue against his, urging him. This was so new to me, but felt so right. Meanwhile I continued to slowly jack his turgid little prick.

We broke apart for air, both of us breathing heavily. Josh’s hand left my cock and he tried to squirm away from me. “Stop for a minute, Toby,” he gasped. “It’s feeling funny.”

“What?” I asked, not understanding, moving against him, wanting his warmth.

“My thing,” he croaked. “My dick. It feels funny. Stop for a minute. I gotta pee.”

“You don’t,” I assured, understanding dawning in a rush of excitement. “Just hold onto me. You’ll be ok, I swear.”

I didn’t even give him a chance to argue. Pulling him against me with my left arm, I kissed him deeply while my right hand increased its speed on his pubescent cock. He groaned in my mouth and began to squirm against me, the feelings coursing through his young body not allowing him to be still. My left hand drifted downward, squeezing and rubbing his glorious ass, and then my fingers found his cleft and dove inside. Quickly then, while Josh made mewling puppy noises in his throat, my index finger found his rubbery little sphincter. I felt him stiffen in my arms and he pulled back from our kiss and gave a half yell, half gasp as he shuddered in my arms. His tiny asshole quivered against my finger and in my other hand his boycock jerked spasmodically.

I began to slow my jacking hand as Josh’s head fell to my damp shoulder. His breath was hot and heavy against my neck. I could still feel his small body shuddering. Then his arms wrapped around me in a fierce hug, trapping my own throbbing cock between us.

Finally I heard his soft voice say, “T-Toby. Wha—what happened?”

“It’s called an orgasm,” I replied, holding him gently.

“That’s a orgasm?” he said, wonderingly. “I thought it just made sperm squirt out. I didn’t know it made you feel like that!”

I laughed softly. “Why do you think people want to have sex all the time?”

“Was that sex?” he asked. “Did I squirt sperms?”

“I don’t know, Joshy,” I replied. “You’re kinda young. Plus we’re in the water so I can’t tell. Maybe you did tho.”


And then we just held each other.

*             *             *             *             *

After awhile I became aware that Josh’s dick was poking rather insistently against my stomach. My own cock had softened by this time, lost as I was in the sensation of just being held. But feeling that hot little prick pressing against me reminded me that I hadn’t even gotten a chance to see it.

“Hey,” I said softly. “You wanna go take a shower? Your mom said you had to take one.”

“No,” he mumbled, hugging me closer. “I wanna stay with you.”

“I meant go take a shower together,” I smiled.

He was instantly alert. “Can we? Yeah, let’s take a shower! I’ll race ya!”

Then he was out of my arms and swimming hard for the shallow end. I just jumped out of the pool where I was and raced around the side, easily beating him into the house. He jumped up on my back just as we passed through the doorway, and I grabbed his legs to help him stay up on me.

“Yeehaw! Ride em, cowboy!” he yelled as I galloped, leaving a trail of water.

I galloped to the left, taking us through the living room to his mom’s bathroom, as I’d noted earlier that she had one of those big walk-in showers. “Go get us towels,” I said as I flipped on the lights and went to turn on the water. The shower was nice and roomy, with a little tiled bench built out of the wall to sit on.

I got the water just right and turned to find Josh behind me, fingering his stiff prick. His eyes immediately locked onto mine. “It really is big,” he said, stepping forward and taking it in his small hand. It immediately started to grow, which made him giggle. “Geez, Toby, it’s like a foot long!” As it reached its full length he began to slowly jack me up and down. I was really proud of my dick. It wasn’t the biggest, or the hairiest I’d seen around school but I liked the shape of it, and the thickness. I was cut, as was Josh, but then I’d rarely seen an uncut dick.

“More like half a foot,” I laughed. “And you have about a third of a foot.” Indeed, seen clearly in the light, Josh’s stiff little member looked to be almost exactly 4 inches, and not quite an inch thick. The spongy little cockhead was bright pink and the only sign of approaching puberty was the fact that his olive-sized balls had separated and hung a bit low. “Now c’mon, we’re supposed to be getting clean.”

Releasing his hold, but not his gaze, from my swaying dick, we entered the shower and started rinsing off the chlorine. I grabbed the shampoo and squeezed a bunch into my palm, then began to lather Josh’s hair. “Close your eyes,” I told him.

“I know,” he said, squeezing his eyes shut. “Mom washes my hair all the time.”

“She does?” I asked, surprised. That struck me as a bit odd.

Josh shrugged. “She says I do a crappy job at it.”

I decided not to explore that, instead enjoying the way his silky hair felt and concentrating on keeping the shampoo from sliding down into his eyes. Reaching out blindly, his hands once again found my cock. The sight of this little kid, one hand jacking my cock, one hand gently exploring my lightly haired balls, was perhaps the most exciting thing I’d ever seen.

“Do you think mine will get this big?” he asked.

“Sure will,” I assured him.

“I don’t even got hair yet,” he complained.

“You will soon enough,” I promised. “You already seem pretty big for a kid your age.”

“You think so? It’s bigger than Michael’s.”

“You’ve seen Michael’s all stiff like this, huh?”

“’Course,” he said. “I told you Mom said it was normal right? It was ‘cause she caught us doing it.”

“Caught you doing what?” I asked, excited by the thought.

“Just looking mostly. We didn’t do orgasms or anything.” After a few moments of silence he asked, “Can you make sperms?”


“Can I watch?”

I had to squirm away from his hands. “Keep that up and it’ll happen any second,” I warned. “We’re supposed to be getting clean.”

“You’re no fun,” he grinned. Then he grabbed a bottle of body wash off the shelf and started lathering his chest.

“Let me,” I said, taking the bottle. I moved over and sat on the bench, pulling him over till he was standing between my knees. For a second I could only stare at his cock. I couldn’t remember seeing anything quite so sexy as that stiff little prick rising up from a hairless base in the middle of that lean, wet body.

Squeezing out a dollop of body soap, I began to lather up each of Josh’s arms. The soap smelled like citrus. Made me want to lick him. Josh giggled as I soaped each smooth hairless armpit, then squirmed as I washed each nipple, then down across his flat stomach, which rippled with the beginnings of a six pack.

“Turn around,” I instructed. I washed his shoulders, and his slender back. Down lower, until I had two handfuls of young ass. Josh had a great ass. A nice little bubble butt. It was actually something we had in common. I quickly washed down the outside of each leg, from thigh to calf, and then back up again, doing the inside on the return trip. Josh spread his legs wider.

I carefully avoided touching Josh’s balls, instead dipping my soapy hand into the cleft of his ass. I began to move up and down that furrow, fingers skipping only lightly over the tiny pucker within. Up and down, each trip a little shorter, until I was rubbing back and forth at his puckered anus.

“That feels weird,” Josh said, squirming.

“But good, right?”

Butt good?” he laughed.

“Mmmm,” I agreed. “Butt gooood.”

I continued to rub back and forth, before finally pressing the tip of my finger against the tightened sphincter. With only a bare hint of resistance, it popped inside.

“That’s inside my butt, Toby!”

“Just relax, little dude,” I soothed as I began to slowly work my finger in and out, plunging each time just a little deeper. Reaching around my with my left hand, I found his quivering prick. Wrapping my hand around the short length, I began to slowly jack him in time with my invading finger.

Soon I was in to the second knuckle, and Josh’s small dick was throbbing in my fist. Josh was making little gasping grunts. Keeping my finger in place, I managed to turn the dazed boy around. His little dick was an angry red. I desperately wanted to take it into my mouth, and was about to when Josh surprised me. His legs went out from under him as he began to convulse.

“Toby!” he grunted. “Doin’ it again!” I grabbed him under his arms before his knees could smack against the ground and pulled him against me. His cock pressed against mine and I held him while he shuddered out his pleasure.

“Oh man, oh man, oh man,” he was softly chanting. He was humping himself against me, desperately driving his spasming cock against mine.

Finally he pulled away a bit and I released him. He knelt back on his heels and looked down at his cock, fingering it in wonder. Then he looked up at me and grinned. “Can we do this every day?”

I laughed. “Sure, Josh. Whenever you like.” I smiled and wiped a wet lock of his hair out of his eyes. Those eyes then dropped to my powerfully throbbing prick.

“How do I do it to you?” He reached forward and started to jack me, too fast and rough.

I grabbed his wrist to slow him. “Easy. Start off easy.” Then I grabbed Kathy’s conditioner off the shelf and said, “Here,” and when Josh held out his hand, I filled it with the silky liquid.

“I don’t have to put my finger up your butt, do I?” he asked, suddenly shy. “That’s gross. I mean… it felt good. Felt weird. But it’s still gross.”

“Just keep doin what you’re doin,” I told him.

He did, his small fist moving up and down the length of my cock. I showed him how to wrap his fist under the head, using the bit of excess skin there to jack up and down over the sensitive cockhead. I really wanted to ask him to suck, or at least try licking, my cock, but didn’t want to push him. I wasn’t sure how he would handle the request, and besides, the sight and sensation of this small boy jacking my prick was going to be plenty to get me off. And it wasn’t like I’d ever had anybody masturbate me before, so I was in heaven.

I felt the churning in my nuts that told me I was going to be coming soon. I had leaned my head back against the wall and let my eyes drift shut as I concentrated on the feelings Josh was giving me. Now I opened them again and looked down at Josh. His gaze was focused on my prick. He was now using both hands on my cock. They just barely fit. He felt my gaze and looked up at me and grinned.

“I’m gonna squirt really soon,” I warned him.

His eyes lit up. “What do I do?”

“Just keep doin that,” I said. “Man, Josh, your hands feel so good.”

“I’m doin it ok?”

“You’re doin it great. Just a minute more. Maybe go a little faster.”

He eagerly picked up the pace. I didn’t try to hold it back, but willed it forward, eagerly anticipating the moment of explosion. And just like that, it came. I grunted as my balls convulsed and the first ropy squirt of cum blasted out of my prick.

“Whoa!” I heard Josh cry, as I squirted, four, five, six times, cum flying upwards to land on my chest and stomach and then dribbling out to flow over Josh’s fingers. I’d never had such a powerful orgasm.

I didn’t realize my eyes had closed. I opened them to find myself covered with jizz. A stray shot had caught Josh on his cheek, and he was rubbing at it with fingers already covered in milky cum.

“It’s slimy,” he said, not in disgust, as I half expected, but in wonder. He rubbed it between his fingers. Then, to my amazement, he flicked out his small pink tongue and tasted it. He rolled the flavor around his mouth for a moment before shrugging. Then he looked up at me and grinned shyly. “Tastes weird,” he announced. Then he laughed, “Man, it’s all over you.” He reached forward and began to smear it all across my chest and stomach, and slowly deflating cock. They never taught this sort of finger-painting in school.

I had to laugh myself. “Stop making a mess, brat,” I grinned. “Let me get cleaned up.”

I stood and got myself under the shower. I began to wash at the slimy mess while Josh got a handful of body soap and began washing my chest. “You do that, I’ll shampoo,” I told him.

Josh did a pretty good job soaping me up, but he paid more attention to my cock than to the rest of me, so that by the time I finished rinsing the shampoo out of my hair my dick was once again hard as a rock, and very clean. His was too, I noticed, but then I don’t think his had ever gone down. Made me wonder again if he could squirt or not. Once again I’d missed an opportunity to see.

I turned off the shower, and Josh allowed me to dry him off. He smelled so delicious, and looked really tasty as well. He giggled when I dried his armpits and his dick stayed hard throughout.

“So what do we do next?” Josh asked as I finished drying myself with his help.

“I’m kinda beat,” I said, not a total fabrication. “I thought I’d go to bed.”

“Cool, I’ll go get you an extra pillow!”

“Actually, your mom wants me to sleep in her bed.”

“But… well, can I stay here with you? I mean… well I thought… you know.”

“You can stay if you want, of course. But what if your mom comes up and sees us in bed together?”

“It’s ok, I spend the night with her sometimes. I’ll just say I got scared cuz she wasn’t home.”

“Ok, well at least go get your pajamas or underwear or something.”

Josh pouted. “But I wanted to sleep naked with you.”

“You can, silly,” I smiled. “But if your mom comes home before we get up, you’ll need something to wear when we get out of bed. Or do you want her to know you slept naked with me?”

“Good point,” he grinned. Then he raced out of the room. I grabbed a pair of underwear from my bag, and stuffed them under my pillow, where I could get to them quickly if I needed them. Then I turned off the lights in the bathroom and bedroom and slid under the covers. Kathy had a great bed; really soft.

Josh came running back into the room clutching a pair of briefs. I had him go out and turn off the lights in the rest of the house and make sure the doors were locked. I probably should have done it myself, but I was comfortable. The last of the lights switched off out there, and seconds later I heard a bump and Josh cussed. I laughed.

“It’s too dark!” he said, overloud. Then, “I know!”

I sat in the darkness waiting, when the room was suddenly suffused with a soft glow. Out through the sliding glass doors I could see that some small lights strung around the pool area had been turned on. They weren’t intrusive. Instead filling the room with a gentle light. Josh appeared in the doorway. I could see him grin.

“That looks good, huh? So we can see a little.”

“Good idea,” I told him, and patted the space beside me. Josh jumped into bed and quickly slid beside me underneath the covers.

I turned to him and took him into my arms. We were both content to lie there for a couple of minutes, just holding one another. I was surprised at the depth of emotion that I was feeling, not only for him, but from him. I’d known he was smart and funny and playful, but I’d never realized he possessed the type of warmth and tenderness and shy affection that he had exhibited tonight.

“I slept naked with Michael before,” he said softly, “but this is different.”

“Why is it different?” I began to caress his back.

I felt him shrug. “It just is. ‘Cause it’s you. ‘Cause I feel different with you.”

“I feel different with you, too, Joshy.”

“I like when you call me that. Nobody ever called me that before.”

“Joshy,” I smiled.

I could just make out his smile in the dim light and then he leaned forward and our lips met in a tender kiss. Soon the kiss began to turn more passionate. Our breathing increased and we pulled each other tight as our tongues began to twist around each other. The heat from our bodies seemed to rise, making it uncomfortable beneath the covers, and by unspoken agreement we kicked them off, never breaking the kiss.

Josh’s hand found my cock and he began to jack me, his hand surer now in its task, his thumb swiping pre-cum around the head. I began to kiss my way down Josh’s neck. Pushing the boy onto his back, I licked along his clavicles, then down across his chest. I found his nipples, and quickly brought each to pebbly stiffness. He squirmed as I lightly nibbled on each one. My left hand meanwhile was caressing his stomach and groin and thighs, carefully avoiding his stiff dick.

I could taste the citrus soap as I licked and kissed my way across Josh’s smooth quivering belly. I dipped my tongue into his shallow navel, licking and sucking. Josh squirmed and moaned my name. Then I shifted around until I was lying between his outstretched legs. I slid my hands under his ass, squeezing, as I began to kiss and lick his inner thighs, leaving little patches of wetness against his smooth skin.

Soon there was nowhere else to go. Squeezing Josh’s ass, feeling his thighs quivering on each side of my head, I leaned forward and swiped my tongue across his little balls. Josh gasped as the small sac contracted against my tongue. I began to poke at them, then gently sucked first one, and then the other of the tender eggs into my mouth. I applied a bit of suction as my tongue danced over Josh’s hairless nuts, small but still managing to fill my mouth. I loved the way they felt in my mouth. It was better than I could have ever imagined.

I finally allowed his spit soaked balls to fall from my mouth, and then slid my hands from his ass to his thighs, pushing them up and against his chest. Eventually grasping the idea, he reached forward shakily to grab himself behind each knee and hold himself spread open for me.

In the dim light I could just make out the darker shape of his anus in the shadowy cleft of his ass. Being as new to this as Josh I leaned forward carefully, afraid I would hate this, but eager to try it after all these years of wondering. I tentatively pressed my tongue against the tiny pink pucker, ready for some nasty taste, but all I tasted after a moment was soap and a sweaty sort of boyish taste that belonged to Josh. I began to lap at the tight sphincter, feeling it moving against my tongue. Josh was moaning again.

Making a fleshy spear of my tongue, I finally pushed it forward, once again prepared to be repulsed. With a bit of pressure, Josh’s ass opened up to my probing tongue. I pushed it forward, swirling it, again tasting nothing more nasty than a sweaty sort of musk taste. Relieved, and loving the way Josh’s tiny asshole contracted against my lips, I began to work my tongue in and out. Josh’s entire body was trembling.

I finally raised my head and looked up at Josh. His eyes were squeezed shut and his head was shaking from side to side. His legs were trembling as he held them. I honestly wanted nothing more at that moment than to rise to my knees and plunge my cock into that tiny ass, but I knew he wasn’t ready for that. Then I spotted his cock, trembling as hard as the rest of his body, so stiff it looked like a sausage about to burst from its casing.

I reached up and grabbed Josh’s knees, pulling them down. His eyes opened and he fixed me with a dazed stare. He grinned. “That was intense,” he croaked.

I smiled and looked down at his pubescent prick. “That was nothing,” I promised. Then I leaned down and rasped my tongue up the short length of his cock.

“Oh, man!” Josh gasped.

I slowly licked from balls to crown once again, then swirled my tongue against his frenulum and sucked lightly at that loose bit of sensitive skin. Josh writhed and whimpered like a little lost puppy. Hooking my tongue around the underside, I lifted the small morsel enough to allow me to wrap my lips around the spongy little cockhead. I explored the acorn shaped glans with my tongue, sliding it into the tiny piss slit. Then I slowly moved my lips downward, taking inch after inch of that boyish treat.

I had been dreaming of sucking a cock for as long as I could remember. Well, at least since I was 11 or 12. I had imagined what it would feel like in my mouth, how it would taste, how it would be to hold such a tender part of another boy in my mouth, feeling their trust and love for me. Ok, I was a romantic. I knew some guys gave anonymous blowjobs in dirty bathrooms and it didn’t mean much to either person, but for me this was an act of love and tenderness.

Before I knew it, my lips had reached hairless base, and all four inches of Josh’s tender cock throbbed in my mouth, the head just at the entrance of my throat. I could feel it pulsing against my tongue, so hot and powerful. I began to suck at it, forming a vacuum. Then I started to move my mouth up and down, completely lost in the sensation of that slender tube of flesh sliding between my lips, over my tongue, against the roof of my mouth, while Josh’s body writhed and quivered beneath me. His hips began to lift off the mattress, humping against me, spastically at first, then slowly finding an instinctual rhythm. I felt his hands in my hair, pressing against the back of my head, urging me on.

In my mouth, Josh’s cock began to swell, and he cried out, “I’m gonna do it, Toby!”

While I really wanted to hold him in my mouth while he climaxed I was also desperate to find out whether or not he could squirt, so I pulled back off his small cock and then took it in my hands, jacking him rapidly as I tongued his tight balls. I felt his nuts convulse against my tongue as Josh’s body went stiff. Then his dick jerked in my fist and I watched as a single tiny spurt of clear liquid sprayed from the head of his prick. The second jerk produced nothing, so I quickly took his spasming dick back into my mouth, sucking lightly while his orgasm rocked him.

Eventually he pushed my head away, and I knew his cock had become too sensitive to touch. I released it, then gently lapped up the few drops of boyish jism I found on his hairless groin. It didn’t taste anything like my own cum. It was sweetish, but sweaty at the same time. I licked lightly at his cockhead once more, in case anything lingered there still, then slowly moved up to lie beside my eleven-year-old lover.

I watched his face. He was staring up at the ceiling, still panting. Sweat had dampened the hair around his brow. I placed my hand on his chest and leaned close, gently kissing his cheek. Idly toying with one nipple I nuzzled against his neck. Finally he turned his head and kissed me. Then we lay there, staring into each others eyes. He smiled and turned his body towards mine, his right arm going around my back, pressing his small frame against mine.

“That was the best one yet,” he said.

“I’m glad you liked it,” I said. “I liked doing it for you.”

“Did you like doing it to me best or somebody else?” Still the uncertain boy.

“That was the first time I ever did it,” I told him softly.

“Really?” I nodded. He seemed to think about this for a few long moments, then said, “Thank you.” I was once again struck by his maturity. I wondered how I would have reacted at his age to this kind of situation.

“You squirted, ya know.”

“I did?” His eyes lit up with excitement. “I really squirted sperms?”

I nodded and smiled. “My little boy is growing up,” I teased. He stuck his tongue out at me.

A couple of minutes passed while we just lay there, enjoying each others presence. Then, “Toby?”


“Are… Toby, are you gay?

I know it seems like a silly question, given what had just happened, but then I thought about his relationship with Michael, and what his mother had said about experimentation, and realized that he wouldn’t necessarily see what we’d done in the same light I did. I was also struck by how the question affected me. I’d never been asked before. I’d certainly never proclaimed it. But I did now.

“Yeah, Joshy, I’m gay. Is… is that ok?”

“I think it is,” he answered after a few moments of thought. “I mean, it’s ok that you are.” Another few long moments passed, then, “I think maybe I am, too.”

I hurried to reassure him. “Josh, just because we… well… did what we did, that doesn’t make you gay. It’s normal for boys to experiment, just like your mom said. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be gay. Don’t worry, ok?”

“I’m not worried,” he said, surprising me. “At least not now. But I always thought maybe I was. I mean, all the guys at school talk about girls and stuff, but I don’t think about them. I always thought about Michael, or other boys I know, or guys on tv. And now… well, you know. Since you came to live here I… I thought about you a lot.”

“I’ve thought about you a lot, too,” I assured him, which earned me a smile.


I smiled. “Yeah?”

“When you… sucked it. My dick…” he paused. “Well, what was it like?”

“I loved it,” I told him. “I always dreamed about it, and I’m glad you were the first one. It was really nice.”

“Would you want me to do it to you?” he asked in a soft voice. He wouldn’t quite meet my eyes.

“Only if you wanted to, Joshy. I wouldn’t want you to do anything ever that you didn’t want to.”

“If I wanted to, you’d want me to? I’d like to try it, I think.”

“If you wanted to, I’d like it very much.”

Without another word he sat up, pushed me onto my back, and stared down at my cock. I grabbed a pillow and watched him watching me. My cock was very stiff, hovering slightly, leaking a small bit of pre-cum. My balls were full and heavy between my thighs. They had very little hair on them, and what was there was blond. The hair that formed a small triangle at the base of my prick was mostly light brown, with some blond thrown in to lighten it. As I said, my prick was about average, a fraction over six inches, but sorta thin, I thought anyway, at about one-and-a-half inches across. I was cut and my glans was darkly red and flared, thicker than the shaft by probably a third of an inch on either side.

I watched as Josh reached out and took my cock into his small fist, began slowly jacking it up and down, watching as a tiny amount of pre-cum bubbled from the pisshole. Then he leaned over and sniffed, first the head, then my crotch, then my balls. Holding my dick gingerly, he then flicked his tongue against the shaft. Then another, longer lick. Then his lips were against me, and I could feel his tongue swirling.

“It just tastes like skin,” he informed me.


Eying my cock, he swiped his tongue over my swollen cockhead, up from under the glans and across the spongy surface, stopping before he reached the area which glistened wetly from my pre-cum. And then, after a moment, there too. I shuddered at the sensation. Then his soft, full lips were spreading over the tip of my cock, and his agile little tongue was flicking against my leaking pisshole. I watched in awe as his lips spread, taking more and more of me inside him. Then his lips were against the flared underside of my corona and the head of my cock was completely inside his mouth.

The sight of this beautiful child’s lips stretched wide around the shaft of my cock was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. My cock lurched in response and I had to will myself from cumming right then. I stared with a mixture of awe and excitement as he swallowed more of my cock. He managed to take about half of it before he gagged a tiny bit and backed off. Then he lifted himself up again, the shaft of my prick shining wetly with his saliva as it emerged.

Dropping a hand to my balls, he then began to gently bob his head up and down on my prick, his cheeks caving inward on each upstroke as he applied suction as if he’d been sucking cocks forever. He never nicked me with his teeth and his tongue and lips teased me as if they were separate entities. It was all I could do to keep my hips from thrusting, but I didn’t want to choke him. I allowed my fingers to play with his silky hair, though.

“Feels so good, Joshy,” I moaned softly. “You’re doing so good.”

He moaned around my cock, apparently enjoying himself as much as I was.

“Suck my cock, Joshy,” I said, surprised to hear such words coming from myself. “Suck it, baby.” He seemed to redouble his efforts.

My orgasm came upon me like an avalanche, distant and rumbling at first but growing louder and more thunderous as it prepared to bury you under. Despite my efforts, my hips began to work, a slow, sensuous rhythm, twisting and thrusting.

“It’s coming, Josh,” I warned in an urgent whisper. “Uhhhh, I’m gonna cum!”

Instead of pulling back, as I expected, Josh tried to take even more of my cock. I could hear him choking a bit as his hand squeezed and caressed my nuts and he sucked harder at my cock.

Then I cried out and thrust upward, grinding my crotch against Josh’s face while my cock exploded. I could feel him swallow the first blast of cum that shot into his throat, and then the second. Then he was choking and pulling back while I shot a third and a fourth time into his mouth. Then his mouth was gone and a fifth blast caught him across the face, from cheek to eyebrow. The sixth squirt caught him on the lips, and then the seventh and eighth against my stomach. I watched as he licked his lips clean, his pink tongue lapping up my spent jizz. Then he was leaning down and sucking up the cum from my stomach, before taking the head of my cock into his warm mouth once again, gently milking the last of my seed into his eager mouth.

I was only dimly aware as he crawled back up to lie beside me. I recall kissing him, tasting my cum in his sweet mouth. I remember holding him against me, and telling him how much I loved him. And I think I remember him telling me that he loved me, too. And then I don’t remember anything.

*             *             *             *             *

Something woke me. I wasn’t sure what. I opened my eyes and looked around without moving my head. Bright sunlight was streaming in through the glass doors, the light which reflected off the water in the pool dancing across the ceiling. Josh was on my left side, his left leg and arm draped over me, his head on my shoulder. Except for Josh’s soft breathing I couldn’t hear a sound. I started to drift off to sleep again.

The bedroom door opened.

My eyes flew open to see my Aunt Kathy standing in the doorway of the bedroom, smiling at me. “Don’t you two look comfy?” She spoke softly, and seeing my mouth open she lifted a finger to her lips and whispered, “Shhh. Just let me get something from my bathroom and I’ll let you get back to sleep, Toby.”

She walked quietly through the room and I quickly assessed the situation. Her eleven-year-old son was sleeping curled up against me. A quick glance showed that no flesh was showing, but it also revealed that my usual morning erection was creating an obscene tent in the sheet. I wanted desperately to hide it, but wasn’t sure how to do so without waking Josh and bringing even more attention to it. Deciding to brazen my way through it, I rested my head back, shut my eyes, and pretended to have fallen back asleep. I hoped Kathy wouldn’t notice my burning cheeks.

I listened as she puttered around the bathroom for a minute, and then heard her walking back through the bedroom. She seemed to pause at the foot of the bed and I struggled to keep my breathing slow and steady. As if to taunt me, I could feel my cock throbbing with stiffness. I wondered desperately if she would be able to tell I wasn’t wearing underwear. Why hadn’t I made sure we had put our underwear back on? Why did I even let Josh stay in this bed with me? Hell, why had I had sex with my eleven-year-old cousin!?!

The door closed with a snick. I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding. I began to relax. Apparently Kathy hadn’t seen anything to alarm her, or she would have said something. While she couldn’t have possibly missed my aroused state, she likely knew all about morning erections, being married before and being mother to Josh. And even if she’d suspected I wasn’t wearing underwear, she couldn’t prove it. Talk about your near misses. Or not, since a near miss is, logically, a hit. I was feeling a bit silly with relief.

Sighing, I pulled Josh closer to me. He mumbled in his sleep and hugged me tighter. I could feel the boy’s own morning erection poking against my hip. For a minute I just sat there and remembered the night before. A week ago I could have never imagined that I’d be having sex with anyone, let alone an eleven-year-old. But Josh was so beautiful, and funny, and gentle and … well, I suppose I could keep going on about how I felt for him. What it came down to was that I was in love. I’d finally found someone to trust with my secret.

While I was lying there, reliving my memories of the previous night, I heard a splash out in the pool. Turning to my right I saw Kathy swimming across the pool. Oh man! If I could see her, then there was a good chance she could see us in her bedroom. I gently shook Josh’s shoulder.

“Josh!” I whispered urgently. “Josh, wake up!”

“Mmmmm,” he moaned. He kissed my shoulder. “M’ sleeping.”

“Josh, we have to get up! Your mom is home!”

“Mom is home?” he mumbled. “Ok.” Then he kissed me on the cheek.

“Josh! Don’t kiss me! Your mom is outside in the pool! She can see us!”

That woke him up. He started to sit up and I pulled him back down. “Wha—” he began.

“Stay laying down a minute,” I instructed. “I’ll tell you when she’s facing away. Do you know where your underwear is?”

“Somewhere,” he whispered, feeling around the bed with his left arm. He rolled onto his back to search a wider area. I could see the little pup tent his dick made in the sheet and I wanted to grab it.

“In a second you need to slide out of bed to the left. Stay low. Look for them.” Keeping my eyes slitted just in case, I watched Kathy. She was swimming away from us. “Ok, now.”

I heard him fumbling around for a minute. Then, “Got em!”

“Ok, crawl into the bathroom and put em on in there.”

“Why?” he asked. “This is dumb, she won’t care.”

“Are you crazy?” I said. “Your mom will kill me if she sees us in bed naked together.” The look he gave me clearly said he didn’t believe me so I said, “Trust me.”

He shrugged. “Are you coming?” he asked.

“Yeah, just a sec.” I waited for Kathy to lap, then reached under my pillow, found my briefs, and quickly slid to my left and out of bed. I crawled into the bathroom to find Josh standing there, grinning at me. His underwear was hanging from his erection. Seeing me looking, he flexed his cock, making the briefs jump up and down.

“You should see yourself,” he laughed.

“You’re the one that looks silly,” I grinned, standing and sliding the door closed.

“Yeah, well you’re still Bigfoot,” he grinned, reaching out to grab my stiff prick.

I groaned. “Not now, Joshy. Your mom would kill us. Besides, I gotta piss like a Russian racehorse.”

Josh laughed. “A what?”

“It’s just something we used to say in Wisconsin,” I told him. Walking over to the toilet I lifted the seat and lid, took my stiff dick in my right hand, and put my left against the wall. Then I moved my feet back until I had a decent angle so I could pee without hitting the ceiling. Josh thought this was hilarious. He stepped up beside me, removed his briefs from his boner, then quickly adopted the same position and let fly. For a second we played around, crossing the streams of pee and I felt like a little kid again.

“Great, now we gotta clean this mess up,” I said, seeing that we’d sprayed a bit. I grabbed a big handful of toilet paper and wiped down the toilet and floor around it. Then I washed my hands.

My erection had subsided a bit, so when I pulled on my briefs I wasn’t quite busting out of them. Josh was just pulling his up, and I couldn’t help but think how cute he looked. Then I was pulling him to me and we were kissing. Wasn’t easy with him so much shorter. I hoped he’d hit a growth spurt before I got a permanent crick in my neck. By the time we finished kissing both our erections were back in full force.

I grinned. “Looks like we’ll have to wait a minute before we can go out there.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Well, I’m not gonna run around in front of your mom with a hard-on like this.”

Josh shrugged. “She won’t care. I get ’em all the time. She thinks it’s funny.”


“She’s always making jokes. Most times I get a boner in the morning like now, so she says stuff like, ‘Watch where you’re aiming that thing’, or ‘Hey! You’ll put somebody’s eye out!’”

I laughed. I really had to wonder about Kathy. She seemed surprisingly cool for a mom. Especially about things like nudity and boners. My mom was freaked out by such things.

“Hey, I know!” Josh suddenly exclaimed. “Let’s go to the beach again! Or to the Pass! We can play mini golf! You wanna?”

“Ok,” I grinned. “But you go tell your mom.” I figured he could run interference for me while I went and put on some shorts.

“Cool!” Josh cried, jumping up to give me another kiss and then running out to the pool.

I saw and heard them talking while I went out to the kitchen where I’d left my bag and grabbed a pair of shorts. Then I went and brushed my teeth in Kathy’s bathroom. When I came out she was standing in the bedroom with a towel around her.

“Here’s some money for mini golf and something for you two to eat lunch with,” she said, handing me forty bucks. “Should cover some gas for you as well.”

“Thanks,” I grinned.

“Did you two have a nice time last night?” she asked.

I was suddenly nervous, but I shrugged and played it cool. “Sure, we played Xbox and ate pizza. We watched Spiderman 2.”

“Did Josh get scared last night? He doesn’t sleep with me in here very often anymore. Are you sure it was only Spiderman 2 you watched?”

“Uh… yeah. He said something about missing you and I figured it would be ok if he slept in here. That’s ok, right?”

“Of course,” she smiled. “I just hope he didn’t keep you up all night.”

“Nah, he was cool,” I assured her while my mind played scenes from last. I felt myself blushing.

“You’re a nice boy, Toby. I’m glad you two are becoming such good friends. He’s really needed somebody in his life. A guy, you know? Somebody to look up to. Since his father…”

“Uh, yeah. I mean, I understand. He’s a cool kid, ya know? I like being with him.”

“I’m glad,” said, and grinned. “Now get out of here and let me change.”

Josh was pulling on shoes when I peeked into his room. He was dressed in a pair of denim shorts like me. No shirt. I don’t think I’d ever seen him in a shirt, come to think of it. That was fine with me. I liked looking at him. “You ready, Joshy?”

“Sure am, Bigfoot,” he grinned, jumping into my arms and sneaking another kiss. His mouth tasted of toothpaste and mouthwash. Refreshing! Each kiss made me a bit giddy with happiness. It was like Christmas morning and your first crush, all somehow rolled into one. I stood there for another minute, Josh’s legs around my waist, his tongue in my mouth.

I pulled back and we just stared into each others eyes for a moment, grinning at one another. I began to wonder if Josh was feeling the same things I was feeling. Perhaps it was just a bit of naughty fun for Josh, rather than the deep, sort of profound love I was sure I was feeling. I almost asked him, but I was scared of his answer. Instead I pecked him on the lips and lowered him to the ground.

“We better get going. And while we’re riding maybe you can think of a new nickname for me. Bigfoot is silly.”

“But your dick is—“

“Shhh!” I interrupted, then continued in a whisper. “Let’s leave dick talk until we know we’re alone, ok? I mean… you understand you can’t tell your mom about—” I wanted to say, ‘about us’, but was afraid he would read too much into that. Instead I settled on, “about last night. Right?”

Josh shrugged, which kinda worried me, I gotta admit. I hoped he was taking this seriously. “If you say so. But I really don’t think she’d be mad. I told you before.”

I wanted to explain that what we’d done, at least in my mind, was a heck of a lot more meaningful than ‘experimentation’, that there was a big difference between him fooling around with a ten-year-old and doing the same with a sixteen-year-old, but again, I was worried about revealing the full depths of my feelings. “Well, just do it for me, ok?”

“Ok, Toby.”

*             *             *             *             *

Dressed, brushed, cleaned, and slathered with sunscreen, in my case at least, the bold adventurers set forth. It was Saturday morning, so there was a lot more traffic at this time of day, most of it heading for the beach. Josh pointed the way while constantly joking about losing his grip on my slippery skin and falling to his death. By the time we’d ridden about five miles I threatened to throw him off myself. He retaliated by rubbing my nipples. He plays dirty.

We eventually arrived at Treasure Island Mini Golf. I’d seen putt putt before, but nothing like this. It was like a ride at Disney World or something. Ok, it was a bit cheaper once you got inside, but it was still impressive. There were rope bridges and waterfalls and elaborate holes. There were surprisingly few people around, and we were alone most of the time. Every time we found ourselves in some cool, dark grotto, and there were lots of them, Josh was all over me like a chihuahua in heat. I began to think I’d created a monster. Of course, the only thing that kept me from acting exactly the same was some, probably misguided, sense of maturity.

After our game, which Josh won… ok… to be fair, Josh didn’t just win; he annihilated me. But after that, I bought us popsicles. We ate them as we walked back to the bike. Josh used the opportunity to send me some not so subtle signals. In fact, the way he was sucking that popsicle would have made a porn star blush. I kid you not.

From putt putt, Josh directed us to The Pass, which was a collection of neat little shops and restaurants, most on piers out over the water. This place was much busier. As we walked around, snooping into each shop, joking about all the tourist crap for sale, my eye would catch couples here and there, holding hands, stopping to kiss or talk or share some private moment. I longed to do the same with Josh, but knew that his age and our sex ruled out that little fantasy. Still, either Josh felt the same, or he sensed my mood, because he made more of an effort as time went on to stay close to me, putting his arm around my waist, holding onto my arm, and looking into my eyes from time to time in a way that made me feel all warm inside.

At one point we found ourselves in a shop that sold novelty t-shirts. While I was going through the racks I actually found a shirt that was done up like a traffic sign, showing those exaggerated man and woman type outlines. The man had an obvious hard-on and the woman was bent over near it. The sign read – ‘You’ll poke your eye out!’ I quickly bought it and presented it to Josh, who thought it was hilarious. That shirt kept us giggling the rest of the afternoon and earned us quite a few weird looks. Or perhaps that was because, being too large, it made it easy to imagine Josh was naked underneath it.

Not much later we found a swimwear shop, where Josh insisted I buy a Speedo. I ended up buying a black one with random blue designs on each hip. Josh said they matched my eyes. All I could think about was how tiny they were.

We had lunch at a table overlooking the water. The place had a nautical theme, with lots of brass lanterns and nets and ship wheel chandeliers. While we ate our cheeseburgers, we watched dolphins swimming out in the bay. I was really starting to like Florida.

As we ate, the sky began to grow darker. I had already learned that in Florida the weather can change really quickly. Even though it was threatening rain by the time we finished eating, Josh insisted we go to the beach. So, of course, we went to the beach.

We had it pretty much to ourselves, as wiser people had started heading indoors. We walked through the surf, waves lapping against our calves, not talking, just staring out at the water. I was struck suddenly by how powerful the sea was. I guess it sounds a bit cliché, but it’s just so vast and unchanging, and here I was, just a speck in time and space. Then I felt Josh’s hand slip into mine. I looked over at him and he smiled gently, almost shyly. I squeezed his hand and any feelings of impending loneliness fled just like that.

“Toby?” he asked then.


“Are we boyfriends now?”

I swallowed at a sudden lump in my throat. “I think we are,” I told him. “If you want us to be.”

“I do,” he said solemnly, and I thought it was sort of funny that it sounded like he was taking vows. Then I realized that’s exactly what we were doing, in our own way, in this chapel created by God, witnessed by the surf and the sand.

“I do too, Josh. I do.”

So I walked along the deserted beach hand in hand with my young lover, not caring who might see, feeling a love more powerful than the tide.

*             *             *             *             *

We were completely drenched by the time we arrived back at Josh’s house. Josh held on tight to me, his head against my back, shivering in his overlarge t-shirt. The sky had opened up just as we’d returned to the bike. We decided we’d head home rather than waiting it out there on the beach. Within blocks we were soaked through. With the rain came a cold wind, which kept threatening to push us over. That, and the decreased visibility made for a harrowing ride. A few times I decided to just pull over and wait it out, but we weren’t really that far from home, and I wanted to get Josh out of those wet clothes. Well, you know what I mean.

Finally pulling into his driveway we headed towards the door like a couple of zombies. I have to admit I was feeling a bit like one. I was physically and mentally numb. It’s amazing I was able to control the bike, I realized later.

Kathy met us at the door, apparently either having been waiting for us or hearing my bike. Her eyes grew wide with concern when she got a look at us.

“Hurry up inside,” she said, herding us through the door. “Oh, you poor guys. Get out of those wet things. I’ll go get towels.”

With numb fingers we began pawing at our soaked clothes. I helped Josh remove his new shirt and it hit the tile entryway with a splat. Kathy arrived with big fluffy towels and started drying our heads, all the time telling us how silly we’d been to be riding in such weather and generally lamenting the complete lack of sense in males in general. Then, impatient with our fumbling, she quickly and efficiently got us out of the rest of our dripping clothes. I was too numb to feel any embarrassment as she stripped me naked and dried me off. Then, bundled in towels, she led us into her bedroom and put both of us naked into her bed. I was too dazed to appreciate the irony.

Josh and I instantly turned and clung to one another, shivering, feeling the warmth slowly begin to return to our bodies. A few minutes later Kathy returned with steaming mugs of some apple tea, or maybe cider. She made us each finish and then she left, closing the door behind her. We were asleep before the latch clicked into place.

*             *             *             *             *

I awoke with early evening light spilling through the room. Josh was lying on my left side, his arm and leg draped over me, his small erection poking me in the hip. For a moment I was lost in a feeling of déjà vu. I sat up and yawned loud and long, causing Josh to shift and crack open his eyes.

The door opened. Kathy peeked in and grinned, seeing me sitting up. “I thought I heard you awake in here. How are my sleepyheads, hmm?” She walked around to Josh’s side of the bed and sat down. She reached over and tousled my hair and then gently stroked Josh’s cheek. “You awake, Chipmunk?”

I snorted a laugh. “Chipmunk?”

Josh scowled. “Quiet, Bigfoot!” I laughed, feeling myself blush even though there was no way Kathy could know what the nickname meant.

Kathy smiled. “Nice to see you boys are recovered. Toby, what were you thinking, driving in that storm?”

I shifted in embarrassment. “It really wasn’t that bad when we started, and I figured I could make it home quick.”

“Well, next time you wait it out somewhere, or call me and I’ll come get you.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Oh, hush with that ma’am stuff,” she chided. “I was just worried about you. And my little Chipmunk.” She pinched Josh’s cheek and kissed him on the forehead, making cooing baby noises.

“Mo-om!” Josh whined with a long-suffering sigh.

“I know, I know, you’re all grown up now,” she smiled. “Well, let’s get you slugabeds up and about. I’ve almost got dinner ready. Your clothes are in the laundry room.”

Josh then hopped out of bed, erect little dick and all. Kathy saw it and just grinned. Josh said, “Hey, Mom! Did you see my new shirt Toby got me?” He grinned down at his stiff dick and actually thrust his hips a couple of times. I was amazed at how casual they both were about it.

Kathy laughed. “Yes, I did. Now go poke somebody else’s eye out, I need to see to finish dinner.” She stood as Josh left the room, presumably to get dressed.

I figured I’d wait for Kathy to leave the room and then scrounge a towel from her bathroom, but she surprised me by walking around to my side of the bed and holding out her hand. “Up you go, big boy.”

I was suddenly unable to move or speak. “I…”

She just shook her head and grinned. “Men,” she sighed. “C’mon, Toby, you’ve been in my bed long enough. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. In fact, you may recall I’ve seen exactly what you have just a couple of hours ago, so you might as well get over this silly modesty of yours. Especially if you’re going to be hanging around my son. I’ve brought him up to be proud of his body and while I love my sister, I don’t want the modesty she brought you up with rubbing off on Josh. Besides, honey, you have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Steeling my will, I pulled back the covers and stood, thankful I didn’t have a hard-on. I figured Kathy would at least look politely away, but she stared right at my hanging dick and grinned at me. “That’s better,” she said, then smacked me on the bare butt. “Now, go get dressed. I won’t have naked boys running around here. This is a respectable house.” I gaped at her and she laughed and pointed. “Go!” Grinning, I went to find Josh.

Josh was in the laundry room off the kitchen, slipping into his Speedos. He insisted I wear mine too. At any other time I might have been a bit embarrassed wearing them; they really left very little to the imagination, but just now it felt almost like putting on a suit of armor.

Dinner was spent mostly listening to Josh chatter about what we’d done all day. To hear Josh tell it, the putt putt game we played ended with me lying on the ground sobbing, swearing never to touch a putter again, and our trip home became some sort of Norse saga involving typhoons, tornadoes, and attacking lightning bolts.

After dinner, Josh and I headed out to the pool. Josh kept teasing me about my Speedo, and used every opportunity to grab my dick, hoping to give me a boner so he could see how they looked. We ended up making a game of it, which I was mostly winning. Mostly, in that I was constantly at least partly hard, but not too noticeably. Which was a good thing since my mom showed up about thirty minutes after dinner.

“I understand you two had a rough day,” she said, coming out to the pool.

“Hey, Mom,” I smiled, getting out of the pool and kissing her, careful not to get her wet.

She was staring at my Speedos. “Toby, those are a bit… small, aren’t they?”

I shrugged. “I want to work on getting a good tan,” I explained.

“Toby, it’s dark out.”

Kathy saved me the trouble of answering by coming out to join us. “Honestly, Nancy, they’re boys. Let them be. How you ever grew up to be such a prude, I’ll never know.”

“I am not a prude!” she objected. “It’s just that those things would be more at home on a stripper than on my son.”

“Do you want to strip for us, Toby?” Kathy grinned. I grinned back and started to grind my hips.

My mom laughed and pushed me into the pool. “You’re going to corrupt him, Kat.”

“Somebody needs to,” my aunt answered. Then turning to us she said, “We’re going out, boys. Probably be home late. Toby, you can bunk with Josh or on the couch, but I’ll want my own bed tonight.” Then she turned a sly look at my mother. “Unless you’re still wearing those Speedos,” she added.

“Now, don’t make me push you into the pool,” my mom laughed.

We all said our goodbyes and watched as they left. When the door was closed and locked behind them, I turned to Josh. He was already grinning. We met in the middle of the pool. Josh came into my arms with a kiss while his legs wrapped around my waist. I quickly felt myself growing hard. Josh noticed it, too. He slid his hand down between us and grasped my cock through the thin material. I moaned into his mouth.

“Let me see how you look,” he said.

We made our way to the shallow end of the pool and I backed up the steps until my crotch was out of the water. The black lycra was molded to my erection, clearly showing the flared head, which rose up like some shiny black sea monster about an inch higher than the actual waistband. Josh ran his fingers over it, making me shudder.

I grabbed Josh under his armpits and turned and lifted him, sitting him on the edge of the pool. His erection was straining his own Speedos. Holding myself out of the water with my forearms, I leaned forward and began to lick at the water which glistened on his tanned stomach. I slowly licked lower and lower, until my tongue was running along his waistband. Then I grabbed the front of his Speedo with my right hand and pulled down and out, freeing his stiff four incher.

“Lift up,” I instructed. Josh did and helped me to skin off his tight trunks. Then I just stared at him for a few moments, enraptured. I have to admit that my fantasies before meeting Josh always seemed to feature larger cocks. Not super huge, I’m not a size queen. Actually I’m no sorta queen at all, thank you very much. But, you know, somewhere between six and eight inches, thick, heavy balls dangling below, a nice trim bush of curls around the base. That was my idea of a cock. But looking at the tender little morsel between Josh’s tanned, hairless thighs, I couldn’t imagine anything sexier.

I don’t believe Michelangelo could have done a finer job than nature had accomplished with Josh’s prick. It rose perfectly straight from his groin, only a slight inner bend curving it back towards his belly. The shape was much more streamlined than mine. Where I had a widely flared head, Josh’s rosy crown was actually smaller than the shaft, so it just sorta rounded off like a hot dog. While the remains of my foreskin were pretty much level all around, Josh’s sloped sharply, so from the frenulum on the underside, it cut down at about a 45 degree angle. His cockhead followed that same line, the ridge of it nearly lost in the circle of remaining foreskin. Only by pulling downward on the skin was it clearly revealed. That ring of skin was the darkest part of his prick. The head was pink and the shaft pale. His balls were a bit darker than the shaft as well.

I suppose Josh got impatient with my staring ‘cause he interrupted my reverie by saying, “Behold! The great and powerful Ween!”

“You’re a ween alright,” I teased. Then I leaned closer and blew against his dick. It twitched. I blew down across his balls, watching them contract a bit.

“Is this a blow job?” Josh asked. I grinned and then realized he was serious, which totally cracked me up. He jumped into the water and attacked me. I was so weak from laughing I couldn’t defend myself.

He ducked me under the water and I came up sputtering. “I am so gonna kick your ass,” I told him.

“How about kiss it instead,” he teased, bending over and shaking his butt at me.

“Good idea,” I grinned. Then I sank beneath the water, grabbed his hips, and buried my face in his ass. I licked down into the cleft as far as I could, then came up for air.

“You’re crazy,” he laughed.

“Crazy about your ass,” I told him, hugging him to me and squeezing the part in question.

“Let me see yours,” he said, reaching down and starting to push off my Speedo.

“Want me to model for ya?” I asked.

“Take it all off!” he cried, laughing.

I jumped out of the pool and faced him then started doing a sexy little dance. At least it felt sexy. Turning around I wiggled my ass for him then hooked my thumbs into my Speedos and bent over, slowly peeling them down. Naked, I straightened back up and writhed a bit for him.

“So, do you think I’m sexy?” I asked, caught up in the moment.

“I wish I had a body like yours,” he said.

I turned to him and said, “Your body is great, Joshy. I love your body.”

His eyes had immediately locked onto my stiff cock. “I just wish I had as big a dick as yours at least.”

I jumped into the pool and caught him up in a hug. “You will soon enough. And in the meantime I think yours is perfect.” To show him how perfect, I again sank under the water and then wrapped my lips around his small prick. When I ran out of air I came up and again grabbed him under the armpits and moved to the side of the pool where I lifted him out and moved between his legs.

“Perfect size for this,” I told him. Then I sucked it back into my mouth. I ran my tongue all around the slender stalk, making it slick. Applying a bit of suction, I then began to move my head up and down, stopping each time I reached the tip to tease it with my tongue. Meanwhile, my hands were busy, moving feather-light over his thighs and back and sides, making him shiver.

I just couldn’t get over the sensation of having his cock in my mouth. It felt so warm and alive. Laying my tongue along the shaft I could feel the beating of his pulse. It was such an intimate connection with Josh. I quickly came to learn what he liked best. Flicking my tongue over his frenulum caused him to writhe and moan. Sticking my tongue into his pisshole made him gasp. Just holding the length of him in my mouth with my lips wrapped tightly around the hairless base while I gently sucked made him sigh.

Josh suddenly flopped onto his back, put his hands on the back of my head, and with a little puppy growl, began working his hips up and down. I just held my head still then, allowing him to fuck my mouth. I could feel shudders begin to wrack him. My hands continued to caress his body, urging him on. I suddenly felt his cock swell against my tongue, and then he went stiff as a board, his ass hovering off the poolside, his crotch straining against my mouth. I waited to feel a squirt against the roof of my throat, but felt nothing but the powerful pulsing of Josh’s little prick in my mouth. Then I became aware of the taste of him, bittersweet, coating my tongue. I continued to suck him gently while he calmed, until he pushed my face away. I let his cock slip from my mouth then, and contented myself with licking his balls and around the hairless base.

“I wish somebody woulda told me ‘bout orgasms before,” Josh panted a minute later. “That’s better’n Xbox!”

“Great graphics,” I agreed, licking his slightly deflated cock.

Josh giggled and said, “Let me play with your Masamune sword!” That’s a Final Fantasy reference for you non-gamers.

“Ok, but inside,” I suggested. If the little imp wanted to suck my cock again, I was going to take advantage of the situation and live out a little fantasy of mine.

Ok, not so much a fantasy I guess, as a position I used to imagine. After drying off I led Josh into the family room. Just to the right was a couch with its back to the pool. To the right of that was a fireplace (I know, a fireplace in Florida? What’s up with that?). The wall on either side of the fireplace had mirrored panels. I sat down in the middle of the couch and fisted my cock.

I grinned up at Josh. “You wanted this?”

He grinned back and knelt between my legs. I’d always had this picture in my mind. A bright room, parents gone but could conceivably show up at any time, and my lover kneeling between my knees sucking my cock. The mirrored wall was a bonus. Looking to my right I watched as Josh reached out and replaced my hand with his own. He jacked me up and down a few times.

“It feels really weird,” he told me. “Hard and soft at the same time. All hot and squishy.”

“Squishy?” I asked, amused.

“At the top it is,” he replied, squeezing my cockhead with two fingers. A little dollop of pre-cum bubbled up and he used his index finger to spread it around the tip. Then he began shifting it around like a joystick, his thumb mashing my pisshole while making laser noises.

“Incoming bogey!” I shouted.

“Roger, Bigfoot, I’m on him!” Then he made a series of airplane and machine gun noises until, “I’m hit! Mayday, mayday! I’m going down!”

“So go down already, Chipmunk,” I teased. “My plasma cannon is ready to fire.”

That got us both laughing like crazy. Josh eventually picked himself up off the floor and grabbed hold of my prick again. He leaned forward and gave the head a quick lick. Then he moved it around again and started making lightsaber noises. “Luke,” he breathed, trying to imitate James Earl Jones’ sonorous tones. “Luke, I am your penis!”

“Give in to the Dark Side,” I urged. “Suck my ween and we shall rule the galaxy together!”

“You’re messed up,” Josh laughed.

I reached forward and brushed a stray lock of hair out of his eyes. All the humor suddenly left me as I stared into those green orbs. I felt such an upsurge of love and affection for this strange young boy. Seeing something in my eyes, Josh smiled softly and lifted himself until he was in my arms and we were kissing, kissing so deeply and lovingly that I thought my heart must surely burst. I squeezed him tightly and felt a sob suddenly shake me.

I opened my eyes to find Josh staring at me, a look of calm understanding on his face. I felt another sob hiccup out of me and my eyes blurred with tears. “How do you do that?” I cried. “How do you look at me like you know exactly what I’m feeling?”

Josh shrugged, still gently smiling. “I just do, I guess.”

“Do you really know?” I demanded, softly but urgently. “Do you know how I feel?”

He nodded again and spoke softly. “You love me.”

I choked back another sob and nodded, tears drifting down my cheeks. “I do, Josh. I love you so much.”

“I know.” He leaned forward and kissed the tears on my cheeks, small tongue lapping up the salty drops.

I hugged him to me, squeezing him as if I’d never let him go. “I love you, Josh,” I whispered close to his ear. “I love you. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Toby,” he whispered, and I felt my heart melt.

I can’t say how long we sat there like that, holding one another. I had found myself feeling Josh’s heart beating against me, concentrating on that in some part of my mind, and marveling as I felt our heartbeats fall into rhythm with each other. So caught up in that rhythmic dance was I that I didn’t immediately register the fact that Josh’s cock had stiffened between us, and he was gently humping against my belly. As I became aware of that my own cock began to fill and soon it was pressing insistently between Josh’s legs.

“Stop tryin’ to stick it in my butt, perv,” Josh said.

“You’re the one rubbing on it. I’m just sitting here.”

“Help, I’m being molested!” he giggled.

“I’ll show you molesting,” I told him.

“Nope, it’s my turn,” he said, and he began to slide himself downward, kissing along my neck and chest. He grinned as he teased my nipples. “Do you always moan that much when somebody licks your nipples?” he asked.

“Since this is the first time anybody ever did it, I guess the answer is yes.”

“Ooooo, a nipple virgin,” he laughed and sucked and bit on my nipple.

“You’re supposed to be licking, not chewing them off!”

“Sorry,” he grinned. He licked his way down along my stomach. Then he was back on his knees and had my cock in his fist. He continued to lick down my belly, to my groin, then down further until he was licking lightly at my balls.

I moaned again. “Ball virgin,” he muttered, lapping at the fleshy orbs while he continued to slowly jack my prick. He suddenly giggled.

“What?” I asked.

Still licking, he said, “The hair on your balls tickles.” I laughed too until he suddenly sucked my right nut into his mouth. That forced a gasp of pleasure from me.

“Mmmmm,” Josh moaned as he rolled my golf-ball sized nut around his mouth. The vibration made me squirm. Josh noticed and he hummed.

“Damn, Joshy!” I gasped.

He let my ball fall from his mouth and giggled, “This must be a hummer, huh?” Then he sucked up the other nut and started humming again. The sensation was so strange; it was all I could do to sit still.

Leaning back, Josh seemed to examine my glistening nuts. Apparently satisfied with what he saw, he leaned forward and slowly licked his way up along the shaft of my dick. Using his recently gained knowledge, he paused just below the head to suck and lick at the frenulum and then his small, pink tongue was circling my cockhead, licking up the leaking streams of pre-cum that coated it.

“That’s the weirdest taste ever,” he announced.

“Yeah? What’s it like?”

“It tastes ok. Kinda like… sour butter.” He grinned.

I laughed. “If you say so.”

My laugh was cut off when he leaned in again and swallowed the head of my prick. I gasped as I felt his lips close tightly underneath the flared ridge and his tongue began flicking across my pisshole. Then I groaned as Josh began humming again. The vibration spread down through my cock to my whole body, and I thought I might break apart. I clutched the couch cushions tightly.

Glancing to my right, I again caught sight of Josh in the mirrors there. The vision that was presented, slender young boy kneeling between my outstretched legs, his lips wrapped around my cock, hair falling about his eyes as his head began to bob up and down, small hand jacking the base of my prick, it was a vision I hoped to keep forever. I stared hard, willing the sight to burn itself into my memory.

Josh pulled back and looked at me, while his thumb and fingers began to swirl around my sensitive cockhead, making me writhe. He grinned, having learned a new trick. “Do you want me to stick my finger in your butt?” he asked with an impish smile.

The thought made my cock lurch. “Why, do you want to?” I asked carefully.

“It’s not gross, is it? Will I get poop on my finger?”

“No,” I assured him. “I’m clean.”

“Well, how do I do it then?”

“Just, you know, stick it in,” I told him. “Just go slow. And get your finger nice and wet first.”

He examined his right index finger, which was slick with my pre-cum and his saliva. He grinned. I slid lower on the couch, spreading my legs wider to give him access. Then my prick was back in his mouth and I felt his fingers fumbling around underneath my balls. I reached down and guided his finger to my asshole. I hoped he wasn’t grossed out by this act, because I was already eagerly anticipating the sensation. I’d experimented with a few things up my ass in the past; my fingers, of course, a few candles of varying widths and lengths, even one (un?)lucky screwdriver.

I felt Josh’s finger hesitantly circling my sphincter, and then he was pressing inward. I saw his eyes twitch in surprise at the ease with which it penetrated. Then he was carefully sliding it in further. He released my cock and said, wonderingly, “It’s sucking at my finger. It’s really warm in there.”

I swallowed and decided to take a chance. “Josh,” I began softly, “would you like to… make love to me?”

He looked up at me, searching my eyes. “You mean… screw you? With my… in your butt?”

I nodded. I felt his finger leave my ass with a little pang of regret. Josh examined his finger, turning it this way and that, then hesitantly brought it up to his nose and sniffed. His eyes met mine. “Won’t it hurt you?” he asked.

I stifled a smile of amusement. I didn’t want to tell him that I’d had larger things than his little cock in my ass. “We’ll go slow,” I assured him.

I leaned forward then while helping Josh to rise fully onto his knees. I eagerly took his prick into my mouth, swirling my tongue around, wetting him as thoroughly as I could. Then I leaned back again, thumb and finger still holding the tip of his prick, and with my other hand on his ass, carefully guided him between my legs. The angle was off a bit, so I grabbed myself under each knee and pulled my legs against my chest.

“Can you see where?” I asked, my eyes gleaming with excitement.

Josh nodded, staring between my legs. He took hold of his prick and pushed it down so it was sticking straight out, then slowly pushed forward. I felt his spongy little cockhead mash against my anus. A bit more pressure, and then he was inside. The tip only, but we both gasped.

“Just slide it in slowly,” I encouraged.

I moaned as inch after inch of Josh’s slim prick filled my ass. It wasn’t the biggest thing I’d had in there, but it was certainly the most exciting. No finger or candle generated that kind of heat, or throbbed that way. I could actually feel his heartbeat through his prick. It took me a few moments to realize that he was fully inside of me, and just sitting there.

“Ok?” I asked.

Josh nodded wordlessly. Then he swallowed and spoke with an effort. “It’s really hot,” he gasped. “I can feel it pulling on me, trying to suck me inside. It’s all around me.”

“You feel so good inside me, Joshy,” I said softly. “Now just start moving back and forth a little, ok?”

Josh nodded again, but it was another half minute before he actually pulled himself backwards. He retreated carefully, until only the tip of his prick remained inside me, and then he just as carefully pushed it back inside me. I released my right leg so I could reach down and grip my leaking cock.

Josh saw my movement, and he pushed my hand away, taking my prick into his own fist. He began to slowly jack me, and as he did, his hips began to move faster, matching the speed and rhythm of his fist. Or maybe his fist was going faster to match the rhythm of his hips.

Either way, I was in ecstasy. I’d imagined for years what this would be like, but this hot, slippery, gripping, panting, sharing was so much more than I’d anticipated. My imagination didn’t supply me with the feeling of Josh’s little balls slapping against my ass, or the jolt of his hairless crotch against me. It didn’t prepare me for the way his panting breaths and little grunts of pleasure would thrum through me. And I was in no way prepared, after finger, candle, and other weapons of mass destruction, for the way a real, live dick would feel inside me. If I thought I’d felt a connection with Josh before, it paled before this. It was like we were merging into one being, and the more Josh pumped that hot little cock of his into me, the faster and more completely we merged.

I pulled Josh toward me, so that we could kiss. He practically attacked my mouth, kissing me with a passion he’d never shown before. He was moaning loudly in my mouth, sucking at my tongue, while his hips worked and his fist flew. I grabbed his pert little ass, urging him on, losing myself in the primal rhythm.

Some time later I felt my balls start churning with the approach of orgasm. I tightened the muscles of my ass, clamping down on Josh’s prick, increasing the friction while I gripped his ass, pulling him into me.

Josh gasped and broke away from our kiss, like a swimmer coming up for air. “Toby! I’m gonna cum!”

I cried out as my own orgasm overwhelmed me. My cock bucked in Josh’s fist and I felt the first hot squirt of my cum splash between our sweating bodies. At nearly the same instant, Josh gave one last mighty thrust into my ass, wrapped both his arms around my neck and held himself there, his body thrumming, his pubescent cock throbbing and jerking inside me. I held him tightly to me, shuddering as my cock continued to spew hot ropes of cum between us.

Josh’s head was on my chest and he was gasping like a fish out of water. His cock continued to twitch in my ass. “Toby?” he asked after a couple of minutes.

“Yeah, Joshy?”

“Does this mean I’m not a virgin anymore?”

I chuckled. “I think it means neither of us are.”

“That was amazing.”

“You are amazing,” I told him. “I love you, Josh.”

“I love you, too.” He paused for a few moments then asked, “Wanna do it again?”

So we did it again. If you can believe it, it was even better the second time.

*             *             *             *             *

I could barely walk later as we made our way to the shower. Amazing how that four inches started feeling like eight after awhile. The kid fucked like a rabbit. We showered amidst much giggling and soapy fun. After drying off we retired to Josh’s room where we crawled into his twin bed. I was afraid the fit would be a bit tight, but it was nice and cozy.

We lay there for awhile in the dark, talking about nothing, just enjoying each others presence. We were constantly touching each other. Not sexually, but affectionately. Face, shoulders, chest, hip. Just maintaining contact in the darkness. Eventually, Josh’s hand found my limp dick. He held it gently, not playing with it, just holding it. It started to grow regardless.

“I like your dick,” he told me.

“It likes you, too,” I grinned.

He smacked me on the stomach, said, “Dork!” and then took me in hand again. “I’m serious. I just like the way it feels.” He ran his fingers over the satiny head. By now I was fully erect again. I felt him moving, and then he was lying beside me. He sort of hugged my cock against his face. I could feel the softness of his cheek. Then he planted a kiss on the tip. “It feels really nice,” he breathed.

I closed my eyes in a rush of sensual pleasure as I felt him take me once again into his mouth. There was nothing hesitant about his actions, nor was it rushed. Just a slow, luxurious engulfing. When he had about half or so of me inside the warmth of his mouth, he slowly rose up on it. Then he played one of my own tricks against me and blew lightly up and down the length of it. I gasped. No giggles from him this time, he just swallowed me again without a sound.

As Josh worked on taking more and more of my cock into his mouth, I quietly urged him to turn himself around on the bed. There were a few moments of awkward shuffling while he tried to figure out what I wanted, and then he was straddling my face and I had pulled his own stiff little prick into my mouth. I began to caress his ass and thighs while my tongue bathed his precious boyhood.

That’s when the door opened.

My eyes flew open. I was looking upside down at Josh’s mom standing in the doorway. I saw about fifteen different emotions race across her face in about three seconds, and then she started to close the door. Josh’s mouth pulled away from my cock, which flopped with a wet smack against my stomach. Then the door was opening again.

“Josh,” she said, “put something on and come talk to me. Toby, you wait here.” Then the door shut.

Josh was up like a shot, searching around the dark room for something to wear. He found a pair of briefs he’d probably worn a few days ago and tugged them on while we whispered frantically at each other. Had she seen us? What would she do? Would she call my mom? What was Josh going to say?

Then he was gone and I was alone in the dark room with only my thoughts and the panicked beating of my heart. Why did she want to talk to Josh? Shouldn’t she want to talk to me? I was the one doing the ‘molesting’ after all. Maybe she wanted to separate us so she could call the police. Would they arrest me? Would my mom be able to bail me out? Would I have to be in the jail with men or other kids? What were they talking about out there? Did Kathy have a gun? She wouldn’t shoot me, would she? Maybe me and Josh could run away. Where would we go? Did he have any money? Would he want to go to Wisconsin with me? No, better yet, San Francisco. That’s where we should go, right? What were they talking about out there? Was that a siren? Would they have their sirens on or would they just come quietly? Where were my clothes? Damn, in the laundry room. I had to wear something, right?

I got up and started searching around the room, desperately trying on anything I could find. All of Josh’s clothes were too small for me. I found the ‘poke your eye out’ t-shirt I’d bought him and put that on. It had been way too big for Josh and hit me right below my ass.

“Toby? Come out here, son,” I heard Kathy call out. I froze. Should I jump out the window? My bike was out there. Where were my keys? Damn, where were my fucking keys? I couldn’t remember and felt a sob well up inside me.

Hanging my head, I opened the door and stumbled out into the light of the family room, pulling the front of the t-shirt down to cover my nakedness. I heard a quick snicker and jerked my head up to see Josh trying to stifle a giggle. I suppose I looked pretty silly, but that wasn’t the reaction I’d expected. He wasn’t crying. In fact, once I got hold of myself and really looked I could see that he didn’t seem upset at all.

Then my eyes found Kathy’s. I couldn’t decipher the look there. It wasn’t angry though, at least that much I could tell. “Have a seat,” she said, directing me into a leather recliner across the couch from where they were sitting. I sat, careful to keep myself covered by the t-shirt.

“I’ve had a talk with Josh,” she began. I cringed. “Oh, stop,” she said. “And dry your eyes. You’re not in trouble, Toby.”

“I… I’m not?”

She smiled softly. “I had to make sure Josh knew what he was getting into, that he wasn’t being forced into anything.”

“I –” I started to protest, but she held up a forestalling hand. “I know you wouldn’t, Toby, but I just had to check to make sure. I knew there was a possibility this would happen when you moved down here.”

“But… I mean…”

I was at a complete loss for words. Luckily Kathy seemed to have the same uncanny ability to read thoughts and emotions as her son. “How did I know you were gay?” she smiled as I nodded dumbly. “Your mother told me of course. And before you ask,” she rushed on, seeing I was about to do just that, “she’s known for years. She’s your mother after all.”

“But…” My head was spinning. “But, why didn’t she anything?”

Kathy shrugged. “I suppose she felt that when you were ready you would talk to her. She worries about you, honey. Why do you think she moved you both down here?”

“She got a job…” I began, confused.

Kathy nodded. “She got a job after searching for about eight months. She wanted to get you out of that small town. She knew the kind of prejudice you would have to contend with there and she wanted you to have a chance to be happy.”

This was all coming way too fast. My mom knew I was gay? I was stunned.

Kathy continued. “So she found a job and I helped her find a house and here you are. We talked a lot about you and hoped that when you found yourself in a place where it would be a bit easier to be yourself, that maybe you’d come out of your shell a bit. I just don’t think either of us were expecting it to happen so fast.”

I focused on her again to find her smiling. “Like I said, I knew there was a possibility you and Josh would… well, find each other, I suppose. As I’m sure you’ve found, Josh is a special kid.”

“It’s true,” Josh supplied with a grin.

“Hush, you!” Kathy chided with a smile. “I’ve felt for awhile that Josh might be… well –“ she trailed off.

“She means I’m a fruit,” Josh giggled.

“You’re a fruit loop,” she responded, tickling his ribs. Josh giggled and squirmed away from her. She turned back to me. “I knew there was a good chance that Josh was gay, or at least bi. He’s always been a bit… different.”

“She means I’m crazy,” Josh cut in.

“I mean, Chipmunk, that you are a very special boy, as I’ve always told you.” She turned to me. “And you, Toby, are a very special boy, too. I’m glad that you and Toby are going to be able to work things through together.”

She stood up. “Tomorrow,” she said, fixing us both with a glance, “we’ll discuss some rules about behavior between you two. I don’t want to have to worry about catching you two… engaged, each time I come into a room. Also, I think we’ll leave your mother out of this little secret for now. Let me work on her a bit. Now, come over here and give me a hug and you two go to bed. And please keep it down; a mother doesn’t need to hear some things.”

I got up awkwardly and stepped forward to hug her. Josh jumped off the couch and joined us for a three way hug. I was still shocked, still half expecting the slap of metal around my wrists. Was I actually being sent off to sleep with my eleven-year-old cousin, with the full permission of his mother?

Kathy patted my back, kissed me on the cheek and stepped back. “Now, off to bed, you two.” She glanced down. “And put that away,” she grinned. “You’ll put somebody’s eye out.”

Josh busted into giggles and I couldn’t help a choked laugh myself. I hastily pulled down the front of my shirt and, taking Josh’s offered hand, allowed myself to be led back into his bedroom.

I stripped off the shirt once we were back in the dark room, and I heard the rustle as Josh kicked off his briefs. We crawled into bed together and snuggled close. I still felt this sense of unreality. I felt Josh’s hand snake down between my legs.

“I told you she wouldn’t care,” he said softly.

“Are you always going to be right?” I asked, grinning in the darkness.

“Yup,” he answered.

I turned and kissed him then, softly, pouring into him all my love and hopes and dreams. I felt a weight lift from me that I hadn’t been aware even existed. For the first time I felt myself thinking of the future, wondering what it would be like, happy knowing that Josh would be beside me.

The kiss ended and we held each other. Finally Josh asked, “Toby? Does this mean we’re kissing cousins?”

“Please,” I protested with a smile. “That’s so cliché.”


The End

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All rights reserved

This is the first story I ever wrote for Nifty, back in 2005.  It needed a bit of editing and some contact info updating.  Not sure if this will still be listed back then and you’ll be lucky to find it, or if it’ll appear as new again.  In either case, I hope you enjoy it.  This is one of my favorite stories I’ve written, and re-reading it always leaves me with a smile.  I hope it does the same for you.  If you enjoy it, please comment.  I love to hear from people who’ve enjoyed my stories, and really, it’s the only payment I receive.  You can contact me at rwxxx13@yahoo.com.  

Edit by Jason:
Yes, really! This is it. The End. No more chapters will follow. Not written by me, nor by Rwxxx13. Sadly, he passed away and will never write another story or chapter. Even though I think it deserves a decent ending, I’ll never write and end to it. I don’t want to touch this genius writer’s work, because I know I’ll never do it justice. But please! Feel free to do so yourself, and send it to me and I might end up posting it here!

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