Oh this page you’ll find the Jason Crow Story collection. This contains stories written by me, but at the bottom of the page, you’ll find very interesting stories written by others.

Stories written by me:

All Dressed Up
A twin brother and sister are forced to go to their Mom’s fundraiser. They hate it and decide to annoy their Mom with some annoying costumes. And then the mother decides to get back at them. Or does she?? Read and find out!

All Dressed up

Backyard Bashfulness
A boy is sent home from school. His parents are at work, and his sister is at school with cheerleader practice afterward. So he has an entire day ahead where he’s home alone. So follow him on his exploration during this day where he’s horny and all alone. Or is he…

Backyard Bashfulness

Bullied to Buff
A boy is being bullied at school. After another bad day, he decides to take matters in his own hands. His sister is helping him with it.

Bullied to Buff

***NEW – Dear Jason – NEW***
A thirteen-chapter story featuring someone that might sound familiar to you. A few twists and turns along the way, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the story!

Dear Jason

Eternal Transcendence
A father and son go on a sailing trip around the world, rescuing some unfortunate people along the way.

Eternal Transcendence

Indian Summer
Two boys set up camp in the woods behind their houses. During their first two-night sleepover there alone, they discover the fun and joy of each other’s bodies.

Indian Summer

La Isla de Aquinas
This story is about Scott. He’s a boy growing up on a lot of different army bases. He wants to be creative, but his dad wants him to start doing all sorts of manly things. They meet up with Glenn and Gloria to get their picture taken, and they hit it off instantly. Glenn starts teaching Scott the fine art of photography. We went for two story lines. One is set in the present, where Scott gets some bad news about Glenn and is faced with the consequences of that. The other timeline is in the past, where we learn all about Scott growing up and his developing relationship with Glenn.

La Isla de Aquinas

Our Chaperone
A girl wants to head to the family cabin up the mountain with her friend. It’s the start of their summer vacation, so they’re all hyped about spending a night or two up there. But there’s a catch! Her mother doesn’t want the girls to go up there alone. So she has to ask her brother…
You know by now how these kind of stories play out on my site, so you can probably fill in the rest. But look out… there is a tiny twist…
Oh!!! And this is my first ever illustrated story! Thanks a lot, Randal Stanhopel!

Our Chaperone

Smoky Mountains
The story centers around two completely different people in entirely different social environments. We follow them during and after the moment the entire world has to deal with a major event. What will they do? How will they cope with the situation?
Follow our heroes in this action-packed story filled with sex, drugs, and… Well… A lot of sex.

Smoky Mountains

The Magnificent Zafar
A girl is grounded because of some incident at her farewell party. The family moves from Florida to Seattle, leaving her lonely and bored. On the attic of their new home, she finds a lot of to perform a magic act. She hypnotizes her little brother and suddenly isn’t that bored anymore…

The Magnificent Zafar

Massage in a Bottle
A girl has a crush on a boy in her class. She thinks she can get to him, by giving him a proper massage. But of course, she needs to practice. Luckily, her little brother can help her out.

Massage in a Bottle

A girl on her way to being a surgeon, is asked by her little brother to help him and his friend with an ‘issue’ they’re having. Things get interesting when she finds out what the issue is.


Stories written by others:

Over the years I collected some stories from different authors that I find interesting and in the same style / spirit of Alex’ writing. I’ll place them on this page for your convenience.

BUT… I’m NOT the owner / author of these stories!! If you are and don’t like me posting them here, just let me know and I’ll remove them immediately!!

On the other hand… If you have stories YOU think should be on this site / page, send me a message, I’ll look at it and will probably post it. It’s a two way street 🙂

The Grown Up Oath – Randall Stanhope
A sweet story that, despite the chewed-out babysitter premise, is original. But, most of all, very hot!

The Grown Up Oath

Emerald Oceans – Randall Stanhope
A short story about a boy struggling with his homosexuality. He’s feeling down and depressed when he meets his complete opposite. A lovely story about sexual discovery!

Emerald Oceans

Holiday Cabin – Author unknown
A brother and sister are on holiday and the big cabin they booked is not available. So the parents get there own cabin, and so do the brother and sister. They start to play house…

Holiday Cabin – Part One
Holiday Cabin – Part Two
Holiday Cabin – Part Three
Holiday Cabin – Part Four

Strip Foosball – kids_at_play
The true “X” in Xmas. The title says it all..

Strip Foosball

Study BG3-17 – rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)
Three kids wake up in a science lab-like environment. Des orientated, confused and… naked…
As much as any writer, rwxxx13 really likes feedback on his writing. So drop him a message on rwxxx13@yahoo.com! Oh! And maybe mention you read it on jasoncrow.eu??

Study BG3-17 – Part One
Study BG3-17 – Part Two
Study BG3-17 – Part Three
Study BG3-17 – Part Four