October 16, 2008

Deflowering James – Part Two
Alex Hawk

James spent about a half-hour in the shower, getting himself all nice and clean. Then he spent about fifteen minutes working on just his hair before he finally wandered out of the shower, completely nude.

I looked up at him as he walked into the living room, his beautiful penis swinging back and forth between his smooth legs. That wasn’t the only thing that was smooth.

“Damn! Shaved pubes! Just like I like!”

“I somehow thought as much,” James said with a little grin as he joined Haley and I on the couch, leaving me between the two. Not a bad place to be!

“I like the outfit,” Haley giggled.

“Thanks.” James smiled at her. “Yours is nice, too.” Haley was as nude as he was.


I reached out and placed a hand on each child’s bare thigh. “So! Glad to see you two getting on so well.”

Both kids laughed a little.

Turing to Haley, I said, “Honey, why don’t you go get us all something to drink?”

“Ok, Daddy!” My naked little girl flounced off.

“So, James,” I said, turning now to the gorgeous naked boy sitting next to me on the couch. “What do you think about the idea of fucking her?”

“It’s getting to have more appeal,” he admitted as his penis gave a little twitch and began to harden.

“I bet.” I took his penis in my hand, giving it a couple strokes.

“Jesus!” Haley said in an exasperated tone as she came back into the room with three Cokes. “Can’t you save at least SOMETHING for me, Daddy?”

“Now, now,” I said as she sat down. I placed my free hand between my daughter’s legs and teased her clitoris with my fingers. “There’s going to plenty for you, don’t worry.”

She giggled and wiggled at the stimulation. “I know, Daddy. You’ve never let me down before.”

James shook his head. “You two are weird.”

“Yep.” I leaned down and gave his penis a kiss. “Now. I’m going to get the cameras set up. You two just talk with each other for a bit.”

I got up off the couch and puttered around the living room, setting up a couple cameras, getting the tripods out, putting out the lighting, etc. I’d really gotten quite the polished set up since back when Haley first had sex with Terry. Things were much more professional now.

Once I had everything set up, I did some close-up shots of both children’s bodies, panning along their chests, down to their genitals and then back up to their faces, savoring the beauty of both the boy and the girl.

“Alright, James,” I called out once everything was completely ready. “You prepared to earn your keep?”

“Yes, sir!” he said, giving me a little salute. Haley giggled.

“Ok. Let’s start with some kissing.”

The children moved closer together on the couch and started kissing, shyly at first but then with growing confidence. I zoomed the camera down to where I could see the tip of James’ hard penis sticking up between his legs.

“You sure you’re gay?” I asked in a taunting tone. James didn’t even stop kissing Haley. He just directed his middle finger my way as I laughed.

I had the kids kiss for about five minutes. When I figured that was enough making out, I said to James, “Alright. Lean down and give her nipples a little lick, some sucking, and some nibbling.”

“Sure.” James leaned down and started going to town on Haley’s small breasts. They still weren’t much of much, but they’d gotten bigger since she’d started getting fucked.

James seemed to know what he was doing down there, cause Haley was soon moaning a little and wiggling around. She knew how best to appear on video, and sometimes faked her reactions. I could tell this time she wasn’t.

After a bit, Haley took the initiative and pushed James away onto his back. She then opened her mouth, gave his stiff penis a couple licks and then lowered her mouth around him. James closed his eyes and placed a hand on the back of my daughter’s head as she began blowing him. I knew that someday I’d get that chance with her, and I couldn’t wait!

I let James enjoy what I assumed was his first blowjob from a girl, but soon I knew it was time to move onto something else. I said to Haley, “Ok, honey. Go ahead and lay down on your back and let James do some stuff now.”

“Alright, Daddy!” Haley laid on her back and spread her legs wide.

“Now, James. What I want you to do is this. Get between Haley’s legs and poke around with your finger. See if you can figure out where it’s supposed to go inside.”

“Ok.” James crouched between Haley’s legs, finger probing about. Then he hit the right place, and I watched as his finger sank down into Haley’s tight preteen vagina, James’ eyes going wide at this new sensation.

“Pretty neat, huh?” I asked him.

James nodded. “Really different from anything I’ve felt before.”

“Try moving it around,” I suggested.

James started slipping his finger in and out of Haley’s vagina. She seemed to really be enjoying it. At her instruction, he started massaging around her clitoris, which I knew from experience always drove her wild.

“Having fun?” I asked Haley, zooming the camera in on her face, twisted with pleasure.

“Oh, yes,” she said with a smile. “Boys are wonderful!”

I laughed. “Yeah, that they are.” I looked back over at James. “You wanna try something else?”

“Sure, I’m up for everything.”

“Ok. Why not get your face down there and start licking everything you see? Work especially around her clitoris and then work your tongue around inside her.”

“Alright.” James licked his lips and looked a little nervous, but then put his face down, stuck his tongue out and began to lick, shyly at first, but then with a bit more confidence. It was pretty obvious he wasn’t really grooving on it, few men do, I’m glad I’m one that does, but he was giving it the old college try. Well, given that he was only fifteen, maybe it was the old high school try.

“Turn your body around so that you can sixty-nine,” I told James.

“Ok,” he mumbled into Haley’s vagina as he slowly turned around so that his penis was positioned above her face. She opened her mouth and put it around his erection. I sat back and enjoyed the show while the cameras caught it all.

A few minutes after the kids started with the sixty-nine, I decided it was time to get this moved up to the final stage. I said to James, “Ok. Pull off her and have a seat back down on the couch.”

“Alright,” James replied, doing as he was told.

I shot a little more footage of the kids sitting side-by-side, the last scenes I’d have of James as a virgin. Once I was satisfied that I had enough, I said to the two children, “Ok. James, how you wanna do it?”

“You mean like what position?”


James thought for a bit. “I don’t know,” he said with a shrug. “What’s the best one?”

I laughed. “Depends on what you like.”

“I can be on top,” Haley said, reaching over to stroke James’ hard, young penis. “Or you can be on top. Or we can do doggie. Or I can we can stand up. Or I can sit on the couch while you kneel between my legs. All of them are good.”

“Uh…” James thought about it for a moment or two more. “I guess… well, actually the one with you sitting on the couch sounds interesting. I’ve never done anything in that position before.”

“Ok!” Haley said, bouncing up and down. “I don’t get to do that one a lot! Most times the guys like to be on top!”

“Well, we can always try that one later,” I said. “For now let’s get things ready for this one.”

“Ok,” James said, getting down on his knees while Haley lay back and spread her legs, exposing her vagina to this beautiful young virgin.

“Right.” I leaned in with the hand-held cam to get some good shots of their tender young bodies as they got ready for James’ first time. “Take your penis and sort of rub it against her vagina,” I instructed the boy.

Nodding, James did as he was told, rubbing his penis back and forth against my daughter’s still mostly hairless vagina. I moved the camera from there up to James’ face and then over to Haley’s. She smiled.

“I think I like this one best, Daddy.”

“Me, too,” I said with a grin.

“How long do I keep doing this for?” James asked.

I panned back to his eager young face. “You anxious for your first time?”

“Yeah,” he responded with a shy little grin.

“Good.” I looked at my daughter. “Line him up.”

“Ok.” Haley took hold of James’ penis and put him into position.

I looked once more into James’ eyes. “Ok. Whenever you’re ready. Just push forward and inside.”

James took a deep breath and closed his eyes. I zoomed in with the camera as he slowly, nervously, pushed his fifteen-year-old virgin penis into Haley’s wonderfully wet and tight twelve-year-old vagina. I let out a sigh of pleasure at the sight. Watching a beautiful young boy lose his virginity never failed to blow me away.

“Oh… wow…” James whispered, opening his eyes slowly as the last of his penis disappeared into Haley. “Wow… this is really… wow…”

“Yeah, it is, isn’t it?” I whispered back.

Haley reached out and ran her hands down James’ chest and then back onto his smooth, tight ass. “I like it, too.”

James looked up at me with a look of pleasure on his face. “Do I start fucking now?” he asked in a soft voice.

“Oh, yes…”

I moved the camera along the bodies of both children as James began to fuck a girl for the first time. He wasn’t pulling out very far, just using short, rabbit-thrusts. I could only see the barest hint of the base of his hairless penis as he moved it within Haley’s vagina. It still looked amazing to me.

James lasted longer than most boys his age when they have their first fuck. He’d fucked other guys, of course, including me, so that probably helped. Still, it wasn’t more than about three or four minutes before he began to shudder and he began to gasp as his penis fired off its load into Haley’s waiting body. I pictured his sperm flooding into her, maybe making her pregnant. No boy had yet, but I hoped this one would.

When James was done cumming, he pulled back, his penis, shinny with their mixed fluids, slipping out of Haley’s vagina. He sat there on his knees, breathing hard and looking up at me, a sheen of sweat on his smooth, hairless body.

“Did I… do ok…?” he asked, breathing hard.

Before I could answer, Haley sat up and kissed the boy passionately on the mouth. “You were INCREDIBLE,” she said after breaking the kiss.

“Thanks…” he mumbled, looking a little stunned. Then his eyes spotted my hard-on in my pants. “You want me to give you a blowjob or something?”


Haley reached over and grabbed the camera from me. “Go ahead, Daddy!”

“Well… ok.”

Grinning, James unzipped and unbuttoned my pants, pulling them down. Then he reached inside my boxers, extracting my hard penis. He opened his mouth and wrapped it around my erection as I gave a sigh of happiness.

“THAT’S cool!” Haley breathed from behind the camera.

I grinned down at my daughter and then placed a hand on the back of James’ head, savoring the sensation of a blowjob from this gorgeous underage boy.
After about four minutes of blowing me, James pulled his mouth off and turned towards Haley. “You wanna give it a suck?”

That surprised me. Saying nothing, I simply looked at Haley. She shrugged and passed the camera towards James, telling him, “Sure.” Before I could process this, I felt Haley’s hand on my penis and then, gloriously, her mouth slipping down around me. My own daughter, my child, was giving me a blowjob! It was all I could do not to cum right then and there.

“Now THAT’S what you call cool,” said James, grinning up at me as Haley’s mouth worked it’s magic.

“Yeah,” I whispered, running my fingers through my daughter’s hair. I let Haley blow me for a few minutes more and then pulled her off me. I had to, or I was going to cum, which much as I wanted to do, I didn’t want to do in her mouth.

“Hey… you wanna have James fuck you again?” I asked her.

“Ok!” she said, enthusiastically, laying back down on the couch.

“Well…” James said, slowly. “Before I do… do you want to?”

Now THAT caught me off-guard. “Uh…” I said, intelligently.

Haley smiled a sweet smile at me. “You can if you want to, Daddy.”

I reached a hand down and rubbed at my daughter’s vagina as I thought hard about what I wanted to do next. I REALLY wanted to fuck her. I’d wanted to fuck her for a very, very long time. But could I do it?

Finally, regretfully, I shook my head. “No. Not right now. I think the only guy who should be inside you tonight should be James.”

Haley shrugged a little. “Ok, Daddy.”

I took the camera back from my daughter and sat back to film and watch as James and her lock genitals once more. This time they did it doggie-style and I took great pleasure in watching James’ ass as he fucked Haley from behind. What a view! Soon the regrets I’d felt at not fucking her fled from my mind.

James and Haley had sex with each other pretty regularly after that. He wound up moving in with us and on more than a few occasions we’d have three-ways. I wouldn’t fuck Haley, but I’d do everything else with her It was a pretty sweet time in my life, that was certain!

Sadly, like all good things, it had to end. James ended up getting picked up by the police for prostitution, which was ironic cause at that point he’d stopped doing it. They ended up shipping him off to his family who promptly tossed him into a military school. He wrote to Haley and I a few times, but eventually we lost touch.

Still, despite not having James anymore, at least I had my memories. And Haley’s thirteenth birthday would be coming up soon. I had to get her something special. Or someone special.

Or maybe more than one someone special…


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk. Res melius evinissent cum Coca. Yeah, it’s Latin. Big whoop. So what, you wanna fight about it?