October 16, 2008

Deflowering Aspen
Alex Hawk

I zoomed the camera in on Aspen’s face. “Smile,” I said to the boy. He was wearing a baseball cap and nothing else.
He grinned a shy little grin, showing a mouthful of braces.

“There you go.” I panned the camera down his nude body. I’d found Aspen at a skatepark. He was in great shape. I zoomed down his chest, to his stomach and then onto his erect penis. It was about four inches long and had only a sparse dusting of pubic hair. Magnificent.

“You have a really great body, Aspen,” I said, pulling back the camera to show all of him.


“So I’m going to ask you a few questions, and then I’ll have Haley come in. I do this with all the boys.”


“How old are you?”


“When was your birthday?”

“Six days ago.”

“Cool.” I panned back down to his penis. “You ever masturbate?”


“Do it a little right now.”

Blushing and looking shy, Aspen started stroking his erection. “Like that?”

“Yeah. So you’re still a virgin?”


“You look forward to your first fuck?”

Aspen grinned again. “Yeah!”


He shrugged. “A little.”

“What do you think it’s going to be like?”

“I don’t know. I think it’s probably going to feel really good, but…” He shrugged.

“What do you wanna try with Haley?”

“I don’t know. Maybe fingering her a little and maybe a blowjob or something?” Aspen blushed again.

“Fucking, too, of course.”

“Yeah.” He giggled. It was very cute.

“You ever done anything with a girl?”

“Just some kissing.”

“What about with another boy?”

He nodded. “My brother and me jerk each other off sometimes.”

“How old is he?”


“You like jerking with him?”

“Kinda. It feels pretty good anyhow.”

“Stand up a moment. Let me see your butt.”

Blushing again, Aspen stood up and turned around, showing off his smooth, round, teenage ass. Moving in closer, I reached out and cupped it in my hand.

“Very nice.”


“Turn back around.” Aspen turned. I took his barely teenage penis in my hand and stroked it a little. “You’re a very, very pretty boy. Haley’s going to love you and you’re going to just love fucking her.”

“Cool,” he said with a grin.

“You ever get this thing sucked before?”

“No.” Aspen trembled a little as I ran my hand along his erection.

I put the camera on the tripod. “Lay down on the bed. I’ll give you your first ever blowjob and that way you won’t cum to soon when you fuck Haley.”

“I’m really gonna get to fuck her?”

“Yep. But I gotta get you off first. That way you won’t cum too fast and she’ll enjoy it more.”

“Alright,” he said in a slightly shaky voice.

Once Aspen was laying down, I started stroking his sweet virgin penis again and soon had my mouth down around it. I loved making boys cum. There was something really sweet about giving a twelve or thirteen-year-old boy an orgasm. Frankly, that was a major part of why I was glad to have a daughter. It was really easy to get boys to let you do whatever you wanted to them in exchange for losing their virginities.

As I blew Aspen, I ran my hands up onto his bare, hairless chest, teasing his nipples lightly. I was absolutely in love with this young boy’s body. While I continued to suck his underage penis, I moved one of my hands back onto his butt, cupping it gently as Aspen began to twitch with pleasure as his orgasm approached.

“Oooooh…” he whimpered. “Here I go…” Seconds later my eager mouth was filled with several sharp blasts of teenage sperm as the boy started cumming. He made the cutest noises as he climaxed! I was very happy I had the camera aimed at him.

When Aspen finished cumming, I lifted my mouth off his penis, swallowed all the remaining sperm and said to him, “Very sweet.”

“Thanks,” he said with a little grin.

“Thirsty?” I asked as I handed him a can of Coke.

“Yeah!” Aspen popped open the Coke and started drinking. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” I stood up and adjusted the camera, focusing in on the boy on the bed. I pulled out a smaller digital camera and took a few still photos of Aspen’s naked young body. I had the digital camera, the video camera on the tripod and another video camera that was fixed onto the wall. That one was pointed to catch shots of the face of whatever young boy was losing his virginity. I loved to see their expressions when they first penetrated Haley!

Speaking of which… “You ready to fuck?” I asked Aspen.

Grinning widely he said, “Hell, yeah!”

“Be right back,” I said.

I walked out into the hallway and knocked on my daughter’s door. “Haley? Showtime.”

“Ok,” I heard her say. She opened the door, standing there naked. “How do I look?”

“Wonderful,” I said sincerely. I really envied the boys who lost their virginities to her. I’d thought about the idea of fucking her myself a time or two, but that would have been so wrong I wouldn’t even know where to start. “Here’s what he looks like,” I said, showing her the display screen on the digital camera. I scrolled through a few pictures of Aspen.

“Ooo… he’s cute!”

“Yeah, I know.” I ran one of my hands down onto my daughter’s chest, resting it gently on one of her small breasts. I’d never fucked her, but I’d done some… other stuff.

Haley giggled a little. “That tickles!”

“I know.” I moved the hand down between her legs and worked a finger up into her still hairless preteen vagina. She was already wet. “You ready for the boy?”

“Mmmm… yeah! What’s his name?”


Haley giggled again. “That’s cute, Daddy! Did you make him cum already?”

“Yeah.” We’d learned after the first couple boys that it was really the best idea.

“Ok, let’s go!”

I withdrew my finger from my daughter’s vagina. One day maybe I WOULD end up fucking her, but for today she was Aspen’s. Walking into the bedroom where Aspen was laying on the bed, I saw him looking through a copy of Playboy.

“Aspen? Put the magazine down and have a look at a real girl.”
The boy sat up instantly. “Yeah? Ok!”

I moved over to the camera and focused it on the doorway.

“Come on in, Haley!”

My daughter walked into the room. She was beautiful indeed! She had shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes. Her breasts were small, as I mentioned earlier, just barely developed. Given that she was only barely twelve that wasn’t a surprise. And, as I said, she still has no pubic hair. I like girls without any.

“Hi, Aspen,” Haley said in a sexy (for a twelve-year-old), tone of voice.

Aspen swallowed hard. “Uh… hi… uh… Haley. Hi.”

“What do you think, Aspen?” I asked as Haley walked towards him.

“She’s… amazing…”

“Thank you,” Haley said, sitting down on the bed next to the boy. I moved the camera around to focus on both their naked young bodies.

“So ready when you are.”

“Alright.” Haley took one of Aspen’s hands and put it between her legs. “Rub me like this,” she said, moving his hand around.

“Like this?”

“Yeah…” She took Aspen’s penis in her hand and stroked it slowly, leaning in to give him a little kiss. “You’re really cute, Aspen.”

“Thank you.” He blushed. “You’re cuter.”

I rolled my eyes a little as Haley giggled. “Thanks!” She kissed him again.

“Have… you done this a lot?” Aspen asked.

Haley shrugged. “Yeah. But that just means I know how to do it right.”

“Oh, ok.”

“So… when we fuck… do you wanna be on top or do you want me to be?” Haley asked.

I moved around with the camera so that I would be well positioned to catch the moment of penetration no matter which choice the boy made. That was really my favorite moment whenever I did one of these videos. The moment the boy stopped being a virgin.

“Uh… I don’t know… I’ve never… you know…” Aspen blushed again.

“Well… how about if I get on top the first time and then the second time you can be on top?” she asked, fondling one of his nipples.

“Uh… ok…” Aspen managed to say, his voice cracking slightly.

As I took a moment to adjust the cameras to capture everything, my daughter got on top of Aspen, rubbing her vagina gently against the tip of his penis. She looked at me.

“Now, Daddy?”

“Are you ready, Aspen?” I asked.

Nodding nervously, the boy tried to say “yes” a couple times, and then finally managed to squeak out a little “-es…”

I looked at Haley. “Ok, honey.”

Haley nodded and very slowly, very tenderly, started to lower her tight twelve-year-old vagina down onto Aspen’s thirteen-year-old virgin penis. I zoomed in as their genitals merged, watching as my daughter went lower and lower until finally Aspen’s wisps of pubic hair brushed against her hairless mound.

I took a look at the boy’s face as his virginity left him forever. He had the typical look of total bliss that I was used to seeing on these kids. Even Haley had looked really cute when she lost her virginity last year to a boy who used to live next door.

“What do you think, Aspen?” I asked.

Aspen looked completely overwhelmed. “I… don’t know what… what to say…”

“You like it inside there?”

“Oh, yeah… hell, yeah…”

“Good. Start moving, Haley.”

“Ok!” My daughter started working her hips, riding the young boy’s penis for all she was worth. The envy I’d felt earlier returned. Eventually I probably WOULD give into temptation and fuck my daughter, but for now at least I got see cute boys doing so.

“Oh, god, I’m gonna… I’m… aaaah!” Aspen began lifting his hips up, pushing deep into Haley’s vagina. He groaned loudly, and I imagined his sperm shooting up into Haley’s waiting vagina. I wondered if he’d make her pregnant. One of these boys certainly would some day.

“Mmmm…” Haley said, wiggling around on Aspen’s penis. “So how was THAT?”

Aspen grinned stupidly. “Oh, it was just… wow…”

I zoomed in on the boy’s face. “So how did it compare with what you expected?”

Aspen thought for a second. “I don’t know. It felt really good, though! Still does.” He grinned shyly.

“Cool,” I said, looking at Haley. “How was he?”

“Really sweet,” she said, leaning down to give Aspen a kiss. “I can’t wait to have you on top.”



“Well… ok. When?” Aspen grinned shyly again.

Haley laughed. “Are you ready now?”


She smiled at me. “I love virgins, Daddy.”

“That’s because you’re smart, Haley.”

She lifted herself off Aspen, his hard penis sliding out of her vagina and slapping against his stomach. Haley laid down next to him and spread her legs. I zoomed the camera in, focusing on a small string of sperm leaking out of her body.

“Ready when you are.”

Rather awkwardly, Aspen knelt between Haley’s spread legs. I moved the camera around as he poked around a little with his penis. “Right here?”


Aspen pushed, and I watched as his underage penis vanished once more into my daughter’s preteen vagina. As soon as he was in her, he started fucking slowly, holding himself up above her a little. I panned the camera from his nearly hairless pubes up onto his stomach and bare chest, and then up onto his face. His mouth was open slightly and his eyes were closed. He was obviously having the time of his life! I moved the camera around to the back, zooming on his bare butt as it flexed and relaxed in time to his thrusts. Oh, he was a magnificent specimen!

Moving slowly, I panned up over Aspen’s shoulder and looked down at my daughter’s face as she got fucked by this lucky boy. She saw me filming and grinned up at me. I pulled back a little to capture the faint jiggle of her breasts as Aspen screwed her.

I sighed a pleasant sight. These two young children looked so beautiful as they copulated! I was so very happy I was taping all this. My only regret was that I wasn’t getting laid at that age.

Aspen lowered himself down so that he was laying entirely on top of Haley, just his butt moving as he fucked her faster and faster. I placed one of my hands on his ass, savoring the sensation of his muscles moving as Haley’s hand joined mine. We smiled at each other.

“Ooooh… oh, god, I’m gonna cum again…” Aspen whispered. An instant later he stopped moving as his orgasm claimed him once more.

When Aspen was done cumming, I pulled back with the camera, framing the kid’s naked, sweaty bodies in the center of the screen. This would look beautiful when I watched it later. It looked beautiful now! No matter what the future brought to Aspen’s life, he would forever be immortalized on my video tapes as a beautiful thirteen-year-old boy.

Aspen and Haley spent all day long fucking. He pumped so much sperm into her vagina I was amazed she didn’t slosh when she walked. He even managed to give Haley a couple orgasms, which most boys never managed to do even once!

Two weeks later, I’d finished editing the tapes together and burned them onto a disc. Soon a DVD labeled “ASPEN – 13″, joined other DVDs with names like “HALEY – 11 / TERRY 14″, “ARTHUR – 12″, “TONY – 13″, “NICK – 11″ and “ANDREW – 14″. Twenty-seven discs, twenty-seven boys. A little more than a year of sexual frolicking. Sometimes Haley and I will sit around and watch a movie while masturbating each other. Not your standard father/daughter activity, but still.

I sometimes feel a little guilty about all this. A little weird. I mean, I know it’s not at all right for me to be making kiddie porn, using my daughter to get young boys and molesting those boys myself. But I guess it’s like a drug, and ultimately I’m just a hopeless addict.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. All characters and events depicted are fictional. Any similarity to real people or events is entirely unlikely.