October 16, 2008

Deflowering Arthur
Alex Hawk

I was sitting at home watching baseball and drinking a beer when Haley came home, her newest target in tow. I’d decided to let Haley pick what boy she was going to fuck for her next conquest. I couldn’t wait to see who she’d found.

“Hey, Daddy!” my eleven-year-old daughter said as she walked into the living room and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. She was wearing a mini-skirt and a very small top that left little to the imagination.

“Hello, honey.” I kissed her back and looked over at the slightly shy and nervous looking boy standing in the doorway. “You brought home company?”

“Yeah!” She hopped up and walked over to the boy. “This is Arthur.”

“Hello,” Arthur said.

“Hi!” He was about twelve or thirteen, I guessed. A little over five feet. Slightly brown hair. Cute face. Nice body. I couldn’t wait to see him naked.

“I was telling Arthur all about how you’ve been taking model-type pictures of me and my friends,” Haley said, putting forth the plan we’d talked about.

“Oh, yes?”

“Yeah! I told him he was really cute and he should model for you, too!” She giggled and smiled at Arthur who simply looked embarrassed.
I let out a little laugh. “Well, Haley, I’ve told you before I don’t take just anyone.” I smiled at Arthur. “I’m sorry. She seems to think she’s a talent agent.”

“That’s ok, sir. It’s no big deal.”

“How old are you?”

“Twelve,” he replied.

I looked the boy over again, this time making sure he saw me looking at him. “Well, tell me, Arthur, would you be interested in doing some modeling?”

“Uh… I don’t know. Do you really think I’d be any good?”

I walked around him and looked him over. “Absolutely,” I said with tones of total certainty. “You’ve got a nice face and a nice body. I’m sure you’d photograph really well. Would you like to try a few test pictures and see?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Alright. Follow me.” I led Haley and Arthur into the spare bedroom where she’d deflowered Nick. It had become my unofficial studio for this deflowering. There were several screens to photograph people in front of, a couple really good digital cameras, a couple camcorders, tripods, a good selection of modeling clothes and a privacy screen. It had cost me a lot of money to set everything up, but it would be more than worth it.

“Here, Arthur!” Haley said, grabbing a photo album. “Take a look at some of these while Daddy gets everything set up!” She plopped down onto a couch and started thumbing through the pictures while Arthur sat down next to her.

As the two kids looked through the book, I made a great show of getting everything set up while paying close attention to what was being said. Eventually Haley said the magic words, “Take a look at these ones. They’re special pics! You can’t tell anyone about them, though, ok?”

“Ok,” Arthur said.

I heard Haley flip a page and heard Arthur suck in a breath as Haley said, “Pretty nice, huh?”

I knew what the pictures were, of course. They were a series of mostly nude and totally nude photos of my young daughter. Most were fairly artistic, only a couple were downright pornographic. None involved anyone else. They were just posing shots of Haley in various positions. I’d taken them especially with this day in mind. I knew that no matter what they’d be enough to turn on an twelve-year-old virgin like Arthur.

“What do you think?” Haley asked.

“They’re… uh… they’re really nice…” Arthur said a little weakly.

“Haley,” I said in a scolding tone. “Are you showing him the private photos?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Now, Haley,” I said sounding stern, “you know you aren’t supposed to show those to anyone.”

“Oh, it’s ok, sir,” Arthur said quickly. “I don’t mind!”

I bet not, I thought to myself. Looking doubtful, I said, “Well… as long as you promise not to tell anyone about them, I guess you can look at them for a bit.”

“Oh, sure! I promise not to tell anyone!” Arthur said eagerly.


He and Haley turned their joint attentions back to the photo album and I turned away from them to hide my smile. Little did this cute little boy know that he’d soon be getting to do far more than just look at Haley!

“You ever see pictures like that before, Arthur?” I asked as I turned a video camera to the two kids, adjusting the focus and getting things ready for later.

“No, sir,” he said quietly. “They’re really nice, though.”

“What about in real life? Ever see a girl naked in real life?”


Boy, is it your lucky day, I thought. Out loud, “Well, I think we’re ready. Why don’t you come over and stand in front of this sheet for a bit.” I pointed to a large, slate-blue bed sheet draped along one wall.

“Alright.” With real effort, he tore himself away from the pics of Haley and walked over to stand in front of the sheet. I snapped a few photos of him. Nothing really big, just some nice beauty shots.

After several minutes of this, I picked up a small pile of clothes I’d picked up for such an occasion and said to Arthur, “Go ahead and step into the bathroom over there and change into these.”

“Ok.” He vanished into the bathroom.

“Well, Daddy, can I pick them or what?” Haley asked with a little grin.

“You can indeed.” I gave my daughter a little kiss on the head. “I’m very impressed.”

“Thank you!” She giggled. “I can’t wait to get him inside me! He’s so cute!”

I laughed. “I know, dear. But be patient.”

Haley put on a mock sulk and then giggled and sat in a large chair in the corner of the room as Arthur walked in.

“These are pretty nice clothes,” he said.

They’d better be, I thought. They cost me enough. I’d dropped over $500 shopping for the right clothes for boys to wear in pictures.

“Alright. Well, let’s start doing some pics, then,” I said to him with a smile. “Get back over to the sheet and I’ll start in again.”

“Ok.” The boy did as he was told and we spent the next thirty minutes doing nothing but taking pictures of him in various poses in front of a couple different colors of sheets. It was all pretty basic, and I could tell Haley was starting to get a little bored and impatient. On the plus side, Arthur was getting more relaxed. I figured I could start moving things forward a little now.

“Alright, Arthur. You’re doing well,” I said, repeating something I’d been saying the entire time. “Now, why don’t you take off your shirt? We can try some pics of you like that, ok?”

“Without my shirt?” he said, a little uncertain.


“Well… yeah, ok. I guess that’s right,” he said, shooting a little glance over to Haley, who simply smiled at him.

I had Arthur remove the shirt very slowly, very sensually. I wanted to tease out the shirt removal over the course of several photos, and I succeeded quite well, I think. It took a couple minutes before the shirt was completely off. Once it was, I posed in some more positions.

Then I made a subtle sign with one of my hands, directed to Haley, who “suddenly” chirped out with, “Hey, Daddy? Can I get into the pictures with him? I’m kinda bored here.”

“Uh.” I looked up in fake surprise. “Well… I suppose that’s up to Arthur. Do you care if Haley poses with you?”

“No, that’s cool,” he said after only an instant.

“Cool!” Haley flounced into the shot. She gave Arthur a little peck on the cheek and then started posing with him. I only got through five shots before she said, “Hey, Daddy? Should I take off my shirt, too?”

Again I pretended to be surprised. I said, “Well… Arthur, do you mind?”

“No, not at all!” he said quickly.

I could only barely keep myself from laughing at the boy. I said, “Alright, Haley. Go ahead.”

“Cool!” my daughter squealed as she quickly pulled off her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so there was nothing to hide her budding breasts.

I got some really good pictures of Arthur staring at Haley’s bare chest, and then started them into posing together again. I thought Arthur was going to faint when I suggested a few shots of them with their bodies pressed together. First her in front with him embracing her from behind and then vice versa.

Then I suggested a shot mimicking a famous magazine cover where I had Arthur stand behind Haley with his hands resting on her small breasts. In this case, I thought the boy might have a stroke, he looked so happy. God, what would he do when he actually got to FUCK her?

“Mmmm… that feels really good, Arthur,” Haley said, turning her head a little to smile at the boy.

“It does?” She nodded. “Cool.”

“Having fun, Arthur?”

The boy blushed and then said, “Yes, sir.”

“Good,” I said with a little chuckle. “Well… I think I’m about done with most of the pics.” Arthur’s face fell. “Well, there’s a few more I could take, but…”

“But what, Daddy?”

“Well… you two would have to be in your underwear.”

I could tell Arthur wasn’t too excited by that idea until Haley said, “Ok, Daddy!” and before Arthur could react, she quickly pulled down her mini-skirt and was now standing there clad only in a pair of very small, white panties.

As Arthur goggled at Haley, I said to him, “Well, Arthur? It’s up to you now. You wanna get down to your underwear and let me take some pictures?”

“Uhm…” Now the boy looked very uncertain. “Well… what are you going to do with these pics? I mean, are you like, going to show everyone or something?”

“Not THESE pics, no,” I said with a little laugh. “The ones of you fully dressed, yes, but these ones? Heck, no.”

Arthur looked again at my daughter, clad only in her small panties. Finally he said, “Well… yeah, ok, I guess it’ll be alright.” He slowly pulled down his pants and was soon dressed only in a pair of black boxer-briefs. They were very tight and left little to the imagination. I could clearly see the boy’s twelve-year-old penis tenting out the fabric.

“Very nice,” I said with a smile as I began taking pictures of the two children posing in their underwear. First some of Arthur by himself and then a few of him posing with Haley. He was in fact pretty photogenic.

“Alright. Let’s try some different poses,” I suggested after about fifteen minutes.

“Like what?” Arthur asked.

“Well… why don’t you two hug each other?”

“Ok!” Haley said. I could tell she’d been getting kind of bored. She quickly moved towards Arthur and embraced him tightly, pressing as much of her body as she could against his body. Arthur froze up instantly, not even breathing, as I snapped a couple photos.

“This is fun!” Haley giggled. She smiled at Arthur. “You’re having fun, too, right?”

“Of course,” he said with a gallant smile.

“Good!” Haley reached back and put her hands on Arthur’s butt. He jumped slightly, but beyond that didn’t do anything. “Take some pics like this, Daddy!”

“Alright,” I said, snapping off a couple more photos. “Put your hands on her, too,” I suggested to the very shy looking Arthur, who simply blushed a little and then complied. More photos followed.

“This is really cool!” Haley said, firing off another giggle. “You’re really cute,” she said to Arthur and then giggled again.

“Thanks,” he said with a cute little smile. “You are, too.”

“Ooo! That’s the right answer!” Haley replied and then suddenly moved her hands off Arthur’s butt, down into the back of his underwear, now cupping his ass directly.

This really caught Arthur by surprise. He started to pull back a little and then stopped. I took some shots of the look of amazement on his face, then some of Haley’s hands down on his butt.

“You can put your hands in my panties, too, if you want,” she suggested to Arthur.

Swallowing hard, Arthur looked at me and said, “Is it ok?”

I nodded. “Anything she says is alright. I know better than to argue with her.”

Very slowly Arthur lifted his hands up and then slid them down inside Haley’s panties. He had a very cute look of wonder on his face as he did so. Just adorable!

“Hey, Daddy?” Haley pulled Arthur’s underwear down in the back just enough to expose his pre-teen butt. “Take a picture of this!”

I laughed. “Do you mind, Arthur?”

“Uh… I guess not.”

“Ok.” I snapped a couple photos of his bare butt. It was pretty cute! Round and firm and smooth and hairless. Very nice. I couldn’t wait to see it bobbing up and down when he fucked my daughter.

Haley left Arthur’s underwear down and cupped his ass again, smiling at him. “You’re really nice. I like you a lot.”

Arthur was surprised by the non-sequitur, but said, “Cool. You’re nice, too.”

Haley smiled at the young boy and then gave him a kiss right on the mouth. Arthur was, again, taken by surprise, but he didn’t resist or anything. I took some nice photos of them doing their little lip-lock with each other.

“Pull my panties off,” Haley said when she stopped kissing Arthur.

Arthur blinked and looked over at me for an okay. I nodded and he very slowly lowered down Haley’s panties, exposing her tight young vagina.

“Mmmm… that’s much nicer!” Haley said. She gave Arthur a kiss and said, “Let me take yours off, too!”

I could see the indecision on Arthur’s face. Eventually he very quietly said, “Ok.”

“Yay!” cried Haley as she took hold of Arthur’s underwear and lowered them down, his virgin penis popping up into view. I zoomed in and took a few pics of his young erection. Still hairless, but some good size on it.

“Ooooo… you got a nice one!” said Haley with a grin. She reached down and gave Arthur’s penis a couple strokes. The young boy’s eyes went wide, but he didn’t say anything, just blushed a little.

“Now, Haley, behave,” I admonished. “Alright. Let’s do some more pictures.”

I began posing the kids in various ways. I kept them from actually touching one another, at least for now. I had great plans in mind for that later, of course. I did take many pictures of them laying down, standing up, flexing, posing, etc. Mostly just the same stuff I’d been doing before, except that now both children were naked.

Now I moved up to having them actually touch again. I started with a nice shot of them hugging, first face-to-face and then each one behind the other. The views of Arthur’s extremely hard penis sticking up as Haley hugged him from behind were very nice.

Then I got into some of the more erotic positions with the children. I had Haley kneel down in doggystyle position and had Arthur get in behind her and press his crotch up against her butt. He wasn’t inside her, but he was certainly closer than I’d bet he’d ever thought he would get!

Now it was time to kick up another notch. I told my daughter to get onto her back. She did so, spreading her legs as she got into position. Then I told Arthur to simply kneel between them and look down at her vagina. This presented him with no problems at all. I took several nice pictures of their bodies and faces, and Arthur’s hard, still virgin, penis.

“Ok, kids. You guys wanna try something else?” I asked casually.

“Like what, Daddy?” Haley said.

“Well… why don’t you two hug each other again?”

“Alright!” Haley said with a happy giggle. She reached up and pulled Arthur’s unresisting body down on top of hers. She hugged him tight, his bare chest pressed hard up against her small breasts. From the look on his face, I think it was safe to say that he was a happy camper.

“Are you having fun, Arthur?” I asked with a smile.

Arthur gave me a nervous grin in return. “Yeah… it’s all really cool…”

“Glad you like it,” I said, smiling some more. I made eye contact with Haley and gave her a little wink.

Haley picked up on the cue. She giggled a little and said, “I can feel your thing rubbing on me down there…”

Arthur blinked and looked embarrassed. “I’m sorry. Do you want me to move or something?” he asked, not moving a muscle.

Haley giggled again. “No, but you can put it in me if you want to.”

This took a moment to sink in. Then Arthur said, “Uh… what?”

“You can put it in me if you want,” Haley repeated.

Helplessly, Arthur looked up at me with a confused expression on his face.

“She’s saying you can put your penis inside her vagina, Arthur. You can fuck her,” I said with a little smile. “It’s lots of fun. You should do it.”

“For real?” Arthur asked with an expression of awe and disbelief on his face.

“Sure. Just let me get the cameras positioned so that I can get shots of you going inside,” I said, as I started moving things around.

Arthur looked at Haley. “Do you really want me to…” he swallowed loudly. “To… fuck you?”

“Yeah!” she said, squeezing his cute little butt. “It’ll be fun!”

“You don’t care?” he asked, looking over at me.

“Nope.” I finished adjusting the cameras. I had a video camera on a tripod aimed at the boy’s face and another handheld camera that I had between their legs to get the shot of his penis entering Haley for the first time.

Arthur didn’t move or say anything for quite a bit. Apparently Haley got tired of waiting for him to make up his mind because she reached down and took hold of his penis, lining it up with her vagina.

“Arthur?” she said in a quiet voice. “It’s really easy. All you gotta do is push forward and you’ll be fucking me, ok?”

Arthur swallowed loudly again and then silently nodded. I zoomed the handheld in and watched in pure bliss as Arthur pushed forward and down, his almost hairless twelve-year-old virgin penis sliding smoothly and easily up into my eleven-year-old daughter’s tight, hairless vagina. Yet another young boy had just lost his virginity to my little girl, and I’d been there for it! Perfection.

“Oh, my god,” Arthur whispered in pleasure. “Oh… this feels so… oh, wow…”

“You like it, huh?” I asked with a little chuckle.

“Oh, yeah…”

Haley wrapped her legs around Arthur’s waist and said, “Start fucking me, ok?”

“Alright,” he gasped out and began thrusting. I sat back and snapped a whole bunch of wonderful still pictures of these two. God, I loved watching kids fuck! Their young, smooth bodies moving in synchronized pleasure. Bliss!

Suddenly Arthur’s face got this wonderful, breathless, unfocused expression. He let out a little whimper and said, “Oh, god, I’m cumming!” then scrunched up his face and pushed deep into Haley as his penis twitched inside her vagina.

Once he was done cumming, Arthur held himself up over Haley’s naked body, trying to get his breath back. Then very slowly he pulled out of her and rolled over onto his back, his still hard penis twitching slightly, glistening with Haley’s fluids and a couple last drops of sperm. I hadn’t expected the boy to be fertile yet, but was pleased to see he was.

I was overtaken by a sudden urge to do something I hadn’t ever done with any of the boys, but that I’d always wanted to do. I handed the handheld camera to Haley and said, “Hold this.”


Once Haley was holding the camera I moved towards Arthur and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything bad.”

Arthur, still breathing hard, just nodded.

I reached down and took his no longer virgin penis in my hand. I gave it a couple strokes, eliciting a whimper from the preteen boy. Then I opened my mouth and licked all up and down the small shaft before finally wrapping my mouth around Arthur’s nearly hairless erection, bobbing my head up and down, happily blowing a twelve-year-old boy.

“Oh, god,” Arthur whispered as he experienced what must’ve been his first blowjob. “Oh… that feels too good almost… oh… wow…”

“That’s really cool, Daddy!” Haley said as she took pictures of me blowing Arthur.

I agreed, but was too lost in happiness to care. I had always wanted to blow one of the boys Haley had sex with, and now finally I was.

I didn’t want to make Arthur cum with my mouth. I figured it would be more fun to simply have him fuck Haley once more, so I pulled my mouth up and said, “You wanna fuck Haley again?”

“Sure!” the boy said with enthusiasm. As I sat up, he said, “I really liked what you just did. It felt really nice.”

“Thanks,” I said with a little smile as I took the camera back from Haley. “Stay on your back and we’ll have her get on top this time.”


Haley straddled Arthur and lowered her preteen vagina down around the delicious preteen penis I’d just sucked on. I took all the shots that I could, savoring the delight of watching my daughter getting fucked by a very cute boy.

The children screwed most of the afternoon. Every day for the next week Arthur came over and I made movies and still photos of him and Haley having sex. I even gave him a few orgasms myself with my mouth. Those wonderful experiences made me determined to blow each boy after him, perhaps as a prelude to him getting to lose his virginity.

Eventually things with Arthur trailed off, as they often did with these boys. Haley’s birthday was coming up in a couple weeks. She’d be twelve. I made her a compiled video of all the best shots of the boys she’d had sex with. They represented something of a milestone. They’d all been wonderful. I couldn’t wait to see what the next ones would be like!


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk