Chapter 11 – B-Wyze

La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 11

“Will do. Thank you for choosing Aquinas pictures,” I say to Mr. Leiberman over the phone as Audrey looks at me expectantly.

I smile at Audrey as I hang up. I know she’s dying of curiosity, but I decide to tease her a bit. So, I pretend to be very busy with all the paperwork lying around on the desk. I smile to myself as I hear Audrey groan.

“OOHHH!! Come on! What did he say?” Audrey whines as she slaps me softly on my shoulder.

“Just kidding, Lil’ Bit,” I say, laughing. I explain to Audrey that Mr. Lieberman owns the B-Wyze clothing company, whose primary focus is on swim and underwear for children and teens. The studio he worked with up until now doesn’t have the quality Mr. Lieberman is looking for. He heard some great stories about our studio, and after he saw some of the practice shots I did with Evan, he called us. As a first assignment, Mr. Lieberman wants us to do the catalog and webshop shots for the new swim and underwear collection. He’ll hire us as his primary studio if these are to his liking.

“That’s great news!” Audrey cheers and gives me a tight hug.

“It is! But it’s a lot of work too. The shipment with the clothes that need to be modeled arrives on Friday. That’s the day after tomorrow, and I need to prepare the studio too. After the clothes arrive, I’ll need to sort it and make sure they’re shot in the right order so that the printing company and webmaster won’t mix it up.”

“We…” Audrey says.

“What do you mean?”

“WE need to sort it and manage it. Not just you,” she says and kisses me on my cheek.

“Okay. WE,” I laugh, “I’m calling Miranda to see if she’s still interested in this.”

“What do you think?” Audrey chuckles. “She’ll probably be here in under a minute if you ask her.”

“I guess you’re right, but I have to ask it officially, and I need to negotiate the fee they’re gonna get.”

“Who are you going to ask for the girl’s collection?”

“Well… I was kinda hoping you’d help me out with at least the test shots. And if these are approved, it’ll be a lot easier to plan the whole thing.”

“Really? I uhm… I don’t know. I never thought about it. I want to try posing as a model to see what it’s like. But that’s just a thing between us. I don’t want a career in it.”

“Let’s do some test shots and see how it goes, okay?”

“I don’t know if I want a lot of people to see me in my bikini,” Audrey says, blushing furiously and looking very insecure all of a sudden.

“First off, you don’t have to be ashamed about anything! You look amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! I mean it,” I smile warmly, “And second, these shots will be body shots only. Your face won’t be in it.”

“Oh! Okay. Well… let’s try and see how it goes then,” she smiles, and the insecurity seems to fade away.

“This whole thing is going to be a lot of work, I’m afraid. Thankfully the test shots I made of Evan last time are approved, so we don’t have to do these anymore.”

“He liked them that much?”

“He didn’t choose us just because of them, of course. I had done a decent job shooting him…” I put on a horribly exaggerated French accent, “lahk a tdru ahr-TEEEST!!”

“Of course,” she giggles.

“So Saturday and Sunday will be all about shooting the twins, and I’m guessing a few evenings during the week too. And then we still have to find time to shoot your stuff.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll manage. Maybe I can skip my gymnastics practice once or twice this week. That’ll buy us some time too.”

“I don’t want you to have to miss practice because of this. Ah well… we’ll see. First, we need to make sure the twins are onboard.”

The call to Miranda was as expected. She said she was thrilled to help with the assignment. Even the price she asked for doing this was way better than expected. She only demanded that the boys’ names be spread around by B-Wyze and me. That way, they’d land more assignments, according to Miranda. I know it doesn’t always work like this in the business, but that’s up to Miranda to figure out.

We sit around quietly for a moment when an idea pops up. So I ask, “How about we try some portfolio shots? That way, you’ll know what it’s like to be in front of a camera, and it might give you an idea of what to expect.”

“Uhm… okay. When?” Audrey asks, not overly thrilled.

“How about now?” I say in an attempt to stop her from overthinking it.

“I… uhm… I guess?”

“Great! No need to change. Just wear your street clothes,” I say and head toward the studio, figuring Audrey will follow me.

I flip on the lights when we enter the studio, motioning for Audrey to step onto the carpet. The backdrop is plain white, which contrasts nicely with her hair. I grab my camera and smile at her, trying to put her at ease because she’s obviously more than just a little nervous.

“Now what?” she asks, fiddling with the hem of her blouse.

“We’ll start with some full-length shots. Just do what you think feels right, kay?”

“Okay,” she says timidly, “but you need to tell me when I look silly!”

“Don’t worry,” I say soothingly, “you won’t look silly. And no one but us will see these pics, so nothing to worry about.” That seems to put Audrey at ease, and she starts smiling at me. I give her a few directions, and before I know it, she’s posing almost like a pro.

When I finish with a few full-length shots, I move on to closeups on her head. These are usually done with a bare neck, and her blouse’s collar is covering it up. “You think you could open up the buttons of your top and pull it away? Or … just take it off?” She gets a coy look on her face and slowly starts unbuttoning. As this striptease unfolds before my eyes, I snap away as much as I can, surprised by how quickly this shy girl changed into a stripper.

The moment the blouse slides from her shoulders and her bra-covered breasts and tight belly come into view, I feel myself grow hard. I don’t want to and think it’s unprofessional even in a setting like this, but I just can’t help it.

I see Audrey’s eyes briefly go to my crotch, but she doesn’t say or do anything. So I decide to act like nothing is out of the ordinary either and move in to take her headshots.

“Aren’t my straps showing this way?” Audrey asks innocently but with a smile that oozes horniness.

“Yeah. A bit. But with a girl your age, this is perfectly normal. With adults, we ask to move them a bit out of…”

Before I can finish my sentence, Audrey moves both of her bra straps out of the way and smiles at me.

“Since it’s just the two of us, we might as well do this right,” she softly says.

So I snap a few shots of her head with her bare shoulders, and in the corner of my eye, I see the top of her right nipple showing above the pads of her small bra.

I quickly point my camera to this incredibly sexy spectacle and softly say, “since it’s just the two of us, the sexy bits can be shown too,”

Audrey starts to giggle nervously. “What’s next?”

“Just the half, quarter, and full-length body shots. And close-ups of your distinctive features.”

“And what are my distinctive features?”

“If you ask me, your belly and ass,” I say, knowing quite well how inappropriate it is to say it like this, but also knowing how much Audrey likes to be treated as equal.

I step back for the overview pictures, and Audrey gets back in the flow of posing like a pro. Taking off her blouse was almost like a striptease, but the way she removes her skirt is very unceremonial. She just unbuttons it, drops it to the floor, and kicks it away.

Even though I’ve seen it many times by now, the way she looks in her underwear still gets me going. Her bra straps are still loose around her upper arms, and the top of both her nipples are showing. It isn’t obscene or trashy, but more like an innocent wardrobe failure that doesn’t seem to bother her. Her standard laced hipster panties must be in the laundry or something because this time, she’s wearing classic white cotton panties with little red kisses all over them. There’s a mild cameltoe in the front, and it’s obvious she’s turned on by this, judging by the tiny dark spot accentuating her pussy.

I feel my still stiff dick twitch painfully in my pants and realize my precum is leaking like crazy. I see Audrey’s eyes move to my crotch again, and she asks, “Isn’t that uncomfortable?”

“Yeah. A bit. Sorry, but I can’t help it,” I say, blushing furiously.

“I don’t care. I’m flattered you like looking at me,” she chuckles. “You can take ‘em off if you want.”

Although this sounds very tempting, I figure I need to be the sensible one here before things start spiraling out of control. “Thanks. But I don’t think this is a good idea,” I say and try to sound as convincing as I can.

“Did you cum already?” Audrey blurts out, still focussed on my crotch.

I look down and see the big, damp spot my precum created. Wanting to be as honest as I can about all this, I say, “No. This is my precum. This whole situation is pretty exciting, and I’m getting aroused, so my dick is preparing itself to have sex.”

“Do you want to have sex with me?”

“No, no!! That’s not what I mean!” I say, terrified about how this is going.

“Why not? You just said I look sexy,” she pouts.

“Well… You do. But I’m… I can’t…uhm,” I stammer.

“I’m just pulling your chain,” Audrey says, laughing, “I’m not stupid, you know.”

“Oh. I uhm…” I keep stammering, “…you DO look sexy, but we can’t… Let’s take some more pictures, okay?”

“Sure,” Audrey says, smiling that horny smile again.

I take the necessary portfolio pictures and move in to take a close-up from her belly. Both from the front and side, noticing again how much her gymnastics training sculpted her body. After these are out of the way, she turns her back to me so that I can take pictures of her ass.

“Oh boy,” I hear myself whisper as I look at that tight, panty-clad ass right in front of me. Both undersides of her cheeks peek out from under the fabric, and her child-like panties make it look forbidden and sexy at the same time.

After taking a few pictures, Audrey looks back at me over her shoulder and says, “Wait a second. I think this will make it better.”

Before I can say anything, she hooks her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, lowers them, and steps out of them. As she’s bent over, I almost cream in my pants as I get a great look at her ass and pussy. It only lasts a few moments, but at that moment, I realize I’m basically powerless to resist this young girl. I know I have to be the responsible adult here, but she’s making it extremely difficult with her hot body and flirty attitude.

“That’s better, isn’t it?” she asks as she stands up straight and shakes her ass a little.

“Ahem… yeah,” I croak and clear my throat, “but these can’t go into your portfolio.”

“I know. But you like my ass, and I want to know what it looks like too.”

I’m currently on my knees at eye level with her butt, and I snap away at it. I ask her to bend forward a bit, lift one leg, and so on. Just when I think I’m done, Audrey starts to giggle.

“I want to try something. Sit back a little.”

So I do as she says, hold the camera in front of my face and make sure to keep her in the center of the frame. She quickly takes off her bra, and I see her spreading her legs. Now her legs make an almost perfect triangle with the floor, and I start snapping away. Audrey bends forward, grabs her ankles with her hands, and looks back at me, upside-down from between her legs. She smiles that horny smile again, and my finger almost can’t press the shutter button fast enough. I zoom in on her exposed tits, her thighs, her pussy, her face, her ass. Everything looks hot. The way she’s standing and looking at me, she just breathes sex. I didn’t realize it up until then, but twelve-year-old girls can be way sexier than most adults.

I have to adjust my straining boner, and I feel the wetness in my underwear as I do so. With the camera in my other hand, I keep finding new spots on her body to eternalize digitally.

“You sure about your pants?” Audrey asks again after looking at me, adjusting my boner.

“Uh-huh,” I half-heartedly reply.

“Well… I need to do something about it,” she says and sits down on the floor with her legs obscenely spread toward me, giving me an unobstructed view of her spread pussy.

I hear myself swallow as I see Audrey’s right hand slowly move toward her pussy, while her other hand moves to her boob and her fingers start pinching her nipple. “Audrey… Wh… What are you doing?” I stammer.

“The other day, I saw the pictures Glenn took of you when you first modeled, and I want to try that too,” she pants, and as her finger hits her clit, the sound of a loud moan fills the room. “Will you take my… ahhhh…. pictures too, pleas… hmmmhhmm?”

This takes me by surprise. Where did she find that book? Glenn promised me he hid it where only he could find it. At that moment, I realized I had given Audrey the combination of Glenn’s safe so that she could send Mr. Cohen some required copies of things like death certificates, so her trust could be started. And in the back of the safe, Glenn kept my most personal and intimate pictures.

Considering I’m horny as hell by now, the obvious effect it has on Audrey, and the fact that I have very fond memories of these pictures, make me dismiss the idea that she found something she shouldn’t have.

“Go for it…” I whisper and start taking the best pictures possible of this masturbating young girl in the spotlight of a photo studio.

The moment I whisper this, something changes in Audrey’s eyes. She starts going for it hardcore and appears to slip into her bubble. I crawl toward her for a better view, and she doesn’t even react to my movement.

As I inch closer, she lays back down on her back, her legs still spread and bend, so her knees point upward. I lay between them, looking up her body toward her head. Her middle finger slips inside her pussy, and she arches her back. This way, her tits are partly visible, and so are her head and the rest of her lower body. The pictures I snap at that moment are probably still the most intimate I ever took. Audrey is in the middle of the act of something very personal, but her entire, nubile young body, electrified with horniness, is on display.

“OHH…” Audrey moans, and I get on my knees to get a better view.

Looking down at her from an angle is still hot as fuck, and I feel the tension in my balls grow by the second. But I don’t want this to be about me. So I move around as quietly as I can, snapping away at this masturbating girl.

“Ohhh, Scott! I think I’m cumming alrea… AHH…. I’m… OHHH…”

Her head starts moving around from left to right, and her eyes are shot back in her head. By now, both her hands are working on her pussy. Her left middle finger plows in and out of her sopping pussy, making obscene squishy sounds, while her other hand works on her clit and lips.

“AIIIIHHHHIIII!!” Audrey almost screams.

I see her body stiffen, her hips push forward, so her ass is off the floor. Her hands are perfectly still, and her whole body starts spasming a heartbeat later. Seeing her cum, almost pushes me over the edge, and my dick is twitching inside my pants furiously. Thankfully, I don’t jizz my pants, but it’s close.

I keep taking a picture every now and then, and after a few moments, Audrey drops to the floor. Then, she slowly opens her eyes and smiles at me.

“That was HOT!!” she pants.

“Fucking hot,” I say, well aware of the swearword but figuring it emphasizes the intenseness of it all.

“I had a great teacher,” she whispers, blushing.

“Thanks,” is all I can come up with, “I think you’re ready to model that swimwear.”

We both start laughing, and Audrey gets up, hugging me tightly. As she does this, my nostrils are filled with the smell of young girl pussy, and I shiver as she hugs me.

“You’re awesome, Scott! I’m so glad you’re with me,” and I can hear her sniff at that.

I look her in the eyes, and I can see some tears in them. I kiss her softly on her lips, which causes Audrey to kiss me back instantly. The moment I feel her mouth open, I gently break the kiss and smile at her.

“You just came. Your hormones are playing tricks with you right now. Don’t worry about it.”

Audrey breaks the hug and starts gathering her clothes. As she pulls up her panties, she asks, “I don’t care if it’s my hormones talking. I’m really, really glad you’re taking care of me,” and seeing her determined look is a confirmation to me that she’s serious about it.

“I really like being with you too, Lil’ Bit!”

She smiles warmly as she puts on the rest of her clothes. “We can start prepping the studio right now, you know?”

Glad she changed the subject, I eagerly agree. A little over an hour later, the basic backdrop is set, and the spots are set to the default settings too. This way, I’ll only have to make minor changes to make sure the pictures all look the same, except for the twins’ clothes.

We clean up, watch some tv, and go to bed. Being naked next to each other in bed isn’t really an issue anymore, and as I lay there staring at the ceiling, I decide to jack off in the shower tomorrow. My level of arousal dropped enough to get through the night without much trouble.

“I didn’t think it would be that awesome,” Audrey says next to me.

“Me neither. I remember my first time like it was yesterday. Being in front of a camera makes you feel… important?”

“Yeah. That’s about right, I guess. But when I started… uhm… doing ‘that,’ I almost felt like I was watching myself. I felt SO hot doing it.”

“I know! I felt that, too, back then. Glenn didn’t push me or anything, but it felt like a switch was flipped when I was down to my underwear. I wanted to show everything I had, and I just had to jack off. I still don’t know what happened. It was almost like a trance.”

“It helped a lot too that it was you behind the camera and not some stranger.”

“True. But I still didn’t expect the urge to do it would be this strong.”

“Well… to be honest,” Audrey softly says, “I felt the urge to do it as I thumbed through the book this morning with the pics of your first session,” and I can almost hear her blush

“Those were meant to be private…” I half-heartedly respond, knowing perfectly well Glenn did his best.

“I know. But once I found them, I couldn’t stop looking.” She glances at me with a pensive look, concerned that she went too far. “I’m sorry.”

“Nah. It’s okay. I get it. And while we’re being honest, I would’ve looked too. In fact, I want to see them again. It’s been a long time.”

“I put the book back in the safe.”

“I’ll look at it tomorrow. But now we gotta sleep. School and prep day tomorrow. Night, Lil’ Bit”

“Night, Scott.”

“You looked amazing. You really did,” I say into the darkness.

I feel her moving beside me, and before I know it, her lips touch my face, and she gives me a tender kiss on my cheek. Then, she drapes her naked body over the side of mine as she cuddles up. The heat and wetness from her pussy on my leg immediately brings my dick to life, but I don’t care if she notices it anymore. I just enjoy her nude body on mine, and since she’s clearly interested in my boner, I figure there’s no need to be all paranoid about it anymore.

As we lay there, and I let the events of the day roll by in my head, I can’t help myself, and I realize how much I really like both the person and the body that’s cuddled up against me. Could it be … LOVE? I give my head a shake and dismiss this quickly. I CAN’T be in love with a twelve-year-old girl who is legally my sort-of daughter! I love her, but surely not like… THAT! We can play around, and I can help her explore her sexuality as Glenn did with me. But there needs to be a line I shouldn’t cross. So my only worry at the moment is where this is going to end and if I can contain myself when necessary.

* * *

The following morning, it’s business as usual. After Audrey gets out of the shower and I’m done with brushing my teeth, I hop in and let the warm water clean my body. The moment Audrey is done with drying herself, she finally leaves the bathroom, and I jerk myself to a quick orgasm. As my cum splatters against the tiles, I feel yesterday’s tension leave my body. But when I open my eyes, I see Audrey’s silhouette through the fogged-up glass door, standing there and brushing her teeth. Even though I jerked off with my back toward her, I feel a bit embarrassed. I don’t know when she came in, but what I did couldn’t be missed.

“You know you can do that in bed, right?” Audrey says after spitting out the toothpaste and without looking at me.

So much for secrecy and privacy. But the lack of guilt and shame I feel surprises me. So I turn sideways to grab the soap and say, “I know. But I didn’t want to bother you with it last night.”

“Okay. Fine with me. Just so you know, I don’t care. Kay?” and with that, she turns around and leaves the bathroom.

After Audrey heads off to school, I call Miranda. Luckily, she and the twins are available tonight and the rest of the weekend. So we arrange for them to come over at around seven this evening. We’ll take some test pictures, tweak the setup where necessary, and make sure the two remaining days can be used to produce the final images of the swim and underwear.

I move stuff around in the studio, and in the end, I think I created a pretty good setup. The room divider for giving the boys privacy when they need to change is now a bit closer to the shooting location, so the boys won’t waste too much time walking back and forth. I wish I could put it closer, but unfortunately, that’s not an option. I also tested with a triple camera setup to shoot all three sides at once. But I just can’t get the lighting right on all three, so they have to turn twice during the shoot. I hoped to get the total time to shoot one item down a bit, but sometimes it is what it is.

I start sorting the clothes and make sure they are all numbered correctly so that no one can mess up after we’re done. Then, after Audrey gets back from school, she starts helping me. Most of the items the boys need to model are basic boardshorts in all sorts, lengths, and colors. There are also about a dozen bikini-style pants and a few semi-professional tight swim trunks that end just above the knee.

The underwear is basically the same. Most of them are boxer briefs in all sorts of colors and lengths. There are about a dozen low-rise bikini-style briefs and a dozen old-school cotton boxer shorts. But when I open the box labeled ‘other,’ I’m a bit surprised. There are four different thongs in there and two types of jock-straps. I didn’t know they even made thongs for kids this age, but as the image forms in my head, I realize I won’t mind seeing these hot twins in them.

“Uhm… Scott?” Audrey asks while holding up a thong.

“What is it?” I ask, chuckling because of her questioning face.

“Do I need to wear this?”

Audrey took charge of the box with girls’ clothes, and I realized there were some clothes in there too that a kid this age wouldn’t normally wear.

“We promised Mr. Lieberman we’d shoot everything he’d send us.”

“Hmm…” Audrey says thoughtfully, “it’s a good thing it’s just body shots then.”

“Mr. Lieberman did mention that his company is unique in its products for teenagers. So I guess this is what he means by that,” I laugh as I hold up the boys’ thong.

“Oh wow… they’ve got these for boys too?” she asks with disbelief in her voice and her face getting red.

After we finish unpacking, sorting, and registering everything, we quickly eat something. Just after we finish, the bell rings, and the Thompsons are here. We greet each other, and as we walk toward the studio, Miranda asks, “Did you ever do a big shoot like this before?”

“Not this big on my own, no. But I assisted Glen a lot with these kinds of shoots, so I know quite well how it’s done and what’s needed.”

“Good to hear. And I… we need to talk about tomorrow,” she says, looking a bit embarrassed.

She’s interrupted by the twins, who have entered the studio and taken in the new setup. “Wow!” they both say simultaneously.

“That’s a pretty neat setup!” Miranda agrees, clearly impressed, and I can see the last bit of doubt disappear from her face.

“Thanks. We worked hard the last couple of days. What about tomorrow?”

“Oh. Well… My husband and I have an important meeting with a potential investor that afternoon. So I don’t know what time we’ll be done, and I’m afraid we won’t be able to pick up the boys. Is it too much to ask of you to drive them home tomorrow after they’re done here?”

“Oh no! Not at all!” I reply cheerfully, glad to know there won’t be a potential bossy parent around.

“Thanks! You’re the best,” Miranda sighs, clearly relieved to have this out of the way.

“Okay, boys!” I say as I stand next to Audrey and try to get their attention.

I explain to them how I need to make sure the setup is okay for tomorrow’s shoot. And that today will all be about practice. And that tomorrow and Sunday, we’ll do the hard work. Their nervousness is quickly gone after my explanation of the how and what.

“So, head over to Audrey, and she’ll hand you your first swimsuits.”

As Audrey hands them two board shorts, I explain that they can change behind the divider like last time. And that later on, we’ll do the speedos and maybe underwear. But that depends mostly on how complicated the lighting turns out to be with the first two items.

“I need to make sure the lighting is good for them too,” I say to the room divider where Evan and Owen are currently changing.

I already lost Miranda. She’s still inside the studio, but since I started talking to Evan and Owen, she’s made a phone call and is currently extremely busy typing on her phone. This is fine by me. The fewer comments from her, the easier it’ll all go down.

She must’ve seen me looking because out of the blue, she says, “We’re in the middle of acquiring three new salons. So I’m a bit occupied. Sorry.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got it covered. This way, you can see how I do things, so you don’t have to worry tomorrow when they’re here on their own,” I smile.

“Oh. I’m not worried about you. I can see how you handle them and how Audrey acts around you. So, no. No worries here,” she smiles.

“Thanks. I appreciate it,” I say, and at that moment, the boys get into the set.

They look just as hot as I remember them. And in my head, I already picture them in these tiny thongs. But first things first. We get to work after jumping through the hoops to determine who’s who. They both catch on quickly, and before we know it, it’s time to change into the speedos.

“Uhm… Scott?” I hear from behind the divider.

“What is it?” I ask, smiling knowingly at Audrey.

“Can you come here for a sec please?”

I look at Audrey and shrug. As I get behind the divider, one of the twins is looking at me and standing there in his blue speedos, with the other giggling and buck naked next to him. I quickly glance at the exposed dick, and seeing his birthmark assures me I’m looking at Evan.

“What is it?” I ask Owen, quickly drinking in the sight of both boys.

“Uhm… you know you can see it all in these things, right?” he says, looking a bit unsure.

“I know. That’s how these things work. You don’t feel comfortable wearing it?” I try carefully.

“Nah! I don’t care,” he smiles and grabs his dick through the thin fabric, “I just wanna know if I should point it to the left or the right,” he says with a straight face, but behind me, Evan bursts out into laughter.

I can’t help myself and start laughing too, glad to know they’re just playing with me. So I say, “Whatever you want. As long as it doesn’t peek out somewhere, it’s fine by me.”

I turn around, nodding my head, and see Evan pulling up his green speedos. I get one last look at his junk before I get back to my camera. I glance over at Audrey and see she’s smiling, but her face is flushed. I look at Miranda, and she’s smiling too. When she sees me looking, she just shrugs and rolls her eyes apologetically.

The speedo test pics are done relatively quickly, but I prolong it a bit by zooming at the crotches. This way, I’ve got some nice pics of what these boys are packing. When these are almost done, I check my watch and look over at Audrey.

“We can do your test pics right now too. Is that okay with you?”

“Uhh… sure,” she says and shrugs.

“Great! Go and change, so we can continue when I’m done here.”

I take a few more close-ups of Evan’s dick and balls. The moment I’m done, I stand up straight and say, “That’s it for today, guys. Thanks!”

Right at that moment, Audrey appears from behind the divider, and I can see both boys looking at her with their mouths open. I have to blink a few times too, but I quickly regain my senses and act as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. Audrey picked the bikini that’s clearly inspired by the one that Ursula Andress wore in the James Bond movie. And she looks absolutely fabulous in it.

As she walks over to the set for the test shots, she looks at Owen and Evan. I expected her to be all shy and reserved at this moment, but the boys’ reaction must’ve spiked her confidence. And that white bikini with black waistband looks smokin’ hot on her. I can’t blame the boys for looking at Audrey like they do.

“Great! Get over there, so I can do the necessary checks,” I say, winking at her.

“Dude!” I hear one of the boys whisper loudly behind me.

I look over to see what’s going on, and right before Owen covers it with his hands, I can see his speedo-covered boner pointing toward his hip. A quick glance toward his brother shows that he’s chubbed up but not hard. Of course, this all happens in a split second, but I like what I see. And I like it a lot!

“I’m sorry, dude! Can’t help it. Look at her!” he whispers back without showing much shame for boning up.

“I know, but…” Evan whispers softly and looks at his brother’s groin.

“You can go and change if you want, boys,” I say as I look for Miranda, who’s currently on the phone and not looking at what’s going on here.

“Nah. We’re good,” Owen smiles as our eyes meet.

“I can see that,” I chuckle as I nod toward his groin, “but I think it’s best if you hit the sack early today. We’ve got two long days ahead of us.”

Owen blushes when he realizes he’s busted. Evan just smiles and says, “Come on, Dude. He’s right. Mom will be ready soon too.”

And after they disappear behind the divider, I focus on Audrey again. Her confidence is still high, and she’s acting like a pro. It all goes way smoother than with the boys. We did have some practice, of course. But still… I’m impressed.

After we’re done, I look over my shoulder and see the boys are standing there in the clothes they wore when they came in. But, instead of what kids these days usually do, they aren’t looking at their phones. Instead, their eyes are glued to Audrey in her hot, white bikini.

“Ready?” Miranda asks as she walks toward us, her phone in her pocket for once.

“See you tomorrow,” Audrey says seductively as she walks by the boys and disappears behind the divider

“Yeah. All done for now,” I say to Miranda, ignoring Audrey and the boys. “Remember to wear loose-fitting clothes tomorrow, so we won’t see any lines we don’t wanna see.”

“Will do. And thanks for bringing them home tomorrow. You’re a life-saver!”

“Don’t mention it.”

“See you tomorrow, Mr. H,” Evan says, and we bump fists, “later, Audrey!”

I make another fistbump with Owen. “Later, Audrey!” he calls out, and they’re off.

Audrey and I watch some tv together, and after we clean up and get in bed, she asks, “Did you see how they looked at me?”

“I sure did,” I reply, not mentioning the boner incident since I don’t want to embarrass either of them. “And I don’t blame them. You looked like a million bucks in that bikini!”

“I do look good in it, don’t I?”

“Yeah. You sure do!”

“But they looked amazing too in those small speedos.”

“True. But not as hot as you did. Close, but not quite.”


“Night,” I say, yawning loudly. “Oh! Before I forget. We’re bringing them home tomorrow after the shoot. You can come too if you want.”


“What do you mean, why?”

“Why bring them home? They can stay here for the night. There’s still a room left that we don’t use. And Glenn’s room, of course.”

“Hmm. Didn’t think of that. I’ll ask Miranda. We’re basically strangers, so I don’t know what she thinks of it. But it does save a lot of time.”

“Kay. Night,” Audrey says and clicks off the light.

* * *

Audrey and I are still drinking our tea and coffee the following day when Miranda and the twins arrive. Both Owen and Evan have big smiles on their faces and look excited to get started. Miranda, however, looks anxious.

“You okay? Want some coffee, maybe?” I ask and motion for her to sit down at the table.

“Yes, please,” she responds thankfully and sits down.

“I’ll get it,” Audrey says as the twins join us at the table and sit on the wooden bench.

“We’re only wearing sweats, Mr. H.,” one says, and the other chuckles. “All airy and loose down there!”

Miranda looks at him with a frown, and he immediately responds, “What!? It’s true, isn’t it?”

“You know I told you not to say everything that pops up in your head. This is one of these things. Scott isn’t interested in how ‘loose’ everything is hanging,” she says sternly, with a clear emphasis on loose.

“Okay. Sorry, Mom.“

I know better than interfering in these discussions, so I decide to change the subject, “Audrey had a good idea,” I say as Audrey puts down the coffee in front of Miranda.

“Oh?” she asks, looking at Audrey.

“Yeah,” Audrey starts, “bringing them home tonight and then driving them back here tomorrow seems a bit silly to me. We’ve got a spare bedroom, and they can sleep there. If you’re okay with that, of course.”

“And if Owen and Evan want to, obviously,” I quickly add.

“I… uhm… I can’t ask this from you, guys!” she tries, but it’s immediately clear that she likes the idea.

“Nonsense! We’ve even got more time for the shoot this way!” I smile.

“Well… It does eliminate the need to be home in time tonight… You sure you don’t mind?”

“Honestly! They’re very polite, and I’m sure we’ll have a good time,” I say, knowing how much parents like it when other people call their kids polite.

“What do you think, little men?” she asks, looking at them.

“Fine by me,” Evan replies.

“Me too,” Owen adds.

“Just one thing. You’ll have to share a bed. That’s all. It’s a king-size, though.”

“No problem. We’re used to that. We do it almost every holiday we go on,” is Owen’s quick reply.

“And we shared a womb, so we’re used to being together!” adds Evan, grinning. Miranda rolls her eyes again.

“Thanks! Then it’s settled. That’s one concern less. Today is a very exciting day because if we manage to take over these other salons, we’d be the biggest in the area, opening many opportunities for us. We can get the…”

“Mom!” both boys say simultaneously.

“Oh. Sorry. You’re right,” she blushes, “I can sometimes get a little carried away about the salons.”

“Listen. Just do your thing today, and let me worry about these two little men. Just make sure you don’t forget about them,” I smile.

“No, silly!” Miranda chuckles, “We’ll pick them up at around four on Sunday?”

“Great! If things go well, we’re going to be done by then. I’m almost certain.”

Miranda polishes off her coffee and almost runs out of the studio to get her things done. It’s clear she cares a lot about the boys, but now it’s also apparent there is something massive happening with the salons. I’m glad to help, and I like that there are no prying eyes now. This way, I can focus on what I do best. And it’ll be fun with these two clowns around. I like these kids, and so does Audrey.

After announcing we’re starting, both boys get up and walk over to the divider. Audrey is with them and starts picking the first item for them to wear. She surprises me when she blurts out, “Now I see what you mean. You’re not wearing underwear!”

“Yeah. When you’re hung like us, it’s difficult to hide it, you know,” one of them says.

“Bullshit! I’ve seen you in speedos, so you don’t have a lot of secrets for me in that department,” Audrey chuckles.

“Shit. She’s right, dude,” the other one laughs.

Before we start shooting, I learn who’s who. I realize at that moment that if you just ask them, they give you an honest answer. It’s the guessing and saying how much they look alike that puts them off. When we start the shoot, I quickly get a bit annoyed by how much time it all takes. Sure, in the beginning, it’s getting used to everything, finding the correct spot and pose, that sort of stuff. Then, after three or four items each, the pace picks up a bit.

“We’re doing a lot of walking back and forth,” I hear Evan say behind me. “Would you mind if we just change … like, right here?”

I look back at him, figuring he’s asking me. But he’s actually asking Audrey, which I find very sweet of him. Audrey glances at me, and I just shrug.

“Uhm… no. I don’t mind. Do you want me to turn around or something?” she asks.

“Sure, if you want. We… kinda don’t care if you see us, we’re used to walking around… you know… naked when we’re at home,” Evan explains.

“It’s just that you might think it’s… you know…weird… or awkward. So it’s the right thing to ask first, right?” Owen adds.

“I uhh… no. Go ahead,” she says, and I can see a slight flush on her face.

“Mr. H?” Evan asks, looking at me.

“It might speed things up, so go ahead. And remember, what happens inside this studio, stays in this studio!”

“Almost like Vegas,” Owen smiles. Both of them hook their thumbs into their waistbands and are naked in under a second.

This sure speeds things up. The time it took them to walk back and forth to the divider is gone this way. And I see a gorgeous naked boy practically all the time. I manage to steer away from a boner, but it takes me some effort and a lot of focus doing so. I notice Audrey constantly stealing glances, but it just seems natural for them to walk around naked after a while, and even Audrey stops looking the entire time.

About halfway through the afternoon, I can see they’re all getting a bit tired. We’ve done great so far, and almost all the boardshorts are done. So now it’s just the speedos, underwear, and thongs left. We’re probably ready at around noon tomorrow if we keep up this shooting rate.

“Let’s finish the boardshorts, and then we’ll call it a day. Okay?”

“Sounds good! I’m getting pretty tired, you know?” Owen says as he scratches his balls.

I can’t help but look. His cut penis lies against the back of his hand, and his balls are moving in his sack as he scratches them. His hairless legs, the small patch of pubes, and slightly muscular chest make me want to touch him everywhere. I know I can’t, but they do make it damn difficult this way.

“Okay! That’s a wrap!” After the final board short is shot, I call out, “if you boys want, you can go take a shower.

“Nah. I’m good,” Evan says.

“Me too. I’ll take one in the morning. I didn’t sweat that much. Need any help in here?”

“You are the best,” I call out, and both of them are beaming with pride, “but you need to change into your sweats. We can’t go to Denny’s with you looking like this!” and I point at their boardshorts.

“Denny’s? Just a sec!” Owen says and quickly heads over to the divider, his brother hard on his heels.

“Even that ‘airy’ look is better than just swimming shorts!” Audrey shouts, chuckling.

“Yeah, yeah…” comes the muffled reply from behind the divider.

The evening is delightful! Evan and Owen are a lot of fun to be around and didn’t give me a hard time once. We eat at Denny’s, but the twins ask us to skip dessert. Instead, Evan insists on eating ice cream at a nearby shop that serves the best milkshake in the state, according to both of them! So we head over there, and I have to hand it to them.

“That’s one fine milkshake!” I say after I polish it off.

“Told you!” Evan says.

“Look, guys. Tomorrow we need to shoot the more revealing stuff,” I say seriously. “You don’t feel pressured or anything, right?”

“Huh? No!” Owen says with a look on his face as if I’m from Mars.

“Just checking. Sorry.”

“I really don’t care! I’d pose naked if you want. I’m not ashamed of my body. His body, on the other hand…” Owen says as he makes a disgusted face and points at his brother.

“Hahaha!! That’s funny! Ya know… cause y’all look… the same!” I say with a thick trailer-trash accent to emphasize the humor in explaining a joke.

We all laugh so loud that the waitress starts glaring at us. “Let’s tone it down a bit, guys. I don’t wanna be kicked out of here.”

“Sshhh…” Audrey whispers, still giggling.

“I think we’ve got time tomorrow to do a mood shot with the three of you. Would you mind?” I say after the laughter dies off.

“What’s a mood shot?” Audrey asks and judging by the questioning look on all faces, nobody knows what I mean.

“I want to put you guys on a beach where you’re having fun. Or where you look at the sea. Or just sunbathing. Stuff you do when you’re wearing these clothes. That way, Mr. Liebermann will see the added value of it because these can be used on his website, in his shops, his printed folders, you name it.”

“You want to go to the beach tomorrow? In Seattle?” Owen smirks.

“Duh! Of course not,” I reply with mock annoyance. “We’ll use a green screen. But if he likes it, I’ll try to persuade him to go to an actual tropical island and shoot the real deal.”

“Oh wow…” all three whisper together, which causes another burst of laughter.

“Count me in!” Owen says, ”if it can take me to a tropical island, I’m game!”

“Me too,” his brother replies and looks questioningly at Audrey.

“No. Not me. Find another idiot,” she says with a straight face.

“Owww!!” Evan and Owen whine.

“What do you think? Of course, I wanna go to a tropical island! Back at ya!”

“Wait a minute! I’m not saying we’re going to a tropical island, guys. I’m just saying we MIGHT go there IF I can convince Mr. Liebermann to pay for it.”

“I get it. But I wanna go anyway,” Evan giggles.

It’s already late when we get home, so we decide to hit the sack. I show the boys their room, and before I get a chance to leave them alone, they’re already naked. These kids have even fewer issues with being naked than I do.

“Night, boys. See you tomorrow.”

“Can you leave the door open, please?” Evan asks.

I need a moment to judge him if he’s not making fun of me this time. But it’s clear they’re both serious, so I don’t say anything and just nod.

“Sure thing. I’ll call you guys in the morning, kay?”

“You might need to call twice,” Evan says, scratching his ass, “or three times. We’re both very sound sleepers. Right, Dude?”

“Yep. Mom always complains about it,” Owen adds.

“I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for today, guys! You were awesome!”

As I glance at Audrey’s exposed boobs, I crawl into bed. We lay there looking at the ceiling, and I just know Audrey wants to talk about today.

“I never thought a penis could be beautiful. To me, it was just a silly tube of flesh. But seeing it now with Evan and Owen…”

“They are magnificent. There’s no other word for how they look.”

“I just have to keep looking, you know? And at some point today, I just wanted to grab it and jack it as I did with you,” she says, looking at me, clearly uncomfortable admitting it.

“That’s not weird, Lil ‘Bit. You were horny. Heck, I had that thought once or twice too today,” I chuckle.

“I’m going to masturbate now,” Audrey states and pushes down the blanket, exposing her nubile naked young body and my precum-leaking boner.

I’m not going to argue. I also need to relieve the pressure so that I won’t do anything stupid tomorrow. I simply grab my hard-on and start jacking. As I do this, my eyes are glued between Audrey’s spread legs, where the movement of her hand betrays what she’s doing.

As she starts moaning, I quickly glance at her face and see her eyes are glued to the action between my legs. Neither of us says anything, and the room is filled with heavy panting, soft moans, and typical masturbation sounds.

“Oohhhh,” Audrey moans, and it’s clear she’s trying to keep the sound level down.

I can see her body stiffen as her hand moves faster and faster between her legs, with the squishy sounds getting louder by the second. The realization she’s cumming, pushes me over the edge more quickly than I ever experienced before. And before I can say or do anything, my cum flies out of my dick and coats me from my chin to my pubes.

I did my best to hold back my moans, but it was a powerful orgasm, so I end up making a bit more noise than I’d like. Beside me, Audrey moans again and, judging by her new spasms, comes again.

After we lay side by side for a few minutes, Audrey whispers, “It’s SO hot watching you cum! I came twice again…”

“You’re not too bad yourself. I get hot watching you too. I’m glad we’re doing this together now,” and I carefully move toward her and give her a peck on her cheek.

But right before I move in for a second one, she turns her head, and my kiss lands straight on her mouth. Then, she grabs my head with her hand, and she starts kissing me firmly. Again, no tongue, but not a friendly peck either.

The kiss lasts a few seconds. And after she lets go of my head, she looks me deep into my eyes and says, “I love you, Scott!”

This takes me by surprise, but I can’t deny my love for her, although I’m not sure what kind of love I’m feeling. But I do love her, so I reply, “I love you too, Lil’ Bit!”

This brings a smile to our faces, but I feel my cum sliding down, dangerously close to the mattress. So I turn to my back, reach under the bed for the towel, and quickly clean up my mess. After Audrey clicks off the light, she immediately cuddles up against me, and we’re asleep in record time.

* * *

I grumble as the sound of the alarm clock wakes me. Audrey moves next to me too. She moved away from me during the night, but her leg is still draped over mine. I rub my eyes, grab my phone, and get up.

“Too early,” I hear Audrey grumble.

“Welcome to the glamorous world of professional photography,” I reply as I pull up a fresh pair of boxers.

“Grmph… don’t wanna,” she wines and puts her arm over her eyes.

I walk over, grab the covers, and pull them down with a big tug. She doesn’t even move. I let my eyes roam quickly over her magnificent body. My eyes land on her puffy pussy lips, and a sudden urge to fuck her washes over me. This feeling scares the shit out of me! I can’t possibly fuck her! She’s twelve, damnit! And under my supervision. So, with all the willpower in me, I push back that thought and pretend it never happened. Instead, I reach out and tickle under her left foot.

“Hey!” she says, only pulling back her foot.

“Get up, okay? We’ve got work to do! I’ll go and wake up Evan and Owen.”

She grunts again, but before I leave the room, she sits upright and swings her legs over the edge of the bed. I walk over toward the boys’ room, and I can hear a soft snore coming from it. As I reach the half-open door, I stop dead in my tracks. Holy shit! Both boys lie on their backs, and the blanket is kicked around their feet. This isn’t a big surprise, considering the temperature in the room. They must’ve cranked up the heating last night.

But in the yellow illumination coming from the hallway, they look like they’re glowing. But the thing that strikes me most are the hard boners sticking up from their crotches. Because of these, I can’t see the birthmark, so it’s not exactly clear who’s who. But I don’t care! I feel myself grow stiff at the spectacle in front of me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Both boys are sound asleep, and one of them lies with his head against his brother’s shoulder. It’s so sweet that if it wasn’t for them being naked and their hard-ons on display, it could easily be on the front of a Christmas card.

I hear some noise behind me and notice Audrey walking around in a tank top and panties. “PSST!” I whisper loudly, and when she looks at me, I motion her to come over. She looks at me with a questioning face but walks over anyway. As she comes closer, I see her eyes focus on my tented boxershorts, which make the question marks in her eyes even bigger.

“What is it?” she whispers as she comes closer.

I smile and whisper back, ”Take a look,” and step a bit aside

“Oh, wow!” she whispers as she looks at the boys, and in a reflex, she puts her hand in front of her mouth, probably to prevent her from waking them.

“I know, right? I wish I had my camera,” I softly giggle.

“They are… oh my god! This is…” she whispers, and I can see her hand move between her legs.

She seems to snap out of her trance as she realizes where her hand is going and looks at me with a flushed face. Then down at my tented underwear, and she smiles.

“You can’t wake them up like this, can you?”

“Oh, I can. And I will. If they don’t care, neither will I. But I’m not sure if they like it when you’re in the back, looking at their boners,” I say, still whispering.

“No. Me neither. Just one more minute,” she says, and we both take a good, long look at these young, angelic boys, looking smoking hot.

“Okay. That’s enough for now,” I say primarily to myself.

Audrey nods and walks back to our room to get dressed. I enter the room and clear my throat loudly. No movement. One of the boys’ boner twitches, but that’s all. So I clear my throat again, but still nothing. Finally, I move closer and reach out for their bodies. It takes a lot of willpower to ignore their hard dicks, but I place my hand just above Evan’s boner on his belly and feel the heat coming from his hard-on. Now that I’m close enough, I’m able to see the birthmark. I gently rub his tight belly, and he finally stirs. Before he realizes where my hand is, I move it over to his brother and repeat the action.

Both of them yawn loudly and stretch their bodies, making an already perfect picture even more perfect. I see them blink as they wake up, and I notice both boners twitch again in my peripheral vision. Finally, I smile as their eyes focus and see the realization in their eyes that they’re not in their own bed.

“Morning, guys!” I say cheerfully.

“Morning, Mr. H,” Owen groans.

They don’t seem to realize their situation since neither of them attempts to cover up at all. I give them a few more moments, and when I see Evan reach down to grab his boner, I realize they just don’t care about their situation. Especially when a few moments later Owen does the same.

I can’t ignore it anymore—two beautiful boys, naked and hard with their boners in their hands, ready to jerk.

“You might need to do something about that, don’t you?” I ask softly.

They look at me to see what I mean. And after I nod toward their hard-ons, they just smile, and I see Owen squeezing his dick.

“Nah. It’ll go down after a piss,” Evan simply says and sits up straight, rubbing his eyes.

“And look who’s talking,” Owen chuckles, his eyes focused on my tent.

“Yeah. Well… sorry about that, but I need to take a leak too, and you boys looked amazing lying there like that. Can’t help it.”

“Nevermind. We’re all guys here,” Evan says.

In the hallway, Audrey is making a bit of noise to announce her arrival. Both Evan and Owen simply place their hands over their boner, but that’s about all.

“Oh! Morning, guys! Sleep well?” she says, still flushed but acting overly casual, still dressed in a tank top and panties.

“I know I did. It was a bit cold last night, so we turned up the heater. A bit too much, obviously,” he says, pointing toward the crumbled blanket at their feet.

“Who’s first in the shower?” I ask, looking at all three kids.

“I don’t care,” Audrey says.

“We’ll go first then,” is Owen’s response.

“That way, we’re saving precious time,” Evan adds and smiles, “just ask our mom on a schoolday.”

Owen starts giggling, and I notice his boner is almost gone when he accidentally moves his hand out of the way.

“Great! I’ll start working on breakfast. See you downstairs in, let’s say, fifteen minutes?”

“I’ll take mine tonight,” Audrey says, “saves time too, and I’ll probably sweat a lot today. I’ll help you with breakfast.”

We’re almost done with pancakes and bacon when Owen and Evan walk in. Evan fully clothed, Owen in just his sweat pants. Both boys are obviously without underwear, judging by the moving lump in their sweats.

“It smells delicious, Mr. H,” Owen says kindly.

“Hey!” Audrey says, turning around with her hand on her hip.

“Sorry… and Audrey!” Owen adds quickly.

“That’s right,” Audrey smiles and blows him a small kiss with her lips.

We make small talk during breakfast. As we sit there, talking and laughing, I almost feel like we’re a family. Both boys are really nice and funny, and they fully respect Audrey and me in a very natural way. Audrey seems happy to be around them too. As I’m contemplating all this, I can’t help but think about how Glenn did the same for me. He made me feel at home and took me in as his own. He didn’t just teach me how to take good pictures. He taught me how to be a good person in general. I almost tear up, thinking about this.

After the breakfast table is cleaned, we head out to the studio again. Audrey and the boys walk over to the clothing racks, and within seconds, both boys are standing there naked as if there’s nothing strange about being naked in front of a girl about the same age. I love it!

“Let’s start out with the speedos, okay?” I say as I start clicking on the lights, computer, and stuff.

As time passes by, the speedos get skimpier. At one point, Evan walks over to the spot in front of the camera, and in my viewfinder, I notice some hair peeking out above the waistband.

“Uhmm… can you pull it up a tiny bit?” I ask, pointing at the monitor with the picture I’m about to take.

He looks at the monitor and shakes his head, “No. Sorry. That’ll give me a full-blown wedgie, I’m afraid. I’m glad my dick fits in this thing.”

“I see. That’ll be a Photoshop job, I’m afraid. I can’t send it to Mr. Lieberman like this.”

“You can cut them off if that’s easier for you,” he simply says.

I look at him to check if he’s serious, and judging by his look, he is. So I look around, and before I can do anything, Audrey hands me a pair of scissors.

“You want me to do that?” I ask, a little flabbergasted he’d trust me with such a job.

“Of course. You see what’s needed from down there,” and he just smiles.

I don’t want to let an opportunity like this go to waste, so I get on my knees in front of him and slowly bring the scissors toward the top of his speedos.

“I just need to pull this down a little bit,” I say softly and tug at the waistband near his hip.

This causes the waistband to slide down a tiny bit, but just enough for me to cut away a little more hairs. The back of the scissors touches his pubic bone, and he hisses at the contact.

“Sorry,” I say and pull back.

“It’s just cold. Go ahead.

When I bring the scissors back, I notice his growing dick. By the time I’m done cutting off a little bit of the hairs, he’s got a full-on boner. I look up at him, and he just smiles sheepishly down at me.

“Sorry, but no one ever touches me down there,” and he starts to blush.

“Don’t worry about it. It’ll go down in a few moments,” I say assuringly.

Owen and Audrey are talking to each other, seemingly oblivious to the predicament Evan is in, but the moment I stand up, Owen giggles and says, “Dude!”

Audrey looks too, but she just looks and doesn’t say anything, which is probably for the best.

“Can’t help it, dude! You go first. I’m ready in a moment.”

So they switch places, and as Evan stands next to Audrey, I see her eyes glued to Evan’s crotch. Owen wears the same model speedos as his brother, but he manages to hide it all from view. We’re done relatively quickly with this one, and by the time Evan is back at it, he’s ready too. His dick is only a little bigger than in the other pictures, but at least his pubes don’t peek out this time.

“Thong time!” Audrey giggles as the awkwardness is visible on both boys’ faces.

As they pull up the thongs and try to stuff their junk inside, Owen says, “That string between my cheeks isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”

“Nah. It’s alright,” Evan adds, “but still not my kind of underwear.”

“Your butt looks great in it!” Audrey adds, immediately regretting she said it, judging by the look on her face.

“It does? Thanks!” Evan says, clearly taking it as a compliment.

Both boys turn around to show the other how they look. I can only laugh at such youthful playfulness. Owen spanks his brother, which has to be returned, of course. After letting them get used to the situation, I call them over. Owen is the first, and he acts like it’s the most normal thing in the world to be in front of a camera in just a thong. But so does Evan, and I compliment both boys on their professionalism.

After the thongs and underwear are done, I wipe the sweat from my forehead, take a sip from my coke, and look at Audrey.

“We’re done! That was the last piece we had to shoot,” she chirps.

“Yes!” The boys say and give each other a high-five.

They walk over to me in their tight boxer briefs, high-five me too, and do the same to Audrey.

“We did it, guys! Time for some lunch. And after that, green-screen and fun time!”

We sit at the table, drinking some soda and chatting while waiting for the delivery guy to show up. Evan and Owen are still in just the boxers, but I hardly notice that anymore. Audrey and the boys chat about what to wear for the mood shots as the doorbell rings.

“You need to wear that bikini you wore yesterday!” I hear Owen exclaim, “you look awesome in it!”

As I walk back to the table, I notice Audrey blushing and looking at the table. Then she says, “I’ll wear that bikini again, but only if at least one of you wears a speedo.”

“You know what?” Evan says boldly, “we’ll both wear a speedo.”

“Deal!” Audrey says and extends her hand to shake on it.

After our subs are done, we chat a little more. After I get up and roll in the green screen, Audrey disappears behind the divider to change. Both Evan and Owen help me set things up properly. We use a different corner of the studio, but during last week, I already worked out the lighting plan, so we’re done in no time.

“That was quick,” Evan says.

“I know. But I don’t want this to be too perfect. It must give him an idea of what I’m thinking about. If this is near-perfect, there’s no need to go to a real beach, right?” I smile.

After Audrey appears from behind the divider, both boys’ eyes almost pop out of their sockets again, but they don’t say anything. Instead, they just grab the speedos and start changing too. Moments later, they’re all in front of the green screen, looking at me for directions. So, I load up some pictures I made on the Island earlier, and we all look at the monitor for the right one.

“That’s nice,” Audrey says, “and now we just do… what?”

“Tell a joke. Or grab a ball and play with it. Or pretend to look at something in the distance. It’s okay to put an arm over a shoulder or around a waist. Just try to act natural, and like you’re having fun on a tropical beach.”

This starts out rather awkwardly, but they get into the mood after a few minutes. First, they pretend to play some volleyball. And later on, they kick the ball around. The ball isn’t in the picture, but the way their bodies move makes it look all-natural. Audrey grabs both boys around their waists a little later while they put their arms over her shoulders. At that moment, Owen let out a big fart, and we all laugh loudly at that. This is probably the best picture of the set, but we decide to take a few more.

Audrey’s hands are on the boys’ hips at that time, and I notice Evan boning up again. Neither of them notices, so I take a few pics of that and even two or three close-ups. Then I clear my throat and nod toward his groin. All three of them look, and Audrey starts to giggle, making Evan blush.

“Did I do that?” Audrey smiles.

“Well… uh… yeah… sorry?”

Audrey kisses him on his cheek, acting like it’s nothing, and says, “Let’s turn around and pretend we’re looking at something exciting.”

They do just that, and it immediately takes the tension out of the situation. I make a mental note to compliment her on how she handled it later.

After a lot more pictures, I call out, “That’s it, guys! We’re done!”

“Whoop, whoop!” Owen says and kisses Audrey on her cheek in excitement.

They all look at each other, and Audrey nods. I still don’t know when they talked about it, but at that moment, they run toward me and all hug me. Then, because of the speed, I stumble to the floor in loud laughter, still being embraced by three almost naked preteens. I feel like I’m in heaven and laugh loudly too.

“Thanks, guys! You all did a great job!”

“No, Mr. H. Thank you for helping us with our first modeling job,” Evan says seriously.

“Yeah. We’ll thank you in our Oscar acceptance speech when we’re big-shot models,” Owen adds, still laughing.

“It’s okay. We did this together. If Mr. Lieberman likes the mood shots, we’ll probably do another shoot. But in a completely different setting. That’ll be even more fun, I promise!”

“Let’s hope he likes them then,” Audrey says, untangling herself from the pile of legs and arms.

As Audrey and the boys change, I gather the memory cards and clean up a bit. Most of the setup needs to stay because the girls’ clothes still need to be shot. After about half an hour of hanging out together and drinking some more Cokes, the doorbell rings.

“That’ll be our mom,” Evan says and adjusts his sweater.

I open the door, and I’m greeted by Miranda and a man I haven’t seen before.

“Hi! I’m Luke. Nice to finally meet you,” he says, and we shake hands.

“I’m Scott. Nice to meet you too.”

Miranda and Luke follow me into the studio. Luke looks around and seems impressed.

“Nice setup you’ve got here!”

“Thanks,” I reply and walk over to the table where the kids are sitting.

“Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad,” Evan says, and both boys get up to hug their parents.

“I notice the house is still standing. Did they behave?” Miranda asks, looking seriously at me.

“They were fabulous! They helped us out with everything, worked hard, and even did the dishes,” I say, winking at the boys, “they can come over whenever they want. I mean it!”

They don’t have to know I like having them over to lust over their naked bodies. But it isn’t just that. I really had an excellent time, so I meant what I said.

“That’s great news. Good job, Little Men!” Miranda smiles.

“Did everything go well yesterday?” I ask, remembering her important appointment.

“Splendid! We’ve got the deal, so we’re expanding!” Luke smiles.

“That’s good news! Congratulations,” I say and shake both their hands.

“Thanks. We’re celebrating tonight,” Miranda says, “we made reservations at Don Frasco’s!”

“Yummie!” Evan and Owen say and look all excited at each other.

“Well then… Have fun! I’ll let you know when I’ve got another assignment,” I say, and we shake hands again.

We say our goodbyes, and after Evan and Owen bump fists with Audrey and me, they’re off. I look at Audrey, and when she looks at me, we both burst out into laughter.

“This was fun!” she laughs. “Too bad it’s done already!”

“Yeah. I didn’t expect it to be like this, but it was awesome. I hope I land some more jobs so that I can invite them over more often. They’re crazy. But in a good way.”

“Did Evan really get stiff over me?”

“Yes, he did. Owen had the same problem yesterday, but he managed to hide it from you.”

“I wanna do it now,” she says, blushing.

My first reaction is to ask her what she wants to do. But just by looking at her, I know what she means. And as she starts taking off her pants, I feel myself grow hard instantly and realize how horny I am myself.

By the time my boner pops free from my underwear and slaps against my belly, Audrey is completely naked too and sitting sideways on the wooden bench, facing me, her legs spread, and she’s giving me an unobstructed view of her pussy. I immediately feel that incredible urge to do more again, which both scares me and turns me on immensely.

“Want me to do that?” I hear myself ask with a hoarse voice.

She looks questionably at me, but after I look directly at her pussy again, she catches on.

“Oh, yeah! Would you?”

“Come over,” I say and sit sideways on the bench, too, just like her.

I never found this bench comfortable, but Glenn insisted on a bench at one side of the table, so more people could sit down than when there are only chairs available. But now I’m grateful for it.

Audrey moves over toward me but isn’t exactly sure what to do. So I grab her by the shoulders, give one of her nipples a quick suck, and whisper, “Sit down with your back against me, and let me give you the best cum you ever had.”

I realize what I’m saying isn’t very adult-like, but I’m so horny at the moment after all the naked boys, close-up dicks, and boners that I don’t really care either.

As Audrey sits down in front of me and traps my leaking boner between us, I don’t hold back. Instead, my right hand immediately goes down toward her belly, and my left hand firmly grabs her tit.

I start playing with her hard nipple, and Audrey rests her head against my right shoulder, sighing deeply. My right hand slowly inches down. I start at her belly button, and as I touch her sparse pubic hairs, her lower body starts squirming, and soft moans come deep from within her, sounding like music to my ears.

When my index finger hits her clit, she stiffens and spreads her legs even further. That’s when I stop being gentle. I fingered enough women in my life to know what works for them, and I bring all of it into practice with Audrey.

Her pelvis is constantly grinding against my fingers, and each time I pinch her nipple, an even louder moan sings in my ears. While her lower body moves against my slippery dick, I realize I’m getting close too. So I gently move my hips back a little, creating a bit more space and less friction. But when Audrey realizes what’s happening, she inches her right arm between our bodies and clumsily starts jacking me.

Despite the clumsiness, the effect is terrific, and I double my efforts if that’s even possible. The moans and grunts filling the studio sound loud and obscene, but somehow, this enhances the experience immensely. The studio feels almost a public place. Granted, we can’t be caught, but it’s kinkier than just doing it in the shower or the bedroom.

“OOHHH!! I’m…” Audrey says between moans.

“AHHH…Too!!!” I grunt.

And a moment later, when I enter her soaking pussy with a second finger, she stiffens. Her grip on my dick increases to a point it almost hurts, but somehow, that’s all it takes for me. Feeling her pussy contract around my fingers, combined with her firm grip, sets me off too. I feel the cum shoot through my shaft, and a heartbeat later, it’s coating both our bodies.

The moment my cum hits Audrey’s back, her pussy starts contracting even stronger, and she pushes her back against me harder as if she needs to brace herself. As my own orgasm dies down, Audrey is still riding the waves of her orgasmic high. The shaking of her body doesn’t die down much, but the contractions of her pussy and her loud moans slowly do.

After a little while, her body goes limp against mine, and she just pants heavily. My fingers are still buried inside her, and even the tiniest movements cause her to shiver. Finally, after I did this a few times, she whispers, “Stop it! No more!”

Her head turns, and she smiles lazily at me, and at that moment, I pull my fingers out, move my hand down from her boob to her belly, and I pull her in a warm embrace. Her hand is still around my dick, and me pulling out seems to be her cue for letting me go too.

She looks at her cum-covered hand and giggles.

“You came a lot. And I think we need that shower now.”

“I guess we do,” I respond, but neither of us makes a move to get up.

After a few more minutes of enjoying this intimate moment, Audrey gets up and pulls out a towel from under the sink. She wipes her back with it, and when I look down at the mess I made, I’m glad she throws me the towel after she’s done with it.

We get dressed, and after we look at each other, Audrey steps closer and gives me a very tight hug.

“I really love you, Scott. Thanks for doing these things with me.”

At that moment, I realize I’m falling in love with this amazing kid. I know it’s wrong in a million ways, but I can’t help it. I feel this morning’s lustful urge to fuck her completely being replaced by a deep, heartfelt love for her.

“I love you too, Lil’ Bit!” and before I know it, we kiss each other deeply.

After the kiss, we stand there, holding each other tight for a few minutes. Then, Audrey is the first to break the hug and asks, “Is it okay if I take a shower first?”

I’m tempted to propose showering together, but I don’t want to rush things. So I just nod and tell her to go ahead.

After I’m done cleaning up the traces of our encounter and locking up the studio, I suddenly miss Glenn. This feeling hits me like a ton of bricks. Of course, I think about Glenn more than a few times a day. But this feels more like an epiphany. I miss him terribly, but I suddenly realized many good things happened to me after his passing.

* * *

The following week, Audrey and I spent a lot of time in the studio to shoot her part. It takes us a couple of days, but the results are fantastic. During her time in school, I work on my computer to enhance and improve the pictures. I put the more daring ones in my private folder for later ‘reference.’

Friday evening at around ten, I email Mr. Lieberman the final results. I explain the mood shots in a separate email and include five of the best pictures from that shoot.

I pour myself a big glass of whiskey and walk over to Audrey to sit next to her to watch some TV together. But before my ass hits the couch, my phone rings. I look at the display, and I see it’s Mr. Lieberman.


“Mr. Harris?”

“Yes. Speaking.”

“I LOVE what you did, Scott! This is EXACTLY what my company needs. I need those mood shots! Can you arrange that for me?”

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