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La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Melancholia

La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 10

Living without my parents around took me some getting used to. Glenn and Gloria were a lot less strict about a lot of things. My bedtime was up to me, as long as I wasn’t cranky or my grades in school went down. Gloria helped me out with my homework a lot, which was great! That way, I had more time helping out Glenn in the studio, which I liked best about staying with them.

They didn’t mind me walking around naked either. If I did this at home, mom or dad would send me upstairs to put some clothes on. But Gloria and Glenn didn’t care if I walked around naked. So, on the weekends, I ate my breakfast in the buff, helped Gloria out a bit in the kitchen, put some clothes on, and assisted Glenn with whatever he needed.

I really enjoyed my newfound freedom. Especially when Gloria was gone, and it was just Glenn and me. Glenn couldn’t stop showing me the ropes of being a good photographer and complimented me on my work as it was getting better and better.

One Friday evening, after we were done cleaning up the mess from the shoot we had just completed, we looked at each other and chuckled simultaneously. We were both sweaty from top to toe from all the hard work. We’d been hauling around heavy stuff as the hot studio lights were still radiating their warmth over the studio floor. Glenn quickly shouted, “I’m first!” and started running toward the house.

“Hey! Not fair! I want to go first!” I shouted, running after him.

“Not a chance!” Glenn shot back as he ran upstairs with me on his heels, but I lacked the speed because of my smaller frame.

Before I was upstairs, I heard the bathroom door slam shut. Damnit! So I started pounding on the door and whined, “I wanna go first! Please! I smell like a rat’s ass!”

“Nope!” Glenn said, and I could hear he was taking off his clothes already.

I thought about it for a second, and then I had an idea. This would be a first, but it had a fair chance of success after our swimming sessions.

“Can’t I join you then?” I tried carefully.

I strained my ears in an attempt to hear a reaction from Glenn. There was a bit more ruffling from him undressing, but that was about it. Then, right when I wanted to try again, I heard the door unlock.

I tentatively opened the door and peeked inside. I looked at Glenn’s naked backside walking over to the big shower stall, as he said, “You know the rules. Not a word,” and he opened the glass shower door without looking back.

I was thrilled to have that much-needed shower now but was even more excited about being so close to Glenn while we were both naked. Maybe he could show me a new trick or show me how he jerked off again. So I quickly disrobed and hurried over to join him.

Glenn was in the process of letting the water cascade over his body, so he had his eyes closed and face toward the ceiling. That gave me the opportunity to check out his manly body from head to toe. His penis looked massive to me, and the thick bush surrounding it made me jealous and self-conscious about my body.

I noticed Glenn’s penis was growing a bit. He wasn’t hard, but I saw it enough to know he wasn’t soft either. Suddenly, I felt an incredible urge to touch it. As if in a dream, I saw my hand extend itself toward his willie and looked up at Glenn to see if he was looking. He still had his hands in his hair but looked down at me and smiled a warm smile.

That was all the encouragement I needed, and I took Glenn’s willie in my hand. I heard him gasp above the cascading water, but he didn’t say anything. It felt weird having another guy’s willie in my hand, but the more I fumbled with it, the more I liked it. Especially when Glenn’s willie was fully erect. It didn’t take long, but that short period of feeling it grow from soft to hard got me worked up pretty well, and I was equally hard as I kept examining it with my hand.

Glenn moved his hand from his hair and laid one on my shoulder, and the other one just hung beside his body. It was clear he was letting me have my way, and I took the opportunity with both hands. Literally. After I meticulously judged its size and shape, I pulled back his foreskin with one hand, and with my index finger from my other hand, I touched his glans. I expected it to feel different from mine, but the opposite was true.

I let the skin slide back, and my free hand moved to his balls while my other hand kept moving the skin up and down over his glans. In my small hand, his full-grown boner and balls felt massive. I jiggled them around between my fingers, and I could hear Glenn moan. I still don’t know why, but this triggered something inside me. I wanted to thank him for showing me how I should jack off. I wanted to thank him for being such a great mentor in my photography. I wanted to thank him for taking me in as his son. I wanted to make Glenn have an orgasm.

So, that’s when I awkwardly started going to town on his willie. It took me a few moments to get accustomed to his size. And after I shifted a bit and got on my knees for a better view and a better grip, I really could get going. I was at eye-level with his willie now and took in every detail as I moved my hand up and down on it. Judging by Glenn’s moans, I was doing a decent job. All I heard was the water running over our bodies, the squishy motion of my jacking hand, and Glenn’s increasing moans.

“Oh, Bud! I’m… AHH..”

He was moaning about the same as he did last time he was jacking next to me. I put two and two together, and I knew he was getting close. So I kept stroking him, and my eyes fixated on the slit on the top of his glans. I wanted to see his sperm shoot out of it and couldn’t wait for it to happen.

“AHH… AHH… Bud, I’mmmm OHHHHH”

The moment he started groaning loudly, I felt his balls contract, his willie fattened and started kicking in my hand. Then, moments later, his sperm started shooting from the tip, and I was so hypnotized by its sight that I didn’t realize he was coating my right shoulder and chest with it.

I was mesmerized by the spectacle before me. Watching Glenn’s sperm fly out of his willie triggered something primal inside. I now know I was horny as fuck, but I couldn’t place this confusing feeling at that time. I kept trying to milk more sperm out of him. But after a few seconds, Glenn placed his big hand on my head and moaned, “Stop it, Bud. It’s too sensitive now.”

I felt a sense of pride that I made Glenn orgasm, but I was also sad it was over already. Seeing him shoot his load sure got me going. I looked up at Glenn, and when I saw him smiling down at me, I smiled back, stood up, and gave him a tight hug. I don’t know why I did it, but it just felt like the right- thing to do.

Glenn’s softening willie was trapped between us, and I could feel my stiffy pressing against Glenn’s leg. Suddenly I felt silly about the hug, and I didn’t want to make this too awkward, so I broke the hug and started rinsing my hair.

The next thing I knew, I felt Glenn’s fingers wrapping themselves around my stiffy. I opened my eyes and saw Glenn still smiling at me. He had a natural way of putting me at ease.

“Your turn,” he said, barely hearable above the water.

When he started jacking me, I closed my eyes as I wanted to experience the feeling the best I could. I hung my head back between my shoulderblades and just enjoyed the good feelings Glenn’s fingers were giving me. I was so focused on the good feelings on my stiffy that I didn’t notice Glenn moved beside me.

Suddenly, my stiffy felt like a warm, moist blanket surrounded it. My eyes crossed, and I nearly screamed because of this new sensation. Seconds later, after I regained some self-control, and looked down at what was happening. I was looking at the top of Glenn’s head and was shocked to see my willie disappear in his mouth. By then, I had never heard of a blowjob, but I sure as hell liked what it felt like!

The moment I felt Glenn’s tongue lap the underside of my willie, the feeling was just too overwhelming, and I had to steady myself by holding on to Glenn by his broad shoulders. He kept increasing his tongue motion but also started bobbing his head up and down on my willie.

“OHHHH!!! MMMHH,” I heard myself moan, my hips moving involuntarily.

Glenn’s hands moved slowly up the backside of my legs, and as he reached higher, I felt the pressure inside build-up with each up and down motion of his head. The moment Glenn’s hands finished their upward journey and arrived at my butt, he cupped my asscheeks with both hands and pulled me further toward his mouth. One of his fingers was extremely close to my butthole, but somehow it added an extra level of excitement.

“AAHHHH!!” I almost screamed as he sucked me harder and lapped over the entire underside of my willie.

I felt Glenn moan on my willie and realized I was going to cum any moment now. Glenn must’ve sensed it too, as he moved up and down now even faster. But, the moment his finger pressed on my asshole, I lost it. I pushed my hips forward and felt my willie kicking furiously inside Glenn’s mouth.

“AIIIIAAAHHIII” was the high-pitched scream I heard as I came, and my knees buckled.

It was a good thing I was leaning on Glenn’s shoulders. Otherwise, I would’ve fallen down again. The feeling of cumming inside Glenn’s mouth was amazing! I never felt anything better until then and couldn’t possibly imagine a feeling better than this. Ever.

Glenn’s sucking slowed down, and his finger released its pressure on my butt hole. Now he was cupping my ass again, and the lapping on my willie was toned down to a gentle caressing with his tongue.

I slowly regained my senses and just had to pull out of Glenn’s mouth. It was just getting too sensitive in there. Glenn sensed me pulling back and let go of my butt. With a loud popping sound, my willie exited his mouth. I looked down at Glenn, and I saw a big grin across his face as he stood up.

“How was it?” he asked with great interest.

I surprised myself when I exclaimed, “It was FUCKING awesome!”

“That good, huh!?” Glenn chuckled.

“Oh wow! It was like… I was… My willie was… What did you do?”

“I gave you a blowjob, Bud. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Can I do it to you too?” I asked, excited to try.

“Haha! If you wanna try it, I don’t see why not. Just not now. You just jacked me off. Another time, kay?” Glenn said, smiling.

We finished our business in the bathroom, and after we dried off, we went downstairs together to watch some TV before I had to go to bed. We didn’t care about clothes since Gloria wouldn’t be back before midnight, and I would be in bed by then.

During the sitcom we watched, Glenn put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close.

“I think you’ll need your apron tomorrow. I’m doing a Pyntar shoot tomorrow,” Glenn said, looking down at me.

“Oh!? What is it?”

“It’s a mother and her daughter. They’ll be posing in front of a fake mirror where the mother looks melancholically at her youthful self.”

“Sounds great! But why the apron?”

“What do you think?” Glenn chuckled.

“Naked?” I asked, feeling a slight stir in my groin.

“Yup. I talked to the mother, and she’s okay with you hanging around to learn how this is done.”

“Really? That’s awesome!” I said, feeling excited about attending the more serious shoots.

“Just be professional, remember?”

“Of course!” I said, smiling the most innocent smile I had in me.

After I went to bed, I lay there looking at the ceiling, wondering how the shoot would go. And I was going to see my first real-life naked woman! I was so excited, I figured I’d never sleep, but before I knew it, I heard the familiar sounds of Gloria making breakfast.

“Morning!” Gloria chirped as I sat down at the counter, my chubbed-up willie leading the way.

“Good morning. How was the party last night?”

“It was fantastic! Thanks,” she said with a big smile as she put the eggs and bacon in front of me.

“Is Glenn up already?”

“Yeah. He’s in the studio. I heard you’re attending your first Pyntar shoot. Nervous?”

“A little,” I admitted as I was munching down the eggs, ”but excited too. These pics are all about lighting and composition, and I really want to learn how to do that right.”

“Right. About lighting. And naked people,” Gloria chuckled but looked serious after that initial chuckle. “You’re okay with that, right?”

I looked at her to check if she was kidding me. She looked serious, so I said, “I don’t care about that! Well… I have never seen a naked woman before, but I’m more interested in the process of how to take the proper picture. Honest!”

She checked me out for a few moments and said, “Okay. Have fun then!” and started cleaning the counter while I finished breakfast.

I went upstairs to get dressed and hesitated about what to wear today. The tightness of my jeans was probably too uncomfortable when I would sport a stiffy. And the chance that would happen was significant. But considering the day would be a relatively warm one and that I would be working with the hot lights all day, I figured I could get away with my usual short sweat pants. My stiffy would have plenty of room in it, and the apron would hide the tent I’d be sporting.

When I entered the studio, Glenn looked at me and smiled. “Dressed for the shoot? Make sure to wear the apron, Bud!” and I could see him chuckling at my expense, but he turned his head in an attempt to hide it.

“I know, but jeans are just too uncomfy. I’ll wear the apron. I promise,” I said, the annoyance in my voice clearly audible.

“Don’t worry, Bud. Michelle isn’t easily offended. And I’m sure she’ll make you feel at ease. And by now, I think Becky is about the same as her mom.”

Shit! I almost forgot! There was going to be a naked little girl too. I wasn’t very fond of that, but if she wasn’t too annoying, I’d probably still get to see her mom’s boobs and pussy enough.

“Did you photograph her before?” I asked, trying to get as much information as I could.

“Yeah. Lots of times. In fact, she’s the woman in silhouette in front of the sun in my latest book,” Glenn said excitedly.

“Oh wow! She’s pretty.”

“Yeah. She did a shoot with her daughter before, but that’s years ago. Michelle is one of these rare women that live day by day and don’t care what other people think of her. And she’s good at modeling too. A perfect combination!”

At that moment, the bell rang. Glenn looked at me and pointed toward the apron. “I’ll get the door. You put on the uniform, kay?”

I took the apron from the hook and tied it so that I would look presentable in it. I felt my heart beating in my throat as I heard Glenn talking to Michelle in the distance. The moment they came into view, I was stunned. Michelle was a gorgeous woman in her early thirties. But the moment her daughter walked in, I immediately felt my willie starting to grow inside my underwear. I was expecting a little girl, around six or seven. But instead, a beautiful young woman walked in. I guessed her to be about thirteen or fourteen, and she was HOT!

She had blond hair, just like her mom, and a pair of real-life, handful-sized boobs. She wore a lime green summer dress, which showed off her developing curves magnificently, but her best feature was the killer smile.

“Hi! You must be Scott,” she beamed and extended her hand for me to shake.

I must’ve looked like an idiot because I couldn’t move, and my jaw must’ve been open. Luckily, Glenn came to the rescue.

“Scott, meet Rebecca and Michelle, our models for today,” he said, which snapped me out of my trance.

“Just Becky,” Rebecca said.

“Hi. Nice to meet you,” I finally croaked and shook both their hands.

“This will be your first shoot?” Michelle kindly asked, “Glenn told me you’re learning the fine art of artistic photography?”

“Yeah. Glenn is teaching me everything there is to know, so hopefully, one day, I’ll be half as good as he is,” I said, knowing how much this would flatter Glenn.

“Ahh, how cute!” Michelle said.

“Maybe you’ll even become a better photographer than Glenn,” Becky laughed and placed her left hand on my upper arm. She tucked a bit of hair behind her ear with her other hand.

“Oh… I… uhm…” I stammered.

And once again, Glenn came to my rescue. He looked at Michelle and asked, “You’ve talked to Becky about the shoot we’re about to do?”

“Yeah, she did,” Becky said. “It sounds awesome!” and her smile melted my heart.

“Great! Why don’t you two get ready? Scott and I will set up the lights and cameras, and we’ll see you back here.”

“Okay,” Michelle and Becky said simultaneously and giggled as they walked toward the changing spot.

“You okay, Bud?” Glenn whispered as he laid his hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah… it’s just… I was expecting a little girl, but…”

“Haha! I see! Yeah. She did some growing up since the last time I had her in front of my camera,” Glenn responded like it was no big deal and started working on his camera.

I was trying to help Glenn, but my eyes kept drifting off to the divider, waiting for the two beautiful naked girls to appear. And the moment they did… Oh boy!

Both of them walked toward us, completely naked, and were chatting like it was the most normal thing to do. Since they weren’t looking at me, I let my eyes drink in the view in front of me.

Michelle was undeniably a grown woman. Her boobs were full, and she had curves in all the right places. I wasn’t an expert yet in the boob department, but later, Glenn told me Michelle had an average B-cup. She was on the thin side but not skinny. Her long legs seemed to go on forever, and as my eyes moved up, I ended at her crotch. A small stripe of black pubes hid her pussy lips from view.

I quickly scanned Becky before my window of opportunity was gone. She was, in essence, a carbon copy of her mom. Just younger and a bit smaller. In everything. Her boobs were smaller, her hips less curvy, and her pubes… They looked magnificent! Her pubes weren’t modeled in the same, thin stripe as her mom’s, but she didn’t need to shave, considering she had less hair than her. Her pussy lips were still somewhat visible through her pubes, which was incredibly sexy.

“Close your mouth,” Glenn whispered beside me and poked me in my side with his elbow.

This snapped me out of my trance, and I tore my eyes away from these gloriously naked bodies. I don’t remember my stiffy ever being this hard before, and I was glad the apron was at least a partial cover-up for it.

“Okay, Michelle. You stand over there and Becky on the opposite side of the frame,” Glenn said, pointing.

When Becky walked past me, she looked at me and smiled a smile that made my heart melt for the second time. Then, she tugged her hair behind her ear again and walked toward the spot Glenn pointed out. Glenn had positioned the camera and fake mirror frame in such a way that both of them had their front to the camera, and the frame looked to be the mirror they’d both be looking at.

Glenn gave Michelle and Becky clear instructions on how to stand, hold their arms, and look. This was just the first lighting and shadow test, so it wasn’t needed to be spot-on. I could see Glenn was in the zone and had a very clear idea in his head about how it all should look.

“Scott?” he asked, looking around and acting as if he had just returned from out of space.

“I’m here,” I said, making sure he could see me, even though this meant I couldn’t look at Michelle and Becky anymore.

“Can you move that spot up until I say stop?”

I spent the next fifteen minutes adjusting all sorts of spots. One of the critical elements in this shot was the exact same lighting on both models. But since they were different in so many ways, this was a complicated task.

“I think we’ve got it,” Glenn finally said.

“It’s a good thing it isn’t cold in here,” Michelle chuckled when she saw me walking around, sweating a lot from all the hard work.

“Just one more thing,” Glenn said, looking at me.


“Can you apply some matting powder on these spots?” Glenn asked as he pointed toward their shoulders and the top half of their breasts.

“Uhm,” I stammered, blushing.

“Don’t worry. I’ll look through the view-finder and tell you where it’s needed,” Glenn said.

I’ve applied that stuff before during the film poster and album cover shoots. But the big difference with this one was that I needed to apply it on naked women. So I took the jar and brush from the table and walked over to Michelle.

“Don’t worry about it, kiddo,” Michelle smiled at my obvious insecurity about it.

I took the brush and dipped it in the powder. My hand was shaking when it went to her shoulder. Michelle noticed it and just winked at me, which, strangely enough, put me at ease. With guidance from Glenn, I matted her shoulders enough, but the hard part was yet to come. The moment I started working on her boobs, I shifted my weight, which caused my boner to touch her leg. My eye immediately went up to meet hers, and the fear of being caught must be clear as day because she started giggling and put her hand on my shoulder.

“Relax, dear! I told you not to worry. It’s normal to be nervous, and… you know,” she said and winked again.

“Oh… okay… thanks?” I managed.

In no time, her boobs were done. While working on them, I took in every inch of them with my eyes. My hand was close to her boobs, so I felt a bit sad it was over already. I could only hope that Becky was as easy-going as her mom. But, as I walked over to her, my boner still straining my underwear, I saw her smiling and knew she was cool with it.

Her shoulders were easy because she had darker skin. But while I was working on her shoulders, I couldn’t keep my eyes from her amazing boobs. Of course, Michelle’s were fantastic, but seeing these pert boobs, with hard, upward-pointing nipples, by a girl close to my age, made me realize I was creating jerk-off material in my head for months.

My hand kept shaking as I kept working so close to her boobs, but I just couldn’t help it. Thankfully, Becky didn’t notice or didn’t let on that she saw it.

“Okay. I think we’re ready,” Glenn said as I was finishing up on Becky.

“Thank you,” Becky whispered to me, and I immediately felt my face go red.

“N-No problem,” I stammered.

That’s when the actual positions had to be taken. Since they had to be a mirror image of each other, this had to be done meticulously. Again, both of them were amazing at following Glenn’s directions. During this complex part of the shoot where I couldn’t do anything, I kept looking at both bodies and memorized every inch of them.

After what seemed like forever, Glenn took the first real shots. Then, four or five shots later, Glenn asked, “Here. You take a look. Notice the difference between shadow and light. And check how I positioned the mirror dead center.”

Now that I could see everything first-hand, I was even more impressed by Glenn’s ability to set the scene and mood in it. His eye for detail was exquisite! My barely trained eyes saw nothing that wasn’t one hundred percent thought through and executed to perfection.

“This is amazing!” I said, looking up at Glenn, “how do you come up with this?”

“When I’m on the toilet!” he chuckles, “Just kidding! It just pops up in my head at random moments.”

He took several more pics and made Michelle and Becky make minor adjustments in their hands and heads, and after about ten minutes, we were done.

“You did great, ladies!” Glenn said excitedly after the last shot, and he dismounted the camera from his tripod.

“Ahhh… finally,” Becky said as she stretched her body, making her look even more fabulous, “I started getting a cramp in my arm.”

“I told you posing like this wasn’t easy,” Michelle said, stretching her body too.

“One shot of you two together to remember this shoot by?” Glenn asked, holding up his camera.

“Sure!” they said enthusiastically.

They stood together, wrapped one arm around the other’s shoulder, and started smiling toward Glenn. Becky made a peace sign with her fingers, and Michelle just waved. Then, as Glenn lowered his camera, Becky asked, “Can you use the self-timer to take a shot from the four of us?”

Glenn looked over at me to size me up. I gave him a timid nod, and Glenn just shrugged.

“Of course,” he said, placed the camera back on the tripod, and started fiddling with it.

“Come here, Scott,” Michelle waved at me.

I walked over to her with shaky legs, and the moment she wrapped her hand around my waist, I felt a strange feeling. Almost as if I came home and a warm blanket wrapped around me. My shakiness was gone, and I just smiled at her.

“You did great!” she said softly.

I tore my eyes from her boobs that were almost pressed against my chin and smiled back at her, blushing furiously.

“Smile!” Glenn, who positioned himself next to Becky, cheered, and we all smiled at the camera.

After a few moments, we heard the familiar **Click!!** sound, and I let go of Michelle’s waist.

“There are two more. Keep smiling!” Glenn said, and I grabbed hold of Michelle again but pressed my cheek against her right boob accidentally. Michelle didn’t care, or at least didn’t say or do anything about it, and I was in heaven with a naked boob against my cheek.

“Is that the last one?” Becky asked after the third click.

“Yup. We’re done. Want to drink something before you leave?”

“No, thanks. It’s late already, and we’ve got almost an hour to drive before we’re home.”

“You’re still coming next week, right?”

“For that Mother Mary shoot, you mean?”

“That one, yes. Still working out the details, but I’ll manage.”

Michelle grabbed her PDA and quickly scrolled through it. Next, she smiled at Glenn and said, “Yes. It’s there. Around seven again, right?”

“Great! Seven will be fine,” Glenn said and hugged Michelle as if she was still fully clothed.

“Come here, Sugar!” Michelle said after breaking the hug with Glenn and spreading her arms invitingly.

Of course, I wouldn’t let the opportunity of hugging a naked woman go, so I dived right in. As my face was pressed against her bare boobs again, I heard Michelle softly say, “You’re really cute, you know that?”

That made me blush, and I stammered, “Th-Thank you. I like you too.”

Pretty lame, I know, but I’ve never been in a situation like this, so I didn’t know what to say otherwise. Before she broke the hug, she kissed me on my cheek and patted me on my butt as she walked away.

In the meantime, Becky had broken her hug with Glenn and walked over to me for another hug. She wrapped her arms around me and went for a full body-to-body hug, where Michelle’s left a bit more distance between our bodies.

I froze when I felt my boner press against her. The apron still covered it, but Becky couldn’t miss it. I was afraid she’d break the hug or would start shouting. But instead, she pressed her body more firmly against mine and smiled broadly at me.

“I like you too,” she chuckled and followed her mom to the divider.

To clear my head from what just happened, I started cleaning up. I killed the lights while Glenn worked on his camera and tripod.

“Thanks, guys!” Michelle said, and Glenn and I turned around simultaneously to look at her and her daughter, now fully dressed.

“No, Michelle! Thank YOU!” Glenn said and walked over.

I followed Glenn and couldn’t keep my eyes from Becky in her green summer dress. Now that I knew what was under it, I saw her in a whole new light and felt butterflies flying around inside my belly. Glenn handed Michelle an envelope, which she declined.

“No need to pay me, silly! You know I like doing it. Becky too, right?” she said and looked at Becky, who was nodding and smiling to confirm it.

“Please, Michelle. I insist. You make expenses too, driving all the way,” Glenn pressed.

“Absolutely not! Just make sure you come up with something good for next week. That’s all I’m asking.”

“Bye, Scott!” she said, waved, and kissed Glenn on the cheek before she turned around.

“Bye, Scott…” Becky said and winked at me.

I felt like I melted, and the only thing I was capable of at that moment was a timid wave back. I felt silly standing there, but I couldn’t move my feet.

“Bye, Glenn,” they both said and left the studio.

I was still standing there, looking at the door as Glenn walked over. He stood next to me and put a hand on my shoulder again.

“You okay?”

“Yeah. I think I am. It was…” I trailed off.

“I know. They’re a force of nature, aren’t they?”

“Oh boy…” I smiled and looked up at Glenn, “and a naked force too…”

“Good thing you wore your apron. And even that wasn’t enough to hide it all the time,” he chuckled.

We sat down at the canteen table. Glenn grabbed himself a beer and handed me a Coke. I was still flabbergasted about everything that had happened and was staring blankly at the wall. I heard Glenn talk in the distance, but it didn’t register. Flashes of their naked bodies still filled my head, and I felt like my balls and willie were about to explode.

“Huh?!” I asked and looked at Glenn.

“I said, are you sure you’re okay?” Glenn said with a knowing smile.

“Oh… yeah. I think I am. It’s just that… I feel funny. Down there,” I said, nodding down and blushing.

“You’re just horny!” Glenn laughed. And then, a bit lower and in a more conspirative tone, “We can jack off again. Or maybe you want another blowjob? We’ve still got some time before Gloria comes home.”

That surprised me. I didn’t expect that Glenn would want to do that again. Of course, I did realize Glenn was right about me being horny, and another blowjob would definitely solve that horniness. But I also wanted to try giving a blowjob, especially to Glenn. His big, manly body and his big willie were suddenly very appealing to me. So I whispered, “Me first,” got off my chair, and dropped to my knees. My hands immediately started working on Glenn’s button and zipper, and before I knew it, I had Glenn’s willie in my hand.

“You don’t have to do that, Bud,” Glenn tried, but he didn’t sound very convincing to me.

“I know,” I said, tugging at his pants. “Lift your butt.”

Glenn lifted his ass from the chair long enough, so I could slide his pants down to his ankles and started massaging his willie. As it grew stiff in my inexperienced hands, I felt Glenn work himself out of his pants. Now that he was naked, waist down, I could crawl between his legs and gain better access to his willie.

As I held it in my fist and pulled back the foreskin a bit, I could see some precum oozing out. I was expecting a little more hesitation on my part, but as I was looking at this big, stiff willie in front of me, I realized I wanted to taste it and wrap my lips around it. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that I was so horny at the time. Looking back at my first blowjob, the eagerness on my part made it a lot less awkward. There was no apprehension, no question if it would fit, no wonder what it would taste like, nothing. I just opened my mouth and wanted to have that thick tube of flesh in my mouth.

The moment my tongue hit his piss slit, my lips wrapped around the top of his shaft, just below his dickhead. The taste of his precum triggered me instantly. I couldn’t say I liked the taste and texture, but it was like an aphrodisiac to me. I simply wanted more, and I wanted it as quickly as possible!

So as I tried to remember what Glenn did to me in the shower, I started moving my head up and down over it. But during my masturbation sessions in my bed, I learned what the good parts of my willie were. So I figured Glenn’s were probably basically the same as mine. That’s when I lapped my tongue over the underside of his dickhead and used a lot of saliva to make it slippery.

“AHHH… Bud! You’re amazing… OHH…” Glenn moaned above me, which made me proud.

But the pressure in my willie was growing too, so I pulled the apron aside and slid my sweats down, so my willie was exposed and accessible to my hand. The movement caught Glenn’s attention because I felt him move, and he said, ”Lie down. Let’s try something new.”

Despite my curiosity about what he had in mind, I didn’t want to remove his willie from my mouth, so I kept sucking and lapping away on it. Eventually, after a few moments, I felt Glenn’s hand on my shoulders as he was gently pulling me away.

“Trust me,” he softly said.

It was just a few steps to the carpet where we’d usually shoot the pictures. But before I could get to my feet, Glenn lifted me, and he carried me in his strong arms. I felt his stiff willie bob against my backside as we walked, and I was shaking with anticipation. Moments later, Glenn gently laid me down on the carpet and started taking off his shirt. As I saw him doing this, I figured I might as well get naked too. I don’t think I ever took my clothes off faster, and before Glenn was lying down next to me, I was naked.

“Lay on your side,” he said.

I did as he said but found it odd that Glenn was lying down in the opposite direction. This only took me a moment because I quickly connected the dots when his willie came close to my face. This way, we both had access to each other’s stiffies simultaneously. The moment Glenn was down, I dived in and went back to sucking his willie.

“Whoah!” he moaned. “Easy there, Bud!”

But I didn’t want to take it easy! I wanted to suck, lick, caress, and taste his cum. I never felt what I was feeling before, but Glenn told me later that I was just horny as hell. I felt delighted and happy with Glenn’s willie in my mouth, especially now that the amount of precum increased. But the moment Glenn wrapped his mouth around mine, my eyes crossed, and I almost bit Glenn.

The tingle inside my balls and willie was already at my peak, and I figured it couldn’t get any better. But, oh boy, was I wrong! I heard myself moan uncontrollably when Glenn started moving up and down with his tongue all over my dickhead. But I had a task I wanted to fulfill too, so I tried focussing primarily on that. At that moment, I learned that I lasted longer because of having to divide my attention between Glenn’s willie and mine.

My balls were feeling like I could cum any moment now, but I didn’t cum yet for some reason. Feeling like I could cum any moment was incredible, especially now that I kept balancing on the verge of it! And as I kept sucking on Glenn’s thick willie. I noticed he was moaning loudly too.

Then, moments later, I felt Glenn’s hand move over my butt again, with his finger toward my butthole. Last time, it felt a bit silly when he was doing this. But now that I knew how awesome it felt, I was anticipating it, and a tingle went down my spine. I wasn’t ready yet to do it too, but I wanted to do something in return, and I used my left hand to cup his balls and toy with them.

As Glenn’s finger inched closer and closer to my hole, I felt my balls already pulling up toward my body. Right before his finger hit it, I doubled my efforts on Glenn’s willie in an attempt to prolong my orgasm. Judging by Glenn’s moans and that his dick was getting fatter, I figured he was extremely close too.

Just when I thought things couldn’t feel any better, Glenn placed the bar higher again. This morning, his finger just pressed on my hole. But this time, he started sliding it in. I practically screamed from joy, but Glenn’s willie in my mouth muffled the sound.

And that’s when I came.

All my senses were on fire, and all muscles in my belly tensed. I came harder than ever before and felt something I had never felt before. This finger up my ass sure triggered something. I was completely engrossed in my orgasm but still managed to lurk on Glenn’s willie. When I regained some of my consciousness, I worked on Glenn’s willie again. All the while, I felt the same feeling as I did when I came for the first time. It felt like hours of this awesomeness, but it was probably less than a minute in retrospect.

Glenn still had his finger up my butt and his mouth over my willie when he moaned loudly. Then, his willie got even fatter, and in my hand, I felt his balls pull up and spasm a few times.

The first hit surprised me. It flew directly down my throat, and I had to suppress a cough. I didn’t have time to think because before I knew it, there was another spurt. And another. I tried swallowing as much as I could, and I just loved the taste of it. But it was just too much, and I felt some of it ooze out of the corner of my mouth, around Glenn’s willie.

Just before Glenn came, I was still feeling like I was cumming, but it slowly ebbed away. Now that his cum filled my mouth, that feeling was back. Glenn was moving and spasming a bit when he came, which caused his finger to move around in my butt. That added a lot to the experience too.

Glenn still had my willie in his mouth but stopped the sucking and licking. So I figured I had to do the same now, even though I wanted to taste more of Glenn’s cum. My tongue eagerly lapped up each drop that dribbled out, but eventually, Glenn pulled back, leaving my mouth strangely empty. His finger slowly left my butt, which felt both good and bad at the same time. And as Glenn’s mouth left my willie and the cold hit it, I decided to turn on my back too, still breathing heavily.

“Wow!” I softly said, “I didn’t… wow!”

“Yeah,” was all Glenn said. And a few moments later, “I think you actually shot some sperm, Bud.”

“REALLY!?” I asked, propping myself up on my elbows and looking at Glenn.

“Really. It wasn’t much, but I felt it come out, and I tasted it,” he chuckled.

I turned around, threw myself at Glenn, and hugged him tightly. His softening willie was pressed against mine, making me feel all warm inside. Then, before I realized what I was doing, I kissed him on his cheek and said, “Thank you! You made my sperm come out!”

“Hahaha!” Glenn laughed. “You did that yourself, Bud!” and he kissed me on my cheek too and ruffled my hair.

I laid my head on his chest, enjoying what we did together. We laid like this for a few minutes before I said, “You were right about that new idea.”

“Well… technically, it isn’t a new idea. It’s called a sixty-nine.”


“Yeah. Picture the numbers and imagine the circles being a head…”

“Oh!” I said after visualizing it, “I see.”

“It’s amazing, right? Making each other feel good at the same time. It’s almost like actual fucking.”

“Yeah! I never thought about such a thing.”

“No wonder. You’re only twelve years old.”

“Hey! I’m almost thirteen!” I said with mock indignation.

“Right! Sorry, Bud!” Glenn laughed.



“Why did you put your finger… well…” I timidly asked.

“It’s what they call an erogenous zone of the male body. Didn’t you like it?”

“I… uhm… I actually liked it a lot! That’s not weird, is it? Does it mean I’m gay?”

That caused Glenn to lift his head and look me in my eyes. The serious look on his face made me think I asked something I shouldn’t have asked.

“No! That doesn’t mean you’re gay. Nor does it mean you’re straight. It just means you like giving your… butt a bit of attention. And what if it did mean you’re gay? I don’t care! Heck, I like it too, and I’m not gay.”

“Oh. Sorry.” I responded.

“No need to be sorry, Bud. You’re still learning a lot about your body.”

“I guess you’re right. Thanks for showing me all this!” I said, relieved it wasn’t a big thing, and I gave Glenn another tight hug.

“Let’s clean up in here and head to the house, okay? Gloria will be back from her bridge club soon, and I don’t think she’ll understand what’s happening here.”

I gave Glenn a peck on his lips and got to my feet. His eyes roamed over my body, and as I extended my hand to help him to his feet, he asked, “Would you mind posing together with Michelle next week?”

“Uhh, I don’t know. Can I?”

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