Chapter 9 – Meet the Thompsons

La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 9

I wake up from Audrey’s buzzing phone. When I open my eyes, I’m treated with the sight of her bare boobs. Immediately I think back to last night, and a feeling of guilt washes over me. I should be the adult here. I should have stopped this. But then again… she’s the one that started this.

I look at Audrey getting up, and as she walks away, I notice once more what a fine-looking body she’s got. Oh my god. What’s happening to me? I hear myself think and realize how my growing dick is betraying me.

I get out of bed too and grab a clean pair of boxers. We’re in the bathroom together with me in my boxers and Audrey in her school uniform, which consists of a white school blouse and matching plaid skirt, but neither of us talks about what happened last night. It’s like it never happened. After Audrey is off to school, I continue my work in the studio and try to find more work for it.

I answer a few emails from women that want portfolio pics taken from their kids. Apparently, Glenn had built quite a reputation for himself, as he was clearly the go-to guy in the area. I make seven appointments in total. Three boys and four girls. The kid’s ages vary from eleven to fourteen, and I can’t help but think how good they all must look in their underwear pics. I try to dismiss that thought as quickly as it came, but I can’t deny to myself it was there and wonder what I should do to prevent this from happening again. But then again, should I really dismiss these thoughts? There’s nothing wrong as long as I don’t touch them or anything. And maybe it’s precisely what’s required to make the best portfolio pics of these kids.

I’m pulled out of this whirlpool of thoughts by the ringing of the studio’s doorbell. I check my phone and realize this must be the twins for their green screen shoot. I never realized time could fly like this when you’re working in a job you actually like. I open the door, and I’m looking at two of the most handsome boys I ever saw!

They’re both wearing cut-off jeans and flip-flops. In addition, one of them is wearing a plain white t-shirt, while the other wears a bright-orange shirt. They’re best described as ‘surfer boys.’ Their blonde, shaggy hair covers half of their ears, and a bronze, almost golden tan completes their surfer look. It’s odd looking at surfer guys in Seattle, but somehow these boys make it work.

“Hi, I’m Miranda Thompson,” a middle-aged woman says and extends her hand for me to shake. “This is Evan, and that is Owen,” she says, pointing at a boy as she says the name.

I honestly can’t see the difference between these hot and sexy boys, besides their different shirts, of course. I bet their mom can, but to me, it’s like there’s a mirror between them. They both look exactly alike and just have an aura of awesomeness over them. I can’t remember when I’ve been this impressed with how boys could look. I even feel a few butterflies going around in my stomach, which I quickly dismiss as silly and unprofessional.

“Hi. I’m Scott. Welcome to Aquinas Pictures.”

“Thank you for having us on such short notice,” Miranda says as they enter the studio.

“No problem at all,” I say, smiling.“ We had a hole in our schedule today, so it works out perfectly for both of us. You mentioned something about a sketch?”

It turned out the advertising agency sketched how the boys are supposed to sit in the picture. In the background, there was the obvious suntan equipment with the slogan written in a way that blended nicely with the rest of the scene. Miranda explains to me that the reason for this mock-up is that the equipment they find relevant can’t be this close together. It’s physically impossible. So that’s why they edited this on a computer. The only thing missing is the boys in the picture. In a second mock-up, there are figures drawn at the places where the boys should be.

“Did they mention anything about lighting, Mrs. Thompson?”

“Please! Miranda,” she smiles, “and no. They leave it up to your judgment.”

“Alright. Let’s upload that background picture to my computer, so we can see how it looks with the boys in them,” I say as I boot the computer and connect the camera.

“Do we need to get changed?” one of the boys asks.

“Sure. I’ll make sure everything is ready here,” I reply smiling, “you can change behind that room divider over there. You’re going to be wearing towels, right?”

They nod, and I say, “You can keep your underwear on if you want. Just make sure the towel covers it, kay?”

“Don’t be silly!” Miranda quickly chips in, “you boys don’t have anything I haven’t seen before, and I’m sure that Scott can handle it too. Just the towels, little men!”

Okay… Of course, I can handle it! Heck! I WANT to handle it if the towel fails. But I don’t want to drool over them, so I’m very focused on making this work. I already know I mustn’t interfere with mothers being bossy over their kids, and since I don’t see a problem here, I pretend to be very busy preparing my camera with the proper settings.

I keep stealing glances at the divider as I fiddle with my camera, hoping to see some flesh. There is some giggling, but I can’t see anything. The moment they come over to us with just towels around their waists, I’m speechless. Their chests already have a little muscle definition on their pecks, and next to the belly buttons, there’s a hint of a six-pack. That, combined with their broad shoulders and golden tan, makes them almost radiant. I feel like I’m looking at a pair of angels approaching me.

I clear my throat and direct the boys to the green-colored benches in front of the green screen. I pull the desk with my computer closer and point the camera at the boys. The background picture is visible on the screen, and the boys appear in it without the benches.

“That’s funny!” one of them says and starts waving.

“Yeah! Too bad we didn’t bring our green underwear,” the other giggles.

I give them a few moments to adjust. I glance over at Miranda and notice she’s busy with her phone, so I figure we might as well get started.

“Okay, Evan?” I ask, curious which boy will reply.

“Yes?” the left one replies.

I spend the next half hour directing the boys to sit in the right way, ensuring the lighting is okay and that the boys look natural in this setting. I think I managed two or three good ones, but I want to make sure I’ve got enough. Then, just as I’m about to go for it again, one of them says, “I need to take a leak. Can I?”

“Yeah. Me too,” the other one adds.

I hear Miranda sigh, but she doesn’t say anything. She occasionally looked at the progress on the screen, but she needed to answer two calls already and was constantly typing on her phone. I don’t see a problem, so I nod at them. Glenn taught me that the models need to feel comfortable at all times, and maybe if they retake their place on the bench, the picture looks even better. I’m not sure, but it’s a possibility.

After they come back, I say to one of them, “Okay, Owen? You take the left bench now, alright?”

“I’m Evan,” he simply says, looking blankly at me.

“Okay… Owen,” I say as I look at the other boy.

“Yes?” he smiles mischievously as he already knows what I’m about to ask.

They’ve played this twins game all their lives and are certainly way better at it than me, so I decide to play along.

“You sit on the left bench this time,” I smile.

“Sure,” he says and walks over to that bench.

“I don’t know who’s who. I’m sorry, boys. I just don’t see a difference,” I apologize.

“There is one,” Evan says, smirking.

“Yeah… there is one,” Owen adds.

“Here we go again…” I hear Miranda sigh, and at that moment, her phone rings, and she’s out of the door again to answer it.

Curious now, I ask, “Okay… wanna tell me what it is?”

“I’ve got a birthmark, and Owen doesn’t,” Evan smiles that same mischievous grin as his brother earlier.

I checked them out pretty thoroughly during the shoot but couldn’t see any birthmarks. So I figure it’s either under their feet or under the towel, and I’m hoping for the last. And hoping they’d show me, of course. But I don’t have to wait too long as Evan starts pulling down the towel at his front. Meanwhile, Owen gets to his feet and starts doing the same.

“See?” Evan asks.

They both pull down the towel at their front. I’m looking at a thin bush of pubic hairs. And just as with Audrey, their skin is showing through the thin, growing patch of pubes. I can see the start of the base of their dicks, which is showing too now, and I feel my growing boner uncomfortably stretch my underwear.

The reason they show me this is the birthmark at the base of Evan’s dick that Owen lacks. I feel my mouth go dry as I’m looking at this magnificent sight before me. Then, way too soon, they pull their towels back up and take their place on the benches. During the second part of the shoot, Owen’s towel is a bit loose, and a piece of his naked hip shows. It isn’t shocking or overly visible, but I think it gives a nice, authentic feel to the picture.

I’m almost done when the door opens, and Audrey walks in. She’s still dressed in her school uniform, and I can see both boys checking her out. I don’t blame them, considering they’re practically the same age, and Audrey looks real foxy in her school uniform.

“Hi! I’m Audrey,” she cheerfully says and waves at the boys as she gives me a peck on my cheek.

“Hi! I’m Owen, and that’s Evan,” Owen says, smiling and pointing at his brother.

I take one final picture and call out, “Okay. That’s a wrap!” Miranda walks over and starts browsing through the results with me. I glance over at Audrey and see she’s bringing the boys a coke. I hear laughing and giggling behind me, and I’m glad Audrey showed up to entertain the boys. Eventually, Miranda seems satisfied with the final pictures and has to agree with me that the one with a bit of Owen’s hip showing is the best. I upload all of them on a thumb drive and hand it over to her.

Miranda turns around and asks, “So, who’s first with the portfolio shots?”

The boys look at each other, and Evan shrugs. “I’ll go,” he says, gets up, and walks over to the room divider.

“Just underwear is enough. A headshot looks better without a shirt. Especially with that tan of yours,” I call as he disappears behind the screen.

“Okay. Just a sec,” he calls back.

Moments later, he walks out in yellow American Eagle boxer briefs. A black waistband with white letters separates the yellow from his bronzed skin, and I immediately notice how the yellow fabric nicely accentuates his bulge. I can see Audrey eyeing him as he walks by, and I feel a slight, barely noticeable sting of jealousy.

We take the usual portfolio pics. First, the headshot, then the three-quarter and full-length shots. After that, it’s a bit of freestyle. This kid is acting all-natural, and I’m wondering if this is actually his first time in front of a camera. Feeling a bit bold, I take some close-up shots too. His chest, belly, shoulders, feet. And finally, a few photos showing his groin from just above his belly button to just below his boxers. I take one from the side and one from the front.

The outline of his dick is clearly visible through his boxers. I can see his balls, shaft, and rim of his dickhead. I guess it to be around two and a half inches, which suits him nicely. Judging by the clearly visible rim, I assume he’s cut.

“Thanks,” I say after I cannot prolong these intimate shots any longer, “I want some test shots for a swimsuit shoot I might be landing.”

“No problem,” Evan says.

Before I know it, Miranda chips in and adds, “We are looking for modeling work, so if you’d like, the boys can do it.”

“Thanks. But nothing is determined yet. I’ll keep you in mind,” I smile, looking back at Miranda and notice her phone isn’t that important anymore at the moment.

“Dude! You’re up,” Evan says as he walks toward his brother.

Before Owen can react, Evan grabs his brother’s towel and yanks it from his waist. In a flash, I can see his dick. I can see my guess was about right, and I notice he’s indeed cut, so I can only assume his brother is too.

For a few moments, Owen stands there, looking at Audrey. I can see a slight flush spread across his face, and he shrugs apologetically. Then, a moment later, he cups his dick and balls with his hands and runs after his loudly laughing twin brother.

“GIVE IT BACK, FUCKER!” I hear him yell, and I can see Audrey standing there smiling, wide-eyed, and with a flushed face.

“LANGUAGE!” Miranda shouts without looking up from her phone.

Both boys are laughing loudly as they run after each other. Evan is swinging the towel triumphantly above his head. A few times, he gives Owen the idea he can grab the towel, who then reaches out to grab it. I can’t take my eyes off his cute bubble butt as he runs around and the glimpses of his dick I get when he reaches for the towel are a feast to the eye.

Eventually, he grabs the towel, bringing both of them off balance, which causes the boys to go rolling over the floor. One in his yellow underwear, the other naked. After a short struggle, Owen pins down his brother, trapping him under his naked body.

Owen starts making an obscene noise in his throat, clearly preparing a big glob of spit.

“No! No!!” Evan laughs, frantically trying to get free.

Figuring it’s enough, Miranda clears her throat, looking at her sons. Both boys look over and figure it has been enough. So, Owen gets up, extends his hand, and helps his brother to his feet. He swings the towel over his shoulder and walks toward the divider to put his boxers on, showing off all his assets as he walks. He clearly doesn’t care about us seeing it all, as he is still giggling.

Just before he disappears behind the divider, I notice the complete lack of tan lines. The reason for this is obvious but still a bit strange to see with my own eyes. Moments later, Evan shows up and stands next to me, panting from his efforts to outdo his brother.

“THAT was fun,” he laughs.

I look at him and say, “You know you basically exposed yourself, don’t you? Now we know what you look like too.”

His smile disappears for a moment from his face as he realizes what I just said is true. Then he just shrugs and says, “I don’t care. It was funny.”

“It was,” I admitted, unable to push the image from the young, tight, adonis-like body from my mind.

Moments later, Miranda drops her phone, looks at me, and smiles. “Boys,” she sighs and adds, “I guess they also showed you the ‘big difference’ between them?”

“Yup!” I say and try to act as casual as I can.

“Figures,” she says and is back to her phone again.

Moments later, Owen appears in his bright blue boxers, also American Eagle, and we take almost the same pictures as we did with his brother. I direct Owen a bit differently to avoid shooting precisely the same pictures.

After everything is done and the boys get dressed again, I shake Miranda’s hand and promise her to send her the edited portfolio pics as soon as they’re ready. The boys bump fists with Audrey, and I do the same as they walk past me.

“Call us when you land that swimsuit job, okay?” Owen says as he walks away, still looking at me and almost tripping over his feet.

“I will!” I say, smiling.

“That was… interesting,” Audrey says thoughtfully after I close the door.

I laugh at her stunned expression. “It was. And fun too!” I say as I start cleaning up the worst mess.

Audrey helps me out, but I decide to call it a night after putting away the green screen. We watch some television for about half an hour, and I see Audrey yawn. I feel pretty tired from today too, so we clean up and head upstairs.

I already decided to sleep naked this time. Audrey was very clear about it, and I feel I don’t impose myself on her, so I don’t see any more reason not to do it. I feel awkward standing by the bed in my boxers, but as Audrey walks in, naked as the day she was born, I realize I need to act fast to avoid an even more awkward situation. So I quickly drop my boxers and crawl under the covers. Moments later, Audrey joins me.

I lay there staring at the ceiling and let the events of the photoshoot replay in my head. The image of Owen’s penis and tight ass in front of my eyes causes my dick to chub up a bit.

“They’ve got really nice bodies,” Audrey says beside me.

I glance over and smile. “VERY nice bodies! I have to edit the pictures tomorrow, so I can look at it a little more,” I say and wink at her.

“I didn’t know you were gay…” she says, sounding surprised.

“Haha! I’m not! But near-perfect bodies like theirs are always nice to look at. Boy, or girl, man or woman. Don’t you think?”

“I think I do,” Audrey says after thinking about it for a few seconds. Then she starts smiling and softly says, “and an interesting… penis,” suddenly blushing furiously.

Audrey’s blushing surprises me. She has to be used to seeing some dicks over the years. I mean, at least Glenn’s and mine, but I assume she’s seen others when she helped Glenn with his shoots. I notice some movement beside me. Next, the blanket starts moving a bit, and before I can react, I feel Audrey’s hand gripping my dick. It takes me a moment to realize it, but the moment her hand wraps around my shaft, I jump up and get out of the bed, feeling both angry and surprised.

“What the fuck!” I almost shout.

I never swear in front of her, and I can see a mix of fear and wonder on her face. But that look on her face is gone in under a heartbeat, and I can see her eyes tearing up. My half-hard dick stops sticking out as it deflates quickly, and I realize I need to say something.

“You can’t just grab a man’s… penis, Audrey! And especially not an adult one,” I say, the anger still there, even though I do my best to hide it.

“I’m… I’m… I didn’t know… It’s… Sorry!” she yells out and starts crying for real now.

I immediately feel sorry for her and crawl back into bed. I move over to stroke her hair and notice again how amazing her pert little breasts look on her thin, girlish frame.

“I shouldn’t have yelled at you, but it’s just… it took me by surprise,” I sigh, still stroking her hair and face, “And you should’ve asked,” I softly add.

“I know! But seeing Owen today made me really curious about…” she sobs, takes a deep breath, and continues, “and I figured since you’re such a cool guy, you wouldn’t mind. But I…”

Hearing her say this boosts my ego a bit, and I can feel my anger fade away. And I can relate to her seeing a kid her own age naked. It sparked a whole new level of interest when I was her age, so I can imagine something like this having the same effect on her.

“Look. I’m sorry I got so angry,” I start.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” she interrupts me as her sobbing gets less intense.

“No. You shouldn’t have. But I get it.”

She looks at me for the first time since she started crying, and I can see her swollen eyes and the tears on her cheeks. She looks so vulnerable and fragile that all my anger is completely gone and replaced by empathy and curiosity.

“You do?”

“Yeah. I was young too, remember?” I chuckle, “and you can touch it now if you still want to,” I quickly add before I change my mind.

“I can?” she asks, surprised, and wipes the tears from her cheek with the back of her hand.

“Yeah. You’re gonna try and discover anyways, so it might as well be with someone who won’t hurt you, who loves you and can teach the stuff you need to know,” I say, mostly to myself as I realize I‘m heading down a slippery slope.

Deep down, I know I shouldn’t do this, of course. But she will find a way to satisfy her curiosity, and I don’t want it to be some pervert or asshole that will crush her heart. And I don’t want her to get hurt, so why not show her and explain everything. It’s not like I’m going to fuck her or anything. She’s just getting an anatomy lesson about male genitalia. That’s all.

“Let’s move over,” I say and sit up on the edge of her side of the bed and move the blanket out of the way to give access to my dick. As I move the blanket, Audrey’s body is coming into view too, but she doesn’t care about that at all. Audrey sits down next to me, and moments later, we’re both naked and looking at each other. The tension in the air is thick, and I think that’s why I don’t bone up.

Audrey looks up at me with big question marks in her eyes, and I simply nod. This is all the encouragement she needs, as she slowly extends her hand and takes my soft dick in her hand. Immediately, a big smile spreads across her face as she starts examining me with her small hand.

“It’s warm,” she matter-of-factly says and rubs her thumb over my glans.

I can barely hold back a big moan and say, ”You know there used to be skin there, don’t you?”

“Uh-huh. Glenn had skin there,” she says with her eyes focused on my junk.

“I’m circumcised. That’s what they call it AHH,” I moan as her finger rubs over that sensitive spot under the front of my dickhead.

I immediately feel myself grow stiff, but I already decided this isn’t a bad thing considering what we’re doing here. It amazes me it took me this long. But the moment I moan, Audrey pulls back as if she’s stung by a bee.

“Did I hurt you?” she asks worriedly.

“No! On the contrary,” I smile reassuringly, “it feels great when you touch me like that.”

Audrey looks down at my dick again and giggles. “I can see you like it,” and wraps her hand around my stiffening shaft.

She starts groping around again, and before I know it, I’m as hard as I’ve ever been. I have to admit to myself that I like this way more than I anticipated, but that we’re not doing this for my pleasure.

“I never knew a boner can get this hard and soft at the same time,” she whispers to no one in particular.

“You DO know the correct word for it, right?” I say in an attempt to keep up the illusion of education.

“Of course. It’s called an erection, and these are your testicles,” she says as her left hand starts cupping my balls without her right hand leaving my shaft.


“I know. Don’t worry,” Audrey softly says, with her confidence clearly growing by the minute.

Her hand starts toying with my balls, and her eyes are still focused on my dick. Then, she surprises me as she starts moving her right hand up and down on my shaft. It’s clear she’s beginning to jerk me, and I feel almost powerless to stop her.

After a few moments, I finally ask her, “What are you doing?” which takes great effort to say without moaning.

“Jerking you off,” she simply says with a very determined look on her face.

“It’s jacki… Ohhh”

I know it’s inappropriate. I know I have to stop her. And I know there are a million different things wrong with this. But her soft hand and determination to see me cum, combined with more than a year of involuntary celibacy, make it impossible for me to stop her.

“Hmmm… move your hand up higher on my dick,” I say between moans, “Ahhh… like that. Yeah.”

Audrey gets off the bed and sits on the ground between my legs, my dick almost at eye level. She keeps sliding up and down on my boner, and I’m very impressed by her technique. It’s probably because of the situation, but I already feel the build-up in my balls. Her soft, stroking hand feels fantastic! She’s even doing a weird twist-thing in her up and down motion that I only saw online once.

Her left hand leaves my balls a moment later and joins her right on my shaft. My hard-on is only six inches long, but her small hands fit perfectly on my dick, and it adds a whole new level to what she’s doing. She’s not moving fast, but the friction of her soft hands and the twisting motion are incredible!

“I’m getting ahhh,” I pant, “getting close. Look out!”

This triggers something in Audrey. She looks even more concentrated at my dick, and her hands pick up the pace. Despite all the action, I manage to keep my eyes open and look down at her. She spreads her legs a bit, and I notice her glistening, almost hairless pussy looks all swollen and puffy. She must be horny as hell now too!

I try to hold back as long as I can to enjoy this amazing feeling as much as possible, but it’s an uphill battle. I hear myself panting and moaning loudly, and I finally let out a big grunt from deep down my throat, “GRHHH CUMMINGG OAAHH..”

My balls almost pull back inside my body completely, and as my body tingles all over, I feel my cum shoot through my dick with a force I never felt before. In the distance, I feel one of her hands leave my dick while the other one keeps milking me slowly.

I hear Audrey moan too, and when I open my eyes, I almost cum again. Audrey is still sitting on her knees between my legs, and I see my cum splattered all over her tits and belly. Globs of cum are slowly sliding down, and there’s one long string of cum hanging from her stiff nipple. It looks vulgar and sexy at the same time. Audrey’s look is slightly unfocused as she keeps looking at my dick, but her right hand between her legs makes it impossible for her to think straight.

All of this happens in a flash, and the moment it sinks in what I’m looking at, my dick twitches furiously, and at the same time, I hear Audrey moan as she cums. Her eyes shoot back in their sockets, and she clenches her legs shut. Her grip on my dick increases, but I barely notice. I’m looking at one of the most erotic site I ever laid my eyes on. A twelve-year-old girl is having an orgasm while covered in cum. I might be a pervert, but I can’t imagine anybody not finding this almost too hot to handle.

As I sit there, enjoying the view, Audrey’s grip on my dick loosens a bit, and I can see her eyes regaining focus. She smiles shyly when her eyes meet mine and quickly removes her hand away from between her legs.

“I’m sorry, I was…” she softly starts.

I immediately interrupt her, “Don’t worry! I would’ve done the same,” I smile, feeling an intense urge to put her at ease after her first real sexual experience.

“I didn’t know you would shoot so much… stuff…” she says softly as she lets go of my dick, looks down her chest, and starts to giggle.

“Well… it was more than usual. You did an amazing job, Lil’ Bit!” I say and see her blush spreading across her face and upper chest as I say this.

“I did?”

“OH YEAH!” I say a bit too enthusiastically and quickly recover, “how did you come up with that twisting motion of your hands?”

“I uhm… I saw it in one of Glenn’s books. Why?”

“You taught me a new trick there,” I chuckle, “I usually just move up and down on it.”

“When you… sprayed your stuff all over me… I just had to touch myself. Is that normal?” she asks, and her shyness is back again.

“No, no! That’s not weird at all! In fact, it’s a perfectly normal thing to do. You need to enjoy yourself too when you’re doing stuff like this, you know? It’s a two-way street.”

That brings a smile to her face, and she eyes a drop of cum hanging from my dickhead. Then, she extends her finger, scoops it off my dick, and sticks her finger into her mouth.

“If it’s a two-way street, I can taste your stuff again. I like the taste of it,” she simply says as she starts to stand up.

I let my eyes roam over her magnificent, cum-covered body, ending at her sparse pubic hairs. Then, finally, I force myself to look her in the face and say, “We need to get some sleep, you know?”

“Yeah,” she simply says as she looks down at the mess on her chest and belly, “I’ll grab a towel and clean up.”

As she heads to the bathroom, I find my eyes glued to her ass once again. As she rounds the corner, I get up and crawl back into bed. A few minutes later, Audrey walks in with a big grin on her face.

“You sure sprayed a lot!” she giggles, “but I’ve got it all. Next time, I’ll make sure to stay out of the danger zone.”

“Next time!?” I think to myself but decide to drop it.

Audrey crawls in on her side of the bed and immediately drapes herself half over my body. I feel her hot pussy pressed against my leg, and her stiff nipple pokes my chest. Now that we crossed this line, I don’t feel the need to tell her to get back to her side of the bed. But at the same time, I’m wondering where this will end.

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