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La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Shoot me

La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 8

It had been ten months since we moved here, and I dreaded the day that dad would announce we were moving again. I had been helping Glenn with the last female shoot for the calendar and was enjoying myself more than I ever did in my life. This, to me, was another indication I really, really wanted to stay this time.

The shoot was the most daring one so far, as it was a copy of ‘Virgin Killer’ by The Scorpions. However, instead of a ten-year-old girl, a fifty-ish woman appeared. She was obviously nervous as hell. After she changed and I saw the picture we needed to copy, I knew why. In the original image, the girl is naked with a cracked glass effect obscuring her vagina from view. The woman was wearing a flesh-colored strapless bra and matching thong, which left little to the imagination. Glenn assured her that he’d airbrush out all visible portions of that bra, and he guaranteed it would be a tasteful picture.

Despite her age, I got hard seeing her this way. Glenn had anticipated this and gave me an apron with the studio’s logo before she arrived. “Here, Bud,” he said, “it’s the new company outfit. I ordered it specifically for you, ” and he smiled a knowing smile.

When I felt myself grow hard, I was very grateful for it. But, when we were done and Glenn dropped me off, I had a bad omen. And when I opened the door, it was immediately apparent why. Mom and dad were sitting on the couch, and my dad asked me to sit down.

“We’re moving again, aren’t we?” I blurted out and felt the tears welling up in my eyes.

“Yes, we are,” my dad responded coldly.

It turned out my dad was being sent to a new base in some hotbed in central Africa to help create a permanent presence there. In addition, my mom was asked to help set up the medical facilities, so not going there wasn’t really an option for them.

But as they explained the situation of the area we were moving to, it was clear to me they weren’t that fond of it. It was a hostile environment around the base, and many facilities needed to be created yet. Not an ideal situation for an almost thirteen-year-old boy to grow up in.

“We’re still talking about what we should do with you,” my mom said. “There are options, but none of them are completely worked out in detail.”

“Can’t I stay with Glenn and Gloria?” I said, making sure they wouldn’t miss this obvious option.

“No. Of course not! We can’t ask them to take you in for almost a year!” my dad said but looked at my mom with an expression I hadn’t seen before.

“We still have to work out the details, dear. But we figured we needed to tell you this now, so you can prepare for leaving too.”

I could see the struggle all over my mom’s face, and my dad wasn’t as confident as usual.

Later that evening, when I lay in bed, thinking about all this, I realized I needed a game plan. If I played my cards right, I might stay longer in Seattle instead of some hot hell-hole. Or worse, an army-run boarding school. If I could stay here, I could spend more time with Glenn and learn even more about photography. A win-win situation in my eyes.

The following morning, Glenn picked me up to help him with a shoot involving half a dozen models. We were going to take pictures for the winter billboard and shop decorations, and it promised to be chaotic with this many eighteen and nineteen-year-old models. Some of them were probably regular divas already.

Because of that, Gloria would be helping too, and the moment we started working in the studio together, I broke into tears.

“Hey… what’s up, bud?” Glenn asked, looking all concerned.

Gloria hugged and shushed me, and after my tears dried, I explained it all to them. I was careful not to mention the option of me staying with them. They needed to come up with that themselves. And Gloria did. Oh boy!

“They’re not taking you to a dangerous place like that! And you’re sure as hell not going to any boarding school either! Not while we’re around to take you in!”

She looked genuinely pissed. But, like so many times, Glenn was the voice of reason.

“He’s not our kid, honey. We can’t decide what his parents are going to do.”

“I know that!” she snapped. “But why don’t we talk to them and offer that Scott stays with us as an option?”

“Oh. We’ll definitely do that! But we can’t promise anything, Bud,” Glenn said, looking at me. “You know that, right?”

“I know. But thanks for trying!” I said, hugging them both and drying my eyes.

“Of course, honey. I’ll invite them over after church tomorrow, and we’ll see how it goes.”

Just as Glenn predicted, the shoot that day was more than chaotic. Half the girls barely listened to Glenn’s directions, and some of the clothes just didn’t fit properly. Gloria was helping the girls with getting dressed, and after I saw a naked butt and a naked back appear from behind the room divider, I just had to ‘accidentally’ take a look.

I knew I had to wait for the right opportunity to see as much as possible. I was so focused on the changing room that Glenn repeatedly had to correct me, obviously frustrated about how it all went down.

After a little while, my opportunity came. Three girls did one shoot together and had to do another one with a new set of clothes. So after a few moments and some talking, I knew they had to be naked. I pretended I had some stuff that needed to be placed in the back of the room. I walked past the closed bit of the divider toward the end of the room. I knew just where to stand there to see the entire hidden bit, which of course, wasn’t hidden from view from where I was standing now.

I turned around and… WOW!!! Three butt-naked girls were walking around in all their glory. Of course, their boobs weren’t big since they were models, but they were boobs, so I didn’t care. But their pussies were even more interesting. One of them had a thin, black stripe of hair covering it, but the other two were as bald as I was down under.

It was a good thing I was wearing my apron. I was now rock hard, and the strain of my stiffy against my jeans was very uncomfortable. But it didn’t matter because it was hidden, and I was looking at these nude girls. I was glancing so intensely that I didn’t see the broomstick. The moment I bumped into it, it fell over with a lot of noise.

I quickly pretended to be very busy but felt my face go beet-red. The girls were giggling, and I could hear them say things like, “how cute” and “he’s curious” to each other. I was glad they didn’t shout at me or something, and they didn’t seem bothered by me at all because they were still prancing around in the nude.

As quietly as I could, I slipped by them to get back to Glenn, all the while my eyes were focused on the bald slits of the two girls. It fascinated me greatly, and I almost stumbled over my own feet.

When I got back, Glenn shot me a furious look. And the moment he was done with this part of the shoot, he opened the door to the storage room and nodded for me to get in there.

“Don’t ever do that again!” he said with a raised voice, still with that pissed-off look on his face.

“I’m sorry. I just…” I tried but couldn’t look Glenn in the eyes, so I just looked at the floor.

“I know what you were doing. But I’m running a professional studio here, and you have to behave professionally too. Get it?” he said, still pissed off.

“Yes. I’m sorry, ” I mumbled, embarrassed, genuinely feeling sorry.

“If you need spanking material, just ask! I’ve got books for you to thumb through that will get you off within a minute. Just don’t…” Glenn trailed off, realizing he was ranting.

“Sorry. I promise I won’t…”

Glenn’s look was much kinder now and almost back to the Glenn I knew. A smile appeared, and he asked, “they do look good, don’t they?” and he nudged me in my side.

I smiled and said, “Yeah! Two of them don’t have hair. You know. Down there…”

“Haha! You DID have a good look. And they’re eighteen, so I’m pretty sure they shaved it.”

“Oh… Okay, ” I responded, not sure why they’d do that.

“Look, Bud. I’m serious. Give the models their privacy, okay?”

“K. Won’t happen again. Promise!”

And that was that. I didn’t intentionally peek again, although I did see bare boobs a few more times. Glenn later said that these girls were teasing me. I didn’t mind.

I stayed over at Glenn and Gloria’s place that Saturday night and was nervous as hell about the following day. Gloria promised me that she would talk to my parents about it and that I shouldn’t worry. But I still did.

Before we were done in the studio, Glenn called me over and handed me a thin book.

“Here, Bud. Look at this when you’re going to bed. It will help you out,” he said and smiled a conspiratorial smile.

The book was great. It contained all sorts of nude, full-body shots of models around the same age as the ones modeling this afternoon. The book’s title was ‘Best portfolio pics – Legal,’ and on the next line, it read, ‘Part III.’

As I lay alone in my bed and thumbed through the book, with just the dimmed light of my flashlight, I was quickly hard as a board. I started jacking it and was cumming hard before I knew it. This was some great stuff!

After I helped clean the breakfast table the following day, I couldn’t sit still. I was just too nervous about how my parents would react. So the moment the doorbell rang, I rushed over to the front door to let my parents in. There was a lot of small talk, but the subject of us moving inevitably came up. At first, my mom wouldn’t listen to Gloria, but thankfully, Gloria kept going.

“I assure you, Janice, it is no trouble at all! In fact, we’d be glad to have him over. He’s kind, helpful, and brings a lot of life to this house. Honestly, Janice!” Gloria pressed.

I could see my mom was struggling internally. She glanced at my dad, and his face basically said it all. He was okay with it! After all the struggles he and I had, he was finally on my side. I didn’t care if it was because he just wanted me out of the picture. I could stay!

The moment I realized this, my stomach did a backflip, and I was overwhelmed with joy. But my mom gave it one last try.

“But Gloria! We can’t ask this from the two of you! It’s almost a year!”

“You’re not asking, Janice. We’re offering! And we’re offering this because we want to. You can call us as often as you want to check on Scott if you want. But I assure you, he’s in good hands!” Gloria countered.

“I know… but…” my mom persisted, “you want to do this too, Frank?”

“Well… it beats going to Africa with us or going to a boarding school. And if it doesn’t work out for some reason, Scott can still go there. We’ll just have to arrange it remotely. As far as I see it, that’s the worst-case scenario,” my dad answered, clearly accustomed to the idea already.

“Well… then it’s settled! Drinks, anyone?” Gloria said enthusiastically.

And that was the start of a year without my parents and my sexual discovery with Glenn.

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