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La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Angels

La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 16

“No problem! I’ll ask him tonight. See you tomorrow,” I said to Daniel as I closed my locker, bumped fists, and walked away.

Daniel was in my class and part of the group I hung out with during recess and sometimes after school. He asked me if Glenn would shoot his portfolio pics or maybe even have an assignment he could be in when he heard what Glenn did for a living.

I already knew that Glenn wouldn’t mind shooting the portfolio for a friend of mine. However, I wasn’t sure if he had anything lying around that he could be in.

I threw my bag in a corner, kissed Gloria, and asked where Glenn was. She smiled and pointed toward the studio.

“He’s in there, Honey,” she smiled. “Where else would he be? He asked if you could come over the moment you got home.”

“Thanks!” I called as I ran out of the back door toward the studio.

When I got there, I noticed the little red light was on, so I knocked softly on the door, just as Glenn asked me to. The red light meant that Glenn was doing a shoot, and I couldn’t simply barge in. There could be someone naked in there who didn’t want to be seen by someone other than Glenn or something like that.

“Come in!” I heard Glenn shout.

I entered the studio, where Glenn was smiling at me. I looked at the set and was surprised to see someone was there. I didn’t know that Glenn had a shoot today but judging by what I saw, the shoot was in full swing already.

I guessed the guy on the set was around twenty years old. He was tall, dark-skinned, with black, spiky hair. He was stark naked, and as my eyes quickly roamed over his muscular chest and down to his six-pack, I noticed his enormous penis. A quick guess was that it was about six inches and really thick. I’ve never seen a dick this big.

I knew I was staring, so I tore my eyes away, and that’s when I noticed the angel wings on his back.

I looked at Glenn and asked, “Gloria said you needed me?”

“Yeah. That angel shoot you did with Michelle really inspired me. So I asked Ron if he had time to do a shoot,” he said as he pointed at Ron.

“Hey, Scott! Nice to meet you!” he said smiling. “Love the stuff you did with Michelle!”

“Thanks,” I said, smiling back but giggling inside. If he only knew…

“I hate to ask you this without talking about it first, but would you mind joining Ron with this one?” Glenn asked, and he looked a bit uncomfortable.

“Uhm.. guess not. What do I need to do?”

After a few moments, I was naked, and Glenn was helping me with my wings. I walked over to Ron and could barely keep my eyes from that monster between his legs. I looked at him and knew he caught me looking. I started to blush, and he just smiled at me.

“Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who looks. I really don’t care if you do.”

“I’ve never seen one this big,” I blurted out.

“Sorry. Can’t help it,” Ron chuckled.

I was glad it wasn’t cold inside the studio, so my willie wasn’t just a shriveled little shrimp. I looked down at my own barely three-inch noodle hanging over my sack and giggled.

“Me neither,” and we both chuckled at that.

“Don’t worry. You’ve still got some growing to do.”

“Ready guys?” Glenn asked.

We had to do three poses together. We started out with me in front of Ron, with my back toward his front. He had to put his arms over my chest and hold me against him. I had to use both my hands to cup my dick and balls, so they were obscured from view.

“Look at that green dot on the wall. And don’t smile! Look as sad as you can,” Glenn instructed.

I felt the massive dick brush against my lower back, and I instinctively pressed back against it. But it didn’t move or even get a little hard. Ron was clearly a professional. I wanted to touch it to feel what it’s like from the moment I saw it. But judging by the vibe he was giving off, I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

“Scott. You sit Indian-style on the floor. Ron, stand behind him and make sure your stuff is hidden behind Scott’s head. Spread your legs if you need to,” Glenn instructed.

We did just that, and when I felt the thick dickhead touch the back of my head, I could hardly suppress a smile. Ron didn’t say or do anything, but I sure liked how it felt.

“Okay, you two. Scott, you look up. Ron, you look down.” Glenn said. And moments later, “That’s great! Scott, cover your willie with your hands.”

After several bursts of white flashing lights, I knew we were done. Before Ron could move, I scooted sideways and turned my head. I was treated with a close-up look of his massive dick for a second and was impressed even more when I saw it this close. Unfortunately, it only lasted a second, and I don’t think Ron noticed. At least he didn’t let on if he did. He just smiled, held out his hand, and helped me to my feet.

“Do you think you can carry Scott?” Glenn asked, looking at Ron.

Ron looked me over, shrugged, and said, “I guess so. Not for too long, but I think I can manage a minute or so. What do you have in mind?”

“Scott needs to pretend he’s dead while you’re carrying him back to heaven.”

“Sounds cool!” I said excitedly.

“Great!” Glenn said cheerfully.

Ron and I stood there waiting for Glenn to get the lights and his camera ready when Ron said, “Let’s try it.”

And with that, he put one arm around my upper back while the other grabbed just below my butt. One hand touched my cheek, but before I could say anything, I was off the ground and lying in his strong arms.

“No problem!” Ron chuckled and put me back down.

A minute later, Glenn announced it was time to get ready. He gave us instructions first. All I had to do was act completely limp and let Ron do all the work. Before I knew it, I was lying in his arms, acting like I was dead. I was almost lying straight in his arms, with my head back and my arms hanging down.

A burst of flashes later, Glenn asked if Ron could hold me a bit lower, and after he did, another burst of flashes followed.

Ron put me down, and I saw a bit of sweat on his forehead. He noticed me looking and said, “You’re heavier than you look, big guy!” and he playfully punched me against my shoulder.

“Can you try if this works?” Glenn asked as he handed us both two small cloths of white silk fabric.

“Try it how?” I asked.

“Put it between your legs to hide your dicks. I want to recreate the effect you see in these old paintings where all the precious bits are hidden. That way, I can also show it to people who don’t like nudity. I need to eat, you know?” he chuckled

“You need a bigger cloth for Ron,” I laughed.

Ron punched against my shoulder again but laughed loudly. “I’ll manage. Don’t worry.”

I started fumbling with the cloth, but I couldn’t work it out. I glanced over at Ron, and surprisingly, he found a way to hide his huge member and also managed to look good in it.

When he saw me struggling, he whispered, “If you make it hard, you can trap the cloth under it.”


“Trust me. I did it too when I was your age. Now I don’t need it anymore, but it’s an old Scouts trick I learned.”

I openly started toying with my dick, and as I looked over at Ron’s sculptured body and pictured his massive dick in my mouth, I boned up pretty quickly. Ron looked at my work and smiled.

“Good. Now wrap the top of the cloth around it, and you’re good.”

I did just that, and the cloth stayed in place. It actually looked good on me. During this second part of the shoot, I remained hard by picturing Ron’s dick as I licked it and toyed with it.

After we were done, Ron gave me a high-five and said I did an awesome job. When he removed his cloth, I figured it wouldn’t matter anymore and openly looked at it. Ron noticed, and I swear he let me look way longer than necessary, as it was obvious he was stalling getting dressed as he kept making small talk with Glenn.

We said our goodbyes and I helped Glenn with putting away the equipment. He handed me a coke as we sat down at the table, where he looked at me, smiled, and said, “He’s huge, right?”

“Huge? He’s hung like a pony! I’ve never seen one that big!” I exclaimed.

“That’s one of the reasons why I love to work with him. And he’s extremely professional too.”

“I get it. He’s good-looking too,” I said, taking a sip from my coke.

“He is.”

We sat there in silence for a bit when I asked, “You’re really into that angel theme, aren’t you?”

“I am! You two inspired me big time!” Glenn said with an excited look on his face. “I think this might just be the last thing I need to get my own exposition in a gallery,” he continued.

“That would be awesome!”

“Yeah! And all thanks to you, Bud!” he said and ruffled my hair.

“You did all the work,” I timidly responded.

“Yeah. But you inspired me. You pose for me each time I’ve got an idea. So you deserve the credit too!”

“Uhm… thanks? I guess?” I smiled shyly.

“Sure, Bud! Don’t be shy. Be proud! When you get a compliment, own it!” Glen said and slapped me on my shoulder.

“I uhm… Thanks!” I said sternly and pushed my chest forward.

“That’s it!” Glenn smiled.

“I… uhm… can Daniel stay over tomorrow night?” I asked, asking the question that was on my lips the entire time.

“Sure. I don’t see why not. What did Gloria say?”

“She said she didn’t mind but that I had to ask you too.”

“Then I don’t see any problems. If his parents want to check on us, just let them call us.”

“I don’t think parents do that anymore,” I chuckled. “But I’ll tell him. And uhm…”

“What?” Glenn asked cautiously.

“He asked if you’d take some pictures for his portfolio?” I tried with a sly smile.

“Oh. No problem! I was worried you might want something from the liquor cabinet,” he laughed.

“Great! I’ll tell him that it’s okay! This will be SO much fun!” I said as we got up and left the studio.

* * *

That Friday during school, I was distracted a lot. Daniel sat in front of me, and I kept stealing glances at him. His light-Brown hair was a bit shaggy and hung over his ears. He was on the skinny side, and his boney shoulders were about the same width as his hips. Puberty clearly had to start on him too.

When he looked sideways, I noticed for the first time his features were a bit feminine. When I started at this school, some kids picked on him, and now I realized it was probably because of this. I really hate it when someone gets picked on by a group, so when I saw what was going on, I walked up to them and told them to stop.

Adam, the biggest boy in class and kind of the leader of the pack, looked at me and wanted to know who the fuck I was and why I cared. At that moment, one of the other kids whispered something in his ear. His face changed, and he backed away.

“Just don’t do it again, Daniel!” he said, pointing at him and walking away.

“What was that?” Daniel asked, looking at me with a surprised look. “Are you the son of a mobster or something?”

“Not that I know,” I chuckled, also surprised by this sudden change.

From that moment on, Daniel and I hung out together in school. Turned out that the other kids were scared of me because my dad was a big-shot army man. Glenn, who regularly dropped me off at school, looked pretty impressive too, of course. So it turned out I had an easy time at school. I wasn’t at the top of the food chain, but I was nobody’s bitch either. I wasn’t bullied, nobody told me what to do, and everybody I hung out with was also left alone, so I figured I landed a sweet deal.

I had a small group of friends that, by modern standards, you would call nerds. But I didn’t care about that at all. We got along well, and we had lots of fun. All of them knew I was into photography, and Daniel was very interested in that. He was curious about the how and what and wanted to learn how to do it too. So that’s probably why he wanted to get his pictures taken.

“Gloria, Daniel. Daniel, Gloria,” I said as we walked into the kitchen together and found Gloria there.

“Hi, Mrs. Taylor. Thank you for letting me stay here,” Daniel said as he smiled politely.

“Please, sweetie. Call me Gloria!” she smiled and offered us a drink.

After finishing it, we went upstairs to drop off Daniel’s stuff. After he dropped his bag on my bed, he immediately stood in front of my very first picture that I hung on the wall.

“Did you make this?” he asked surprised.

“Yeah. With a little help from Glenn, of course.”

“That bee looks amazing on that red flower! The colors really pop!”

“Thanks. I’m quite proud of that one,” I replied shyly.

“And you should!”

“Are you okay to sleep in the same bed? Or should I get the spare mattress to put on the floor?” I asked, pointing at the queen-sized bed.

I could see his eyes light up briefly, and he shook his head. “Nah. I’m fine with sleeping in the same bed. As long as you don’t steal the covers,” he chuckled.

We put away his stuff and went down to head over to the studio. Daniel got all excited about the pool when we walked out of the patio door.

“You should’ve told me there’s a pool here, man! I would’ve brought my trunks!”

“Oh yeah. Sorry. Didn’t think of it. I think tomorrow’s weather is pretty good too. So I guess we’ll have to work something out,” I said, already picturing us skinny-dipping together.

I didn’t know how Daniel would think about this stuff. I never saw him naked. Just in his regular, blue bikini-style briefs when we were changing for PE. He was one of the few kids I knew that didn’t wear the regular tighty-whities we all wore, and it made me curious about him. So I was thinking about a natural way to see his dick, but I certainly didn’t wanna push my luck in that department.

“Glenn!?” I shouted as we entered the empty studio.

“Just a sec!” came the muffled reply.

I pointed toward the current plain black and white set, and as we walked over, Glenn came out of the darkroom with a few pictures in his hand. He placed them on the kitchen table and smiled at us. We changed directions and walked toward Glenn.

“Glenn, this is Daniel. We’re having a sleepover tonight.”

“I know. Hi Daniel,” Glenn smiled warmly as he extended his hand.

“Hi, Mr. Taylor. Thanks for having me over,” he said, shaking Glenn’s hand, and I knew Glenn would react instantly.

“Please! Call me Glenn! Mr. Taylor was my father,” he laughed. “You wanna have your picture taken?”

“Oh. Yeah, please. I wanna learn how it’s done, and what better place to learn than in front of a camera, right?”

“Depends on what you wanna learn,” Glenn chuckled. “But I guess you’re right. Scott did both modeling and shooting. After seeing him doing that, I think it makes you a better photographer.”

“Thanks!” I said, feeling myself blush.

“Do you mind if I show Daniel the angel pics?” Glenn asked as he looked at me.

“Of course not!” I reply, not feeling any shame about these.

Glenn spread out the pics of me posing as an angel with Michelle. He hesitated slightly but put down the pics of Ron and the ones where we pose together too.

“Oh, wow!” Daniel whispered as he looked them over. “These are amazing!”

“Thanks,” Glenn responded with a big smile.

“Glenn is an expert with lights and shadows,” I softly said, feeling a sense of pride as I looked at myself in the pictures.

Obviously, I was naked in them, but only the picture where Ron carried me as a dead angel showed my dick. And as I checked that one out, I was glad it apparently wasn’t cold inside the studio when we shot it because my dick looked fine in it. It was far away from the cold ‘shrunken into oblivion’ mode and more between comfortably soft and that ‘starting to get hard’ phase, so I had nothing to be ashamed of.

I glanced at Daniel and noticed he looked intensely at all pics, but his gaze went to that particular picture a lot.

“Scott told me you want portfolio shots. Or do you want something else, like a traditional portrait?” Glenn asked, looking at Daniel.

“Portfolio shots, please. I mean… if that’s okay with you.?”

“Of course! You can always use them later, right?” Glenn said and winked at Daniel.

Daniel was directed on set by Glenn, and after the initial shyness and awkwardness, Daniel got the hang of it. He looked natural in front of the camera, and I noticed for the first time how much we looked alike. He was skinnier than me, and his hair was longer, but other than that, our bodies looked basically the same.

“Do you mind taking off your shirt?” Glenn asked calmly and with a warm smile.

“Not at all,” was Daniel’s reply, and he quickly took it off and tossed it at me.

“The headshots look way better with bare shoulders,” Glenn said and started moving in on Daniel to take his shots.

I’ve seen Daniel without a shirt after PE, but seeing him in this setting made me look differently at him. I wasn’t falling in love or anything, but I was suddenly getting extremely curious about how the other parts of his body looked.

“Awesome!” Glenn exclaimed. “We’re done.”

“That was quick,” Daniel said, a bit disappointed.

“If you’re up to it, we can do a real shoot tomorrow,” Glenn said, eyeing me as he smiled at Daniel.

“Okay. I guess… What do I have to do?” he asked apprehensively, but the look on his face was full of curiosity.

“I’ve got something in mind for the two of you. But I have to think about it, so we’ll talk about it tomorrow, okay? Now we’re gonna eat and have some fun.”

Gloria outdid herself, and we had a great dinner together. After we cleaned up, we played a game of monopoly. I was out first, and next was Gloria. Glenn and Daniel played the endgame, and neither wanted to lose. Eventually, Glenn was the winner, and he congratulated Daniel on his game.

After a game of Charades where I laughed so hard that tears flowed down my cheeks a few times, Gloria announced it was bedtime for us. She was understanding enough to let us go upstairs and do our own thing, so she hugged me and kissed me goodnight downstairs. I knew she wouldn’t come upstairs to tuck us in or something.

“Don’t make it too late, guys,” Glenn said seriously. “You can talk some more, but don’t make it an all-nighter, okay?”

“Okay. We won’t,” I said, and with that, we went upstairs.

As I was undressing for bed, I wondered if I should wear pajamas or just sleep in my underwear. Then, I noticed Daniel rummaging through his backpack and asked, “Forgot something?”

“I didn’t bring my pajamas,” he said and blushed.

“No problem. We’ll sleep in our underwear. I like it better that way anyway. So I don’t care.”

“Me too,” he giggled. “I usually sleep naked, so I guess that’s why I forgot to bring some PJ’s.”

“Haha! Me too,” I laughed but couldn’t bring up the courage to propose sleeping naked tonight too.

I dropped my pants and stood beside the bed, waiting for Daniel to do the same, so we could crawl in at the same time. When he dropped his pants and stood there in his blue bikini briefs, I felt a stir inside my underwear. To avoid awkwardness, I quickly crawled under the covers.

“What’s with the blue undies?” I asked as Daniel crawled in too.

“Dunno. My mom accidentally bought a pack of these a while back, and I like them. It kinda stuck on me since then. I like that they’re different than the plain white ones.”

“I see. It looks good on you,” I softly said.

“Thanks. And they sorta hide my peter too in the changing room, when I… you know…” he trailed off.

“I know! I hate when that happens,” I replied, wanting him to feel comfortable.

As I lay there, thinking about a way to see his dick and maybe, just maybe, play with it, Daniel suddenly asked, “Your shoot with that woman… was that a trick shot, or were you both naked?”

I needed to think for a second. Glenn told my parents it was a trick shot. But telling the truth was a great way to impress Daniel. Would he squeal on me? After a few moments, I figured I could probably trust him, so I softly said, “That was real.”

“Oh wow… how was it?” he asked, clearly impressed.

“It was amazing! She was warm and soft and sweet. And at one point, I had to touch her boobs, and they were… freaking awesome!” I whispered loudly.

“I bet… I can’t wait to touch boobs too, man!” he chuckled.

“You’ll love it!”

We were quiet for a bit, and I realized I was stiff as a board from thinking about the events.

“In one shot, you were lying… between her legs. Did your willie touch her… you know?” asked Daniel in the silence that followed.


“And you were… uhm… hard?”

“It’s impossible to not have a boner in that situation, man. So, yes,” I chuckled.

“Really?” Daniel asked with awe in his voice. “Did she say anything about it?”

This was a tricky one. Should I tell him and increase the possibility of fooling around, or should I be a gentleman and drop it?

“You HAVE to promise me to keep your mouth shut about this, okay?” I asked, looking at him in the dark room, barely making out his features.

“I swear! Whatever happens here tonight is just between you and me! Scout’s honor!” he chuckled.

“Well… at one point, she asked me to stick it in…”

“NO! She didn’t!” Daniel said almost out loud, forgetting we should whisper.

“I swear to god, man!”

“How was it!?”

“Only like the best freaking feeling ever!”

“I bet…”

“You jerk off, right?” I asked.

“I uhm…” he hesitated, “yeah… who doesn’t?”

“Imagine that feeling, and multiply it by a million. It’s like your dick is being wrapped in a warm, wet, velvety sleeve, where something squeezes tightly every few seconds.”

“I can’t believe it. You’re SO lucky, man!”

“I know. We did it twice because I came immediately after I was inside for the first time. It just felt too good,” I giggled.

“What about Glenn?”

“What about him?”

“Did he know you were… uhm… fucking her?”

“Not the first time. But he came down to check on us, and that’s when he saw what we were doing.”

“And?” Daniel asked, obviously extremely curious.

“He said it was okay and that it didn’t show on the pictures. According to him, it even added a new, intense layer to the picture. So he was cool with it.”

“Oh wow. And you don’t really care walking around naked in front of him, do you?”

“No. Why should I? Glenn is the coolest guy I know. AND he let me fuck a woman,” I laughed.

“Can I see it?” Daniel asked after a few seconds of silence and turning on his side toward me.

“See what?” I asked, having no clue at all what he meant.

“Your willie. You had inside a woman, and I’m curious if it looks different now.”

I didn’t see this one coming. But I was glad Daniel asked first, and I knew then and there that we were going to fool around. I just had to play along and maybe take the lead, but my twitching boner and I were on the same page now.

“Uhm…” I said, not wanting to be too eager.

“You don’t have to,” he quickly added. “and I’ll show you mine too if you want.”

“I think it’s okay. You’ve seen it in that picture with Ron already.”

“Right. But I couldn’t see it good enough to see any difference,” Daniel said, keeping up appearances.

“But… I am hard now from all that talk. Do you mind?” I asked, giggling inside.

“No. Not at all!” Daniel casually said. “In fact, I’m hard too. And we’re just boys here, so who cares, right?”

I clicked on the bedside lamp and looked at Daniel’s excited face. I smiled and started pushing the blanket down. When our undies came into view, it was obvious we were both excited. I couldn’t wait to see Daniel’s hard dick, which was covered by the blue, stretched fabrics of his briefs. So I decided to take the lead.

“Why don’t you turn around and lie with your head near my crotch. That way, we can both check the other one out.”

“Like a sixty-nine, you mean?” Daniel smiled.

“Yeah! Like that,” I replied, wondering where he learned this position.

Daniel quickly turned around, and I was greeted with his blue undies in my face, where his hard dick was making an obscene tent. The moment he laid down, he didn’t waste a second and started fumbling with my plain-white undies, and when I felt his fingers slide in the waistband, I wondered who was really in the lead here.

But I didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so I got to work too. I slipped my fingers in the waistband of the front of his undies and felt the ticking of some hairs. Good. When I pulled it out of his body and his dickhead was no longer held back by it, I saw it pop free. I quickly lowered his undies down further, completely freeing his dick and balls. He wiggled a bit with his hips, and I slid his undies halfway down his upper legs.

In the meantime, Daniel had done the same, and we were now studying each other’s tools. My first impression was that Daniel’s dick was basically the same as mine. Being this close to it, I saw all the details, and I liked it!

His length and girth were the same as mine. He had a little bit more pubes, but I had slightly bigger balls. His dickhead was a bit blunter than mine, and he had a slight bend to the left, where mine was almost perfectly straight.

I was mesmerized by his hot dick, and when I noted a tiny drop of precum come out of the tip, he whispered, “Can I touch it?”

I didn’t answer him. Instead, I wrapped my fingers around his tool and started feeling it up and down. That was all the encouragement he needed. So after a low moan from him, I felt his fingers do the same to me.

“I don’t see or feel any difference,” Daniel panted.

I figured we could drop the pretense of checking for differences, so I slowly changed my groping of his dick from probing around to slow jerking.

That triggered something in Daniel because he started moaning and switched to a full-blown jerking motion on me too. I started moaning, which encouraged Daniel to keep going, and I gripped his dick firmly and also picked up the pace.

The good feelings in my dick increased, and I was getting hornier by the second. I kept my eyes firmly on Daniel’s dick and admired the smoothness and its spongy dickhead. I felt my mouth water and wanted it in my mouth badly. But I didn’t know how Daniel would react to that. Finally, after a short internal struggle to blow him or not, I made up my mind to do it. So I opened my mouth and pointed his dick toward it when I suddenly felt my own dick being engulfed in a warm, wet, and soft place. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what happened. Daniel beat me to it.

I let out a low moan again and immediately wrapped my lips around his rock-hard dick. I loved the smell and taste of it! Where Glenn’s tasted musky and salty, with a manly scent, Daniel’s was sweet and light. It fitted easily inside my mouth, and I could generously use my tongue to stimulate him even more, which I eagerly did.

The feeling around my dick was amazing. I didn’t know for sure, but the way his lips and tongue were working my dick made me think this wasn’t his first rodeo. But I didn’t mind at all. It was a fantastic feeling. Me working on his dick and all the attention my own dick was getting.

We were both moaning softly while bobbing up and down and working our tongues around the other’s dickhead. I moved my hand over to cup his skinny buttcheek and slowly worked a finger toward his hole. This time, he didn’t copy my action and just went on sucking me.

The buildup inside was getting stronger, and I knew I was getting close to cumming. But judging by Daniel’s moans and the movement of his hips, I figured he was getting close too. I was feeling so horny by now that I threw all the caution in the wind and pressed my index finger against his puckered asshole.

“Mmmhhh…” he moaned on my dick.

Next, he pushed his hips firmly against my face, sliding his dick all the way into my mouth. I felt a few of his pubes tickle my chin. That, combined with his dickhead rubbing against the back of my palate, turned me on even more. A few heartbeats later, I felt his dick grow fatter in my mouth, It twitched, and a few drops of sweet, watery cum landed on the back of my tongue.

This triggered my own orgasm, and I pushed my groin hard against his face, causing Daniel’s tongue to lap furiously over my dickhead as he sucked on me hard. One of his hands cupped my balls, and he squeezed them firmly. This didn’t hurt at all but felt awesome as it prolonged my orgasm for a few seconds.

The moment the taste of his cum really registered in my head, I felt my balls contract, and I came. It wasn’t the best orgasm I ever had, but the combination of his efforts and his still twitching dick in my mouth caused me to moan loudly on his dick nevertheless.

After my orgasm died down a bit, I gently kept sucking on Daniel’s softening dick while toying with it in my mouth. Daniel was doing the same, and after a few minutes of this, I let it slip from my mouth and looked down.

Daniel did the same, and as he looked at me, I could see him blush.

“I’m sorry… I couldn’t help it…” he whispered.

“Don’t be sorry! I loved it! I did it too, you know?”

He moved over, turned around, and lay on his side with his face toward me.

“I was afraid you’d be mad or something,” he said, looking relieved.

“Don’t be silly! I love doing this stuff,” I whispered, trying to make him feel more at ease.

“You did this before too?” Daniel asked, amazed.

“I… uhm…” I hesitated slightly but quickly realized I might as well be honest about this, “yeah… you?”

“My… I… uhm… My next-door neighbor Jeff and I… did some stuff together. He’s a year older than me. He showed me… Well. He and I… you know… fooled around.”

“Yeah. I’ve got a friend like that too,” I said, deliberately leaving it vague.

“But I like doing it with you too,” he giggled. “And you’re really good at sucking.”

“Thanks!” I chuckled, “you’re not too bad yourself.”

“Scott?” he softly asked after a moment of silence.

“’ Sup?” I said, sensing the tension in the air.

“I think I’m gay…” he whispered, and I could see him blush.

“That’s… uhm… that’s fine, you know?” I responded, immediately feeling silly for not knowing how to react appropriately.

“You’re not mad?”

“No. Why should I be?”

“Because I tricked you into doing this stuff with me…”

“Shit, man! I wanted to do that too. You didn’t trick me or anything.”

I could see his shoulders relax, and he sighed a deep breath of relief. I just smiled at him, genuinely feeling a lot of affection for him. He started smiling back and gave me an awkward hug. I could feel our soft dicks touch, but there was nothing sexual about our embrace, so I ignored it and hugged him back.

“Are you… gay too?” Daniel asked after we broke the hug, and both lay on our backs, looking at the ceiling.

I thought about this for a few seconds and let the words Glenn told me roll through my head.

“Nah. I don’t think so. I really like looking at naked girls and women too. And I absolutely loved fucking Michelle, so I wanna do that a lot more whenever I can. But I really like doing stuff like this too. So I think I’m a bit of both? If that makes sense…”

“Yeah. I think I get it. But I don’t feel that way. When I looked at the pictures of you and Michelle, I looked at you. I couldn’t be bothered with her. And I immediately got hard when I looked at you and that man.”

“You mean Ron,” I smiled.

“Yeah. Ron. I could only think about how amazing it would be to handle that massive willie he has. And with you naked in his arms. THAT combination got me worked up in the blink of an eye. So yeah…”

“Oh. But I would’ve loved to touch it too, man! Especially when I was on my knees right in front of it and saw it up close. But he was just too damn professional,” I chuckled.

“You won’t tell anyone in school about this, will you?” he asked after a few moments of silence, and I could feel his fear of being outed.

“Don’t be silly! Of course not! It’s our secret. When you think you’re ready for it, you tell people how you feel. That’s not up to me. And we can still have sleepovers and do stuff together. I’m just not in love with you. I mean… I love you, but just… not like that.”

“You’re the best, Scott!” he whispered, and I could hear him sniff.

“Hey! Wanna do that shoot together tomorrow? I’m sure Glenn would love to see us with these angel wings together,” I said in the silence that followed in an attempt to cheer him up.

“I… uhm… yes. I’d like that. But, uhm… are we gonna be naked during the shoot?” he asked apprehensively.

“Of course we will. But don’t worry about Glenn. He’s a cool guy. You’ll hardly know he’s there.”

“But… uhm… what if I get, you know… hard?”

“Haha! Then I’ll suck you off, so you’re soft again,” I giggled.


“I told you, man! Glenn is a cool guy. He saw me hard dozens of times. He doesn’t care. And I jerked off once while he took pictures of me. He doesn’t judge or make fun of you. I promise!”

“You’d suck me off in front of the camera? Really?”

“Sure! As long as Glenn’s behind it, I don’t care. And you’ve got a great dick, so I don’t mind sucking it.”

“Oh wow…”

“You want me to suck it now?” I asked and snaked my hand down over his torso toward his groin, where I was treated with a very hard, throbbing cock.

This time, we took turns sucking each other off. I sucked Daniel first. He placed his hands on my head and rubbed his fingers through my hair while moaning softly. Then, as his panting increased, I slipped a finger up his butt, and he shot a few drops of cum in my mouth.

I figured he’d do the same to me when he sucked me, but apparently, he didn’t dare. I didn’t care too much because he was an excellent cocksucker. Despite having an orgasm under half an hour ago, I quickly felt the point of no return approach. Especially when he started toying expertly with my balls.

Looking back. I was a bit surprised we both swallowed the other’s cum. We didn’t talk about it. We just did. And I loved the sweet taste of his cum! I guess that’s where my love for young boy cum is born.

* * *

When I woke up the following day, Daniel was lying against me with his hand draped over my belly, inches away from my morning wood. I had to pee badly, so I wiggled myself free and went to the bathroom. When I came back, Daniel was yawning and stretching. His eyes roamed up and down over my naked body as I stood there smiling at him.

“You look good, you know that?” he chuckled.

“No. I didn’t know that. But hearing it from a gay boy is a big compliment,” I laughed and started putting on my clothes.

I figured he probably wasn’t ready to do his morning routine the same way as I usually did. And since the smell of eggs and bacon filled the house already, I didn’t have time to figure it out.

“Come on. Get up! Gloria is making breakfast. And you don’t want to miss that!” I said as I pulled down the blanket.

I openly checked out his hard dick and licked my lips overly exaggeratedly, which caused him to giggle and jump out of bed in an attempt to attack me. But we heard footsteps on the stairs, so he quickly grabbed his blue undies, which he rapidly pulled up. They did nothing to hide the fact that he had a boner, but at least it was covered now.

Gloria knocked on the door softly and said, “Are you awake, boys? Breakfast is ready.”

I opened the door a bit and smiled at her through the crack as I grabbed my t-shirt.

“Almost done,” I said, making sure to stand in front of Daniel.

“Yeah, Mrs. Tay- Gloria. We’re almost ready.”

When we came downstairs, Glenn was already sitting at the breakfast table. It was clear he made an effort to be a good host because it was usually just Gloria and me. We chatted about the games we played and the day that lay ahead of us.

“It will be a sunny afternoon. You can play in the pool if you want,” Gloria said.

“Daniel didn’t bring his trunks,” I said, looking at Daniel. “And he thinks I’m making fun of him when I tell him what we usually wear in the pool.”

This caused Gloria to chuckle. She smiled warmly at Daniel and said, “Scott is right, dear. And if it makes you feel more at ease, I’m meeting some friends later today, so it’ll just be the three of you.”

“See? We can have a sausage fest!” I smiled broadly.

“Or you can wear your underwear. Or one of Glenn’s trunks. It’s all fine by us,” Gloria quickly added and looked sternly at me.

“What did I do?” I asked, acting all innocently.

“Don’t force that poor boy into something he doesn’t feel like doing!” Gloria said and looked at Daniel with an empathetic look.

“Oh. I don’t mind, Mrs… Gloria. I…” Daniel stammered.

“But first, we need to do that shoot. Right Glenn?” I interrupted Daniel, feeling the need to change the subject.

“We’d better do that first. Otherwise, it might get too hot in the studio,” Glenn replied.

“You don’t want to miss shooting these two little angels, right?” I smiled.

I looked at Glenn’s face as I said this, and it immediately lit up. I could see the wheels inside start turning, and he knew exactly what I meant by it.

“Right,” was all Glenn said.

“But doing that, it might also get too hot inside the studio. I mean… look at us!” I laughed, pointing at Daniel and me.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Honey!” Gloria giggled, playing along.

“We’ll see! But work first, fun later,” I smiled, trying to act wise beyond my years.

“Sure, Bud,” Glenn chuckled.

Daniel and I helped Gloria clear the table, and we did the dishes together while Glenn went over to the studio to prepare everything.

“I’m both excited and nervous about doing this,” Daniel giggled as we walked over to the studio.

Judging by his giggles, he was mostly excited. And so was I. I just knew we’d end up having sex in front of Glenn and his camera, and this turned me on tremendously. I only needed to figure out a way to make it happen.

“I’m with you, man. We’ll do this together. And don’t worry about Glenn. Really!”

“So…” Glenn said as we entered the studio, “you wanna do a shoot together?”

“Yeah. If that’s okay with you,” I said, knowing perfectly well how excited Glenn was about the idea.

“I love it! It’s a perfect way to complete this angel theme for my exposition. If you don’t mind posing as angels, of course.”

I glanced over at Daniel. He noticed me looking and timidly said, “No. I… we don’t mind.”

“I see…” Glenn said thoughtfully. He started rummaging through the pictures on the table, picked one up, and showed it to Daniel. “We can start with this if you don’t want to do it naked.”

I looked at the picture and saw it was one of the pics where Ron and I were wearing white cloths. Daniel just shook his head and said, “No. I want to do it properly. I’m just a bit nervous and afraid I’ll…”

“I understand,” Glenn said calmly and placed a hand on Daniel’s shoulder, “I swear this is a safe environment, and no one but us will see all the pictures. You can decide which ones can leave the studio. If any.”

This clearly put Daniel at ease. He looked into Glenn’s eyes and said, “But what if I get…”

“Hard? Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ve seen it all plenty of times. And it’s a very healthy and very normal reaction. And we’ve got ways to work around it,” Glenn smiled and softly squeezed Daniel’s shoulder.

“See?” I said smiling.

“Let’s do it,” Daniel said, trying to sound tough.

I started taking off my t-shirt, and as I was sliding down my pants with both Glenn and Daniel checking me out, I asked, “What?”

“We’ve got a designated changing spot in here, you know?” Glenn said as he pointed toward the divider.

“So? It’s just the three of us. And you’re going to see us naked anyways. So what’s the point?”

“You’re not alone here,” Glenn said sternly and nodded toward Daniel.

Daniel got the idea, and as he pulled up his shirt, he said, “Scott’s right. Might as well get it over with. I guess it’s like ripping off a band-aid, right?”

I pulled down my shorts and undies simultaneously, so I stood there stark naked when Daniel pulled his shirt over his head and saw me again. I swung my hips from left to right, causing my soft dick to wobble from left to right. Daniel noticed and burst out into laughter. The moment he did, I laughed loudly too.

This broke the ice, and he slid down his pants and underwear too. Glenn walked back over to us, where we were now, both slapping our dicks against from left to right by the movement of our hips, and he smiled and shook his head.

“Here you go. Do you need help with these?” he asked as he handed us each a pair of angel wings.

“Nah. We’ll manage,” I said as I took the wings and slid an arm through the straps.

“Great. Just get to the set when you’re ready, kay?”

Daniel needed a little help with the straps over his shoulders, so I stood real close and helped him with it. As I was working on these straps, I felt something bump against my hip, so I instinctively looked down to see what it was.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “You’re being close, and touc-”

“Shh. I told you not to worry,” I interrupted him.

I finished fixing the straps holding up the wings. I looked him over and behind his bony shoulders were now two bright white wings. My gaze went lower over his boyish chest, down to his sparse pubes where his four-and-a-half-inch boner stuck out from his groin.

“You look more like a little devil this way,” I chuckled. “Come on! Let’s get to work.”

I walked over to the center of the stage with Daniel on my heels. I looked at Glenn, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see Daniel was cupping his balls and boner, making sure it was hidden from view. Glenn didn’t say or do anything about it. He just gave us instructions on what to do.

Daniel had to turn his back to the camera, draping his left arm over my chest and shoulder, turn his head to the left, and look at me. I had my front toward the camera, looked directly in it, and had to cup my balls and dick, so it was hidden from view, and the picture would be PG-rated.

“Awesome!” Glenn exclaimed, “You guys look freakin amazing together!”

I glanced over at Daniel, and we both smiled. I could see his boner had subsided during this first pose and hoped he wouldn’t be too shy anymore. He tentatively turned around, and I could see his hands move down to hide his jewels, but he must’ve realized it wasn’t necessary because his hands awkwardly ended on his hips.

With his hand on the camera, Glenn looked at us and ‘accidentally’ pressed the shutter button, causing the lights to flash.

“Sorry! Sorry! I’m SO sorry!” he apologized, fiddling with his camera and a bright flush on his face.

I later learned it was a genuine accident, and he felt awful about it, putting Daniel on the spot like that.

“Here! Take one like this,” Daniel laughed as he put his arms around my shoulder, with me quickly catching on and doing the same.

We stood there in all our naked glory. Our hips touched, and big grins on our faces, with Daniel making a peace sign. Glenn hesitated slightly but shot a few pics of us like that.

“Great, guys!” Glenn said and laughed at our silliness. “Scott, do you mind holding Daniel?”

I looked at Daniel, and he shrugged. So I smiled coyly and said, “Sure. I’ll hold him, just tell me where.”

Daniel chuckled as I said this, but Glenn didn’t respond. Instead, he just asked me to stand behind Daniel. I wrapped my arms around his chest and laid my head on his left shoulder, looking in the distance to my left. Daniel had his hands in front of his dick and looked dreamy to the left too.

I wasn’t sure what Glenn was portraying here, but I liked the closeness of Daniel’s body against mine. So I pressed my body firmly against his, and my dick started to respond. It went from almost soft to hard in a few heartbeats, and I had to move my hips back a bit to let it stand up. That way, it was pressed between our bodies, and when I flexed my hips a bit, I felt it slide between Daniel’s ass cheeks.

“You like this a lot, don’t you?” Daniel chuckled as he pressed his ass back against me.

“You’re hot. So, yeah,” I said seriously, feeling bold and horny.

“Daniel? Can you… uhm you…” Glenn said.

“Oh! Sorry!” Daniel said, and judging by his movements, his dick peaked out above his hands.

“Just a few more,” Glenn said after the error was corrected.

Another few bursts of lights later, Glenn asked, “Do you mind putting your arms over Scott’s head and embracing him?”

“Uhm… I’m still,” Daniel started.

“I know you are, but I think it’ll make for a powerful picture!” Glenn said softly but quickly added, “But you don’t have to if you don’t want to!”

Daniel didn’t respond and just moved his arms upward and back over my head and kissed me on my cheek. We kept this pose for a few moments, and I firmly rubbed my dick against his ass and lower back.

“That’s magnificent! Really! You guys are hot, sexy, and innocent. The perfect combination I need for this setting.”

“Thanks,” we said simultaneously and let go of our embrace.

We stood next to each other, looking at Glenn, and I noticed Daniel’s shyness was gone. He stood there with his stiff dick sticking out from his groin, without the need of covering it up, glancing at my twitching boner.

“Just one more,” Glenn said. “Do you mind if Scott’s face is close to your peter?”

I had to hold back a giggle, and I noticed Daniel also had trouble keeping a straight face. “No, I don’t mind at all,” he said, and I just nodded.

“Wonderful!” Glenn cheered, not knowing what this was about, or at least not letting on if he did.

I had to sit on my knees in front of Daniel with my back toward the camera. Daniel’s stiff dick was inches away from my face this way, and I had to suppress the urge to wrap my lips around it.

“Right. Scott, can you look to your right and press your cheek against Daniel’s peter? Then wrap your arms around him and hold him like you’re afraid he’ll leave you.”

Glenn must’ve known how much sexual tension this would bring. But he probably figured out by now that Daniel and I had fooled around or were at least open to it.

So I did as Glenn instructed and pressed my cheek against Daniel’s boner. It was now trapped between his body and my cheek, and I felt his pubes against my cheekbone. A barely audible moan escaped Daniel’s lips, and I couldn’t hold back a sly smile.

Next, I wrapped my arms around him, feeling his buttcheeks against my lower arms, and firmly held on to his hips. His boner twitched against my cheek every now and then, and I felt myself grow hornier by the minute.

“You look down and caress Scott’s hair. Try to look like you’re comforting him,” Glenn said softly. And after I felt Daniel’s hands on my head, he excitedly said, “That’s it! Just like that!”

Judging by the flashing light, Glenn shot a lot of pictures of us like this. But as I sat there with Daniel’s boner pressed firmly against my cheek and his hips making barely noticeable humping moves, causing his dick to slide against my face, I lost it.

I let go of his hips and looked him in his eyes. My hands moved to his dick like they weren’t my own, and one hand grabbed the base of it while the other cupped his balls and toyed with them. I kept looking Daniel straight in his eyes as I slightly opened my mouth and let his dickhead rub against my lips.

“One sec,” Glenn said behind me, and I heard him walk to my left.

He stood to our left, and when I heard the familiar clicks of his camera, I knew what was going on, and I loved it! This added a whole new level to my horniness. I would be sucking off another boy, and everyone could see this intimate act between us.

So I decided to make a show out of it. With my lips still just covering half of his dickhead and my eyes focused on Daniel’s, I slowly moved my face down, keeping my lips wrapped tightly around his head and shaft as my nose approached his pubes.

“Ooohhh…” Daniel moaned, urging me on and obviously accepting Glenn’s presence.

“Keep going, Scott. Pretend the camera isn’t here,” Glenn whispered so softly I could barely hear him.

I was treated with the taste of Daniel’s precum and swirled my tongue around his head as I slowly bobbed up and down, keeping my eyes on Daniel all the time. I loved the unfocused look of pure bliss and horniness on his face. But, of course, I wanted to make it look good on camera too, so I lifted my head, and with a pop, his dick left my mouth.

I pointed his dick upward, looked directly into the camera, and started licking his dick like a popsicle. After a lot of pictures like this, I wrapped my lips around his head again, wrapped my hand around it, and tried to jerk and suck him at the same time. But his dick wasn’t big enough for this, so I just wrapped my thumb and index finger around the base and just went for it.

“Ohhh… Scott…” Daniel moaned.

This pushed me on more, and I was determined to make him cum and drink his boy nectar.

“Scott!” Daniel said more urgently, causing me to look up.

His eyes had a pleading look in them, and I wondered what was happening. His dick was twitching inside my mouth, and I let my tongue softly caress the underside of his glans.

“Will you… aahhh… please fuck me?” he panted, and I could hardly believe what he said.

So I let his dick slip from my mouth and asked, “You want me to fuck you? Really?”

“Oh yeah! Jeff did it to me a few times, and I love it,” he said, dropping his inhibitions and embarrassment.

“I, uhm… I would love to,” I said softly, bringing a lustful smile to his face, “you’ve got some lube in here?” I asked, looking at Glenn.

“Sure. One sec,” he said and walked over to the cupboard in the kitchen.

I was feeling a bit nervous about this, despite my experience with Glenn. But I was also excited as hell to do it. He had a cute ass, and he was practically begging me.

“How do you want to do it?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Will you lay on your back, or do you want me behind you on all fours?”

“I uhm… Jeff always gets behind me. I never thought there was another way,” he said softly while idly toying with his boner, “I guess I want to see you if that’s okay?”

“I’d like that a lot too!” I said and felt a sudden urge to kiss him.

I moved closer, placed his face in my hand, and gave him a sloppy wet kiss while pressing my entire body against his. After we broke the kiss, he asked, “What was that?”

“Dunno. I just wanted to kiss you,” I whispered.

“Here you go, guys,” Glenn said as he put down a small bench and handed me the can of lube.

“Thanks,” Daniel said and checked out the bench.

The bench was actually more like a small table and completely white. Its height was perfect for me, so I wouldn’t have to stand on my toes or bend my knees.

“Do you mind if I keep taking pictures?” Glenn asked, and I could see his boner stretching his jeans.

“No. I… uhm… I like the idea of being watched. Is that weird?” Daniel asked and blushed when he said it.

“Of course, it isn’t weird, man! It turns me on too! Here. Lube up,” I said, holding out the jar.

Daniel scooped up a big glob of oil and openly started spreading it around his hole. I started lubing up my dick as Glenn moved out of the way to let us do our thing.

I watched as Daniel laid on the bench and pulled up his legs to give me the access I needed. Then, I heard the clicks of Glenn’s camera as I moved closer to Daniel.

“You sure?” I asked as I pressed my dick against his hole and looked him in his eyes.

“Oh yes! Fuck me, Scott!” he said, and a mix of excitement and lust was all over his face.

I pushed my hips forward, and after applying a little bit of pressure, my glans slid in and popped through his sphincter, causing both of us to moan.

“You okay?” I whispered.

“Yeah! You’re a… aahhh… little smaller than Jeff. But, ohhh… this feels awesome!”

He wrapped his legs around my butt and pushed against me to get me in further. I slowly but deliberately moved forward, stopping and pulling back a bit every time I felt the pressure around my dick build. Before I knew it, I was balls deep inside Daniel and felt his balls against my pubes.

“I’m… aaahhh… I can’t go deeper…” I whispered, and Daniel’s eyes tried to focus on mine, which clearly took some effort.

“Fuck! Oohhh… this is… fuck… you feel… aaahhh… way better than Jeff! Fuck me! Do it!”

That did it. I was obviously giving my friend the time of his life, so I was sure I didn’t need to hold back. So I pulled out, and right before I’d slip out, I slowly eased back in. I did this two or three times.

“Faster!!” Daniel said with a pleading look.

I picked up the pace a bit, which felt better to me, but I was more worried about Daniel than my own pleasure. I was trying to find a rhythm when Daniel panted, “Fastrrr… Hardrrrrr… ooohhhh…”

This turned me on immensely, and I threw all tenderness and caution out of the window. Daniel wanted to be fucked hard so he’d get what he wanted. My hands were on his hips, and as I looked down to where our bodies merged, I saw his hard-on twitch every time I slid inside.

I took his dick in my right hand and tried jerking him the best I could as I started slamming hard against him at a fast pace. Because I was paying a lot of attention to how Daniel was doing, I wasn’t close to cumming yet.

The clicks of the camera and flashes barely registered. Instead, I was focused on Daniel. With each loud slap of my pelvis against his butt, his body moved, and his head bobbed. His head was thrashing around uncontrollably, and I found a good pace with my hand, which basically matched my pelvic motion.

“Oohhh!!! Oohhh!!! Oohhh!!!” groaned Daniel below me.

I noticed his dick thicken in my hand, which was a good indication of him cumming. Then, I felt a sudden buildup, and his ass muscles clamped firmly around my dick.

“Aaahhh…” I moaned, feeling the point of no return approaching quickly.

I looked down at Daniel’s dick, expecting him to shoot off by now, but he was still thrashing around like a maniac, and his dick grew even fatter.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!” he moaned and stopped moving all of a sudden.

His ass muscles were milking my dick now, and I felt my balls pull up. Feeling drops of his cum on my fingers and the tight, massaging ass around my dick sent shivers all over my body. And that’s when I came. And boy did I come! I instinctively slammed in extremely hard, trying to enter him as deep as possible, and I started unloading my balls inside my friend’s bowels.

“Oohhh…yesss! Cum inside me! I feel it… aaahh!!!” Daniel moaned.

I myself was lost for words. My dick kept on twitching, and I felt like I was being drained. I could hardly stand on my legs, so I leaned forward and dropped myself on top of Daniel, keeping my still stiff dick nestled inside him and his boner poking my belly. Daniel kissed me on my forehead and wrapped his arms around me.

“Fucking awesome!” he whispered, “Thanks!”

“Don’t mention it,” I giggled, feeling my now softening dick slowly slide out.

Glen was standing beside me, and the moment I slipped out completely, I heard a few clicks.

This brought both of us back to reality. I looked at Daniel, who now had a worried look on his face. I stood up straight, extending my hand to pull him up too. Glenn was next to us with an ear-to-ear grin on his face.

“You looked amazing! How was it, Daniel?” he asked, smiling warmly without any judgment.

Daniel must’ve sensed it too because his worried look instantly vanished. He smiled brightly now and exclaimed, “It was awesome! Even better than when Jeff does it! I can’t explain it, but I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when someone sticks his dick up my ass. And when they hit that spot inside, I lose myself instantly and can only think about how good…”

He realized he was ranting, so he stopped and blushed brightly.

“Sorry. If I get excited, I…”

“No problem, man!” I said, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Glad you liked it. So did I! You are a great guy to fuck.”

The three of us chuckled at that, and after Daniel went to the bathroom, we put away the wings and got dressed. Then, after cleaning up the studio, we got inside for drinks and a small lunch.

After lunch, we all went swimming. Skinny dipping wasn’t an issue anymore. Daniel was naked before I was, and he ran around as if he had done this many times before. We just had plain old fun inside the pool. We dunked each other, grabbed ass and dick whenever we got the chance, threw a ball around, and just laughed and had fun.

Each of us got hard a few times, but we didn’t do anything more despite the usual grabbing. We got tired after a few hours, and Daniel’s mom was about to pick him up, so we got out, dried, and dressed. A few minutes after we were done, we heard the car in the driveway.

Daniel hugged me tightly, and we agreed on having another sleepover. His mom insisted on having me over at their place, and we set a date three weeks from now. I hoped we could be together sooner, but our schedules just didn’t match. We waved goodbye, and as Glenn and I sat down to relax, he said, “You guys sure put on a show this morning. Ready for some more fun?”

I looked over and saw Glenn had pulled down his shorts and boxers, and his stiff dick was sticking up from his groin. The next half hour was indeed filled with a lot of fun.

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