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La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – With a bit of help

La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 2

“Did you check the shutter speed?” Glenn asked as I looked through the viewfinder at the bee sitting on the flower.

“Course,” I whispered, not wanting to scare the bee away.




“Try a different angle now,” Glenn said.

I slowly moved sideways while lying on my belly in the grass, keeping my eye pressed against the camera as I did this. The bee didn’t seem disturbed in any way, so I inched a little closer.

“Make sure the composition is good.”

“Ssssh…” I whispered, getting a bit annoyed.

Glenn had given me tons of instructions and repeated some of them after I found the bright yellow and black bee sitting on a blood-red flower. There is a lot of stuff about exposure, shutter timers, ISO, and composition. I absorbed it all like a sponge. A few months ago, Glenn had shown me his impressive photo collection, and I was eager to learn how to do this too. We’ve done a few practice shots already. But this weekend, we’d be doing all the elements of nature photography, from finding the right subject to making sure it would become an excellent image. And, of course, developing the picture.

I first met Glenn when he took our family portrait. We had just moved to the base in Seattle, and it had become a tradition for us to take a picture at the start of each new location. Our dad had hired him, and it clicked immediately. Despite my dad and Glenn’s differences in some subjects, they became instant friends. And so did my mom and Gloria, Glenn’s wife.

We learned that Gloria lived here all her life. She met Glenn shortly after he moved to Seattle with his parents. They had a few classes together in high school, and they became a couple when they started their senior year.

Gloria worked as a teacher in an elementary school, and Glenn was a professional photographer. Before he had enough work for a full-time job, he worked as a bouncer in a few local clubs. Standing at 6 foot 5, with broad shoulders and a bald head, he was an impressive guy. This helped him immensely with being a bouncer.

Glenn and Gloria didn’t have any children. They both loved kids, but no matter how hard they tried, it just wouldn’t happen. They were now considering adopting a kid and talked about it a lot but were still unsure if they should do it. They were thrilled to have me over as their surrogate kid they could spoil. So, tagging along with my parents was never an issue with them.

The five of us went out a lot. We went to the movies and restaurants and stuff. But the best times we had were in Glenn’s backyard. I was allowed to grill burgers play in their pool, and they treated me like one of them. My dad seemed to lighten up considerably when we were over there, and he wasn’t on my back all the time when I hung out around them.

One day, when my mom and dad wanted to celebrate their fifteenth wedding anniversary by going away together for a whole weekend, Glenn and Gloria welcomed me with open arms. First, Gloria had to convince my mother they‘d love to have me and that it was no burden at all, but quite the opposite. Considering this was the first weekend in my life she’d be separated from me, my mom needed some convincing. But after Glenn and Gloria assured her that they would call her the moment something happened, she reluctantly agreed.

So there I was, putting everything Glenn told me into practice. And I loved it! I finally had something I liked, AND someone who encouraged and helped me. I knew my dad wasn’t overly excited about me doing this, but I didn’t care too much about that. Lucky for me, Glenn could talk excitedly about how he turned his hobby into work. So my dad didn’t give me shit about this, and I could spend time with Glenn, trying to become at least half as good at it as he was.


“I think that was the last one of the film,” I said, smiling and eager to know how I did.

“Great! Let’s see how they turned out,” Glenn said as he extended his hand to help me to my feet.

It was an unusually hot day out there in the garden. I had ditched my shirt, and I was only wearing my fruit of the looms and sweatpants that ended halfway down my upper leg. I loved sweatpants. Wearing them was almost like wearing just your underwear. I mainly wore grey and blue sweatpants, but some of them were a bit on the small side because I had a growth spurt over the winter.

I grabbed my shirt and threw it over my shoulder as Glenn and I walked over to his studio. Glenn smiled broadly and looked as excited as I was about developing my first film and seeing how I did.

Glenn’s studio was amazing! He built it himself in the back of their huge garden, and it had its own entrance. The studio was about eighteen by twenty feet and almost ten feet high. It had a light gray, concrete floor, and all windows had a panel, so it was possible to stop daylight from coming in. Or just a bit. All sorts of spots and tripods were in different corners. One corner had a table and kitchenette and served as the cantine. Behind the studio, there were two rooms. One had all kinds of backdrops, carpets, and various types of props stored, as the other room was a big darkroom to develop his pictures.

“Alright. Let’s develop this film. Did you grab the chemicals?”

“Sure did. Put it on the table inside the darkroom,” I said, feeling proud I thought about these things.

“Okay. Let’s get inside then, shall we?” Glenn smiled as he opened the door.

We opened the film during the next half hour, transferred it to the reel, and poured the development fixture into it. I checked the temperature very precisely, but Glenn insisted on checking it too. Next was the stop bath, the fixer, and the wetting agent. After I hung the film to dry, Glenn patted me on my back and complimented me on how well I did.

“Great job, Bud! Now we have to wait. Want a Coke?”

“Love to!” I said. “Do you mind if I check your latest portfolio?”

“Knock yourself out,” Glenn said and opened the fridge.

I knew Glenn had just finished his latest portfolio and was proud of what he did. I was very curious about the pictures, and when I noticed the book lying on the table in the canteen, I wanted to check it out right away.

There were all sorts of portraits in his portfolio. Some were family portraits, marriage photoshoots, and a few nature pictures. At the end of the book were the individual portraits, and I noticed some were a little revealing. Some women were topless. Or maybe it was just the idea of them being topless because the picture ended just above their nipples, showing the top half of their breasts. Most of them were in black and white, and these were really, really good in every way. I knew I wasn’t an expert yet, but everything was spot on in the composition, lighting, shadows, and all other things Glenn told me.

“You like them?” Glenn asked, looking over my shoulder.

“Yeah. They’re awesome!” was my enthusiastic reply.

I looked back at Glenn as I said this. That’s when I noticed another new portfolio book on the shelf behind him. I wondered why Glenn didn’t tell me about this one.

“What’s that?”

Glenn turned his head around to see what I was looking at. As his head turned back, I could see a sly smile across his face.

“These are my art pictures. I’m collecting these and hope to be able to expose them in a gallery someday,” he said with a dreamy look in his eyes.

“Wow! Can I see them?”

“Ehm… I don’t think your parents will approve. There’s nudity in it.”

“Porn? Do you do porn?” I asked with disbelief.

Glenn sighed and started, “No, no. I said nudity, not porn. These are two completely different things. I don’t blame you, but I hate it when people mix these up. Nudity is about the raw, human form in all its glory. Porn is about people having sex. Most of the time, they’re nude during the act, but there’s a huge difference. Remember that, bud!” Glenn said, and I could see the fire in his eyes.

“I see,” I said, not entirely sure if I got it, but it did make sense to me.

After a short pause, I asked, “If it isn’t porn, then I think I’m allowed to see it.”

Glenn laughed at that and looked me in my eyes.

“Look, I don’t want you to hide stuff from your parents. But I guess bending the rules a little won’t hurt you. I don’t think it’ll hurt you and if you want, you can look at it. But it’s up to you if you tell your parents or not.”

I let that sink in for a moment and nodded. Glenn reached out, grabbed the book, and handed it to me.

“Knock yourself out, Bud,” he said and walked over to the sink to make himself some tea.

I looked at the book’s cover and noticed an unfamiliar name, “Who’s Pyntar? I thought you made these?”

“Some of these pictures are… not to everyone’s likings. Some of these contain explicit imagery. Some have naked kids in ‘em. There are people who hate this and will accuse me of creating porn. Or even child pornography. I completely disagree because everyone involved did it with free will and no pressure or anything. But still…”

I thought for a second and said, “so people THINK it’s illegal and wrong, and they’ll accuse you of something you didn’t?”

“That’s about it. These pics are about the farthest from porn that I can imagine. It’s like I explained earlier. Nudity isn’t porn. Not by a longshot. So that’s why I created a pseudonym under which I publish these pictures. Just to keep it as far away from my regular pictures as possible. If people don’t buy my regular work anymore because of the other pics, I soon won’t have anything to eat anymore.”

“I get it, I guess,” I said with a serious look.

“So that’s why I created Pyntar. He’s a well-known figure in the art scene by now, and I can publish my best work under his name.”

By now, I was really curious about the pics in this portfolio. I was still standing at the kitchen table as I thumbed through the pages. Glenn was right! These pictures were even more impressive than the ones in the other book. Almost all the photos were in black and white, with a lot of detail for composition and lighting. After I turned the page, I saw a woman. She was obviously naked and photographed from the side. In the back, the sun almost completely filled the entire frame. This meant that only the woman’s silhouette was visible, but I could clearly make out her breasts, stiff nipples, and bush of pubic hairs.

The following picture was a copy of the one that hung in Glenn and Gloria’s living room. It represented Adam and Eve. There was a big tree in the middle of the frame, with a man and a woman on each side. The tree blocked the view of about half of each body. The woman held an apple at the same height as her head, her arm at what looked like a perfect ninety-degree angle. Their backs were to the camera in the living room picture, and we could see one butt cheek of both man and woman. But this picture was the frontal view. So I could see one breast, half of her pubes, and half of the man’s penis. The lighting and the way the tree played a central role in this picture were terrific, but the first boob I ever saw got my full attention.

I felt a minor stir in my underwear, so I quickly turned the page. This didn’t help. The following picture was clearly an ode to the traditional pictures back in the old days where the family had to pose. In the photo were a mother and a father, with their teenage son and daughter in front of them, standing and not smiling. But in this photo, all of them were nude. Their discomfort oozed from the picture, just like it did in the old photos. They were standing in what seemed like an old western-style cabin with a chair, candles, and other stuff from that time.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the boy and girl. The boy was a little older than me and had a bit of pubic hair. I guessed him to be thirteen or fourteen years old. The girl was slightly younger. There were barely noticeable hairs above her vagina, and her breasts just started to swell. Judging by her mother, she was bound to have pretty big breasts.

The stir in my pants took me by surprise. I was now sporting a full-blown erection and no way to hide it in these sweatpants. But I just had to keep looking because this was by far the most erotic thing I ever saw up until then.

“Like what you see?” Glenn chuckled as he put the mug of tea beside the book.

“I- um… I…” I said, blushing furiously and putting my hands over my obvious tent.

“No worries, Bud. I get it. Never seen a naked woman before?”

“No,” I timidly said.

“And don’t worry about your boner. Just beat off later, and you’re good,” Glenn said comfortingly.

I heard of the term ‘beating-off,’ but I didn’t have a clue about how to do it. I knew it had something to do with my stiffy, but that was about all. I knew I could trust Glenn completely, and I would never go to my dad about it. So I decided just to blurt it out, “How do I beat off? I don’t know how to do it.”

“Oh, crap…” Glenn muttered, “it’s… uh….”

I could see Glenn was thinking about how to tell me these things. I decided to keep my mouth shut because Glenn was the best bet I had on this matter.

“Ah, what the hell… When you grow older, you get these stiffies, just like you do now. You get them more and more. Do you know why your penis gets stiff?”

“So I can put it inside a woman to make babies?” I tried as I recently learned about the basic mechanics.

“Right. But by getting stiffies, erections, or boners at this age, your body is preparing you for the real deal. And you can help your body with that practice by simulating sex.”

“Okay…” I said questioningly, still not sure where this was going.

“Look… You’re getting aroused, or horny as we call it, by looking at beautiful naked people. You need to help your body by releasing the pressure. You simulate sex by using your hand until you feel the most amazing feeling there is.”

“But HOW do I do this?” I asked, needing a little more certainty about what Glenn meant.

Glenn put up two fingers of his left hand, made a fist with his right, and slid it over the two fingers.

“Like that. Well… not over your fingers. If you know what I mean,” Glenn said, blushing himself.

“Ah! I think I get it,” I smiled, looking down at my tent.

After two more pages with pictures of naked men and women, the buzzer went.

“Let’s see how you did,” Glenn said, clearly relieved he was out of the woods here and patted me on my back.

We went into the darkroom. I was still stiff as a board, but we both ignored that fact and focused on the task at hand. Glenn seemed to be impressed by my work, and after we selected the three best pictures, we started with the process of getting them printed.

“See? That last bath really does the trick,” Glenn said excitedly.

The print was lying in the bath with chemicals, and despite the yellow light, I could see the colors emerge.

“Wow!” I said, holding my first picture in my hands.

“You did an awesome job, Bud,” Glenn complimented me.

We cleaned up, locked the studio, and went inside. Gloria was preparing dinner, and I proudly showed her the three pictures. She was amazed by them and gave me a big kiss and said that I could have the best piece of the meat. Glenn groaned and mumbled, “I never get to choose when I do a good job.”

We all laughed at that and ate our dinner. After dinner was over and the dishes were clean and back where they belonged, we went outside and played a few board games. It was getting dark when Gloria announced it was time for bed. So I got up, hugged Gloria, and thanked her for the wonderful meal.

“Shall I go with you, dear, and show you everything?” Gloria asked.

After Gloria showed me around, I brushed my teeth and went into my bedroom. I hesitated slightly but dropped my pants, pulled up my PJs, and crawled into the bed.

“No shirt?” Gloria asked.

“Nah. I usually sleep in just my underwear. But mom said I should take my pajamas.”

“I don’t care, dear! Heck, you can sleep in the buff if you like,” she laughed.

I immediately took off my PJs and kicked them out under the sheets.


“Better.” I smiled.

“If there’s anything you need, just call out, and we’ll come. Okay?” Gloria said and kissed me on my forehead.

“Thanks! Good night.”

“Good night, dear.”

The moment the room was dark, images of the naked girl and her brother filled my mind. I was instantly hard, and I remembered what Glenn told me. So I slipped down my underwear and gripped my willie. I moved my fist down over it, but nothing substantial happened. It didn’t feel too bad either, but that was all. So I tried it again. And again. Nothing.

I was feeling a bit panicked about it. Did I do something wrong, was my penis broken, couldn’t I have kids later? I contemplated my options and decided to call out.

“GLENN!” I called out.

Nothing. So I shouted louder, “GLENN!!”

I heard movement downstairs and footsteps in the hallway. Moments later, they were on the stairs, and as the footsteps came closer, I was sure it was Glenn.

He softly opened the door and asked, “What is it, bud? Can’t sleep?”

“No. It’s just that… It isn’t working,” I whispered.

“What isn’t work… oh….”

“Can you help me?” I asked, feeling the tears welling up, “I feel stupid for not… and that I can’t…”

“Relax, Bud. I… um…”

Glenn sighed deeply and lifted his weight from one foot to the other. I could see his internal struggle as he stood there indecisively. Finally, he turned around, closed the door, and clicked on the bedside light.

“Look. I know you can’t talk to your mom or dad about this. They wouldn’t understand. So I’ll help you. But you have to promise to keep this between us. This is a way bigger secret than the pictures. Get it? Adults aren’t supposed to do this, and I can go to jail for it.”

“Really? But why? I’m the one asking for help,” I said, totally unclear about why this wasn’t allowed.”Is this the same as with these pictures you publish as Pyntar?”

“Something like that, yeah. But this is illegal. Period. So not a word. Not even to Gloria, okay?”

“Okay. Not a word. Promise.”

“Right. Why uh… why don’t you show me how you do it?” Glenn softly asks, a flush spreading across his face.

My undies were still around my ankles from my previous attempt, so there was no need to pull them down. And exposing myself this way to Glenn didn’t feel strange at all. I just knew he understood the situation and probably had seen hundreds of willies. So I kicked down the blanket, exposing my boner, and looked at Glenn’s reaction. His face remained expressionless.

Feeling the need to act, I grabbed my willie, wrapped my fist around it, and slid it down. After doing this, I looked at Glenn and said, “See? Nothing happens.”

I could see the surprise in Glenn’s eyes as he looked at me. Then, slowly, a smile appeared on his face, and I could see a twinkle in his eyes.

“You need to repeatedly move it up and down,” he said, obviously holding back a chuckle.

“Huh?” I asked, unclear what he meant.

Glenn made a fist and repeatedly moved it up and down in the air. “Like this.” So I let go of my penis and moved my hand in the air too.

“Right. But then you do it on your peter.”

I grabbed my willie again and did what Glenn said. I moved it down, but instead of keeping my hand there, I slid it back up. But when I reached the end of my boner, I felt like my skin was being torn off.

“OUCH!” I hissed loudly.

“You need to loosen your grip a bit,” I heard Glenn say.

“Nevermind…” I said, feeling embarrassed as hell, and fought back the tears.

I reached for the blanket in an attempt to regain some dignity when Glenn said, “Oh, no you don’t! You need to figure this out once and for all,” and his hand prevented me from pulling up the blanket.

“But it isn’t working. Maybe my peter isn’t built for this,” I tried.

“Listen, Bud. Once you’ve figured it out, you’ll be thankful you did. What about…” Glenn softly said, not finishing his sentence.

“What?” I asked eagerly.

Glenn sighed and continued, “What if I show you? I mean, really.”

“Would you?” I asked, feeling glad Glenn didn’t give up.

“Sure. But I’d have to touch you. You know…” and he nodded toward my willie.

“I don’t mind,” I said, laying my hands beside my body in an attempt to give him all the access he needed.

What happened next was utterly mind-blowing. The moment Glenn’s fingers wrapped around my willie, all my nerves seemed to go off at once. I felt him sliding up and down over my stiff willie, noticing how good his fingers felt on my skin. Before long, I started panting and pushed back against Glenn’s hand.

“See? Feels good, right?” he whispered, not missing a beat.

“Ohhh,” I moaned, “I think I need to pee! Stop… Stop!!” I said, afraid I was going to wet the bed.

“Shh…” Glenn said in an assuring voice, ”you’re about to cum. Don’t worry, just let it happen. You won’t pee. Trust me!”

These words put me at ease, and I started focusing on the good feelings in my groin. The pace of Glenn’s up and down motion quickened, and I felt something build inside my ass, close to my balls. The tingle spread out all over my body, and my vision went blurry.

“I… ahhh… ahhhh… AHHH!” I heard myself pant.

After that, my brain exploded. I couldn’t think anymore, and as my body stiffened, my willie started kicking, and my balls tried to pull back inside my body. After that initial internal explosion, every feeling focused back on my willie. After that, all I could feel was the kicking of my willie inside Glenn’s hand.

Glenn’s motion slowed down significantly, which was good because I was getting very sensitive down there now. After I slowly regained my breath, my vision returned too. I noticed Glenn smiling at me as he let go of my willie. I realized I had an ear-to-ear smile on my face and was feeling spent.

“Think you can manage on your own the next time?” Glenn smiled.

“I guess. But if I can’t, I can always ask for help, right?”

“Umm… Let’s just see how it goes, okay?” Glenn responded, obviously not too thrilled about a second run.

I looked down my belly toward my softening willie. It didn’t change after that good feeling. It wasn’t bigger or smaller. Nor did it have a different color or anything. I did read somewhere that this was called an orgasm and that it was needed to create babies. But I couldn’t see the sperm that was necessary for it.

“Are you sure you did it right?”

“Why? Didn’t it feel good enough for you?” Glenn chuckled.

“No. It’s just that… I don’t see any sperm. There’s supposed to be sperm, right?”

“Oh, that. Nah… Don’t worry. You’re too young to make sperm. I guess a few more months, and you’ll start with that. And when you masturbate then, you’ll feel it coming out. If that happens, just tell me, and I’ll make sure to get you some tissues to clean it up.”

“Oh,” I said, slightly disappointed.

“Don’t worry, Bud. You can start beating off anyway. Still feels amazing, right?” Glenn said, and he slapped me on my shoulder as he got up.

“I guess you’re right,” I said, kicked off my undies, and pulled up the blanket.

Glenn walked over to the door and looked back at me with his hand on the doorknob.

“Night, Bud! Sweet dreams.”

“Night. And thanks. A lot!” I smiled.

“You’re welcome. Remember! Not a word!”

“I remember. Don’t worry,” I said and turned on my side.

Glenn clicked off the light and closed the door behind him. After this, I felt drained but was also very excited because I finally managed to have an orgasm. I thought about how right Glenn was that I could never talk to my parents about this and how lucky I was that Glenn didn’t mind. Before I knew it, I was out like a light.

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