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La Isla de Aquinas – Epilogue

As I pointed out before, this Epilogue isn’t required for the story itself. If you need closure, feel free to read. If you’re fine with the story as it is, leave it at that. If you’re looking for more hot action, you’re not going to find it in this epilogue… I’m just saying 🙂

After we docked at Key West, we were picked up by the coast guard. It turned out that Jack informed them, and we were brought to an exclusive hotel to relax. The kind lady behind the desk handed me the key to the executive suite, which was a big, four-person, extremely luxurious room. When we entered the room, we were all hyped and excited to be back. The little worries we had about the people left on the island were quickly taken away, as we were told they were all safe and sound and would be flown back over here as soon as possible.

I got debriefed about everything I experienced there. I learned that ‘El Capitain’ was told the Nicaraguan army was going to help him, so he launched the attack. But thanks to some back-room diplomacy, the Nicaraguans decided to drop the support and stay neutral. Because of that, El Capitain was hugely undermanned and eventually didn’t stand a chance. Eventually, fifty-five of El Capitain’s men were killed, and three citizens gave their lives during the ‘One-day war’ as it came to be known on the island.  Some US elite forces joined the Columbians in their actions to throw out the freedom fighters, now called terrorists, to take back the island and reinstate the governor.

When I returned to the hotel room after the debrief, I found the three kids together in the big bathtub, having fun. I quickly shed my clothes and joined them in a hot pile of anal sex with both boys, ending in another airlock session with Audrey. Unfortunately, this proved to be the last time we had sex together that week. The following day, Luke and Miranda returned, as did Bert and Annabel. We all had dinner together and talked about what happened on the island. We stayed in touch after we all went home. Bert’s funeral was sad, but Annabel said that Bert never felt more alive than when he helped us save Audrey. He’d tell the story to everyone who wanted to hear it, exaggerating it a little more each time he told it.

We also learned that we ‘borrowed’ the yacht of a retired tech CEO. When he learned how it saved our lives, he was glad to be able to help us and didn’t press charges or anything. He even offered us to borrow it again whenever we wanted to.

Two days after hanging out at the hotel, we received our new passports, and we were glad to return to Seattle. Three weeks later, I threw a big bbq for the guys as promised. We all drank, ate, and had a lot of fun. Audrey, Miranda, and Luke all thanked everyone individually, giving each of them a personal present. The guys all insisted on it being their job and that this all wasn’t necessary, but I knew how much they enjoyed being praised like this. I stayed in touch with the guys, but I knew I was never going back to that life.

Despite losing all his clothes, Mr. Lieberman was thrilled about the pictures we made. It turned out to become one of the best marketing campaigns his company ever had, and sales shot through the roof. This put both B-Wyze and Aquinas pictures on the map for a long time to come.

After the B-Wyze gig, the assignments rolled in, and I had to pick the best ones because I simply lacked time to do them all. I became the go-to guy for photoshoots with kids overnight and never ran out of work anymore. And on top of that, I got to do what I love best; shooting kids, ranges ten to sixteen, in various stages of undress.

I even landed an exposition as my Pyntar alter-ego at a renowned gallery in New York. This didn’t pay the bills, which was fine because I had my regular work for that. But this exposition really boosted my ego as an art photographer, which I kept doing because of the acknowledgment from the scene and the fact I got to take pics of naked kids. But most of all, because this was what I excelled in and was my last connection with Glenn’s lessons in life.

The day Audrey turned eighteen, we got married. This raised a few eyebrows, but the people closest to us understood. And even if they didn’t, we couldn’t care less. We loved each other and wanted to grow old together, so we wanted to get married. And since I wasn’t her caretaker anymore, there weren’t any legal complications either.

Evan and Owen’s careers got a huge boost too. After landing some more shoots, they eventually ended up as actors. During their younger years, we had a few sleep-overs at my place, but our sexual get-togethers eventually came to an end. This wasn’t anything deliberate, but it sort of happened. We still visited each other once in a while, but because of their looks and sex appeal, they quickly became hot-shot actors, and time together became scarce.

Owen did thank me in his Oscar acceptance speech as he promised, which Audrey and I found extremely funny and I thanked Owen for it during the after-party. After that party, the four of us headed off to their hotel rooms. During the ride to the hotel in the back of the limousine, I handed both boys a book. Each book contained the best pictures of each of them, combined with the hottest pics I could find exploring their bodies together. I cut out the outline of a USB thumb drive on several pages in the back of the album, so it fitted in there perfectly. There were all sorts of pics, videos, and montages of the good times we had together on these drives, something Audrey and I edited together. The excited looks on their faces and bulges in their pants confirmed to me that they experienced their development in about the same way as I do with Glenn.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were naked within ten seconds, and hands, tongues, and dicks, roamed all over our bodies with an urgency that reminded me of the moment we started doing these things together. The youthful eagerness was back as if it had never left. After the initial urgency wore off, we watched some of the clips. Less than half of the first clip was enough motivation to start again. It turned out we had sex the entire night, and after Owen’s P.A. softly knocked on the door, telling him it was almost time for his first appointment, we stopped. I was exhausted but satisfied beyond belief.

This turned out to be the last night we ever had sex together. Even with their mature bodies and tons of experience, we had the time of our lives. But deep down, we probably all knew this wasn’t going to happen again. Nobody said it out loud, but Audrey cried, and sadness was in the air when we parted. We stayed in touch, but our schedules were too difficult to match. However, the fond memories of helping them during their sexual development still make me all warm and fuzzy inside until today.

Audrey and I were in an extremely happy place, with Audrey graduating from college and going to a local university. She wanted to stay close to me, and despite my pressing on to get into the best possible university, she figured that in the end, the university itself doesn’t matter that much. It’s all about the diploma, which she acknowledged by graduating cum laude and landing a decent job she actually liked. It wasn’t a hot-shot VP executive job or anything, but she really enjoyed working there, and in the end, that’s all that really matters.

We wanted to try bringing other people into our sex life. We tried several online ads, which were all horrible. But Audrey knew a guy from work that wanted to try new stuff, and the three of us had sex together on a few occasions. When he got himself a steady girlfriend, we even tried a foursome, but this wasn’t really working for either myself or Audrey. Audrey and I talked about this a lot, and we came to realize that we were trying to re-create something magical that just wasn’t possible to re-create. So we eventually settled for a traditional, monogamous relationship. We were extremely happy with what we had and maybe even more with what we ended up with.

The day Audrey gave birth to our little girl, and I looked at the little bundle of joy lying there in my arms, I was stunned to see how much she looked like Glenn and Gloria. She looked like them way, way more than just a Lil’ Bit.

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    Hey, where is the Latin stuff?

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      Good point! Didn’t do the Latin stuff in this one. Guess I forgot because it’s an Epilogue.

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