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La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Booty Call

La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 18

“Nervous?” Glenn asked as he parked the car on Michelle’s driveway.

“Yeah… but also… you know?” I timidly replied.

“Don’t worry, Bud. Just remember what we talked about.”

“I know. But Becky is… she’s hot! And now I…”

“She’s probably way more nervous than you are. Remember that. And when you do that tongue thing I showed you, you’ll be in her heart forever. And I’m there too if you’ve got questions.”

“Thanks. I just hope I won’t let her down. It’s only my second time, you know?”

“It’ll be your third time,” Glenn chuckled, “that’s more than her. And it’s Michelle’s idea, so don’t beat yourself up over it. You’ll be fine! Really!”

Glenn’s words put me at ease a little bit. I thought back about the lessons about the female anatomy he gave me. He took a few of his pictures and showed me some techniques that, according to him, every woman loved.

Michelle had asked Glenn if I was willing to take Becky’s virginity and if he could document it. When Glenn asked me, I was instantly excited. But the closer we got to this day, the more nervous I got. Glenn noticed and did everything he could to help me, including that anatomy lesson. He also insisted on doing this right after Becky had her period, so pregnancy wasn’t an issue. Besides that, she was on the pill already, so that concern was out of the window.

“Hi, dear! Good to see you again!” Michelle exclaimed as she opened the door and gave me a tight hug, pressing her firm boobs against my cheek.

“Hi Michelle,” I replied timidly.

“Glenn! So great you’re helping me out here!”

“Glad to finally return a favor,” Glenn said as they hugged.

“Come in! Do you want a drink first?” Michelle asked. But when she looked at me, she said, “Maybe we better get going first. Right, dear?”

“I… uhm… yeah!” I stammered, feeling a bit less nervous due to Michelle’s presence, but my mouth was still dry as a desert in the summertime.

“Of course, dear. I get it. I guess Becky wants to get started too. She’s upstairs waiting for you,” Michelle said warmly and gently squeezed my shoulder.

The three of us walked upstairs, and as we entered the master bedroom, Becky flipped off the tv and got to her feet. She looked amazing in her red and white short kimono and with her blonde hair loosely draped around her shoulders. No ponytail this time.

“Hi Scott,” she smiled, obviously nervous as hell too.

“Is this room and lighting okay, Glenn? We can move to the living room too if that’s better,” Michelle asked, walking around, acting all hyped too.

“Listen up,” Glenn said sternly. “Becky wants to lose her virginity in a controlled and safe way. You asked Scott to do this, and he’s willing to help, which I think is an amazingly kind act. But we need to let these two kids do their thing at their own pace, Michelle.”

“Sorry! You’re absolutely right! I’m so excited that I can help her that I want to control everything. I’m so sorry, Rebecca!” Michelle blabbered.

“The room and lighting are fine! Don’t worry. Just remember, we’re no more than spectators here, and we need to make them feel like we’re not here,” Glenn pressed on as he unpacked his camera. “Right, Becky?”

Becky’s face lit up, and she nodded furiously while seeking eye contact with me. “Yeah. I know Scott will be gentle, and I’m supposed to enjoy it. But it is my first time, so I want to focus on that.”

“Thanks! It isn’t my first time,” I said, smiling at Michelle, “but I’m not exactly a pro either. So I have to ask. Why did you ask me to help you with this?”

“Well,” Becky started, “I… I think you’re very cute! And… uhm… since you’re not an adult yet, mom said it won’t hurt too much.”

I knew exactly what she meant with that, and for the first time in my life, I was glad I didn’t have a monster like Ron’s between my legs. But I did grow in at least one department because we were exactly the same height now. Of course, I’d probably grown downstairs a bit too, but I didn’t see the need to mention that now.

We stood there looking at each other, and I felt myself sink into her pretty brown eyes. Then, a click from Glenn’s camera brought me back to reality. I glanced over, and I could see Glenn was all set. Michelle sat down in the corner, clearly accepting her role of spectator.

“Why don’t you two hug and kiss each other to get in the mood a little and break the ice?” Glenn softly said, bringing the camera to his face.

Becky looked me in my eyes, smiled, and stepped closer to me. I was surprised that my dick was still soft, but I blamed that on the whole situation.

As her arms wrapped around my neck and her face inched closer, I felt the tension flow out of my body. It was as if a cocoon formed around us and that we were the only two people in the world. When her lips touched mine, I melted in her arms. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to give her the best feelings I could.

“Take off his shirt,” Glenn whispered.

Her hands left my neck, and she started tugging at the bottom of my shirt, taking her time, but never breaking our kiss. As she lifted my shirt, we broke our kiss just long enough so she could pull it over my head. The moment I was topless, her hands started roaming over my chest.

“Your heart is beating fast,” she whispered after a few moments, her face mere inches from mine.

“Yeah… I’m nervous. I mean… I want to do it. Especially with such a pretty girl like you, but I’m…” I stammered.

“That’s sweet. And don’t be nervous. You’ve done it before. I haven’t,” she giggled.

Hearing her say these words made me realize she needed me to help her. I needed to man up and stop being a wuss. So I let my hands caress her back and whispered, “Do you want to take off my pants, or should I do it myself?”

Without giving me an answer, her fingers immediately started working on my button and zipper. As she did this, I let my hands roam over her neck and shoulders, slightly opening up her kimono, revealing the cleavage of her obviously naked breasts.

I was starting to chub up by now, but nowhere near hard, which still surprises me. So the moment my pants slid down over my skinny hips, I knew my package looked more than that of a little boy, which boosted my confidence.

“Oooh! Did you wear that especially for me?” Becky purred as I kicked my pants to the side.

“Uhm… yeah,” I blushed.

After Daniel stayed with us, I asked Gloria if she would buy me nice underwear too. She just smiled knowingly and came home with a pack of bright red and a pack of deep purple bikini briefs. Today I decided to wear the bright red ones, which Glenn thought was an excellent idea.

I looked down at my red briefs and was pleased with how I looked. And as Becky’s hands rested on my hips, I decided to really take the lead. So I started fumbling with the knot in front of Becky’s kimono, which came undone surprisingly easily. The moment the belt hit the floor, her kimono opened up. I could see the thin hairs on her pussy, and the slit beneath it looked extremely inviting.

At that moment, I noticed I didn’t have to worry anymore if I might have some mysterious, unknown dick disease or something. Because the moment her pussy came into view, I boned up within a few heartbeats. As I felt my dick stretch out the red cloth of my briefs, I moved my hands to Becky’s shoulders and, with only a tiny movement of my hands, slid the kimono from her body.

Looking at her sexy boobs, tight belly, and her small patch of pubes again made me feel like the luckiest boy in the world. I tuned out the clicking sound of Glenn’s camera and the presence of Michelle completely.

I didn’t waste any time and started licking from her earlobe down to the crook of her neck while massaging her left boob and softly pinching her nipple. Then, I felt her hands on my back move down, and once they reached my underwear, her hands slipped past the waistband, and she firmly squeezed my ass.

Soft moans escaped her lips as I nibbled her neck, which was a great motivation, and now I knew I was doing the right thing. So I gently started pushing against her, and without stopping with what we were doing, we moved toward the bed. The moment her calves hit the side of the bed, I looked at her, and she simply sat down on the mattress.

This brought her face at eye level with my crotch, and my tented red briefs were inches away from her eyes. Her hands grabbed my underwear, pulled at it at the front, so my boner wouldn’t be caught by it, and she slid them past my knees. I wiggled out of them and kicked them aside, causing my boner to wobble, which in turn caused Becky to giggle.

“It looks bigger than I expected,” she whispered.

I didn’t know how to respond to that, so I just gently pressed against her shoulders, causing her to lie down. Her eyes never left my hard-on as she eased back onto the bed. I lay my body partly down on hers and started sucking on her right nipple. She moaned and tilted her head back, pushing her chest forward.

“Hmmm…” she moaned softly and rubbed her fingers through my hair.

I kissed that fantastic spot right between her boobs and started kissing and licking down her belly. When I reached her belly button, I planted a gentle kiss right below it and spread her legs as I got to my knees.

I could hear Becky take a deep breath of anticipation as I moved my face close to her pussy. Glenn had taught me a few tricks and gave a lot of pointers, but seeing a pussy up close like this was a breathtaking sight. I knew the mechanics and what was what, but her sparse hairs, the glistening slit, and that intoxicating scent were a lot different from the pictures Glenn showed me.

I pursed my lips and gave a firm kiss on the place where her clit was. It was still mostly hidden between the folds of her pussy, but despite that, the effect was instant.

“Aaahhhh!” Becky moaned loudly and closed her legs, trapping my face between them.

I gently pushed against her legs, and Becky immediately got the idea, spreading her legs even wider than before. I let the tip of my tongue peek out of my lips and snuck it between her folds. When my tongue touched her clit, another moan came from her throat, and she pushed her pelvis against my face.

The texture of her clit reminded me a little of the tip of a dickhead. The same sponginess, the same soft but firm skin, only denser. I slowly applied more pressure with my tongue but refrained from licking it. According to Glenn, this teasing would build up the tension in her body and get her worked up pretty quickly. The taste of her juices hitting my tastebuds was overwhelming, and I had to stop myself from lapping away immediately.

When her hands started pressing down firmly on the back of my head, I knew it was time for more. So I snuck my tongue down between her folds, seeking for her entrance. But, when the tip of my tongue had room to slide in, my entire tongue was coated with her juices, and I just had to lap it up. And when I moved my tongue back up, Becky’s reaction was strong and sudden.

The overdose of her sweet girl nectar in my mouth seemed directly connected to my dick because the moment I swallowed, my dick started twitching, and sparks filled my eyes. Then, my tongue hit her clit again, and I feel her ass and legs tremble below me.

“Aaaahhh!! Ooohhhhh! SCOTT!”

This was my cue to bring another one of Glenn’s tips into practice. I focused my lapping over and around her sensitive clit, while moaning the alphabet. My lips moved with each letter I moaned, and with almost every letter, the level of intensity of Becky’s moans and thrashing of her body increased.

After eating her out like this for a few minutes, I felt a sense of pride wash over me. I was able to give an older and extremely pretty girl such good feelings. My confidence grew with each passing second, and when Becky’s moans became almost one long groan, I instinctively knew she was getting close.

That’s when Glenn’s words resonated in my head, “… and when you think she’s getting close, Bud, slip one or two fingers inside her. She’ll come instantly, and she’ll never forget how good you are in eating her out. Just don’t do it too soon!”

I had no second thoughts. I just knew she was close enough for me to enter her with my fingers. The pictures were clear about where I needed to be. And I remembered Michelle’s entrance was easy to find too. But now that I needed to find it on my own, I was afraid I’d miss it. But when my fingers touched her between her legs and just below my chin, I knew I had it. So I pressed my index and middle finger against her opening and pushed. Glenn warned me not to push too hard because she’d be slippery as hell. But too little pressure would ruin the experience.

As I slid in and heard the loud “AAAAAAHHHHH!!” above me, combined with her legs slamming shut against my ears and the contracting pussy walls around my fingers, I knew I timed it perfectly and gave her a mind-blowing orgasm.

Glenn’s last trick on eating out a girl was prolonging her orgasm. There apparently were several methods, but Glenn recommended trying to rub over her G-spot. So my index finger started searching for it, and only moments later, I found it. The texture of her insides was just a little different on that specific spot, and her reaction was almost instant.

The contractions around my fingers died down a bit, but the moment I rubbed over that spot, she contracted sharply again, and another moan came from deep inside her throat. I slowly but gently kept rubbing, and every now and then, her pussy clenched around my fingers, and a shiver went through her body. I kept doing this for a few minutes, and the heavy panting had died down a bit, but she kept moaning softly.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. We looked at each other, and I just knew this was it. So I got on my knees on the bed, causing her to move back, so she’d lie on the bed with her whole body, including her legs. As I scooted forward, my throbbing erection bobbed up and down, causing both of us to giggle. We were clearly both nervous as hell from the anticipation.

Becky spread her legs to give me all the access I needed, and as I scooted forward one last time, I gripped my dick at the base, pointing it right at her opening. I saw Glenn approach in the corner of my eye, and he quickly took some close-up shots of my dick almost touching her pussy. But Glenn was gone before I knew it, and I looked Becky deep into her eyes.

“Ready?” I whispered.

Becky swallowed hard and nodded timidly, her eyes never leaving mine. I moved my hips forward, so my dickhead slipped between the folds of her pussy. I wasn’t aiming to penetrate her just yet. But, according to Glenn, it was important to let her get used to the feeling of a dick on her pussy. So I slowly moved my dick up and down between her folds, a technique Glenn called ‘the paintbrush’.

Becky’s eyes turned almost backward in their sockets, and another shiver went through her body. I did this for a few moments until I couldn’t hold back anymore. I knew this wasn’t about me, but being a horny preteen boy, caused my head to be clouded with hormones. So delaying it much longer was no longer an option.

So when my dick rubbed over her entrance, I held it there. Next, I applied a little bit of pressure, and my dickhead slipped in with so much ease it surprised me big time. With Michelle, there was a little resistance, but with Becky, it was almost none. Glenn later told me that this was probably due to the extensive foreplay and that it was a good sign.

The moment I entered Becky, her eyes sought mine, and her mouth turned into a small “O”. I moved my body forward and placed my hands next to her head while keeping my dick in the same place. This worked out great, and as I eased more and more of my body down on hers, her arms wrapped around me, and a deep sigh escaped her mouth.

“You okay?” I whispered in her ear.

“Oohhh… yeah! Do it, Scott. This feels amazing!”

Without further ado, I started sliding into the second pussy of my life. When more of my dick slid inside, I felt an ever better feeling around my dick than when I slid inside Michelle. This was warmer, softer, and most of all, tighter.

Becky moaned one long moan during my entering move. The moment I was completely inside her and had no more of my little over four inches to give, I couldn’t hold back a moan anymore.

“Aaahhh! This is it. I’m in,” I managed.

“Ooohhh! It feels amazing! Ohhh… Fuck me!” Becky moaned and kissed me all over my neck and ear, which was a huge turn-on.

Her hands firmly gripped my back, and her fingers dug themselves into my back. I started sliding out, and it was as if time slowed down. Her velvety love canal felt so amazing around my dick that tingles spread throughout my midsection. I tingled from my ass cheeks to the tip of my dick and from my balls to my belly button.

Right before I slipped out, I pushed back in. My practice with fucking Michelle’s hot pussy and Glenn’s and Daniel’s asses paid off. I knew just when to stop and move back in. And judging by the thrashing below me and the moaning in my ear, I knew I was doing a more than decent job.

When I bottomed out again, I ground my pelvis against her clit more firmly, which was greatly appreciated. I did this each time I moved in. I wasn’t aiming for a quick orgasm, just the most enjoyable fuck for Becky, although I felt my orgasm was already approaching.

“Oohhh, Scott! I’m… ooohhhh,” Becky moaned, suddenly extremely loud compared to the whispers so far.

I was moving in when she suddenly gripped my back even firmer, and her whole body stiffened below me. Then, with another loud and low pitched “aaaahhhh!!! Aaaahhhhh!!” she came.

I thought she was tight, but now that her pussy muscles started milking my twelve-year-old boner, I knew the real definition of a tight fuck. And all the tingling I felt before accumulated in the tip of my dick. I pulled out and slammed back in hard. I was afraid it was too hard, but when my dick started kicking inside her, and my pelvis slapped against hers, she hugged me even tighter, almost squeezing all the air out of my lungs.

I felt my balls move up inside my sack and my cum traveling up inside my kicking boner. It was an unusual long cum for me because even after my balls had no more juice to give, my dick kept twitching, and I was still riding my orgasmic high.

Meanwhile, Becky’s body was still stiff and gripping me tightly. But when my orgasm started to die down a bit, she also came back down to earth and released her grip on me a bit. Then, after I moved my face up to gently kiss her, her hands cupped my ass, and her tongue filled my mouth, probing around furiously.

When I ran out of breath, I reluctantly broke the kiss and lifted my face. A lazy smile spread across her lips, and she mouthed a silent but grateful, “thank you.” I still don’t know why she didn’t want Glenn and Michelle to hear this, but frankly, I didn’t care.

I kissed her tenderly on her cheek and lifted my body. I slipped out of her and wanted to lie down on the bed next to her when Glenn quickly took a shot of me, leaving her and a string of cum hanging from the tip of my dick ending inside Becky’s pussy.

As we lay side by side, I turned my head to look at her. She looked lovely in this light, and when she turned her head to look at me and smiled, I marveled at her beauty. In the meantime, Glenn was snapping away, and I saw Michelle approach us.

“How was it, pumpkin? Did it hurt? Did you like it? Did you…” Michelle blabbered.

“Mom!” Becky exclaimed, immediately followed by, “I’m fine! It was awesome!”

Michelle let out a big sigh of relief and hugged Becky. After that, she looked at me and smiled while quickly glancing at my now soft dick.

“He’s amazing, isn’t he?” Michelle smiled at Becky and nodded her head toward me.

“The best. And you were right! He’s sweet, and his uhm… dick feels awesome. It’s only a little thicker than your dildo, But it’s soft and hard at the same time. And he’s just…”

“Yeah. Told ya. Flesh is always better than plastic!” Michelle chuckled.

“Hey! He’s right there with you, you know?” Glenn giggled as he walked up to us.

“Yeah… stop treating me like a piece of meat,” I laughed.

“I heard through the grapevine you did good,” Glenn said, and we bumped fists.

“Thanks! I said blushing.

We chatted some more, and despite the fact that I was totally in for a second time, this option never came to the table. I was a bit sad, but not by much. After all, I just fucked a beautiful girl, and she was already discussing a second get-together with her mom. So I shouldn’t complain.

After we got dressed, went downstairs, and sat at the table, Glenn said, “I’ll make sure to develop the best pictures. I’ll also add the negatives, so you guys are the only ones with access to it. The only thing I ask is for Scott to pick out one picture for himself as a memory of this moment. Is that okay with you?”

“Of course! He can select more if he wants,” Michelle said.

“Nope. Just one is enough. This was YOUR special moment,” he said to Becky, “so YOU decide what to do with it.”

As it was clear there was no room for debate, the matter was settled. After our drinks, we said our goodbyes. I hugged Michelle, and she patted my ass while thanking me for helping them out. Becky gave me an extremely tight hug and whispered another soft, “Thank you, Scott!” in my ear. We waved goodbye, walked to the car where Glenn and I bumped fists again and went home. The next appointment was already made by Glenn and Michelle. This time we’d go to their cabin by the lake, but this wasn’t happening anytime soon. Glenn told me it was more than a month after my parents returned.

I was a bit sad that there was only one week left of my time living with Glenn and Gloria. But I was also looking forward to seeing my parents and hugging my mom again. So we spent almost the entire week planning for their welcome home party. I helped Gloria prepare the food the best I could, and I also helped Glenn with all the practical stuff that needed to be done in the garden. It wouldn’t be a big party, but neither of us wanted to just let the coming home of my parents pass by uneventfully.

Glenn and I had sex three times during that last week. The last time we had sex, we took a bit of a risk, but we were both just too horny and anxious to have sex that we decided to do it anyway. After a steamy sixty-nine, we both lay panting on my bed when we heard Gloria’s car in the driveway. We shot up, got dressed in record time, and were lucky Gloria took a little more time than usual to get into the house. When Gloria told us we looked flushed, Glenn and I glanced sheepishly at each other, and Glenn mumbled something about prepping for the party.

When the bell rang, I ran to the door to open it. I got an extremely tight hug from my mom, and even my dad hugged me and ruffled my hair. They were both saying how much I’ve grown and wanted to know everything I did this last year. Even though we had our weekly call over the past year, my mom hung on every word I told her. And when I showed my dad some of the pictures I took, he wasn’t giving me shit about it and even complimented me on how good they looked.

After the party, life took over. I moved back to the base with mom and dad but visited Glenn and Gloria as often as possible. And I spent every other weekend with them. Daniel and I got together frequently too, but after he found himself a lovely boyfriend, these get-togethers got less frequent.

After living with my parents again for about two months, mom got a call that Gloria was in the hospital. I just came home from school and noticed the anxious look on my mom’s face. She quickly explained that Gloria was in labor, so we rushed to the hospital. After we got there, we were seated in the waiting room, where I bounced off the walls from anxiety. About an hour later, a nurse came to us and said that we were allowed to see her. As we walked through the hallway, the nurse pointed us to the room. I slowly opened the door and walked into a standard hospital room. Gloria was in bed and looked extremely tired. But the moment she saw me, she smiled weakly at me and nodded to my mom, who was right behind me. Glenn was almost beaming and smiling from ear to ear. He nodded and showed me the bundle he had in his arms. I got close, and the moment the small blanket was pulled away, and that little baby came into view, I saw one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. That’s when I saw Audrey for the very first time.

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    Another excellent chapter, filled with beautiful imagery. Becky’s first time would be something she’ll remember always, no matter how many lovers she has. Your descriptive powers are definitely at their peak in this episode. You could almost feel the tension and the urgency.

    Loved it!

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      Hi Nik,
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    I have to agree. The story was so true to life and being male, I found it very arousing. Those were precious moments.

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