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Bullied to Buff – Part Two

Bullied to Buff – Part Two
Jason Crow

At first, I was afraid. I was petrified when I woke up. I dreamt of a big fight between Kaylee and me, and she told our mom that I molested her. But the moment the fog of my dream left my mind, I was relieved and anticipated our next workout session.

By now, we were doing both workout sessions in our underwear. It was just as easy that way, and it saved a lot of laundries. Our mom had joined us in the diet we were following and we both appreciated that she encouraged us the best she could. A few nights ago, she came home late from her work and came down to check on us. She looked a bit surprised to see us working out in our underwear, but she didn’t say anything about it.

This night and the next night, she was away, and Kaylee and I would be home alone. This happened a lot more lately, but mom assured us it was just temporary. And this way she made extra money, which meant she would be out of debt sooner. Kaylee and I made it clear to her that we didn’t mind her doing this. We could look after ourselves, and on school nights we were working out in the basement anyways.

We just had our dinner, cleaned up the dishes, and did our homework. Now we were walking downstairs as usual. I was checking out my schedule we hung up on the wall as I unbuttoned my trousers. I looked over at Kaylee to check if she had taken down some fresh towels with her. I almost choked when I looked over. She was standing with her back to me and just sliding down her pants. This, of course, was nothing new. But her underwear was! She was wearing a black thong, and I don’t think I ever saw a sexier thing before in my life! Her smooth cheeks were accentuated magnificently by that thong.

“What is it, Wyatt?” I heard Kaylee ask and realized I was staring at her with open mouth.

“Ehhh… Nothing, nothing. It’s just..” And I tried not to look at her ass anymore but continued with my own business.

“I needed new underwear too. I was running through clean panties too quickly. Just like you did with your boxers. So yesterday I went to Marshall’s after school and picked up a box of thongs.”

“I see…” I responded as casual as I could.

“A lot of girls in my class wear thongs, so I wanted some too. I picked up two boxes that were on sale. The only two in my size by the way. They sure sell out quick!”

“Well. You look good in them,” I sincerely responded.

“I do? Thank you! I wasn’t sure how I’d look in them, so I figured I’d show it to you first. At least you’re honest about these things.”

“Thanks. I mean.. You look awesome, Kaylee! It’s obvious the workout sessions are paying off,” I blushed.

“Thanks, Wyatt! I really appreciate that. I do have one other problem, though…” she trailed off.

“What’s that?”

“The bra’s apparently sell out just as quick. There were no more in my size left. Just the fancy kind with a lot of lace, but I don’t have the money for that.”

“Oh. That’s a bummer! Now what?”

“Right now I have one on, but yesterday one of the hooks of another bra broke off, so now I’ve only got three left. And the other one is still in the hamper. So I need to figure something out.”

“I see. Why don’t you wear some of your old t-shirts? You’ve got a few of them lying around down here. It is not a problem they are too small when you’re working out, right?”

“That’s a great idea, Wyatt! Thanks. I hate to ask mom to buy me bras. She’ll probably come home with some lame training bra.”

I was done undressing and started with my workout. So did Kaylee. It was quite difficult for me to keep concentrated. Seeing Kaylee in her thong kicking away at the bag was just too distracting. I figured she maybe wore this on purpose, so I kept looking at her. Also, because I saw her taking glances at me every now and then.

When it was time for my bench press, I called her over as usual. I was lying on my back already when she walked by me, and I could see her checking out the front of my boxers. I figured I might as well do the same, and looked at her ass as she went by. It did it rather openly, just like she did and she didn’t seem to mind. I guessed it must feel good for her too, being checked out this openly. As I started pressing away, Kaylee stood at my head to help me if anything went wrong. This way, I looked up at her, and now it was undeniably obvious she checked me out. Her eyes were glued to my crotch.

This gave me the opportunity to check her out. The thong was cut pretty low at the front and high up at her hips. This way, her shapely legs seemed twice as long. I liked it! I couldn’t see it clearly this way, but when we did our measuring last time, there were pubic hairs above the point this waistband ended. Now they appeared to be gone.

“Okay. That’s it.” I puffed, putting the bar back in place. “Just the cooling down left.”

We both did some light stretching at the end of each workout, as it seemed to lighten the muscle ache afterward. But doing this now was a whole new ballgame. Kaylee seemed to be bending over more than usual, each time presenting her fine ass to me in different ways. It took a whole lot of willpower for me to stay soft. Then and there I decided to pay her back tomorrow.

Kaylee went upstairs to shower as it was my turn to clean up. After I was done and came upstairs, Kaylee exited the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. This was new… Usually, she wore her pajamas after her evening shower. This raised the question in my head that maybe she was hitting on me in some weird way, but I immediately dismissed that thought and figured I was reading into something that just wasn’t there.

After my shower, I put on my usual pair of shorts and an old t-shirt to watch TV in. I sleep in the nude, but watching TV in that outfit would raise too many questions, I reckoned. This time, however, I decided to go commando. The shorts are quite loose and if I sat the right way, I could let my dick come take a peek through the leg of the shorts. And as I walked, my junk would swing from left to right, and that couldn’t be missed. Two can play that game.

As I came downstairs, Kaylee was sitting on the couch in her usual nightclothes, a pair of gym shorts and an oversized t-shirt. She looked at me as I walked in, and I saw her eyes grow big and focused on my crotch. I pretended not to notice and sat in my usual spot in the chair next to the couch. I spread my legs wide and could feel my dick lying against my thigh and falling down. I couldn’t check it visually, but feeling the cold air on my dickhead made me suspect it was lying the way I wanted it. In my peripheral vision, I could see Kaylee looking, but she said nothing.

“Good. We’re even for today,” I thought.

We watched TV for a while and after about ten minutes of being exposed, I shifted and put my junk back without being obvious about it.

“I’m going to bed,” Kaylee yawned.

“Yeah. Me too. Oh! Almost forgot! I’m starting about half an hour earlier tomorrow. I want to do some more exercises with my legs.”

“Oh, Good idea! I’ve got a few extra exercises of my own. So I’ll join you if you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. Do I need to wake you, or do you set your own alarm?”

“If you don’t mind, will you wake me?”

“Sure thing.”

We put our glasses in the sink, clicked off the lights, locked the doors, and went upstairs. We said our goodnights and went to our rooms. I undressed and went to my underwear drawer. If I remembered correctly, my old, bikini-style briefs were stuffed in the back of the drawer. A few moments later, I found them. It was at least a year ago that I wore them the last time. So they were probably a bit too small for me to be comfy, but comfort was not what I was aiming for. I tried one pair on, and after stuffing my junk in there, I looked at myself in the mirror. This left absolutely nothing to the imagination! My dick barely fitted in there and was clearly visible through the thin, red material. Good! If she likes to check out my stuff and turn me on in her thong, I’ll show her what she wants. I took a pair of scissors from my desk and carefully cut off the hairs peeking out above the waistband. I took them off, put it on my chair, and went to bed. The images of Kaylee’s sweaty body kicking against the punching bag played in my mind, and I jacked to a quick but powerful orgasm before I turned over and went to sleep. I was curious about what tomorrow would bring. I just hoped I wouldn’t chicken out.


The next morning I was grumbling at 5:30 and slammed on my alarm clock. Damn! That half-hour makes a big difference. But the moment the fog of the night left my brain, the thoughts of my plan woke me up immediately. I got out of bed, stuffed my junk in the tight underwear, slipped on a t-shirt and my shorts, and opened my bedroom door. I tentatively knocked on my sister’s door.

“Kaylee? Time to wake up.”

No response, so I knocked again and called her name a little louder. Still nothing. So I tested the door handle. The door was unlocked, of course, so I opened it and went inside. Kaylee still slept with a bed light on. I didn’t blame her, after all she went through in her younger years. I just hoped that was all that scarred her soul. I walked over to her bed and almost tripped over my own feet. Kaylee was lying on her stomach, and the blanket was over her legs to just above her butt. That meant her complete upper body was exposed this way. Normally, if she was wearing that T-shirt, this wasn’t a problem. But apparently, she slept without. Maybe even in the nude like me, but that was just a guess. I couldn’t see her boobs or anything, but it was a hell of a nice view!

“Kaylee. Wake up. You asked me to wake you, remember?” I whispered, gripping her shoulder and shaking her lightly.

“Hmpf… What?”

It was almost as if Kaylee heard a gunshot or something. Her eyes flew open, and she made a move to sit up. Just in time, she realized that she was shirtless and laid back down. But not before I saw a flash of a tiny bit of sideboob.

“Already?” she grumbled after realizing what was going on.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. You can stay in bed if you want. I’m going downstairs, okay?” and I started to turn around.

“Nah. It’s okay. Give me a few seconds and I come down too. Can you grab the towels?”

“Sure. See ya in a sec.” I said leaving my bare-chested little sister behind.

I walked over to the closet where we kept the towels, and I grabbed two. I stalled a bit because I wanted to make sure we were downstairs almost simultaneously. That seemed to work, because when I walked down the stairs, I could already hear Kaylee behind me. I flipped on the lights and walked toward the spot where I usually disrobed. I lifted my shirt and dropped my shorts rather fast, so I wouldn’t chicken out.

“What is that?!” I heard Kaylee say behind me and turned around.

“I didn’t have any clean boxers left, so I decided to wear an old pair of underwear. And I think I even move easier in this. Not good? Should I wear my shorts?” I asked as the uncertainty washed over me.

“No, no! Not a problem. Heck! If you want, you can go butt naked. I don’t care. I’ve seen It all already,” she laughed.

“But, but… What are YOU wearing?” I asked.

Up until now, I’ve been too busy with my own outfit to look properly at Kaylee. She was wearing another black thong. But she didn’t wear a bra. At least if she did, it was hidden from view by a cut off old T-shirt. It was a bit tight, so I guessed this was one of these old t-shirts we talked about earlier. It snugged her breasts, and it was cut off just below them. I could vaguely see the underside of her boobs. It was that exciting bit of the breast where the underside meets the chest again.

“Well… This way, I can reuse these old T-shirts we talked about, without it looking goofy. I think it works really well as a substitute for a bra and is a bit airier. And it’s not like I need a bra for the support.”

“It looks good on you!”

“Thank you Wyatt,” she smiled that warm smile I love so much again.

“Heck! If you want, you can go butt naked. I don’t care. I just haven’t seen It all already”

And with that, we both burst out into laughter! It took us both a moment to get our act together, but we didn’t want to miss our morning session, so we went at it.

If I almost couldn’t take my eyes of Kaylee yesterday, today it was virtually impossible. Her body, glistening with sweat, pounding away at that bag, with every now and then a full-blown underboob showing. I tried to focus on my workout. Not only for myself, but mainly to not get hard in front of her. Especially in this outfit. A boner in these tight, pale red briefs would almost immediately pop out. No way it could stay inside the cloth. I realized I hadn’t thought this through enough.

Kaylee, on the other hand, glanced over a lot too. Almost every time I looked her way, her eyes quickly moved away from me. I usually didn’t bench press in the morning. Mostly because of the noise, but since our mom wasn’t at home, I decided to do it now anyway. It wouldn’t hurt, would it?

“Kaylee? Are you almost finished? I want to press some weights and need your help.”

“Just a sec. Almost done here.”

I laid down on the bench, aware of how exposed I was this way. But it also made me realize how Kaylee must feel in her thong. I felt exposed, sexy, and attractive at the same time. I liked it. My head was lying down already when Kaylee stood at the head of the bench. I looked up at the bar, but my eyes were immediately drawn to my little sister’s chest. I could see completely under her shirt, seeing both her boobs from the bottom up. There was no stopping now. I boned up. I quickly grabbed the bar and started pressing, but I knew my boner was a lost cause. Right now, it was pointing to my left hip, but I could feel it dangerously stretching the cloth of my underwear.

And sure enough, the second time I pushed the bar up, I felt it pop free from my underwear and immediately pointing toward my navel. And bench pressing or not, my eyes were glued to Kaylee’s breasts.

“What’s that, Wyatt?” She teasingly asked. “Your old underwear not big enough for you anymore?”

“Grmphhh” I grunted and I pushed the bar up for the last time and hung it back.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t concentrate or stay soft when your boobs are practically in my face!”

I was still lying down, as I didn’t want to waste any second looking at this gorgeous sight. I also knew it was useless to attempt and hide my now rock hard boner. Putting a towel over it would only make it more awkward.

“Is this better?” She asked and lifted her shirt, leaving her topless.

“Wow!” I simply said, my hand involuntarily moving to my boner. Luckily I realized it in time.

“Try pressing now, big brother and maybe you’ll see even more,” she encouraged me.

She didn’t need to tell me that twice. I picked up the bar again and pressed for all I was worth. Kaylee moved up and down with the bar. So whenever the bar was down, her boobs were almost touching my face. This was working out great! Her eyes were focused on my boner as she was doing this.

This action couldn’t last forever, of course, and all too soon, I needed to stop. I placed the bar back and laid on the bench panting with my eyes still glued to my sister’s chest.

“I can see you like that a lot!” Kaylee giggled.

“I do. I love looking at you like this, Kaylee!”

“I really like the way you look too, Wyatt,” she softly said.

I saw some movement in the corner of my eyes. I looked closer and saw Kaylee’s hand disappearing in the front of her thong. It didn’t take a genius to know what she was doing. I looked up at her face and saw it was flushed. Her lips were parted and her eyes a bit blurry, but focused on my still exposed boner.

“I want to try a new way of cooling down” she panted, and her hand moved inside her thong.

“I’ll try that too,” I hoarsely said, immensely turned on by my masturbating sister.

I took my boner in my hand and started jacking off. It was a little bit awkward at first. Jacking off with my sister watching me. But that was only for a second as my eyes were switching between her bare breasts and her moving hand. I heard her moan the moment I took my boner in my hand. She put one leg up on the bench, her foot just beside my head. I moved a bit, so she had more room to put her foot down. And this way, I looked at the underside of her pussy. The thong obscured my view, but it moved a bit out of the way the moment her fingers were between her lips. That exposed one side of her pussy every now and again. It wasn’t a complete view of it, just the outer lips.

“Hmmmmm…” Kaylee moaned. “I’m not cooling down this way… Ohhhh.”

Kaylee giving me a hand job was hot, but this was ten times hotter! I felt my balls boiling and slowed my movement down a bit. I didn’t want to come too soon, but I was fighting an uphill battle.

“Ahhh. Kaylee…” I moaned.

“Stroke that big cock Wyatt! Shoot your cum for me! Do it!” she moaned louder and louder. “Ohhh! I’m getting close, Wyatt! Shoot damnit! I want to see that huge cock explode! Ahhh!”

That was it. Hearing her pleading like that and use those dirty words, put me past the point of no return.

“Look out, sis! Here it com… OOHHH!” I almost shouted these last words.

And it indeed felt like my cock exploded. This was by far the best orgasm I ever had! I even spurted the first spurt over my head, and it landed on Kaylee’s leg!

“AHHHH… YESSSSSSS!” Kaylee grunted the moment I came.

It was difficult, but I wanted to keep my eyes open and look at Kaylee. It was pretty obvious she came because her body was shaking above me and her hand was deep inside her thong.

“Ahhhh…” Another grunt from her.

I was panting like an old dog as I felt the cum dribbling down my body. My still hard dick still in my hand. Kaylee sat down on the bench next to mine and was also breathing hard.

“Wow!” Kaylee said, breaking the silence. ”That was hot!”

“Yeah… A great new cooling down technique!” I giggled.

“We need to do that a LOT more,” Kaylee said in the silence that followed.

“We do?” I asked, a bit surprised.

“Yeah. We do. Ever since that last time, I wanted to see your boner again. I hinted quite obviously on it, but you didn’t catch on dummy!”

“You did?! No. I don’t remember you doing that. Nope.”

“Yeah… Well… I did. Let’s go shower, shall we? We need to go to school soon.”

“Sure. I’ll go first if you don’t mind. I’m kinda sticky..”

“Go ahead. I’ll clean up down here.”

I got up, Quickly took my clothes, and ran upstairs, my softening boner swaying from left to right as it still hung down from my underwear. I turned on the shower and stepped inside. When I was almost done and was rinsing my hair, I heard the bathroom door open. We didn’t usually lock the door, because we all respected each other’s privacy. It also wasn’t that unusual for someone to quickly walk in and out to grab something from the cabinet. So I figured this was the case now too.

I turned off the faucet and opened the shower curtain. I was a bit shocked to see Kaylee standing there in just her thong, openly checking me out. I suppressed my primary reaction to cover up and just reached for my towel.

“I figured I might as well come in. You don’t mind, do you?” Kaylee asked with a bit of uncertainty in her voice.

“No. Of course not. Not after what we just did.” I smiled and dried my hair, exposing myself completely. With my hips, I exaggerated the swaying of my dick because I really dug that this turned on my sister. I couldn’t see her now, because the towel was over my face, but I just knew she was checking me out. Again. I dried my back with my front toward her, which resulted in another flopping dick. I was getting good at this! I didn’t dry everything yet but stepped out of the tub to dry the rest more comfortably. I was working my toes when I heard Kaylee clear her throat.

“Wyatt?” she whispered.

“What is it?” And I stood to look at her.

“Please don’t laugh…”

I could barely hear it. She was almost whispering. Her hands moved to the waistband of her underwear. She hooked her fingers in it and moved it down her legs in one swift motion. A bit of her thong got stuck between her legs and sprung free like a spring when she pulled it down. She stood back up straight and looked at me, blushing furiously. I drank in the sight of the first naked girl I ever saw that wasn’t a toddler. It had an immediate effect on my dick as it started rising again.

Looking at my little sister in all her glory was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Her little cone-shaped breasts with pink, pointy nipples. Her tight belly showing a hint of a six-pack. My eyes went lower, and I saw a few strands of black pubic hair. Not much, but definitely there. The slit of her pussy was still clearly visible, because of the lack of hair, and it looked like nothing I saw online or in pictures. It was just a slit no more, no less, but I absolutely loved it! Between her legs, just below her pussy, there was a small thigh gap. And below that were her long, slender and muscular legs. She looked utterly stunning!

“Why would I laugh?” I asked, honestly not knowing what she would be referring to.

“I don’t look like the women you see online. They’ve got big boobs and hairs down there…”

“Wait. What?!?” I asked and walked over to her, my boner obscenely bobbing when I walked. “You are the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my whole life!” I said, and I gave her I tight, naked hug. My boner pressed between us.

“I can feel you like it” she giggled. “Oh, Wyatt… I don’t know why I’m so insecure… You are the most wonderful guy I know, and I know you would never hurt me
or make fun of me! I’m sorry for being so difficult!”

Now it was my turn to giggle.

“You’re not difficult, sis. This situation is just difficult! Us working together in the basement made me look at you in a whole new way. I didn’t know what to do with these feelings and I’m glad you figured it out for the both of us.”

Kaylee looked me in my eyes with big question marks in it.

“I don’t know what you mean?”

“Well… You showing your breasts… And taking the initiative and start masturbating… I wouldn’t dare to do or ask these things. I must admit that I wanted to see you naked, the moment I measured you in your underwear. I even jerked off on that image in my head a few times.” Now it was my turn to blush.

“Really!? You did that?” and the question marks in her eyes were replaced by some form of pride.

“Yeah. I did. Is that weird?” I asked a bit insecure.

“Nah. I guess not. I fingered myself silly dozens of times after giving you a hand job…”

“Yeah… That was nice…”

“Let’s just see where this ends, okay?” Kaylee said, looking me in the eyes. “I think we both need to stop worrying. That much is clear by now. And we both like each other too much to hurt the other. Let’s make one deal. We promise to speak our minds if something is up. And if we want to do or try anything, just say it! Okay?”

“Deal!” I said and gave Kaylee one last firm hug before we broke apart. “I’ll go and make us breakfast. We need to hurry now.”

“I know. And thanks!” Kaylee said as she opened the shower curtain and stepped in.

I took a good look at her fine ass as she went in. I threw my wet towel in the hamper and got to work. I made breakfast and lunch as promised, and we were just in time to get to school on time.


The entire day Kaylee’s naked body was in my head. I boned up a few times during the day, but luckily I was wearing loose pants and sitting down, so no one noticed. Nelson must’ve found someone else to pick on today, because he ignored me the entire day, even after gym class he didn’t give me any shit. Not even verbally.

After school, I got home first and started with my chores. I did the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and vacuumed downstairs. I was just putting away the vacuum cleaner when Kaylee walked in.

“Hi, Wyatt!”


“You vacuumed already?? That’s my job!” she said.

“I know. But I was in the zone and decided to do all the chores. That way we can eat early after our homework and work out a bit longer. So…” I trailed of.

“That’s really nice, Wyatt! You know what? I’ll make us dinner. I’ll make the spaghetti and meatballs you like so much.”

“Great! Thanks. You need help with your homework today?”

“No. It’s just some history, English and some stupid social study thing. Not too much though.” Kaylee said.

“Great! I’m done quite quickly too. See you in an hour?”


We went upstairs to our rooms to do our homework. It wasn’t like we avoided each other. I just wanted to get it done, so I could look at Kaylee in her underwear again. My homework took me almost half an hour longer than planned and as I came downstairs, I was greeted by the smell of pasta sauce and meatballs. I sat the table and we ate at the kitchen table making small talk. As we were doing the dishes, I saw Kaylee blush.

“What’s up?” I asked curiously.


“Ah… Come on! We promised this morning to speak our minds!” I pressed.

“Well… A thought just flew through my head… I was picturing us doing our workout in the buff.” she said, blushing even more.

“Hmmm…” I pretended to hesitate, but the prospect of seeing Kaylee naked again was a done deal in my head.

“We don’t have to!” she quickly added.

“No, silly! Of course not. I’d love to do that! I won’t pass the opportunity of seeing you naked again!” I laughed.

“Jerk!” and she laughed too. “I figured that since mom isn’t home, we can do that. If we both like it, we can do it more often. When mom is back home tomorrow evening, we can still do it that way in the morning sessions. She’s already gone to work by then. In the evenings we’ll have to wear our underwear. I don’t want to risk her coming to check on us.”

“The way I hear it, you already put a lot of thought into this.”

“Yeah… Well… I did. I really like seeing you naked too, you know!” and she blushed again. “I love the way your penis swings from left to right when you move. I think I just love your penis, period.”

We both laughed at that last comment and I felt pretty proud of us, being able to talk about all of this the way we were doing now.

“I really don’t understand why Nelson is picking on you over your penis. It’s such an amazing thing to look at!”

“Yeah… Well… Say that to Nelson. And stop treating me like a piece of meat!” I laughed, playfully hitting Kaylee on her shoulder.

“Why!? I love your meat!”

She shrieked as I spat some water on her because of that last remark. We made sure everything was nice and tidy, and we went down to the basement. Without making too much fuss about it and knowing how much Kaylee liked my dick, I disrobed. As I pulled down my boxers, releasing my dick, I saw Kaylee looking. I guess she couldn’t resist.

“It IS big, Wyatt.”

“Yeah, yeah… Humor me… Let’s get to work.”

Of course, I waited for Kaylee to get started and watched her intensely as she took off her clothes. As her pants came down, it was clear she was wearing her thong again. But my eyes were quickly drawn to her breasts, as Kaylee unhooked her tiny bra. Her boobs came into view and I couldn’t help but notice her hard nipples. The stirring in my groin was inevitable now, and I started growing. The moment her thong was at her ankles and she stepped out of it, my boner was at full mast. I didn’t feel any need to cover up and apparently, neither did Kaylee.

“Nice!” I simply said.

“Yeah. Real nice!” She smiled.

We both stalled for a bit, just checking each other out. I figured this would become less of an issue after we did this a few times. Kaylee turned around and started working the punching bag, which was my cue to start my workout too. It was truly liberating to be this exposed and not worry about it. During the session, I almost forgot we were naked, except when I started doing another exercise. Then I felt it of course. But looking over to Kaylee reminded me too. She was quite a sight to behold! Her lean, muscular body, glistening with sweat. Every muscle she flexed was visible. I could look at that for days!
I settled on the bench, ready to do my reps. I was about to call Kaylee when I heard her approaching.

“How many?” she asked.

“I’m aiming for fifteen,” I responded, looking up at her and focusing on her pussy, which was really close to me this way.

“Let’s try twenty then!” she said.

I lifted the bar from the hooks and let it sink toward my chest. I did about ten when my muscles started to acidify. I could feel them burning. Kaylee sensed this too, as she started moving down with the bar again, each time bringing her tits closer to my face. This was working for me in two ways. It was a great motivation to keep going, and I got almost instantly hard as a rock.

I hit eighteen and by now, Kaylee’s left nipple almost touched my lips. Wow! I squeezed out another one, and this time her right nipple came to the party. I wanted more, but this was it! With a little help from Kaylee, I put the bar back. I lay there panting with my little sister grinning down on me.

“Thank you!” I panted. “That helps a lot!”

“I know.” She simply stated.

She sat down on the bench that was placed parallel to mine and I turned my head, still lying down, toward her, and smiled. Kaylee smiled too and spread her legs a bit, giving me a great view of her exposed pussy.

“Time for our cooling down, don’t you think?” She said, and eyed my boner.

“Ehhh… Sure!” I said, trying not to sound too enthusiastic.

Cautiously I moved my hand toward my dick, not entirely sure if she meant the same thing I had in mind. But it quickly became clear that we were going for the same thing. Her hand went down to her pussy, so I decided to go for it too. I gripped my dick and slowly started beating off. I couldn’t pry my eyes away from Kaylee’s pussy. I’ve only seen this stuff online, but I saw her fingers toying with what I assumed was her clit. A moment later her finger spread her lips apart, giving me an excellent view of her inner lips and her baby hole. I didn’t know the correct term for that. When we were younger, we were taught that was the name.

Moments later, I saw her index and middle finger were between her folds, rubbing all around the upper part of her pussy. She moaned loudly, which caused me to look at her face. I could see she looked a bit misty eyed and was primarily focused on my moving hand. Her face was flushed and her mouth partly open, panting heavily.

“I never realized that balls would move this way…” She said between moans.

“Huh!?” I responded, not exactly knowing what she meant.

“Your balls! They swing with each tug you give your dick. I’ve never realized that they’d move too. Ohh… I’m getting close, Wyatt…” And she used her free hand to play with her left nipple. Her eyes never leaving my cock.

I was getting pretty close myself but hadn’t reached the point of no return yet. Kaylee wasn’t lying though.

“AHHH! OHH…” She moaned. “I’m cummiAAHHH!”

I saw her whole body stiffen, and her eyes flew back in her head. She clamped her legs together, but I could see her hand still moving. This was the most erotic thing I ever saw. Last time we masturbated together, I was too engrossed in my own orgasm. This time I could see it all and it was HOT! I would’ve cum anyways, but this put me over the edge. I could see Kaylee’s eyes were looking at my dick again and her spasms had subsided, so I guessed she was done. It didn’t make a difference to me. I was past the point of no return.

“AHH! Grmph..” Was all that came from my mouth when I felt my balls unloading themselves.

As the cum splattered over my body during another great cum with my little sister, I heard her moan again. I couldn’t place it and tried to focus on her again. It didn’t take a genius to realize she was cumming again.

“AHHH! FUCK!… this is hgjgofm…” Was all she could say as she stiffened again. And again…

I laid there. Still panting and feeling the cum dripping from my dick in my pubes when I saw Kaylee’s eyes focusing again and looking at my face. Slowly a smile appeared on her face.

“That was just… Wow…” she breathed.

“Yeah… It was.”

“I came again when I saw you shooting your load,” she said, still panting lightly.

“Yeah. I saw you going at it,” I smiled. “I didn’t know that was possible…”

“Neither did I,” Kaylee said and made absolutely no move to cover up.

She didn’t make any other move, for that matter. She was still recovering from what just happened. That was obvious. The mild hesitation I felt last time we did this, was now nowhere to be found. We just sat and lay here, enjoying doing this kind of stuff together. No pressure or remorse.

I did want to take a shower though. My chest and pubes were, once again, covered with cum, which was cooling off and getting quite sticky. I heard Kaylee sigh beside me and looked at her again.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing really. I just had two extremely powerful orgasms and just enjoy sitting here like this in our own room we created together. You know what I mean?”
“I do. I was thinking pretty much the same. I never thought I would do this sort of stuff with you because I need to protect you and stuff. But now that we do, I wish we did this a lot earlier!”

“Yeah… Me too. It’s not that I didn’t hint at it…” she giggled.

“Yeah, yeah… I know. Look, I’m taking a shower. It’s my turn to clean up, but I’ll do that after I showered, okay? Otherwise, I’ll be dripping all over the place.”

“Don’t worry! Go take your shower. I’ll clean this time.”

I got up from the bench, and quickly kissed Kaylee on her forehead before I ran upstairs, making sure to not drip cum everywhere. I showered quickly, and Kaylee came in right after me. I didn’t even need to turn off the water. After drying off, I decided to wear loose shorts again with no underwear and nothing else this time. I poured us some drinks, made some light snacks, and sat down in the chair when Kaylee came into the living room. She just wore a t-shirt and a thong, which was clearly visible, as the shirt was a bit too short. Of course, I didn’t mind.

“Thanks for the drink,” Kaylee said as she sat down on the couch. “Will you watch Grease with me? I saw it was on Netflix yesterday.”

“Sure. No problem.”

“Come sit on the couch with me, please. I want to cuddle a bit…”

This was new. I was glad she said what she wanted this time because I was obviously bad at reading subtle hints. So I settled in the corner of the couch and Kaylee laid her head on my chest. I put my arm around her and pulled her close. Her hair smelled like a pine forest after a rainstorm. Fresh with a hint of mint in it. My hand rested on her hip and I slid a finger in the waistband of her thong, so my hand wouldn’t slip away. It was nothing sexual, just practical.

“This is nice…” Kaylee almost purred, and snuggled up even closer.

“I love you, Wyatt…” she almost whispered.

That struck me hard! This wasn’t a brother-sister “I love you.” This came straight from her heart, and struck me right in my soul. Hearing her say these words made me realize that I was falling in love with her, too. This was a completely new feeling for me, and when I realized this, the butterflies in my stomach were riding a rollercoaster. But I loved the feeling! And I loved Kaylee.

“I love you too!” I said as sincerely as I could, and kissed her on her head.

Kaylee looked up, and I could see the tenderness in her eyes. She moved up a bit, and kissed me on my lips. Not a peck, or a sibling kiss. But a tender, heartfelt deep and intense kiss. Her soft lips tasted like strawberries, and the butterflies were flying everywhere now. The kiss lasted a lifetime! Or at least it felt that way. I never wanted to stop kissing her. When we broke apart, I opened my eyes and could see Kaylee doing the same. We both smiled wordlessly at each other and Kaylee took her spot again, cuddling up to me. It felt like I was in heaven.

I never was this happy before in my life! I even liked the Grease movie, although it is old and totally not my cup of tea. I liked it because Kaylee liked it, and because I watched it with her. Life was good!

End of part two.

I like the way the story is developing. I hope you guys do too. This part had a bit more sex stuff in it than the first part, but still not too much. I know that’s why you’re reading this stuff, but keep reading! There’s still more to come. I promise.

Adhuc optime venire

Copyright 2020 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved


  1. Avatar for Edward-or-Ford

    I love a nice slow-burn story. Excellent work, looking forward to Part 3!


  2. Avatar for David Smith
    David Smith

    Good build-up, can’t wait for more. Also, I didn’t mention in my last comment, my dick was the same size as Wyatt’s at that age, your research was good and solid.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Hi David,
      Thanks for the feedback! I’m pleased to know you like it. And good for you! I hope you didn’t have the issues with it, the way Wyatt did 😉
      Stay tuned, Part three is right around the corner. I’m guessing it’ll be online this weekend.

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