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Bullied to Buff

It’s been a while since Zafar – Part three was released. But, good news! I managed to write another story. This time it is a four-part story. I know… I never learn. But the good news this time is, that everything is already there. During my holiday, I started writing. And before I knew it, the story was finished. But it was big! Way too big for one part. So afterward, I splitted it at the natural and logical points in the story.

The main reason that this is just the first part, is that caliboy1991, another erotica writer I’m in close contact with, volunteered to edit my story. I noticed I struggled a bit in my previous work with some tense issues, but also some interpunction and just wrong words. The main reason for this, of course, is that I’m a non-native speaker. But I do want to improve my skills in Englisch. So a big, big shout out to Cali who offered to edit and give me pointers!! Thank you very much, Cali. Currently he’s still reviewing the remaining parts (no pressure, Cali!), but I didn’t want to hold back this story.

As with all characters I wrote until now, I grew close to these. Kaylee at first was just an one-dimensional character, but as the story progressed, she grew on me.

I hope y’all enjoy this one, and as always: All comments, good and bad, are greatly appreciated!! Seriously! Give me feedback…

It can be found under Jason’s Collection in the menu, but here’s the direct link.

Stay safe!

Thanks again, Cali!

EDIT: 9/21- Part two is added now!

EDIT: 28/9 – Part three is online!

EDIT: 4/10 – The last part is online!


  1. Avatar for Joe in WA
    Joe in WA

    Awesome story! I couldn’t stop reading it, and read several areas again! The first time they go all the way and the description of the tip of his big dick going in is sooooo hot! Great job! And now I see you’ve got other stories with topics I like. My new favorite webpage. 😁 Thank you!

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Hi Joe,
      Thanks! Happy to provide something hot in these cold times 🙂
      My newest story is almost finished, so keep coming back for more. A way healthier addiction than drugs. That’s for sure…

  2. Avatar for Joe in WA
    Joe in WA

    Indeed! Can’t wait to read the new story. You definitely have talent. Thank you so much for the “hard” work involved here! Bullied to Buff is so hot hot hot!!

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