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Levi Holland wanted to know if it was possible to lower the bar for you, the reader, to give feedback. He proposed something like Facebook’s Like button.

Strangely enough, I never thought about this. But I really liked the idea, so I started looking. Turns out, it was fairly easy to incorporate this on the site. So from now on, there’s an easier way for you to show your love 😊. Just press ‘Like’ (Thumb up) or ‘Dislike’ (Thumb down) at the bottom of each page!

And don’t worry! There’s absolutely NO relationship with Facebook! I’m all about privacy, especially on a site like this. I only have the standard Google and Microsoft tools to see how my site is performing. How many visitors, broken links, that sort of stuff. Everything is anonymized, and no hidden cookies or anything. Especially not for Facebook. Or Meta. I don’t care. Both are evil!

So if you’re up to it, please help us out by pressing one of these buttons after you finish the story.



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    It’s really a sweet and masculine story, thanks for sharing it. Through its reading I was able to make a beautiful memory of my own childhood, which was the most intense, courageous and fun period of my life. I was a determined and enthusiastic boy. A child with a clean and idealistic mind, with clean purposes and transparent and clean action that you can imagine. But I am not going to write my story here, but to congratulate you on your work and thank you. I am afraid of the problems that this type of literature can cause. I am already an old man and I just want to live calmly, to digest my own history. I want to continue reading your work.

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