July 9, 2009

Wishful Thinking – Chapter 4
Alex Hawk

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I slept in a bit the next morning. I’d only slept for about nine hours, but it felt more like five years. Still, I was well-rested and looking forward to another day preying among the young boys of my town.

It was after noon before I was finally dressed in what was becoming my uniform (t-shirt, short skirt, no panties), and out of the house. I had no idea where I was going to go, but I figured I’d just head out and see where the day took me.

As it happened, the day only took me as far as the end of the block. That was where I wound up running into Carlos Gold and Lucas Reynolds, two fourteen-year-old boys who were classmates/friends with my son, Ebin. They were in a parking lot where they were both attempting to do tricks on their bikes.

I stood across the street watching them. They noticed me pretty quickly and I saw them start trying to do other tricks; showing off for the hot girl. It was pretty entertaining, especially when one of them failed.

“That looked like that hurt,” I said, sauntering towards Lucas who was currently laying flat on his back.

“It didn’t feel good,” he admitted as Carlos helped him stand.

“I’m Lisa,” I said, holding out my hand to Lucas as he stood up. I shook his hand and Carlos’. “You guys are…?”

“Carlos. He’s Lucas.”

“Nice to meet you.” I grinned at Lucas. “You were doing pretty good there until you got turned into gravity’s bitch.”

Carlos laughed as Lucas grinned back, shyly. “Yeah. Well, I just need more practice I guess.”

“You aren’t hurt or anything, are you?” I asked him. “Only I’m staying with my uncle down the street,” I added, pointing. “If you need a Band-Aid or something we can get you one.”

The two exchanged a look that said a lot and suddenly Lucas sagged a little. “Well… my ankle kind of hurts? I mean, I didn’t land on it or anything, but still.”

“Oh, you poor thing,” I cooed. “Come on, let’s get back to my uncle’s house. I can give you some aspirin or something.”

We made our way to my place, Lucas occasionally remembering he was supposed to limp slightly. I was very amused by the two of them, and looked forward to seeing Lucas not limp, if you get my meaning.

Once we got back to my house, I had the boys park their bikes and let them inside. I dropped them off in the living room and then went to get a couple aspirin and three Cokes. Then I went back to the living room.

“Well, here you go,” I said, handing each boy a Coke and the aspirin to Lucas. “I hope your ankle feels better.”

“Oh, I’m sure it’ll be ok,” he said, reaching down to rub the left ankle. The right one had been the one with the “problem” before. I grinned and otherwise ignored it.

“So you’re Ebin’s cousin?” Carlos asked.

I nodded. “Yeah, since he’s gone for the summer, my Uncle Kelly said I could come stay here while he’s not around.”

“Oh, cool.”

I turned on TV and the three of us watched it for a bit. I could see them both trying to check me out a little as I tried to figure out how I was going to pop their cherries. Eventually an idea crept into my head.

“Lucas,” I said after a bit. “Why don’t you come to the bathroom with me? I want to get a good look at your ankle, make sure it’s ok. I’m in Girl Scouts; I know first aid,” I added.

“Oh, ok, sure.”

“You just wait here, Carlos,” I said over my shoulder as Lucas and I walked towards Ebin’s bathroom. “We’ll be right back.”


Once Lucas and I were in Ebin’s bathroom, I locked the door behind us and said, “So let me see your ankle.”

Lucas sat down on the edge of the bathtub and lifted his left foot.

A smile played at my lips as I said, “I thought you hurt your right ankle.”

“Huh? Oh!” He blushed and held up his right ankle.

“You didn’t hurt yourself at all, did you?” I asked smiling at him. “You just thought I was cute and I wanted to spend time with me, huh?”

Lucas blushed some more. “Well… you are cute, yeah.”

“You’re cute, too,” I said, then leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips.

“Cool,” he said with a nervous giggle.

I sat down on the toilet, which was right next to the bathtub, and started kissing him some more. Soon we were going at it pretty hardcore, our tongues dancing together in each other’s mouths. To my surprise the boy was actually a pretty good kisser!

But I knew I couldn’t keep kissing Lucas forever. First, Carlos would start to wonder what was going on, but second I had other things I wanted to do to him. Taking his virginity in Ebin’s bathroom would be tacky, so I had something else in mind.

“Stand up in front of me,” I said to him.

Looking a little confused, Lucas said, “Ok,” and stood up.

I reached out and rubbed the bulge in the front of his shorts, and then began to unbutton and unzip them. “You ever had your dick sucked?” I asked in a sweet voice.

“N… no…” Lucas whispered, eyes wide as I pulled his stiff, fourteen-year-old penis from inside his underwear. It was lovely; about five inches long, cut, very straight and very hard.

“Let’s change that, shall we?” With that I grinned at him and then lowered my mouth around his young erection, pleased that I was giving this kid his first blowjob.

“Oh… oh, Jesus…” Lucas whispered as I blew him.

I pulled my mouth off his penis long enough to say, “Make sure you warn me before you cum,” then put my mouth around it again and moved my hands back to cup his firm, rounded ass. It was smooth and hairless; everything I liked about a teenage boy’s ass!

“Oh, god, that feels good…”

I started masturbating him as I continued to suck him, wanting to get him to cum pretty quickly. Normally I would’ve taken my time, but, well, I didn’t want Carlos to get too impatient waiting for us, plus I still had to get Lucas and Carlos inside a different orifice of mine.

“Lisa…? I… I’m gonna…”

I braced myself for impact, and took Lucas’ penis as deep into my mouth as I could get it, as it began to spurt, shooting his sperm down my throat. I swallowed it all, savoring the feeling and delighting in the pleasure that I’d given this gorgeous boy.

Breathing hard, Lucas began to come down from his orgasm as I pulled my mouth off his penis and rinsed it out with a little cup of water. Then I grinned up at him and playfully batted his still-hard penis.

“You liked that?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said with a breathless nod. “Fuck, that was wonderful.”

“Glad you liked it,” I said, smiling as I got to my feet. I gave him a little kiss on the mouth and said, “We should probably get back to Carlos.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, right. Ok.” He stuffed his penis back into his shorts. I opened the door and we wandered back out into the living room.

Once back in the living room, Lucas took a seat next to Carlos on the couch, blushing furiously. I walked behind them and leaned down between them.

“I’m hungry. I’m going to make a pizza. You guys want some?”

“Sure,” Carlos said. Lucas just nodded.

“I’ll be in the kitchen for a bit, then.”

I wandered off, but paused as soon as I was out of sight of the living room. I listened carefully and heard Lucas say, “Dude, you will NOT believe what just happened!” then he started whispering. I grinned and went into the kitchen.

I puttered around the kitchen, cooking the pizza and actually going through the trouble to set the table. I thought about giving the boys a bit of beer to loosen them up, but I figured that wouldn’t be necessary.

Once the pizza was ready, I called the boys in. We all sat down and started to eat, both of them talking only slightly and not making eye contact with me, though they did both giggle a lot.

After the pizza was over, I said, “Hey, Carlos, will you help me clean up?”

“Uh, sure.”

“Cool. Lucas, why don’t you go watch TV for a bit?”

The boys traded looks and giggled a bit. Lucas said, “Ok, I’ll be in the living room,” then got up and left, leaving me and Carlos in the kitchen.

“Ok, well, I’ll rinse off the dishes and you can put them into the dishwasher, ok?” I said to Carlos.

“Sure, sounds good.”

We got the dishes squared away in record time, and once things were tidied up, I turned to Carlos and said, “Thank you for the help.”

“You’re welcome.”

I took a step towards him and put my hands on his shoulders. “Lucas told you about the bathroom?”

“Uh, yeah…” If he’d not been Hispanic, I’m sure he’d have been blushing.

I kissed him lightly on the mouth. “Lucas thinks I’m pretty cute. What do you think?”

“I think you’re gorgeous,” he whispered.


I kissed him some more and soon we were going at it pretty hardcore, him pushed back up against the counter and me rubbing at his crotch while we kissed. He wasn’t nearly as good at kissing as Lucas had been, but it was still fun.

“Lucas never had a blowjob before today,” I said between kisses. “Have you?”

“No,” Carlos replied.

“You want one?”

“… yeah…”

“Then you’ll get one. Just warn me when you’re gonna cum.”


I dropped down to my knees in front of Carlos, unbuttoning and unzipping his shorts, just like I had a bit ago with Lucas. I reached inside and got hold of Carlos’ penis, bringing it into the light. It was about the same size as Lucas’ had been, and at first I was a little surprised at him being cut, but then I remembered his last name (Gold), and had some vague recollection of Ebin being invited to Carlos’ bar mitzvah last year, so now it made sense.

I began stroking Carlos’ penis slowly as I gave the tip of it a little kiss. Then another kiss. Then I licked my way down the length of his shaft before finally taking the entirety of it into my eager mouth.

“Oh… oh, wow…” Carlos whispered, resting a hand on my head as he got his first blowjob.

I’d only been blowing Carlos for less than a minute when suddenly he whimpered and grunted and, without a word, began cumming in my mouth, his penis bucking and kicking as his sperm shot into me. I was slightly amused, and not surprised, that he hadn’t managed to warn me before he came.

I stood up, licking my lips and taking a swig from a nearby Coke, then I kissed Carlos, pressing my body against his, his still-hard penis trapped between our bodies.

“You were supposed to warn me first,” I said lightly.

Gasping a little, he said, “I’m sorry! I didn’t know I was that close.”

I kissed him again. “It’s ok. You’re inexperienced. You’ll learn.”


We kissed once more and I said, “Now put that thing away and let’s go back to Lucas. You can give him a high-five if you want,” I added.

Carlos grinned and we went back into the living room. I sat in my favorite chair as Carlos sat back down next to Lucas. He said, “Hey, dude?”


“High-five!” Carlos held his hand up.

Lucas looked puzzled for a second and then said, “Oh!” and high-fived Carlos.

I laughed. “You boys are sweet.”

“Thanks,” Lucas said.

I got up from my chair and moved over to the couch, sitting down between the boys. I put an arm around each one’s shoulders. I turned towards Lucas and gave him a kiss and then gave Carlos a kiss.

“You boys are both virgins, right?”

“Yeah,” Carlos mumbled. Lucas just nodded.


I took turns kissing both of them for a few more moments, really enjoying myself, and of course enjoying the boys.

Eventually I decided it was time to move things a little more forward. I started kissing Lucas exclusively, but took one of Carlos’ hands and put it on my inner thigh, spreading my legs a little and hoping the boy would get the hint. He seemed to, since he rubbed at my leg and moved his fingers up a little.

As I kissed Lucas, I began tugging at the bottom of his t-shirt. Eventually I worked it up and pulled it off him, throwing it onto the floor and resuming our kissing. His chest was smooth and hairless and wonderful, just as I liked!

I moved my mouth off Lucas’ mouth and down to suck on one of his nipples as I rubbed the bulge in his shorts. Meantime, Carlos’ hand had finally managed to reach my vagina. He didn’t seem to know what do to there, but he was trying his best; rubbing and touching.

I’d worked my way down Lucas’ chest and stomach to his shorts. The right thing to do now was to open his shorts up and get out his penis, which I did, and then lowered my lips around it, bobbing my head up and down a little.

Eventually I tired of this and gave first Lucas and then Carlos kisses. After that I stood up, grinned at the boys and quickly got naked. Once nude I sat back down, put Carlos’ hand directly onto my vagina and went back to blowing Lucas.

“You’re so sexy,” mumbled Lucas as I sucked him.

“So are you,” I said, lifting my face up to kiss him. Then I leaned over and kissed Carlos. “And you.”

“Thanks,” he said shyly.

I took a moment to undo his shorts and reached inside to extract his teenage penis. I began stroking him with one hand and Lucas with the other, taking turns kissing both all the while.

Then I got down onto the floor, kneeling in front of Lucas. I tugged at his shorts until he got the clue and then pulled them off, leaving the boy gloriously nude before me. I began moving up Lucas’ body, kissing all the while, ending with me straddling his waist and kissing him passionately on the mouth, his penis poking right against my vagina.

Smiling, I kissed Lucas one last time and said, “You ready to fuck me?”

He swallowed and said, “For real?”

“Yeah. If you want to. If you don’t, I’m sure Carlos will be happy to take a turn.” I winked at Carlos. “He’ll get a turn either way, if he wants, and you sure don’t want to chicken out in front of him, do you?”

“No,” he said, looking nervous but eager. “Ok.”

“Good.” I took the boy’s fourteen-year-old virgin penis in my hand, lined it up and slowly lowered my vagina down around it, savoring the look on his face as he entered a girl for the first time.

“Oh… oh, wow… fuck…” whispered Lucas, his first words as a non-virgin.

“You like?” I asked, riding him slowly.

“Oh, Jesus, yeah…”

“What’s it like, man?” asked Carlos, looking down to where Lucas’ penis disappeared into my vagina.

“Oh, god, it’s amazing,” Lucas moaned.

“You’ll find out yourself pretty soon,” I said, looking at Carlos. “You might want to get naked.”

“Huh? Oh, ok.” He started removing his clothes.

“Lisa…?” whispered Lucas in a small voice. “I’m gonna cum soon…”

“Do it,” I said back, leaning down and kissing him.

Lucas moaned and pushed hard up and into me, holding himself deep inside as his penis began flooding my vagina with his adolescent sperm. As before, a number appeared before my eyes. This time it was an 8, which rolled back to a 7.

I kissed him again and then dismounted, rolling back onto the couch. I turned to Carlos, who was now as naked as his friend and said, “You ready for your turn?”


“Cool. I think I want you on top, alright?”

“Ok, sure.”

I moved down onto the floor and spread my legs. Carlos knelt between them, his stiff penis pointing at the ceiling.

“Lay on top of me,” I instructed.

“Ok,” he replied, doing so, which lined him up nicely.

“Right.” I made sure he was in the correct place and then said, “Just move down and in.”


Carlos’ gorgeous body tensed as he started to move; slowly at first, but then with a bit more confidence as he sank his wonderful, fourteen-year-old virgin penis into place inside my vagina. Once he was inside me, he didn’t say anything, he just looked down at me with his mouth a wide “O” of surprise and pleasure.

“Now start fucking me,” I said, reaching back to cup his ass.

Carlos nodded and starting moving. He only managed a few strokes, though, before he grunted and started to cum, adding his sperm to Lucas’ as a 7 appeared in my eyes and rolled back into a 6.

I hadn’t cum myself, but that was ok. I hugged Carlos tight, and excused myself to go clean up a bit. Once I came back to the living room the three of us spent the rest of the afternoon lost in happy intercourse.

I wondered who I’d do next?


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So, yeah, after five years, another chapter in this silly saga. You can blame Josh at SkycladScribble for posting up something that inspired me to return to this series. Thanks, Josh!