How did you get here?

18I Googled for Alex Hawk or an old Alex Hawk story title
11I read a story on Nifty and saw the URL, so I decided to check it out
1I Googled for Jason Crow or an Jason Crow story title

What kind of story do you like?

14Multi-part stories. The more, the better!
8Medium. I like character development and event-driven storytelling
4I don’t care, man. Just do what you do best.
1Short. With lots of sex. I’m here to get off after all.

What age range is best?

0Tanner Stage 1
7Tanner Stage 2
14Tanner Stage 3
9Tanner Stage 4
0Tanner Stage 5

What is your favorite combination

19Brother / sister no age preference
11Older brother / younger sister
10Younger brother / older sister
10Boy / girl no age preference
9Boy / boy / girl
5Younger boy / older girl
5Older boy / younger girl
4Woman / boy
4Boy / girl / girl
2Mother / son
2Man / boy
2Man / boy / girl
1Man / girl
1Father / daughter
1Other: Family
1Other: Twin Brother/Sister

Favorite Single-part Alex Hawk Story

10The Triton Adventure
7A Matter of Survival
6Taming Trevor
5Nebraska is Boring
5Cherry Plucker
5Brad and Jesse
5Blake and Ashley
4Knocking Up Girls
4Friends with Benefits
4All Your Basement Are Belong To Us
4Connor at Twelve
3Just Practicing
3Hannah and Her Brothers
3Dull Summer
3Babysitting Samantha
2Young Boys Make Fun Toys
2The Most Dangerous Game
2Show Me
2My Crush
2Life in La Fontaine
2Flour Child
2Dull Summer
2Con Virgin
2Getting Laid in the Badlands
2Dirty Downloads
2Incest is Best
1Zane’s Audience
1Welfare Christmas
1Virgin Brother
1Tree House Confidential
1Stud Puppy
1Plea Bargain
1Playing Around
1Parker’s Present
1Nicely Buzzed
1My Ganymede
1Four Kids, One Bed
1Boys for Hire – The Escort
1Arthur and Elli
1A Boy and his Dildo
129-Year-Old Grandfather
1Fact Versus Fiction
1An Analytical Approach
1Earning a Living
1Adoring Anthony

Favorite Alex Hawk Story series

15A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes
11Chasing Colt
6A Thing as Pure as Love
2Screwing at School
2Ringing in the New Year
2Doing It
2College Guys
1Story of Joe
1In the FLiN
1Elijah’s Visit

Favorite Jason Crow Story

13Bullied to Buff – Part Four
10The Magnificent Zafar – part Two
8Bullied to Buff – Part Three
7Bullied to Buff – Part One
6The Magnificent Zafar – part One
6Bullied to Buff – Part Two
5The Magnificent Zafar – part Three
4Eternal Transcendence
1Massage in a Bottle
1All Dressed Up


4Bullied to Buff
3The Triton Adventure
3Hannah and Her Brothers
2Chasing Colt
2Brad and Jesse
2A Matter of Survival
1Nebraska is Boring
1A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes
1Deflowering Aspen
1College Guys