After all the positive feedback I got on “Bullied to Buff”, I started thinking. I’ve put a lot of effort (and a bit of money) in this site. It started out as an Alex Hawk tribute, but with me picking up writing myself I wondered what you, the reader, like. So I made a little survey and I hope you’re willing to fill it in. They’re just a few basic questions, so I get a little bit of insight about what your reason is to visit here.

To make things a bit more interesting, I’ve also added a few questions about your main go-to story setup. And last, but not least, what is your favorite Alex Hawk story, your favorite Jason Crow Story, your favorite story series and of course the all-over, all-time favorite story. I’ll make sure there’s enough time to fill this out. After (I guess) a few months, I’ll post the result of this poll.

Thanks for taking the survey and helping me out this way!

Help me out with this survey please