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Bullied to Buff – All parts online

Hi Guys,

I just wanted you to know that all four parts are online now. I’m a bit proud of this story. Mostly because of the character development and the story arch I managed to put in the story. Don’t worry! I don’t think I’m writing ‘The Great Gatsby’ or other high-end American Literature 🙂 But I do believe that a story, any story, needs a bit of conflict and character development. Even the stories I write as Jason Crow.

But… as an experiment I’m currently working on a short(-ish) story with much less of these elements, just to see if I can pull that off too. And, another part I want to learn, of course, is: will you, the reader, accept it? But that’s for another day and time.

As you may have read already (you practically can’t miss it) read, a lot of Kudo’s go to caliboy1991 for editing and helping me out. Also a big thank you to E-o-F! He proofread the stories one last time and still found some typos that needed to be fixed. Thanks a lot guys!

For now: Enjoy the entire story and I’m real curious what you think of it. As always: You can use the comment section, or drop me an email at jasoncrowwriter@hotmail.com

Stay safe!


  1. Avatar for E.

    Great story. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

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