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Indian Summer – Part three

Indian Summer – Part three
Jason Crow

Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy? I was having such a good time with Pete, I sometimes thought I was dreaming. We worked hard after our escapades by the pond, and by the time it was getting dark we finished our sweat lodge. But since the sun was setting, we couldn’t try it out now. Instead, we made ourselves comfortable around the campfire. The stew was done and, judging by the few bits I tasted during the stirring, was delicious. Pete went into the tipi and came out with the bread and chips his mom packed for us. I took two cokes from the bag we hung in the water to keep the drinks cool. Before long, we were both munching down our healthy dinner. Home-brew rabbit stew with bread, potato chips, and a coke. It tasted delicious!

After we washed our plates in the pond and put everything away, we sat back down at the campfire. After we chilled for a while and talked about all sorts of stuff, I felt myself getting horny. I wanted to suck Pete’s dick again but was unsure about how to bring this up.

“Do you want some firewater?” Pete asked.

“Sure!” I said, hoping this would drop some of the reservations I felt.

Pete took two mugs and poured us each half a mug of the firewater. We drank it slowly this time, both aware of the power of the alcohol in it. About half an hour later, we were talking about Predator, the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. We were both psyched about it, and even though it’s an R-rated movie, A friend of Hank managed to get us into the local theater, so we could watch it.

“Wanna dance again?” Pete asked, out of the blue.

I was feeling a bit lightheaded, but not as much as yesterday. I liked dancing yesterday, so I immediately agreed.

“Why don’t we dance for each other this time?” Pete offered. “Maybe it’s more fun that way…”

“Sure,” I shrugged as I emptied my mug.

Pete noticed me emptying my mug and polished his off too.

“Shall we empty the bottle?” Pete asked.

I wasn’t drunk or something, but liked the warm feeling in my stomach. And there wasn’t too much left in the bottle, so I didn’t see a problem.

“Go ahead,” I said and offered him my mug.

Pete divided the remains of the firewater over our mugs, emptying the bottle.

“I’ll dance first,” he said. “Will you play your drums?”

“Okay. Go for it,” I said, picking up my drum.

Pete started moving around the campfire, just like he did yesterday. As he danced, I saw flashes of his balls peeking out the loincloth. But after a few minutes of this, Pete started dancing just in front of me. His loincloth was sticking forward but still hiding his obvious boner. He was dancing quite sensual now with his eyes closed, and I was getting turned on by it. Pete surprised me when he slowly started sliding down his loincloth. The way he did this was almost hypnotic, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. His dick pointed downward, caught in the elastic band of the cloth. But the moment the elastic band was down far enough, his dick sprang free and slapped against his stomach. Pete didn’t even open his eyes. He kept on dancing and let his loincloth fall on the ground.

His stiff dick was swaying back and forth with his movements, and I almost wanted to grab it and put it in my mouth. But Pete had a different plan. He moved his hands all over his body, eventually stopping at his dick. His left hand cupped his balls and played with them, as his right hand slowly started moving up and down on his shaft. He was jorking off right in front of my face. Pete opened his eyes and looked at me, as he continued stroking himself. He moved forward a bit and pointed his dick toward my mouth. I couldn’t resist and opened my mouth to let him enter. As I wrapped my lips around his glans, I heard Pete moan above me. He moved his dick in and out of my mouth, all the while moving his body on the imaginary music. All of a sudden, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and stood back.

“Your turn to dance,” he said and smiled a mischievous grin.

“You’re crazy,” I laughed.

“I want this to last,” he said. “I don’t want to shoot too soon, and the way you suck my dick, I won’t last.”

He sat down next to me and took his mug in his hand, and held it toward me.

“Bottoms up!” he said.

“Bottoms up,” I responded and we banged our mugs together.

We both emptied it in one gulp. I felt the booze burn down my throat, but it didn’t bother me all that much this time.

“Ahhh…” we both said at the same time.

Pete took his drum and started playing. I got up but didn’t have a clue what I would do. I just started dancing around the fire as Pete did. I felt the booze kicking in and I almost tripped over my own feet. At that moment, I had an idea. I danced over to Pete, gave him a hand, and guided him to sit on one of the chairs that were still standing around and put it near the fire. His glistening boner leading the way. Pete sat down and kept drumming. I decided to ditch my loincloth too. I tried to move sensually too, and the buzz in my head made me think I did a great job. After I was naked, I opened my eyes and saw Pete checking out my boner. I slowly slid back my foreskin and scooped up a bit of precum on my finger. I looked at Pete and slowly licked my finger clean with my tongue. I scooped up another glob and moved my finger toward Pete’s mouth. He extended his tongue, and I smeared the precum on it.

“Hmmm,” Pete moaned.

When we were at Dan’s, he showed us a short video on the VHS system in his room, that showed a woman giving a lapdance to a guy. I figured I could try that with Pete. So I turned around and sat on Pete’s lap. His boner was pressed between us, but it was nestled nicely between my butt cheeks. It was nowhere near my butthole, which would be gay. With his boner between my cleavage, I moved up and down over the entire length of his dick. My back was pressed against him, and Pete moved his hands all over my chest and eventually down to my dick. As much as I loved him jorking me, I wanted to do the best job I could with my lapdance. I moved around, so I was facing him, pressing our boners against each other. I ground against him and started licking his neck and ears, which caused Pete to moan a lot. Pete started grinding back, and before I knew it, we were dry-humping each other furiously. We both moaned loudly, and Pete started licking my neck and ears too, with every chance he got. I was getting close to cumming, and I didn’t want to hold back. I wanted to cum. And I wanted Pete to cum. I didn’t want to postpone. We could always go for it again, I reasoned.

So I sat back a bit but made sure my dick was still pressed against Pete’s. I wrapped my hands around both our dicks, and started jorking them simultaneously. Pete looked me in the eyes and suddenly kissed me hard on my mouth. This added a whole new level to our actions, and we moaned in each other’s mouths. I could feel that familiar tingle again and started moving my hips. I noticed Pete did too. The moment I felt my orgasm coming, Pete’s dick started spurting and he grabbed my neck to kiss me even harder. The moment his first spurt came out, I came too. I almost couldn’t breathe because of the kissing, but it was amazing cumming together this way. A lot of cum splattered on our bellies, and after we were done coming, I let go of our dicks. We broke the kiss and sat there panting heavily.

“Oh, man! This is great!” Pete said with a slight slur.

“I love it!” I said, noticing a slur too.

I felt the cum sliding down in my pubes and got up. I expected to feel less horny after my cum, but the opposite was true. Maybe the booze had something to do with that?

“Let’s get clean,” I said to Pete and waded into the pond.

The water felt colder than this afternoon, but it was still pretty nice. I stood hip-deep in the water as Pete approached me from behind. He pressed his body against me, hugged me from behind, and pressed his still hard dick between us. His hands started moving down and he washed the cum off my belly. We stepped back a bit to get out of the water. Pete was still holding me and his hands went a bit lower, he took my boner in his hand, and slowly started jorking me.

“I’m still horny,” he whispered in my ear.

“Me too,” I said and turned around.

I squatted in front of Pete and took his dick in my mouth. Pete’s dick was still covered in our cum, which I found extremely exciting. I licked it clean, and when it was clean I started blowing him for real.

“Hmmm… You’re good at this, you know?” Pete moaned.

I let go of his dick, and with a loud popping sound, he left my mouth.

“Why don’t we go to bed and fool around there?” I asked.

“Great idea!” Pete said, and we got out of the water.

We dried ourselves and started moving toward the tipi. We were both a little bit unstable on our feet, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as with Pete yesterday. We crawled inside, and Pete laid on his back on the air mattress. I fell to my knees and immediately took his dick back in my mouth.

“Ohhh…” Pete moaned. “Move over a bit.”

I didn’t know what he meant, but he soon guided me in the way he wanted. Pete moved his head between my knees, as I kept on sucking him. Moments later, I felt his hand pulling back my foreskin and his warm mouth on my dick. It was heavenly. I liked sucking a lot, but I loved getting sucked. Now we could do both at the same time. I felt a nice buzz in my head and an even nicer tingle in my groin. We both weren’t aiming for cumming as quickly as possible. We were just sucking slowly and enjoying the feelings that came with it. It was also a good thing we both came less than half an hour ago, so we could last longer.

I was holding on and sucking away at Pete’s dick as I moved my other hand toward his balls. Up until then I never touched another boy’s balls. I cupped them gently and toyed a bit with them. I liked the soft feeling of his hairless sack and the way his balls moved inside it. It didn’t feel much different from mine, but according to Pete’s moans and the fact that he took my balls in his hand too, Pete liked it a lot. I was getting a bit of a cramp in my upper legs the way I was sitting. I didn’t like it because it took my energy away from the important tasks at hand. I took my mouth off his dick and tried shifting a bit.

“We can lay on our sides if you want,” Pete said, only taking my dick out of his mouth long enough to say this to me.

“Yeah. Let’s try that.”

We shifted so we were both lying on the air mattress on our sides. I opened my legs to give Pete the access he needed, and so did he. I laid my head on his leg and took his dick in my hand again, slowly stroking it and put it in my mouth after a short while. Now it was even better than before. This way, I could fully concentrate on his dick in my mouth and on Pete’s actions on mine, instead of focusing on kneeling the right way. We were slobbering away lazily, but despite our laziness, that spot between my asshole and my balls started to tingle, indicating that another orgasm was approaching.

“Hmmm.” I moaned on Pete’s dick, which caused him to moan too.

I didn’t speed things up, and neither did Pete. I guess we both had the same idea of making it last. I don’t know exactly, but I guess I was almost twenty minutes on the verge of cumming, when Pete started moaning loudly and bucking his hips. I was still toying with his balls when I felt them drawn into his body and his dick fattened in my mouth. I knew now that these were the signs that he was cumming. I used my right hand to jork him off the best I could while still lapping my tongue over his dickhead. Moments after I started this, he began spurting.

It wasn’t as much as the last time, but it still filled my mouth quite well. I kept my lips tightly around his dick and let him cum before I swallowed it all. After nothing more came out, I swallowed everything Pete gave to me. During his cum, Pete stopped working on my dick, but the moment he was done cumming, he went at it with double effort. As he lapped away on my dick and I swallowed his cum, I felt the now-familiar signs of cumming. I stopped my actions on Pete’s softening dick but left it in my mouth and focussed on my cum. Maybe it was the booze, or maybe it was because I came recently, but the buildup was much slower than the orgasms I had before. The tingle between my legs spread out slowly toward my balls. It stayed there for a few moments and then slowly crept up toward my pubes. The tingle spread out over my entire groin, and a second later, everything focused on my dick. It was almost as if my dick left my body. It was the most powerful orgasm yet, and all the while, Pete kept toying with my balls and milking my dick clean. I almost blacked out due to all the feelings that washed over me.

As I came down from my orgasm, Pete’s soft dick was still in my mouth, and Pete hadn’t moved either. Pete was the first to turn on his back, releasing my dick.
And as I felt his dick leave my mouth, the cold air on my dick surprised me. I rolled on my back too, still panting.

“This way, a blowing job is even better,” Pete whispered.

“Way better,” I whispered too.

I felt myself getting sleepy, and I didn’t feel the need to move. I could hear Pete’s breathing deepen too, so I guessed he was also tired.
“Goodnight bro,” he whispered softly.
“Night.” I managed to respond.


I fell into a dreamless sleep. I awoke two times during the night. The first time was when an animal was ruffling around outside the tipi. It was still dark outside, but we had a bright moon. I glanced over at Pete, and he was still lying on his back in the same position as we fell asleep. I looked to my right and saw his stiff dick pointing upward.

“He must be having a pleasant dream,” I thought, and closed my eyes.

The second time I woke up, I felt a strange feeling. I couldn’t quite place it at first. I opened my eyes again, and it wasn’t dark anymore, but the day hadn’t started either. I guessed it was around 4:30 am. The strange feeling I felt at first, was getting quite familiar. I looked down, and Pete was sucking my dick again. That horny bastard! I didn’t want to let another good blowing session go to waste, so I turned on my side, laid my head on Pete’s leg again, and started sucking away on his dick.

“Ahhh… I could do this all day long,” I heard Pete say before he got comfy and went to town on me.

This time it wasn’t as powerful as the last time, but it was still an awesome experience. I guess we lasted about half an hour, and both came within seconds of each other. We were getting the hang of it. After we were done, Pete turned around, so we were lying side by side, and he pulled me close to him. We were spooning now, with me being the big spoon and my dick nestled between his cheeks. We fell asleep like this, and we didn’t wake up until the sun was burning us out of the tipi.

At around noon, after we finished our breakfast, we cleaned up the place, gathered our stuff, and got dressed. We put our loincloths inside the tipi with the rest of the stuff, took our backpacks, and started walking back home.

“This Indian-style living is great,” Pete said giggling.

“It’s awesome!” I responded.“ Too bad we have to wait until next Friday.

“I know. But at least I know how to jork off now, so I’ll probably be doing that every chance I get!”

“Same here! Do you think we can have a sleepover this week? Then we can do it together,” I asked.

“Nah. I don’t think so. You know how my mom is during the first weeks of summer.”

“You’re probably right. Hurray for my right hand then!” I cheered.

Pete and I both giggled, and continued our walk home. During the walk, we were already planning for next week, and Pete had a good idea of how to create new and improved firewater. I didn’t care. As long as I could have my best friend’s dick back in my mouth as soon as possible. This was turning out to be a great summer.

The End. For now.

Copyright 2021 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

Th… Th… That’s all, folks! When I started this story, I had a part in the story reserved for Maya. But as it progressed, I liked just the two boys better. Mostly because it’s a lot closer to my own experiences with Pete. I’m not saying there won’t be another part, but I want to write other stuff first. I just hope you all liked this story. I’m really curious about your opinion. Send me an e-mail (jasoncrowwriter@hotmail.com), post a message at Google Hangouts, post a comment on my website (https://jasoncrow.eu), anything. As long as I receive feedback. Feedback (good and bad) improves my writing. So, thanks for that.

Quod suus ‘omnes


  1. Avatar for Anonymous

    It was great reading a gay storie again. This one is so cute, I hope you’ll decide to write more parts, especially if they’ll get over their fear of butts XD

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Thanks! I’m also quite pleased about how it turned out. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you for part four, though :). Right now I’m deep into another story. But I do want to bring Maya in the mix one way or another. And I will most likely end the fear of butts too! Up until now the story is mostly autobiographical. Part four will not, so I’m still doubting a bit. I’m not saying there won’t be a part four, but I need to find an angle for myself to make it interesting. Just keep an eye out for new material, and maybe sometime in the near future, it’ll be part four.

  2. Avatar for Tarzan

    Enjoyed a cumming of age, sexual awakening. The associated photo reminds me of a much simpler time, when boys can explore their sexuality at there own pace. I hope you’ll continue their journey, with an initiation to bondage games (https://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/highschool/tied-up-prisoner), edging, and forced milkings.

    I always had a fetish for tarzan, loincloths, and bondage games. Will Pete, and Ron start/continue their adventure in the woods, with their imagination in the african jungle? I hope so…

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Hi Tarzan,
      Glad you enjoyed it! I liked writing it a lot. Hate to say it, but I don’t think there will be another part. Maybe, just maybe another part with Pete’s sister in the mix, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you 🙂 And if there’s another one, there will be loincloths, but no forced milking or such. Not my thing. Sorry.
      I still hope you like my stories though.

  3. Avatar for Nik


    Really enjoyed this one. Time of your life at 13/14 as I well know from personal experience. I lost my innocence at 13 with a kid from school who tutored me very well. I still get off to the memories and however much of your story is autobiographical, it was a very hot read. The first time something sexual happens in a boys life is always such a powerful event, never forgotten. I’m glad the mutual enjoyment of fellatio was so beautifully told. I remember thinking the exact same thing when I took Robins dick in my mouth. Sort of “Hmm..it tastes of nothing but skin…I can do this”

    Thanks again…

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Hey Nik,
      I couldn’t agree more! The first time is always special. I’m glad to see I managed to capture that vibe in my story. You’re description is spot-on 🙂 🙂
      Thanks for reaching out. And you’re welcome!

  4. Avatar for Joe36654321

    Loving this story!! Thank you to both of you who put so much time and effort into this. (It’s also rare to read long stories that maintain grammar and spelling! Fantastic job there!!) I’m only on Chapter 6 and I am loving the build-up. And as far as first times for boys, oh how I wish I had something awesome to tell. But I’m among friends here and my first time was at age 11, and it was brutally forced upon me by a jerk of a relative. I never said anything because of the threats to my dog and my parents (all would die if I ever said anything). The good news is that, through a counselor, I was finally able to put it behind me and know that it did not count as my first time. When I was 14, that was my first time with a 28 year old pilot who was not only hot 😁, but he treated me so well and taught me everything, nice and slow and incredibly caring. My first time getting a blow job from him, he swallowed and I was shocked! I think the first thing I said was, “Let’s do that again”. I could only be myself with him behind closed doors because of our stupid laws. Who do you guys think I’d rather see in jail? The one who forcefully raped an 11 year old boy, or a gentle, caring, awesome man who treated me with great respect? In the eyes of the law, they’re both arrestable for the same offenses. How wrong is that?!?! At age 14, I would have made the exact same decision to be with the adult pilot if I were 40 years old, or whatever. He taught me so many things. He helped me train for my pilot’s license and now I’m among the safest in the world because of special training he got me into. As for the family member who did what he did, who cares? LOL

    But I just wanted to let you know that we all appreciate the fact that you put such a big story together. I’m on “edge” waiting to see what happens next. This is probably a stupid thing to say, but stories like this and similar stories I’m betting happen in real life all the time. But for obvious reasons, nobody can talk about it. I wish the age of consent was lowered to 12 everywhere. That would be INCREDIBLE! I think I’d have a concubine of 12-14 year old boys surrounding me day and night. Ohhhhhh the fantasies I can think of with that one.

    My comments are sorta long. Please feel free to edit if you need to. I’ll understand. Thanks again. LOVE this website!!

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Hi Joe,
      Long comment is no problem at all! I like the fact that you put in the effort to reply and express support! So thanks for that.
      And good to see your second experience was way better than your first. One of the reasons I started writing and the way these stories turn out, is because of my good and wonderful experiences during my exploration. The ‘darker’ stuff is also too much of a turn-off to me. I don’t like it when it’s forced or one party has a big form of power over the other (check out my FAQ for more detail). So yeah.. These stories are sweet and often too long, but it also allows a much better connection and more relatability with the characters. So I’m really glad you’re enjoying this and thanks for letting me know!

      • Avatar for Joe36654321

        Jason, you are very welcome! And thank you for such a kind response. I appreciate that more than I can express. This is so awesome reading a story like this, and being able to talk about it openly. -Joe

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