Indian Summer – Part two
Jason Crow

I can’t remember anything, can’t tell if this is true or dream. I was waking up slowly, but I needed a moment to realize where I was. My eyes needed to get used to the bright light seeping in through the canvas of the tipi. Despite the fact that I slept on an air mattress, I had a good night’s sleep, considering it was this bright already. As I was thinking about all this, I also realized what woke me up. I remembered Pete was lying on the mattress with me, and he must’ve just moved. I was lying on my right side and Pete was spooning me with his arm holding me. I liked the way it felt. Comforting and warm in a very nice way. But the moment I felt this, I noticed his boner pressed between our bodies and immediately thought back about last night. Was it wrong what we did? Two guys doing this kind of stuff are gay, right? But it felt amazing! And Pete liked it a lot too. He said so himself, even though he was a bit drunk. But drunk people tell the truth, I was told.

The feeling of his boner pressing against my back and me thinking about what we did last night, caused me to get hard. I was surprised that I didn’t have my usual morning wood, but I blamed that on last night too. The moment I was almost at full mast, I felt the tip of my dick touch something. I was pretty sure it was touching Pete’s fingers, but I didn’t dare to move because he might wake up then. As I was contemplating my options, I felt Pete’s fingers wrap around my dick.

“What’s wrong with your dick, dude?” he whispered in my ear, obviously awake.

“What do you mean?” I asked, not sure what he meant.

“You’ve got leftover skin on it,” he said and pulled my foreskin back a bit.

His touch was an entirely new feeling. Not only was someone touching my boner, but he was also stimulating it. I couldn’t hold back a gasp when he did this.

“There’s nothing wrong, man. You were born with this skin too, only was it cut off right after you were born. Didn’t you pay attention in health class last month?”

“I was sick back then, remember?” he kept whispering, but also moving my skin up and down.

“Ummm… Pete?” I asked, panting a bit.


“You know you’re jorking me, right?”


“Mmmhh… Isn’t it gay?” I moaned.

“Nah… As long as we don’t kiss and stuff, it’s just a way to get off before we get a girlfriend. Dan told me so himself.”

I wanted to ask him when Dan said that to him, but the speed of his movement kept increasing, as was that tingly feeling in my balls. Pete was grinding his boner against my back, and my hips started moving involuntarily as the feeling on my dick kept getting better.

“Ohh… I’m gett… FNG..” I groaned.

I felt my balls contracting, and it was like they tried to get out of my body through my dick. The tingling feeling I felt last night was now even stronger! Moments later, I felt the sperm leaving my dick and heard it splatting down on the mattress. All the while, Pete’s hand kept rubbing my dick, and he was constantly grinding against my back. The grinding was getting pretty serious by now, and I could feel the sweat between us made it all real slippery. Pete moaned in my ear and was panting heavily.

“I’m….. hmmph… toooooo!” he groaned.

His penis started twitching against my back, and I felt his sperm coming out of his dick and landing on my back. I placed my hand on his, to stop him from moving on my dick because it was getting too sensitive for me. Pete didn’t seem to notice as he kept grinding and coating my back with his sperm, but he kept his hand still and moaned in my ear. Slowly the grinding stopped, and we laid there on my mattress panting like old dogs. We didn’t move and laid there in silence for a while when I heard Pete say:

“We need a towel…” and he started giggling like a schoolgirl.

I was SO glad Pete reacted the way he did because I still wasn’t convinced this wasn’t gay. And I was taught over the years that gay was bad. But his casual reaction put me at ease. Plus, the way this all felt was a big reason to keep going with it. So I started giggling too and the tension I felt at first, was completely gone by now.

”I think I left it outside yesterday,” I said and tried to get up.

Pete removed his arm, and I got to my feet. The warm stuff on my back started cooling off quickly, and I tried to assess the ’damage’ with my hand.

”It’s a bit sticky,” I said to Pete.

He turned to his back and looked at his belly. I could see his now soft penis, and his pubic hairs were full of sperm.

”You’ve got a lot of sperm on you too, ” I said, stating the obvious.

”Don’t call it sperm, dude. Makes you sound like a doctor. Call it cum, or baby juice, or jizz, or spunk. But not sperm, okay?”

”Okay. I guess. How come you know all this?”

”A while back, when I was over at Dan’s place, I overheard him and his friends talk about this stuff. They didn’t know I was listening, and back then, I didn’t really know what they were talking about. But now that we’re doing this, I know what they meant.”

”Makes sense… I’m going to clean up. You’re coming?”

Pete nodded and sat up straight. He groaned the moment he did this.

“Ohhh… Too much firewater, I guess,” he said and grabbed his forehead.

“Yeah. Two mugs are too much, I guess. You were a bit tipsy last night,” I giggled. “You practically couldn’t stand straight. I had to help you to bed.”

“I know… I don’t remember much after us jorking off. I’m sorry, Ron. I didn’t realize the stuff was this strong,” he said, looking apologetic.

“Don’t worry about it! Come on,” I said, offering my hand to help him stand up.

He looked at me, smiled, took my hand and I helped him to his feet. He looked a bit pale the moment he stood straight but he didn’t complain. I crawled out of our tipi first and breathed in the morning air deeply. I always loved this time of day in the woods! I guessed that it was about 8 am and the sun was already shining down on the far end of the pond. I figured that the quickest and easiest way to get clean was to walk a bit into the shallow end of the water and wash the cum off my back. But I didn’t want my loincloth to get wet because that would chafe me too long. The prospect of a cold, wet cloth on my dick all morning wasn’t too tempting. I figured that we were past modesty after last night and this morning, so I slid down my loincloth, put it on a nearby tree, and waded into the pool. It was a bit cold at first and I felt my penis shrinking.

“Holy moly!” I hissed as the cold water touched my balls.

My balls pulled themselves up to a point where they were practically inside my body. But the cool air and the refreshing water were doing a fantastic job at waking me up and clearing the haze from the night out of my head. I was standing with my back toward Pete, but I heard him walk into the pool behind me. I turned around and started washing the cum off my back. I looked at Pete, who was trying to get used to the cold water.

“This sure as hell is cold!” He said while a shiver went through his body.

I looked at his dick and it was pretty obvious the cold had the same effect on him. He quickly started washing his groin, and I was getting ready to get out. As I started going out, I could see Pete was eying my junk and then looked at his own.

“We can pass for two six-year-olds if it wasn’t for the pubes,” he giggled.

“Yeah. I know, right?” And I giggled too.

I got out of the water, took the towel I brought with me, and quickly dried off. As I did this, Pete walked out and stood beside me with his arms crossed, and he was still shivering. As soon as I was done, I handed my towel to Pete and he dried off too. We got dressed and began cooking breakfast.

The fire was back up to a nice warm fire, which we needed to cook the hotdogs we brought. Before I restarted the fire, I took a few charcoal pieces and placed them near the tent. Breakfast was great with our self-cooked hotdogs.

“Do you want to go first?” I asked while picking up a piece of charcoal.

“Sure!” Pete replied, got up, and reached out for the charcoal.

“I meant the first to be drawn. Not the first one drawing. Let me draw you first, then you can do me. Okay?” I said, pulling back the charcoal.

Pete shrugged and stood before me with his arms hanging down his sides. I started by placing some stripes on his face and forehead. It looked a bit like the camouflage we sometimes wore when playing war. So when I moved down to his chest, I decided to take a different approach. I drew over the lines of his collarbones and immediately liked the way it looked. Next, I drew lines around the muscles at his shoulders, which was also awesome. I stepped back and looked at what I did. I noticed that accentuating the muscles and some bones, made him look stronger. I tried to draw a sun in the middle of his chest, just above the bottom of his sternum and between his chest muscles. I found this a nice reference to his Indian name. The first sun was awful, so I quickly wiped it off with the wet towel. The next one was almost perfect.

I colored the undersides of his chest muscles black to see if the effect on his shoulders was the same on his chest. And because of the shadow effect, it was. So the next job at hand was his abdominal muscles. I started a few inches on each side of his navel and drew a line across these muscles toward his pubic bone. As I came close to his pubes with my first line, his loincloth seemed to come to life. It was still covered with the soft fabric, but it was obviously his boner.

“Sorry, bro. But you’re really close to my dick now, and I can’t help it. Just don’t poke yourself, okay?” he said to me with a big smile on his face.

I couldn’t come up with a witty reply to this quickly, so I decided to just keep on drawing. I did want to pay him back a little, so I painted two lines on each side of his dick. These lines went from his hips all the way to his ballsack. I tried not to touch his junk, but with both lines, the top of my hand touched his dick, which caused Pete to gasp slightly. I could barely hold back a giggle as this happened.

After I finished his legs, I told Pete to turn around. As he did this, he deliberately pushed his hips forward, so his dick almost hit me in the face. We both giggled a bit, and I quickly worked on his back. I used the same technique as I did on his front and just accentuated some stuff on his back. I learned Pete was ticklish at his buttocks because when I drew the round underside of them, he couldn’t stop squirming and giggling.

After I was done, I stepped back and let Pete turn around so I could see my complete work. His boner was gone, and I was proud of my work. He looked like an actual Indian from our history book, which I thought was pretty amazing. Pete looked at his reflection in the water, and although he could not see everything this way, he was still pleased with the result.

“Alright! Your turn,” he chirped, probably planning some sort of scheme.

So, he took some charcoal, made a nice sharp tip on it with his knife, and started working on me. I trusted him enough to know he wouldn’t do something stupid, like draw a big dick on my chest. And even if he did, no one would see it out here, so I wasn’t worried at all.

Pete also started with my face and worked his way down. I looked down at him working, and it was already clear he drew mostly the same way as I did. But as he went lower and approached my dick, I felt a slight stir in my groin. He spent a lot of time at the top of my loincloth, and I couldn’t quite see what he was doing, but all the action so close to my dick made me grow stiff again.

“Don’t poke yourself…” I giggled.

What Pete did next, surprised me big time! He moved my loincloth out of the way, took my erection in his hand, and drew three little symbols on it. One at the base, one halfway down my shaft, and one on my foreskin. I didn’t know what he was drawing, but the fact that someone was holding my dick made me not care. The tickling from the charcoal on it was amazing, and I couldn’t hold back a gasp. I could feel and see Pete was done, but he still sat on his knees before me. He looked at my dick and pulled my foreskin back a bit.

”I still think it’s weird,” he said while examining my now exposed glans.

”I don’t know any better,” I said while trying hard not to moan.

“I wanna try something. Hold still,” Pete said and got on his feet.

He took his boner in his hand and pointed it toward mine. I had no clue where this was going, but I was too excited to ask. Pete stepped forward a bit until the tip of his dick touched mine. Both our dicks were horizontal now. Pete pressed a bit harder and started pulling my foreskin toward his dick. We were both leaking a bit of, what I later learned, precum, which made the tip of our dicks slippery. Pete kept going and I saw my foreskin slide over his glans. It wasn’t a particularly nice feeling, but not bad either. And Pete was fondling my dick, which was nice by itself.

“There…” Pete said the moment almost his entire dickhead was covered with my foreskin.

I looked down and it was almost like we were Siamese twins grown together at our dicks.

“I don’t get it…” Pete said.


“Why they cut off the skin. I mean… I like the way my dick is now, but having that extra skin isn’t bad either I suppose.”

“Yeah… I know. Mrs. Skinner said that the main reason they do this today in America is hygiene. But a lot of religions do it too, but because of their beliefs. But I can keep mine perfectly clean and I like my dick a lot too!” I giggled.

Pete stepped back and my skin slid back to its normal position. I put my loincloth back over my dick and Pete started working on my legs and back. After he finished, I checked myself in the water of the pool and liked what he did. The way he drew the lines made it look like I was a bit stronger and wider.

“How about your dew drops?” Pete asked.

“AH! Is that what that is!?” I asked.

“Yeah. I painted grass above your dick and the dewdrops coming from it on your dick. So when you’re taking a piss, you’re pissing dewdrops.” We both laughed at that. “You drew a sun on me, so I figured I needed to do something with your name too.”

“I like it!” I said and punched him playfully on his shoulder. “Let’s hunt!”

The fire was almost out by now, so we could leave the camp without the fear of burning down the forest. We both took our bow and arrows, our drinking bottles, closed the tipi, and went on our way. Pete walked in front of me and I giggled when I looked at his ass.

“What?!?” Pete asked, a bit annoyed.

“Nothing… It’s just that your butt is hypnotizing me now with the stripes on it and with you wiggling it so much,” I laughed.

Pete started laughing too and exaggerated the movement of his butt. Eventually, we found a nice secluded spot on the edge of an open field. We decided we would wait and see if we could shoot a rabbit or some other small animal. We made ourselves comfortable, so we wouldn’t have to move too much because we had to keep quiet for a while.


“Eeew! That’s gross!” Pete said as my knife sank into the stomach of the rabbit I shot.

“Relax man. It’s dead, so it won’t feel anything.”

I was the one that shot the rabbit. We were in our spot for about an hour, when the first animals showed up. Pete took the first shot at a squirrel and missed it by about a mile. The squirrel ran away. We didn’t have to wait long before the next animal showed up. I guessed our scent was only around the secluded spot we were sitting in now, so the animals dared to come sooner.

We took turns shooting at the animals. At his third shot, a skunk, it became obvious Pete wasn’t going to shoot anything. Each time he was way off and made a bit too much noise, which scared the animals away. My first three shots were all pretty close, but not just there yet. I got closer with each shot. So after Pete missed the third time, he let me take the next shots. I aimed, took a deep breath, and took the shot. It landed dead center in the head of the rabbit.

We were both very excited about our first catch as Indians, so we picked it up and practically ran back to our camp. Chris taught me a while back how to skin and gut an animal and how to prepare it so it can be eaten. We were planning on making a stew from it. We didn’t have a lot of seasoning, but Pete learned from Hank which of the herbs in the forest can be eaten.

After we gutted the rabbit, I placed the meat inside the pot so the meat could ripen a bit. We went looking for the herbs, and after a while, Pete figured we had enough. We prepared the stew, stoked the fire a bit, and put the pot in the cooler part of the fire, so it would cook slowly. While we looked at the stew, I was beaming with pride, and looking at Pete’s face, so was he.

“This is freakin’ awesome!” Pete said to me.

“I know! And if it doesn’t taste like horse doody, we’re pretty damn good Indians!”

“Your marks are fading…” he said and then looked at his chest. “So are mine…”

“We’re sweating like pigs,” I said, stating the obvious.

Moments later we were found splashing around in the swimming hole. We were about hip-deep in the water and having a good time! Of course, we were naked, which wasn’t an issue anymore for both of us, and the cool water was extremely refreshing. It didn’t feel nearly as cold as it did this morning. We splashed around, dunked each other, and grabbed each other’s dicks as often as we could. Of course, we were hard most of the time, and when Pete jumped on my back in an attempt to dunk me, I felt his hard dick at my lower back, nestled between the top of my cheeks.

If this happened yesterday, I’d feel gay and tell Pete to back off. But on the other hand, yesterday we would never be naked together. But now I found it amusing, and even a bit pleasant being so close to another person. So it didn’t bother me one bit. Despite my efforts, he succeeded in dunking me. During this roughhousing, we fell over a bit. When I was underwater, Pete crawled over me so I could get up and not drown. As he crawled over me, his boner rubbed me in the face. I didn’t know if he did it intentionally. But the moment his shaft brushed my lips, another thing Dan told us crossed my mind.

After about half an hour of roughhousing in the water, we were lying on our backs at the banks of the pond in the grass. We were lying in the shadows and it was hot enough to let the air dry us but cool enough to be comfortable and not be cold. I was feeling totally at ease lying here with my best friend. We weren’t talking, nor did we feel the need to talk. I heard the sounds of bees flying, and the soft breeze ruffling the leaves. It was so relaxing that I almost dozed off. At that moment, a bee was almost flying in my ear, and I slapped it away, which made me fully awake again. I glanced over at Pete and saw his chest moving up and down as if he was sleeping. I could see his eyes were closed, so the peace and quiet got the best of him. I glanced down and I saw his soft penis pointing toward me, resting on his thigh. This reminded me of the incident in the water.

Dan had told us about blowingjobs. Or that’s the word we remembered at least. The moment Pete’s shaft brushed my lips in the water, I felt an urge to try it. And now, lying here with him, I felt an almost unstoppable desire to put my best friend’s dick in my mouth. I was torn between talking to him about blowingjobs and just doing it and see where it ends. After last night and this morning, I figured he would probably be okay with it and not push me away or call me queer or something stupid like that. So after a short internal struggle, I moved my head down to his groin. I took a moment and looked at his dick in close-up. It looked different than mine, of course, because he was cut. But other than that, his dick was the same size and looked exactly like mine. He did have a few more hairs, though. But that could also be an optical illusion because he had dark black hairs and I had lighter red ones. After I was done studying, I couldn’t resist it anymore. So I took it in my hand and slipped my mouth over it.

“Huh! What? OOHH…” Pete said, obviously awakened by this sudden movement.

I felt his dick in my mouth, and it went from soft to hard in about three heartbeats. I liked the way it filled my mouth and the taste was good too. I didn’t know what to expect, but it didn’t taste like pee or other nasty stuff. It was just skin. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so I closed my lips firmly around his shaft and moved my head up and down. Apparently, Pete liked it because he kept moaning constantly. I knew I had to keep my teeth away from his dick, but other than that, I didn’t have a clue on how to do it the right way. Right now I was just mimicking a hand with my lips and figured this was the correct way to do this. And judging by Pete’s moans, I was doing a good job.

But keeping my tongue in the back of my mouth was quite uncomfortable for me. It even started to hurt a bit. So I let it loose and tried not to touch his dick with it. But that was virtually impossible. And a few moments later, my tongue inevitably touched the tip of his dick. I immediately pulled my tongue back, but Pete moaned even louder when it touched his dick. Maybe he liked it? So I decided to test this and lapped my tongue over the underside of his dickhead.

“OOOOHHH! YEAH!” Pete moaned and his body squirmed beneath me.

“Okay… More tongue is better,” I said to myself.

I slowed down the up and down motion with my mouth and focused more on my tongue technique. I loosened my lips a bit and made sure my tongue lapped around his glans a lot. At some point, his dickhead brushed against my palate, which Pete seemed to enjoy too. So after a few minutes of blowing my best friend, I had learned a few techniques on how to give a proper blowingjob. When we heard Dan talk about blowingjobs, I focused mostly on the receiving end of it in my head. But now, as I was blowing Pete, I realized I also liked giving one a lot. I liked how his dick felt in my mouth, I liked the texture and the taste of the stuff that came out, but I specifically liked that I was making my best friend feel this awesome. Or at least that was what it seemed like. Don’t get me wrong, I was anxious about getting a blowingjob, to know how it felt. But judging by the way Pete was behaving, it must be something amazing.

“Ohhh… Ron… This is… Ohhh… Wow!” Pete moaned.

Good. The more he liked it, the bigger the chance he’d do me too. I started blowing him out of curiosity, but now the curiosity expanded toward getting blown myself.

“Hmmph…. I think I’m cumming, Ron! Ahh…” Pete managed to say between his moans.

Ehh… I then realized that I hadn’t thought this one through. I knew what was coming, but wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted Pete to cum. He jorked me off this morning after all, and I wanted to return the favor. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let him cum in my mouth. But on the other hand… I was curious about the taste and what would happen if I did let him cum in my mouth. And we both already established that what we were doing, wasn’t gay.

“The hell with it!” I thought and doubled my efforts on my best friend’s dick.

“Ohhhh… YEAH… It’s coming, Ron!” Pete moaned quite loudly.

I had no clue what to expect when Pete came. But now that I decided to go for it, I couldn’t wait. I felt his body tense beneath me and his dick grew fatter in my mouth. I had my eyes open and looked at his balls. I could see them being drawn toward his body as I felt the first spurt hit the back of my tongue. It tasted like… Well, I couldn’t determine that yet because another spurt landed on my tongue, so I had to swallow. The moment I swallowed the first two spurts, a third and fourth filled my mouth. The amount of cum decreased significantly, which allowed me to taste it. As I kept my mouth on his dick, but my tongue action to a minimum, I noticed it tasted both salty and sweet at the same time. The texture was a little bit thick, but not quite. Almost like really thin yogurt or something. But I knew one thing then and there. I liked it. And I wanted more.

“Stop… Too sensitive…” I heard Pete pant.

I sat up straight and let the last bit of cum go through my mouth one last time before I swallowed it. I looked over at Pete, laying on the grass with a shit-eating grin on his face, and his eyes closed. He was still breathing heavily, and tiny drops of sweat had formed on his forehead and upper lip. Pete opened his eyes and looked at me with a look of pure bliss.

“That was freakin’ AWESOME! Why did you do that?” he asked.

“I don’t know…” I timidly responded. “I saw you lying there with your dick out in the open, and I figured I’d try a blowingjob…”

“Wow. I’m glad you did, Bro. That was… Man!!”

I lay down beside Pete and let him enjoy the afterglow of his orgasm. I also needed to process what just happened. I mean… I liked it. I liked it a lot! I felt all warm and fuzzy inside from doing it.

“If you give me a minute, I’ll do you too if you want,” Pete said to me, looking me in the eyes.

“I want you to. But you don’t have to, dude. I didn’t blow you, so you would blow me in return. I just wanted to do it.”

“What did it taste like?” Pete questioned, avoiding my answer. “Did it taste like pee?”

“No. Not at all! I was a bit afraid of that too. Your dick tastes like skin. Almost like licking a finger.”

“And my cum?”

“Not bad, actually. A mix of sweet and salty… A hint of bitterness… Really not bad. I expected much worse!” I chuckled.

Pete looked over, smiled at me and his eyes immediately went to my dick, which was pointing toward my navel, and was as hard as It’s ever been.

“I want to try it too,” he said, crawled on his knees, and moved his head toward my dick.

Without hesitation, he took my dick in his hand and pointed it at his mouth. I propped up on my elbows to see what he was doing and was treated to a sensational view. He looked at my dick and planted a sloppy wet kiss on the tip.

“Do I need to pull the skin back or not?” he asked, looking back at me.

“Ehhh… I don’t know…”

“Well… Let’s try it both ways then,” he said, opened his mouth, and lowered it over my dick.

The feeling I felt on my dick was overwhelming. Pete’s mouth was warm and wet and it was like nothing I ever felt before. The moment he started moving his head up and down, it was like fireworks were going off in my head. I was still propped up on my elbows, but the moment Pete started bobbing, I closed my eyes, and I involuntarily threw my head back. As I was enjoying Pete’s mouth on my dick, I felt him lay his hand on my pubes, at the base of my dick. On his next upward move with his mouth, his hand gripped my dick and started to pull back my foreskin.

The next thing I knew, was Pete’s tongue lapping away over my now exposed glans. It was a bit more sensitive this way, but I loved it too. I couldn’t decide which I preferred.

I looked down and saw Pete sitting on his knees. His butt was pointing toward me, and his stiff dick was visible between his parted legs. I lifted my head further to look down at the action. He was still holding my dick, and I could see it disappear in his mouth. It was obvious his tongue was doing a lot of work. Not only could I feel this on my dick, but his tongue movement was clearly visible on the outside of his mouth. It was an extremely erotic sight.

”Ohhh… This is hmmmmm, ” I managed to say.

My moans made Pete increase the effort he put into it. His tongue work intensified, and his hand started jorking me off at the same time. I felt the pressure building in my balls. I wasn’t too familiar with this yet, but it was a lot stronger than last time when Pete jorked me off. I wasn’t sure what Pete wanted to do, so I decided to warn him.

”Ahhh… Pete! I’m almost cumming…” I moaned and tried to hold back as long as I could, but had no clue yet on how to do this right.

”Hmmm,” I felt Pete moan on my dick.

This was an indication that Pete wanted to taste my cum too. So I dropped my efforts and let the good feelings wash over me. At first, I felt a tingling all around my pelvic area. This tingle drew toward my balls, penis, and the top of my head. The tingle in my balls grew stronger and stronger until it was almost unbearable. I heard myself moan loudly, and at that moment, everything went black and I could only see bright sparks in front of my eyes.

My balls felt like they were exploding and I could feel my cum going into my dick. As I felt my first spurt leave the tip of my dick, I noticed that Pete’s mouth was firmly around it, and he had stopped jorking me. His hand wasn’t on my dick anymore, but he was cupping my balls.

This realization added to the whole experience, and I felt about five or six spurts leaving my dick. It was such an overwhelming experience that I just had to lay down on my back. I just couldn’t keep myself propped up on my elbows anymore.

Pete was still cupping my balls and playing with them. He had stopped the actions with his mouth but was sucking every last drop out of me. He was literally sucking on my dick. I was sensitive down there now, but this wasn’t unpleasant. This sucking lasted a few seconds before his hand went from my balls to my dick. He slowly slid my foreskin back over my glans when my dick left his mouth and gently laid my softening dick back on my stomach. After that, he sat up straight and looked down at me. Now his shit-eating grin made sense. I had one too.

”That was freakin’ awesome, ” I said with that smile never leaving my face.

”I know, bro. It’s the best,” Pete laughed. ”And you’re right. Cum doesn’t taste bad!” and he licked his lips.

I couldn’t help but laugh when he did this, and Pete started giggling too. He laid down on the grass next to me. We both laid on our backs, looking at the sky. I didn’t know what to say or do now, so I decided to just lay there and relax a bit. Pete must’ve felt the same way too because we were both quiet for a few minutes.

”I don’t care if this is gay or not, ” Pete said. ”I love the way it feels and I want to keep doing it.”

Pete looked at me, and I could see him blushing. I figured he was a bit ashamed of his feelings. So was I. I loved giving and getting blowingjobs. But I also knew that if someone at school found out, our lives would turn to shit.

”I love it too, Pete! But we have to keep it between us, you know.”

”Of course I do! But that doesn’t mean that we can’t do it when we’re alone, ” he smiled.

”I’m so glad we figured this out together. If I knew it felt this good, I would’ve started it years ago!” and I started giggling again.

”I hear you!” Pete said and giggled too.

”But I still want to fuck a girl, ” I said a bit more seriously.

”Don’t worry. Me too! It’s not like we’re boyfriends now, right?” Pete said with a hint of uncertainty.

”No. I don’t think so, no. We’re more like friends with benefits, I think.”

”Yeah. That’s about right, I guess,” Pete said. ”I mean… I love you, man. But not like that. You know what I mean?”

”I do. And I’m glad you feel the same as I do. I don’t want a fight over this…”

”Don’t worry, bro. We won’t.”

Pete rolled over and hugged me. I felt his soft penis against my hip but decided to ignore it. It wasn’t a sexual hug, just two friends expressing their affection. I hugged him back, and after a few moments, Pete broke the hug and sat on his knees.

”Why don’t we finish the work on the sweat lodge? That way, maybe we can use it next time we’re here.”

I was glad we found a task at hand to take our minds off the sex part. So, we put our loincloths back on. The next two hours we worked on the side of the pond, finishing our small sweat lodge. Every now and then, we stirred the stew, which was smelling delicious by now.

End of part two

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As you can see, they’re having the time of their lives. Exploring your sexuallity together with your best friend is an amazing thing! And believe me, I know. It’s autobiographical, remember?

Simul illud remanens

By the way… The featured picture (I know, not the best quality, but I like it nevertheless) above this post is a still from a video I found on youtube. It’s about a group of kids exploring the world on a sailboat. In this particular part they end up with a local tribe, adopting their habits and lifestyle. There are also a lot of topless teenage girls in here. You can check it out here if you like.