UPDATE2: The last part of Indian Summer (for now) is online! Check it on the story page, or go directly to it. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Part two is released too. Check it on the story page, or go directly to it.

I announced it a long time ago, but now I can finally let the story free. It’s my first completely gay story. I wrote it as one big story, but I’ll post it in multiple parts for readability.

A few notes up front. First and most important: Indian isn’t meant to offend anyone. It’s just a representation of kids playing a certain role / setting. Back in the days, we played ‘Cowboys and Indians’. Or just Cowboys. Or just Indians. Calling it ‘Native Americans’ or ‘Natives’ wouldn’t work in this story. So I’m really sorry if you’re offended by it.
Second: Indian Summer has a whole different meaning obviously, but to me it was a nice combination of the two, resulting in a new word. (Stop rambling Jason!)
And third: This is a mostly autobiographical story. Not everything happened for real, or in the way I wrote it. For example, my mother never joined a cult, let alone a fictional one. But Pete (not his real name obviously, but I’m 100% sure that if he reads this story, he’ll know who I really am) and I played war in the woods. And later Indians. And we did spend a lot of time creating guns and such from wood. And they did look real. And we did discover our sexuality together.

So a big thank you to you, Pete! Thank you for creating these wonderful memories with me.

You can find the first part in ‘Jason’s Collection’ under ‘Jason Crow’s Blog’ in the menu. Or click here to go directly to the story page.

A big, big, BIG shoutout to Caliboy1991 and E-o-F for proofreading and editing! I couldn’t do it without you guys!