Jason Crow

Chapter 2 – The incident

We were sitting at the dinner table and had just finished dessert. Mom insisted on one day of the week when we’d eat dinner together, and this was it for this week.

I was ready to get up and help clear the table when Dad said, “Mom and I have an announcement.”

I checked him out to see if he was joking, but judging by his serious face, he wasn’t. Far from it, actually. Judging by Mom’s face, this was going to be big.

“I’ve been asked to lead a new mission,” Dad started.

“Bisque!” Ethan said, “How long will you be gone?”

Ethan has wanted to be in space travel ever since he left high school. During a career event at school where companies showed what they did, he was captivated by a presentation by the EEV, short for ExoTerra Engineering Ventures.

“Well… that’s the thing…” Dad said, looking at Mom.

Judging by how this was going, I was right. This was going to be BIG! So I glanced at Nadia, and she seemed to be just as curious and tense as I was.

“The army was asked to lead a mission to Aetheria. And when the colonel asked me, I initially said no, but…” Dad said but was interrupted by Ethan.

“Isn’t that the eleventh planet they inhabited?”

“The twelfth, actually,” Dad said and looked excitedly at us, “So now we’re finally gaining on China again. About a year ago, they started terraforming. It’s a pretty exciting planet because it has the best chance of being almost exactly like Earth. Right now, the atmosphere is only breathable for about five minutes, but they calculated that after a decade, its atmosphere will be exactly like the Earth’s.”

“And the gravity is very close to Earth’s,” Mom added. “There will be lots of drinkable water and two moons that create tides much like we know here. Oh! And a star that’s a lot like our sun.”

“So… you’re leaving us to live over there?” Nadia asked with a sarcastic undertone in her voice.

“No, no!! Of course not!” Dad said, and with a calmer voice, he added, “Your mother and I talked about this, and we think we should all go… as a family.”

“YES!” Ethan exclaimed.

But at the same time, Nadia thundered, “WHAT!?”

“I know it’s a bit unexpected, and we need to talk about this. But they need a high-ranking officer there to monitor and coordinate the extraction of Solispirillum for a longer period of time,” Dad said apologetically.

The wheels inside my head were turning as I was digesting this. In the silence that followed, I asked, “What’s a long period of time?”

Dad cleared his throat, looked at Mom, and said, “At least five years. But they asked me to stay there for ten years.”

“Fucking hell..” Nadia mumbled beside me.

I knew Mom must’ve heard her, and judging by her stern look at my sister, she did. But she didn’t say or do anything, which surprised me.

“Look…” Dad said and looked directly at Nadia, “I know it’s a lot to handle. And I know you have to leave your friends behind. But look at the bright side! We’ll be the first family to inhabit that planet. We’ll be among the first five K! You know how the colonists on the other planets did.”

“I’ll be assisting with setting up the medical facilities there. And with your father’s rank, we’ll have enough influence to ensure you guys have a great future there. If I’m honest, that’s the main reason why I think we should do this.”

“But…” Nadia started.

“We’ll never find a decent house here on Earth,” Ethan interrupted her.

I knew he was biased because all he wanted was to go into space. But his face looked dead serious now.

 “Why do you think I want to join the army or work at EEV? It’s not just about the thrill of being out there! I see some of my friends work their asses off and still live with their parents. The uninhabitable zone around the equator only expands, and I don’t think the Second Civil War did anything good for us. So why stay?”

This triggered something in Nadia’s head. Because her stubborn look faded into one of realization. She didn’t say anything, but I knew my twin sister well enough to know what was going on now.

“Let’s all sleep on this for a few nights, okay?” Dad said, “We’ll talk about it again in a couple of days, so we all have time to think about it. I want all of us to go, or we won’t go at all.

I nodded silently, got up, and went upstairs. As I walked up the stairs, I saw Mom and Nadia hug each other. This was a lot to process, and as I flopped down on my bed, my brain was doing overtime. I was already working out the pros and cons, and as I heard Ethan enter his room across the hall, I knew I needed to talk to him about this.

But I didn’t want to rush over to him. I needed to give it some time. I sighed deeply, and as I laid my arms above my head, I smelled my pits. Maybe a shower would take my mind off of this. After checking for hairs in my pits and being disappointed to find none, I got up, grabbed a clean pair of boxers, and headed to the bathroom.

After I undressed, I checked if I had more hair above my willie. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought that I could see that more hairs had grown. I was thrilled! It still wasn’t much and nowhere near a full bush, and still no hairs whatsoever on my shriveled sack, but the small patch above my growing willie made me proud.

As I turned on the shower, the beep indicated the maximum of four minutes of shower time had started. After the energy crisis of the sixties, there were strict regulations on energy usage. I didn’t mind too much. In four minutes, I could do everything I needed to do.

As I was finishing washing up, I cleaned my dick as I always did, but recently it grew stiff in my fingers as I slid my hand up and down on it to get it nice and clean. And this time was no different.

It was a nice feeling, but I couldn’t find a single article about this online in the FLiN about this, so I didn’t manage to connect the dots in any way at this time.

The beep indicating that I had thirty seconds left started, so I quickly rinsed off and was finished right before the water turned cold. I grabbed my towel, and my stiff dick bobbed up and down as I got out.

I threw the towel over my head and started drying my hair and cleaning my ears, then took the towel from my head, ready to dry my back.

The moment I lay the towel over my shoulders, my heart stopped.

I was facing the door, drying off. And there, with the door handle still in her hand, stood my sister. She looked wide-eyed at my hard willie, with her mouth slightly open.

It was as if time froze. I felt my heart beat a mile a minute. My dick twitched and grew harder than it had ever done before. My hands were on both ends of the towel, and I couldn’t move even if my life depended on it. It was as if some spell turned me into a statue.

But Nadia didn’t move either. She just kept staring at my dick as if she was also in a trance. This seemed to last for hours, but it was probably just a few seconds. Nadia’s eyes slowly moved upward over my belly and chest until they locked on mine. We stared at each other momentarily when she opened her mouth and stammered, “Grph…”

Next, she cleared her throat and said, “I’m… I’m sorry. I… I didn’t know you were in here… I…”

Her eyes moved to my hard dick again, and I said, “I uhm… I just…”

At that moment, I could move again. I lifted the towel from my neck and moved it down. She kept staring at my willie, but when my towel obscured the view, she snapped out of it, looked at the floor, and turned around.

“Just knock on my door when you’re done here so I know I can take my shower,” she said softly as she closed the door behind her.

I was SO embarrassed at that moment. My sister and I used to bathe together when we were younger, so we knew that I had a penis and she had a vagina. But after we turned six or seven, we never saw the other one naked again. Today was the very first time that someone saw me hard, and it was my damn sister!

What should I do now? Be mad at her? Forget that this ever happened? Apologize? All sorts of feelings were shooting through me at that moment. It was all so overwhelming that my willie shriveled down to its normal proportions in a heartbeat.

I dried myself, and after I pulled up my boxers, I took a deep breath and walked over to my sister’s room. It wasn’t that uncommon for her to see me in my underwear, and after what she saw minutes ago, I was actually decent. I tentatively knocked on her door and headed to my room when her door opened.

She was in a short T-shirt and panties, also not uncommon, looked at me apologetically, and said, “I’m sorry, you know… I thought nobody was in there. I knocked, and you didn’t respond, so…”

“I uhm… It’s okay, I guess. You didn’t do it on purpose, so…” I stammered, and a blush spread across my face and upper chest.

“No! It was an accident, and I’m sorry! I really am!”

“I’ll make sure to lock the door next time,” I said with a weak smile.

Nadia smiled, too. After an awkward silence, she raised an eyebrow at me.

“It, uhm…you did grow a lot, didn’t you? I mean… since we bathed…”

“Oh! Dunno. I guess so… didn’t measure it,” I lied.

“I… I didn’t expect you in there like that,” Nadia said, clearly uncomfortable. “Uhm… you look nice, you know?” Nadia said, clearly uncomfortable.

I wasn’t sure if she was trying to put me at ease and was lying to me or if she genuinely thought I looked good, but it boosted my ego, nevertheless.

My eyes landed on the tiny bumps on her T-shirt where her boobs had started growing, and I felt a new stir in my boxers. Before this got out of hand, I mumbled, “The, uhm… the shower is free.”

“Right! I’ll get my stuff,” Nadia said and turned around.

My eyes landed on her tight, round ass, and the stir was now more than just a stir. I quickly turned around so she wouldn’t see my growing boner, entered my room, and flopped onto the bed again.

“Bisque!” I whispered, “ What was that?”

I lay my arm over my eyes so I could think better. But immediately, images of Nadia staring at my boner and her growing boobs flashed before my eyes. My dick was now rock hard and twitching inside my underwear.

I tried looking up what I should do and what this all meant online in the FLiN. But ever since a Chinese company bought Meta and all the other big tech companies, the FLiN became hugely censored. According to my history teacher, the takeovers initially led to significant protests. Still, once all the Christian, conservative, and even some liberal organizations became aware of the options to ban information from the FLiN and the power that came with it, these protests died down quickly.

Now, there wasn’t any nudity, not even an accidental nipple slip, no info on abortion, or anything even remotely related to sex-ed material online. Everything that looked like someone could be offended by it was taken offline by the algorithms. Even mentioning how the FLiN used to look was technically not allowed for my teacher. But he was a great guy and a bit of a rebel, so he said he didn’t care about that.

But this lack of information didn’t help me. I didn’t know what to do about these boners. Was it normal? Did I need to do something about it? And if yes, what then!? Talking to Mom or Dad about it wasn’t an option. She’d act all understanding and caring about it but would only dance in circles around the hot potato. And Dad would be too embarrassed to talk about it and send me to Mom.

And I knew that my friends in school were in the same boat. During some secretive sessions where we’d only whisper to each other, I learned that some of my friends liked to look at the developing boobs of our classmates too. And they’d also get ‘the pressure in their pants’ as we called it. But none of them had a clue what it meant or what to do about it. We didn’t even know if it was harmful or not. But since most of us admitted we had the same issues, I figured we were probably safe. But I was running out of options to figure out what it meant or what to do about it. Unless…

The other day, Ethan walked through the hallway toward his room after his shower. I was doing my homework, and my door was open, so I could see him hurry to his room. He was in his boxers as he always was, and I hardly gave him a second look. I did notice his muscles were growing, and I was a little jealous about that, so I tried not to look.

But after he entered his room, it dawned on me that the front of his boxers was way fuller than usual. I didn’t think much of it back then, but lying on my bed like this, it was like I had an epiphany. He had a boner, too!

Maybe Ethan knew what this meant. But could I ask him about this? Would he even talk to me, his little brother, about such a private matter? Maybe if I played my cards right, he wouldn’t talk to Mom or Dad about this if he wasn’t allowed to speak about it.

My curiosity was so high by now that I just had to act! And Ethan was by far my best chance. Mom and Dad would leave us alone to think about everything, so now was as good a time as any. I put on a T-shirt, pulled up a pair of sweats, and crossed the hallway. I softly knocked on his door and waited.

Ethan opened the door and was only wearing his black boxers. I quickly glanced at my sixteen, almost seventeen-year-old brother’s body and wished I looked more like him. Maybe I should buy that app and ask Ethan if I could use his body suit…

“Sup?” Ethan asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Uhm… can we talk?”

Ethan looked puzzled at me and said, “Sure! Shoot.”

“I mean… just the two of us?” I said and looked at my sister’s door, which was slightly open.

“Sure. You wanna talk about Aetheria? Or maybe girl trouble?” he smirked as he stepped aside to let me in.

I entered his room and saw his VR body suit hanging over his chair. As I looked at it, Ethan sat on his bed and just looked at me. I didn’t really know how to bring it up, but I was glad he wasn’t pressing. So, I decided to ask about leaving Earth first. 

“I don’t know what to think about Aetheria. I mean… I like the idea of being among the first five K and the idea of living there on a new planet with lots of space, but…”

“But you have to leave everything you know behind,” Ethan added.

“Yeah! I know what I’ve got here. I don’t know how it’ll be over there. What if I don’t like most of the first five K? What if the planet sucks?”

I fell silent for a moment and felt Ethan’s eyes on me. Then he said, “But what if it doesn’t?”

I looked up at him, saw his warm smile, and knew he was right. This was about taking chances, just as Mom said.

“It’s by far the best spot we found so far. And we’re being asked to go there. If things keep going the way they’re going now here, we should be grateful for the opportunity to get out of here, and grab it with both hands! That’s how I see it, at least,” he said, put a hand on my shoulder, and pulled me toward him to hug me brotherly.

“Didn’t look at it that way,” I softly said.

We were quiet for a minute, lost in our thoughts, when Ethan asked with a chuckle, “And what about the girl trouble?”

Immediately, a blush spread across my face. It was a good thing Ethan couldn’t see me. But chickening out now would be beyond stupid. So I sat up straight and looked at my big brother.

I gathered my courage, cleared my throat, and said, “I uhm… I wanna ask you since you’re also a boy and stuff…” I managed to stammer.

The look on Ethan’s face morphed into a sly smile, but he didn’t say or do anything. So I cleared my throat again and continued, “I… do you know why I, uhm…”

I sighed deeply, and Ethan said, “Just spit it out, Dude…”

“Do you also get a lot of boners, or is something wrong with me? And do you also like looking at boobs and get hard when you see them? And when I’m in the shower cleaning myself, I always get one too!” I managed to blurt out without breathing or pausing.

His smile vanished, and he looked surprised. I probably caught him a little off guard with my question, and he shifted uncomfortably on his bed.

“I thought you needed advice with a girl or something…” he said softly but kept looking at me.

“No! Girls in my class are stupid!” I said and looked at my feet. I took a deep breath, and since everything was on the table already, kept blabbering, “It’s… I just don’t know why I get stiff in the shower, or during the ride home, or in class, or… anywhere!” my voice sounding annoyed as I said this.

My face was beet red as I said this. I didn’t have to look in the mirror to check. I was flushed and embarrassed to talk to my brother about this. But what he did next surprised me and was comforting at the same time.

Ethan grabbed me by my shoulders, pulled me close, and just hugged me. He softly said, “Don’t worry, Bro! I know exactly what you mean, and you don’t have to be ashamed about this. You’re lucky you’ve got a big brother to help you. I had to figure it out on my own.”

It was nice to be pressed against his tight, muscular chest. But as his words entered my brain, I looked up at him and asked, “Really? You know what it is? And… how to get rid of it?”

Ethan chuckled, let go of me, and sat back straight. He absentmindedly rubbed his fingers over his six-pack as he looked thoughtfully at the floor.

“About boners…” he started, and I could see movement in his boxers in the corner of my eye, but I forced myself to keep looking into his eyes.

“I know you don’t wanna talk to Mom or Dad about this. I know I sure didn’t when I was figuring this out.”

“Mom will try to be supportive and understanding, but she won’t say anything that can help me. And Dad…” I said, sounding angrier than I meant to.

“Right. Thankfully, I could talk to Rory about this. He has an older brother who taught him a thing or two. And I’m glad I can be that older brother now,” Ethan said and punched me softly on my shoulder.

I smiled weakly but was already more at ease with the situation because of how Ethan reacted. And he was about to teach me something important, so I was all ears.

He cleared his throat and said, “It’s… uhm… you, and of course, your body is growing up. And how nature works is that you can make children after a certain age. That way, the human species can live on.”

This explanation came way out of left field. I didn’t expect any of this at all. So, I looked at him, and I must’ve looked hilarious because Ethan started laughing at me in my face.

“I’m sorry, Ay! But you look just like how I felt when I first heard this!”

“You’re shitting me…” I said, feeling a million kinds of stupid, and got to my feet.

“No, no! Absolutely not! But I couldn’t help myself when I looked at you. Sit down, please!” Ethan said, and he looked serious enough to give him the benefit of the doubt. And besides, he seemed to have the info I wanted so much.

So I sat back down, and Ethan continued, “Like I said, nature needs to be sure your body is ready to reproduce. There’s no nicer way to say it. And as you grow up, your body does all sorts of checks to make sure things are okay.”

“How do I do that?” I asked.

“Do what?”

“Repruc… reproduce? Do I really have to push my willie into a girl?”

“Yes. That’s it. Well… not just anywhere into a girl,” he said, thinking for a second, “Uhm… you’ve seen Nadia when you two were younger, right?”

“Yeah…” I said with a bit of hesitation, curious about where this was going.

“Good. Then you must’ve noticed that she had a slit where your willie is, right?”

I could only nod as I pictured my sister’s slit in my head. Back then, it didn’t mean anything to me, but now that I formed a picture of it in my head, I felt a bit of movement in my underwear.

“This is where it gets interesting,” Ethan said, and paused, which gave it a dramatic effect, “Between that slit, is the entrance to her belly. A boy can stick his willie in there and put his piece of a baby in. The boy and girl parts merge, and a baby can grow inside her belly. But only after the girl has gotten her pregnancy shot, of course.”

He looked smug at me as if he just revealed the secret of the universe to me. But it only raised more questions. The question marks must’ve been practically visible because Ethan asked, “You get it? Or do you have any questions?”

“I… uhh… how do you put it in? And when do I have to make that boy’s part of the baby? I don’t know how! And will I get my willie back? Won’t it hurt? And what’ll happen to the girl?” I blurted.

“Haha! Don’t worry, Bro. I’ll have to wait for the official story until I’m eighteen, but I know you won’t have to worry. First, your willie needs to be stiff to stick it inside. And that’s why you get all these stiffies now. Your body is preparing itself for sticking it inside a girl.”

“Oh… that makes sense. I guess…” I said as I envisioned how a stiffy would slide into a slit like Nadia’s.

“And that baby stuff you need to make is called sperm or cum. It comes out the tip of your willie, like pee, but it isn’t. When you grow older, you’ll start making it automatically. Your balls will produce it, and it feels awesome when it shoots out of your willie,” Ethan said, sounding excited.

“Did you make a baby already?” I asked, surprised.

“I wish!” Ethan said, and in the corner of my eye, I noticed his boxers were tented. This made me realize I also had a boner. Again!

“What do you mean?”

“It’s supposed to be the best feeling in the world! It’s called sex, and I can’t wait to know how it feels,” Ethan said with obvious excitement in his voice and a twinkle in his eye.

“But how do you know that shooting spurn feels so good if you didn’t have the sex?”

Ethan was quiet for a few moments. I saw his boner twitch inside his boxers again and waited anxiously for his answer.

“You have to be quiet about this,” he said, looking deadly serious at me, “I can go to jail for telling you about this.”

“Really!? Why?”

“There’s a law that makes it illegal to talk to people under eighteen about this stuff. It’s even illegal for minors to talk to other minors.”

“I didn’t know that…” I said, feeling sorry for my brother.

“You couldn’t know. That’s the whole point of this stupid law. So.. not a word, okay?”

“Of course!”

“You can simulate sex by using your hand,” Ethan said as he exhaled and looked me in the eye.

I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, and it must’ve shown. How could I simulate a slit like Nadia’s?

“You move your fist up and down over your willie, and if you do this long enough, you’ll shoot your sperm.”

I tried to picture how this would work and answered with a simple, “Oh. I see.”

Ethan checked me out, and after a few moments, he sighed deeply again. He shook his head and said, “No, you don’t. Look… I think it’s best if I show you. But you must swear you don’t talk about this to anyone. And I mean anyone!”

“I swear! I’m not a snitch. And I wanna know how to get rid of these annoying boners!”

“Okay then. Take off your clothes,” he said, got up, locked the door, and came back.

All the while, his boner was tenting out his boxers, and I could hardly take my eyes off it.

“Do I have to be naked?” I asked as he sat back down.

“Yup. That’s the easiest way to do this. There is no need to be shy. It’s just us boys here.”

“But I’m… I’ve got…”

“You’ve got a boner, yes. But so do I, and we need to be stiff to do this anyways, so just whip it out,” Ethan said, pulling off his boxers.

I started taking off my clothes, feeling more at ease now. I started with my shirt, and after I slid down my shorts, I couldn’t keep my eyes from the front of my brother’s boxers. The moment his stiff willie came into view, I sucked in a breath. Ethan saw me looking, and a sly smile spread across his face.

“You’ll do some growing in the coming years. Don’t worry,” he said warmly.

“It’s big!” I stammered.

“Mwah.., It isn’t THAT big. Us Wilson’s aren’t blessed with large dicks, but we make it up with hardness and fatness. Look!” he said as he tried to bend his willie and failed to do so.

Since Ethan wasn’t acting shyly, I figured I might as well get naked. I took a deep breath and slid down my boxers. With a smacking sound, my boner slapped against my belly.

“Wow, Ay! You’re bigger than me when I was your age,” he said with pride in his voice.


“Yeah, Dude, I swear!”

I looked at my hard willie sticking out from my groin and realized Ethan was right about the hardness and how thick it was. I only had references from my classmates in the showers at school, but I didn’t think much of it back then. I was the one with the fat willie. That was all. No one in class gave each other a second look because you weren’t supposed to look, so neither did I.

Ethan sat on his desk chair opposite the bed’s edge. He motioned me to sit on the bed and look at him.

“Look,” he said as he wrapped his fist around his boner, “take it loosely in your fist like this.”

Seeing my brother like this looked odd, and butterflies flew in my belly. But I didn’t want to wimp out, so I gripped my willie like Ethan did and kept looking at his big dick in his fist.

“Good. Now, slowly move it up and down like this.”

I mimicked my brother but felt a sting as I moved it up. A soft “Ow!” escaped my lips, and I looked helplessly at my brother.

“Don’t grip it too firmly,” he said, “I made the same mistake as you the first time.”

I nodded and loosened my grip. I saw Ethan was moving his fist up and down on his boner at a steady pace, so I just followed his lead. We were quiet for a few minutes, jerking ourselves. I started to pant a little, which I found odd. But I also noticed how Ethan moaned occasionally, and his breathing was thick and heavy.

“If you… keep going… hmm… it will start to feel… really good… ohh…” Ethan panted, his eyes fixed on my moving fist and boner.

A tingle spread through my balls as he said this. I couldn’t place the sensations yet, and it felt a little like my sack fell asleep, just like my foot would sometimes do when I sat on the couch in a specific position. My panting got heavier, and the tingle spread throughout my lower body.

There was a buildup that felt like I had to pee. So I stopped moving my fist and said, “I think I have to pee!”

“No… keep going!” Ethan said and stopped moving his own fist.

“But… I don’t wanna pee on your floor…”

“Trust me. It isn’t pee, and you’ve got to keep going! I promise it’ll be worth it!” Ethan was toying with his dick as he urged me on.

I kept looking at my brother’s fat willie as I started stroking again. Somehow, the look of his willie moving around in his fingers was mesmerizing. The tingle I felt earlier was back and was building rapidly. It was as if a dam was holding back something powerful, and the pressure on that dam kept building.

“I… I… its…” I panted.

“Keep going, Ay!” I heard Ethan say somewhere in the distance.

I zoned out, and all I could feel was that buildup in my willie and balls. It rose to the point that I was sure I’d start peeing, but when the dam finally broke, I was overwhelmed with the sensations flowing through my body. Every nerve was on fire, every muscle contracted, and all I could feel was the twitching of my stiff willie in my hand.

“Ohhh…” I finally managed to moan as I exhaled.

I realized I was holding my breath up until then, and after I exhaled, the twitching started again, but at a much slower pace with less intensity.

I opened my eyes and saw Ethan stroking his willie again, but now, his fist was flying up and down on it instead of the low pace he used earlier.

“Ohh… look out, Ay!!” he moaned loudly.

It was as if he wasn’t himself at that moment. His fist was flying, and his eyes were locked on my crotch but were completely out of focus. Next, his whole body stiffened, and he stopped stroking. A heartbeat later, jets of fluid shot from the tip of his dick, and they landed on my leg and arm.

I had never seen anything like this. Ethan had already warned me this wasn’t pee, so I wasn’t too upset about being sprayed on. It felt warm and looked interesting as it started sliding down my leg.

“I’m sorry, Ay!” Ethan panted after a couple of moments.

“Is this…” I asked and scooped a bit of it on my finger.

“That’s sperm, yes… oh wow… that was bisque!”

Ethan grabbed a towel from under his bed and started cleaning himself. I was inspecting the gooey stuff between my fingers as Ethan finished up.

He handed me the towel, said, “You started making some already!” and pointed at the tip of my willie.

I looked down and noticed a tiny drop of clear liquid on the tip of my cut willie. It looked nothing like the stuff between my fingers, so I said, “Mine’s a lot different…”

“Yeah. This isn’t the real deal yet, just the stuff that can hold your cum. But this is an important start, Dude! I was almost a year older than you when I first started.”

I felt a strange sense of pride wash over me. My big brother, who had just taught me something essential and personal, complimented me on how amazing this all was.

I started wiping my brother’s sperm from my body and wiped my fingers clean. I looked at the clear drop sitting on the tip of my dick and swiped it onto my finger. Immediately, it was obvious that this wasn’t even close to my brother’s cum. This stuff was almost like a drop of water, whereas my brother’s was thicker and more like snot.

“You’ve got to taste it, Dude,” Ethan said.

I looked at him to see if he was making fun of me, but his warm smile told me he was serious.

“But… it’s from my… you know…”

“Doesn’t matter. It’s your cum, Dude! Every boy needs to taste their cum. Especially the first drop.”

I figured he was right since he had proven himself right about all this, so I put my finger in my mouth and let the taste of that little drop go through my mouth. It tasted surprisingly sweet with a tiny hint of salt in it.

I looked surprised at my brother, who smiled broadly when I said, “It doesn’t taste bad!”

“I know! And now you’ve joined the club.”

“What club?”

“You’re part of the big boys now!” he said as he playfully punched me on my shoulder.

Ethan grabbed his boxers and started pulling them up. This was my cue to also get dressed. My willie was still semi-hard, and the way the tingles spread through my body during my cum, was on top of my mind.

Ethan must’ve noticed because he said, “You can do this as much as you want. Just make sure you’re alone because it’s something you do privately. And remember… don’t tell a soul!”

I simply nodded, still a bit overwhelmed by it all. Ethan looked at me and sat back on his chair. As he sat down, he tightened his abs, and they were even more pronounced that way. He saw me looking and said, “That suit works amazingly well. Wanna try it sometime?”

“Can I? Yeah, please!”

“But you’ll have to buy your own app. You can’t use my points!”

“Of course! Thanks!” I said and gave my underwear-clad big brother a tight hug, “For everything!”

“Don’t sweat it, Ay! Glad I could help.”

I crossed the hallway and went into my room to think about everything I learned today.

End of chapter 2

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ut maneamus aut si imus

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