Jason Crow

Chapter 10 – Repairs

We sat next to each other at the table, where Nadia ate her dinner and fed me mine. We got used to eating like this, and I didn’t feel like a baby anymore. I didn’t feel the need to talk about what just happened, and apparently, neither did Nadia.

“Why are the lights purple?” I asked as Nadia finished her plate.

She looked at the braces around my wrists and shrugged. “Dunno. Can you use your fingers?”

I tried wiggling my fingers, but the light immediately turned red, and my fingers didn’t move.

“Guess not,” Nadia said, “we’ll check it with the med pod later.”

After a couple of minutes of silence, Nadia said, “I think I’ve got an idea.”


“I think I can go out to fix the dish. You can watch me through my suit’s camera and guide me with what to do. I mean… it doesn’t have to be you going out there. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t fix it!”

“It’s not because you’re a girl!” I exclaimed, slightly offended by her comment, “It’s because I had the specialized training about this. It would be the same with the drilling equipment where you’re the specialist.”

“I know… I’m sorry, and you’re right. But I wanna know if we can go back to Mom and Dad, you know? We can’t stay here forever, and I don’t think they’re coming for us anytime soon.”

“Yeah… we need to do something, that’s for sure. And I think it might work, but…”

“But you need to be able to operate the CPU. I know. That’s my other idea. How about we tie one of those operating pens to your wrists so you can press the buttons that way?”

I thought about it briefly and felt stupid for not thinking of that myself. When I nodded, a smile appeared on Nadia’s face.

“That’s very smart, you know?”

Nadia beamed with pride as I said this. We discussed how to do this and made an actual mission plan together. Our primary objective was to realign the communication dish and to bring coms with the main base back online. But there were also two secondary objectives.

We needed some stuff from our transport rover. A suit for me, for example. But also additional oxygen bottles, face masks to go with the oxygen, and maybe some parts to fix the garage. The garage was the other secondary objective. Since the door was jammed, she needed to check if it was fixable. It was most likely a blown circuit board, according to the CPU’s self-tests, but if we could fix this, it would increase our chances of getting out of here.

We worked at the plan for a while. The fact we weren’t wearing any clothes wasn’t really distracting us anymore, not when we were occupied with our task.

By the time we were done, it was already late. We were hyped about our plans for tomorrow and finally knowing the situation at the main base.

As we walked toward the bedroom, Nadia put her arm around my waist. I got the hint and draped mine over her shoulder. As we walked, Nadia placed her head on my shoulder, and I lay mine against hers. It was nice, walking together like this, naked and in love. When Nadia’s hand went lower and cupped my ass, it made me smile, especially when she gently squeezed it.

We entered our bedroom, and Nadia stopped at the bed. She turned over, placed both her arms around my neck, and kissed me deeply. I put my arms around her waist, frustrated that I couldn’t use my hands to caress her back.

Before I knew it, Nadia broke the kiss and pushed at my chest. I fell back down on the bed, looked at her, and saw she had a wicked grin on her face. Nadia moved quickly, and within seconds she was turned around and lying on top of me with her head near my dick, each leg next to my face, and her pussy inches away from my mouth.

The moment I felt her lips touch my dickhead, I let out a moan, moved my face forward, and kissed her pussy. I was immediately treated with that taste I learned to love so much during the last time of eating her out and started working on my sister’s pussy.  

Licking her like this was different than last time. This new position caused her hips to be turned a little, and her legs were spread a bit more. This way, her clit could be reached better, but I couldn’t get to the low end of her slit near her asshole as easily as last time. Because of this, I had to focus more on her clit and the upper half of her slit.

As I was licking away, I felt Nadia’s mouth doing all sorts of things on my cock. One of her hands was toying with my balls, while the other was on my ass with her fingers close to my opening. I was afraid a finger near my hole would put me off, but the opposite was true. She didn’t actually touch my hole, but it was interesting nevertheless. Nadia wasn’t sucking me as furiously as before, and because of that, this wasn’t a race to orgasm. We were just working on each other’s genitals with our mouths in an attempt to make the other feel as good as possible.

I liked what we were doing. The buildup was slow but deliberate this way. When Nadia felt me approaching my peak, she stopped momentarily, licked my balls, and toyed with my pubes. I did precisely the same when I felt my sister reach the higher regions of her orgasm. When her squirming and moaning got more intense, I stopped for a moment and focused on other things.

I don’t know how long we were lying like this. It felt like ages, but it was probably about half an hour of licking, sucking, grunting and moaning. But when I involuntarily started moving my hips to drive more of my dick into her mouth because of my rapidly approaching orgasm, Nadia didn’t back down. She actually started squirming more and pressed her pussy firmly against my face.

We didn’t need to talk about this. We both just knew this was it. Nadia doubled her effort on my dick, and I was treated with copious amounts of her fantastic juices that I lapped up eagerly.

It was as if I was covered with a blanket of ants. There were tiny tingles all over my body, all accumulating in my balls. I moaned loudly on my twin’s pussy as I felt my balls pull up.

At the same time, Nadia moaned loudly, and another gush of her cunt juices came out. Her pussy lips started opening and closing rapidly, and her body lay perfectly still on top of mine. I felt her muscles tighten all over, and gush after gush of her sweet nectar filled my mouth.

She was cumming, and she came strongly. This realization hit me so hard that I couldn’t hold back anymore. I lifted my ass off the bed, and as my balls unloaded themselves, Nadia sucked hard on my dick, swallowing everything I had to offer.

Having to work for it and not being able to only focus on the good feelings during my orgasm was a first, but not unpleasant at all. I had to divide my attention between my sister’s orgasm and my own, which kept me slightly horny after I came.

Nadia was still slowly sucking on my softening dick, and I lazily lapped around her lips after we came. The flow of her juices had died down, but it was still fun to trigger her pussy like this. Nadia let my dick slip from her mouth and said, “There’s no more sperm. Too bad…”

She climbed off of me, turned around, and cuddled up to me. She had a massive grin on her face and kissed me on my cheek as she settled in for the night.

“I love your sperm,” she said softly.

“I love how you taste down there,” I whispered back.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Nadia said, “We don’t need to have, you know… real sex to feel good, do we?”

“Nope,” I replied, “but everything we did so far felt better than what we did before that, so…”

Nadia giggled at that and said, “Guess you’re right.”

Another silence. Out of the blue, Nadia said, “When you were on painkillers…”

“What about that?” I asked cautiously.

“You said you had… dreams, right?”

“I thought they were dreams, yes…”

“We didn’t just kiss, you know?”

I froze at that last comment. What else did I do? I didn’t rape my sister or anything else really bad, did I?

“When I was preparing the med pod, you…”

“Uh oh…” I said, trying to break the ice.

Nadia chuckled. She looked at me and said, “Nothing bad, don’t worry. You… kissed and sucked my breasts.”

“Oh… I remember that! It was a wonderful dream…” I answered, feeling relieved it wasn’t anything stupid I did.

“I liked that,” Nadia said softly, and I could see her blush.


“I think that was when I knew I could do more with you. I was unsure what you wanted, but it was clear as day at that moment.”

I pulled her close to me and hugged her the best I could. I kissed her on her head and said, “And I’m SO glad we did!”

“Me too…”

After that, we kissed some more. We Frenched for a while, but mostly we kissed tenderly and just enjoyed the closeness between us.

“I didn’t do anything else, did I?” I asked after we broke the kiss.

“You danced the Hokey-Pokey and barked like a dog. But other than that…” Nadia chuckled.

I poked her in her ribs, causing her to squeal and laugh. I tried looking all serious at her, but I knew I failed miserably.

“No. That was it,” Nadia said eventually.

“Thank God!”

Before I knew it, I drifted off into a dreamless sleep. Despite being alone on a distant planet inside an abandoned base, I felt safe and at ease with the situation.

I was awakened by the shuffling of the bed. I assumed Nadia had to go to the bathroom. But when her hand gripped my dick moments later, and I felt something wet on the tip of it, I had to open my eyes.

I looked down and expected her lips around the tip of my dick, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw her squatting above my crotch, guiding my hard cock toward the opening of her pussy.

“Wh- what are you doing?” I stammered groggily.

Nadia didn’t look at me, was only focused on getting my dick between her legs, and said, “I wanna try something…”

“Are… are you gonna stick it in? Because…”

“No! I just want to try this.”


“I’m not sticking it in!” she said, slightly annoyed.

I moaned as she started moving my dick around over her moist pussy. Nadia’s goal wasn’t to get me off. She was just doing this to make herself feel good.

“Oh, wow…” she moaned excitedly as she rubbed my dickhead over her clit.

“This is… ohh… bisque… hmm…”

We both moaned and grunted as Nadia used my dick as her personal pleasure tool. It was pretty amazing, knowing how she was using me like this for her own pleasure. But the effect on me was also pretty mind-boggling.

Nadia groaned and shifted a little. It was clear that she wasn’t comfortable in the position she was in. So I said, “Lay on your back,” and moved to my side.

Nadia lay on her back and looked expectantly at me. I scooted closer, my dick pointing forward toward my twin sister’s opening. I pushed it down with my wrist as I scooted closer. My dick touched her sopping wet pussy, and it slid up right away, brushing her clit. Nadia moaned loudly and had the horniest look in her eyes I ever saw up until then.

She grabbed my dick and started using it as a paintbrush and moved it all over her pussy. This was amazing and felt nearly the same as when she sucked me. But the idea of being so close to entering her and having real sex was an added layer that brought me quite close to shooting my load again.

Nadia must’ve seen the look on my face because she grabbed my dickhead, and used it to focus on rubbing her clit. My sole task was to move as little as possible and not shoot my sperm. But this was a lot to ask! Each time the underside of my dickhead came into contact with my sister’s clit, a shot of electricity shot through me. And now she was rubbing them constantly together.

“Ohh… I’m close… to… aahhhb!” I groaned.

Nadia kept rubbing for a few moments and then surprised me by moving my dick down.

“Oohhh… you… ahhh… Shoot in here,” she moaned.

The tip of my dickhead touched her silky soft, warm, and moist flesh. The moment I realized I was right at her entrance, I lost it.

“NNGGGGHHH!” I grunted in a vain attempt to hold back.

But I was already tumbling down the hill as my orgasm hit me. My dick twitched, and as my first spurt entered my sister, I felt her pussy lips squeeze tight, and my dick slid back. The three spurts that followed landed on her pussy and a bit on her pubes.

In front of me, my sister was twitching on the bed, panting heavily and still on the high of her orgasm. I had regained just enough of my wits to push my hips forward and rub her pussy again. But I had to stop right away because my dickhead was just too sensitive.

I placed one hand on her knee to steady myself while Nadia returned to the land of the living. She looked at me and blushed. Her guilty look puzzled me initially, but as I lay down next to her, it dawned on me.

“That was BISQUE!!” I exclaimed, hoping to wash away her guilt.

“It was, right?” she panted.

“Yeah… especially when you, you know… lined me up…”

She was quiet for a moment and said, “I was afraid you wouldn’t like it. Because, you know… it’s almost sex?”

“Almost sex isn’t real sex,” I said and kissed her on her cheek.

We were silent for a few minutes when Nadia put her hands between her legs and giggled, “We need a shower.”

Nadia and I showered together, and she made sure I was clean all over, including the important places. We still had the four-minute limit to shower in our system, so we did everything quickly and efficiently. Showering together wasn’t anything sexual we did, but it was amazing to be this close and open with each other.

After the shower, we ate breakfast and made our plans for the day. There was no point in waiting any longer for the main base to come and search for us. It was even more likely that they had more significant problems than we did. And the weather wasn’t too bad either. Just mild rain and no wind.

As we walked toward the airlock, I could feel Nadia’s nervousness. I tried putting her at ease by cracking a few jokes, but they didn’t land. Right before she entered the airlock. She fiddled with the sticks she had tied to my wrists to check if they were still fastened enough. After she confirmed they were, she took a deep breath.

I hugged her tightly and said, “You’ve got this! Don’t worry. You managed to get both of us inside on your own, so this should be a breeze. I’m with you over the coms constantly.”

“I know. But it’s scary to do this alone, you know?”

“Yeah. If anything happens that you don’t trust, just come back, and we’ll try again later. If there’s another quake, drop to the surface of the station. You’re under the shields that way, and you can wait it out safely. You’ll be fine! I’m sure!”

“Thanks, Ay! I… I love you…”

We kissed each other, and after she broke the hug, she entered the airlock. The tension was all over her face, and I felt sorry for her. The annoyance about my fingers boiled up again, but I managed to stay focused on the task at hand.

After I couldn’t see my sister anymore, I rushed back to the control room. I sat down and made sure the pins on my wrists were still tight. Next, I pressed some buttons, and Nadia’s camera feed showed up on the screen. Her helmet with the cameras was still on the bench, and I could only see my sister’s legs. But a moment later, the camera shook, and Nadia clicked the helmet in place on her suit.

“Coms check,” she said.

“Coms okay. Let’s go,” I replied and tried to sound as calm as I could.

But the nervousness Nadia felt was also in my system. During training, it was decided that I would do the external tasks, and not being in control now had an effect on me I didn’t expect. But I tried to hide this from Nadia and maybe talk about it after this was done.

“Head over to the rover now. Cameras show there’s no debris over there, so it should be easy.”

“Check. Heading over to the rover.”

“Vision is clear on all cameras,” I said as I checked out the different monitors, “you’re doing great, Sis!”

“Yeah… I’m pretty awesome.”

Through her helmet cam, I could follow her every move. And the outside feeds provided me the bigger picture. Nadia grabbed the antenna repair kit, which was a flight case containing several components that were easily replaceable.

“You okay?” I asked after she had climbed the ladder to the back end of the building.

“Yeah. It’s easier than I thought.”

“Good. Wanna hear another joke?”

“Oh boy…”

“Two wind turbines stand in a field. One asks the other: so, what kind of music are you into? The other replies: oh! I’m a huge metal fan!”

It was awfully quiet for a moment, but then I heard a muffled giggle.

“Get it?” I pressed, knowing how much she likes it when I play dumb and explain a joke, “A metal fan… because he’s a-“

“I get it!” Nadia interrupted, giggling audibly now.

“You know you like me…”

“You’re an idiot …”

She walked a little further, and when she rounded the corner, the antenna dish came into view.

“There it is,” Nadia said, and I saw she doubled her pace.

Nadia kneeled down at its base, and we started our work. I could talk Nadia through everything easier than anticipated. After a bit of testing and troubleshooting, it turned out the alignment motor was off. It appeared to work, and all the tests said it was okay, but it just wouldn’t align the dish properly.

Thankfully, the repair kit contained a spare motor. It was connected with just four bolts and a simple connector that Nadia could loosen and tighten easily with the automatic screwdriver from the kit.

“Done. Anything else?” Nadia asked after tightening the last bolt.

“I’ll start the calibration sequence. Just a sec.”

It wasn’t easy operating the CPU with just two sticks, but eventually, I managed to start the sequence. The dish started rotating left to right and up and down, and after a few minutes, the green light lit up next to the operational status on the screen.

“Looks like it’s working,” I said.

“Yess!” Nadia exclaimed.

“Just… one… more… thing…” I said as I started the self-test sequence.

“Self-test running. 1% complete.” appeared on the screen. After a minute had passed, it read, “Self-test running. 1.2% complete.”

“It’s running a full diagnostic test. It can take a while before we can search for the home base’s signal. You might as well come back now.”

“Roger. Returning to base. Next stop: garage door!”

After about an hour of walking, fiddling, and testing, Nadia had inserted a spare circuit board. All sorts of lights started blinking, and with a loud noise, the garage door opened. It was almost as if it protested against being used.

“I really am awesome, ain’t I?” Nadia exclaimed after the door opened completely.

“No point in denying that,” I laughed.

Now that we had fixed the two errors and were off the hook, I figured I might as well pull a prank on my sister. So, I opened up her suit settings, hesitated a brief moment, and activated the massage function at her crotch.

“What the…” came over the radio a moment later.

“What’s up?” I asked innocently.

“You know damn well what’s up… Oohh…”

“Just kidding. I’ll switch it off.”

“No! Leave… aaahhh, it on,” Nadia said, panting a little already.

“I wonder why they built this in. It doesn’t seem to serve a purpose other than… you know…”

“Maybe it’s because of…”

Nadia was quiet for a second, but I could still hear her panting. When she didn’t continue, I said, “Maybe when there’s a wound in that area, it can stop the bleeding?”

“I don’t care! It feels good!”

“Just as good as what we did earlier?”

“Oh no! That was WAY… ohh… better!”

On the camera feeds, I could see she was still walking toward the rover, but her pace had slowed down considerably.

“I, uhm… I liked shooting my stuff on your…” I said timidly.

“Ahh.. that was totally bisque! I liked that SO… ohh much! I think we shou- hey!”

“What’s the matter?” I asked, now quickly checking all camera feeds to see what had happened.

“What did you do? The massaging stopped!”

“I didn’t,” I said and checked the suit settings.

“I can’t turn it back on again,” Nadia said, and I saw through her helmet cam she was pressing the buttons on her wrist pad.

I also tried to re-enable the massage function, but it wouldn’t start either. I tried to overrule it, but another beep told me it wouldn’t work.

“Well… that’s a bummer,” I said.

“Major a-hole who built this! Bring people to their peak, and then…” Nadia grumbled as she got into the rover.

“It’s weird… why would they build it like this?”

I saw Nadia powering up the rover, and she said, “I don’t know. But you better be ready for it when I come back. I need to finish this, and I know you’ve got the perfect tool to help me with that!”

This made me blush, and my dick rose to full mast when I realized what we were going to do in a couple of minutes.

“But…” I stammered, a bit overwhelmed by my sister’s determination on this subject.

“Look… it feels good for both of us. So why not do it?”

I caught myself shrugging, but knowing she couldn’t see me, I said, “Good point, I guess. But isn’t, you know… sticking it in, like… sex?”

“If it’s just the tip, I don’t think so. Do you?”

“Dunno. Guess you’re right,” I said, acutely aware of my twitching boner.

I was beaming with anticipation as I watched Nadia unload the rover and place all the spare stuff in their respective places. Was I really going to stick the tip of my dick into my sister’s pussy, or was she just yanking my chain? Or maybe we’d do what we did this morning?

“I think we can call this a success,” Nadia said, snapping me out of my thoughts, “I’m coming back inside.”

“You did great! I couldn’t have done it better myself. Diagnostic is at sixty-three percent and counting.”

“I’ll see you in our bedroom,” Nadia replied emotionlessly.

I practically ran to our bedroom. The moment I stepped inside, I was unsure what to do. Lie down or sit on the bed? Lean against the wall and try to look all cool?

As I was contemplating this, I heard a sound behind me. Before I knew it, Nadia’s hand sneaked over my hip and gripped my dick at its base, and started stroking it up and down. Nadia had tiptoed toward me and whispered in my ear, “Good! Nice and hard already…”

Her hand didn’t leave my dick as I turned around. I kissed her on her mouth, and she immediately opened her lips to let my tongue in. We Frenched for a couple of moments before she broke the kiss, looked me in my eyes, gave my dick a squeeze, and said, “I need this, and I need it now…”

“What happened to you?” I chuckled, “Not that I mind…”

“I guess I’m just… what did they call it in that movie? Horny?”


Nadia let go of my dick and got on the bed. She obscenely spread her legs and looked at me with a look I hadn’t seen before.

“Come on, big brother. Help your poor little sister…”

I loved this version of Nadia! I was way too shy to take the lead. This way, I only had to go with the flow. And it turned me on immensely. I crawled on my knees between her legs again, my hard dick pointing the way. The moment Nadia could reach it, she was rubbing my dickhead all over her pussy, focusing on her clit.

“Ooohhh… YESS!” she moaned the moment we made contact.

I got as comfortable as possible and lay my hand on her knees. She had pulled her feet toward her ass, causing her knees to stick up. Holding on to them was an excellent way to steady myself.

The feeling of her slippery wet pussy on my dick was indescribable. Knowing I was giving my sister an even better feeling this way turned me on even more.

“Ohhh… I’m close! I…” Nadia whispered between her ragged pants.

The suit had given her a headstart over me. I knew I wasn’t here for my own pleasure, so I let her have her way. And sure enough, before long, I saw the now telltale signs of her approaching climax. Ragged breaths, head moving around, soft whimpering. All signs I learned recently.

“Aaahh!!!” Nadia grunted.

Her body stiffened, and she arched her back. As she came, she lay perfectly still, pressing my dickhead firmly against her clit.

My dick was tingling all over, and I realized I was closer than I anticipated. Being the source of my sister’s pleasure, and her moist, velvety pussy, probably also helped a lot. Nadia opened her eyes and smiled at me. She checked me out from head to toe and slowly started rubbing my dick around again.

“Now it’s time for the grand finale,” she said, giggling coyly.

“Ahh… you ohh… won’t have to wait too long…”

Nadia increased the pace, and I saw her body twitch every now and then.

“I’m still… hmmm… cumming a… ohh… little.”

I didn’t understand that. Once you came, you were done, right? “Girls are more complicated,” I thought.

“I think… I…”

Before I could finish my sentence, Nadia rubbed my dickhead down toward her entrance. A heartbeat later, I felt her warm lips against the tip of my dick again. I looked wide-eyed at my sister as she pushed it firmer against her. I had to move slightly, and that’s when I felt it!

My dickhead was surrounded by the most amazing soft, moist, silky, and slippery thing I ever felt up until then. There was a minor popping sensation as her lips closed again behind the rim of my dickhead. I looked down at her pussy, and my dickhead was now gone!

“Hmmmm!! Ohhh…” Nadia moaned.

“I… I… I…” was all I could say.

The realization I was a little inside my twin sister was all it took. My balls pulled up, and I heard myself grunt loudly.

The moment the first spurt left my dick, Nadia also grunted loudly, and her pussy started gripping my dick even more firmly. It was as if she tried pulling me inside. The way I was sitting made it impossible, but if I’d let my instincts take over, I would’ve definitely pushed all the way inside.

This realization happened in a millisecond inside my head. The second and third spurt were also coming out, and everything ended up inside my sister’s sopping wet pussy. Nadia was still having her orgasm as mine died down a little.

My eyes got their vision back, and seeing only my shaft stick out from my body and disappear between my sister’s legs was an incredible sight.

“Mother of God!” Nadia exclaimed.

“I didn’t know…” I stammered.

As much as I hated it, I knew I should pull out. Otherwise, we might end up having real sex, and we didn’t want that. Right?

I was starting to second-guess this decision but pulled out nevertheless. A strange feeling washed over me as I felt the cold hit my wet, glistening dickhead. Nadia looked a little disappointed for a brief moment. But as I moved over to lie down next to her, she smiled warmly at me.

“I absolutely LOVE using your dick on me! And feeling you shoot your stuff inside is just sooo… bisque!” Nadia said excitedly as she cuddled up and draped her body half on mine.

I felt her breasts on my chest and loved how excited she was and even more that I was the cause of that. I hesitated slightly and said, “If this was only the tip, I can’t even begin to imagine what real sex must feel like!”

“I know, right? Too bad we can’t, though…” she trailed off.

Good! She wanted to try it. Maybe I’d have a chance to try it out. If only for once. We lay like that for a few more minutes when Nadia said, “We really need to check that radio, Ay.”

“I know! But you keep using me for your own personal needs…”

“Shut up!” Nadia laughed and slapped me playfully on my chest.

She patted my now soft dick and softly said, “It IS the best part of you, that’s for sure.”

Now, it was my turn to act offended, but after a good, long, and tender kiss, we headed over to the control room.

End of chapter 10

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