Jason Crow

Chapter 5 – Camo

Nadia moved beside me, and as her right leg was draped over my left, this woke me up. But the light snoring coming from her open mouth indicated that she was still asleep.

I was lying on my back and looked at my twin sister in the dim light of the room. Her arms were above her head, and the blanket was about halfway down our upper legs. My morning wood,  tenting out my boxers, was also on display this way, but I only had eyes for the slit that was now clearly visible in Nadia’s green panties.

Her midsection was exposed as her top had pulled up during the night. The top ended a couple of inches below her breasts. My eyes moved upward over her tight, exposed belly and landed on the swells of her small breasts. Her hard nipples were trying to poke through her top and looked beyond sexy to me.

I almost got a heart attack when Nadia groaned and said, “Hmm… good morning”.

I was so focused on her boobs that I didn’t notice she woke up. But now I panicked because my tented boxers couldn’t be missed, and I was too late to cover up.

I was frantically weighing the options in my head when Nadia propped up on her elbows and looked around the room.

“It took me a moment to realize where I was,” Nadia said cheerfully, “but when I saw you, I rem- oh…”


I felt SO embarrassed at that moment that I couldn’t speak or even look at my sister. All I could do now was hope she wouldn’t scream or call for Dad or something like that.

But I was glad when she softly asked, “Is that your thing- boner?”

“I’m SO sorry, Nad! I didn’t mean to, but I always have one in the morning,” I said, feeling my tears well up in my eyes.

I managed to look at my sister, and when she saw my face, she said, “Don’t be sorry, Ay,”

“It’s… I don’t want this…” I sniffed.

Nadia laid on her side and put her hand on my bare chest. Her touch was electric, and when she softly said, “Really! Don’t worry. I talked with A’vii about this, and they explained a lot. I know now that boys sometimes can’t help it,” I relaxed a little.

“A’vii?” I asked, amazed that her best friend on Earth knew about this stuff.

“Yeah. She has an older sister, and she was… willing to explain some things to us.”


“I visited them through the FLiN with my holo a couple of times after you told me… the things you did. That’s when A’vii’s older sister talked to us.”

“That’s pretty bisque of her,” I said, but my hardon twitched involuntarily in my boxers, causing it to become the center of attention again.

“Can I… uhm…” Nadia started.


“Never mind…” she said, and the blush spread all over her face and neck.

“Come on! Just ask,” I said, trying to keep the conversation away from my hard dick.

“Can I, like… touch it?”

Wow! Somehow, I didn’t see that coming. This question also needed a little time to land. Why would she want to touch it? She was my sister, so was it a big deal? Or was it precisely the opposite? She wouldn’t tell anyone that one was certain, but…

“If you don’t want me to, that’s fine!” Nadia added in the silence that followed, “But, I mean… since I saw it already, I thought…”

Oh boy! I didn’t want to be reminded about that! But then again, it was cool on a strange level. So, after a couple more moments of silence, I softly said, “You can touch it if you want. But don’t tell anyone, okay? Not even A’vii!”

“Cool!” Nadia whispered, and in a normal voice, she added, “Of course not! And I can’t even talk to A’vii anymore. That stuff doesn’t work on Aetheria.”

Of course I knew the FLiN didn’t work here, but I wanted to emphasize my point by explicitly pointing out her best friend.

“So, how… ohhh!” I said, but Nadia didn’t waste any time and pressed her finger against my shaft.

She immediately pulled back and asked worriedly, “Did I hurt you?”

“No, no. It’s just that…” I hesitated a second but figured I might as well be frank here, “It feels good, and I didn’t expect it. You won’t hurt me.”

That seemed enough encouragement for her to go on, so two fingers pressed against my shaft a moment later.

“It’s warm!” she exclaimed excitedly.

I could only nod and looked down at my crotch, where my twin sister’s hand was touching my rock-hard boner.

Nadia clearly had fewer inhibitions about this than me because her fingers wrapped themselves around my boxer-covered shaft and squeezed it gently. Her touch on my dick was beyond electric. But this added stimulation caused my dick to twitch violently, only this time, Nadia giggled coyly and just loosened her grip instead of pulling back.

“It’s hard and soft at the same time,” she whispered to no one in particular.

Her hand kept exploring and moved up toward my dickhead. Somehow, she knew to be gentler there and caressed it more or less.

As she did this, I moaned softly, which made Nadia move her hand down to cup my balls instead of continuing on my dickhead, which I wouldn’t mind one bit.

The way she was exploring my dick and balls made me rethink the idea of brothers and sisters doing this. Nadia showed no signs of being weirded out and obviously enjoyed what she was doing. But a little voice inside my head kept telling me this was wrong and that I needed to protect my sister. She asked me to feel my dick. I knew that perfectly well. But somehow, it felt like I was molesting her.

Nadia let my balls wiggle between her fingers. I wanted to warn her about being gentle, but she was ahead of me when she said, “These are really sensitive, right?”

I nodded, and she said, “They feel funny.”

Nadia abruptly lifted her hand, placed it on my chest, and gave me a quick peck on my cheek.

“Thanks! And thanks for not being weird about this!” Nadia said as she sat up straight and acted like nothing was wrong with feeling me up like this.

I wasn’t sure what to say, so I simply replied, “Sure!”

“I was curious what it felt like when I saw you… back home, you know? And now I do, so thanks for that! I’ll hop into the shower quickly. Then we’ll eat breakfast at Mom and Dad’s and check out the base together after that, okay?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

She hummed a song as she got up, grabbed a towel and clean underwear, and entered the bathroom. 

I lay on the bed and kept looking at the ceiling. My head was a whirlwind of thoughts. I absolutely LOVED how the electricity of Nadia’s hand and fingers on my dick set my nerves on fire. But didn’t I need to protect my twin sister from herself? Should I jerk to a quick orgasm? What if Mom or Dad found out about this?

The jerking session was on top of my mind, but the risk of being caught and the lack of a way to clean up was reason enough to not start with this. Instead, I did everything I could to let my boner go down. My mind filled itself with math problems, dead kittens, and cold penguins, but it took every bit of focus I could manage.

When the bathroom door opened, and Nadia came out in her plain white bra and matching panties, I was on the soft end of being between soft and hard. Nadia glanced at my crotch, didn’t say anything, and gestured the shower was free.

We ate breakfast with just Mom. Both Ethan and Dad were already out at work on the compound, and Mom had a meeting later with some of her new colleagues. We talked about our plans, and Mom encouraged us to go exploring. Our school wouldn’t be finished in a couple of weeks, so we had plenty of time on our hands.

But our exploration ended disappointingly quickly. Most of the parts that seemed interesting to us were only accessible with special clearance, which we didn’t have. Eventually, we ended up in the central room, where we had our initial safety meeting and looked at each other.

We sat at opposite sides of the table, and we sighed deeply. The way we did this simultaneously made us giggle. I glanced around and noticed a couple of people were eating their lunches, whereas others were chatting quietly together.

“This sucks ass,” Nadia said with a great capacity for understatement.

“Big time!”

“These are going to be a long couple of weeks,” she sighed.

I looked at a girl about Ethan’s age who was cleaning the tables. When she was at our table and saw our faces, she asked, “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” I mumbled.

“It’s SO boring here!” Nadia whined.

“I figured that was the case,” the girl chuckled, “Why do you think I volunteered for this job?”

“Are there any jobs we can volunteer for?” Nadia eagerly asked.

“You’re Major Thom’s kids, right?”

“Yeah,” I said, “I’m Aidan, and she’s Nadia.”

“I’m Laousa,” the girl said as she sat beside me.

She looked amused at us and said, “You’re too young to do jobs. You’re thirteen, right?”

“Yeah. That’s a problem?”

“Maybe not if you’re the major’s kids. If you wanna pull those strings already, that is.”

“Bummer…” I said glumly.

“There’s a running and exercise track I used when I just landed here. Took my mind off doing nothing for a week or so back then.”

“That’s an option,” Nadia said as she looked at me.

I nodded, and Laousa continued, “I wish I could let you help me, but there’s already very little to do for me, and I can get into trouble for letting you help me.”

“We don’t want that,” Nadia said, picking at a loose piece of plastic where the table was slightly damaged.

“I can get you a drink if you want. And you can always come and chat if you want. How’s that?”

“Thanks. That’ll be great,” Nadia said, but I could hear the disappointment in her voice.

We chatted for a while, and I had to say that Laousa was friendly and kind. This was our first real interaction with a fellow Aetherian, and I was glad it was pleasant.

As we walked back to our room, I said to Nadia, “At least she was nice. Imagine nothing to do with only assholes surrounding you…”

Nadia giggled and said, “Yeah. That would suck even more.”

“And now what?” I asked, “Watch a movie and maybe exercise later?”

“I guess…”

The following day was basically a copy of the first. Except for the fact that Nadia was already in the bathroom when I woke up, and she’d ignored my obvious boner. Did she regret what we did yesterday? Did I do something wrong?

By the time she came out of the bathroom, I’d modestly covered myself with the blanket. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw a hint of disappointment on her face.

We had breakfast with Mom, walked around the compound, ran two exercise laps, and watched a movie or two.

During the second movie, Dad knocked on the door. Nadia opened it, and I grabbed my shirt. As I put it on, Dad said, “We’re going to open the shutters for the first time in weeks today. Do you wanna come and see what the planet looks like?”

The shutters were closed because of the latest meteor shower. Apparently, it was kind of a big deal that they were opening them again. They’d first open the ones in the control center to ensure everything was okay, and I was curious what the planet actually looked like. I didn’t care that this was one of the privileges of being the Major’s kids. I wanted to see that!

So I eagerly went with Dad, and Nadia followed us, acting a bit uninterested, but I knew she also wanted to see this.

When we entered the control room, Dad gave us a quick tour. Everyone was friendly and explained what they were doing and how things worked. When the time to open the shutters was there, Dad made sure we could see everything, and we almost had the best spot in the room.

As the shutters opened, I let out a soft “Wow!” and so did Nadia, who stood beside me. We were looking out over a big lake that looked a lot like an Earth’s lake.

But the ground surrounding it looked more like a deserted Arizonian desert. There were no plants and just rocks. These rocks weren’t pointy like you’d see in an old sci-fi movie but more rounded, colorful, and cool looking.

It was raining, and there were puddles of mud all around. But what got my attention was that the sky was blue, like on Earth, but with a slightly more greenish color. I hadn’t noticed this when we touched down a few days ago. This gave me a sense of home, and it didn’t feel like we were light-years away from Earth. All in all, it looked like the pictures we’d seen before. But seeing it in real life was more intense.

“Impressive, huh?” Dad asked with a grin on his face.

“Yeah! It looks more like Earth than I expected.”

“Over there, you can see the base of Zuckerberg mountain. He’s basically the guy who invented th-“

“The FLiN. I know, Dad. He started Metaverse, which evolved into the FLiN. I had my history classes at school,” I said, smiling, knowing Dad meant well.

“Yeah,” Dad cleared his throat and pointed to the giant towers in the distance, “There’s the first terraforming complex on the planet. Coms are currently offline, and we need to find out why.”

“Where’s Xi-Ping Lake?” Nadia asked as she looked outside next to me.

“That’ll be over there, behind that hill,” Dad said as he pointed to our right, “That’s where we’re collecting the water and bacteria.”

We looked around some more, but Dad excused himself when someone asked him to come with him. Nadia and I stalled a bit. But eventually, we had to leave the command center. The whole compound looked different when we walked through the hallways toward the central hall. More… alive. The colors streaming in through the windows gave everything a whole different vibe.

When we met Laoousa, she was beaming. She gave us both a drink and cheerfully said, “It’s so good to be able to see the outside again!”

“It’s a lot different seeing it in real life than in pictures and videos,” Nadia said.

We chatted for a while when Laousa suddenly said, “Oh! Almost forgot. I’ve got something for you.”

She got up, and Nadia and I looked at each other. Nadia shrugged, and I said, “She’s a little weird. Funny, but weird.”

Nadia giggled, and we followed Laousa with our eyes as she came back to our table carrying a box. She smiled at us as she set the box in front of us at the table.

“I’ve collected my and my brother’s old clothes. I think they’ll fit. This way, you two won’t look so… Earthy…”

I looked at what I was wearing and didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. But apparently, Nadia did, as she said, “Thanks! I was looking for a way to, you know… blend in.”

“A few of them are autofit, but most are just vintage, so you’ll have to check if it fits.”

Nadia got up and gave Laousa a hug. She opened the box, and the two of them started rummaging through the clothes.

After a while, Laousa said she had to clean the counter. We thanked her again, and I carried the box back to our room.

“I still don’t know what’s wrong with our clothes,” I said as we entered our room.

“I know you don’t. And that’s okay,” Nadia chuckled, “but we’ll blend in way better with these clothes. You’ll see.”

Nadia picked out some clothes for me and laid them on the bed. She asked me to try a couple of them on, and I had to admit they looked better than the clothes I was wearing. I hesitated slightly but figured I might as well undress down to my underwear since Nadia had already seen me like this a couple of times.

She openly checked me out as she handed me the clothes. But unlike before, this didn’t make me feel uncomfortable anymore.

“Looks good on you! Now try these,” she said and handed me another pair of pants and a shirt.

We did this a couple of times, and with the last pair of pants, she managed to make me feel uncomfortable after all when she said, “A bit tight in the crotch. But you make it work.”

As I put my original clothes back on, Nadia laid her clothes on the bed. She started undressing, and before I knew it, she stood there in her bra and panties as if it were the most normal thing in the world. And it seemed like it WAS the most normal thing in this world.

She picked up a shirt and skirt when I noticed something. I picked up the long-sleeved shirt to see if I saw it correctly.

“No way! This is a vintage Camo shirt!” I said excitedly.

“What’s Camo?” Nadia asked as she pulled down her shirt.

“Don’t you know what Camo is?” I chuckled, “Finally, I know something about clothes that you don’t!”

Nadia chuckled, too, saying, “I honestly never heard of it.”

“It was created decades ago, and it can take on any color, pattern, picture, you name it. Look, here’s the control unit you put on your wrist.”

“Why did they stop making it? Sounds cool.”

“Dunno. Guess they couldn’t get the autofit to work? Or it was too expensive? Here!” I said as I handed the shirt to her, “Try it on!”

She lifted her shirt, and as she started to put on the Camo shirt, I cleared my throat, blushed, and said, “Uhm… there might be another reason… you need to, uhm… be naked under it. So no bra.”

“Oh?” As she sized me up, Nadia asked, “Why’s that?”

“It gets its energy from skin contact. That’s the only way it can work. I’ll turn around for a sec, don’t worry.”

I turned my back to my twin sister. I heard ruffling behind me, and the idea of her being topless in the same room with me made me a little excited, and I felt my dick chub up a little.

“Okay. You can look.”

I turned around, and the shirt fitted Nadia perfectly. It was now deep black at its default color. I checked the controls around her wrist, and they were also dark. It looked like the shirt didn’t have any power.

“I think it’s broken,” I said, a bit disappointed.

“That’s too bad,” Nadia said, and she bent over to pick up her bra that was on the floor.

When she stood straight, I noticed a glitch on her control pad. Nadia was looking at me to turn around again, but it dawned on me and said, “You need to charge it! Do a couple of jumping jacks or something, and it’ll start working!”

Nadia checked to see if I was making fun of her, but she smiled and joined me when I started doing jumping jacks.

After about a minute of exercise, the fabric on her shirt started glowing, and a soft beep came from the pad on her wrist.

“I think it’s done,” Nadia said, looking at the pad, “Now what?”

“Lemme see…”

I started fumbling with the buttons on the pad on her wrist. It took me a couple of seconds, but it was pretty self-explanatory once I got the hang of it.

“Look,” I said, pressed a button, and her shirt turned bright yellow.


I explained how it worked, and pretty soon, all colors of the rainbow were coming by. We found the pattern function a little later, and her shirt got even more outrageous.

“What’s this?” Nadia asked and pressed another button.

Immediately, her shirt showed an image of half her head and part of the ceiling.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, but Nadia was quicker.

She held her pad in front of her face and pressed the button again. Now, her face was on her shirt, and it looked funny as hell. Especially after she tweaked it a bit and the image spread out into hundreds of smaller pictures.

“Do me!” I said excitedly.

She held the pad in front of me, and as I made a funny face, she pressed the button. The result was hilarious, and we both laughed out loud.

Nadia held the camera close to her nose, and now both her nostrils were showing, which was even funnier when the picture was multiplied.

We were both laughing hard, and I saw tears running down Nadia’s cheeks. I unbuttoned my pants, slid down my pants and underwear at the back so my ass cheeks were showing, and said, “Here! Do this!”

Nadia didn’t waste a moment, and when my white butt was showing on her shirt, we both lost it. My belly was hurting from all the laughing, and Nadia had to lean against the closet.

After a few moments, Nadia opened her mouth to take a picture of that, but my heart almost stopped beating while I was looking. I noticed her belly button first, but immediately, my eyes were drawn to her chest.

Somehow, the fabric had become completely transparent, and her boobs were showing. Her boobs! It looked so amazing that I couldn’t tear my eyes away, even if my life depended on it. The small swells of her breasts were topped off with dime-sized, dark-pink nipples that looked fabulous on her body.

It probably only took a second, but I had mental images for months to jack off to in that second.

Nadia realized I had stopped laughing, and I felt her eyes on me. I quickly turned my head away and shielded her with my hands. I knew I was blushing furiously as I could almost feel the heat on my face.

“Your… uhm… you…” I stammered.

“Wha- OH!!” she said, and I could hear her turn around.

“I didn’t mean…”

“Shit! This is bisque! What happened?” she said, and thankfully didn’t sound mad.

I could hear she was pressing all sorts of buttons, and every time, an annoying beep indicated this wasn’t working.

“I don’t know. But maybe I can fix it?”

Nadia was quiet for a moment and softly said, “Okay.”

“Can I, you know… look?”

“Yeah. Just fix it, okay?”

I tentatively turned around and saw my sister’s naked back. It was just a bare back, but it still looked sexy. The moment this idea shot through my head, I regretted it. She was my sister, damnit! I needed to help and protect her, not perv on her!

She held up her wrist so I could check the pad. It took me a moment to figure out what was wrong. Eventually, I decided to disconnect and reconnect the cable that connected the pad, and after a reboot and the startup sound, the thing seemed to work again. It turned out this solved it, and her shirt was as black as it had been when we started.

“Thanks,” she mumbled as she turned around.

She didn’t look at me, and I could feel the tension in the air. I wasn’t sure how to react to this, so I did what I always did when I didn’t know how to respond.

“No problem. Good thing you don’t have to walk around with my butt on your shirt all day!”

A smile returned to her face, and I felt my heart melt as she looked at me.

“I’ll change into something else. Don’t want this to happen in the main hall,” she said, turned around, and took off the shirt.

I never thought it would be sexy to watch a girl get dressed, but looking at how she was putting on her bra, it sure was.

I immediately dismissed this thought and felt stupid again for thinking like this. I needed to do something about it because this was getting ridiculous. This lingered in my head for a couple of moments before I realized what I could do about it. I needed to jerk off! That would surely take the edge away from it.

But I couldn’t do it in bed with Nadia next to me. What if she caught me doing it? No, I’d do it in the shower next time. With the image of Nadia’s naked boobs on top of my mind, I would be done in a heartbeat.

“Thanks, Ay,” Nadia said as we opened the door.

“Let’s see Mom,” I said, carefully avoiding the subject.

The days started to blend into one. I’d wake up when Nadia entered the bathroom. She never asked to look or feel me up again. I was sure she regretted doing this with me, which was a massive bummer because having her hands on my dick felt amazing.

After our morning routine, we’d have breakfast with Mom and occasionally Dad or Ethan. After that, we’d exercise, hang out with Laousa, and chill in our room. That was it, and boredom was striking us hard.

“I see you more as a friend than my brother these days,” Nadia said as we left our room for a family dinner.

“Me too. I never thought I’d say this, and I’ll always deny saying it to other people, but it doesn’t suck that you’re my sister,” I chuckled, and Nadia playfully punched me on my shoulder as she mumbled, “Jerk.”

It was actually just the second time we ate as a family since we landed here, and Mom was thrilled to have us all at the table together.

Dad and Ethan obviously had more exciting days than Nadia and me. Ethan had even been outside once, and he was bragging about it so much that Dad told him to tone it down.

Dad mentioned they were still having trouble reaching the remote terraforming site, but they couldn’t spare a team to go and check it out at the moment. Ethan immediately volunteered to go and check it out. Dad didn’t dismiss the idea right away and said he needed to talk to the team leader about it.

“We can help him!” I blurted out, “We’ve got all the time in the world, and we passed our safety exams with a perfect score! Right?” I said as I looked at my sister, who eagerly nodded.

“That’s the team spirit we need over here, Son! But I’m not the one deciding this. I promise I’ll talk to the team’s chief about this.”

Dad talked about how the collection of water and bacteria was finally ramping up. There was also lots of progress on the building drones, and maybe they’d have our part of the building finished in just two weeks.

After we cleaned up, Dad excused himself when his coms lit up. He was needed on the bridge. This was the cue for all of us to go back to our own rooms.

“Let’s hope Dad manages to get us to go with Ethan,” Nadia said as I flipped on the TV.

“Yeah! That would be bisque!”

After another lame movie, we decided to call it a night. Nadia went into the bathroom while I undressed and slipped under the covers in my boxers. I was glad I figured out to jerk off in the shower because every time Nadia came out of the bathroom in her top and panties, I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful body. And every time, the image of her bare breasts filled my mind.

Sleeping in my boxers was also a little less annoying. I didn’t get as many nocturnal boners as before, which always woke me because of how they strained my undies.

“Night, bro,” Nadia said, and she gave me the usual peck on my cheek.


I dozed off quickly, as I always did. I always slept before Nadia did, and since I was a sound sleeper, I’d wake up refreshed every morning without waking up or dreaming during the night.

This time, however, was different. I felt I had a couple of hours of sleep behind me, but I still had several to go. It was immediately clear what woke me up. Nadia was having a bad dream and was moaning and kicking her feet. I had my back toward her and figured I’d let her sleep.

But when she kicked me against my leg, I figured I’d better wake her up and turned on my back. But when I looked to my left, I was certain for a moment that I was still dreaming.

There, on her back, legs spread, and with the blanket on her ankles, lay my sister in all her naked glory. I involuntarily sucked in a breath as my eyes roamed over her fabulous-looking body.

I shook my head and pinched myself on my cheek, but I was wide awake. Lots of questions shot through my head. Why was she naked? Was it okay to look, or should I do the right thing and look away? Why did she look so amazing naked?

She was on her back, so gravity had done its job on her boobs. My eyes went from her flattish chest with her hard, pointy nipples down over her tight, with a hint of a six-pack belly, to the small, dark patch of hair above her endlessly intriguing but mysterious slit.

Even though I knew it was a million kinds of wrong, my eyes drank in every inch of her body. My dick was rock hard and straining my boxers. A tingle spread through it as I kept feasting my eyes.

This tingle was familiar and meant that I was close to coming already. And I hadn’t even touched myself yet! Seeing my twin sister like this got me so worked up that I couldn’t help it. I tucked the waistband of my boxers under my balls, freeing my dick in the process. I threw all caution out of the window and probably wasn’t thinking very rationally. But I just had to do something!

I tried not to move too much because that could potentially wake up Nadia. So I gripped my dick firmly and let out a low grunt, as my body already knew what this meant; relief!

I slowly moved my fist up and down, all the while I was focusing on that small slit where my dick should slide into. I never thought something this small could look this inviting. I had to increase the pace of my sliding fist because the tingling feeling was becoming almost unbearable. My gaze alternated between her pointy nipples, pubic hairs, and exposed slit.

All of a sudden, my balls pulled up, my dick thickened in my fist, and my orgasm hit me. And it hit me with full force!

As the first spurt hit me on my chin, which was the furthest I ever shot, I heard myself groan loudly. It was way too loud, but I couldn’t help it. The second, third, and fourth spurts weren’t as powerful but still landed all over my chest. They were still small drops of watery cum, but shooting it out of my dick felt sooo amazing!

“Wha- grmb…” Nadia grumbled beside me.

Because of my orgasmic high, her words and movement registered a little too slowly. The moment I realized she was waking up, I turned to my side with my back toward her.

“Ay?” she softly said, and I could hear her grab the blanket and pull it up.


“I’m… I’m sorry,” Nadia said so softly I almost couldn’t hear it.

After she sniffed, I was more than a little confused. Why was she crying? Why did she say sorry? For Christ’s sake, I was the one who jerked off on his naked sister!

I turned onto my back and looked at her. She was lying on her side with her face toward me, had her eyes closed, and a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Hey? What’s wrong?” I said and gently laid my hand on her cheek.

“I…” SNIFF, “I shouldn’t have done…” SNIFF, “this.”

“Done what? You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I did! I shouldn’t have taken off my clothes. You don’t wanna see your sister naked! But it was so hard sleeping in them, and since you’re such a heavy sleeper, I figured…” she said and ended with another loud sniff.

“Come here,” I said, extending my arm, but I completely forgot about the drops of cum on my neck, chest, and belly.

Nadia looked at me with a puzzled face and asked, “You’re not mad?”

“Why would I be? I wish I was smart enough to do this! I hate sleeping with clothes, too, you know?”

Nadia didn’t wait for another second and moved in for that hug. She hugged me tightly, and I hugged her back. It was amazing feeling her boobs against my chest. Despite shooting my cum moments ago, the feeling of the soft skin of her breast against my skin made me bone up again instantly.

“You’re the best, Ay!” she said and kissed me on my cheek.

“I know…” I replied smoothly.

We lay like this for a couple of moments when she asked, “What’s this?”

She dipped her finger in the drop of cum on my neck, and my heart almost stopped beating when I realized what it was.

“It’s… nothing. Sweat, I guess.”

My blush must’ve been unmistakable because Nadia pressed. “This isn’t sweat.”

She kept examining it between her fingers when she sucked in a breath and asked, “Is this… sperm?”

Now, it was my turn to feel terrible. I didn’t know what to do, and I felt tears well up in my eyes. “I’m so sorry! It was… I was, and when I opened my eyes, you… and then…” I blurted.

I was so afraid I was busted and that she’d get mad at me now that she realized I jerked off beside her. But all she said was, “Wow!” and stuck out her tongue to taste my cum.

My eyes widened as she did this, and my heart was pounding in my chest. She wasn’t mad, obviously. It was all one big mindfuck, and I was so confused I could hardly think anymore. Nadia was afraid I’d be mad at her, as much as I was scared of the opposite.

“You… you aren’t mad?”

“Why would I be mad? Madsturbation is perfectly normal. A’vii said so herself. I did it a couple of times, and it feels good.”

“It’s masturbation, and… do girls do this stuff too?”

“Of course, silly. Haven’t done it since we landed here, though. With, you know… you beside me.”

Since we were being honest, I said, “I… uhm… I did it in the shower a few times. And… uhm… a couple of minutes ago.”

I smiled weakly as I said this, and Nadia looked thoughtfully at me. The soft swell of her breast was still pressed against my chest, which distracted me a little.

“Makes sense. I thought you hurt yourself in there the other day,” she chuckled. After a few moments of silence, “But why did you do it in bed? I could’ve caught you…”

“I… I never saw a naked girl before. And then, when I opened my eyes, you were lying there. I couldn’t help it,” I said, and as I shrugged, I said, “Sorry, I guess?”

“So you think I look hot?”

“Oh yes! Definitely!” I blurted out way too enthusiastically.

Nadia didn’t respond to my over-enthusiastic reply. Instead, she looked thoughtful, and a blush formed on her cheeks.

“Can you… you know… show me how you do it?” she asked after another moment of silence.

“Show you!?”

I couldn’t believe my ears as she said this. Did my twin sister want to watch me jerk myself?

“You don’t have to, if you don’t wanna,” she quickly added, “But I thought that since I, you know, ‘saw’ you back on Earth, I figured it’s not that big of a deal.”

And just like that, Nadia looked shy again. But then it suddenly dawned on me. She was just as interested in my body as I was in hers! This epiphany hit me like a ton of bricks but made a lot of things clearer now.

Why shouldn’t I let her see my body? There was no harm in that. And maybe by showing mine, she’d be willing to show me more of hers! And there was no harm in just showing, right? We wouldn’t be having sex or anything.

“No, it’s not that I don’t want to. I just… are you sure? I’ll have to be naked, you know?”

It was a little evil to put it like this, but I was curious about her reaction. And it gave me time to steady my nerves since I already decided I would do this.

“Oh, but that’s no problem,” Nadia said as casually as she could, but she couldn’t hide the enthusiasm in her voice, “I mean… I already saw your th- dick, so…”

“Alright then,” I softly said, but I wasn’t moving since I was too chicken to start.

“Bisque!” Nadia said but didn’t move either.

A couple of awkward moments later, we both started to giggle. I pushed the blanket entirely down and exposed my tented boxers.

“Shall I…”

“Yes!” Nadia interrupted me and had a determined look on her face.

She sat up straight and had her arm in front of her chest, obscuring her boobs. She scooted over so she sat near my hips, looking at my boxer-clad boner.

“Let’s do this together,” she said softly as she looked me in my eyes, a blush spread over her face and the upper half of her chest.

I could only nod and slid my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers. Seeing my sister sitting there, with only her arm covering her beautiful breasts, was enough encouragement to start taking off my boxers.

I slid them down slowly, and my boner was trapped in the waistband, so it started pointing down with the movement of my hands. As my pubes were being bared, I lifted my ass off the mattress to finish the job.

After my boxers were low enough and my dickhead slipped from the waistband, my dick sprang free and slapped against my belly with a slap. Nadia’s eyes were wide as she eyed my naked boner for the second time.

I continued sliding down my boxers, and after I dropped them on the floor, Nadia’s eyes were still glued to my boner.

“It’s… wow…” she stammered, “it’s pretty big, Ay.”

This filled me with pride, but I was hoping to get a good look at her boobs while she was sitting up. But her arm was still across her chest, obscuring my view.

After a couple of moments where neither of us moved, with Nadia’s eyes on my dick and mine focused on her chest, Nadia said, “Oh! Sorry. I didn’t…”

She started blushing as she quietly lowered her arm. As more and more of her breasts came into view, my dick twitched a couple of times. Her boobs weren’t big. Not even close to those of a grown woman. They were pretty small, actually. But they looked perfect on her.

“Oh, wow!” I softly mumbled.

“They’re too small…” Nadia whispered.

“No, they’re not! They’re beautiful!”

I realized my hand had a mind of its own and was moving toward my twitching boner. I kept my eyes glued on her chest as my fingers wrapped themselves around my rock-hard shaft for the second time in under fifteen minutes.

“Really?” she asked, as her eyes followed my hand.

“Oh, yeah…” I whispered as I started jerking away, feeling incredibly horny as I was being watched by my sister.

Nadia’s arms were beside her body by now, and she leaned over a little to get a better look. This made her boobs look even sexier, and I could feel a hint of her breath on my dick and balls.

The level of arousal I was feeling was beyond everything I had ever felt before. Watching real-life boobs, an audience while I was doing something very private and extremely exciting, and the illusion that she could touch my dick again at any moment was all adding up to a boiling point inside my balls.

“Your balls…” Nadia whispered,“ they move while you…”

I could only nod as my fist slid up and down over my over-sensitive dick. The boiling pressure inside kept building, and I knew I wasn’t far off anymore. I was only going at it for a minute or two by now, but it was enough to bring me toward the edge again.

I didn’t see her move since all I was looking at were her sexy-as-hell boobs, but when Nadia’s hand gently cupped my balls, I moaned loudly. Because of the last time she felt me up, Nadia probably knew I was okay because she started to wiggle my balls between her fingers.

“This is amazing…” she softly said

I knew I was done for at that moment. I didn’t care what would happen or what Nadia would think of me. I just needed to cum.

“Ohhh… aaahhh! I’m…” I grunted.

Nadia didn’t respond. But in the corner of my eye, I saw her eyes widen as my dick fattened and my balls pulled up.  What happened next was mind-blowing.

Everything before my eyes vanished, and all I could see was a white flash. In that flash, bright sparks of color came and went. But the spasms in my belly and the extremely sensitive tingles in my balls and lower body surpassed these flashes.

The first drop of cum hit me on my forehead. Another record-breaking first spurt again. The second drop landed on my cheek, and the third near my belly button. All my senses were on high alert, and I experienced everything as if it happened in slow motion. Even the nails of my sister’s fingers on my sack were as clear as day, and they barely even touched me.

I panted heavily as I opened my eyes and looked at Nadia’s surprised and flushed face. She was engrossed in what had happened and was checking out my dickhead to see if maybe more came out.

“Ohh… that was… Bisque!” she said as she looked me in my eyes after she realized I was done.

“Yeah… it was. I never shot this far before,” I said, wiping the drop from my cheek.

“Was it because of this?” she coyly said as she played with my balls again.

“Dunno. I guess… but looking at your breasts also helped a lot.”

Nadia scooped up the drop near my belly as she let go of my balls. She didn’t examine it this time but stuck it straight into her mouth.

“I like the taste. Is that weird?”

“I also like the taste. So, I guess it isn’t?”

I felt exposed lying like this, but seeing how Nadia didn’t seem to care anymore that she was naked, I decided not to say anything about it. I was tempted to touch her breasts, but now that my hormones died down, I was too chicken to ask if I could.

Nadia scooped up all the drops of cum on my body and put it in her mouth. Next, she moved over, lay down, and cuddled up against me.

“Let’s sleep, okay? No need for underwear or anything anymore, right?”

“I like how you think,” I replied, glad to sleep naked now and for the opportunity to look at my sister’s incredible body.

After enjoying the feeling of her bare breast against my skin again and the tickling of her pubes against my hip, I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

End of chapter 5

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