I’ve made collections of some nice eye candy I’ve collected over the years online. Some of these pics are also elsewhere on the site as theme pics and such, but now I’ve collected these in a slider too. First there are ‘just’ some pictures that got my attention (Random Pics). The second slideshow (Boys and their (bare) Pubes) contains only boys (obviously my favorite) showing of their pubes or the lack of ’em. And last but not least a few CG pics. These are a little more provocative, but relax, there just computer animated! I’ve tried to keep it decent 🙂


There are also a lot of Youtube / Vimeo video’s out there that I like. Some of them are also mentioned in other articles like Hugo. As long as Youtube keeps the video online, you can enjoy them through this slider


As always… Please drop me an e-mail ( if you’ve got materials that can be put online in any of these categories. I’d still like to add a section ‘Girls and their (bare) pubes’ too, but I’m lacking the pics. So, if you’ve got any girl pics in this category, please send them to too.

Of course the same disclaimer as always applies here.. Keep it legal!!