Story Series is a collection of Alex Hawk’s multi-part stories.

A Thing as Pure as Love
A brother and sister on the run from the law in the 1970’s discover safety, comfort and love in each other’s arms.

A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes
Follow the adventures of twelve-year-old Madison Semmes as she experiences her first year of sex!

Chasing Colt
Fifteen-year-old Amber starts to lust after her brother’s thirteen-year-old friend, Colt! But she can’t just go fuck him, no, no. First she has to work her way through an entire baseball team!

College Guys
A teenage girl develops an interest in the college guys living next door!

A man who likes boys has a daughter who likes boys, and they both like filming her getting fucked by pretty young things!

Doing It
A group of kids at a summer camp learn what it’s like to Do It.

Elijah’s Visit
See what happens when a gay man’s younger cousin comes to visit!

In the FLiN
See how kids in the future have sex!

Little Boy Blue
An older man takes in a blue-wearing homeless boy, with sexy results!

Screwing at School
Health class provides interesting inspiration for a young girl and boy.

Story of Joe
Based on a true story – Back in the days of BBS’s and 300 baud modems a man meets a boy in a primative chatroom for a very interesting conversation… I LOVE THE 90’S!

Wishful Thinking
Probably the stupidest plot I’ve ever come up with. Just dumb. I can’t believe I actually wrote it. Please forgive me.